Saturday Morning Advertiser (Durant, Okla.), Vol. 6, No. 13, Ed. 1, Saturday, February 15, 1919 Page: 1 of 8

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on worthless
M O & G Enters
Union Station
Next Monday
Beginning on Monday morning the
M. O. ft G. trains will enter the union
station In place ot the BI; O. VQ.
depot as previously. The passenger
nnd freight business will bd consol-
idated with that of the other two
roads running Into. Durant with Mr.
V. Q. Brown. as agent of the threo
roads. The trains will come In over
drawn by the capital is3uosthe Katy tracks and will back out
rustic ICgnsiaiton io pruiuci iiiu
rnnient in us in fv. ... .......
Cpeopie of the Unjte.1 States
"thrcaioncu " 'uji
ting out of tnu. issuance oi. bu-
ll nf douuttui worm uus uuuu
111 ut congress uj ai-.n.-iw m
Treasury i-ariur uman. w
urKos tne eariy unuciiuvm ui
nlttei' whicn wouiu. require uu
lratlons or persuuD uvoii nit iu
;tocl; through the malls or thru
rtlsemunt in no"M.m un.u-
11 the malls to filo with the
tary comprehensive statements
TnlDK tUO SIOCK. II auw wuuiu
: ihn nmsons reauircd to sign
tatement personally responsible
ny fiilMty tnorem. wuuui viu-
Ill II1C UCl WUUIU uu UMo-
hy a tine Ot jo.uuu or iiiiitiuuu-
Iot one year or uum. u !"-
uitfelrng from intentional mlar-
laentatlons in the statements
recover damages.
Isuch a law is passca. it means
lerery stock selling proposition
er' kitlU ana cuaraciur mum
lect rcecive goveruuicuv uppiu-
Iml the effect upon tne socnons
ng up new oil neias win ou
noml Normal school basketball
Hs hero to ploy the Southeastern
til team this evening at 7: id
and both teams naving prot-
bd records behind them a gooa
lis expected. Time will be call-
7:15 in order mat spoctaiors
let away In time for tho Worn-
Wedding to bo nem at tne
theatro tonight.
getting on tho M. O. & a. tracks
again. a
Who'thcr "or not there will bo
changes In schedule ot tho pa'ssen-
gct trains has not been announced
as yet. .
'Thehangc is made to affect econ-
omies ot operation under government
control and to aid in giving bettor
service to the public.
Those who were active In efforts'
to secure the new union depot know
of the efforts made to induce tho
M. O. & O. to Join with tho Katy
and Frisco In the station. Several
times It looked as though the Ken-
etlck road would come in but the
thing finally fell through and tho.
oiner roauB growing ureu oi me
thing finally yielded- to a corpora-
tion commission order ' and erected
a union station.
Tho change will at least afford
added convenience to those who use
tho M. O. & G.
.n'.j ''
I rifal Man n
"WWHl ITtUil 111 '.
Good in TeiaSi
Oil Kfeids'
. Governor Robertson has appointed
Bon watt stato. fish' nnd . same war
den. It? had;jibh knowsffor some.;
time that thofcppointment would
be made. The'snlary ot&ho fiam'e.
warden has been Increased '"by .the1
presont legislature 'from $1800 to
f SP
ring mercnanaise
' -- '-vWV.
Every Department
The Smart Vestee is a fea-
ture of the new Spriug styles
in Ladies Suits. Many other
delightful new .features
await your inspection. There
isa Spring-ljkg tpne running
through all the new designs.
That's why they are so re-
freshing and so captivating.
You "Will Want to see these
Suits soon. So why hot come
in now before the- assort-
ment is picked ovei. A
You will be welcomed and
it wili be our pleasure to
show you our choice collec-
tion of attractive Suits.
WOMANLKS8. wedding . .
The Womnnless Weddinc 1s to be
staged at the Liberty theatre torilcrit
(Friday) under the .direction of the
iiuui'B oi mc memoiugi cnuroo ami
there ihnve been already nio'ro tick
ets sold than there are seats in th?
theatro and bids have been made cm
standing room only.
Tpo cast oi cnaructcrs for tile
twnrti ttt no t s11viuli '
vauiav n i? lunuiini
Brldo i
Groom . ..
Matron of Honor.
Best -Man 1).
Uing Bearer
Rnce showing of new millinery for early Spring wear.
Phe Daintiest Under
went of the season.
JVE under muslins.-
f assortment are of
eh variety that they
I'll! llaVA lintm .
ascd only from the
MM's Largest Mak-
f under muslins.
fcarly suwing of Footwear for Snrinc in Selbv and
fk Over Shoes. .
'f if '
rlTA Under-mu.'lirL'g
IK'iUson Oil Company In which Du-
rantltCH lire Intcrcstoil Otrri 170
Acres of IveiWcs Ja Provtn i-icltl.
. i
Down In tho North Texas oil Acids
where oil companies slap fifty
thousand dollar capitalization" on. a
two aero pleco of dirt oil la leds-bring
fantastical prices for sure. A utr-
dron acres of the right dirt- roal
honest to goodness fortune "and thj
fellow who leased or boucht !np that
sort of dirt a year or o ngOCaa
figure on clipping coupon for his
living hereafter or If ho prefers en
dorsing dividend .chocks.
There was a company orgnnl' .1
comprising Denlson and Durant tnun
who got down ino Texas a coupld of
years ago and took leases oH 47G
acres of land right between Burlc-
burnett and Wichita Palls and'thoa
sat steady in tho boat. Meantime
the wells have been brought" In first
on ono side then on another' until
there Is big production pn threo
sides of this Immcnso Ica(.and the
wells nro coming closer nnd closer.
The company has a well or two drll-.
ling. now nsd Judging bv nvery fav-
orable Indication know'n to the ga'mo'
will get oil wells. Fortunately they
arc in district where ;qll tn
found o threo dopths ad it Rcema
to pay nt nil" of them.
The company is the Denlson Oil
company and is capitaltzod at $00.-
00000. Somoof tho stockholders'
orK'-iom; n Kodgcrs president -of
io JXenlison .fiank; Si Trusta orapany :
(.JR.' Nicholson vlco" tifesideht of
ho"fsanio. .hanxr: C61. .1 B. ifcDoii-
dVfid Cdl! 'W. B. Murison; twoDen-
pttJilllkilresZaclf'WHeht . a-
Tipga' baiiker; and. R B. Powers "a
IUUU UV1UU1 U&. AllfWll. 1U1. .fUWCID
will hnvo the active management of
the company' affairs he "having
had previous experience alonj these
lines in Uklanoma. v .
11 -agigy -
PffersPrizes to
i His Tenants
For Best Crop
News Of
. The World
in Brief
. :w. w
-Ed L'.3p&a"rs
Lacy .qtlmes
...-Dr. Williams
S. MacDqnald
Bridesmaids: Fred Harlo Jotepli
Berlowltz Uuel Taylor xGs
Xrrhlhnlri. O. R. Snlinnn 'ii
Groomsmen: Frank Hynds ihl Cur-.
rln T. E. Burns A W. Gilllland
Frank White.
Flower Girls: Frank Hynds. pllle
James Everet Evans. Chester
Arthur Miko Fitzgerald.
Brides Father. -J .S Clayton
Brldp's Mother ..JkIet.Morrow
Brides Little Brother Sammy.-
1. -. Green Thompson-
Grooms Mother...--.-vr .E. J.- Cjples
Grooms Sister Marnnda Cecil' Bilbo
Bridal Chorus: Floyd Hagood Ben
McCurUln W. H. Johnson Paul
Proa'chcrt. M. M. Wickham
& '
Abolishing the home for union sol-
diers' located near Oklahoma City
and UBlng the building as a school
for incorrigible girls would meet tho
annroval of Gov. Robertson whose
contention Is that there nbed
for the' structure for tho intended
purposo when it was built. x
Hominy News: Thore Is too .much
of this ' keep away from tho farm
stuff floating around. The towns are
filling up with men nnd farmers nro
unahlo to get help. It Is possible that
some men wfll be conscripted for
tho second time in a yoar.
JFurm Agent HpncVIH-mniiMi-ntor
wia umcr Disinterested Party to
Grade Results of Tenants.
John Lorgo of Durant own6 sev-
eral farms: he also has" charco of
soveral. othor farms that helone to
t)ther farms that balonc to othor
people and taken altogether thoro
aro quite a number ot renters on ail
of them. Mr. Lorco has been in
hdvocato and dlclplu of diversified
I arming ajul his cold blooded ex-
perience tells him that It pays 'the
-.-"- and. pays the landlord in a
great mauy ways.' i
Mr Lorge has soon in other lines
of endeavor tho benefit of competi
tive cnort in stimulating production
and has figured out a way ot malting
It apply to farming as well ns to tho
manufacture of automobiles and
He goes about'lt this way. Ho of-
fers a cash promlum ot $100 to that
one of tho renters under his chargo
that makes the best all round show-
ing for 1910 and $50.00 to that ren-
ter who makes the second best show-
ing tor tho year;
; That-thcro will he no .partiality
anywhere in the deal the efforts of
the different renters are to be judged
by tho -County- -Farm Agent tho
County Home Demonstrator and a
third party disinterested selected
by thOBe two.
The contest Is to include condi-
tion of ground and 'buildings after
crops are made and best average
results from all things grown .''ot
produced on the larni 'including
poulery grain' cotton vegetables
butter eggs and so forth u
The various renters on the farms
are delighted over tholtfea and we
may expect some; records ot produc-
tion front tha quaf.tersi
.Mr. Lorgo still Insists upon di-
versification of crop's' and contends
thpt a Bryon county fanrior ought
notfer to have' to borrow" -"tnonoy to
buy anything that' can bo raised In
Bryan county.'
A genoral rebellion is rnportcd In
Roumania s a result ot which Kiiig
Ferdinand and family am reported
to have fled the country after tin
king had been slightly wburidedtby
insurroctionists. Tho ulna ot -tho
rebellion appears to bo that of forc-
ing an abdication nnd setting lip a
Republic. r .-
ithn ( mri Kl 4 1 a MnBia.
corahiittee during another plrttd-?;vjl:
wmbih uci uiuiikuu iiuiiujr luwirawfi
FRilRilA Rflnatnp'HltrrirnrV KaM'-.fcA;V;v'.v:
.7-:";. v ..7. - r. " wT:r. 'vrw .j"-
nni nvnn mi inn rnroitn' aiiim i ii mibv ?
L T. """ J!7i 7Tr f 'TrjlTTtjXtL.J&
nn uuHBia wouia como oai OM-y;vv'?
A ttmrlA nn nermttnn Wit IV Wv"it i"
Russian representatives which would' 'o "M
prevent "butchery'bt troops left IttJASS
Th'.'re are a lot of things that most
of us don't know about tho Choctaw
Indians nnd their affairs and which
oven few ot tho tribe Knov. tiio
uiniiBl report ot the Sunorlntcndont
-tt the EJvo Civilized Tribes at Mus.
.tQKce gives a lot- ot mat iniorma-
Jon. Througn tno courtesy oi wai-
'.en J. Turnbull attorney for the
Dhoctaw trbo the NEWS is fumlshr
!d the following Interesting and en"-
lightening excerpts from the report:
There are 101506 enrolled mem-
bers of tho Five Clvlllzled tribes. It
's estimated that betweon one-fourth
ind ono-third of this number have
died. Children born since March 4.
1900 are not enrolled. It is bellevod
that the births have equalled if not
slightly exceeded thd deaths conse-
quently the number of persons en-
titled to consideration in one way
or another In tho administration of
theiaftairs of tho five civilized tribes
is substantially tho same year 'to
year. (p. 5)
A gratifying tendency on tho part
or "restricted Indians to co-operata
more earnestly with Bold employees
In every worthy endeavor has been
reported from' all districts. This Is
uotably truo with respect to war ac-
tivities and the closely related sub-
ject ot food and feed production.
Their young meu have entered tho
military service in large numbers
and I am reliably Informed are mal
Ing excellont soldlors. Those in
civil life have responded llbentily to
eery call for the purchase of Lib-
erty bonds and War Savings Stamps
and their contributions to the Amer-
icaa Red Cross have In almost every
community compared favorably with
and in some Instances exceeded
those of their white neighbors. No
accurnto statement can be furnish-
ed as to the total amounts Indians
of the five civilized tribes havesub-
( Continued on Page Eight)
Special This and Kcxt Week on Soup.
We have 200 Cases bought before the Advance.
100 full size Bars to Case.
Swifts White Laundry
Armours White Flyer
$5.25 per Case
Wc would sell and Y Case nt same ratio.
Favorable report on a pU'to-rogu-late
the meal industry at thlp bo
slon ot congress Is paluncd by tho
Senate Agricultural committee Chair-
man Gore announced nt tho conclu
sion of several weeks'-of open 'hear-
In kb at which renrosantatlvcs ot all
Interests testified.
Final legislative action on the war
revenue bill levying $6000000 in
taxes this year' and $4000000000
yearly thereafter until' re'visod was
taken Thursday in tho United States
Twenty thousand store employee
in Berlin are reported to have gone
on strike for higher wages.
rt a St. Louis bankW'&t'ra!
in the district -courtW$j
r against tho general Vjwjssi
The Miners' Federation of. Great
Britain in conference at Southport
Thursday decided to tnko a strike
vote returnable on Feb. 22. The fed-
eration voted to reject the proposals
of the' 'government to moot themln-'
ers' demand for a six hour day and'
a 30 per centlncreaseln;wage
Prod IctionC that the proposed' .on-
'ferenceat'PrliiceR Island between
representatives' of the vlctdrlous' as
sociated" nations ana the varlous.con-tendink-Russian
factions would. re
sult lit an'nfereemcnt for 'withdrawal
from' Russia' of American and allied
troops was; made In the U. . S. Sen-
oto Thursday by Senator Hitchcock
E. C. Stewart
has filed suit
ot this county against tho ceneratVi
director ot railways for $Z5000 'nth-jfrafTi
n result bt alleged' mlstrostmont 'tty$MA
curuuu nun wniiu a passenger; va: a-ir--.
Katy train by a negro porter. Vt&'i
Thn nntltlnti rpcltixi tht n Knw. 'f.l
20 1918 plaintiff was a passenger" W'.
on the M. IC and T. going from'St!
uouir io Ausun loxaa. inai no as-'- "iJj
od Information of a Pullman porteri'h!
and woa given insolence in return 'r-V;P
and that when he remonstrated he. $$
with a largo bunch ot keys t ho negro
had in his hand necessitating at-
tentio nfrom a physician whon he-
reached Donlson. That tho negro-
was then locked In a drawing room'
by the train crew but was permitted
to escape. He aakB $10000 for hu
miliation ; $6000 for physical and
medical and $10000 for punitive
damages making a total of 126000
McPhrr6n and Coehran nro the lo
cal attorneys In the cn
wifunnTHRM .m.iTVK'Kn ' '"?
Tina i.i;mitiATimH trww&&m
. . i fm
The Oklahoma Leaislnture took a ' "K
bluff add run from it Thursday. A
wind itofm estimated at a velocity;
ot sixty miles an hour struck the -capital
city and the "noise it made'
as It passed across the; root ot the
new capital buildlnjin.waa ao great
that further work was impossible "
and adjournment wan taken1 till the
storm blew over.
Advertiser ads. get results.
J'"WX. S
In your lat 2nd or 3rd yearlong trousers that want
With Snap. Style and Fit in itright up to tho Minute-
want to come here and see the two or three dozen of
A truly wonderful showing of Oarmenis that . Just
mould to your shape. Did you ever wear a Langham
High Suit? If you have it is not necessary to tell you
but if you have not you owe it to yourself to drop in and
try on some of them and such' '
In new novel weaves and color blends in tho waist .
line coats and smart trousers some silk lined others silk
overcast seams In half and. quarter lined coats.
Ranging from $25.00 to $42.50.
Our Kuppenheimer Suits Are
Beginning to Arrive too!
.( !
j- i."5
r vs
' m

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