Carney Enterprise. (Carney, Okla.), Vol. 10, No. 10, Ed. 1 Friday, September 30, 1910 Page: 2 of 12

Carney Enterprise jl|
With the largest vote ever polled In
/he city Joe Denton was elected mayo,
of Sapulpa Tuesday.
Fumes from exploding dynamite In
a well killed J. R. Ramage, a farmer,
near Broken Arrow, Tuesday.
M. A. Kirtley of Diamond Oak, Okla.,
was robbed of |220 Wednesday while
•teeing the circus at Oklahoma City.
The Prairie Oil and Gas Company
at Tulsa ha9 announced that it will
pay 40 cents for all Oklahoma fuel
Six business houses were destroyed
at Maude Thursday, with an estlmrtcd
lose of $25,000, with scarcely no insur
Marietta now has a monthly clean-
up day, the day being set aside for
making more sanitary that thriving lit-
tle city.
Depositors of the Dcloy State Dank
have sued the negro cashier, W. H.
Sims, for $11,000 it is claimed he em
Lee Cruce, candidate for governor,
will be the special speaker at a meet-
ing of Kentuckians he:d in Oklahoma
City fair week.
EI Reno held a most successful fair
the past week. The live stock entries
and the Yukon house, built of alfalfa,
were especially noteworthy.
Joseph W. McNeal has written Lee
Cruce another letter ask'ng for con
certed action toward holding honest
elections in Oklahoma this fall.
The board of regents decided at a
meeting in Guthrie last week to con-
tinue the blind school at Fort Gibson
another year in the present quarters.
Walter Cannifex, of Enid, is under
arrest there, charged with being an
accessory to Daniel Brown, who was
arrested some months ago charged
with grave robbing.
The new city charter of Kingfisher
has been approved by the state attor-
ney general. The charter calls [or a
commission of three men to conduct
the affairs of the city.
Ihe Morris Packing Company has
inaugurated a big advertising cam-
paign in view to interesting the people
of Oklahoma to attend the opening of
their monster plant at Oklahoma City
on October 3rd.
Striking Article In North American
Review That I* Attrsctlng Wide
The attention of business and pro
fesslonal men in all portions of the
country has bcon attracted to a elrlk
iiifc-ly strong article by Col. George
Harvey In the September issue of th«
North American Review In which the
writer takes a view of the greatest
hopefulness for the future of America
and Americans. The article is ea-
titled "A Plea for the Conservation of
Common Sense," and it is meetlnn
with the cordial approval of business
men of ail shades of political oplnloo
throughout the entire country. In
part, Colonel Harvey says:
"Unquestionably a sprrlt of unrest
dominates the lani. But, if it be
true that fundamentally the condition
of the country is sound, must we
necessarily succumb to despondency,
abandon effort looking to retrieval
and cringe like cravens before clouds
that only threaten? Rather ought
we cot to analyze conditions, search
for causes, find the root of the di
tress, which even now exists only In
men's minds, and then, after the
American fashion, apply such rem
edles as seetns most likely to produce
beneficent results?
Capital ar.d Labor Not Antagonistic.
"The Link that connects labor with
capital Is not broken but we may not
deny that It is less cohesive than It
should be or than conditions cur-
rant. Financially, the country is
stronger than ever before In Its his-
tory. Recovery from a panic so
severe as that of three years ago waa
never before bo prompt and conipara
lively complete. The masses are
practically tree from debt. Money ts
held by the banks In abundance and
rates are low.
"Why, then, does capital pause
upon the threshold of Investment?
1 ho answer, we believe, to be plain,
it awaits adjustment of the relations
of government to business. • • • The
sole problem consists of determining
how government can maintain an
even balance between fggregatlons
ol Intel eats, on the one band, and the
whole people, on the other, protect-
ing the latter against extortion and
saving the formtr from mad assaults
"The solution is not easy to find
for the simple reason that the situ-
ation is without precedent. But Is
not progress being made along sane
and cautious lines? • • •
whose ehlld, servant and eivil soldier
I am,
''As the benlth find happiness of
ray body depend upon each muscle
and nerve and drop of blood doln?
•t* work In Its place, so the health
and happiness of my country depend
upon each vitlsen doing his v.eik la
his place.
"These young eitisens are our
hostages fortune, Cp.n we not
=afe!y ft r e u rue that the principles ani-
mating their live* augur well (or the
i ermantney of the Republic? When
before have the foundation stones
of continuance Loan laid with
care and ptomlso of durability?
"The future, then, U bright. And
the present? But one thing Is need-
ful. No preecnt movement Is more
Inudeb'.o than that which looks to
conservation of natural resources.
But let us never forget that the great'
cct Inherent resource of the Anicr«
lean people Is Common Eense, Lot
that be conserved and applied with-
out cessation, and soon it will bo
found that all the Ills of which v o
complain but know not of are only
such ts attend upon the growl-g
paina of a great and blessed euuauy.
The Latest Fed.
Mrs. Forutdred—Marie, I see by the
8odc>ty Weekly that the latest amo: 3
faehlonab.e people is to be Comestle,
and appear on the avenue In tiiaUou.y
garb, behind baby carrlaecs.
Mrs. Fcrundred—Go at once to P!n1t>
ferns anj order tae a costume suita-
ble for that purpose. Thtn stop at
Bpokthave's and order the most ex,
pensive baby carriage they huve. Next
stop la at Madam Makeuppe's and
tell her to send me an appropriate
complexion and suitable hair.
Maid—Yes'm; but the baby
Mib ForuL.dre.d-Order Oiie.-—Kc
York Weekly.
A soul occupied with great Ideas
t [j • orms small duties.—Jaiuwa
Mai tlneau.
How's Th's?
; Dollars Ketrard for any
tarrjj luut ccuiuol bo cured by HnU'l
.a.uxrti Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo, a
knowo F. J. Chaney
I liev# bin perfectly hoo
1 '• 1 I - -• impactions and financially
.« inado by hla firm.
\• aljji.NO, K1vaM A Marvin,
V, holt =5;iie Drucirists, Toledo, O.
IT '!•<!(* Cure ts taken Internally, acting
■ 1 fo.fKMl p-ifl mucous surface* of th«
' true, i'rlce 7ft oenu ut
but: •. Fold by all J >ru • •ists.
'1.1..e iia.. a l'auiily i'iiia for constipation.
World's Largest Cemetery.
At Rook wood, Australia, Is the
largest cemetery In the world. It
covers 2,000 acres. Only a plot of 200
acres has been used thus far, la
v. hlch 100,000 persons of all nationali-
ties have been buried.
Mrs. rtenham—Every time I sing to
the baby lie cries.
Henham—He gets his ability as a
tnu ical ciiuc from my side of the
A Handicapped Official.
"You let some of the swiftest auto
corchrrs get by without a word?"
"1 know it," replied the village con-
itable. "My glasses don't suit my
eyes like thoy used to, and I can't do
eyes like they used to, and I can't do
anything with an auto that ain't goin'
slow enough fur me to read the num-
A Mustached Horse.
A thirteen-year-old horse, owned by
^ ictor irauger of Walpack township,
N. J., U attracting attention by grow-
ing a vigorous mustache, asserts tne
New York Press. The fringe hangs
below its nostrils aixd has alreacy
reached the edge of Its upper lip. TLo
longest hair is three Inches, aud the
adornment is as bushy a* a "ki. g
Tranger Is putting It up In curl pa-
pers at night, and during the day It
looks like a man's well-tralntd u._a-
P:erp s Appetite
J P. Morgan, Sr., was always a
good trencherman In his youth and
ho has as good an appetite today as
he ever had, not only for corned beef
and cabbage—his favorite dish—but
Tor other foods. If the Morgan, who
sled tlie Teutons with his mathe-
matics when he was a German unl-
y post-graduate student, had ao
ed the cbalr of mathematics of.
fered to him by Heidelberg, instead of
his Yankee corned beef and cabbage
it might have been frankfurters and
sauerkraut.—New York Press.
Hard Work, Sometimes, to Raise
The Jury in the case of Herbert Odd-
er, charged with the murder of Tex
Loehnane at Altus, in June, returned
a verdict of not guilty Wednesday.
The two-year-old child of Mr. and
Mrs. D Humphres, at Mill Creek,
Wednesday drank a quantity of lye
/rom a bucket, which the mother had
been using for scrubbing, and died in
a few hours.
A Jury Wednesday at Tnllequah ac-
quitted Hubert Rogers of the murder
of Newton Gatsaway. The killing oc-
curred last January and Rogers
claimed self defense.
The Chamber of Commerce, Ad and
Press Clubs of Oklahoma City will
unite In making "Editor's Day," Sep
tember 28th, at the state fair one long
to be remembered.
The Postal Ttlegraph system will
soon begin condemning a rlght-oi-wa>
along the Santa Fe railroad from Wich
ita to fort Worth for the construct lot
of an independent telephone line. It I
Intended to cover the entire state o
Oklahoma nb soou as possible t« biiilo
the lines.
Conserve Common Sense.
"Is not the present, as we have
seen, exceptionally secure? What,
then, of preparations for the future?
Patriotism la the basis of our Inst!
tutlons. And patriotism in the minds
of our youth Is no longer linked solely
with fireworks and deeds of daring. It
is taught In our Bchools. A new
course has been added—a course in
l<>> ally. Methodically, our children
learn how to vote, how to conduct
primaries, conventions and elections,
how to discriminate between qualifies
Hons of candidates and, finally, how
to govern as well as serve. They are
taught to despise bribery and all
forms of corruption and fraud as
treason. Their creel, which they are
made to know by heart, is not com
I'le*. It Is simple, but comprehen
slve, no less beautiful In diction than
lofty ha aspiration. These are the
|)I< dges which are graven upon their
"As It Is cowardly for a soldier to
-un away from battle, so It Is coward
y for any citizen not to contribute
is share to the well-being of his
juntry America Is my own dear
nd; she nourishes cie, and 1 will
love her and do mj dutj to her,
He Knows the Game.
According to the Metropolitan Meg-
azlue. Fire Chief John Conway of Je-.
Key City, has solved the baseball ex-
cuse question by the porting of the
following printed uotlce on Lis
at fire headquarters:
"All requests for leave of absence
owing to grandmothers' funerals, lame
back, house cleaning, moving, to:e
throat, headache, brainstorm, cousin/
wedding, general IndUpoUtlon. etc.,
must be handed to the chief not later
than ten o'clock on the morning of tUo
Duty Smears.
"How can you go around," demand-
ed his wife," v. lib tobacco Juice all
over your face?"
"This isn't tobacco Juice," respond-
ed the candidate, mildly. "it's IUv>
lasses. I've been kissing babies."
"S e the toys."
"Pretending to be soldiers, eh?"
"Yes; kids get lot* of fun pretend-
"And grown-ups. too. I put in my
vacation pretending I was rich."
Trying to Do Better.
"l„ook here—that check you gave
me Is no good!"
"All right, old man—don't get sore
at my awkwardness. I'll give you
Women may come and women mnv
Bo. but a man can always decern] u
ou hlB mother.
No trouble gets lighter by sltt'n
up at night "
( i ildren s taste Is ofttimes more ad-
curate, in selecting the right kind of
ood to fit the body, than that cf
aduit.a. Nature works more accurate.
1y through the children.
A Rrooklyn lady says: "Our little
boy had long been troubled with
weak digestion. We could never per-
iade him to take more than one taste
of any kind of "ereal food. He waa
t v ik little chap and we were puz-
led to know what to feed him on.
"Ohe lucky day we tried Grape.
x>uts. Well, ycu never saw a child
at with such a reli-b, and It did me
)Od to see him. From that day on
t seemed as though we could almost
; 0 him grow. He would eat Grape-
its for breakfast and supper, and I
'link he would have liked the food
for dinner.
1 lie diff rcn°e In his appearance la
something wonderful.
"My husband had never fancied ce-
®1 foods of any kind, but he be-
ime very fond of Grape-Nuts and has
en much improved in health since
ising it.
"We nre now a healthy family, and
naturally believe In Grape-Nuts.
A <i lend has two children who were
rormcrly afflicted with rickets. I was
atisfled that the disease was caused
by lack of proper nourishment They
howed it. So I urged her to use
!rape-Nuts as an experiment and the
result was almost magical.
I In • continued the food and today
both children are Well and strong as
any children In this city, and, of
course, my friend is a firm believer in
'■rape-Nuts for she has the evidence
b"foro her eyes every day."
Read "The Road to Wellvllle," found
In pkgs. "There's a Reason."
r,'n,, «Il<' above letterT A new 4
«n<? npp.-nra from time «,. Mm«>. T•.-
hMerel£Ulne' <rue* uud ful1 °r hl

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