Cherokee County Democrat (Tahlequah, Okla.), Vol. 34, No. 47, Ed. 1 Wednesday, October 15, 1919 Page: 2 of 10

Established 1K8.1.
Incorporated September, ll).n
C*"M™ <"**" ■>—«* . MM «W (XUU
Published Wednesday of l.nrh Week
*t 121-123 Last Delaware Street
All Home Print.
GEO. P. HARDY, Manager.
Cherokee County Democrat and
Tahlequah Arrow $1.50
Six Months 76 dm red to every listener by tradition
Much Truth In Charge That Beautiful
Text la Too Often Interpreted in
Unintelligent Manner.
It Is strange that the reading of the
Bible aloud In an ncqpptable manner
Should present-—apparently- almost In-
superable difficulties, remarks a writer
In the London Spectator. It is writ-
ten In the finest English of the finest
period. It concerns subjects of uul- |
i>nI ami undying Interest. It Is en-
Three Months
■ 40
Di play matter, run of paper. 15c
per Inch. Special position 20 per
cent extra.
Rates for time contracts furnished
upon request.
Locals and Readers 5c per lno for
first insertion; 3c per lino for eacli
additional insertion.
Enlered at the Tahlequah, Okla.,
poatolfice as second-ch. ,i mail mettei-
In hla latest preachment on the
duties of Congress Senator Penrose
corroborates in a surprising ivay tlie
contentions of Democratic leaders-
including President Wilson.
'Taxes ought to be largely reduced
os soon as po ib 1 <•," sny- Senator
Penrose. "How fur they can be re-
reduc^d depends on whether tie
and recollection. Rut the evidence
j pioves It is hard to rend well. Men
especially interested In philosophy and
religion, especially trained in Hebrew
and Greek literature, specially anxious
to bring the truths of Scripture home
to their audience, read it for the most
pari in abominable fashion.
We cannot insult them by supposing
tl-eir weekly task nn easy one. We
cannot, on the other hand, deny that;
the Old and New Testaments offer
great scope fur fine reading. The tasii
of (he curate at lectern Is like the task
of the executant before the piano. The
one lias great literature before lilrn;
the other great music. The audience
waits for his interpretation. As a rule,
with many and marked exceptions, (lie
curate Yuns through his work in such
a iDe'hanie;;! and uninten -ted manner
as would empty a concert hull if Iml-
trteci by his brother artists. He reads
heroic passages as though they were
dull parish notices, arguments as cut-
aiid-dried snlppeis of dogmatism, anil
shrewd proverbs as sacred poetry.
Congress can get out of the wasteful , nrln ______ ..
h:i bit of improvident expenditures."! BEAR US-0 DIRECT IVlETHODS
Is It likely that the Republican 1 ,, _ *
"boss had in mind, when he -Hi,-red H°W AGri2zly Curiosity
and Appetite in- Eminently
Sour stomach, belching, wind ia
the bowels and conslpation, can be
corrected by taking a dose or two of
Prickly Ash Bitters. It Is a man's
remedy for such ailments. Price
$1.25 per bottle. Crew Bros, special
this truth, the numerous Repcbllc.Hii !
"investigating" committees which
have been roaming about tha I nlted '
States and Europe to gather cam
paign material while the/ squan-
dered iinie an 1 frittered away the
public's monV •' Reduction of ex-
penditures must precede decrease in
taxes. So long as the Repubjiuan '
"investigators'' continue* to speuJ,
the people must continue to pev. '
"On tax question.!," Senator Pen-
rose declares, in this same state-'
went, "the Republicans could
command a united majority alih
nominally Ihey have a majority
two in the Senate."
Satisfactory Manner.
■ Ir. I.nos A. Mills lolls us a story of
a liear, whom he calls Miss Grizzly,
■ She was !i t bear, iir a sawmill in
ihe Medicine Row mountains, was
never teased by the men and, there-
fore, bad a uniformly good disposi-
tion. They did not try to teach her
tricks, hut she seemed to pick them
up. one of her favorites being "cart-
wheeling." This meant that she would
curl her nose behind her toes, have
one of the men start h<jr with a little
not 1 I"18'1 down the slope nea • the mill, and
hj "'en °ver and over she would roll. This
f s'"> appeared to enjoy greatly. Rut
the funny Incident was this: One day
! 8 teamster brought her a bottle of
Senator Penrose proposes to defer1 M,llT«-h?'i'Tn ",Z!" ,"T* Mt"
"ion" the" n,etneX' r>reS]dUnt,al oUH p;uvs' Sll<> great!l,v 'interestei[ "In
on the enactment of a new tariff it-probably m the color. in turning
This suggests either the Sen-j ,f about, she caught sight of a floating
ator's pessimism after contemplating «lr-buhble. Inverting the bottle from
his Republican Congress for the la
three months, or an undue optimism
eoncerning the results in 1920
There are two catalogues of du-
ties the Republican Congress can
perform if It. is in doubt as to what
the public wants-—the recommenda-
tions of the President and some of
the measures that were promised to
the soldiers.
t ; on(1 p||d. she tried to make this out;
she held It between her eyes atfrd the
light, she Sdiook It back and ff.rth
Close to her ear. Then going directly '
to a nearby log, she brought Ihe hot- :
tie down upon It and catsup splashed j
in all directions. Her curiosity satis-
fled. she seemed to enjoy licking np
the catsup."—Christian Science Mon-
Ifcat You May Learn
How Good "Satisfaction"
Coffee Is, You 11 8e Giv-
en Absolutely . Free a
j ull Sized Package of
family) a'ifd prcsentTf°to ^®lcnv (s*.atin£ it is used but once By
absolutely • ,y ff?od ffrocer 1,1 Tahlequah. He will mve vou
absolutely free a full sized package of genuine "Satisfaction" Cofle
fc i E-yi'fer Good Only Until Oct. 25
•* s
cut out the coupon before you foment™ * * 1S f° lafe' CeltGt
^ ^ J J ills Package Is Given Free
iS S0 finef,avored and sold at such a reasonable price
acquainted. r^t s hy they Give you a package just to get you
It's worth your while to get this free pound package. Get it today.
Just Sign This Coupon
To abort a cold
aad prevent com-
plications, take
The purified and refined
calomel tablets that are
nausealess, safe and sure.
Medicinal virtues retain-
ed and improved. Sold
only in sealed packages.
Price 35fc.
I K. . iIB() Prescription Brugglsta
DOv "r si I • Kit I>M
-M i.AKI\ Oil
\ ".Ii vi tf: mj.voek
Match 189'
Navy jj.' * • i
In April 11
Copt pin. ;
And present it to any grocer
in Tahlequah. It entitles you
to one full sized package of
the famous '"Satisfaction"
Coffee. The only condition
is that it be signed signifying
that it is used but once, for
each family.
This coupon when signed below is good at any grocery
in Tahlequah for 1 full sized package of
I understand that but one package of Satisfaction
Oof fee is to be given to each family., This is the only
coupon that has been used by any memfjer of my famil
SlViinii ( hill I vVer Tonic
Bring V ou Quick, Sure
I £{ r 4
\ \ \ £ ' I V
\\ ^ : J
The Story cf a 1
(This coupon to be presented not later than Oct. 23th.)
< liambeiinin's Cough Remedy.
For twetfty years this famous ton-
!*■ ",l ,lu' one effective remedy
l0!" 1 larja, ciiiils, ,gue, fever, colds
■:,,|PP< ■ c:c. Thousands --wear by it.
ii M'ldom takes over three days to
- UD malaria chills with Swamp
Chill ml Fever Tonic. And no pur-
f-a iv.- has to be taken with il -the
laedicmi. itself HI ;;ently and ajjree-
c.ldy upon the liver and bowels This
Is one great advantage it has over
otlier chili tonics.
Swamp i^hill Tonic contains no
calomel. It is tasteless and pleasant
to take, it is proscribed by leading
physicians as ihe best chill and fever
rein. 11} thero is. That's because it
contains exactly ihe i./ht ingredi-
ents for such ailments.
Swamp Chill and Fever Tonic has
given such universal satisfaction and
has grown so steadily in popular fa-
v°r that it can now be purchased
practically everywhere. The price
i iiO cents a bottle. Go get one from
your dealer today, and see for your-
' w'hat a really wonderful malaria '
remedy this tonic is.
■ins lite —
Ceylon, Yokohama—all the great
l rtE of the world-arc they only
PI' es cn the map to you-or are
thvlortt n-ii e you've c - c-iail-
•ng in from the high s?as with
every eye alor.c the r,e turned
adn lriagly o:.n your b:K ship—
your Bhipl Every cc. n has a
United States s!;lp sailing for
•Jn:e port worth SL-eing.
if you've any call in you for a
full life—join, arid color all you:
years ahead with memories of
things worth seeing—with knowl-
edge worth having—with an inex-
haustible fund of i(.a tales and
adventure: picked up ashore and
among men!
f 1 1'' ''L ill make you a wel-
come r.lan in any company.
Work? sure, and a man's work
it is, among men.
PI ny? well, rather, with a bunch
"r cn who know how to play.
1 ti. . ■ comrades of youra carry
in their ears the sounds of great
world cities, of booming juns, of
swashing seas—sounds you will
share with them und that will
never die away.
And when you ^me home, you'll
face life ashore with level eyes—
for Uncle Sam trains in self-
reliance as well as self-respect.
Navy builds straight men-
no mollycoddles.
This remedy Is intended especially
lor coughs, colds, croup and whoop-
n!; cough. From a small beginning
its sale and use has extended to all
parts of the United States and to
many foreign countries. This alone
is enough to convince one that it Is
a medicine of more than ordinary
merit. Give it a trial and you will
| find this to be the case.
S'l'.W |\ KI) FOIt SO\!K TI .MR
uls Grayson and Slitt, and Pr. sior- "y laB
j ling Ruffin of this city. Til.) follow- '11
to fill the Senate Shamber with noise1
during his absence. ^ j
if th.. iTTTTTT- -~T~ ! In Bpite of the inclement weather
H. publican majority in Con- the Fortnightly club held a most
Mes, continues to procrastinate in enjoyable meeting with Mrs Chester
legislating for the soldiers, the lat Holly last We.Lsd.y aft noo,
'LV T,°me '°r I After a cordial welcome to the new
them anything is done for | member, Mrs. D. W. Wilson, the club
| held its usual business meeting, dur-
After having spent three months ' 111, frs- "■ Keenan was
in a public exhibition of their' dis-1 1 delegate to the Biennial
■ ord. Republicans of the House have ron " pi Federat'°n
decided to have another quarrel in Uomen B Clubs 10 "e held at Ed-
private at the next caucus, Novem-|'Tlfu ,
ber 10th. Program was then given:
| Magazine Lesson: Historical Back-
Is tho long discussion of cable-' wTiTn °' i,nternatiol"il «d
grams and ancient history and per T. °>;ganlzations: The Organiz-
Bonalitles in the Senate to pass for! m!s" I^e"™ K"lplre- Leader'
«««« * «-•
Ti" „, ,orllv ,h0r"}"'™""' Mr"
1 The Franco-Russian War, Mrs
•<y last spring and is "now "flUbM^. [ .The War.B Lefacy
VoirV^TolkUyV T0r,U0i«M fOT
I,. "uayB *nh pay each year. Shote leave iniMh.
and fitot unff * ^Mcn Q,w**'8 lc«nUnf. G<XxJ fooj
fu " r;n ;:::v'u,ht fr"- p*y ih^y
r "t l .! , '1:'," yOUr n"rr,t '"" ><> * •'■lion. If you d*
HCknow.rc"rc,t ,ctru,tm*
Washington, Oct. 13.—Although
Resident Wilson continues to show
signs of improvement, ho -will be re-
quired to remain in bed for an ox-
| tended period.
This decision was reached today at
la consultation between Dr. Francis,- Tne
iX. Dercutn. of Philadelphia; Admlr-1 aU> 'lliblls<erod against prosper- j. „„„„
fl Inoi . .l . . ..... | UU(,tlU. ^
of Hatred,"
jing bulletin was issued' ""I "y Maeterlinck. Mrs. Holly.
"Whit. House, Oct. 12, 191- • ! T,le Annual Maying of the Mr. l oBv'serial? °[ T P,'°Kram
jThl President shows signs of con-, ''ol try Association of Cherokee,' ' "e<' " S<"a<1 C0"rge-
"'"■'"i' \TntTbe f? Nojember 28 and I mim s,pMa whetchpi °f weatvme
1 his association has been grow- 'Pent Saturday and Sunday with
We have (10 thoroughbred Bour-,
ben Red Turkeys for sale; best for
breeders, best layers of all- the
farmer's pride. Come early ' and
? CLth6r'"lnCh- Hens *4-00- Toms
$5 00. JOS. ANTOINE, Park Hill,
Okla. Phone P. H. 55. 10-22da
Teachers' Examination will be hfld
at the office of County Superintend-
ent on October 23, 34 and 25 com-
mencing at 9:45 a. m.
County Superintendent.
To the Creditors of Stephen F.
( arlile, Deceased:
i lie creditors of the above named
decedent are hereby notified that
the undersigned was, by the County
Court of Cherokee County, Oklaho-
ma. appointed administrator of ihe
estate ofssaid decedent, and that all
persons having claims against the
estate of said decedent are required
to exhibit them to said undersigne*'
administrator with the necessary
voucers, at Tahlequah, Oklahoma,
Route No 2, within four months
from tho date of the first publication
of this notice to v.'it: From the 15th
day of October, 1919, or same will he
forever barred.
Dated October 13, 1919.
JOHN CARWILE. Administrator.
J '■ PARKS. \ttv. for Admstr.
First published Oct. 15, 1919.
3 td
Shove off! - Join the
nialning In bed for en extended no T" ln'8 a8S(u'iation 1,08 been grow- "Pent Saturda
V ' rl°d- Grayson, Dercum Hnffi., > ~ QU,te we" the past two ° ,,lre" M^sps Flora t
Stilt." ' -vt'ara uni' '8 expected that the ex-1
lilitiii,,,, *i,2u , I \rI*o win /
Ihe several Republican "Investi-
gating comniit'nes have returned to
Washington from their travels and,
having reported to the partisan
newspapers, will doubtless begin to
turn in their txpense accounts.
Senator Johnson is to speak In
four Stales in his campaign auninst
ihe treaty. The rest of the Senator-
ial obstructionists rt>el perfectly able
hibltlon this year will be quite in-
Indigestion, Biliousness, Constipa-
Chamberlain's Tablets have re-
stored to health and happiness hun-
dreds who were afflicted with in-
digestion, biliousness and constipa-
tion. If you are troubled In this
way give them a trial. You are cer-
tain to be pleased ftr they will ben-
efit you.
and Geraldlne Allison.
Mrs. Will Ohormley came home
(Sunday from a short visit with rel-
atives In Broken Arrow.
We desire to tlnxik our many
irlends who have been so kind to us
and assisted us so much In the sick-
ness and burial of our beloved hus-
band and father We are ever grate,
ful to them. LORETTA FI.YN'T
and Chilren.
Mrs. Chester Holly has as guests
this week Mrs.' Harvey Mulline and
baby of Stigler, who came Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Q. Phillips will
move to Muskogee this week. Mr.
Phillips accepted a position with the
Porter-CrewJ)rug Co. there a few
weeks ago.
Maxwell civr In A-l condition for
sale at a bargain to quick buyer.
If your brain don't work right and
you feel tired nnd lazy, you may be
sure your system Is clogged up some
where. You should take Prlcklv Aah
Bitters. Men who use It know it Is
a thorough system tonic and bjwol
purifier. It invigorates and strength-
ens both body and brain. Prlso $1.15
per bottle. Crew Bros, Special Agta.

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