The Okarche Times. (Okarche, Okla.), Vol. 19, No. 25, Ed. 1 Friday, October 21, 1910 Page: 4 of 8

*. M. »C'i» ° » »-!•
. , • ~ - * « ;• ,*t »*-•* *
jls >*•*- *. •. * «
fct K** ,m' •«• ».-**. * • fc>*. * - ' V.'*. * ' 'I' • ' ' A ^ - "V A? «• *
M’tr' v ? i V.* se*
L/A • L'.
t'-A ;e • i .-*'■»
. sc
V H l V-
I .
D. F. Sbeffer. rjnnitl.
C. F WsrfeL PMa*.
TV- ■ :*•- w —way I-:.
iad T*.-rbik? i m m f
- L-:rz *a.
^^™S^^mSbdf!sht5m^oimt3- about
***» P*c-’iar Occs****" F®',ow*d Th* X^tWr^Bu^i '^CaJlW
iy rmhtrmtn In to* wttort* - • -
9» WHI 'l
P trt U«
! _ 2." " r*r *
^2." 41‘ Jrf'.*iiC6d "> I— A
if.2 - f 112.' :t - *12.1 15
'^.ag-'sci; :*r-i *. Katusw £ad
' "2 T2.".. —. T'i* -5 . 12—TV
Is —• r.-vi of
ft.1? id A-rJT tiara '•* » “«■* *?
nx- jor^ijj fotkiwed bT tia U-
ki«i -i K2I tia v»p'-ure of tba
r* relish Tu era*’. ..-a, tia Xlpzda*
g'j.'U, txt at '. to 1* ?*** "
a»r- and := rt'fbt from 190 to
.lit The i-i? boo#,L Ke7’*'5
- ■ " '
alys-l fS-Ti i T 2.* 1 OT ET.O'a fr'.m
- :-r ;u Tie 'has* i» ccodtKde. 'i principally compe>**d of -A.
tr,, bo* It ibvuld not ba •rtt*
mining stock
Kale. always coo** ot fl'io^ay altap.
ncc.ri and washdays
Washday may ba 'barged to any
{„ In the week, tyt" natlri.-T or to-
dlscrlmlnatey. but tba rain win
'■ '
be charged to ao» other afartcoa.
M 1 »

JZ.4 ' '- *-
rK r ' *“ *
D A’jt.
. . . .... -
ts *
W rVtn
- » F r. ' ^
t T‘
boowr «'»tb v
T<? ir, '»
r,rri - r ' ' L
' •
H *T V * ^ '
t> /.« «
.4*' •
• r ;
th7 : A ■ iT^riSi
.- V. *2- I 7
k 2 Ike
•Couch W.
’ .
T’ -
?:' r * .7. ' ■ - - ‘ • '*
JSa- YA'
- ir - r R t.
Jams, Etatch
: ft’
Ccisty Reyob-icAB Ticket
X, <2 ‘ ’N K
2 _-*:f •
\ty} wret 11 r
r r ' •' "
0 ft‘ T* “
\ r ' •
tTr-,: ' ' ' -
powder Vt. Irir.tAr. Dr Sticwa.i.,
J,- Me - t‘ Frar.k Krotaer. J. F..
M - J W Bennett w.<i G.
H. V.
, -eye
County Attorney
County Ce-rk
Tre i -i 'ut tn'i hor- ound cac-Jr
t; fcia'.it 5 Ilr*i store
Scito. b ees iii
soofiter v
-t*t- i-;p.
BROWN a WIT Fu"v 3- r c“ P-5C-;t
Th't Year—e ?- pr«« a*.
Nee Fait.
• • •■ ■
2 r “ •
t/arra un«l »he'i- email te-arin
or rfr<J •
No. Cr 1 - K. 14 '.f 8rr. 22
14 7. «• :•.. r*-e in cuitit atii.n,
af-T' - in alfalfa. lK.u“ef Barra arid
email on hard.
No. <15.' N. W. 23 14 7. 110
*cr. * in rnltivation, no Boilrl*
inKr J11in vaouM Iw a
Urrain i.| r.ner ti< • with on<•
of tli< aleiT' Of <,r M
No. f». N. p:. 14 22 1 5-8, 1«>
aerre in cultivation, email
bouc. £<?«\ well and running
wafer; tlire*- w i r«- ft-nr all
t<,!; ■, i S11 ‘ * v. ndle thi*
deal Ilalance < n lonj» tnn.-at
low inliT^t
Prof. 1. L. Ha. . Piedmont's
-aididbV- for County Superintend-'
eat, i*-makinjf a good, clean cam-
. >. . -.*• ■ tie Bfirwra*. '•
f tr,e peo[,ie -herever he yoe*. for
*. 2 z> of e’enn h&r..*>
and rnora.j. he is eneryetic and in-
ar.d ' apa> e . f f. .r.y tro MODERN MACCABEES ORGANIZED
duties of the office for which he
a*;.-! res."
Codr.ty S iperir,tender.'.
For f 2nd D*t.
For maria dot pd Dwt.
Tkt New Ori*nii»tioa Start* Witk •
Meabertbry of J4.
No. 7‘>. N. W. I 4 h* c. 1 and
the X. K 14 of S# < . 2 in t<... n
13. range 7. 120 at re- n. rulti
\ 11>> i 12 a< re> in .. 2
r, room, n houee, fiarn Mx**).
lary granary :in<l ln-n hon»»-.
machine -In d» g'.'.d well an')
running water, hearing or
chard. Ttli* i1* f|ne of the treat
improved farni» in the county,
and i* a bargain for anyone
who can handle a g'e/d half
m-et ion,
F. W. Wiedey,
“do q£5==^
Mr-. Wilcfick, of *>VJ&bofna City,
Lightning Oil
..All Drug Stores..
A.. B. Richard* Medicine Co.
Sherman, Texas
The Modern Maccabees, which
was organized here last week, be-
gan with a charter membership of
night fourteen more members were
initiated into the secrets of the or-
Th*“ officer* elected at the time
of the organization were:
» C. Fi Foster, Pa.-.t Commander.
F.. W. R/dnck. Commander.
A. M LoveU-s.s. Lieutenant Com-
H. L. McFUroy, Recorder and Fi-
nance Keeper.
Oscar Oglesby. Chaplain.
L. MV Lynde. Physician.
• H. C., Seargent.
E. Varvil, Mas'er at Arms.
Oeo. Young, 1st M. of G.
Chas. F'ulk. 2nd. M. of G.
Berlin —A rreat redueOon tn tie
fl- •' --.--.don -f - '71-22 —-IT
Germany !i prvdleied by meeber! 1
lie Berlin arwm exiianz-. who de-
clare tiit tils year the German cvn-
, - - - 2 ---C -» £ni»;-enl-n- -
tie Crited State* a* a »ocroe of r.y
?*otln* tia faot that tb<> recent
*bar> advaua* & th* A-aertnan mar-
kwt railed to prodwo* My BaAarta. ef-
fect be the Berlin mrt*: i- the
bonrwe expert of the T««*b»»n wo
(hat th* nir* say ka tooad a tb*
«xo*pUcnal ocodMloa* rttt enable
Oenaaay ta rwty ehaoat —lieCy xpoe
ether natita "*TaO» AaarScaD
-wheat ba* (t» op ts atupowicr of
th* receral rl*e tn aT cocirvaditie*.
the P.teaUn crop* irt erpeeted to be
large eoo-gi to sorer tie entire Ger-
man demand at lower price* Renew
eddr ’b*. wrl-wr the .Berlin exchange*
*~ reepond'ng more readily to price
*oodlUotu tn P.csst* than to the 2-0-
toati.n* a tie American market*
- ■ -■ i i - v : " .«
-* q-t/..— aicwi ip, f-,rsai 2n a—ore
-rarer and It genera..y swims near
tie r.rfa-.e.
TZTien ie glvea tne aignai a ligi-
atimdan: boat ca..ed a "luntra,
■tart* la p-amlt and, r-1-**1
i^ik of tho icoko-*. »<x»
ip wttk tko l»h. *':« th# hArp-oon**
th# be*# ttrrjTF# bli wospon i
ahooot luri. To th# tea4 of
th# t&otrsmont 1* att*cb#4 s k-r*^
b7 Trhlch th# sulisa* 1* grs4-ail7
■g tir »<i out. So me tin.®# however, ^
fw:ro58h tom* up-on it# purausr# and
»Te: *:e:ce# th# boat with it* *word,
to the inmtnent p-^rtl of the boatmen.
Th# meat of this i^h is somewh&t
: i* r■ i_ := much relished by the
c-_o -jefco it above ail the
*»rT tr.oes of their sosj.
Also ia
srd rtiaooi
sulk.' B
e wloer. yon
f >'' v our -. r~.y. *<-!:>
• heart, of
fair'sky, and >ar» the jmbrella and
wait until you leave tbe olice and
tbec ge* you Incidentally. It win
took a few grip and rteumaUaa
germe into your ayf.em.
Pxln la good for tie cropa, bat why
!t takee you for a crop U bard to un.
Rain E«rer brr. -git fame to anyon*
except Noah- Probably on the day
tha food began he walried the laat
picnic party drive out of town !n^ a
bum, shot-ring tar-a-*:* thing* at bla
through the dust.
- w:-h e
d “Probably.*
but the one mo=t
weather t ret; ■
Axe-res Trei* ee on Carcerour
Growth* W th Euphcii oue
Na"-e» to Poetry.
Of Course Lirshr nkat e Bathirg SuK
Would Shrirk. H It Wa*
Too Large.
P-eseetirreet h«aite Hyevert.
ATlentown. ?a —Tv-- rl a -
premonition, the elopement of if'.s*
Ju!l* Curier terenteer -z~
Lansford, and iflthael Daniels of tii-
clty. eu frustrated.
The glr! came to Allen'owr «'rie
time ago to work, and falling tn lore
with a man ten year* her senior,
made all arrangement* for he- wed-
ding, even buying her trousseau.
The couple had planned to get mar-
ried the other night The mother,
however having some premonition,
came on during the day and after
rigid cross-examination, the daughter
dlv.'ged her plans
The mother ob;ected rlolentiy, and
with the aid of a policeman, took the
daughter home, trousseau and ill
Although an editor !i “ipectKl *°
knew everything and although hie
«-ore of ml»ce!!*u.eouJ Information 1*
usually large, yet there are eom*
th!:** of which he—if he !* »n aver-
age editor—ha* never hetrd. Such,
evidently, vn the case with Jamew
Pam. the weIi-k»own novellet, wbea
he w** editor of the Comhlll. Say*
a writer In McClure «
One day an unannounced caller who
had managed to evade the porter
dovnataira opened Pays’* door. Hit
hair *u long and bl* clotbaa were
5hetvy and .ntldy He had a roll of
pap'-» in hia hand. Pam, aurmlelng
a poet and at epic tevsral thousand
lines long, looked ap>.
“Wea air*”
“Tve hr ght you something about
sarcoma and carcinoma*
TV* are overcrowded with poetry—
- re, not if It
were by Milton."
“Poetry " the caller Sashed "Do
you know anything about sarcoma and
"Italian I over*, aren't '.beyT' said
Payn. Imperturbably
The caller retreated, with s wither
tog tlan-e it the editor. Vnder the
.ame - I M the rabOl wa* the of-
See of a medical and surge ai Jh-:r-
nal. and It was this that the caller
fought for tbe disposal of a treatise
on those cancerous growths with the
euphonious names, which with a lay-
man s ignorance Payn ascribed to
•Too miry lu> i- an* of '-be twen-
tieth century." said Jacob A Ella la
an address in New York, "tav* e
wrong Idea of buaiaeea. Now busineae
U really, boavtat service—hone*', aerw-
i k»—nothing but that
"But too many men look on bu*4.
i ,. . oertaln seaside shopkeeeer
• A friend of mine visited thU man •
shop to buy a flannel bathing *utt.
The bathing euiti were all a Uttl* toa
Large for hlCL
- -njer're marked nnshrlnkable,- my
friend said thoughtfully. 'This ooa
here might do If It would shrink.
i But-" ..
! " TU ask father about It.' aa.d th*
young attendant
-And then, behind the partition, my
friend overheard this dialogue-
•"FVher, a gent warn to know If
our shrinkable bathing suits won I
shrink a little anyway’
•' 'Is the suit too large for timT
-'Yea. lather
“ 'Then of course It w'D shr'.nlu
Why don't you try and have sem*
head for business. Willie?' “
is with the Piedmont Chriktian
church ' -ir durinif th*-ir continued
r.-vl a! nieetirvif.
M cm - Noland, D-la Stilwell anti
Fann -- If er w*-nt to D Re-no W<-d-
Mceer* 8. M. Lyle ar.d A. V.
CourtAc. have jiurchau-ti new au-
tomubi -* and ar<- <-rij'>yirip Horn**
jolly rid***.
Automobile* an<i touring car» are
K'-tfinir to be <)tiiUr numerous inan<i
oyound Piedmont.
O. V. Mu Ivey an-i family, of
Yukon: were viaitor* tn Piedmont
Sch- >' is projrressiritf nicely with
: h<- -(ccjTtion of Max Ad'iimrton
wa-i -'aliinpr in Piedmont F riday
>"*■ in h L;Ui‘in»*H4 way.
M r Karn«*nt Sw<*a/jpit a;i* fatally
*h >t ara
i iat**r • * hi- woundK
in <!.«• F
,-pitill at FI IU*no when*
lie Aftr
tnk**n aft<-r h*ir4g woundwi |
l.y Mat
Ghal Jonn AldriiJiff* in Pi**d-
1 ‘ 1
ut'wlay r.ivrht. (K'tob^-r 11
hk remainM were 4*nt t<»
T<*X*r f
r*»r burial hy hia urH**, wh*»,
cam* si
tier him.
. H
ri< -' .*
■ * az**a,
[» WHH
came ih*
re f
roin N*
t<» fnv
■»t thin 1
the i« |
r wi
il»»r rtfn
4*111 1
tl work.
In* hw
sm-s m i
dM*a *
the nu
• <i W‘ i
AI Hus

F'.l Reno
11lice who
u-t, Tom
Cold Weather
Will Soon Be
And you will have to buy a suit or
overcoat for that boy.
We wish to announce that we
carry the most complete line ever
shown in Okarche. Not only in
boys’ clothing but more so in men’s
and young men’s suits and over-
coats at the most reasonable prices.
No trouble to show them.
Have you seen our line of
Stetson Hats? Come in
and take a peep at them.
Hau, Elschen & Co.
Hill's Work In the World.
A nun.her of men were crossing
Montana tn the smoking car of strain.
The mercury was above 100 and the
windows of the car were closed to
keep out the dust and sand. Th*
country was barren and drear, with
here and there along the railroad a
cluster of newly built and unpatnted
houses where James J. Hill, the path-
finder of the northwest, was establish-
ing new towns. One passenger, a
stranger in that section. Inquired:
.'. - at country Is this we are pass-
ing through T'
"This," replied another, “Is a sec-
tion of the universe which God over-
looked and Jim Hill Is trying to fin-
ish the Job."
The Co'ors ir the Rainbow.
A learned German scientist, tn th*
course o'f an exhaustive study cf th*
evolution of the sense of color, dlscov-
ered that the rainbow has net looked
the same 'o men In all ages. He found
that It * t Cr......ght to be all
of one co’or To Homer, he says, the
rainbow seamed purple white At a
later per.od Xenophon saw In it a
ourr.’.e cloud re' and yellow ereen."
Two centuries alter this Aristotle dis-
tinguished three colors—red. green
and blue—and was able sometimes to
see yellow betw en the red and green.
Three huu-ird years al'er Aristotle
came Ovid, to whom the rainbow wa*
"a thousand dazzling colors, which th*
eye cannot distinguish sepa a.e.y
But the tricolor division persisted un-
til the thirteenth century.
The Quality of Mercy.
See the woman Why Is the wom-
an's hat trimmed with a nestful of lit-
tle blrdiings with th* mother bird
brooding them?
It ts because the woman 1s merci-
ful The woman wished to trim her
hat with the mother bird alone, but than leave the blrdiings to
starve, she trimmed It with the whole
Must It not feel lovely to be merci-
ful like that?— Puck.
And the Conductor Said—
The conductor on a Dorchester
was very hot and tired, and hts c*
was so. crowded he had hard work col-
lecting the fa-es; so when he cam*
along and saw a man standing on th*
running board and a little thro yeae
old child occupying an end seat no**
him he said combatively. ''Toil'll hav«
to give me a fare for that little glr'
"I'm sorry,'' said the man calmlyg
"but I refuse to do It." A heated argtb
ment followed, during which the cow
ductor demanded his rights and th«*i
man ca'.mly refused. At l**t the lath
aald with a laugh: "One reasoD «kf
.1 won't pay for the child is that *t*
Is not mine and she Is not with m*-
1 - Boston Hsrald.
l *
V, - V M
Merely an Error of Judgment.
Robinson Crusoe, with Infinite r*-
tlence and Industry, had hollowed out
'.he big log and made a huge canoe.
Then be discovered, to hla chagrin,
that he couldn't launch 1L It was t o
heavy for him to move. All his labor
had been wasted.
Still,' he reflected. "It was only an
oversight. It isn’t half as bad as Uncle
Sam n'-giecting for twelve years to
rRi .• tbiFhattleahlp Maine."
• cr ' r.I c to ask tor congre -lorml aid
1n thi- rifinulty, ho went to work tm-
r: * ‘
Rather Exaggerated.
It was hla first experience In the
ejonrrl chair.
Gt -ai Josc-phus!" ga.-ped the victim
ei he leaped ipward. "What w a* that
)0u put .n i..y mouth?”
\ rubb-r dam, air," responded tha
1U! b- r dam? H'm! 1 thought It
t the Catun daor from the way It
Midair Cameras.
Cameras on the wing arc fiy'r*
through Germany V projectile to tak»
protugraphs and claimed to have been
tucc#*tful at h*'.irhts of half a
la the Idea of Hi rr Maxi*. * 0*
photographer A camera having H 'J
form of the v nal kind of conical shell
ts thrown into the air by meat s of
kind of trap At a predetermined anJ
, |
Ueecent and Is pointed slightly down*
ward, th: shutter l» automatically
leased, and n picture Is taken of ■
bread expt. se of country
In stitl :\ir the flight and spot ak
« a 1 ■
bo calculated with much proclslo*.
l’reeauilons are tr ' in to avoid datw
uge by com u .slop and the results ah*
said to bo of the greatest possible
value In military opperutlous.
Tl e t. !. L Marti * newer.
-Ii, 1 PI | F to, "wffl
that deg hit mo’"
•- pi, ■: m i ant l m waiting to see
l,r ci, , a :l'ng ' bout his home
will "

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