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'Ardmore Wednesday January 17
J. A. BIVENS President
DON LACY Vice President
A. H. PALMER Cashier
FRED C. CARR Asst. Cashier.
The City National Bank
Capital $100000.00
Surplus Funds . 50.00000
Accounts of firms and Individuals sol Icited. Courteous treatment
accorded to all alike.
W'CwuJ I insurants on vnnr r.iVars whnfnvpr nrirr
IMkV fn uniformity cleanness and condition.
Cigar Company is the official seal of
insurance on your cierars whatever orice
you pay for them insurance of quality
uniformity cleanness and condition.
It guarantees you better cigars at everv
price cigars that are fragrant full-flavored mel-
low and absolutely unvarying in quality.
The American Cigar Company has established
scientific system in every stage of cigar production
from the culture of the tobacco to the delivery of
the cigar.
The American Cigar Company has equipped a
great system of "Stcmmcrica " to provide for new
and heretofore unknown tobacco-improving processes
which no other manufacturer even attempts.
The selected leaf is thoroughly fermented by a
two-year process and the ripening tobacco is perfectly
blended all the qualities of the selected varieties of
leaf that have been stored in contact being smoothly
mingled. The ordinary factory operation called
" blending " is not blending nt all but merely mixing.
The finished cigars are stored in great "Humidors"
where the climatic conditions of Cuba are constantly
maintained a moist warm air and an even temper
ature. Here the Finished cigars arc constantly im-
proving like rare old wine with all their character-
istic aroma intact until they are ready to go to the
dealer. Atcr thi3 seasoning and maturing and
before being shipped the cigar boxes are scaled and
cfoublc'scalcd in a tough parchment paper wrapper
which does much to preserve their condition.
The only way to get the highest cigar quality at
any price is to see you get an American Cigar Com-
pany brand. The cigar that suits thousands of other
smokers may not please your taste at all; yet the way
to test the results of the new tobacco-improving pro-
cess is to begin with such a remarkable "hit" as the
5 Cents
The "Anna Held " is a perfectly blended smoke a typical example of the results of the new system of
cigar production. It i3 a seasoned cigar with no slightest trace of rawness; rich and full-flavored yet with
no tinge of bitterness; well-rolled even-burning fragrant and satisfying.
Sold by all dealers in good cigars
Trade supplied by PLATTER TOBACCO CO. Dallas Texas
Chicago Murderer Declares He Had
No Accomplices.
CIiIciiro Jan. 1C. Klclmnl J. Ivlim
self confessed murderer of Mi h. Trunk
C. Ilolllster wns today subjected to a
r.overo examination by tlio pollco In
tbo effort to obtain from him the
ipjip8 of 1:1s accomplices It UoinK
thought possible thai Mrs. Holllstor
wbb kt-pt a prisoner during a part of
tbo day.
lvlns d clared that ho had no nc-
conpllvr nud that hn nlono commit-
ted tho crime During tho oxamlnnllon
tbo aged father of IvIiir sat In tho
courtroom with tho tears stroamlni;
down liln face holding that mitigation
of hlu son's offense might bo found
In tbo fact that othors woro with
Jilm nt the Mtno tho woman wns Ulllod.
"When tho examination wns conclud-
ed tho old man aslted his sou:
"Did you tenlly do this alone."
"Ye- I did It alono" roplled tho
It I the Intention to push tho caso
ngalnr.t Ivln-t with na much rapidity
ns po: r.thle
Free to Stockmen.
Any ntotliinan who will blp cnttle
lioiri or fhri'p (his year may receive
our Inn 1 omo 190G Calendnr. repre-
r.entlnn fox hunting scenes done In
wa'ir nIir- free of charge by writ-
ing in and stating how much stock
you have whm It will he ready for
market to what innrkrt you will like-
ly ithlp and In what paper you saw
thl:i nd Hicmo Calendars nro worthy
u placo In nuy parlor and cannot ho
Horured elsewhere. Ad dross
1m Stock Yards Knnsns City Mo.
Of i )' i ' he avorngo man ilooan't
really can foi .i political olllce Irt:
lio soem3 to leallzo thai It Is his duty
to help savo tho country.
Ilacknctio Is novor known to thoso
persons who talio nn occassional doso
of Plnoulcs Tho vnluo of tho rosin
obtained from tho plno treo has long
been recognized In tho treatment of
diseases of tho bladder and kldnoys.
Ono doso of I'lneuloa will glvo rollof
and ono bottlo will euro. Sold by City
Druj? Store
A girl hns nn Idea that If sho woro
a prlncoBS hor hair Just couldn't help
W. A. Herren of Finch Ark. jvrltos
"I wish to roport that Foloy'a Kidney
Curo iaB cured a tcrrlblo caso of
kldnoy and bladder troublo that two
doctors ."in-J given up." Sold by City
Drug Stor.
Burled Side by Side Double Funeral
at Drenhnm.
Ilrenhnm Tox. Jan. 10. A double
funeral hero today of Frod K. Folder
and his llttlo daughter wns ono of
tho saddest over held In this city.
Tho llttlo girl Cntherino Folder died
last Friday nftor an Illness of many
works' duration. Tho devoted parents
Mr. and Mrs. Fred K. Folder were
both broken down sitting up with her
nud ministering to her suffering and
beforo tho funeral could ho arranged
tho fathor was taken suddenly 111 nud
died nt his homo In lliyan Sunday i
morning at 10 o'clock and thoy were
brought hero for Interment and hurled j
side by sldo at I'ralrlo I .on cometery. 1
A Thousand Dollars Worth of Good.
A. II. Thurnos n well known conl
operator of llurfnlo O. writes: "I
have been allllcted with kidney or
bladder troublo for yours passing
gravol and stones with oxcrm lntlng I
pain. I j;ot no rollof from inedlclno
if. a I begnn tnklng Foley's Kldnoy
Curo then tho result was surprising.
A fow dosos started tho brick dust
like flno stonos and now I havo no
pain across my kldnoys and fool Uko
a now man. It has done mo $1000
worth of good." City Drug Storo.
Special Correspondence
Mnrsdcn I. T. Jan. 15. Slnco out-
last report a week ago wo hnvc had
almost all kinds of wenthcr. At pres-
ent it Is warm and pleasant.
School Is moving nlong nicely hero
Miss Ida Mayo who has charge of
tho primary department Is showing
much ability In that department.
Miss Jcsslo lMttmnn who Is attend
lug school hero visited hor parontsnl
Now Hopo Saturday nnd Sunday.
Mrs. Llzzlo Forbos will soon have
a now rosldcnco built In tho north
Dr. A. Y. KiiBterwood Is having a
two-story buslnoss houso orcctod. Tho
Modem Woodmen will occupy tho
second story us a lodgo room
J. C. HI to .1. I. I'lttmnn nnd sovornl
others attonded preaching nt Now
llopo yostordny.
O. M. Morrison has returned from
Cloburne Texas whoro lid? wont to
spond the holidays with his mothor.
W. O. Wallace with his son Ned
and daughter F.sthcr are off for Mex-
ico for a woek's outing. Thny do-
parted Saturday.
W. M .llollen is reported qui to sick.
Austin Forbes Is hIho on tho sick
Boy's Life Saved from Membraneous
C. W. Lynch a prominent cltizon
of Winchester Ind. writes: "My llt-
tlo boy had a sevcro attack of mem-
braneous croup nnd only cot relief
after taking Foley's Honey nnd Tar.
Ho got relict nftor ono desa and 1
feel thnt It saved tho life of toy boy. '
Hcfuso substitutes. City Drug Stort.
After a man has told his llrst raho-
hood to his wITo '.he voice of con-
science Is lost In his self-approval nt
telling such a good one.
Foloy's Honey and Tar always
stops tho cough nnd heals tho lungs.
Rcfuso substitutes. Sold by tho City
Drug Store.
A man novor realizes how many r-"'
plo want to treat him' until ho has
sworn off.
Quits Office as Chief of Staff Prepar-
atory to Retirement.
Washington .Inn. 1C. Lieutenant
tipueral Chaffee today tendered his
resignation as chief of staff United
States army to take effect today nnd
It was neceptud by tho president tleu-
eral Chaffee doos not K on the re
tired list until Feb. IS hut he deslivd
to relinquish tho dutlos of chief of
staff that ho might hno a flftoon
days lenvo of absouco boforo retiring
from nctlvo sorvlco.' Oonornl Dales
nsslstnnt chlof of stuff will succeed
A llttlo money Invested In n chost
protoctor may savo you sovoro lung
troubles If not your llfo. Wo havo tho
host kinds $ 1.00 to $2.00.
11 F. J. HAMSHY Druggist.
A woman could lovo any man that
other womon envied her for having.
Anxious Moments. 1
Somo of the most anxious hours of
a mothor'3 llfo nro thoso when tho '
little ones of tho household have tho
croup. There Is nn othor inedlclno so
orrecllvo tn this torrlblo maindy as
Foley's Honey and Tnr. It Is a house-
hold favorite .for throat and lung
troubles and ns It contains no opiate
or othor poisons It can bo safoly giv-
en. Sold by City Drug Store.
Our Service
Is Prompt
Wlun you notify u by telephone or
othorwlKu to call for your paclOKe
uo cull tlio day within n fow
Iiotira Konorally In a few minute If
you nro In a liurry and wo deliver
tho laundry at tho time agreed upon.
We rIvo elthor li2tfli k'long or do-
mestic IIiiIhIi
Tho safest surest and quickest curo
for hendncho from nny causo Is Ham-
soy's Hoadacho Kllxlr. Kspeclally ef-
fected In (ho headaches of sovoro
colds. Warranted. Only 25 cents.
14 V. J. 11AMSI0Y Druggist.
Honest men mny bo scarce but
thoro nro n number who hnvo lv a
Investigated nnd vindicated.
Found Dead on the 8treets."
A young man was found dead on tho
Btreots of Ilnton Hougo supposed to
lmVo died from a congostlvo cnlll
which could havo been proventod by
the timely uso of Dr. M'endonhalls
Culil and Fover Curo. Sold by City
Drug Storo.
A Timely Topic.
At this season of coughs and colds
It Is well to know that Foloy's Honey
nnd Tar Is tho greatest throat nnd
lung romcdy. It euros quickly nnd pre-
vents serious results from n cold.
City Drug Storo.
Wo nlways havo a lino of good bug-
gles In stock nnd soli nt low prices
nnd liberal terms.
Capital Stock
Manufacturers of Automatic Stores do
Cabinet work of nil kinds and everything
In the riunlni; Mill line. Successors to
rruley Ilros. nt their old aland.
Do nil kinds of Tin
& Plumbing Work.
PHONE 388 -:-
I. P. ANDERSON. Prelden O. F. FKKNSLBY Vlco-Proi.
O. L. ANDEUSON Cashier 0. 8 MAtJPIN' Ati'l Cashier
Ardtnore Indian Territory
Capital Paid In $ 60000.00
Surplus Fnnd 200000.00
Total .$260000.00
The oldest bank In Indian Territory. Accounts of Arms and Indlrldaals
ollotted udou the moil liberal terms consistent with good banking.
I ' Mllll
I Ban
The Officials of. this
bantt Keep in close
touch with every detail
of the business. By so
doing they insure cor-
rect methods and ao
ceptable service to their
Bankers Trust Co
Stoves and Ranges
Our line is the celebrated BRIDGE & BEACH make for
09 years the standard of perfection. They are perfect in con-
struction beautiful in design. Ther are Quick Cookers and
Fast Water Heators and will last a hfe time It will bo to
your interest to uso one of these.
Wood. Coal and Oil. "We
claim to show the most up-to-date
line in city. Style
and quality leading features
No smoke smoll or dirt.
We have a full and well
assorted line of Target
Rifles Winchesters. Shot
Guns and tho prices wo
make will surprise you.
A complete line of Tabic Silver "Ware the famous A. J.
Jordan make. There is none just as good. A silver knife
that will cut our Guarantee goes with every piece Our carv-
ing sots are beauties pleasiug to tho eye superior in quality
and perfect in design. You shoula see this excellent lino.
209 W. Main
Practical Tinners and Plumbors
Phono No. 79
A Christmas box of those delicious Lord Curzon
Cigars would please your husband more than
anything. Ask to see them. At all cigar dealers
Wo have niado nrrnnu'ement with W. M. Pass to deliver iMUm Ml lnl
Halls to four barn at JI.W ;ior ton for tbo Hulls and 11.45 pur suck I'lUKn 14 m
The Best and Cheapest Feed for your WIWj fW .
Mr. race'i rtione No. Is 205-Call Wiu ui
rnoNE S9 Ardmore Oil a Milling Company mum h

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