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'•Before destruction the heart of man is haughty; and before honour is humility." "He that amwereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him."--Proverbs of Solomon.
NO. 10.
Happenings in the Best
County in Oklahoma
Mrs. Craig and Tom MoDanald Not
Guilty of Murdor-A Suit
For Alimony
Mrs. Minnie L. Craig ancl Tom
McDonald, who were arrested liwt
week southeast of Luther, just over
the line in Lincoln county, on the
charge of murdering the woman's
husband, were discharged at the pre-
liminary hearing. The trial was held
lief ore .) udge Wagoner at ('handler.
Nothing was developed ill the testi-
mony of a positive character in con-
nection with the charge. The sur
mixes of the guilt of Mrs. Craig and
McDonald, therefore, not lieing sup-
)s>rted l y the evidence they were released from custody. The
evidence showed that McDonald hail
lieen living with the CraigH and tlint
the deceased hud attacked him with
a H|jade a day or so liefore the trag-
edy, driving McDonald away. Kfforts
to show impro|H>r relations lietwccn
McDonald ami Mrs. Craig were made
lint the evidence on this point was
ruled out as irrevelant.
There are twenty-five prisoners
in the county jail. The number
includes George Calloway and Krnest
Wilson, two lads of fifteen years who
were indicted by the grand jury on
the charge of stealing mules. They
were arrested at llsrrah with the an-
imals in their |s sscssion and entered
no denial of their guilt. They d<i
not take unkindly to j:iil life, accept-
ing the situation with the sang frod
of hardened criminals.—Oklahouufti.
The second grand session of the
International Order of Twelve,
Knights and Daughters of Tabor,
will take place in Oklahoma City on
August 15 at Wade s hall This is j
tlie greatest negro order in the Unit-
ed States and all railroads will grant
*|iecial rates for the occasion. l<eiul
ing negroes from all parts of the
south will attend.
(tlen A. Harris, the rural route in
s| eetor w ho is working out a scheme
for a eoirplete county service for
Oklahoma county, will finish his
work in a couple of weeks nod will
then forward Ids recommendations lo
the department at Washington. The
new service will lie as complete as it
is |s>ssihle to make it under existing
road conditions.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cooley who a
few months ago sold their farm near
Jones and embarked in the hotel
business at Kdmond have leased
their property there and have moved
to McLoud, where Mr. Coolev will
farm for Kwers \N Idle, the Potato
King of Oklahomu.
K. S. Wykert and family of Choc-
taw will move to Wellston iti the near
future, where Mr. Wykert will go in-
to business with George Outealt.
The Wykert stock of gissls will Ik*
moved to Wellston.
County Treasurer elect Geo. Klein
and familv have moved from Kdmond
24. 100ft, and thst .she was abandon-
ed the next day. It is further ftl
leged that he married her to esca|>e
criminal prosecution in connection
with a charge of seduction preferred
against him.
The Times-Journal says the first
rural telephone system in Oklahoma
county was put in operation south of
tlie city last week. Tnat's wrong.
The farmers south of Luther have
hud a system in operation for several
At the preliminary trial of Bert
McCoy, charged with stealing calves
from Dan Witcher, held Tuesday at
Spencer, the defendant was acquitted
>f the charge.
The Bond Election
Next Tuesday will "be held the
loud election to decide whether or
not the county commissioners shall
authorized to Imnd the county in
the sum of $30,000 for the purpose
of building a uew jail, and $10,000
for the purpose of furnishing the
new court house. Kvery voter should
turn out ami vote in the alllrinative,
as u jail is badly needed. If the
bond proposition should fail, other
arrangements for a jail will have to
be made which will be more expens-
ive to the tax payers than the liouds.
By ull means vote for the bonds.
A Pleasant Social
Miss Addie Lopp of Kdmond, who
has (wen visiting her sister, Mrs. Kd
Sharp, was the victim of a pleasant
surprise Saturday night. The visit-
ors went masked, and much amuse-
ment was occasioned in trying to fig-
ure out the identity of each one, and
when the musks were removed there
were some surprises indeed. Gaines
were played, and refreshments con-
sisting of ice cream and cake were
served. Everyone present had a
most enjoyable time.
Great Bargains in Farms
in Woodward and Beaver counties,
Okla. We raise wheat, barley, kilob-
aud Indian corn, broom corn, millet,
cane, potatoes, sweet potatoes ami
all garden vegetables. We have
splendid water und good climuU. I
sell relinquishments and deeded
farms for a few huudrud dollars and
upward. Inquire of Win. Tichter,
Spcercmotv, Okla.
The News' Pencil Pushers
Tell What is Go-
ing On.
The Rule is Hero to Help You
Saving money enables you to start
in business. It helps you while you
are out of work, it tides you over
I periods of sickness. It provides for
old age and hard times. It guards
you against extravagance. Place
your savings with us. Ask about
the interest we pay, call or write.—
Bank of Jones.
All |K rsons found trespassing on
my place will lie prosecuted to the
fullest extent of the law. No road.
Kixiar Simpson.
For Sale
160 acres 1 mile east and 1 mile
north of Jones. 00 acres under cul-
tivation. J. L. Jackson.
Vote for the county jail bonds
next Tuesday.
Kev. Keller will preach at the M.
K. church Sunday morning.
W. I\ Jamison has lieen herefrom
Shawnee this week visiting his par-
ents and brothers.
Mrs. May A rends arrived Wed-
t > Oklahoma City. Mr. KI«h's term newlny i-vpiiing from Anadarko for a
visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. L. Johnson.
Rev. Win. Myers will preach at
the Presbyterian chinch next Sunday
morning and evening. The Sunday
school will be held in the morning
instead of the afternoon, next Sun-
After looking at Vesuvius, Dennis
Flynn remarked: 1'Pshaw! Titer
are things in Oklahoma |x litics that
cause more excitement in a minute
than this old pile of smoke ami fire
could stir up ill a year. Show me
something lively."
Advertised letters remain in the
Jones postollice for Joeepli Pierce,
(postal card), Sam Wilson, Mrs Ki-
ns treasurer liegins on October 5.
Miss Cora Mackev, who taught the
Pervade school the past winter died
suddenly last Thursday night at her
home in Luther of heart failure.
The Kdmond cometery is in bad
condition from weeds and the Sun
1ms made a kick.
Mr. and Mrs. Mosley of Dickson
Are taking iu the cx|>osition at Port-
land, Oregon.
James Ghent has returned from
Colorado to his old home near
Times-Journal, Tuesday: "Mamie
.McCatferty vs Charles McCatrerty, is
the title of a suit that was filed in
the district court Unlay. The plain
tiff seeks alimony to the amount of
$75 every month. The petition al-
leges that they were married June
Items Caught on the Fly by Our Cor-
respondents During the Past
Seven Days
Chootaw City Items
John Weaver, who has been work-
ing in Kansas the past month return-
I to F. B. Albright's, Sunday even-
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Allhright,
Grandma Payne, Mrs. Mackerel and
Mrs. White called to see the sick at
Mr. Osburn's, Sunday evening.
Mrs. Smiley's and Hew Boothe's
visited Sunday at It. K. Miller's.
Misses Bessie ami Verna Ostium
called <m Miss MeCamcy Sunday ev-
A grand time was had at the pic-
nic at Powers' grove last Thursday.
A good program was rendered, and a
large crowd was present. A good
time is reported by all.
0. H. Kd wards and son Dell from
Norman visited with Mr. Osburn's
Saturday evening.
F. B. Allbright was in the city
Tuesday with a load of fine plums.
Welch Sims is building a new
school house three miles south of
Mr. and Mrs. V. S. Nichols and
son Howard are visiting his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. W. Nichols at McLoud.
1. A. Rhodes of Spencer called at
Mr. Osburn's Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs Kephart of Luther
visited with her father, Kev. Mc-
Camey, a few days last week.
Homer Hill, who has been serious
ly ill with typhoid fever, is convales-
Mr. Mackerel's little baby is on
the sick list.
The voting precinct for Choctaw
township for the bond election next
Tuesday will be ou the southeast
quarter of Section 10. The election
board is composed of ,1. T. Osburn,
W S. Johnston, W S. Deal, James
Frank Oliver says that the heavy
rains have spoiled all the nubbins.
W. M. Gliarst has lieen visiting
his father-in-law, W. M. Nichols, at
Spring Hill Doings
W. G. Canada and wife spent Sun-
day with T. M. Duncan at Arcadia.
Mrs. W. A. Jones visited her sis-
ters and mother at C. W. Gray urn's,
Saturday night and Sunday.
Larue Kennedy and Joe Kdlin
have gone to Tulsa to hunt work.
Wesley Wood, wife and baby vis-
ited with Owen liiatt iu the Pleasant
Valley, Sunday.
Tom Kennedy and wife visited
John Kennedy's family, Wednesday.
Frank Benson and family, Mrs.
Jauies Harsen and baby, Mrs. Peop-
les and J. R. Peeples spent Sunday
with C. W. Grayuill's family.
Gene Wadsworth and Orvie Dowel
visited Guy Paine Sunday.
Herman Truax was not so well
this week.
Bay Mooney of Watonga is visit-
ing William Gray urn.
Miss Phoebe Kennedy, Mrs. Mary
Harris and daughter Onie are visiting
Mr. Will Kennedy's.
Mrs. M. J. Heliard was quite sick
Monday night.
Meridian Notes
Robert Fowler ami family from
Buckhead, I. T.. are visiting rela-
tives in the Kiekapoo.
Miss Bertha Goyer spent Sunday
uight with Miss Annie Miller.
Miss Willie Hamilton, who has
been the guest of Messrs S W. and
West Manwell and families, returned
I to her home at South McAlester,
I Mrs. C. L. Ticcr is visiting her
a short visit with his brother A. K.
and family, whom he had not seen
for ten years, and his mother. Mrs.
Klhcalieth Me Kirov.
M. L. Cutler, formerly of this
place has moved from Skiatook to
Tulsa. 1. T.
Harrah Now*
The new Imnk building is com-
The protracted meeting which be-
gan two weeks ago closed Sunday
night. There were only four con-
Mrs. Will Fugate has gone abroad
for a shoi t. vacation.
Mr. and Mm. Charlie Biggs are
the happy parents of a ten-pound
Mrs. C. K. Haas has returned from
Oklahoma City where she has lieen
visiting her aunt.
Mis. George Bcaty is sick.
S. O. Hanson is building a new
Misses Trudie Huskey and Buth
Grimes returned home from Kdmond
■Saturday night.
Mrs. Walter Wilson, who is in the
hospital at Oklahoma City, is im-
The canning factory lias begun
work again.
Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Burnett
Carthage, Mo., have lieen visiting
relatives here.
W. 11. Conner is painting the Bap-
tist church.
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Taylor visited
Mr. and Mrs. S. O. Hanson Tuesday.
Porter Baglaml was a business
caller in town Tuesday.
The Money Comes Back
to You Indirectly
if You Do.
And When You Want a Favor You
Don't Go to Sears. Roebuck
Si Co. For It.
Red Top Notes
The rewnt rains have damaged the
wheat considerably.
Jim Berry, who has been iu Texas
for some time, has returned home
somewhat improved iu health.
Mr. and Mrs. Meador were callers
at G. A. Claim's, Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Hensou of
Spencer are visiting Mrs. Henson's
Mr. ami Mrs. G. A. Crann are the
proud parents of a son, born Thurs-
day, July 20.
Notice to Contractors
Notice is hereby given that bids
will la* nuelved for tlie placing of
the material on the grounds and the
erection of a 24x36 ft school build-
ing, 12 ft ceiling, rock foundation,
in District HI, Dewey township. All
bids must be sealed and submitted
to B. F. Hoggs, director, by 12
o'clock, noon, August 10th, 1005.
The building committee reserves the
right to reject any or all bids.
br 1 i'd committkk.
When you send your money to a
mail order house, you give a stab at
your home merchant. These cata-
logue houses do not bnv your butter,
eggs, garden stuff, beef cattle, grain
or hay. They don't pay a cent of
taxes in this county. If a home
dealer should tell the producer to go
to Kansas City or Chicago to sell his
stuff, what a bowl we would hear!
Vet that is what he deserves. If a
farmer or resident of the town needs
, | goods <>f a different quality than is
° carried here, tell your home dealers
about it and they will be only too
glad to get it for you, and iu most
cases at lower prices than you would
pay elsewhere. In some grades the
demand is so limited our merchants
can hardly afford to carry them; but
there are the thousand and one
things the people need—from potato
knives to buggies, from riblsnis to
clothing—which too many people
buy from catalogue houses and trav-
eling dealers, which should lie bought
right here in Jones. When you want
credit do you get it from the mail
order houses? Do they hold you up
and furnish everything you need un-
til potato, corn ami cotton money
come in? We guess not. You gel
what you pay tor—these unheard <
bargains, these worlds eye-opener
do no realise aftey your money goes
to the owner of the seductive cata-
logue. Listen now! We are talking
sense. Your only way to build up
your town and the surrounding coun-
try is to support your home dealers.
When you farmers want money to fix
a piece of I Sid road or a bridge, Who
helps you? Sears, Roebuck & Co?
Not on your life. The dealers right
here in Jones put up the money.
This is a new conutry yet and much
has to be done at private ex|s'iise.
Business sense, good ordinary horse
sense, should teach you that our
33; per cent off on Boys' Suits.
33; per cent off on Skirts and
Calico all this week at 5c per
yard; was 6c and 6**c.
Fancy Gingham, was 15c, now
ioc yard.
Overlace, 25c per ceht off to I
close out.
Work Shirts, were 50c, now 40c
Work Shirts, were 65c, now 55c
Laundered Shirts that were 75c
now 60c.
Laces and Embroidery at 25
per cent discount.
Ribbons at 25 per cent discount
Men's Straw Hats at one-half
price. Big bargains in these.
Men's Felt Hats at one-third
off for awhile.
Here is the place to get your
Groceries Cheap!
*ugar, 10 lbs for ti.00. Fancv Sjuoked Meat I2}e
Salt Kxtra Sides, 10c lb, Fancy Hog Lord, 124 lb; G
Coffee, 15c lb, Kxtra Good Tea, three varieties, run-
Dust, 1 lb. 20c Dried Peaches, 11c per lb; Dried Appl
•d Itulk
Baisins. 0e lb
Flour, ti.45
Coil Oil iu 5 gallon lots. 85c; f> gal oil cans,
These prices are for cash only.
His Nervo Was All Right
A country doctor tells this story
Oil Imuself: After writing a pre-
scription for a patient the physician
told him that the druggist would
probably charge hiin sixty cents for
filling it. Then the patient asked
the physician to lend him the money.
Thereupon the physician carefully
men must make the profit before the. For Salo at a Bargain
money can go out for public. Ik-nefits. | Three lots ami business buildings
Home merchants are not in business in Jones City, al! occupied and coin-
entirely for their health. Don t kill manding good rents. Good stands
the goote that lays the golden egg—
not all of them are kept for hatching.
for any kind of business. Reason
for selling, ill health of familv Will
go for two thirds of their actual val-
ue is sold at once. Inquire of J. A.
Would Bo's Again Defeated
The Jones City Would Be s went
to Luther Sunday and were defeated
by the Luther nine iu an interesting
game. Score 9 to 4. At the ending
of the sixth inning the score stood
ratched out a part of the prescrip I 2 to 3 iu favor of Jones, but Oldham.
tion ami handed it back with leu j-Jones City s catcher, get a finger j busine
cents, remarking: "You can have knocked out and the jig was up. prosperous farmer in the
that tilled for a dime. What I scratch- j The Luther boys had their own way Jones to give us a trial,
ed out was for your nerves." the rest of the game. Jones.
For 5a le
100 acres of land one mile east of
Jones City, 120 acres river hottom.
balance good upland. Good house,
stable, good'orchard. ill sell at
*20 per acre on reasonable time.
This is the cheapest' farm in Oklaho-
ma at the price A. M. Wasson.
We want the banking business of
the farmers und want them to make
this Imnk their headquarters Our
experience ha* taught us that their j*
is safe and
ant every I Purchaser
vicinity of
For Sale
>f good work cattle. 1 mule
K#d horses. Will sell any
rood notes, time to suit
Stonk Bmos.
-Bank of
Potato pickers tickets printed at
The News office.
len Woods. If not called for by i mother near Oklahoma City.
August 1, these letters will lie sent Wm. Collici and family of near!
to the dead letter office at Washing- | Choctaw and Kufus Goyer and fain- 1
£ We Will Accommodate You J
. — '
C. J. Alexander, ??
The Very Lowest Rates
on Long Time Farm Loans.
J. S. Alexander,
I ily were Sunday guests of Mr. and
! Mrs. D. A. Goyer.
I A number of young people were !
j entertained at the pleasant home of I
j Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Muhlhatisen ,
Monday night.
! William Fowler, of Waco, Texas,
I is visiting his parents and brothers
and families.
Preaching at Mt. Carmel next Sun-
day morning at eleven o'clock.
Arcadia Items
From The sur
1 Mrs. J. R. Blevins and daughter
I Kva were from the Kickapoo the
j latter part of the last week visiting ,
! her mother Mrs. W. II. Odor.
Little Margie O'Connor who has i
is convelescing.
d here last
t'iida\ morning fiom Deuvei * ol. tor,
Greatest Clearance SedeS
To Begin Saturday, July 29th, Lasting 10 Days!
If you are looking for good merchandise at a low price, no time will
you find that is more opportune than now. Cost and profit in most
cases has been lost sight of. Absolutely we must have the Cash in-
stead of merchandise. It will pay you to travel 100 miles to attend this
2000 yards Prints 3^c yard
5000 yards Best Standard Blue,
black, gray, red Prints.... 4c yard Apron Cheeks 4Jo yard
15c Lawn*, yard "Jc
Heady Made Sheets 30c
Kvery item iu this store
at sacrifice prices.
Men's t 7.50 Suits
Men's 10.00 Suits
Men's 13.50 Suits
Men's 15.00 ami #10.00 Suits
Men's 22.00 to $25.00 Suits..
Men's 3.00 to $H.5fy Pants ....
Men's 4.00 to $5.00 Pants ...
50c and 75c Fine Dress Shirts,
sale price, each
if 3.00
2 00
Ladies' 09c NN
25 c.
Ladies' ti.00
Waists... .
100 Odds and
Knds $3.50 t
0 ti 25
50 Ladies' $3.
50 to $5 00
now .
J. B. Stetson
Men's $5 00
J. B Stetson
Men's $2.00
I been quite sick is
! Geo. Mc Kirov
I Corner Broadway and Grand, - Oklahoma. Citv. O. T. I
osasisnsvmmmmmm as mm mmmmmm mmmm asanasmi?,

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