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volume xn.
The Flynn-Ferguson Crowd do Not
Expect Statehood This Session
and His Friends Have Planned
to Nominate Him.
Guthrlo O. T. Jan. 1C That Den-
nis Flynn anil his supporters arc not
looking for statehood legislation this
year 1b show by the springing of the
"Ferguson for congress" boom. If
statehood should not como at this ses-
sion of congress and tho Flynn-Fer-guaon
cloraont of tho Republicans In
Oklahoma do not expect It to como
thero 1b no longer any doubt that
Thompson D. Ferguson will bo a can-
didate for the Republican nomination
for dolegato to congress next year
against Illrd S. McGulre. What doubt
there might have been was removed
by Dennis Flynn's action In launching
a congressional boom for tho retiring
governor at tho Perkins banquet Fri-
day night and Ferguson's tacit nccep-
tanco of It.
Matters have changed very mater-
ially with the governor In that res-
pect In tho last three months. As far
back as Soptember Ferguson's friends
Uogan to bo doubtful r-.bout his re-
appointment ns governor and at that
time set their plans In motion to
bring him out for congress against
tho present delegate IT such a con-
tingency should arise. Tho printing
of such a suggestion roused tho gov-
ernor who was then confident of re-
appointment to great wrath and ho
came out In a formal statement de-
claring that such a report was "ab-
solutely unfounded." Tho same states-
men further says: "This talk nbout
Delegate McGulro refusing to support
me for re-appolntmont and my run-
ning or congress against him In retal-
iation has Its placo In a school of
politics In which I havo nover takon
lessons. When a man becomes a can-
didate for political honors It should
not bo to oven up with some other
person but upon his merits."
All of which falls to harmonlzo with
Dennis Flynn's slogan of "Wnrto tho
knife and tho knlfo to tho hilt" In
. .... .... . . I
opening mo campaign lor rurguson
for congress.
Building and Stock of Butler Mercan-
tile Company Destroyed.
Fort Gibson I. T. Jan. 1C The
largo building of tho Hurler Mercan-'
tilo establishment and a stock of gen-J
eral merchandise caught fire hero at '
ten o'clock tonight and within an hour '
was totally destroyed. Nothing was
saved. The building was ono of tho
largest In town being 100 feet square.
The total loss Is estimated at front
$25000 to $30000. This company has
been established for ten years and bo-.
gun business here at tho tlmo of the J
Cherokco payment. It was within CO
feet of the postofllce building nnd it
was at first foared that building would
tako lire. The fact that there was not
tho slightest breeze perhaps saved
the entire business portion of town
from being wiped out. It cannot bo
learned tonight just how much of tho
building Is covered by insurance. Tho
origin of tho llro Is unknown.
C. W. Turner of Muskogoo Is ono
of tho heavy stockholders In tho But-
ler Mercantile company.
Fatal Territory Fire Three Other
Persons Are Seriously Injured.
Lexington O. T. Jan. 1C Jack
Stanton and wife were severely burn-
ed Stanton'a sister .aged 13 was
burned to death and his brother
aged 15 was fatally burned early to-
day near Pauls Valley I T. Stanton
and wlfo wero recently married and
last night his brother and sister wero
visiting with him. About 5 o'clock
this morning they woro all awakonod
by fire falling on them from tho roof
and .barely escaped with tholr llvos.
Their night clothing was in flames
and had to bo torn off and naked
they mado their way through tho cold
a quarter of a mtlo to (ho Iiomo of
their father T. J. Stantoi. Tho girl
soon died and tho boy cannot recover.
Stanton arid his wlfo will recover.
Something doing all noxt week at
the opera house. 17-4
Tho Ardmorelte ror all the news.
Supreme Court Will Decide Case of
Importance to Cherokees.
Tahleqiiah I. T. Jan. 10. This
week thero will bo heard u cane In the
supreme court of the United States
which will decide whether or not tho
Chorokces are untitled to u claim
against the government amounting to
$5000000. Tho claim dates back to
tho treaty of 1835 whon tho govern-
ment promised to defray tho expenses
of moving tho Cherokees to Indian
Territory from Georgln. The Indians
claim this oxponye amounted to $1-
100000. Tho interest on this nt 5 per
cent would bring tho sum now duo up
to $5000000. If this claim Is allowed
then an el tnont known as tho East-
ern Chcrol res will dispute with tho
Cherokee n.itlon the right to tho mo-
noy tholr claim being that only tho
Eastern Che:okcos nro ontltled to this
claim undor tho old treaty. Those
suits aro being prosecuted by somo of
tho ablest attorneys In tho country.
An Interesting feature of tho case is
that In c.i8o tho claim against tho gov-
ernment Is won tho supremo court
has agreed to hear Mrs. Bolva Ixck-
wood arglio thirty minutes on why
tho money should go to tho Eastern
Cherokees alone.
Rolls are Being Prepared Will Tako
Two Months for Completion
Time and Places of ayment
Not Yet Utctded.
Tho Secretary of the Interior has
ordered another per capita payment
o Choctaw nnd Chickasaw citizens.
Tills payment will amount to abotti
a million dollars. Indian Agent Kel-
sley has commonced making tho pay-
ment rolls. It will tako two months
to completo tho rolls. Tho exact dato
of tho payment and tho places of dis-
bursement have not bden decided up-
on. Tho agent will personally super-
intend the payments.
Want Restrictions Removed.
Pauls Valley Jan. 1C. Tho Carrie
Nation visit dwells only in memory.
No Indictment will ever bo obtained
against white pcoplo for refusing ne-
gro equality no not In this country.
Moman Prulett ono of the three del-
egates sent -to congress by the Demo-
cratic executive commltte for tho In-
dian Territory got back homo Ibis
morning. Ho fears for statehood an.l
from what ho says the president Is
having somo trouble In finding among
tho republicans of tho Southern dis-
trict a suitable man for district at-
torney. In truth If tho statehood workers
would turn their nttentfon to the re-
moval of restrictions they wouid do a
better thing. As for myself I want
no stntchood undor tho present re-
strictions. Let removal como first.
Then our citizenship will bo ready
and equal for its responsibilities. As
well clnnior for puttng on i pcoplo
tho temperance plank or nny other
spcclnl legislation ns to glvo us u
stato whero a part only can sell tholr
property and what Is worso a part
only havo to bear nil tho burdens of
government. Congress under tho
Imo Wolf case has tho right to plnbo
nil citizenship on an equality let It
do that first then a bad and difficult
question will bo out of the way. With
that dono the population of tho two
territories would doublo within two
years and tho citizens would not bo
tenants and renters but substantial
owners of tho soil.
W. J. Corley In Jail on Charge(of Sidy-
Ing Charles Brown.
Pauls Valley I. T Jan. 16. W. J.
Corloy Is charged with killing Charles
Drown this evening about 4 o'clock
about five miles east of Pauls Valloy
and at tho homo and In tho yard of
Corloy's fathor. Corloy Is In Jail to
night but refuses to talk and so far
tho particulars of tho difficulty havo
not been found out. Tho caso of ball
will bo tried tomorrow at Pauls Val-
loy by United States Commissioner
Pfioffer. Both parties wero well known
here and both havo rolatlves n town.-
Angoll's Comedians all next wock.
Tho Ardmorelte eons coupon boos
One Fatality and Many Injured Rc
ported Buildings are Wrecked.
School House Collapses A '
Funeral Was In Progress.
Cincinnati O. Jan. 1C Specials ro
celved today from vnrlous jwlnts In
Ohio Indiana and Kentucky tQll of
groat damage by a severe wind rain
nnd hail storm last night. During tho
Height of the storm the wind ronchod
a velocity of from 10 to CO mllos an
hour. Ono fatality Is reported ani
sovornl othors Injured.
The tolograph and tolophone com-
panies .sufforcd severely by wires be-
ing blown down In all directions. In
Cincinnati not much damago was
done although numberless signs woro
blown down.
At Jnncaster Ohio several build-
ings woro wrecked nnd considerable
damage Is reported throughout tho
Tho roofs of several dwellings at
Springfield nnd Hamilton Ohio wero
blown off during tho storm.-
At Lima Ohio tho Main Street
Presbyterian church was struck by
lightning and gutted by flames.
At Eaton Ohio a school houso In
tho Pence neighborhood flvo miles
north was razed and many dwellings
barns and small buildings wero demol-
ished. Miss Hart and 25 pupils were
In the school building when It col-
lapsed. Aside from n few minor bruises nil
escaped Injury.
Paducah Ky.f reports that a number
of houses and sheds were' unroofed
and other damago done. Several
barges of ties In tho harbor here for
Rockport and Joppa 111. wero sunk'.
At Frankfort Ind. tho wind domol-
Ishcd a brick school houso and ono
pupil was killed two there wero seri-
ously hurt and several others received
minor Injuries. Ella Johnson aged
11 was crushed under tho debris nnd
Instantly killed whllo Klbby Johnson
her nine-year-old sister nnd tho toach-
cr Homer Curtz sustained broken
At Now Castle Ind. a largo smoke
stack fell on tho roof of tho Chris-
tian church whero tho doublo funeral
servlco of Mr. nnd Mrs. Henry L.
Shoup was In progress. Great constor-
nnt Ion was created In tho church.
Angoll's Comedians nil next week.
Opera houso all next week. 17-4
Is Underneath a Heavy Boulder No
Means of Identification.
I-Jiwton Okla. Jan. 1C. Tho skele-
ton of what appears to havo been tho
romnlns of a whlto man was found
Sunday In tho Wichita mountains by
pleasure seekers. Hugh Hoblnson was
the flrt-t to discover tho body. Ho
noticed extending from beneath n
huno boulder a pair of old shoes.
Hugh then called to Sheriff Rufe Lo
Fors who was In tho party.
"Como horo I have found th" ro-
mains of a dead mm." Mr. l.o Fors
run to tho spot nnd t'.iey mado an In-
vestigation. They pulled on tho shoes
nnd tho bones becamo detached. The
shoes worn by tho victim wero a
courso heavy pair such as a minor
would wear. Tho socks still covered
tho bones of tho feet. Ho woro a
pair of overalls which would suggest
that ho was not an Indian.
The stono that weighed clown his
head and body was so largo that theso
gentlemen were unable .to life it.
To body was In a gulch whero tho
water had a good chance at It and In
this manner It nnd probably decayed
rapidly. It was the opinion 6f tho ells-
covorers that tho mnn had been dead
four or moro years.
Tho location where tho find was
mado vas upon tho Mlllor school
lease nlno miles northwest of Law-
ton nt tho point of.tho Wichita moun-
tains. Tho man had cither met death at
tho hands of somo enemy or had been
caught In tho falling of tho Immenso
stono that pinned him down.
Angoll's Comedians all next woek.
Opera houso all noxt weokf 17-4
Politicians Will Not Venture a Guess.
Prefer to Abide by Old Scripture
Text "Walt Meekly Walt and
Murmur Not."
The exigencies of the political light
luivo been such that politicians have
displayed little courage of lato In
predicting what tho outcome will bo
In reference to the district attorney's
light. It Is known that W. I). Johnson
departed from Anlniore on Monday
leaving tho olllco to nl assistants
Albert Itennlo and C. O. llunn. Col
Humphrey Is attending court at Kynn.
Naturally when cases wero called In
the district court tho government's
representatives have Bhown a lack of
familiarity with cases on tho docket
nnd In Instnneos the court was com-
pelled to grant further time. Every-
thing Is now running smooth. Mr. Ron-
nlo Is now nppearlng for tho govern-
ment. Tho report was current today
that Morris had been agreed upon by
tho attorney genernl and that his nom-
ination would bo sent to the senate to-
day. Tills rumor spread quickly but
could not bo confirmed. It Is now
strongly believed that Morris will bo
appointed nnd that he will bo confirm
ed without a fight. Tho reason for
such belief lies In tho fact that tho
rnco has narrowed down between Mor
rls and Allen. The latter lives outsldo
of the district and the hunch has been
given that the president will not go
outside of tho Southern District for a
man. Such being tho case friends of
Morris are greatly encouraged and
the knowing ones say that his ap-
pointment U a certainty.
But whether this Is true or not it
Is positively known that the president
Is on tho lookout for a good man for
the position. Ho wished recently to
know whether or not thero woro any
good men left in tho district. It Is
known that every ono that has bobbed
up has had trouble and that President
Itoosovolt Is having a trying tlmo In
reaching n conclusion. It Is stated
that he has referred tho wholo matter
to the attornoy general for settlement
and It Is upparent that Mr. Moody
has been unnble to mnko n selection
or rather tho ones ho has agreed upon
havo been . attacked so strenuously
that tho attornoy general Is much In
doubt who to agree upon for fonr
that ho will ngaln bo mistaken. Tho
light has been carried on with great
vigor and now tho candidates arc pa-
tiently waiting for tho band wagon
to nppear again.
Bodovltz president of tho Lincoln
Republican club Is In Washington
trying to lift the scalp of Ronnie and
from all accounts will bo successful.
It Is reported howover that Ronnlo
will be given an opportunity to dis-
prove tho chargei filed against him.
Tho announcement that Col. Still-
well HURussell was In Washington
trying to enlist the Jewish Inlluenco
In behalf of Humphrey was somewhat
a surprise. With the announcement
that the department had decided
against him and his statement that
ho prosumed ho would not bo appoint-
ed friends of Humphrey gave un tho
fight. "Who will bo it?" is what many
would like to know.
Vice President J'ester Only Officer of
Cotton Growers to Get No Pay.
Now Orlenns Jan. 16. Tho South-
ern Cotton association held Its annual
business meeting today with almost
a full board sitting. Tho proceedings
woro marked by tho utmost harmony.
'Harvio Jordan was re-elected presi-
dent and Richard Cheatham was ro-
'elected secretary. F. H. Hyatt of
Columbia S. C was elected treasurer
and Georgo T. Jbster 6t Corslcana
was chosen vlco president In placo of
Mr. Peters of Texas. Tho salary of
tho prosldont was fixed at $5000 a
year and Sccrotary Choatham's sal-
ary was raised from $2500 to $3000
a year. Tho salary of tho treasurer
was fixed at $3500 a year and th
vlco president Is to serve without sal-
ary'. Tho salary of tho general finan-
cial agent and organizer F. D. Smith
who was duly elected according to
tho suggestions of the mass meeting
was fixed at $5000 a year.
Aro you going to tlu AUCTION
Monday night?
Robbers and Murderers too Many for
the Chicago Police.
Chicago Jan. 1C So many mur-
ders and robberies havo been commit-
ted In Chicago recently without tho
perpotrntors boing apprehended that
tho city council was requested last
night to come to tho air of the police
department. Both Mnyor Dunno and
Chief of Pollco Collins assert that tho
IKilico forco Is Insufficient numerical-
ly and sovornl petitions prepared by
committees of citizens were present-
ed to tho city council Inst night ask-
ing that onnugh monoy bo appropriat-
ed to enable the city officials to lit-
crenso tho pollco force so that tho
street enn bo proporly patrolled. Af-
ter considerable discussion tho peti-
tions wore' referred to tho flnnnco com-
mittee and a resolution wns passnd
directing the police commlltco to Im-
mediately investigate tho department
and report Its conclusions to tho cltr
council ns to tho reasons for tho In-
ability of tho pollco department to
copo with the criminal clement In tho
city together with whntovcr recom-
mendations the committee mny doom
proper to remedy tho situation and
glvo tho city proper police protection.
Newspaper Man Passes Away.
Gnlveston Tex. Jan. 1C Col. R. G.
Lowe vlco president of A. H. Bolo &
Co. publishers of tho Galveston Nows
died here this morning shortly boforo
9 o'clock. Col. I-owo's death was duo
to heart trouble. Ho flrsl started to
work for tho Galveston News In 1874
nccopllng a placo as compositor. Ho
gradually worked his way up until
ho becamo managing editor. Slnco
1881 ho has been vlco president of tho
Began Her Duties.
Columbus O. Jan. 1C. Cnsslo L.
Chadwlck who has boon too weak to
work for tho past Tew days began
her duties with tho other women con
victs today. Sho was sol to making
buttonholes in shirts.
Should Apply to Ardmore.
In n recent Issuo of a Corslcana
Texas paper tho following appeared.
"Recognizing tho needs of pushing
th6 natural resources nnd advantages
of Corslcana and Navarro county wo
tho undorslgucd pledge oursolves."
"To do nil In our power to advertise
tho town nnd county and homo enter-
prises. "Co-operate In ndvanclng all local
enterprises whether established or
"To patron'so homo merchants and
homo enterprises In every possible
"To Join tho Corslcana Commercial
Club to further their object.
"To servo on any nnd every com-
mittee to tho best of my ability."
This petition was largely signed by
tho residents of Corslcana and If ad-
hered to will mako that town ono of
tho principal trading points In Texas.
Join the Commercial Club get In lino
push for your town don't sit back and
let tho othor follow do tho pushing
while you ndd to tho weight ho has to
pusTi. If you can't help tho town ssc
out of it. Tako thc3o remarks homo
to you let thorn noplv to Ardnioro cit-
izens and well as to Corslcanans. Do-
volop our natural reBourcos they nro
greater than thoso of Corslcana ad-
vertise) our town It has a brlghtor
futuro than Corslcana patronize
homo enterprises they employ tho
cillzons of Ardmoro. Join the. Coramor
clal Club and show your vllllngncs?
to nld in an endeavor to build up the
town. Tho setting aside of Improve-
ment Districts No 1 and No. 2 is a
movo In the right direction. It Is but
the beginning of tho making of tho
centor of trado for tho now statq
Something doing all next week at
tho opera houso. 17-4
Awaiting Coroner's Inquest.
Philadelphia Pa. Jan. 17. John. Mc
Murrow son of Anita McMurrow
known as Countess Do Bettancourt
was today committed to prison to
await tho -coroner's inquest Into tho
death of his mother Mrs. McMurrow
who died Buddonly "yesterday. The
pollco say that a short tlmo previous
to her death sho had a quarrol with her
The Moroccan Conference.
Algeclras Jan. 17. Delegates to the
Moroccan conference today took a
day off. While Uio talk among ambas-
sadors Is all of conciliation and har-
mony tfio Moroccan forolgn mlnlstor
and tho Sultans principal agent who
are hero do not believe that the con-
ference will agree.
Officials Give Roseate Report Denies
The Importation of Women and
Opposes Working of Short
Shifts of Certain Labor.
WaihliiKton Jan. lti. ChUf Engi
neer John F. Stevens in Immediate
charge of the construction of tho Pan
ama canal gave testimony today be-
foro tho senato commlttco on lntor-
oceanic cansls.. Tho committee an
nounced that tho examination would
chlolly bo ns lo tho typo of canal to
bo built with an especial bearing on
tho report of tho consulting board of
engineers whoso final report has not
been mado public. For that reason the
commlttco met In executive session
It was Mr. Stovons' doslro that tho
commlttco concludo with him tolay
In order that his rourn to tho Isthmtta
need not bo dolnyod. During tho fon-
noon ho talked of oM Lions on the
Islands discussing sanitation labor
difficulties and questions of I'ko char
acter dealing with the administration
of canal affairs with creator detail
and freedom thin In his pub'ished re
port. He denied th etorle i of nllogod
Importation of women Into tho canal
zone for Immoral purposes. His pic
turo of Banitnry conditions and tho
prospects for effectlvo construction
work was roseate to the oxtromc but!
ho condemned the necessity of work-! I
lng laborers on eight-hour shifts He
urged that tho eight-hour law should
not npply to tho employment of cor-
tnln classes of laborors In canal work!
on the ground that bo much lncom-1
potency was displayed that the wages
paid to such workmen woro excessive
Neither Uf5 typo of canal nor tho re
port of tho consultng board of on-
glneors had been considered when a
recess wns taken.
Philippine Trlff Measure Through the
House by Big Majority.
Washington Jan. 1C. Tlib houso
today passed tho PhlllppInG tariff bill
258 to 71.
In the Senate.
Washington Jan. 10. Unexpectedly
tho sennto today found itself consider
ing tho railroad rato question which
was precipitated by Mr. Fulton's tak
ing tho floor to mako a brief speech
In explanation of an amendment offer
ed by him to tho Deliver bill giving
to courts of Justice authority to mod
ify ordors of tho intor-stato commerce
commission imposing an unreasonable
rato. Mr. Fulton held tho floor
throughout but thero woro many in
terruptions nnd othor senators fully
shared tho tlmo among them being
Mossrs. Forakor Spooner Balloy and
Clay. Tho discussion was Hstonod to
very attentively by all tho senators
showing tho great Interest that Is folt
In tho subject.
Mr. Scott mado a brief speech la
support of tho merchant marlno ship-
ping bill and Mr. Hoyburn gavo no-
tlco that tomorrow ho would ask tho
Bonato to nnmo a day for voting on
tho puro food bill.
Chicago Merchant Prince Succumbs
to Pneumonia.
New York Jan. 1C Marshall Field
tho mllllonarlo Chicago merchant.
died at tho Holland Houso at 4
o'clock this afternoon after an eight
day's Ulnoss of pneumonia. Death
camo peacefully whllo mombors of
tho family who has been In almost
constant attendance for eoveral days
woro gathered around tho doathbod.
Thoy as well as tho dying merchant
himself woro prepared for tho end.
For days thoy had boon swayed bo-
tween hopo and foar but whon tho
alarming turn camo today after tho
romarkablo rally of yesterday it' was
recognized that tho end had boon only
briefly deferred.
Remalnc Taken to Chicago.
Now Yok N. Y. Jan. 17. A spo:-
lal train treating th) bod; of Marshall
Field lo Chicago left Now York thU
Two Funny Fellows Hans an' Nlr
Thursday night.- 16-2
John Door plowa aro tho best plows.
Sold only by Blvens Corhn & Frons-
toy. J

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