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Cherokee County Democrat (Tahlequah, Okla.), Vol. 27, No. 15, Ed. 1 Thursday, December 25, 1913 Page: 4 of 8

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wv \ .
W*«klr. K>«*bU>h.xl lWtt; n*l«)
In.ittHtr.ut-o ! |>i. nitwT. It**.
OwaiilHbUti with T*hlo«juati Art «
• i lahi«nu*h Ht-raM.
(i. I*. A H. tv. Hinl}.
PmblhJted Tharvda; of Kach #eel.
m r.'l-lJJ Km* IkUnwv Stre*
Wiwr.pUoa lUlf I'ff Vc«r . . tic
r.«te *d at tfc* Tahlequah. *'k
kew.v po uifftc* •econd-class
vniM mitttr
Tha British public now resale*
iueit wiui tie raj&ilins of Mr*.
*'_skbur>t. onions, Hetty Green tells
e« _ the wvnet of health. Ho*
cae krtp It iwrw!
A university has (usf*rr«d a if-
gT*e on Actor Southern. It was. o:
cottr^, a fioui^rn ^ftiTersiiy.
A housemaid's flyiag sk.Ile: r.:
• woald-fce-barglar Et-e.n*. Pus . un«.er the pillow at sight U
jca *-."p uaid.
Whiddye mean by a ihort presl-
deai a aeiM|«? VV .;son is the ti..
«*-. pres.: if as we bane bad s.nce
jirwtNt, lov Ingest, bestaat woman
You know It isn t true, but you
don't try to undeceive theui. You
cherlsb your children* belief la
you. and you say that, pleas* Go«l,
by day and night, la an
,n stresa, you w.ll try to b< worth}
of that belief. Oh, misguided stick-
, r for truth, don't you realise 'bat
\ou can't ke*-p Santa Ciaus from
the children? He belongs to them,
by the divine right of childhood, in
! the Great Scheme of Things, ana
.is long aa children gtaden the earth
as long aa we can keep in oar o r
[ hearts something of the pure child
i spirit. It must be so But 11 you
! can't believe now. the time will
ome; when old age approaches
i ;.ke a snowstorm, turning your h^:r
to alver and making your blood
run cold and thin in your veins, then
you will know to the uttermost part
of your being. If there b« children
about you: There la a Santa Claus.
If yon cant boost for your hom*
town keep suit- Some people wis.
«d im with a knocker to avoio
ar-fumest. but no one likes him.
Now yeu see what happt^ed ti
Chica*© They tor* Into the cul
of *B*rs and the sui.
hi&a t ahone there for daya an>.
An okap- la to be taken tc
Kurcpe- What it is? A new kino
qI l:xard. or a k.mono or wme kind
o* gam* tbty play :a a Japanese
"The Hulbert Headlight" is the
nr. of a new puolical:on abou.
to be launched in Hulbert. J. H.
Bario, an experienced newspapt:
man. and wr.ter of ability, wll
edit the paper. The first issue *ili
make its *ppearaace Friday, Jan
nary 2. It 14.
The republican national commit-
tee met in Washington last week
and confuted its sias. lhe> con-
fess that their act on in the t bica«>
convention of last year was wrong
luc) «it> ai a loss to know what
to do when in session and every
thing mentioned postponed for ac
t)r-„ , ,, ;uture time for tht
aaks of harmony. The only gre:.
euori tte committee made was t<
get the progressive element bacl-
into the party. They dared no
call a neetint- of the party for fear
of another spllt.
Speak'cg of liberality of tht
people of Its vicinity buying a
many as 200 copies per week o:
the Pod. an Arkansas paper pub
lished in a county of that state no
Joining Cherokee county on th.
east and the people of this county
buying only from 20 to 100 copse:
* erk of a Tahlequah publication
Is no mystery whee one knows tha:
that many of said Tahlequah pub!
cauon couid be picked up wh r
they are lying on the street tt
Utter part of any week. Whether
thrown away by those receiving
them or by the office force. When
they want the Arrow they come tc
the office end cet it as they are no
found loose on the streets.
We venture the suggestion that
the communications published In a
certain Tahlequah paper, not the
Sur.. under the title, "Voices in the
Air." are conceived and wr.tten in
i lower room of Ue I^nd Office
buiding and on lie desk of that
publication. They bear the ear-
marks of the article in which a
Tahlequah physician offered to fur-
nish hia automobile to head a
booster trip. when there was not a
physician here who had an automo-
bile Speaking about mudtolea in
our streets, when there are none
such, is wrong. The character of
the soil here ia such that mud is
ab*«:t. there only being a little
slush such as can be found upon
:he brick pavements of streets of
muddy towns. It is all wrong for
a paper, pretending to be the boost-
er sheet of a town, to make state-
ments of disorders that do not ex-
ist merely to make it appear that
they are turning the universe OTer
n the Interest of the town when
n fact, they are will ng to throw
-ut false Impressions for the sake
rf making It appear that they are
:ve wires booming the town. Our
natural read-beds are the remark of
strargers who visit our city n the
wet season of the year and for a
ocal paper, for the sake of bocst-
ng itself to make the assertion that
his is a muddy town Is an imposi-
tion upon the town and should
bring upon such publication the
condemnation It deserves. Action
and not wind Is what builds a
town. Cyclones are destructive.
harvesting the fruit from a Christ-
mas tree :n the very near future.
At tha time It looks as If we
might have a "white Christmas,
the first In a number of years. Bt
fore the climate changed so muci.
we used to have a good deal o:
snow at the Christmas season, bu
during recent years the weather h-*'
often b<*eti similar to that pre
«£.lent in the fail.
The Farmers Stat* Bank opened
for business Saturday ac.l it is sa.u
that deposit* amounting to some
thing like 17,000 were made b.
fore the hour of noon. Someone
was beard to say that he did not
know that tbore was that much
money ia Park Hill, all of which
proves that "things are not alwa)*
what they seem."
Quarterly conference of the M. E.
church. South, was held in the
brick public school house one night
last week. About ten ministers
were present at the conference
wh ch was presided over bv Pre-
siding Elder Brooks of Muskogee.
The sermon delivered by Mr. Brooke
was one of the best heard in the
Methodist puiplt in some time
There was * Christmas . te:-
tainment and tree \f. the tltn
Spring Misson at Welling Monday
night. Several from ibis commuaity
who had Intended go e_£. to set ana
be seen—and to see s. aietXH!y else,
perhaps—were prevented by reason
of the inclemency of the weather,
as the walking tn too bad to say
the least and no extra trains were
running, and the river was too
deep, the roads too muddy, and the
night too dark, anyway.
A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder
Indispensable to best results—saves
worry—saves work—saves money—
saves health—saves complaints at table
In twenty-four hours the cheeks
of the human buds of Tahlequah
will be aglow and their heart putsa
t.ocs iacreased in anticipation o'
the evening's proceedings. The chii-
dren of the families in average cir
cuttstanoes will hardly be disap-
pointed ia their anticipations. Trie
churches. Ssiadav schools and o'her
organitat'.ccs will see that all con-
nected with them are made to feel
the spirit of good will aod It is to
be hoped tha* no! one of the little
oae* of enr city will be over'ooked
and ntde to fee! that It is withcu
a friend while all the ba'.3ace o<
the children of the community ar
rejoicing over the k'nl remem
berar'es of frienda That there '
any provi-'ons trsie to look oat for
tlo« who are liable to be missed
w'e are not jn,orr,ed. but \rowlsr
that an erfaiiiatiw of this kind
has existed in a qu et way ia the
pssr, we feel that the likelihood of
any of the Uttle ece being over-
locked is very reicote-
The Democrat this year Issues on
Christmas day. go ng to its patrons
*- ith the best wishes of its editor*
for a Joyous, merry Christmas and
a happy New Year. Would that we
were able to send to each of our
-eaders some token of good will and
of our appreciation of the patronage
we have received and indicat ng a
desire for a continuance of the same
latment In the future. But we
ire only poor printers, with means
nsufficlent to do the many ihings
one so desires at this time of the
vear when "G«od will toward men"
wells forth In the minds of all.
The relations of the Democrat and
Its patrons have seemed very cordial
insofar as we are able to judge, an 1
In such case, we feel that every
subscrlber ia truly entitled to or.r
best wishes for the coming year, ar.d
ieing possessed of a greater qunUty
of such than most any other com-
•codiiy, we want to hand It out
liberally and we desire that our
reader? may be able to receive it in
as earnest a spirit as it Is ser.t ou
Tfce Tear has been * very P!eas;iU
one for us and the people of this
section and we hope for the comma
vear 10 eTen more appre-ciated by
"us and the people hereabouts than
the one passing. It ts the earres-
hope of this publication that you
will all enjoy a Merry Christmas and
a Happy New Tear.
A considerable fall of snow visit-
ed this section Monday.
Thomas Wati Ins and wife visite.
W. S. Ghormlev and family Sunday
Rev. W. S. Anderson preached
Saturday night and Sunday, starting
on his second year.
Jess Lafferty and S A. Chesnej
went to Com^s school house Sunday
to vi3it the Sunday school conven
Somebody was very accommodat
ing Saturday night when they placed
a bottle of fire-water n a certain
neighbor's mail box.
A box supper was held at Mood:
Saturday night. The proceeds
amounting to seven dollars, will f
to furnishing a Christmas tree.
Walter F. and Leola Ghormle
left on the morning motor Tuesda-
for Blue Jacket to visit their aun
M-s. Llrzie Petty, during the hoi
Liberty nad a box supper Satci
day night whereby sixteen dollar
and seventy cents were raised. Th
proceeds will be used to emplc
Prof. Lee Marler to teach s'ngint-
It is reported that John Sunda
shot into the meeting house a
Moody Saturday night, where Br
Isaacs had an appointment at in
time. We thinl. the older peop
should go to church and try to ri
deem their society.
flcient means tor the transportation
of parcels of merchandise, farm
and factory products and miscel-
laneous articles and your attention
is especially directed to the C. O. D
and cheap "insurance features of this
excellent system.
Have you a better symbol thas
Siata Clan* tc offer roar children"
For e^en If yon ar<e very adrsaff-i.
not to iv scientific, yon reallxe tha
symbols are more necessary to ch 5-
dren than tc grew a people. Mayb*
yoc f<«l that there can be no com
promising with truth. Then lat c?
r«?;*ideT for# lit'.la tm-.ia which
*r am th® m~ h trrth hecaf
anyose pnt stany Iltt^a troths
la rceh a w-*r ti to -al
a MS rstrtth. Yci kraw that cMl-
i-aji hal.'era that father ! the h:#-
eHBt. Kjeryest, vSesr mar Is all
tht w^rli, asd that tsother .$ the
The money to pay the Judgments
secured against the comm ssioner=
i-pi; ago In he district court
has been received and claimants can
receive the same, less the interest, at
e t r< National Bank where At-
torney W. W. Hastings has placed It
Relative* near this place have n
ceived the Intelligence of the dea*v
of Mrs Mary C Smith, in Wash-
ington, D. C., oa the 18th r.
Mrs Smi h. who was the wide* c:
•he late Capt. J L Sr ith C f '
*a* with her husband and fan 'r
res ients of Tihlequfh for many
year? S:ace Capt- Sr.:th"s <!> '-
o-e years sbe had made her
howe daring a portion of the tlr <
with her brother. P. Hearr. Sr.. in
Ssa *Btonio. Texas. For se-ie
— rnths she hsd been l:v«ng r -v
: ty of Washington. Mr*. Sm:l>
vsd reached the advanced age of
■ ct li'erifiit was made is
Wish-'trtea The pas-irg away r'
soble old lady will le reeeive *
with re*Tet by many friends la this
city and community.
J. G. 'Davidson visited Frant
Burchett Sunday.
A. A. Long and wife visited
D. Burcbett Sunday.
Walter Davidson visited Millard
Burns Thursday night.
We had a nic* time at our bo
snpoer Wednesday night.
Miss Annans Box visited Dor
and Mary Jones Sundry.
The stork visited Walter Burn;
home Sunday and left them a-
eleven pound boy.
Mr. Burns and Mr. Kessinger
took a load of baskets to the Mns
koge* market Thursday.
Walter Davidson will return
Chance next Saturday to continu
teaching his singing schools.
Walter Davidson. Walter Bear.
Millard Burns and Tox Hix attend
ed the singing at Grand View Sat
urday night and report a nice time
(From Tuesday's Daily Arrow)
Deputy United States Marshal
Wm. Sheldon and Deputy Dave
Griggs, came Into Grove yesterday
afternoon with Tipton Bros., and 2i>
gallons and three quarts of whisky,
which they captured Tuesday.
Tipton Bros., were caught by th<
marshals at Flint, south Delaware
county, with 18 gajlons and 1 quart
jf fire water. The men were placed
in Jail here immediately after their
arrival, and the team Is being taken
care of by Marshal Sheldon, win
will more than likely allow tin
owners to take charge of same,
hey belonging to a Tahlequat
Marshal Sheldon Informs us that
they gave two more law violators
the race of their life, after captui-
ing the two Tiptons, pursuing two
fellows that were driving n black
team of horses nearly to Tahlequah
making it so hot for them that they
quit the buggy and made their es
cape into the hills on foot, the
team and buggy was taken In chargr
by the officers and 7 and one-half
gallons of whisky, which they die
not take the time to break, so ho
were the officers upon their trail.
The officers caught the team at the
Id Tollgate place, about midway
between Tahlequah and Flint.—
Grove Sun.
The article has reference tc
George and Mac Tipton of this city.
Later reports are that George gave
Lond at his preliminary but that
Mac failed to do so and Is now be
ng held in the federal jail at Mus
The final count In the Arrow and
Merchants' Combination Diamond
Ring contest, as anticipated, re-
sulted in many surprises, and the
finish showed over three milium
votes cast for the following candi-
dates. The final count resulted as
1. Zack Taylor, Hulbert... .770.33O
2. Nannie Hulbert, Hulbert O.Vl.72.)
3. Kniiiiat Hinton, Park Hill 4iO,O.V>
4. Nan Powers, Park Hill 220,950
5. Mollie Tucker. Hulbert 15tt.fiTi%
G. Alice. Latty, EUa 151.800
7. Mary Patrick, Pettit. . . 0U.3OO
8. Mary Ratliff, Cookson. . 94,750
1). Ada Crittenden, Scraper 7rt.K,Vt
10. Su.sie Beck, Tahlequah. 71.650
11. Josie Hartitess, " 60.525
12. Honey < arlile. Park Hill 54,075
13. Lydia Grubb, Gideon. . . ;!6,075
The winners of rings in the var-
ious districts resulted as follows:
Zack Taylor, Hulbert, Grand Prize.
Nannie Hulbert, Hulbert, Dia-
mond Ring.
Susie Beck, Tahlequah, Diamond
Emma Hinton, Park Hill, Dia-
mond Ring.
Miss Mollie Tucker of Hulbert,
will receive tho 100-plece dinner
set offered as a special prize by the
King Mercantile Co.
Miss Nannie Powers of Park Hill,
will receive one of the big prlies
:yid will be entitled to the $36.00
sewing machine given by the Kini.
Mercantile Co. of Hulbert.
A number of the merchnts are
yet to cotne in with prizes and many-
more good ones should be in this
week. Announcement of the prizes
received by the candidates will be
made as soon as all the prizes to be
distributed have been sent to this
office. Merchants will please be as
prompt as possible in sending them
in as It will save us considerable
unnecessary embarassment.
!n the District Court for the Fir^t
Judicial District of the State of
Oklahoma. Cherokee County.
The Midland Savings & Loan Com-
pany, a Corporation, pl.vntiff, vs.
Frank Lewis and Elizabeth Lewis,
No. 70S.
The defendants. Frank Lews ana
Elizabeth Lewis, are hereby notified
that they have been sued In this
eeurt by the plaintifT, The Midland
Sav'n^s & Loan Company, a cor-
perat'on, asking for Judgment for
There will be a meeting of the
Cattlemen's Protective Association
of Eastern Oklahoma! held in the
Coursey Hall In the town of Tahle-
quah. Saturday. Jan. 3. 1914. All
the present members and those de-
siring to Join the association are
requested to be present at that
time.—-W. H. Walker, secretary.
Barber. Okla.
On and after January 1. 191 *
the limit cf weight of parcels of
fonrth class mail for delivery wl h
tr. the first and second rone. wPI 04 4.00'with tnteroM
b*^iB,rrefhe ,w£a frn-o, %'-v -- • jat the rate of 10 per cent per an-
■*" n -he . , .... from January 1st. 1914, cos*
■ seventh asd e rhth «oaea from jn1 fpr foreclosure or
11 !o -v pot:t. 'mort^aee on Lot Nuirber S. Rlocfc
The cn tewn of Tnhloquah
Kore ? ~':r Okla., according to the plat thereof
the th-1. fo> r.... fl. h and defendants are hereby
leE'\ ^s-- 10 . v '■ -rarael that unless they make an-
Third tcne— Six e*a:« .or rver to tjje petition of the plaintiffs
f-c- pcod and two ft.s for «. on or before ,hc
adii-ioaal frac-lm thereof.
day r* Fehrtjyrr, 1914 sa'd pe t-
srg will be taken as true and
Brrh th* p-bV.s schoola. Parh
Ea:d Brick, have closed for the
iaiiisya At ti* Brick ectsel a-
ipprcrr*.at# propram *ss observed
iatd the prsp'.'s *111. wi*h the Sen-
ds? Khoo'. ehildrea panic!pats tn
r.-trk * "B--—Seven een-? tor th
Srst pourd and for.r cr,'« ror b. .ccord'ncly.
additional ponnd Or fract on 'here- In vhemf. 1
©f. I « J te.J . !.
S'.x'h i~ne- V r.c c'="s f r lh-
fr*t pcund and eigbt cer.'s fer e^c*
add ticnal pound or fraction thereof
On and after March 1®. 1914 ts*
rat* of postage on boohs weighing
eight ounces or less ihail h* on*
C-Et for etch two ocne** or fracr'or.
th*reof. and on thos* we'gh'.ig tn
excess of *igbt ecrce# th* refu'.ir '
xob* rat* shall appiy.
Your attectlon is larlted to th- vrt vc-.i!:: r ci being awk
adrs=-ages cf the parcel post rye- - ard *205gIs to fall Into a good i
tec as a rheap, expediUoti* tzi ef-. hirf
_ hereiinto
—t gff'T the seal of
--rid D strict Court this the 19th
fit of D«<cer-ber. 191S.
3eal) j monroe WALLACE,
C'erk of the District Court. |
n. h. rorcH and a. j. bryant,
Atty's for plff
Fi*rt ^Bfithed 15. 191S
Notice U hereby given, in pur-
sunnee of an order of the County
Court of Mnyes County, Oklahoma,
made December 1st. 1913, the un-
dersigned. James Wilkerson, guard-
Ian of estate of I.eeler Wilkerson.
minor, will en or after tho 6th day
of January. 1914, at the hour of
10 o'clock a. m., at the court room
of Mayes County, Oklahoma. In c'ty
of Pryor Creek, sell the following
forty acres of iands. owned in fee
by the said I.eeler Wilkerson, to-
Southeast Quarter of Southwest
Quarter, of Section thirty-one <31 .
Township Nineteen (191 North.
Range Twenty-one (21) East, in
Cherokee County, Oklahoma.
Said sale to be at private sale,
for cash In hand, to tho highest
and best bidder, subject to conflr-
iinatlon by above court. Bids must
' be In writing and submitted to un-
dersigned punrdlan, at Peggs. Okla-
homa. or filed In above court, in
said cause.
Dated this December 13th. 1913.
J. H. LANGLEY, attorney.
First published Dee. 25. 191S.

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