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place to Eat—Big 4 Cafe, tf
pipert—News stand. ti
[or it—Big 4 Fruit Stand, ti.
Its, Fruits, Cold Drink*—Big
Stand. tf
. j. D. Cox was in Tulsa the
the week on business.
i Mrs. James Belcher, of
j., are the guests of Mrs.
sister, Mrs. Ray Winder.
ind Mrs. C. E. Taylor
r, Bettie, of Muskogee, wet"!
ek-end guests of Mr. and
D. Markham and family.
Chadwick of near Fort Gib-
s among the callers at the
iffiee Saturday to renew his
fD—Watrh. Owner can have
Big 4 Fruit Stand by do-
property and paying for ad-
ent. , ti
re glad to announce that
B. Or:.idle Is recovering
rom typhoid fever and w ■!
able to be visited by h*r
Grace McGregor went over
ogee, yesterday to attend the
wrywoman." While there
be the guest of Mrs. R. C-
Johnson, a prominent ft ir.-
e North end of the cou ty,
ing the new subscribers :j t-
Mr. Johnson receives his:
b Carding left Saturday for
ith, Ark., where he expects
lete a business course. He
home the past month under
ne for small pox.
nd Mrs. Claud E. Duncan,
i visiting Mrs. J. T. Parts
er friends in the city, will
their home in Greenville,
le last of the week.
on the road from this city
hernkee Training School be-
Thursday. Seven teams are
led and the work of grading
essing very nicely.
0. W. Prier, of the North-
faculty, planked down a do<-
a half last Friday, while vif-
ls office, and ordered the
liables" sent to him for a
fell flanker, after an qxam-
among 87 of the boys at
•avis. and having passed the
'sical test, has been detailed
ling to accompany the fliers
ng observation and drawing
the enemy country.
To The Medical Profession of Okla-
The Council of National Defense Is
sending Major Henry D. Jump, M.
R. C., to Oklahoma to hold a rally of
all Medical men of Oklahoma on
Saturday night. March 23rd, at Ok-
lahoma City. This is to be a mon-
ster rally of the Medical Profession
of Oklahoma—every patriotic physi-
cian of the state should be present.
The National Council at Washington
presents the following facts:
"The number of physicians non-
commissioned in the Medical Re-
serve Corps is 17,430. In the Med-
ical Corps, Regular Army, National
Anny and National Guard there are
about two thousand more. This nun -
ber at ten to the thousand soldiers
will provide for an army of two
million; but another million are
about to be drafted, and this will re-
quire five thousand more. No one
knows how large an army may ulti-
mately be called out. We must pro-
vide physicians for the army no mat-
ter how large it may be. There is
a dearth of surgeons and internists
of the first class. Good men ami
young men arc needed. All hffc rln*-
sified and will ultimately reach
their proper places. Cases of negli
gence published in the papers rm>
isolated, but show how alert the war
department is to give the soldiers
the best cure possible. Many capa-
ble men are not yet in. We want ail
physicians under fifty-five to pis*
the examination. A Volunteer Med-
ical Service Corps is being formed
and will be open to those who cannot
join the Reserve Corps. The sur-
geon general Is preparing one hun-
dred thousand beds for the sick and
irretrievably wounded in this coun-
try. No wounded will be brought
back here who will be able to get to
the firing line again soon. Peop'e
who think the war will soon he ovu-
are short-sighted. No thought o'
early peace appears at headquarters.
If the businessman would apply to
this situation the same rules and far-
sight as he does to business, he
would see the folly of thinking
peace will soon come. Preparations
go on apace for a long war and a very
large army. Recently it was publish-
ed that the government had contract-
ed for ten million uniforms, eleven
million pairs of woolen gloves, twen-
ty million pairs of shoes, twenty mil-
lion pairs of stockings, eighteen mi'-
lion blankets, seven million over-
coats. As no man wears but one
overcoat at a time, it would look as
if they meant to have a very large
Now is the time that the medical
profession are called unon for sacri-
fice and patriotism. Thev have m "•!
every demand in the past and tnis
second call will not fall on deaf ears
•{••{••fr + *5*-{'"5, + + + + + •> + +*fr"S* +
♦ *
<• +
.5.+ + +
Mrs. Dallas Sanders and son, Jess,
from Nashville, Ark., came in Wed-
nesday, for a short visit with her
daughter, Mrs. W. L. Davis, at
Moody, returning home Friday.
Winder, lineman for tho
istern Bell Telephone Com-
bo recently asked and was
a transfer to Muskogee, has
I to Tahlequah after a week
city and is again at his old
A. W. Culver, who resides
D. No. 2, out of Tahlequah,
iller at the Arrow office Sal-
ad renewed his subscription,
always pleased when favored
'It from Mr. Culver.
Milholland, formerly located
bout four years ago, In the
g business, has returned to
' to re-engage In the same
He will be ready to work
His phone number will be
Pahlequah Music Club held a
' meeting at the home of
N'nrw->nri Peterson, Saturday
)n. The meeting had 'or
Mf-'dnmes Percy Wyly, Earl
*1'' Misses Mary Duckworth
a Mm Covel. Refreshments
rvert by the hostess.
Mr. L. P. Marie r departed this
life Wednesday, March 13th. Mr.
Marler had been afflicted for a year.
He leaves a companion and nine chil-
dren to mourn his loss, but we be-
lieve their loss is his gain, as Mr.
Marler has not only been a law
abiding citizen, but a Christian for
a number of years. He has been a
citizen of this vicinity for sixteen
years. He was laid to rest at Blue
Springs cemetery, Thursday even-
ing. Uncle Lige Wilson and W. 8.
Ghormley attended to tho funeral ar-
rangements. His age was 58 year3
The family have our sympathy.
Rev. Brown preached to a good
audience Sunday.
The box supper at Luckey Satur-
day night was a success. The sa'es
amounted to thirteen dollars, which
will go for Red Cross work. R. L.
Brackett made a stirring speech. Mr
flrackett and Joe Stroud are doing
their bit in the war work.
Mr. Sam Reed took dinner with
Mrs. Effa Mount and family Sun-
John B. Stapler and son,
• jr.. are expected to arrive
on Ft. R'lev, Kansas, where
inler has been for some time
him through a bad cane of
'"la. John B. will remain
a pounle of weeks and fully
*te before returning to the
ummel. who Is figuring on
' the third gin in Tahlequah.
,s office a vltilt Saturday af-
and dronned a dollar and a
our coffers for a year's ush-
"■ Mr. Hummel has rented
iirsev house, on Bluff ave-
wlli move his family here
iear future.
r.nn por hatching
bred white Leghorn and
ocfc egpi, for 8n|p lay-
'Ins. per setting; $5.00
dred. Waton Hackler. Phone
"OOS FOR hatching
br"d S. C. An<*orIa eggs for
*1 50 settlnr of 15 eggs
"78. M. A McSpanden.
f 3-18A.D
1 W.S.K.
rlnln b Ornish Remedy n Fa"
vortte for Colds.
Easlev, Macon. Ill,, In speak
r"hai^berlaln's Cough Remedv
I'tiring the past fifteen years
1pen my sister's favorite med-
'r colds on the lungs. 1 mv-
•e taken It a number of time?
offering with a cold and It al-
sileved me promptly."
Quite an improvement has been
made on the Spring Creek phone lino
by taking part of it up and llunnlng
on a line that saved half the amount
of wire and gives better service.
Step Lively! Corns
Quit wifl^'6sts-r
The Great Corn-Loosener of the
Age. Never Fails. Painless.
Watch my step? What's the use!
I go along "right side up without
care," even with corns, because I use
••Gets-It", the painless, ofT-llke-a-ba-
nana-reel corn remover. 1 tried
other ways galore, until I was blu«
Conn Simply Can't Stop tu. We ui« "G«t 4t"l
In tho face and red in^the; toes. No
more for me. Uao Geta-it. it
never falls. Touch any corn or cal-
lus with two drops of •Gets-It,
nnrt "Gcts-lt" docs tho rest. II s a
?£llef to be able to stop cutt n«
corns, making them bleed, wrapp n*
them up llko pncl-.nges and using
sticky tape and salves. It removes
nnv corn clear and clean,
the toe as smooth as your
?Kd ws
by K. Ijawrenc# * Co., Chicago, m
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on Broil dvvay
alice jora^hmy tio^y
Cherokee County, State of Oklaho-
ma, to-wlt:
Lots 6, 7 and 8 in Block No. 2 of!
Macon's Addition to the Town of
;uk Hill, Oklahoma, to satisfy a j
judgment and decree of foreclosure
11 favor of said plaintiff and ayainstl
said defendants obtained and nvide1
in said Court on the 2nd day of
July, 117, for the sum of $267.71 |
and $30.00 attorney's fee and costs
of $S.80, with ten per cent interest
upon said $257.77 from the 20th
day of December, 1916, amounting
to a total ol' $328.72, and accruing
costs; I will on the 22nd day o
April, 1918, at the hour of 2 o'clock
p. m., of said day, at ihe front door
of the County Court in the City nf
Tahlequah, Cherokee County, State
of Okiahom, offer for sale and sell
to the highest bidder for cash, tha
said property above described, or so
much thereof as will satisfy saiV.
judgment, with interest, ttorney's
fees and costs.
Witness my hand this 19th day of
March, 1918.
Sheriff of Cherokee County, State
of Oklahoma.
J. I. Coursey, Attorney for Plaintiff.
First published March 20, 1918, 6LD
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Sent to prison, Innocent of tho crime for which she was convicted,
she goes with a vow of vengeance on her lips, and though she comeB
forth broken In spirit and health, she seeks out those who wronged her
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What if she stood without tho pale of Society, what If her methods
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Notice Is hereby given that in pur-
suance of an order of sale Issuod
out of the District Court of Chero-
kee County, State of Oklahoma, on
the 19th dav of Mnrch m'S •"<
""tlon wherein The Farmers Stat.
Bank of Park Hill. Oklahoma, a cu-
poratlon, was plaintiff and Vor-'v
Tones as Administratrix of the entire
of J. A. Jones, deceased, and Verdy
•Tones ns nn Individual, are defend-
ants, directed to me, tho undersign-
ed shorlff of Cherokee County,
Sate of Oklahoma, commanding mi
to levy upon and sell the fn'iovlnir
described real estate (Ituated 'n
We are authorized to annouiM*
the name of
as a candidate for Judge of tho Su-
preme Court, subject to tho will of
the Democratic voters at tho August
This paper is authorized to an-
nounce the name of
as a suitable candidate for the noM-
Ination for the offlcr, of District
Judge for tho First .T. dlcial District,
subject to the will of the Democratie
voters at the August primary.
This paper Is authorized to an-
nounce the name of
of Stilwell, as a candidate for tho
nomination for the office of District
Judge, subject to the will of tha
Democratic voters at the August pri-
mary election.
Notice is hereby given, that In
pursuance of a writ of execution Is-
sued out of the office of the Court
Clerk of the District Court in and
for Cherokee County, State nf Ok-
lahma, on the 14th day of Mar 'h,
Inly, In an action wherein Wm. M.
Nichols, plaintiff, Martha IT. Mc-
Daniel, George G. McDaniel et al, de-
fendants, and in which action the de-
fendants, William P. Foster and Ror-
ert P. Foster, obtained judgment
against tho defendants. Martha H.
McDaniel and George G. McDaniel,
for the sum of Three Hundred S"v-
enty-Six and f>3-100 Dollars with
ten per cent interest from February
27th, 1917. commanding nto to lew
upon property helotnging to said d ■-
fnndants. Martha H. McDaniel and
George G. McDaniel, to satisfy silo
judgment rendered in said action ie
favor of the said William P. Foster
and Robert P. Foster, for the sa'd
sum of Three Hundred Seventy-^ix
and fiS-ino Dollars and all accruing
costs w'th interest from the 27Mi
day of February, 1917 at ten ner
cent; I have levied upon certain land
and tenements belonging to sai I
M-irtbn H. McDaniel and George O
McDaniel, and not exempt from sale
linger execution, for want of good*
anf1 eha*teTs of the said Martha H.
M"Danie1 and George G. MoDanlM.
to-wlt: The West 00 feet of T.ot 11
in Btnrk nomher Ofl in the Citv of
To ilnrnieh n County OVl^-
homa. anri *iilv mos^l <anM
1 nn^nnH tennments to be nnnrnl^el
according to law at One Thousand
Now, Therefore. >To fpe Is ber«t>y
that in pursuance of the com-
mands of said writ, I will offer for
sale and sell for cash to the h'ehost
bidder, sai'' lands and tenements, n*
so rnncb the-^of ns will satisfy said
f.,.i>*rnr>nt and costs on the 22nd day
of *nr't 1 •>tS at ? o'clock p. m., of
sn'* day a* front ilnnr nf th°
County Cnvr* TTnnse In the Citv t
0f cherokee, nrd
Ptato of Oklahoma.
Tv... ,ond this the 19th day
of M-"-c>i iin
cafcn-i#. r'f.nwnVto rnnn*v
T I Attorney for P'ftintl'f
Fl—f Mnrch 20. 1918 K>1>
Gw r«M T>shtn of Willie ,Toh"*nn.
Notice la hereby given that, <>j
pursuance of an order of the County
Court of Cherokee County, Okm
homa, made on the 26t' day of Feb-
ruary, 1918, In the matter of thrt
guardianship of Willie Johnson,
Probate No. 2347, the undersigned,
as guardian of the person and es
tate of Willie Johnson, a minor, will
sell at private sale, to the highest
bidder for cash, subject to confirm-
ation by the court, on the 22d aay
of March. 1918, at 10 o'clock a. ai
at the office of the County Judge in
Tahlequah, Oklahoma, or within six
months from said date, all right,
title and Interest of the said named
minor In and to the following de-
scribed lands situated in Cherok 3
County, Oklahoma, to-wlt:
S2 of SW4 and S2 of NH4 of SV. I
Section 19, Township 18 North,
Range 22 East, the said lands beltier
the allottment of Levi Waterfallen,
deceased, and the interest of said
minor being a 1-18 Interest In same
The said land will be sold upon
the following terms to-wlt: Cash
upon approval of the sale by con-
firmation order of the court.
Bids must bo In writing and may
be filed with the County Judge or
left with E. C. McMichael, attorney
for guardian.
Dated this the 27th day of Febru-
ary, 1918.
First published March 6,D3t
This paper is authorlied to an-
nounce the name of
as a candidate for the office ef
Sheriff of Cherokee county, suhjeet
to the will of the Democratic party
at the August primary.
District No. 2.
This paper Is authorized to an-
nounce tho name of
as a candidate for the office of
County Commissioner of Cherokee
county suhj -t to tho action of tlM
Democrat!' party at the August
I'Sdlmt A*k yonr llrnf|li| fo; A\
i I. l-chi *-lrr' DlaMiind Tlrand/AX
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The Arrow
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In the Matter of the Estate of F. H.
Phillips, deceased J, F. Potts, ad-
Notice is hereby given that in pur-
suance of ail order of the County
Court of the County of Cherokee,
State of Oklahoma, made on the 4*k
day of March, 1918, the undersign
ed J. F. Potts, administrator of tba
estate of F. M. Phillips, deceased,
will sell, at private sale, to the high-
est bidder, subject to confirmation
by said court, on the 30th day oi
March, 1918, or within six months
thereafter, all the right, title and in-
terest of the said F. M. Phillips, da-
cea^ed, In and to the following de-
scribed real estate situated in Cher-
okee county, Oklahoma, to-wlt:
SW4 of SE4 of NW4 of Section 1.
Township 17 North, Range 20 East,
containing 10 acres, more or less.
Said real estate will be sold on tka
following terms and conditions, to-
wlt: <
Cash to be paid upon delivery of
deed; purchaser to pay for probata
abstract If one is required; bids for.
the purchase thereof must be (a
writing and accompanied by draft «r
certified check for ten per cent of
amount of bid, and may be delivered
to the undersigned at Hulbert, Okla-
homa, or filed in the County Court,
or may be delivered to J. I. Coursey,
attorney for administrator, at Tak-
leqiiah, Oklahoma.
Dated this 12th day of Marck,
1918, i
J. F. POTTS, Admr.
First published March 13, 1918, Sfl*
P««t at th« window—Big 4 rndt
Staad. tf.

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