The Daily Ardmoreite. (Ardmore, Indian Terr.), Vol. 11, No. 231, Ed. 1, Thursday, August 4, 1904 Page: 6 of 8

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la f.d' la n- i.f it Tn
f Pit ttornqat h atkrdrul
M r'- .r'i'i:; '
i: -!.-:- n'l it .
lid it l'f ' .! Ir ti.
k of me:. it.
rk kn.. k
r t '
k. f.
i 11
.ii old
anl tfe
" ie.
.t in l'l.. .
ht of litnrir i
I uj' 'Jn.y
U ..f 'it
The- rlw k i aaid l
tojjilve coi(ru. iivn that tfcat mad
Vf Benry J 'lk for cbaricf V. of
7rac la 1370. Tbe dock cttanber
U Im tk oorth treat tower aooM 70
feet Bifh wfaere the ranlifbt bat Dot
fjm trafd for buodreda ol yoara atMl
tax wtodiae ia dOM br tbt llebt of a
Tn ionr 1; the ;reat tenor bell of ; t -
Um cathedral wblcb wolrbt thirty- j
. i.. . ... . i w - :
TVe eoliuf and the .trlJrlaf parta of
S&e clock are oBie yard apirt coa
r alcatlon beiar by a ilodr wtro
The kk baa no dlel. The Urn-
jihowa oa the mala wbH of tkt e.
mi ttaeat. which ei rooad oocr la
two laoM. taoloa Chronld.
Cholera Infantum.
Thia 'Tlaeaj" haa Ha terrors
ataca Chamberlain'a Colic. Cholera
uaai Diarrnoea Remedy came Into en-
nl aae. The twifnrm aaccMi wblcb
da the use ot this remedy la all
of bowel complaint! In children
feui iaaxk it a farorlte wherover IU
-valaM baa become known r)r aale
y y J Ramaey. Ardmore Dm; Co
W. It. P.-ame
"Two Bottles Cured Him."
plaint for about two yu-s." writes
vt. it. lkitib w ml ocenin. la
two fxHUft of VxAvfa Kidney Cure
effected a permanent cure." Bocner
&. Bon&&r.
A i nan who can aave forty per cent
trf bit iacome. no- ever small hat
leamod Atty per cei t of the practical
rttteltiont called for in attaining
. JBC6M.
TaVen Vlth Cramps. I
Win -tflrmae. a member of the '
iMiiMie nana worklna; near IJttleport
wo taken ru Menly 111 Thuraday
aright with cramps and a kind of rhol-
. - . . w -. v
writ. ni caw wm Ritir uiai u
W to have the membera of the crew
vtoH upon him and Mr Qlfford was .
called and row ul ted He told tbem
It had a medicine in the form of)
OJaOTberWn Colic Lnotera and DI
afiiw I v men ftUV Ht vawuaB
him out and amrdlnaly
-a were adminlxtfred with '
'.at the fellow was able to
next day. The Incident
highly of Mr (Hfford-s
Iowa. ArtcuA.
K-.-p It
. nr.- For
:. rt- l'nig
i'i'llng for a
i I t-n times
v i certain-
' '.in.
.pt-ritnc with Foloyj Kidney cure:
Sure Cure lor Pile. For year I had been greatly liother- ua or tbeal-
Ttfhlng pll pro luce multure and ed with kidney and bladder trouble -
9MMH itching; thl form as well and enlarged prvatratc gland. I u.edj Sure Cure fcr Piles
the blind bleeding or protruding pllsa 1 everything known to the profession ; Itching Pile produce moisture and
Mr? cured by Dr Bo-an-ko Pile Horn-1 without rell?f until I commenced to caus this form as well as
p lie ng anleedlng. Ab- Use Foley'. Klioey Cure. After tak- Blind. Bleeding or Protruding PJle.
'r tmnor. 50c " Jar at draggltt. ing thre bottle. I wa. entirely re- are cured by Dr ;. Boan-tart Wle Rem-
r nt by mall TreatUe free. Write Heved and cure.l I prescribe lt now dy. Stop. Itching anu bleeding. Ab-
m about your case. Di. Ilonaanko. dally In my practice and heartily re- aorb tumor. 50c a Jar at druggists.
lUlta Ih For le by XV 8. Frame. ommend It use to nil physician tor oi eat by mall. Treatise free. Write
lriiBclat ' uh trouble I hae prescribed It me aoout your caae. Dr. Bo.anko.
In uundreds of cai with perfect tuc Philadelphia. Pona. For tale by W.
To wake hay fatt nd work eay ' Uconor & Bonner j Frame. Druggltt.
dL one ot thoae high wheel ball
Waring new-four McCormlrk w-
r Sold by 111 vena. Corhn ft Fmn.v
Foley's Kidney Cure I a medicine
Yie frm poison an.! will mr- any
'.-aw of lvl'lm lU'.i i '
jon't Oi r-i ') or nl ' llor.n-r
A ivm.i '
tiB'M'i'M i ma
EE aWfiflrwi
fl filial
i 1: 4
1 m
iV-. I i i
mm is ijtHga rasa
1 Ardmore Proof g
F. ( l.ou;U!.H--. liMr.u t;i s'u-i-t a.l feiw. avei.m aays:
"hi-: ot a year It waa painful forme on ar ouut of my back to atoop
r auy hoavy work At variouitlt t I tried medMnoi guaranteed to
jr. Mich aliments but the relief obtal-i 1 ua-i onl;- ii-niporary At the
m:;i 1 first saw Doan'a Kidney Pill.adn!c I I a ir-. than usual
i 'i' a l.o.t obtained from the CItyDr u St.i a '. . m pronipily an 1 so
:an-..!l that the last atta k .f myb-i i a h i ".! I r . ; t;iitil r.- um-
en' i Mian i Kenny mi iu at mihit . imm lu. ka. 'i- Ti.'' ar.' a
J.. ..m w!il h the I'liMI. i :i r-!y "
'.' 0 T A N A.
Tk Httr .al la r TBt
Mkrrt Hr l i Haaivat.
7: -aver l. c - Ur b it or:
t .:. and K' tir- 't.t)tKT .t
Ir.'i. !i? t: li r -or lLL any otb
al ctetiM on a ptfauu tu wbvu. tbey
(b - tst llap d'-ga they inh ai par-:.uj
tdtntifj atl ac.jua.tit .: i.f vDt.
Tba liHirri u-niu- .. tm-W t VPt"t i
7 V . . T . .
acute for fee la able to aceot a nun
alao mut kvrn but b wma to be dc:;
rf baflBi trb at work a ad I bar
(often walked to witLiD a few feet of
. oa wbiie b- waa curcnr wod. Ho
ierer. tkeir tuetbod of warnlM eacb
other of iiut't u by Mappior or
"MBotkrifi.r ' tbe water wlib tbe loa;
'Bat tail wkib U j (baricterwtlc &
ifxattir of :be talmal tod wbick &ot
niy belp'j bus la twicaaiar. bat la
asod for earryin? tr.wl If a Ur?e anl-
. T- f 4 h- i.f.- wm !
oftea -.niothr " the watw cvnUnually.
'on - after ao&tber )utoia; to. Ull the lr-
trader 1 orated away. I bare bad a ;
tboT'Uirb wrttinc at Bicbt wfaiie watch
in; a pond tbrou;b the tplathin? made
ajaatas w b.
I u my 11 rat bearers in the Mo-l-thcll
nrer in Mootana. At first tbey
died wbeaerer they became aware of
i my preeonce. but after about three
montbi ihey paid no attention when
tbey -ceo ted me. aod In lz month
they would iwrro arouad or cot bu4bs
within a few feet of me to fact they
repeatedly Mole my Datiin.' cot
from sreen wlllowa until 1 le.irned to
ote dry on. -Cour.trj Ufe In Amer
Of Interest to S'ek Pesple.
We have all avmDarhr in the world
or iJck jp
an 1 want to treat
(ham in a an..w i -i Ttiori. in nd
mnr i .iH0n b-i har.1 1
faCf t u imooaetbl" r the!
patient to Impreas on others tae ex
tnt of .ufieflnr. t.-ey endure and 'uuuwi cure o; uysppaia
th.Hr anxiety fur relief To get well ck headache. blliouan-.'Sd lndlge3-
or be relievoii I. tbtir one thousht. 1 on a3 all atomaci disorders. We
any reav-dy that will brln this about protect the public as well aa our-
has their eyerlaatlng gratitude We elvea by keeplns the formula secret
hare thousands of letter from pwple a lon5 " fflale lt we know " '
who have had dyspepsia sick head- mado ri?ht and It cure these dlee-
ache and bllloua attackt. who tell u ' Drucgisu tell us that it is the
how thankful they were for bavlnz
t mmn a iamai puia
Tney e gold at all drug ttore for
2;r only on for a don.
Thie pills remove the cause of
. ... . . .
nw im majce me aicin clear ana
bealthy looking. Kor aale by W. li.
frame Drunltt.
There la one "o& thing about
wwUlg oB: tne ftener yoU du lt
tf' you r4ar on afain.
Quek Relief for Asthma Sufferer
Potey Honey and Tar affords Im-
nK..a((. MM to asthma .uSwn i In
will ct a ciin- Bonner & Bonner.

-.nionlng to imagine
h"i you arn'l.
i at"
v ry
A Phvaician Htalte.
Dr. 0-o Ewing. a practicing physt 1
clan of Smith' Grove. Ky. for over
Jt.ilrty yoara write l.isperaonaJ ex-
Maybe a hammock appU to a girl '
to much because ' os open work.
Foley' Kidney Cure
Will cure BrUbt's Dlef.wae.
v' cure utaoe-es
ir n"'Jne in UiaUuer.
ur.- Ksdrey and Bladder DiJ-
IV nner & 13. nner
When a Woman's
Back Aches
I 'ic t :hes aii'l jin- :int a woman's buck when th" kui-
ii.-yt r sick tuk-" ull tl.t' lit- -all the om;rj'y - all the iuiibirict.
o-totbor. H.. kari.e makes her tired out any weary. .th
'I'VOB uuslrutiK -she must attend to daily duties even thu .j:!.
r.t'-'uMBff kidney jaitis make every motion of the body a u:.
ry Then ton when the kidneys are not relieved th.-i is
in.- annoyance and danger uf urinary disorders (iood l.-;!'.;!.
i: mi ly hi obtained wi'h well kidneys. Keep t In kidiu-vs
a. with the ir:' i' s of n.odein speciftcs Doan's Kiui.ey IV.s
R B s
Nv Li' : : r.Lt G A
Asf i: :3 aai 14 111 ::
Ii:: fa.i Tlsiomtnaro July 26.
Ra'e fl Tr.o at. leave Arinore I
a. m. Returning; ltr T.ifcominao
! Mp is. Chlidrea oader 12 year
f age hair pne.
To Nortkern alleattta Wlcoasln
-.- v
a bo .totvier uuaou at oae iar ami
1 to Pt 10 j
Ticket food tor li 4jrs a: rat of!
lew faro pU M cati3 for rouad
SoBMaer Tourtat rttos to luroka!
Sprtaaa. Ark. Date oi aale oa i
Wadaeadayi ui Satordayi of Jase j
Jaly aad Aufuai limited so day froac
date of tale. Rat 11240 round trip.'
Cummer tiurtat rat to Hot
prtf. Ark. and return
Date of
j Mle ecb 'Jnr and Saturday
jdortas Jane. July aad An gnat. Rate
Biennial Encampment Kaljhti of
Pytblas LAuitnlie Ky. A ut 12 to
15. Rat I2S.
LoaUiaaa Purchase Bxposttloa St.
Loola April lSth to Nor. lath. Rate
Mon ticket S2S.40; cixty day 12S.70;
IS day $19.75.
"W. A. DASHlELLr Ticket Asoat.
Patent Medicines.
A man that compounds or Intents
.vxnothlng that U Just a little better
than the next beet thin;. It cortalaly
entlUol to the bet share of the profits
to be derired from the sale of tie ar-
t.cle. So he patent or copyrljrlits to
a is inisrwis -aieoiei jtwjs
are coou pcoia poor coo-is are never
patentt - I. 'e have 20 years of trial
behind U3 to give us the assurance
ltnat we naTe tae De3t medicine com-
one aiedlcine that the sale lg ever on
the increaae. To get the best rem-.-
! J5r for dyapeptla or Indigestion ask
j tn drusgiat for Dr. Gunaa" Improved
dls-.Lvr P"1' Prtce 25c Pr box- onI-T
nn fnp a Hnia Vfti aala hv W Tl
- - - - "j "
1'rame druggist.
We are always aure that when we
forgive it Is divine but when our
fronds do It they are simply easy.
Conaumntlon Threatened.
C. Unjrer 211 Maple St. Cham-
paign. 111. write: "I wat troubled
ea'ltt ta Vin 1 trw .(iiir-1. f rr- n 'raa r anfl
tllollto x nMimi.t:on" I t:l-.l
a gr. at mai: r-nn-'ii. s an-J was un-
dr thf- cart? of liy:i lans for tcvrTal
'months. I u.-.c 1 one l.oult fjf Folfys'
joney am T t (IrC() m Md
have not been troubled ulnce." Bon-
nx A Bonner
Most people are so busy trying to
g.t ahead of some iriend that they
overoo. tlie Pney .ho .ettln
To reduce an overflow of tuperflu-
ous questions practice close obaerv-
anca. Many person In thl community
are Buffering from kidney complaint
w u' nuiu ai.iKi lao. I r-nuiin uo-
Ing Foley 3 Kidney Care Uonnor &
1 Bonner
A Triai Free
To Ar.lii.. r- Ar !u r in n
I 'A " ' iJ-SSi
! o .
- . i .
' ' rt f.i.J )Mt. r-il Uita
k M...uaS T U rr
. - i tft.ilft.f I tU ..a
orier tie
ir the South' ra
of the Indian Territv-ry. male ct.
Zilh day of June. KM. la the s.a
ot the c-uate of Janet A. Baker
ceaaed the naderaisned admin.? .
tor of the caiaua ot taid decta .
will tell at public anction. in tpa:a
tracu to the htgktat bidder on a :
it ot three moatha at a court ho'-
door in the town of Pauls Valley ...
the Southern district ot the
Territory between the hours of 1
o'clock in the forenoon aad S o'c'.txk
in the afternooa. on the th day
Auftttt lt. all of the fdlowlnr !e-
tcribed property towlt: Ttree on-
ttory brick houtet one two-stor..
brick burinete boute. and one frax-one-ttory
bnataett house and one
frame ooe-atory hotel coa 1st In r of
eleren rooeat all situated in the bus.
neat pcrtioa of the city of Wynne-
wood. Indian Territory aad one black
smith shop and ten dwelling houses
and lou. situated In the mott desir-
able residence portion of said city.
Said administrator baring obtained
a patent to all of said lots pcrcha.--ert
can obtain warranty deeds at
Administrator of the Estate of Jas
A. Baker. Deceased. 2$ l .
Frisco Excursion Rates.
National encampment G. A It
Boston. Mass. Aug 11-13 Rate It 7'
Louisiana Purchase Exposition St
Louis Mo.. April 15th to Nov. lath.
Hate season ticket. 12S.40. Sixty daj
123.70; 15 day J13.75.
Special summer tourist rates. St.
Paul and Minneapolis Minn. July 14
to IS. August 6-11. Rate J25.50.
W. A. D.VSHIELL- Ticket Agent.
G. A. R. National encampment Bos-
ton Mast Aug. 11-13. Rate $11-75.
Ark.. July 19 to St.t. 30. Rate J9 0S.
ton. Aug. 12 13 and 11. Rate $41.75.
Special round trip rates Chicago. 111.
dally July to Sept. 30. Rate $29.45.
Special excursion St. Paul Mlrn
Aug. C to 11. Rate $27.10.
Colored barbecue and picnic Pur-
cell. I T. Aug. 4. Rate $2.70.
Biennial encampment Kntghtt ot
Pythias Ixjulsvllle Ky. Aug. 12 to
15. Rate S26.5.
Barbecue and picnic. Paoll. I. T.
Aug. 10. Rate $2.10.
Barbecue and picnic Wynne wood
Aug. 4 and 5. Rate $1.55.
State B. Y. P. U. Sunday School
! Convention colored Fort Worth
To.w August 23 to 28. Rate $3 45.
Date of aale August 22 and 23 Onal
limit August 20.
Round trip tickets to Galretton and
return at rate of 17.65 good for 60
days; on aale June 1 to Sept. 30.
Louisiana Purchase Exposition. St.
Iuls Mo. April 15th to Nov. 15th
Kate seaaon ticket $2S.40 Sixty day-
ticket $23.70; 15 day tickets 519.73
Annual conclave Knights Tem
emplar San Francisco Cal. Rate
$45. Date of sale Aug. 15 to Sept. 10
W. A. DASHIELL. Ticket Agent.
If men old the cooking evory kitch
en would be provided with a gasoline
stove and nine out of ten of those
stovtw would be Quick Meal.
Union Stores.
The following dry goods shoe fur-
nishing and furniture houses observe
union hours:
Open 7 a. m. Closo 1 p. m.
Close Saturdays 9 p. m.
As other accept union cards their
names will be added:
Madden & Co.
Burton-Peel Dry Goods Co
J. E. Hamilton & Co.
ArJmore Dry Goods Co
Randol Banks & Co.
Georgo Ash.
Sass & Crawford.
R. Ixweustein.
Cincinnati Racket Store.
II. A. Jones Furniture.
A C Young. Furniture.
Y. B. Lynn Shoe.
W H. Byrd & Co.
A Sweet Breath
- u i.e.r falling sign of a healthy
'ouia'h. When the breath Is bad
ill.- Homach Is out of crder. There
no remedy In the world equal to
Ko'ul Dyspepsia Cure for curing In-il!K-i'!on.
dyspepsia and all stomach
m irders. Mr. Mnrj- S. Crick of
White Plaint Ky.. write: "I have
i. a ilyapeptlc for year: tried all
. .: of remedle but ccntintied to
- " worae. By the use of Kodol I
' . a-iii to improve at once and after
uxinn a few bottles am fully restored
it. fUht. health and strength and
. an eat whatever I like." Kodol ill-r'"-'
what you eat and make the
Mnmaib oet. ScIJ by all drug-
I': r-al ail vice health first every-
; ii aiti rward
Cures Colds Prcvonls Pneumonia
' ' : aa
a Comet
t'i t'y e:e3
1-s s-ir of health
y t-s Tkialt ind
?iry despon-
' e;:t;; sfept:c
curing all
fi-: s-i
t.'.i " a'-".'
ah'litv- H .t
U u i'. : 13 iif.r
hi ' e.ei J t.t
S..J1-' y d.i:ri;rei
traub.ii and
. J : ..In.
V 1(31(1-1.
s-.: .ii the r.aturi
rei eld. rest of ir.i
th cr if the
stsr.ieh re:ixir.r tv-i
r.trts ts-iier
thj lr' 1 ii !
ir.d si tvtt
orjin ire i..:wed '0
rest md hei! II a-res
Ir.i!;eitl:n. tiitu.r..e
pilj.titiea e' the haift
cervsui dm;! and
1.1 s'.eniih trsub it by
clsirjfrr. pcrifyirf and
strsr.fther.lnftht c inda
rr.imtriMi of ths itsra-
ach&nd diftiuva cr(im.
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
Ttw Ntltr Ci Sndr T.
BoeUl trli J I CO 5U . il-t 2'4 Ctt
t aiM vhict m lc- izc
tmtru ijuu stwrrr cc cmcioo.
Sold by all Dragguta.
Attorney at Law and Land AtnL
Special attention to Commercial aad
Land Litigation.
Attorneys at Law.
Land once practice a specialty.
Some time with Dawes commission.
Tishomingo I. T.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office over Jones' Turniture Store
DEb. I1AKUV .v McXEEi. 1 rw.
Hitmr? ail L)i-an o! troiaen a
Sye. ar Nos and Ttroat
Glat-.en accurately StttC. Office
over Hotchkiss' Jewelry store.
Mdmora. I. T
Physician ana Surgeon.
Office in Gorman Building
Office 'phone 6 3 rings.
Residence 'phone ii.
Office hours 10 to 12 a. .. X U t p.
Special attention glre lc Diteaaes
ot Women and Children.
Veterinary 8urQeon.
(T. U SmithV Stable.)
Offica phone 125 Residence 201
Phyilclan and Surgaon.
Office Upstairs la Postflc Block.
Ardmore Ind. Tar.
Physician and Surgeon.
Specialty Eye. Ear. Noat and Throat
Office with Dr. Von Kelier over
Bonner & Bonner's Drug Store.
A. E. Adams. E. E Hefl:n
D. D.S. D. D. S.
The latest Improvement In Porce-
lain Crown and Bridge Work
' Teeth Extracted Absolutely without
Pain by a new and up to date rneth-
. od. Everything we do U guaranteed
OUlce No. 117 E. Main over Ran-
1 dol's store.
Ardmore Ini. Ter.
Architects and Superintendents.
Offlco In Noble Building.
Ardmore I. T.
For Rent
For Saie.
Help Wanted.
Rooms for Rent.
Furnlbued Roon.
Mi i riaaui a.i axat tz.r
Va. w
I ul
: Vri
1 V.
f - . a 1
If your sJssors are dull or 0ur
Pocket Knife. Butcher Knife. sav
e lloe Matcliet or any other dull
tool or Instrument ou need properly
and jclentifcally sharpened bring it .
to inc the cost is trifle work Is jsooq'i
' If you have a pair of shoes or slip.
I pers too good to throw away little
j or big hole In it half sole needed or
1 heel fixed bring it to me only a
I trifle to fix it good as new. Remem
ber the place V. Main west of Jail.
Also kememder next door west I
have as neat a shop as
I as sharp razors as any shop In city
Shave 10c Hair Cut 35c.
Yours for part of your work.
C f. r noaaturti
Irriutii.n t tl -r!i u
- . vi w. i wur uiiiiiuraaei
. Pib mi. n I not utrts
CfEWCltW. KOI r pr.! g.
itoia 07 ornrtiiu
or int In tUin writer
1 prep lit JJf
(Oi r J b ttl-. I; 75.
C.rcuttr &! ca fueat-
SERVICE. We w. l tea h y i
quietly th-ir.-JuhW prar-ia.-r
tl' n It n it mignr'l ycj.
Tor full pirt jtars addreu
Dallas. Tint.
DeWltt's ff.i'f 8alv
For PHea Burnti Sores
Warning Order.
In the United States Commissioner's
Court In the Indian Territory
Southern district
Booker & Carter plaintiffs vs. Dr.
T. D. Palmer defendant.
The defendant. Dr. T. D. Palmer.
Is warned to appear In this court in
thirty days and answer the complaint
of the plaintiffs Booker & Carter.
Witness my hand as United States
commissioner this Sth day of July
1901 at Ardaiore I. T.
U. S- Commissioner.
H. A. Ledbetter. attorney for plain-
tiff. J. F. Bledtoe it here appointed non-
resident attorney.
First published July S 19 '4
Water Coolers! Water Coolers!
Any lzr- itt wntit an! at i:osing
Ut prlre
BlVEWs. CORHN .v F.h..'SI.nY
The M. K. A: T. R'y now reaches w -h :t
ns n rail" all ihf wore liupnrt iqi ru'e- ..(
Txai Kitr tralc cntere.l Aumln or. .tan
'.''th us nr the new e Jti-tijlon (rum (.ranter
on the main line where cloe conncc t n
are maiie with all Important trnlne north
an. I outh-hcUDcl "Katv ' now has unex-
telle.l nerrlee t..the thriving Texa eltlea
t san Antonio. Houdton. D.-illi Ft Worth.
Oalveton. Waco and Anatln. For some-
thine new 'n Illustrated UtBraturo about
Texaiandthe Southwest write
St Louis no.
trade marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anrone sending a ikttch anil dftcriptlnn idt
qnlcmr atcertnln our opinion fr whether an
intention It probiblr ptenthla. Coromunlcn-
tlonitncljrcondJntll. HANDBOOK onl'itenu
lent frea. Olden ai enrr for lecunn l patauii.
PMenu taken through Munn A Co. recelre
rptei.U ivttitt without charso la the
Scientific Jfttiericatt.
A han.taotnelr lllutrtM weeklf. I.arert elr-
dilation of nr unenttoe Journal Terms 13 a
""i iur monttit L Sola bjali newadealcr.
MUNN & Oo.36B'daT.New York
llrancti times C3S V i"U WatUloiton 1). O.
"Will euro any case of Kidney
or Bladder disease that is not
beyond tho reach of medicine.
B. Splecol 1WI N. VirRtnlaSt. Eransrllle.
led. writoj. "loroTerfourrpar-!lnalroublel
with a kidney and bladder atloctlou. 1 lost tteh
atd wa unabla lo work. Threw phylcian falioil
to help m aud I was ciren ur to die Foley'!
Klduejr Cure wa rocommenJe.1 and tho tint
bottle cure ras great roliof and after taklns tbs
lecouj bottle I wateutiroly enrod."
Two Slros 50 Cents and $1.00
w a. fridee:
Thf PiotiPer
Will Siveyou money on Bath Tubs
L'lvatoiies nml Kitelien SmUs.
'Phone 388 Broadway
'Jlakca Kidneys end Bladder lllulit
U I blliaa

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