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■SATtlRDEV, WAY 14, 1910
Shawnee News
News Business Office. 311
Lou 8. A Hard'h Residence. >46
Sobered as second-class mail matter at 8ha w-
se . Oklahoma. under tbe ao. of Convress of
ireb 3,187V.
Proverbs 28:12.
When thou sittest to eat with t
ruler, consider diligently what is be
fore thee:
And put a knife to thy throat, if
thou be a man given to appetite.
Be not desirous of his dainties: for
thine own wisdom.
Labour not to the rich; cease from
thine own wisdom.
Wilt thou set thine eyes upon that
which is not? for riches certainly
make themselves wings; they fly
away as an eagle toward heaven.
Eat thou not the bread of him
that hath an evil eye, neither desire
thou his dainty meats:
For as he thinketh in his heart, so
is he: Eat and drink, saith he to
thee; but his heart is not with thee.
The morsel which thou hast eaten
shalt thou vomit up, and lose thy
sweet words.
Speak not in the ears of a fool:
for he will despise the wisdom of
thy words.
Remove not the old landmark; and
enter not into the fields of the fath-
For their Redeemer is mighty; he
shall plead their cause with thee.
Apply thine heart unto instruc-
tion, and thine ears to the words of
The state supreme court in handing
down their opinion on the resubmis-
sion petition avoided touching on the
question raised in the enabling act,
requiring that the sale of whiskey be
prohibited for twenty years, and
properly too, no doubt, inasmuch as
that was not before them for an
opinion, the only question involved
being, have the people a right to
rule, or shall they be ruled by those
in whom the duty of enforcing the
laws has been placed? The only
question before them was the peti-
tion signed by the voters of the state
in which they asked for an oppor-
tunity of governing themselves in-
stead of governed by the gov-
ernor, and this right was awarded
to the petitioners. This is the sec-
ond time that the governor has run
up against the court, as well as the
people who elected him to enforce
the laws, and not to assume to be
the dictator. The voters of the state
have been ignored and rebuked by
the slate machine until it seemed that
we were living under a monarch
rather than in a sovereign state.
The initiative and referendum has
become one of the most popular fea-
tures in our law making bodies inso*
far aB the rights of the people to rule.
There was a time when the people
had butl few rights that the officials
were bound to respect, and especial-
ly has this been the case in Okla-
homa under the present administra-
tion of root, rule and ruin. The
day when an official can ignore the
rights of the people has passed into
decay never to return in a free
country as it has been. The initia-
tive and referendum opened up an-
other and greater power and placed
in the hands of the voters, the Citi-
zenship of a state, removing despot-
ism with its monarchial tendencies
from the officials who sought to con-
trol rather than be controlled by the
people who elected them.
The rights of self government were
foreshadowed in tho writing of the
declaration of independence, at the
close of the revolution, although they
have only partly been permitted to
exercise that right Gradually with
the approach of time the powers of
the officials are being reduced little
by little, and the authority given
the people in the formation of the
republic is being handed back to
them again, much against the wish
of the dictators. Another feature
which is proving equally as popular
with the people is that of the recall,
and once this has been incorporated
into our organic laws the common
people will both make and unmake
offi ials who have made themselves
obnoxious in the exercise of assumed
authority by mere common consent
and custom. The power to recall
is another step in the direction of a
popular form of government, and that
with the Initiative and referendum
on e placed in our laws there will be
some protection for the people, tbe
power to rule will be conferred and
not granted absolute.
Who have a better right to con-
trol than the people, who are the
interested parties? It certainly can-
not be the creature who they have
created by their suffrage, and when-
ever thnt creature becomes despotic
in his government ruling against the
will and wish of the people, he can
be removed through the same agency
that placed him in control—the bal-
lot box. In this cursed ridden state
under the present administration the
rights of the people have been made
subordinate to those of the officials,
and especially tho governor who has
treated the people as if they were
his subjects instead of his master.
Had it not been for the initiative and
referendum clause in the constitu-
tion we would soon have become
mere serfs to do the bidding of the
governor. Our rights to govern our-
selves has been taken from us and
assumed by the governor who ruled
as a monarch instead of a servant
of the people who elected him.
Under the prohibition clause in tho
constitution the people have been
placed under the domination of
fanatics in the guise of social and
moral reform, that failed to reform,
neither haB it removed the evils that
it was intended to remove, and in-
stead of checking crime as intend-
ed, it has propogated criminals of all
ages and classes. Our jails have
been crowded and our courts bur-
dened with whiskey suits that in the
end amounted to nothing more than
an advantage for graft, with addi-
tional burdens forced on the tax-
payers, the profits going to the army
of enforcement and county officials,
appointed by the governor in most
cases, and not elected by the voters,
thus enabling the governor to build
up a political machine at the ex-
pense of the taxpayers in his own
The people tiring of this mon-
trosity desired a change and with
this view in end asked the governor
through petition to give them an op-
portunity to vote on the question
again, but it having proven such a
leaver in the interest of democracy,
they were turned down by the gov-
ernor, but the court refutes the one
man power and orders that it be
granted as asked for. There has
been a great change come over the
people in the past two and a half
years in Oklahoma, and that change
has been brought about through the
acts of an administration that was
pilfering the taxpayers and spend-
ing the money in the interest of the
democratic party and the politicians
friendly to the governor. Like most
of the things that weer placed in
the constitution the initiative and
referendum was placed there as sop
with which to deceive the taxpayers
and1 at the same time rob them of
their rights as a self governing peo-
ple. The supreme court may not in
so many words, but it does speak
by implication to the monarchial gov-
ernor, telling him that the will of
the people is still the law of the
land and that he must respect it,
hence orders, that he admit the peti-
tion and order an election on resub-
mission in compliance with the re-
quest therein expressed.
Whatever may be our Individual
opinion on prohibition in Oklahoma
all will unite with us saying that it
has been a failure in every respect,
a propagator of crime rather than
a defender of the people's rights. No
doubt this is largely, if not entirely
due to the use to which It has been
put—advancing the Interest of poli-
tldans and lining the pockets of the
enforcement officers throughout the
state. It lias not only proven a fail-
ure in Oklahoma but every other
state where the experiment has been
tried, of which there is abundance
of good proof, and that to without
going to the saloon interest for it,
but the minlstery who have exam-
ined into its workings in other
states. No law can be enforced suc-
cessfully against the wish and will
of the people, that much is certain.
That is where the question stands
In Oklahoma today, then rather than
create contempt for law remove the
causes that cultivates the contempt.
Some persons ask, "What good Is
It?" This question with the
same propriety might be propounded
concerning the nature of the discov-
ery of the North Pole. When steam
was seen escaping from the tea ket-
tle, "what good is it?" would have
been a sensible inquiry. When
Franklin wrestled lightning from the
skies and stopped it with a key, the
people might have credulously
smiled as they asked, "what good is
it?" He could not have answered,
for children ask questions philoso-
phers cannot answer. What power is
there In a person's eyes that causes
another to fall asleep under Its
gaze? What Is hypnotism? How
did Svengali master Trilby? Why
cannot every one be hypnotized?
How long does this influence last?
Why do some people possess this
power, while others do not? All
of these are questions that the pub-
lic take great Interest In, and are
answered by the great VERNON
who appears at tho New Majestic
Thoater, one week, Monday, May 16.
with the largest hypnotic comedy
company on the road.
Prices for this engagement will
be 10, 20 and 30 cents. 13-2t
$100 Reward, $100.
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there is at least
one dreaded disease that science has
been able to cure in all its stages,
and that is catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is the only positive cure now
known to the medical fraternity. Ca^
tarrh, being a constitutional disease,
requires a constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Inter-
nally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system,
hereby destroying the foundation of
the disease and giving the patient
strength by building up the consti-
ution and assisting nature In doing
Its work. The proprietors hav^ bo
much faith in its curative powers
that they offer one hundred dollars
for any case that It falls to cure.
Send for list of testimonials. Ad-
dress F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo.
O. Sold by druggists, 75c.
Old papers at B cents per bundle,
at The News orflce. *
Forced to Leave Home.
Every year a large number of
poor sufferers whose lungs are sore
and racked with coughs are urged
to go to another climate. liut this
is costly and not always sure.
There's a better way. Let Dr King's
New Discovery cure you at home, "it
cured me of lung trouble," writes W.
R. Nelson of Calamine, Ark., "when
all else failed, and I gained 47
pounds in weight It's surely the
king of all cough and lung cures.'
Thousands owe their lives and health
to It It's positively guaranteed for
coughs, colds, la grippe, asthma,
croup—all throat and lung troubles;
50c and $1.00. Trial bottle free at
all druggists. •
At the Majestic Alrdome Next Week
Commencing Sunday Night, May
Joseph Warlnuer, who has engaged
Irene Taylor for his stock company
for the coming season, has surround-
ed her with some of the newest
plays out, namely, Tho Power of the
Cross, A Woman With a Past, A
Dashing Widow, A Royal Prisoner,
etc. Miss Taylor ranks far above
the average repertoire actress, carry-
ing the finest and most fashionable
wardrobe ever used by a woman in
repertoire. The opening play, "The
Power of the Cross," Is not a story
of the fallen by the wayside sort,
but a big production of comedy and
dramatic scenes.
Every Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock*
visit'nir brothers cordially Invited tc
be present
Third floor, Postoffice Building
F. W. Haifley, K. of R. and S
W.r Madden, C. C.
Trolley Ride Charter Cars
For the accommodation and convenience of its patrons, the Shaw-
nee-Tecumseh Traction Company has inaugurated a schedule for chart-
ered cars over Its lines which is as follows:
From Shawnee to Tecumseh and return $6.00
From Shawnee to Tecumseh and over City lines
From Shawnee to Benson Park 5.00
From Shawnee to Benson Park and over City lines 7.50
Over all Shawnee City lines 5.00
From Tecumseh to Shawnee and return <*.50
From Tecumseh to Benson Park and return 6.50
From Tecumseh to Shawnee and over City lines 9*60
From Shawnee to Benson Park, car return to car barn, then back
to Benson Park and then to Shawnee
From Tecumseh to Benson Park, car return to car barn, then back to
Benson Park and Tecumseh 7.50
(Last two for all day parties at the Park.)
All chartered cars are permitted the privilege of a stopover of one
hour at Benson Park without charge and for any overtime after the
first hour at 50c an hour.
Deliveries of cars on starting. To East End, as
Street; to Broadway, as far as Carnegie Library; to Park Street, as far
as Broadway and Main. This refers to cars going either to Tecumseh
or Benson Park and not over the City lines.
Vienna Bakery
New Babies Are
Born Every Day
(Succcssors to C. R. Dean)
Room 7
Over Shawnee Nat. Bank
Machine Made Bread
10c loaf!
116 North Broadway
When you select the monument O)
headstone from our samples!
Up-to-date, appropriate designs at
lttle money—just what your *ast«
will most approve—at our yr.rd.
Let us give prices.
132 N. Bell 8t. PHoms 1
—It's a long time since you have heard that word. Isn't It' This
bank has the word before them every day—constantly. No harum-
soaruui speculation on the part of Its officers.
To loan money In modera te amounts to legitimate going con-
-«rni and men with approved security and receive money on de-
posit Is our bup'.ness If a safe policy appeals to you, we Invite
y.ur business.
JA new, clean bank no—"dead hoss,"
Reaching the Top
rous body and a keen brain. With-
out health there is no success. But
Electric Bitters Is the greatest health
builder the world has ever known. It
compels perfect action of stomach,
liver, kidnoys, bowels; purifies and
enriches the blood, tones and Invigo-
rates the whole system and enables
you to stand the wear and tear of
your dally work. "After months of
suffering from kidney trouble,"
writes W. M. Sherman of Cushing,
Me., "three bottles of Electric Bit-
ters made me feel like a new man."
60c, at all druggists. •
Cincinnati Am in
!82 N. Bell 8t. Telephone Ml
BukI&hh £ Collin*, Proprietor!
Kicluslve Breeder of Rose Oomb
The kind that LAY Is the kind
that PAY.
Eggs for setting from pen l....|2.6l>
(*V>r IB)
5ggs from Pen 2 fi.50
Premiums awarded: First and Sec-
ond Cock; First and Second Hen;
First and 3econd Pullet and First
Cockerel; First and Third Pen;
Shawnee Poultry Show, December
10 East Main Street Shawnee. Okl
Carpets Cleaned
At Your Home
No dust; do not have to
move furniture, etc. By
Standard Vacuun Gleaner
Residence 633 North Bell
Phone 678 Red
How About That Clean Suit?
DO you wear clothing? Yes of course you do and I wager money,
marbles, or chalk against a doughnut, there is not a man in the
city but what can find from one to five suits about his
home that needs cleaning anpresslng, and in many Instances
dyeing. The cost of Cleaning, Dyeing and Pressing is small com-
pared with a new suit and when you have us do your work you
will have to be an expert to distinguish whether it is a new or old
suit. Call our wagon at phone No. 225 and we will have a man
there to care for your wants. , /
The Peoples'
319 East Main.
'Phone 225.
Shawnee Lodge No. 33, 1. O. O. F.
Meet3 every Thursday night.
Visiting Brethren welcome.
[fives French Treatments, body and
face: also manicuring, chiropody and
hairdressing. Will make Calls.
Conkey's Famous Poultry Remedial
Ask for o'ir poultry "book—FREE,
absolutely guaranteed.
*ND CUR" 5"H
C'J' '•
19 'JU: -
.wn Ait IH; . v, •
OffAU ~I t .
■ r.-j v si.ijo.
flalile Free
i-' -ii'UBlES.
. '.. DUB.
Let Is Make Your Kitchen
Have a GAS RANGE Installed Today
Latest Patterns Just Received
Detroit Jewel
Prices Low
Terms Easy
Shawnee Gas & Electric
Phone I 46
130N. Bdw.
Phona 140 208 E. Main.
You will find thai this yard does
not turn out two kinds of work—we
make a specialty of one cbaractr and
that Is the best.
Let us estimate with you on the
stone work construct! n y u have
in mind for the Spring—you will find
our prices the lowest and we'll guar-
antee the quality.
132 N. Bell St Phone 967

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