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KttaMiM itm.
lac*rpora*ed SepUaaker,
Pabllahad Wednesday of each
■( 191-iW Ea«t I>el ware Street
AH Home Print
of their o n. about seven le*-t long,
three feet wide and four deep, woild
In- just the correct thing A plot for
every plotter would have a salutary
THE ( (>l THE
G. r. * H. E. Hardy, Manager*.
I The
I "slowly,
j fine
J prtse
II* of the gods grtv:
they grind exceesyngly
• er - as the truth of tie
nore apparent than at tt •
*1 <:•)
Ob* Tear -
Blx Months
Including Tahlequah Arrow.
On* Year, In advai,-* ti -*
Biz Month*, la advance Sic
Entered at the Tahlequah, Okl
boma. p offit# as secot"l-ela««
B.all asa'-er.
s pionged ic-
tum out the more readily it
eted and the better price it bring*
Farmers would do well to not only farm staidarij. bat neigh-
borhood standards as well. Organ-
ize your product:^ plans with a
v:ew to *..s!e!:-atie and pzofitabie
a rating Get • ♦ aa-i •>-
eide on the n-oat profits:.e crops fLe
community .- adapted and ^hec
as to the variety of ft"1! Wien
-.-h an azre*-:: -tt has becj. reacn-
ed, much of th* di'fic. *y a market
:ng .ill have be-ea o'ercctse.
\fm< E OK >HEKIlt - SALE O!
KOKt.< I/ l KE
ir^rt-' ed aad Diade on th«- 27th day of Fet>
r.ary, 15 17. for the sum of l 4 <•>,
aad interest from date of Ju-lgri < nt
at lu per cent per anr.u.n, and for
•:U of s'iit In tiu> Km of $25.90 and
all costs accruing, I vdll on the 18th
-• of O 1917. at the hour M
jn O'clock P. M. of aaid day, at the
front door of the Court House, in the
ty of Tahlequah, CVroiee Count. ,
iahotii. off ■ • for srile at p■;L1.'
a -j t.on. d sell to th h!g'ie t bid-
>r. for <&■", said '.roperty abo/e
de.-crib< d. or so much thereof i s will
satisfy said ;udgment, Interest and
Witne=* i• iy hznd thij 7th day of
September, lf<17.
Sheriff of Cherotee County, Okla
Attorpev for pla.n iff
Fir at publish*.; Sept. 12, 1917, 5tl
in War
IH-.M'M I'.A' V"H H.VMK ' tv Loan?" It' co: .... f> 1 ;
__fording to an* annou3~?vent '.tutu
"If we are to win an enduing the office of the secretary of the
triumph, democrat) must -no* it* : treasury. Experience fc'a .r .-e.
' apaclty to light the worl' ith a, that a man or woman I ' ores . wet-
hotter and a whiter patriotic dfcvo-J ter citizen on becoming the of-ner of
<m< I: Oh SHE KIKE'S sW.f OF
I (VII I MtEK I nm ' i/r.i KK
•f v
riven that :d p-jr-
'i office of the
anc*- of «
on the 27th da>
• . , ;
I kfadu
an action where-
aar* G. C. Little-
iv herein
iff am!
's aad Jos* ph L
Manv.-, were de-
th* unde
Lots 4.
i ithoiit ap-
■k 13 In
Talk littl-
be heard.
neb. You w.
Speed up and feed up You will g<
farther aad live longer.
Order yoar egg* in advance, sis-
ter. A record price U p.' ."tided for
next winter.
ham. a complete en-
ill s.ean that she trill
Ismenibered and
her ill-gotten trrritory restored to
] the uifferen; peoples from whom she
; -t reated It.
The way of the transgressor is
| hard, for nation.'- a« well as for
AN OIWli I I.E-ssOV.
The I'aitsd States i* now makine
Ita own dye ituffs Germany, ho .-
tver, aeeka to fcpell it d-i-e.
The dollar Is all powerful in all
walks of life, the only trouble be-
ing "sat some walks seldom see it.
A trip tbxougb the country neir
any large marketing center will, li
the traveler be an observant person,
brin* to his attention some facts
tha? It will be well to heed Mcr«
especially will he do well to notf
them carefully if he Is a farmer.
One thing that will claira his V-
—0 ' 'ention is that in the planting
hen everybody reacV rr0p, ^y truck farmers v,c will ob-
serve almost a perfect unanimity it
variety throughout a given com-
munity. Cabbage and tomatoes, on
ions and radithe , tumip* and green
corn, he wfli find the same variety
>elng grown by all. * ~ —
If this same man will happen i>i-
to this same community at the time
these crops are being marketed he
will see the results of this system.
Time was
ed out a greedy hand when the •K0r,
"draft" was mentioned—but not to-
day " _ _
No, It is not a pack of hun?r)'
wolves t( in merely the howls of
the slackers who failed to secure
exemption. • - • '
Peegs, Cherokee County, Okla.
to satisfy j jdi-'- : .eD* and decree of
fore io?ore in favor of said plaintiff.-:
and against the deffndan's, obtained
and made in s^i: court on the 22c
«/f F< ar 1M7 : " '''
of |9'' 45. together w;th inierf?st
thereon from da:' of said judgment
at the rate of 10 per cent per annum
and for th* sum of 125.00 costs, an .
accruing Cjn's, and 125.'to attorney -
fees, I will, on the
•ember, lf'17 at the hour of 1 o'clock
P. M of said day at the front door
of the Court House in the City of
Tahlequah. Cherokee County, Okla
boma. offer for sale at public auction
and sell to the highest bidder for
cash said property above
to satisfy said judgment,
and costs.
Witne. s my hand this 27'h day of
August, 1917.
Sheriff of Cherokee County,
•— Oklahoma.
R. H. C0I*CH.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
First Pub. Dem. 8-29-17-ot.
is hereby given In piirsu-
an order of sale is iie,! out
purt flerk's office of the D::s-
rt of cherokee County, Sta"-
'vnia. on the 7ib day of S'-p-
A. D. 1917. in an action
Frank M. Nichols wa^ plain-
Martha Johnson and T. C.
e defenlants, directed to m ,
•rsign«d .Sheriff of Cherokee
State of Oklahoma, cotrt*
; me to levy and sell, without
:.ient, the following desfi
outheast of the Northwest
!i- an-1 th< west one half of th
Southwest hi of the Northeast V« of
•'•tion ... Township It,. North,
Range - ■ Fas', situated in Cherok*.
lunty. Oklahon:a, to satisfy a judfi-
-r.t an : decree of fore'iosure In tt
• or of the plaintiff and against the
defendants, obtained and made oa
th<; 2*>th day of February, 1917, for
the sum of $527.75. and interest
--te of judgment at 10 per cent
tlon than autocracy can inspire."
This appeal,sent, out by the fed-
eral iepartment of labor, is oignifi-
• antcant. "In France, in England
and in the land" of other of our Al-
lies," the statement continues,
"there can scarcely lie found todry
3 not devoting his ^1!' wl
of his country. Tho jn
istanee of our common th
a loan v. ho
to the cans?
wonderful r<:
foe is due in a lar^ - mea-iire to th>
complete consecration of 'he it.
vl'.' lal to the service of the state."
When a man who claims America :
as his country fails to "do hi- bit,"
viien he «p*vin hi- 'imc c iti' /.in '
the forces *.f that government which
att'-:.i|iting to make the home- o
Americans safe from a military au-j
tocra y, w hen he chafes at the sat- [
rifices he is expected to make, he is
admitting that democracy as a form j
of eovernrnent is a failure. He had j
better transfer his allegiance. He
has been enjoying the liberty an>!
protection of 'he I'nited S'a'e^ h
a Libera) Bond. For mat
effort is to be made to ge-. e- -:ry
son who can possibly do so to ;
this "vole of confidence" in 'he
emment and in the boys a no g
Experience of other nation-
proves that those commoi
which take the largest :nv< -t
• long
of their
'otrimunille-: of the nat.
I |iur<Jia*e of government b<
ulates economy and thrift,
i who fs responsible for h -
j taking a large -hare of tot
irit- a serviie !,rjth to hif n
to his fellow citizen.
The term "Holl of Honor ' ^ a;-
tainlng a new significance. Chuiche
Lodges, fraternities, clubs, otganiza-
tions of all ' everywhere art
starting these "Rolls of Honor.
should either accept
ities no
, They are made up of members whe
per annum, and for all costs of suit and fieht for democracy !n whatever j j)e seleeted
in 'he sum of $25.00, and costs ac- niace he ma-, occupy, a- cease to d" i ,
place he maj
' ■ fame his coun'.r;
jpy, as cease to
by calling himscl'
The shortage in field seed nex'
1 will on the 15th day of Oc
tober, 1917. at the hour of On-
o'clock P. M.. of said day, at the an Anierican.
front door of the Court House, in
f'ity o; Tah'-juah. C'heroke-1 KAI{>'EK-I*ATKI<JTI*>M
County, Oklahoma, offer for sale at;
th day of Sep i Public auction, and sell to th" high-
' est biddt-r for cash, said property
above described, or so much thereof' spring may be as acute as in garden
I as will sat sf> said judgment, inter-j varieties. Certain it is that the de-
. and costs. , iiiand for sorghums, sudan grass,
Uitne.-s n:v hand this 7th kiv of
September, 1917 " | cow peas, melons, peanuts, mlllef,
W. P. DAVIDSON", etc., will be greater than ever be-
Sheriff^jf Cherokee County, Okla. j for This will be the case especial-
Attorn . for plain'iff
First published Sept. 12, 1917, 5tr.
;'-scribe-: STEWART <fc
ir. teres
" Just now, however, we're wonder-
ing what scheme the income tax col-
lector!! will evolve for rounding up He will see the result of standard
the head waiters.
Crop prospects are not so bad,
It seems, and the speculators a'e
taking prompt advantage by hog-
ging everything, they c?n tn the.,
clutches on.
Notwithstanding the back yards
and vacant lots produced millions of
dollars worth of food stuffs, old H.
C. L. still perches on the top runt
of the ladder and hands out sardon-|
1c grins.
Latest reports from hell are to
the effect that the devil refuses ad-
mission to price boosters and food
hogs, on the ground that their pies
ence would contaminate the other In-
Plotters against this country
should be given governmental ree
ognition and aid. A nice little plot
When you hare Backache the liver
or kMntys are sure to be out of geat.
Try fiinol, It does wonders for the
liver, kidneyn and bladder. A trlsl
Slic bottle will convine* you. Set
It at the drug utora. Adv.
zation He will see products from
any number of truck farms assem-
bled In one big shipment, all con-
signed to the same market, and all
of uniform grade and value. Each
man knows exactly what his produce
Is wor'h, because he knows that it
measures up to a given standard.
Had these truckers "mixed'' their
products—that Is, had every man
planted the variety of any given crop
that most appealed to him—thl
facility in marketing could not have
been attained.
Here Is food for thought for the
regular farmer other than the truck-
er. The great markets of the wor'd
have nicely adjusted standards in
all commodities they handle. A
shipment of corn, for instance.
not be of any pratlcular variety, but
It must be all of one variety if the
shipper would get the best price.
Now let us carry the lesson a step
further. All shippers know that It
is easier to get the top price on a
shipment of a number of cars of any
commodity than on a few hundred
bushels. Hence it stands to reason
that the more of a given grade of
any commodity a community cap
voth'e ok shekikk's sale os-'
land imikk kokeclosi ke
Oil and ga« leases wanted any
where in the north half of Washing-
ton county. Leases paid for the day
Notice is hereby given In pur?u-
ance of an order of sale issued out
of the Court Clerk's office of the Dis-
trict Court of Cherokee County, Stat-?
of oklahoma, on the 7th day of Sep-
tember, A. D. 1917, in an action
wherein F. M. Nichols was plaintif.
and Mose Carter and Oma Carter and
T. C Hail were defendants, directed
to me, the undersigned Sheriff of
Cherokee County, State of Oklahoma,
commanding me to levy and sell,
without appraisement, the following
described property:
The Northwest % of the Nortn-
west '/4. and the west one half of
the Northeast '4 of the Northwest
i/i of section 33, Township lfi North,
Hange, 20 East, situa'e i in Cherokee
County, Oklahoma, to satisfy a judg-
ment and decree of foreclosure in fa-
vor of the plaintiff and against the
defendants, obtained and made on
the 26th dav of February, 1917, for
the sum of f(S«8.96. and interest
from date of Judgment at 10 pet-
cent pel annum, and for costs in the
sum of $25.00, and costs accruing,
I will on the 15th day of October. 19-
17, ai the hour of One O'clotk, 1'. \l.
of said uay, at the front door of the
Court House, in the City of Tahle-
quah. Cherokee County, Oklahoma,
offer for sale at public auction and
sell to the highest bidder for cash,
said property above described, or so
much thereof as will satisfy said
judgment, interest and costs.
Witness try hand this 7th d«y of
September, 1917.
Sheriff of Cherokee County, Okla
Attorneys, for plaintiff.
First published Sept. 12, HM7, 5tD.
Should Convince the Greatest Skeptic
In Tahlequah.
Because It s the evidence of a T&h-
I le<juah citizen.
Testimony easily investigated.
The strongest endorsement of merit.
The best proof. Read it:
G.W.Corn,deputy Co. assessor, Tah-
lequah, says: "I can surely recom-
mend Doan'a Kidney Pills. I have
used them off and on for a long time
and they have kept my kidneys in
good health. Sometimes my oackhas
been sore and I have had sharp pains
in it when I leaned over or lifted any-
thing. I then knew my kidneys need-
ed attention. Doan1® Kidney Pills
have always given me quick relief."
Price -Oc, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy—get
Doan's Kidney Pills—the same that
Mr. Corn ka-s used. Foster Milburn
Co., Props, Buffalo, X. Y.
where the acreage of wheat is
It is especially important this
time that every farmer attempt not
only to save all of his own seed, but
that he make a spec'al effort to save
the best. Nor should any man stop
with just the amount he is certain to
need for his own use. Safely de-
mands the saving of twice th's
amount for himself ir.d 'here will
be both patriotism an i profit in put-
ting away a little extra for the
The shortage of seed when
rains came this yea' resulted
heavy loss.
have either volunteered or
in the draft to
for their country
The practice should be followed
throughout Oklahoma. Not only
should the names be announcel in
meetings but they should be : .adc
a part of the permanent records of
every organization in the state. This
is due the boys who go. In lat?r
years there will be other rolls ot
honor, made up of the organizations
that furnished the largest number
of their members for this creates"
war of all history.
THE I't KI'OSE OI I HE \\ A i{
* ^
Notice Is hereby given in pursu
ance of tin order of sale issued out
of the Court Clerk's office of the Dis-
trict Court of Cherokee County, State
of oklahoma, on the 7th day of Sep-
tember, A I) 1917, in an action
v.herein Win. Nichols was plaintiff
and Martha M McDanlel, George (j
Mcllanlel, W. P. Foster i>nd Robert
P. Fot t t, a minor, were defendants,
directed to me. the undersign-vl
Shriff of Cherokee County, State of
Oklahoma, commanding me to 1 evy
and sell, without appraisement, the
following described, property:
The South half of the Southeast.
% and the Northwest of the
Southeast •/, of section 18, Townsulp
17, North, Range 22 East, situated
in Cherokee County, Oklahoma, to
satisfy a judgment and decree of
foreclosure in favor of the plaintiff
and against the defendants, obtaln-
I dltbto
ta ry.
"Are you saving your mjt'.ey to in-
vest in the second issue of the I.ib-
"The purpose of the war is to dis-
courage aggression by such a defeat
of the German autocracy that no na-
tion will again undertake a war for
self-aggrandizement. This purpos-2
requires that the tyar shall be vig-
orously prosecuted' until it can be
terminated in such a way that peace
will be permanent."—League to en-
force peace.
Don't arg a about why we are in
the war, but realize that the time
now has come when American liber-
ty, American justice, American in-
dependence and freedom are the
stake for which we must fight.''—
Elihu Root.
J. S. Comer, 86, Locust Grove ard
Mrs. M E. Howard, 64, Hulbert.
W. T. Gillum, 32, Tahlequah, and
Miss Rosa Brasefield, 22. Hulbert.
Grady Ragsdale, 23 and Miss Nel-
lie Younger, 20, both of Tahlequah.
Walter Lawrence, 21 andi Mis.-.
Stella Thompson, 18, both of Terris-
Robert Henney, 25. McAlister and
Notice to all the cherokees and ii
termarried citizens of thee Old Che-
rokee Nation. Pursuant to a reso-
lution passed on the 17th day of
Aug., 1917 at Jay, Delaware, County
Okla., inviting all the participant;-,
in ttye Freedman Claim and vari.1113
Other claim* to take part in this con-| Thi. it • prescription prepared a^pceUHy
No. 666
Miss Clementine Lowrey, 25, Tahle-
Wallace Parnell, 18, Qualg and
Miss Catherine Drummand 22, Beu-
ville, Ark.
Do you get up at night? Sancl Ii
surely the best for all kidney or blad-
der troubles. Sanol gives relief in
24 hours from all backache and blad-
der troubles. Sanol Is a guaranteed
remedy. 36c and $1.00 a bottle at
the dug store. Adr.
vention and help to advise some plan
for a speedy settlement. A general
convention for all citizens anu oth-
ers interested, are notified to meet
at Moody Springs in the Cherokee
County, Okla., on the 17th day of
Sept., 1917. And continue until bus-
iness is completed.
The Eastern Emigrants and West-
ern Cherokees" are working u'idet a
Corporate Chapter" legally organiz-
ed. ,
This organization is inviting alt
persons interested in the above sai'
claims to come into this organization
and let us work together, unless we
do, we cannot expect to accomplish
m uch.
Yours for a square deal.
National Secretary.
Experience the Rest Teacher.
It is generally admitted that ex-
perience is the best teacher, but
should we not make use of the ex
per.ence of others as well as oar
own? The experience of a thousand
persons is more to be depended upon
than that of one individual. Many
thousands of persons is more to he
depended upon than that of one ill-
dividual. Mony thousands of per-
sons have used Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy for coughs and colds with
the best results, which showa It to
be a thoroughly reliable preparation
for those diseases. Try It It is
prompt and effectual ard pleasant
to take. Sold By All Denle.-s.-- Adv.
Five or mi doeet will break iny cast, and
if taken then as a tonic the Fever will not
return. It acU on the fiver better than
Calomel and does not fripc or lick«o. 25c
Vice President Marshall su£ce~ts
sending some of the windy senators
to France with the aviation corps.
He had thought of ret'ommendirg
another place, but His Sanatic Ma-
jesty objects.
Says 65 year Old Kentucky Lady, Who Tells How She Was Relieved
Alter a Few Doiea of Black-Draught.
Meadorsville, Ky.—Mrs. Cynthia
Higginbotham, of this town, says: "At
my age, which Is 65, the liver does
not act so well as when young. A few
years ago, my stomach was all out of
fix. I was constipated, my liver
didn't act. My digestion was bad, and
It took so little to upset me. My ap-
petite was gone. I was very weak...
I decided I would give Black-
Draught a thorough trial as I knew it
was highly recommended for this
trouble. I began taking It I felt
better after a tew doses. My appetite
Improved and I became stronger. My
bowels acted naturally and the least
trouble was soon righted with a few
doses of Black-Draught."
Seventy years of successful use fcas
made Thedford's Black-Draught a
standard, household remedy. Every
member, of every family, at times,
need the help that Black-Draught can
give In cleansing tho Bystem and re-
lieving the troubles that come from
constipation, Indigestion, lazy liver,
etc. You cannot keep well unleaa your
stomach, liver and bowels are In good
working order. Keep them that way.
Try Black-Draught. It acts promptly,
gently and in a natural way. If you
feel sluggish, take a dose tonight
You will feel fresh tomorrow. Price
25c. a package—On* crat a dot*
AU druggists. J. M

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