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Clark loft his chair In
yesterday to challenge tho
ism of "calamity howling"
Speaker justified in keeping silence on the
„ situation."
tho house
patriot :
cans. Miss Lizzie Moore of Bald Mill,
Minority Leader Mann had mado jH visiting Mrs. M. J. Bitting of this
a speech picturing the country in place.
the throes of business and industrial Miss Gretia Davis left Wednes-
depression as a result of democratic day t0 Hpend Christinas with her
tariff legislation. As the "greatest parents In Fayetteville, Ark
calamity howlers In America," the — —J ——1
speaker presented Senator Root of
New York, former Speaker Cannon
and Chairman Htlles of the repub-
lican committee and Representative
Vigorously defending the tariff
law. Mr. Clark declared that if
there had been any hold-up In busi-
ness It was simply because prudence
was being exercised. He said the
wish was the father of the thought
with the republican leaders and
suggested that It was strange that
no one else had seen signs of falling
prices^ "These men," continued
Speaker Clark, "propose to get Into
tho newspapers day after day tiiut
tho country Is going to the dogs
and business is going to the deuce
and people that never thought of a
panic will begin to study about it.
By all thinking men this will be
considered a monstrous and un-
paralleled performance."
Representative Mann had painted
a gloomy picture of the country un
drr the democratic tariff and threat
of political control of banking and
currency. "Throughout the country
today," he said, "wherever men aro
congregated there now Is that quiet
discussion going on which, when
cold weather strikes the country
will end in a roar and a howl that
will even penetrate the ears of the
deaf statesmen on the democratic
state of the aisle. Men with wives
and chldren, willing to work, who
were at work three months ago, are
now seeking the opportunity. The
president could do much today to-
ward reviving confidence if he would.
The democratic side of the house
could do much, but they are pur-
suing the facetious policy which
they have talked about on the
stump bo many years. Wo are not
Robt. Murray and wife will spend
tho holidays with Mrs. Murray's
parentB in Fayetteville Ark.
Bert Beggs and Miss Lois Seller.*
of this place were united In mar-
riage by Rev. Knight the first of
the week.
AMARILLO, Tex., Dec. 18.—A
heavy snowstorm prevailed all day
Tuesday throughout the plalnB coun-
ties of northwest Texas, northwest
Oklahoma and eastern New Mexico.
A great benefit to '.he enormous
wheat acreage will result.
sen FUGS
WASHINGTON, Dec. 19.—His-
toric battle flags of the United
States In the museum at West Point
military academy are sadly in need
of repairs and the civil service com-
mission is endeavoring to find
expert needlewoman to mend them.
These ancient colors are very valu-
able. Most of them pertain to thi
revolutionary, Mexican and civil
wars and were carried by troops en-
gaged In these conflicts.
The work of repairing these flags
will be very difficult because in mos:
cases the material has become so
brittle that they would almost fall
to pieces If handled too roughly.
An open competitive examination
will be held to obtain the right pet
eon for tho task.
and Insurance
Kctary in Office
Over Crew Bros.
Phone 226 Tahlequah Ok.
ST. LOUIS, Dec. 19.—Expert
worked all Tuesday night In i
fruitless attempt to open a safe con-
taining $100,000 in cash and se
curities, which was sent to St. Louis
from the U Ion Bank at Novlnger
The safe was superheated In
Are that destroyed the bank build-
ing December 10, and the casting
and breaching becamo sweated to-
gether. Monday the safe, which
weighs 4,500 pounds, was shipped to
a safe and lock company here and
since then mechanics havo been
trying to open it.
) Croup Is a terrible disease, It at
tacks children so suddenly they are
! very apt to chock unlesa given the
' proper emedy at once. There
! nothing better in the world than Dr
King's New Discovery. Lewis Cham
' berlaln, of Maschester, Ohio, writes
about his children: "Sometimes in
severe attacks we were afraid they
would die, but since we proved what
a certain remedy Dr. King's New
Discovery Is, we have no fear. We
rely on It for croup, coughs and
colds." So can you. 50c. and $1.00
A bottle should bo In every home
At all druggists. H. E. Burklon
Co. Philadelphia or St. IjOuIh.—Adv
Nothing nicer nor more acceptable
than something useful in
the. home.
New Steel Range, a Carving
Set, or a nice line of Cutlery
(From Thursday's Daily Arrow.)
One of the most pleasant social
events of the season was the linen
shower given yesterday afternoon by
Mrs. James D. Wilson In honor of
her niece. Miss Leila Stapler Wilson,
whose wedding with Mr. Leon Law-
rence Leslie will be solemnized Sat-
urday, December 27. Thirty-six
guests assembled at the home of
Mrs. Wilson, when the bpide-to-be
was Introduced. She was then blind-
folded and taken to an arch closed
by draperies pinned together with a
large red heart. This she was re-
quested to unpin, after which the
blind was removed and Miss Wii
son's gaze fell upon the shower of
beautiful linens arranged upon a
table among potted ferns. Many
beautiful pieces were given by her
host of friends but for the want of
space we are unable to give descrip-
tions and the names of the donors.
One piece however, we cannot pass
without giving a short special men
tion. This was two and one-half
ards of crocheted lace suitable for
sheet. This pattern was designed
and crocheted by Mrs. J. A. Law-
rence, arranged with three doves at
either end, with the name "Leila
Stapler Wilson, 1913" in large let-
ters and figures through tha center
arranged to balance by other de-
signs In crochet work being very
neat and as a whole showing great
ability for designing. A half-hour
guessing game was had. Miss Louise
Crafton receiving a beautiful hand-
made dresser scarf as tho prize, aft-
er which the hostess served a de-
licious two-course luncheon. The
home was beautifully decorated
with jotted plants and ferns and
artistically draped with strings or
red hearts.
(From Saturday's Dally Arrow)
A wishing well shower Is In pro-
gress this afternoon at the home of
Mrs. J. A. Lawrence in honor of the
bride-to-be, Miss Leila Stapler Wil-
son, whose wedding to Mr. L. L.
Leslio will occur November 27.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 18.— Gov-
ernment ownership of both tele-
graph and telephones Is urged by
Postmaster General Albert S. Burle-
WASHINGTON, Dec. 18. — No B0Di jn his annual report made pub-
special national convention of the jjc Wednesday. This follows recent
party to effect reforms in its ma- conferences on the subject between
chlnery will be called, if the repub- the postmaster general and Presi-
lican national committee which met dent Wilson and reports that tho
here Tuesday has its way, a motion president was about to make federal
to provide for such a convention ownership of the two utilities an ad-
having been defeated by a vote of ministration policy. Mr. Burleson
35 to 14. points to the successful inaugura-
Tlie national committee did take tion and extension of the parcel post
upon Itself, however, the task of system as a guarantee that the
bringing about certain reform# in p'ostoftice department Is capable of
the party machinery. These will handling further country-wide busl-
Include a change in the basis of ness of greater magnitude and im-
representation In national cenven- portance.
tions, primaries for the selection of Another prominent feature of the
delegates to state conventions and a postmaster's report is his assertion
rule that delegates properly ae- that there is a surplus in his de-
credlted by tho state authorities partment for the year ending June
shall be seated on temporary roll 30, 1913, estimated at $3,841,-
call. 906.78, and his irgument that this
Plans wore also discussed as to |9 the first res' surplus since 1883.
how to bring back the progressives
into the party fold.
He starts h * lengthy report with
a detailed attu^k upon previous
methods of figuring the surplus.
These, he says, simply showed the
difference between receipts and ex-
penditures and did not take into ac-
count either amounts paid for debts
incurred in previous fiscal years, or
debts Incurred and unpaid In the
fiscal year reported. The asfiutnp-
——— tion that these two errors would
INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 19.—When balance each other, he says,■'was un-
city health board inspectors Wed- founded and* caused the false ap-
nesday found a number of bottles of pearance of a better condition than
milk in which the cream had set- (he actual one because of the in-
tied to the bottom of the bottle, creased amount of business done
the fact was uncovered that for oach successive year.
some time residents of Indianapolis
SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 18.--Giv-
en up for lost, the crew of the dis-
mantled and abandoned ship Daly-
gonar, owned In London, are on the
way to Dover aboard of the French
ship Lo're, which picked them ur
October 9, a thousand miles off th
coast of Chile. Captain J. Ibester
and three of his men are dead. How
they perished, the news reaching
here Tuesday, did not state.
Officers have been elected for
the various Masonic orders of the
city recently:
Cherokee lodge—Percy Wyljr, W
M., Ross Daniel, S. W., .1. T. Cun-
ningham. J. W., D. W. Wilson, sec
retary; W C. Holt, treasurer.
Royal Arch Chapter—Dr. Blake,
high priest; Percy Wyly, king; J. T
Parks, scribe; D. O. Scott, treasuror;
D. W Wilson, secretary.
Eastern Star—Mrs. Beuua V. Ras-
mus, worthy matron; J. T. Parks;
worthy patron; Mrs. J. D. Wilson
secretary; W. II. S. Brown, trea3
urer; Mrs. Parks, conductress; Mrs.
Coursey, assistant conductress.
The "milk" is prepared by mixing
powder with water and adding
enough cream to give the required
amount of butter fat.
The discovery of the manufactur-
ed milk was mac'.o Wednesday when
one company put in too much but-
ter fat, causing tho cream to settle
to tho bottom of the bottles. The
Good Gun to hunt with, a
Shaving Set, or Pocket Knife
ROME, Dec. 18.—The death of
Cardinal Rampolla, former papal
secretary of state, was not made-
known to Pope Pius X., until yes-
terday morning. Cardinal Merr>
Del Val and Monsignor Giovannti
Bressan, the pope's private secre
tary, went to see hJs holiness at an
early hour Intending to break the
sad news as gently as possible. But
when the pope heard the name ol
Cardinal Rampolla, coupled with the
word "indisposition" he grew pale
and begged them te tell him the
truth without hesitation, as anxiety
and uncertainty affected him more
than anything else. The two pre-
lates then told him that Rampolla
was dead.
As recently as Saturday the pope
had received Cardinal Rampolla
who was then apparently In his us
ual good health and 6poke at length
about many affaire.
been using a manufactured
substitute for the real pro-
ALBANY, N. Y., Dec. 19.—Argu-
ments on the appeal of the four
gunmen convicted of tho murder of
Herman Rosenthal, the Now York
gambler, began Wednesday beforo
tho state court of appeals. The ap-
peal was similar to that made In
the Becker case.
It is asserted that the presence
of three of the gunmen, "Whltey"
company admitted to city official i((swi8> ..Gyp the Blood" and "Lefty
that It has been disposing of the
manufactured milk for some time.
After it was found that the man-
ufactured milk fulfills all require-
ments of tho standards of the health
board, it was ordered that all man-
ufactured milk must be so labeled.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 20.—Repre-
sentative Church, democrat of Cali-
fornia, Introduced a bill yesterday
which would declare It to be an of-
fense against tho government for
any person "to make or circulate
false statements, either verbally or
in writing, in regard to tho financial
condition of the people of business
interests of the United States, for
the purpose of bringing on a string-
ency in the money market of this
country, generally known ?s a mon-
ey panic."
The bill would provide punish-
ment for each offense by a tine of
$5,000 and imprisonment for not
less than ten years.
Recently business conditions in
the country havo been made the sub-
ject of speeches In the house nd Re-
publican Leader Mann charged that
democratic legislation was responsi-
ble. Thursday Speaker Clark, in
an address to the house, declared
that there seemed to bo a con-
spiracy on the part of republicans
to bring on a threatening situation.
Louie, near -the scene of the shoot-
ing was due solely to an arrange-
ment they had to meet "Jack" Rose
to discuss the arrest of Zellg, an-
other gunman.
Counsel for tho convicted men as-
sailed the haste with which the jury
reached a rerdlct, declaring that
the men were found guilty In less
than an Lour, although seven days
had been consumed In taking testi-
CALUMET, Mich., Dec. 20.—The
mining companies in the copper
strlko district Thursday decided to
give the men until the first of the
year to return to work. After that
date the vacancies will be filled with
outside men, it was announced.
Phone Did
W# t of Cour«
Stomach, liver and kidney trou
bles, weak nerves, lame back and
femalo ills disappear when Electric
Bitters are used. Thousasds of wo
men would not be without a bot
tie In their home. Eliza Pool of
Depew, Okla., writes: "Electric
Bitters raised me from a bed of
sickness and suffering and has done
me a world of good. I wish every
suffering woman could use this ex-
cellent remedy and find out, as I
did. Just hov-' good It Is." As it has
helped thousands of others, It surely
will do tho same for you. Every bot-
tle guaranteed, 60e. and $1.00. At
all druggists. H. E. Luck'en & Co.
Philadelphia or St. Louis.—Adv.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo., Dec. 20.—
Farmers in the Ozark country are
marketing the biggest crop of
Christmas turkeys they have sold in
many years. Springfield is the cen-
tral point for shipping tho birds
and the movement to eastern mar-
ket centers has been heavy. The
movement will end Sunday when
four solid train loads of dressed
turkeys. In addition to many single
car loads and express lots, will have
left this city.
It is estimated by dealers that the
Ozark's contributions of turkeys for
the holiday trade will exceed 100,-
000, or fifty cr loads.
If you are constipated, your en-
tiro system Is poisoned by the waste
matter kept In the body—serious
results often follow. Use Dr. King's
New Life Pills and you will soon
get rid of constipajtlon, headache
and other troubles. 26c. at drug-
gists or by mall. H. E. Bucklen &
Co, Philadelphia 4 St. Louis.—-Adv.
The constantly Itching, burning
sensation asd other disagreeable
forms of eczema, tetter, salt rheum
and skin eruptions promptly cured
by Dr. Ilohson's Eczema Ointment.
Geo. W. Fitch of Mendota, 111., says;
"I purchased a box of Dr. Hobsou's
Eczema Ointment. Have had eczema
ever since the civil war. have been
treated by many doctors, none have
given the benefit that one box of
Dr. Hobson's Eczema Ointment has."
Kvery- sufferer should try It. We're
so positive It will help you we
guarantee it or money refunded. At
all druggists or by mall 50c. Pfeill'er
Chemical Co. Philadelphia & St.
Choice Articles
from the Philippines
Luehan Hutu—Very best grado
of the famous Panamas or
Bankoks made. Absolutely
nono better. Woven by hand
under water. Will wear a
life time and cau -clIed
Into a ball and not lose shape,
ft & 10 Dollar*.
Romblon Mats — Handsomest
and most durable grass mats
or ruga mado In the world.
Beautiful colors aid designs,
large enough to M cover floor
of ordinary room, ft Dollars.
Philippine Post Cards—Views
and scenes from all parta of
Islands. Very handsome.
2 cents each.
Manila Cigars— X Dollais for
a trial box of the best brand
of cigars niad« in the Philip-
pines, 100 cigars.
Orlente Cigarette*—Beat cig-
arettes made, larg« pkg. con-
taining 25 small pkgs., T8ft
clears, a DolUrs.
Sent by Registered Mall, free
of all duties, on receipt of

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