The Okarche Times. (Okarche, Okla.), Vol. 21, No. 9, Ed. 1 Friday, June 28, 1912 Page: 4 of 8

The Okarche Times
E. Q LAIN Publisher
Ideal Candidate for For County Assessor
State Senator in this issue of the Times we an- j
Hennessey Clipper: | nounce the name of F. D. Dakin as!
Entered in the posto»ce st okarcte in i*w! In stating that our esteemed and a candidate for the office of County
“*!?°‘v;0‘“-omuuer'UDaera‘!l 0,Co”Kre“j honored fellow citizen. Hon. S. W. I Assessor. It is I to
Hogan of Kingfisher county, has1 say anything in regard to
of March3, 1879
SI 50
F. D. DAKIN for County Assessor
1 desire to announce m>sel( as a can-
didate for the cttice of County ASsers-
Mr. i or. subject lo the will of tire people of
. * i Kwgli.-her county, at tne or.mary
been prevailed upon to become a Dakin, as he is one of the best | election, August > 1 win rot be at.le
canriidate for State Senator, on the known men of the county. He came IIJ mate much of a persunu! campaign
i as tilts duties of my present utrice or
republican ticket from this district, here some 11 years ago, and has j Regrsu r of 1>, ed>, n quires most of
we state the simple facts. been a resident of Kingfisher for 1 my®atimiion J Law Hlwavs favored
| lire pan. aril so stuDC, I hat each
He is «"*-• --..... . —i.....-•■-i —.....—.....
It is not the stereotyped expres- that length of time.
Advertising Rates.
Local reading notices. 5 cents per
line. If set in "caps" or in black
faced type '.0 cents p r line.
Lodge resolutions 75 cent9. be wa8 urgently approached last the southern and western parts of
Juul^ertheAlcir^Tf:^.' week by many friends and leaders the county, as he was for several
mission, <t where there is something of the party who have the best in- years final proof clerk in the U. S.
to sell,will be charged 5 cents per lir.e terests of this senatorial district at land office here, and issued to most
or for display 15 cents per inch, .single j,eart bp bad no thought of being .of the settlers their final receipts
column measure. a can(|idate. In fact he consented for their homesteads.
-----— 1 somewbat reluctantly to the use of j He was afterwards elected by
his name, though always willing to, the people as their register of deeds
hear his full share of the responsi- for Kingfisher county, in which po-
Vspe- towri!*11'p si.r ukl have a deputy assess-
sion in Mr Hogan's case, for until eiallv well known by the farmers of I or aPI rir url 01! petition t*v li e read
| log real esiate owners and taxpayers
' of i he low nslrip, believing i hat a mote
equitable and uniform A*s- ssnrenr can
thereby be obiatned. If romlna'ed
ai.d elected, depurit s will he appoint
ed as above stated, r Siclertcv being the
principal stipulation. If my record
has been such i!.,ir the continued sup
port und confidence (f the voters of
the county is deserved, the same will
be appreciated. F. D. DAKIN.
C. H McCracken
FOR CANADIAN COUNTY, OKLA. blllties and burdens of citizenship, sition he is now serving. There are| for County Superintendent
“ -Mr. Hogan will make an ideal no blots on the record against Mr. | Tte unjersigned announces as a
MORG AN FOR CONGRESS Statl. Senator an,i his name will i Dakin, as he has been a faithful,ac- can(li(iate for the republican nomina-
I hereby announce myself a. a can- brjng gtrength t0 the ticket un- commodating. honest and efficient tion for Superintendent of Public In- for re-nomination for Congress equaled by that 0f any man in this servant of the people. ruction of Kingfisher county, subject
•n the Second District, subject to the < r B|ajne county lf he is nominated and elected as ,Q (he primary of August 6
decision of the Kepublican primary, t His ability, sturdy integrity and county assessor, the people can be
am deeply grateful for the high honor n)ature experience in public affairs i sure that a fair, reasonable and
the republicans have heretofore con- are known and appreciated by a con- uniform assessment will be made,
ferred upon me and I will highly ap- stjtuency wltb whom he has been He believes that such an assessment
preciate their continued support. intimately associated for over can be better obtained by a deputy
DICK T. MORGAN. twelve years. assessor being appointed in each
He has resided in the state eigh-j community or township,who is a first
For County Judge, Kingfisher County,
i hos. B. MacGee
A resident Tax payer of Kingfisher county for over
twentv-three vears. A veteran of the civil war of 1861-5.
American Consul to Germany, 1867-70. Graduate of the
Michigan University Law Department, Class 18i3-4, since
which time have continuously practiced law, being ad-
mitted to practice in Michigan, Kansas and Oklahoma.
Had extensive practical experience in matters of Probate
Court of Kansas and Oklahoma. Believes in the strict
enforcement of .ill laws. Cast first ballot for Abraham
Lincoln in 1864, and have at ail times been an active, con-
sistent and loyal republican. If nominated and elected I
will perform the duties of County Judge for the legal sal-
ary, and pay any personal help, 1 may deem advisable to
employ, without any cost to the county. This I formerly
did when Probate Judge. As a taxpayer, I am opposed
to the present salary laws, and believe in economy in the
interest of the taxpayers
Thos. B. MacGee.
C. H. McCRACKEN. of Cashion.
For Congress, Second District
The undersigned announces as a
Candidate for Representative, 2d dis-
trict, subject to the action of the dem-
ocratic primaries.
TOM S. BALLEW, of Anadarko.
I hereby announce myself as a can-
didate for Sheriff of Canadian County,
subject to the decision of the Demo-
cratic Primaries.
teen years, of which time he has class farmer, Well posted as to
spent four years in the lumber busi- i values of property in that section,
ness and fourteen in banking. At and that such local deputies would
the present time he holds the re- be more satisfactory in every way-
responsible positions of president of to the farmers of the county,
the First National Bank of Cashion
and vice president of the First Nat-
ional Bank of Kingfisher, though
raised on a farm and having his
most intimate affiliations among
He is also chairman of the re-
publican county committee and in
that position two years ago he eon-
Dearners Cannot Be Cured
I hereby announce myself as a can-
didate for Sheriff of Canadian county, liucted one of the cleanest and most
from Purcell precinct, subject to the
action of the democratic primary.
by local# appllcatl aj they annot
reach the i portion ot tne ear.
There ij only me \. ./ t j cur - d atn«ss,
and that Ij by constitutional r.medus.
Uc id caused by c.i inflamed condi-
t: \ ef the raucous lining of the Kusta-
:!,.an Tu^3. When this tube iu i.ul tm <1
yc j have a ru.r.bling sound or imperfect
lie ring, and when it i3 entirely closed,
Df :f: t . s lo tho result, and unless the in-
flammation can be tab on cut and tills
• t • r j. red to Its n mv.l condition,
v'll 1
Advertisements and local items
to be published same week must be
in early Wednesday morning.
For State Senator G. W. MITCHELL
S. W. Hogan of Kingfisher county, Attorney and Republican Candidate for
announces as a candidate for State County Judge of Kingfisher Co,
Senator, from the 16th Senatorial Dis- Subject to primary election Auu. «, ima. Ed-
trict composed of Kingfisher and Blaine uc;‘ted •*' “»»'• TLir,v \e“™'
counties, subject to the republican years .1
It you have friends or relatives vis-
iting you, give us their names, resi-
dence and other paiticuiars about it,
and If yi>u go anywhere for pleasure,
visitir g or husintss. let us know It.
We wish to publish all
primaries, August 6.
I hereby announce as a republican
the personal candidate for the nomination for Coun-
iturns of news we can. and will appre- ty Assessor of Kingfisher county, sub-
ciate the favor where they are handed j ject to the republican primaries, Au-
in. gust 6, 1912. D. W. PECK.
resident and taxpayerof Kingfisher county. A
man of good moral character, good habits, so-
j briety and honesty, The voters of Kingfisher
county will make no mistake to elect him. He
will fill the office with credit to himself and
perfect satisfaction to his constituents. He
favors economy in government, economy in
i office und a reduction in taxes
Subscribe for The. Times.
l.e-rln.r will be
I I lit of t
ties‘.roved forever:
ar* - .« 1 bv u.. 'arr' ,
v ‘ T i < n 7 but ; • iMlarnc r c mdi-
ti i <f t’.e mucous surfaces.
II r-vo ( "o iTnndrt 1 1 . rs for nnv ca‘*' < f
w •
w-i^rrhi .- . Send fore rev.lar . f
F. .T CH ENKY, & CO, Toledo Ohio.
S< ll t-v I'mp'ri '5,7'.’.
T—Xo Llad’s l airnly Fills for constipation.
The undersigned announces to the
voters that he is a candidate for the
office of Sheriff of Canadian County,
subject to the will of the democratic
For Sale
the following property:
Large 10-room residence, with or
without furniture; all njodern con-
successful campaigns in the history
of the county.
It appears like a waste of raw
material to sav more in his behalf
to readers who know him so well
and who will unhesitatingly agree
with us in the declaration that in
him the Sixteenth Senatorial Dis-
stret of Oklahoma has a candidate
of ideal qualifications.
Under ordinary conditions, Blaine |
FOR CLERK OF DISTRICT COURT county, which is associated with
We are authorized to announce the ; Kingfisher county in making the
undersigned a, a democratic candidate I Sixteenth District, would be con-; propt,rtyi vacant. $24„ worth of ce
for the nomination for Clerk of the j conceded the candidacy for State ment walk
District Court for Canadian county, &,natort sjnCe Mr. Brownlee of
subject to the will of the August pri- . this county has filled the position
Taft’s “Great Victory.’’
Taft received 561 votes, or 21
more than half the votes in the con-
vention. Roosevelt was not placed
in nomination but 107 delegates
voted for him and 344 Roosevelt
delegate! did not vote, making the
actual strength of Roosevelt 451 j
votes in the convention. There
were 92 contested delegates which
the national committee gave to
Taft, and this was the cause of all
the trouble. Without these 92
votes Taft would have had only 469 j
votes and could not have secured
f Helois
veniences, in good repair, on best tht. ncmination, while if the 92 con. Will stand for the season at Ludwig
1 corner in town.
1-4 block of lots, south and east
1-4 block adjoining the above j
! tested votes had been given to
Roosevelt he would have had 543,
| which would have given him the
W'e do not know the particulars of
the contested delegates. It is a
hard matter to decide which of two
f hereby announce my candidacy
dared that Mr. F. J. Warner, their
only candidate, is meeting with
for the office of County Assessor, , . . .
subject to the will of the democratic | SU^ ,><:rS'8t:n!.!P^'t
primaries to be held Aug. 6, 1912.
* G. D. HILL. “ -.......>. .
______ 1 unite the party in both counties for
FOR REPRESENTATIVE his triumphant election and is there-
The undersigned announces that he i fore the one available man tor the
12 lots each 25 by 165 feet.
, "fhe building and lot where Geo.!
i for two terms. Leading republicans Makemson has his barber shop, well delegations from one state is entitl-
I of that county, however, have de-| ]ocated no better lot in town. j c’d to s*31®- but the usual way ls t0
4 lots 25x165 feet ‘adjoining; ®eat the delegntes representing the
, Woodson’s lumber vard on west. I facti,,n havinK contrnl ,n the nat,on‘ |
his j The W hite Hotel, 20 rooms, near ’ al committee. In this cast’ the
party associates that his defeat. ,jep0t and well located. | Taft adherants were in the majority
i would he certainv Mr. Hogan can j.2 block ()f ]ots rijrectlv east of and 8ra'’c the contests to Taft. The
Catholic school. I fairest "a>’- in our °Pinior" wuuld | res„0IiS,b,e shculd acv occur
sale, have been to give the contestants respons.ble^houid any occur
W C NFWCOMB half a vote each. Ihis would have
i (74091)
HELOIS will stand for the season
1 of 1912 at my farm 1 mile north and
i 6 1-2 miles west of Okarche; 1-2
| mile west of St. John school house.
HELOIS was sired by W’asp 57974;
(lam. Marguerittc ."*719. Helois is a
tire black imported Percheron Stall-
io No (74091] 57334, weight 1700 lbs.,
will be 5 j ears old April 1. 1912, He
ha? a good disposition, good action,
and is a good coil getter.
TERMS: J15.00 to Insure colt to
stand up and suck
Mare aDd colt stand good for ser-
vice. If mare is parted with or re-
moved from premises of first owner,
money becomes due and payable at
once. No "Sunday breeding. Mares
... . ,, should be returned at least three times
the neighborhood. W eight 940 lbs , )f not the>. wlll be considered in foaj.
a*L' yea,s_ _ Care will be taken to prevent accl-
Terms $5 to insure Colt to stand dents. Lut. will not be responsible
should any occur
Bros.’ farm, 1 mile south and
7 1-2 miles west of
BOB is a black mammoth jack, and
is eligible to papers. He Is a well
made jack, ant! reasonably sure. His
and suck
Conditions: Mare aid colt stand
good for service. If mare is parted
with or removed from premises of
first owner, money becomes, due and
payable at once. Care will be taken
to prevent accidents, but will not be
S G. HICKSON. Owner.
1. Phone Mt. P. 311. 47
is a candidate for the nomination for ticket. Ihis is a ease of the office
Representative of Canadian county, seeking the man, nut the man seek-
subject to the will of the democratic ing the office
“ niMsSi*.. •’"***" ^-
I lus County
FOR COUNTY TREASURER In accordance with the election
The undersigned announces his can- law s a prohibition election cannot
didacy for the office of County he held sooner than two years after
5 1-4
j Inquire of
given 46 votes to Roosevelt and 46 J
Old palters for sale at the Times j tQ Taft makinjf 497 for Roosevelt1
J. J. Wehner, Mgr.
office, at 5c jt bundle.
ReporLuif tr.e condition >:
at the state of Oklahoma,
at the close of business June,
Treasurer of Canadian County, subject
to the will of the democratic prima-
ries, Aug. 6th.
the last election was called. This
time restriction is not recognized
however, by the people recommend-
ing Hunt’s Lightning Oil for neu-
ralgia, rheumatism, Ifbadache, etc.
For thirty odd years it has been ac-
I hereby announce my Candida,) ,,
for the office of Register of Deeds,
abject to the will of the democratic
.j.imaries. GEORGE JENSEN.
everywhere in 50c and 25c bottles.
There was a large amount of
water fell last Saturday and Sunday.
It has delayed harvesting some but
injured the cut or the standing
I hereby make my announcement
as candidate for Sheriff of Canadian
county, aubject to the democratic pri- grain,
maries, Aug. 6. Your support is ear-
neatly solicited J. S. PALMER. Calomel is Bad
Bttt Simmon’s Liver I’uritivr ia de-
FOR COUNTY SHERIFF lightfully pleasant, and its action is
I hereby announce myself as can- thorough. Constipation yields, bil-
didate for Sheriff of Canadian County j0Usness goes. A trial convinces,
subject to the will of the democratic (i„ yellow tin boxes only) Tried"
primary, August 6. once, used always.
14, 1912.
Besovtu ks
Loans and Discounts . $
75,176.61 j
Overdrafts, secured and un-
• i
secured ............ .
Stacks, Bonds. Warrants, etc. 731 ‘20
Banking House.. ... ...
Due from Banks
57,971 12
Checks and other cash items
29 13
Cash in Bank
14.004 ll |
Total $153 132.81'
Ll Allll.lTIES
Capital Stock Raid In .
$2590 00
Surplus Fund
12.500 Ot |
Undivided Profits, b-ss tmes
and Expenses paid
15.461 09
Individual Deposits subject
to check...........
74.173 79
1 Demand Certificates of De-
posit............... ...
Time Certificates of Deposit
23.403 97
i Bent Account .......
420 00
Ueserved for taxes
land 515 for Taft. This would have
prevented the nomination of either
I one without securing some votes
I from the other candidates, but it
i might have prevented the split in
the party and the probability’of an-
other ticket being put up, which
means defgat next November. «
A number of members have re-
fer what they call a genuine steal
Is a tin- v. un. sor-
! Tl'I stallion, 17 hands high, 5 years old
1 und weighs 1900 pounds. Pemheron
| and Blaekhawk stock Sired by the
registered Percberou Company Horse
i nt Hinton, Okia . weight 1900, (lam a
full blocd Blaekhawk. weight 1000.
This young stallion Is one of fl.e best
animals ever s.iown here. Will stand
I the season of 1912 at my barn in OI;ar-
quit with this parting shot: “Wei
do not bolt, we merely insist that
you, and not we, are making the!
record and we refuse to he bound j
by it. We have pleaded with you |
ten days, we have fought with you |
five days for a square deal; we fight j
no more, we plead no longer; we
shall sit in silent protest and the
people who sent us here shall judge
Us." It doesn’t look to an outsider
like it was a great victory for Taft.
$10.4.932.81; There was two much force used in
his favor which a large number of
King Giant
No. 663
Twenty-five, fifty cents or a dol-1
lar spent in advertising your prop-
erty for rent might secure you a j
good tenant, while otherwise the I
for harvesting and a large part of
the w heat and oats will be in shock
by Saturday night.
A sprained ankle may as a rule
property might stand unoccupied ' be cured in three or four days by
for months before someone who has , applying Chamberlain's Liniment,
“just got to have a place" comes and observing the direction's with
•long. each bottle. For sale by all dealers.
This is So
State of Oklahoma, County oH'-ana-
dmn, S. S.
I, Franz H. Loosen. Cashier of the republican voters are likely to
atiove named Bank, do solemnly swear I sent.
This week has been fine weather j th»l lhe abl,ve *uternent is Irue 10
the best of my knowledge and t*!lef,
so help me God.
Khan/. H Looskn. Cash irk.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 21st day of June, 1912.
Hknuy Huntbb, Notary Public.
My commission expires Jan. 25, 1918.
F. H. Loosin'
K. O. Looskn, I Directors
and suck.
'-vj >
■■ ‘
\ h
h will stand fur the
season of 1912 at my barn In Okarche. j
King Giant No 683, bred in Kentucky,
foaled Nov. 24,1901. Pkliands high and
weighs 1200 lie. He was bred by In-
dependence King Giant 196, of Msra-
moth stock, Dam of King Giant Is a |
Mammoth Jennet. King Giant and!
also his dam go hack to old Imported
Terms—$15 OOtoiusure colt tostand j
and suck.
Conditions: Mareand colt stand good
| for service. If mare Is removed from 1
premises of first owner, money be—)
We wish to state ip as plain and | cnmes dut. aDd payable at once. Care j
vigorous a w ay as words can express j wlll be taken to prevent accidents1
it that Hunt's Cure will positively, hut will not be responsible should any
occur. No Sunday breeding.
ACool Retreat
Ever spend a summer v aca-
tion in a log cabin up in
the northern woods on the
shores of a crystal-clear lake
filled with gamy bass or
muskellunge? You have
missvd*a treat in such a
retreat, but it is yours to
enjoy this summer if you
wish. The keen air, the
brilliant sunshine, the blue
waters, the green woods mean
a healthy,happy outing, brim-
ful of enjoyment, but to enjoy
the trip to the utmost go via
Rock Island Lines
quickly and permanently cure any
from of itching skin disease known.
One box is guaranteed to cure. One
application affords relief.
should be returned at least 3 times; If
oot, they will be considered lu foal.
Apr 12 3mpd
last limited trains of comfort
and convenience daily
to Chicago, St.
If Louis and other
ii-ui'Xn way s to\at a-
Let tne quote you low
lire* and help you plan a lumtner outing,
C. W. WINGER, Agt„
Prints Sale Bills on
Short Notice
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