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<kbokx> eoorrr omtorHxi. Tumgcin. oelxbomap
Again for $1—While They Last
This Guaranteed Aluminum Cooker
The cost of Aluminum has doubled since we ordered these lifetime
Cookers. At present prices, chis offer would be impossible. So, in all
probability, after our supply is exhausted, it cannot be made again.
Next '.veek. the grocers of this city wi i once more feature
Quaker Cooker offer. And for the iast time, we believe.
V. e have supplied Cookers now to over 1,000,000 homes. We have
supplied these guaranteed Aluminum Cookers for SI to Quaker Oats
users. But this otter ends with our present supply, and probably for-
ever. Unless Aluminum drops 50 percent, we cannot again otter a
Cooker like this for $1.
But next week only we make the offer below. You can get thi3
Cooker for $ I, by buying two of our cereals which should be cooked in it.
This otter is made to induce better cooking. To bring you Quaker
Oats and Pctrijoho s cooked in perfect form, with f'ne navor kept in-
tact. Our reward will come in your doubled delight in these foods.
We ask the trademarks just to show that you use our cereals. Unless
you have the rig t flakes, right cooking does not heip much. But, if
you use Quaker Oits and Pettijohn's, this cooker is yours for SI. This
is for one week on,; . Get the packages from any grocer named below
One Week Only-Your Last Chance
Pure Aluminum \i 1
Extra Large and Heavy
Cere a- Capacity 2 _ Qti.
A Lifetime Utensil
Our Offer Is This:
5end us two trademarks cut from packages or Quaker Oats and one trademark cut
from a package of Pettijohn's—the picture of the Quaker on the front of the Quaker
Outs package and the r cture of the Bear on the front of the Pettijohn's package—or, if you prefer, you may send us
five trademarks from Quaker Oats alone, ^end us $1 with these trademarks and we w ill mail the cooker bv parcel post.
I "ademarlts m- t be mailed r.-xt week. This offer applies in this vicinity only. Address
The Quaker Oats Company, 1708 Railway Exchange, Chicago
Quaker Oats
The Extra-Delicious Vim-Food
Flaked from Queen Oats Only
All th« world over Q*taker Oats holds first place atnonij oat foods. Oat
lovers cf a hundred nations send *.o us to get it. A billion di.ihes are
consumed each year. N .where ia U-".- world do connoisseurs find any oat
food to compare with it.
The reason is tki:*: Quaker Oats is made from queen grains only—just
the bi,j, plump, luscious oats. No puny starved grains are included. A
bushel ot the choicest oats yields only ten p unds of Quaker.
The result is a flavor which has won the world—a flavor which is match-
less. Yet these large and luscious flakes cost you no extra price.
Nature stores in oats a wealth of vitality which everybody needs. We
want you to know this fascinating vim-food, made as we make it and
cooked in our way.
Rolled Wheat with 25°6 Bran Flakes
A Modern Bran Dainty
Every doctor advises bran, as essential to riaht living. It is Nature's
.axative. Everybody every day should eat it- It means better health, better
spirits, sunnier days. Vi ithout it, cur diet of fine food forces folks to drugs.
Pettijohn's is made to meet doctors' requirements. The bran is hidden
in Savory flakes of wheat. The food is a morning dainty which everybody
likes. Yet it contains 25 per cent tender bran.
. .e -ran is in fla^e tortn, which makes it doubly efficient. Ground bran
will not do.
. 7 . ettijohn s one week. Note it3 delightful efiects. Never again will
you go back to a branless diet.
. .en try Pettijohn s Flour. I: is 75 per cent fine patent flour mixed with
-3 per cent bran flakes. Lse it like Graham flour in any recipe.
These Grocers Will F eature the Cooker Offer Next Week
The United Doctors Specialist will
again be at the National Hotel, Wed-
nesday. March 21. 1917, one day
nly. Hours S a. m. to 3 p. m.
Remarkable success of these tal-
ented physician* in the treatment of
; Chronic diseases offer their services
free of charge.
The Tnited Doctors, licensed by
'he State of Oklahoma for the treat-
ment of deformities and all rtkrvoos
and chronic diseases of men, womea
and children, offer to all who call oa
this trip, consultation, examination,
advice free, making no charge what-
sver, except the actual coat of trea -
nent. All that is asked in retnra
for these valuable services is that
every person treated wtll state the
result obtained to their friends an i
thus prove to the sick and afflicted
in every city and locality, that at
last treatments ahve been discovered
that are reasonably sure and certain
in their effect.
These doctors are among America's
leading1 stomach and nerve special-
ists and are experts in the treatment
ot chronic diseases and so great
and wonderful have been their re-
al ta that in many cases it is hard
"a find the dividing line between
Diseases of the stomach, lntesttr<*s,
iver, blood, skin, nerves, heart,
ipieen. kidneys, or bladder, rheum-
.rsmatica diabetes, bed-wetting.
! tape worm, leg ulcers, week lungs
nd those afflicted with long-stan 1-
ng d<"-p seated, chronic diseases that
abaffled the skill of the family
?hysie:ans. should not fail to call.
Deafness oft a has been cured in
<><xlilard Grocery
fxnvr<-n<f-Wv!y Here. Co.
J. A. Eilvaniit, Grocery.
Dan Pie ivy. Grocery.
Blue Front Grocery.
... * / • *"•" tviv/, WIUVCI;, U1UC r IT >JL11
advertisement should have appeared last week but was omitted on account of circumstances over which we have no control
LEGAI \OTiCFS 1,1 iter* • of
1 ^ i I , !,n J I; . .
J and to The following described rpal
'•state, situated in Cherokee County,
State or Oklahoma, to-wit:
NEVi of 8W>4 and ?E>4 of
SWV4 and E4 of .SW14 of
3W>4 and <\V\ of .iEH and
W of .V vV % of SE^ of Sec-
tion 1, Township 18 North,
Range 22 East, containing 160
acr«-«, more or less
San; al ftats will be sol i upon
following conditions, to-wit:
of Oklahoma, Cheroke
In County Oourt.
In the matter of the estat
William Bobbins, a minor.
Now. on this 13th. day of March
l!tl7, N. L. Nelson, guardian having
Sled herein his petition for the sal-
of tile r >al estate described In said
petition, (or reasons In said petition
It is or4er d. that said petition b
and herebv i set for hearing on the
2nd. day of April A. D„ 1917 u I 1
o'cloi k a. m., at which time th<> next
of kin and all persons Interested in
#*aid estate are required to appear
id show .*use. If any they hav,
an order ilioiiid not be granted
of so much of the real
William Robbins. a
necessary for the rea-
petitlon stated.
It is Fort*1*1" Ordf" 'I, that a ropy
of this ord<*r Publlabsd ' >r two
successive w«ek.' the Cherokfc
bounty Democrat °f Tahlequah,
Oklahoma and postal at) r*iulr«.d by
law. J D. COX.
J. T. PARKS. County Judge.
Atty. for Guardian.
(First Pub. March 14. !Sf7—2t 0>
h> "
for U**
estate 0
minor a.
sons in sa.
Cash to
for probati
'!• Fired: bl
chock for
may be fl>
delivered '
be deliver^
forney fo
Witn- H- my hand thiH 6th day of
March. ID 17.
ELIZA KOL.PIN, Guardian.
'First Pub. March 7, 1917—3tD)
be paid upon delivery of
!""d: purchaser to pay
hstract, in case one is
must be In writing anl
by draft or certified
i per cent of bid. an1
* th the County Court,
said guardian, or mav
to J. I. Coursey, at-
^ lardian. Tahlequah.
$700.00 of which bears interest it
the rate of 7 per cent, and $184.34
bears Interest at the rate of 10 per
cent from February 29, 1918, and!
for the "osts of this action taxed it
$15.00: I vill therefore at the hour
of 2 o'clock in the afternoon m t ie
•list day of March, 1917 at the front
door of >he Court House in the City
of Tahlequah. Cherokee county,
Oklahoma, offer for sale said real
estate to the highest bidder for cash,
or as much thereof as will =atinfv
said judgment, interest and costs,
and foreclosing the interests of all
the other said defendants.
of February, 1917.
Sheriff of Cherokee County.
J. C. Denton, Attorney.
(First Pub. Feb. 28, 1917—5tD.)
application of the bankrupt for dis-
charge 'nail enter hiB appearance in
opposition thereto with the Clerk on
the day when the creditors are re-
quired to show cause, and shall file
a specification in writing of his op-
position within ten days thereafter,
unless the time shall be enlarged by
special order of the Judge.
Muskogee, Oklahoma, March 14,
Special Master.
Reed & Rutherford. Attorneys for
Bankrupt, Wagoner, Oklahoma.
Bad Cough? Feverish? Grippy?
You need Dr. King's New Discov-
ery to stop that cold, the soothing
balsam ingredients heal the irritat-
ed membranes, soothe the sore
throat, the antiseptic qualities kill
the germ and your cold is quickly
relieved. Dr. King's New Dis< ov-
ery has for 4 8 years been the stand-
ard remedy for coughs and colds in
thousands of homes. Get a bottle
today and have it handy in your
medicine chest for coughs, colds,
croup, grippe and all bronchial af-
fections. At your druggist, 50c. Adv.
Slat* of Oklahoma, Coimty of
Cherok**. 2231.
In the County Court.
In re Guardianship of JMppli J
McDaniel, minor, Eliza Kolpin.
Notice I* hereby given, that In
pursuance of a d'-cre of the County
Oburt of Cherokee County. State if
Oklahoma. <-nt<'<-d on the ird
day of March. 1017. the nnder.ngn-
guardian of the f-sta?** ot Joseph J.
McDaniel. minor, will sell, at pri-
vate sale, to the high* *t bidder for
r-%*h subject to f onflrmatlon by
said court on the 24th 'lay of
March. li 17, or within six months
thereafter, at Tahlequah, Oklahoma,
Notice Is h'-reby given that In
pursuance of an order of sale issued
cat of the District Court of Cherokee
County, Oklahoma, on the 27th day
of February, 1917. in an action
wherein the Cnion Central Life In-
surance Company of Clncinati. Ohio,
a corporation is plaintiff and Arch
Cochran. May 'Nvhran and Austin
H. Murcbison. et al. are defendants,
directed to and commanding me to
sell the following real property with-
out appraisement, to-wit:
The Ei* of SW%; EV4 of
3W% of SW 4; E',4 of NW%
ofSWH: swy4 Of XW<4 of
,-iW'/ : N'^of SW4 of 3Ef4
rind NWH of 3KW of 4E H of
(taction 35. Towr.iiJlp 15, North
Range 21 East, Cherokee Coun-
ty, Oklahoma.
to satisfy a judgment and decree of
foreclosure in favor of said plaintiff
against *aid defendants. Arch Coch-
ran and May Cochran, obtained and
made in said a use on F'-bruary 29.
1918. for the sum ot $884.84,
In the District Court of the United
States for the Eastern District of
In Bankruptcy, No. 1681.
In the matter of C. J. Stuart,
Yonkers, Oklahoma, bankrupt.
Notice of H'Kring of Bankrupt's
Petition for Discharge.
To the Creditors of the above,
named bankrupt:
Take Notice that a petition has
been filed In said Court by O. J.
Stuart, of Yonkers, in the County
of Cherokee, in lid district, who
bas been duly adjudged a bankrupt
inder the Act of Congress of July 1,
1898, for a discharge from all his)
debts, and other claims provable un-1
der said Act. and that the 7th day
of May, 11117. at 10 o'clock in the
forenoon, is assigned for the hear-j
ins of the sam«- before the District
Court of the Cnited States, at {
Muskogee, in said district, when and |
where you may show cause, if in* 1
you have, why the prayer of said
petition -hould not be granted.
A creditor desiring to oppose the
Do you get up at night? Sanol Is
h■ 1. f ,r ill kidney ir blad- j I
der troubles. Hanoi gives relief In 11
24 hours from all backache and blad-
der troubles. Sanol is a guaranteed
remedy. 35c and $1.00 a bottle at
the drug store. Adr.
You Need a Tonic
There are times in every woman's life when she
r.eeds a tonic to heip her over the hard places.
When that time comes to you, you know what tonic
to take—Carriui, the woman's tonic. Cardui is com-
posed of purely vegetable ingredients, which act
gently, yet surely, on the weakened womanly organs,
and helps build them back to strength and health.
It .ias benefited thousands and thousands of weak]
ailing women in its past half century of wonderiui
success, and it will do the same for you.
You can't make a mistake in taking
The Woman's Tonic
Miss Amelia Wilson, R. F. D. N«. 4, Alma, Ark.,
says: "I think Cardui is the greatest medicine on earth,
for women. Before I began to take Cardui, 1 was
so weak and nervous, and had audi awful -Jixxy
spells and a poor appetite. Now I feel ai wdl and
as strong as 1 ever did, and can eat moat anyfrint'
Begin taking Cardui today. Sold by all dealers.
Has Helped Thousands.
OK( >■< >■' >■< >■< >■' >i< >
heir system no more
stones, tumors, goiter, piles, ete., ss
these diseases are treated without
operation or hypodermic injection.
They were among the first ia Am-
erica to earn the name of "Bloodless
Surgeons." by doing away with th<5
knife w:-h blood and with all pain
n the ■ lcr rsful treatment of these
dangerous diseases.
If you have kidney or bladder
trouble bring a two OUIica bottle ot
your urine for chemical analysis and
microscopic e'tamination.
No matter what your ailment may
be, no matter what others may have
told you, no matter what experience
you may have had with other physi-
cians, it will be to your advantage '.o
see them at onee. Have it forever
settled in your mind. If your case fs
incurable they will give you such ad-
vice as may relieve and stay the dis-
ease. Do not put off this duty you
owe yourself or friends or relatives
who are sufffring because of your
I sickn^s. as a visit at this time may
help you.
Worn-out and run-down men or
women, no matter what your ailment
consult them. It costs you nothing.
Remember, this free offer is for
this visit only.
Married ladies come with their
husbands and minors with their par-
Laboratories. Milwaukee. Wisconsin
1 Iear i our Skin in Spring,
Spring house cleaning means
cleaning inside and outside. Dull
pimply skin is an aftermath of win-
ter inactivity Flush your intestines
wirh ,i mild laxative and clean out
the accumulated wastes, easy to
take, they do not gripe. Dr. king's
NVw Life t'ills will clear your com-
plexion and brighten your eve. Try-
On King's New Life Pills to night
and throw off ttfe sluggish winter
shell. At druggists, 25c. Adv.
lU'Mi/ilcrvd No. I24i.i7ij A. J. (\ C.
M. A. McHP.VDDKN, Owner.
Will mulift tho lieiiHou of 1917 at my
farm, on tho Pitrk Road, 1 mile <.-ast
of Tahloiiuab.
raBMO ll'Allt was slrod by Lu'a
Financial fount, 80262, Dam Ruth's
Ufand ti, 177HIMI. Urandsired by
ntlftiwUI Count'*, 86262, who
sold a! P'ihiiu suction for $5,000.
Ii«iii Romulus Uoldou Count, 81600,
1r«t pi 1*1, , nif u( tij0 oklahoma Stats
ran in 1
TI5RM8; 12.00 for season, In ad-
. 1 IK l l \«ON! BBAlIk ▲
Hill. nlMM Hold
r-Mk„IteacMM,AlXmr*ReTt*i S

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