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A'dincte Wednesday. Ju' "J.
2 : . 5
. u . . u .
Wednesday morning July 5 BURTON-PEEL DRY GOODS CO. will begin the Biggest Sale in Town. We have
thousands of things that we expect to close out and such an opportunity has not been offered you as will be
during this sale. New clean merchandise coming in daily goes to the blocK and profits are chopped off
which means much to you. We have not culled our stocK and thrown out a lot of musty junK but the
newest is what we offer you. The sale just closed was patronized by thousands and never was such a harvest
for bargain seeRers. The Biggest Sale in Town will surpass anything previous. Dont allow anything to stop
or hinder you from this great bargain feast. 'Tis useless for us to mention that things will be as advertised.
Thousands will testify that everything is here that we mention everything guaranteed everything bacR if
you are not pleased. Your money bacK with a cheerful smile courteous and capable salespeople to serve
you and your money's worth all the time. Come early and avoid the rush to the BIGGEST SALE IN TOWN.
15c and 20c Figured Lawn allou want at
per yard
12Jc Lawns that are beautiful; buv them while q
they last at per yard OL
Wo call special attention to the Men's Trousers in show
window. They are the greatest values on ' Q 1 Efl
earth for 2.50. Take your pick for p 1 v"
50 cent four-in-hand Ties that look right
Wo have the most beautiful stock of Sash and Neck
Ribbons in Ardmore. The price is absolutely the lowest
you have had made you. Como while they last.
Beautiful Silk Kimonas and White Dwk hats that are
right in style and price.
10c Maclustor Chambray at rr
per yard.... 4 "jfC
Tho best onk dollar Shirt in the world. Come n
and got them at 0 C
05c and 50c knit Drawers for men n
per pair 1L
lc Blue Calico per yard
only Lj
Good figured Lawn. (10 yards to aenstomer) 'JE
10 yards for ZuC
Apron Gingham worth 5c a yard -j
for 0"2
10 yds to a customer Bleached Domestic worth -j r
tic per yard 10 yards for ! J DC
Gingham suitable for boys' waists worth 8c r
yard we offer it for DC
10c and 12Jc Zephyr Gingham all beautiful n
patterns fur oC
Good round thread Cotton Checks worth lc yard
nt 33 1-3 yds for $1.00
Ladies' Lace Hose that are worth 50c per pair r
any where. Wo offer them at only ZDC
Biggest Cut in Town f &Ci f M Sift AU KnCC Pant SuitS' and they are
Cliagrls I. T. July 3. (Specie cor-
respondence.) Tho farmors nro v car-
ing a pleasant amilo anil rejoicing
over the rain which foil last night. Alt
pro about up with their worlc.
Allen Itobcrson of Dixie passed
.through ChagTls yesterday.
' Ilov. Garvin of Harlow preached
hero Friday and Saturday at 11
o'clock. . . .
Row Height of Petersburg filled his
regular appolutmcnt hero Sunday.
An Ice cream supper was given at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Ureon-
vood Thursday night.
Several of tho Chagrls people wen.
to Dlxio yestorday and spent the day
mojt pleasantly.
Irof. Lincoln or Dallas will begin n
normal at Dl.xlo today. Several Chu-
griB people will probably attend.
Prof. Oxford began his school hore
this mornlnj?. .
Newton Mooro left yesterday for
Ardmore to attend tho business col-
leUB Ornco Culberson of iroaldton
ivae a recent visitor to Chagij-
Croup Is a violent lnllamatlon of
the mucus membiano of. tho wind
pipe which somottmoB oxlcnda to the
larynx and bronchial tubes; and is
ono of tho most dnngoroua diseases
of children. It almost always comes
. .... nitn froniinnt. Rmall
On Hi 1110 IMKUi. vn.v. ...... - -
doses of llallard'a Horehound Syrup
and appiy uamuu a ouwn
oxtornally to! tho throat.
2Ec 50c anil fl.OO. Sold by . B.
Prompt relief results from a sin-
Klo iloso of Ramsey's Cholera and
Diarrhoea Runaway. Oct a bottle. It
means llfo Insurance this summer.
Prlco 25c. Money back It It does not
2 F. J. RAMSEY Druggist.
One Dollar Saved Represents Ten
Dollars Earned.
Tho averago man does not savo to
exceed ten per cent of his earnings.
He must spend nlno dollars In living
expenses for every dollar saved. That
being the caso ho cannot be too care-
ful about unnecessary expenses. Very
often a few cents properly lnvostod
llek buying seed for his garden will
snvo several dollars worth later on.
It Is the same In buying Chamber-
lain's Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy. It costs but a few cents and
a bottle of It in tho house often saves
a ioctor's bill of several dollars. For
sale by F. J. Ramsey W. 11. Framo
Homier & Honnor and Ardmoro Drug
Foul Breath Catarrh.
Use that which eloanses soothes and
heolos tho diseased msmbrano. Hun-
sen's Catarrh Cure Is such a ronvedy.
Cures Catarrh easily and permanent-
ly. Contains no mercury or other in-
jurious drug. Is quickly absorbed and
gives Instant rollef. Uunsen's Catarrh
Cure Is tho only romedy sold on a
positive- guarantee. No euro uo pay.
Price 25c. For sale by all druggists.
Bilious Bill was agitated
And was much dobllltated.
Peoplo said ho had consumption
That was everyono'a presumption.
When ho learned what was tho matter
Bill mado all the doctors soattor.
Now ho is his own adviser -Swoars
by Uttlo Early Risers.
Tho famous Httlo pills "EARLY
nisuns" miro Constipation. Sick
Headache Biliousness etc. by their
tonic effect on tun liver iney never
grlpa or sicken but Impart oarty ris-
ing energy. Sold by all druggists.
We want every Ittle girl to take part
In our stove contest Como to the
store early and register your name
ami get a book that will tell you how
to win. ' NOBLE BROS.
Wine of Life For Weakness.
This delightful preparation of Old
Spanlfn Wine and tnfteless Cod Liver
will five you health and strength. It
1 a perfect muscle maker and norva
builder. Satisfaction given or your
Mrnnlst will refund your money
Pull quart bftttle only $1. For sale by
All' druggists.
Many men try to find tho deserv-
ing poor by looking Into a mirror.
Cheerfully .Recommended for Rheu-
matism. O. G. Hlgbco Danville III. writes
Decembor 2 1001: "About two yean
ago I was laid up for four months
with rheumatism. I tried Ballard's
Snow Liniment. Ono bottle cured me.
"I can cheerfully recommend thorn
to all persons suffering from like
25c 50c and $1.00. Sold by W. B.
Everybody knows whcfj the old Are
station U and everybody la learning
that Preddy has It filled with tiie fin-
est lot of buggies In the city.
In tho district court of tho United
Statos for tho Southern district at
In the matter of B. Goodman bank-
rupt in bankruptcy.
To the creditors of B. Goodman n
tho Southern district in tho Indian
Territory at Ardmore a bankrupt:
Notlco Is herby given that on tho 27th
dav of June. 1905. tho said B. Good
man was duly adjudged bankrupt and
that-tho first meeting of his creditors
will bo held at my otlico ot tho court
houso in tho city of Ardmoro on ths
Sth day of July 1905 at 2 o'clock In
tho afternoon nt which time tho said
creditors may attend prove tholr
claims appoint u trustoo exannno me
bankrupt and transact such othor
business ns many como before said
meeting. JOHN HINKLE
' Referee In Bankruptcy.
First published June SO 1905.
Danger is noar t.i nana when the
kidneys are sick. Kitdney-Bttag will
purify and strengthen tho kidneys
and restore them to their i orntol and
healthy condition. 25 cents City Drug
store w. u. Frame prop.
Department ot tho Interior Commis-
sion to the Flvo Civilized. Tribes
Chickasaw Land Office.
Chickasaw Allotmeut Contest No.
Lllllo Kinney by her mother and
i atural guardian Mlnnlo Kinney con-
testant vs. Lucy McDonald by her
husband William McDonald contestcc.1
Notlco of contest.
I-ind in controversy east half of
northeast quarter of northwest quar-
ter southwest quarter of northeast
quarter of northwest quarter of Sec-
tion 9 T. 1 S. R. 1 E.
Lucy McDonald contesteo in tho
above entitled and numbered rauso Is
hereby notified to appear bc'oro tho
CnnimlsKtnn tei hn Vivo Plvlllzoil Trllies
at Its olllco In Ardmore Indian Tevrl-!
tory on tho 27th day of July 1905 at!
0 o'clock a. m. to answer tho com-!
..1t.. II. L. ...... 4. un..f 1 Hlln lrnnnni' '
ny nor moiuer ami natural guanuau
Mlnnlo Keney rogardlg tho claim of
tho said Lllllo Kinney by hor mother
and natural guardian Mlnnlo Kinney
to tako In allotment tuo tract of laud
aboyo doscrlbod.
Dated this the ICth day of June
TAMS DIXBV Chairman.
First published Juno 20 1905.
General Livery
Stage connections from the San-
ta Fo to Sulphur meets all
trains at Davis Special atten-
tion given to commercial men.
Stable on the north side near
reservation line.
Sulphur I. T.
Buy It Now.
Now Is tho tlmo to buy Chamber-
lain's Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy. It Is certain to bo needed
sooner or later and when tho tlmo
comes you will need It badly you
will need It quickly.. Buy It now. It
may savo life. For salo by F. J. Ram-
hey. W. B. Framo Bonner & Bonner
and Ardmoro Drug Co.
The Best Line
Louisville & Nashville R R
To all
Mountain LaKe
Seaside Resorts
. East and North
Two Trains Daily
Prom New Orleans & Memphis
Low Round Trip Rates
For illustrated literature time-
tables maps rates etc.
p. W. Morrow. T. P. A. Houtoo Tmm
T. H. Ktagnley. T. P. A.. OsHm. Texas
X. B. Bulr'l T. P. A.. Little Kuck. Ark
Preddy's Buggies.
Rattcrmanu & Louth bugIei
Rex buggies
Columbia buggies
Special business wagons
See tho now lino on North Waiting'
ton street.
lobster nnd cucuniber Hiippor Is
a good thing to start one s conscience
No appetite Ion of itnrfth
nervousnuj he&daehs conitlpatlao
bad breath general debility lour ill-
IncJ and catarrh of the tomach ar
all due to Indigestion Kodol cutaa
Indigestion. Thli new discovery repre-
sents the natural Julcei ot dlgeallon
as they exist in a healthy ilornaeh
combined with the grealtat known tonlo
and reconstructive; properties. Kedtl
Dyspepsia Cure does not only euro In-
digestion and dyspepsia but thla farrvrua
remedy cures all atomach trouble by
cleansing purifying sweetening ata4
strengthening the mueoua mimsnaas
lining tho stomach.
(llvta Health to the (tick an
Btrcnoth to the VK
Bottlss only. Jl .OOSli. holding Z'A Hast
ths trll ilto. which Mils kf SOo
Prtaaitl bj 3. 0. DiWHt tt Co. CtlMjs.
G. A. Sammons Lumber Co.
All Kinds Building Material
The Brick Lumber Yard ARDMORE I. T
Loss than a year old the Southwest Limited has
bocome the preferred train tor Qrst-class travelers be-
tween Kansas Olty and ChlcsRo. Every car on this
train Is owned and operated by the V
1 The World's
t Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul Rv.
Sold by all DrugglsU.
Oompartmcnt-obaervatlon sleepers standard sleep
ers dining ears chair cars and coaches were all ballt
expressly for The Sonthwost Limited and are without
equal In beauty and comfort
Leave Kansas Olty Union Htatlon 5:66 p.m.; Grand
Avenue 8:07 p. m. Arrive OhlcaRo Union Station 8:55
a. m. In tlmo for trains to the north and the east or
for the day's business. .
Southwestern Passenger Agent Commercial Agent
907 lain St. Kansas City .Mo 301-303 Slaughter Uldc. Dallas
Daily and
For All the News
All the Time.

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