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Weather lii .at.rt
Show that ;.iu V. .. -1 .
L Wilsou is the ligir .
running nsachice L t.
Far Cop Pi aspects.
' H ; k iu
Km an 1 Steve N
I tin!. Ardnioie. n..
handle- WtmeW &
WiUou sewing mat!mi
Tilt Japs Landed Trocp3 Who Oeeu
py the Railroad and have Cut the
Telegraph Russians Cefeat-
ed In Another Battle.
London. May 7. The Central News
correspondent at St. Petersburg re
ports that the Japanese have landod
at two points In the vicinity of Port
Anh'ir. The llrst landing was made
at Pltsewe and the second at Port Ad
111 s.
The appenran"" of tite fleet at Mho
Tung Gulf was Intended as a feint to
cover tho ronl landing. The two
plncos mentioned are on the opposite
side of the Lino poulnsula.
Pltsewo is connected with Port Ar-
thur hy the Man'churlau railway while
at Port Adams truTrallway runs close
tT the ihoru.
Tuo lundod forcos are only 20 miles
It Is understood that about 4000
men remain at Port Arthur. The Held
guns documonts and money have
been taken north.
TVklo .May 7. A report lias been
Tocolvod from General KuroUl stat-
ing i hut In tho retreat Sunday a largo
body of Uussinns mistook a smaller
body of (heir countrymen for Japa
nose and attacked thorn with fury.
One hundred and eighty of them woro
Wiled and wounded before tho mis-
lake was discovered.
Washington May 7. The landing
ot a Japanese army back of Port Ar-
thur is olllelnlly confirmed by a To-
UIo dispatch to the state department
St. Petersburg May 7. A lllspatch
received tonight says that Port Ar-
thur is cut off from all land communi-
cation! tho Japanese 'Raving disem-
barked In Its roar occupied tho rail-
road and cut tho telegraph.
Vlco Admiral Skrydloff. who Is de-
route to Port Arthur 16" take command
of the naval force In the Far East
will bo unable to reach his destina-
tion. Washington May 7. Tho state de-
partment has received a cablegram
from United States Minister Grlscom
at Toklo confirming tho press reports
of the landing of tho Jnpaneso on tho
Liao Tung peninsula about forty
Tnllos abovo Port Arthur. Tho loca-
tion Is given In the Japaneso dis-
patch as Klnchau. This is tho nar-
rowest point on tho peninsula and
consequently tho minister says tho
r road is practically closed and tho
Investment of Port Arthur has begun.
St. Petersburg May C News ot
very heavy fighting near Kong Wang
Cheng Is expected within thirty-six
hours. I.argo reinforcements have
reached the Uusslan position.
Paris May 7. A dispatch to tho
Havas Agency from St. Petersburg
says tho Japaneso troops who landed
at Pitsowo yestorday havo cut tho
land communications with Port Ar
Toklo Mny 7. Admiral Tokio re-
ports the entrance to tho harbor at
Port Arthur is now completely block-
id. except for small boats. Ho nlso
ndi's that tho Jnpaneso did not loso
a rlnglo war vessel although ho had
considciablo loss of life.
Seoul May 7. Tliero aro persistent
reports reaching hero that tho Japa-
neso havo defeated tho Russians In a
liattle at Feng TTang Cheng. Tho
losu so tho roports state was very
heavy on both sides.
St. Petorsburg May 7. ITio Uus-
slan retreat at Four Wang-Chong has
been confirmed bore. Tho Japaneso
pressed tho retreating troops al-
though thoy glvo It out the losses on
both sides were light.
Big Wholesale House Sells.
South McAlostor I T. May 7.
Townsend Wholesalo Grorory Co
the largest In the Indian Territory
was 03torday sold to the Hale-Haskell
Grocery company ot Durant. Tho
stock Invoiced $125000. and tho build-
ing was estimbted at 120.000.
Comers and Goers and Local Note
From the Valley's Queen City.
To tiie Ardmorelte.
Pauls Valley May 7. We are hat
in a; plenty of rain this week.
Our farmers speak In glowing terms
ot crop prospects.
Our town is full ot court people
from all over the Chickasaw nation.
N. H. Byars of Hyars It a visitor.
M. Hydon o'i McGee Is attending
court this week.
Thos. Walker of Wynnewood trans-
acted business here Tuesday.
Mayor Penn and Nowt Fisher are
here from Lindsay attending court.
They both report Lindsay Improving
It. S. Prater and wife of Brown-
wood Tex. are visiting Mr. A. M.
Prater of tills place our popular ex-
press agent.
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Day and son
returned from a month g visit to
Southwest Texas.
6. W. Holder was la town from
ArAmore yesterday on his way to
Cyrus G. Kean ot Wynnewood Is
attending court liore this week.
J. 11. Cunningham Is in the city
from Chickasha. Mr. Cunningham
lormorly llvdu" hero and tvfil return
Mrs. J. I!. Alexander is a guost of
frlomU In Ardmore this weok.
District Attorney W. B. Johnson
Deputy J. W. Humphroy and Court
Stenographer F. O. Schnoldcr aro at-
tending to court duties hero this
II. II. Morris one of tho big Repub-
licans of this district Is here tills
vcok. Mr. Morris will go and cast his
ballot for Toddy at the national con-
vention. A. C. Cruco and H. M. Furmnu
prominent attorneys of Ardmore aro
attending court horo.
Miss Tyler daughter ot Mr. Tyler
of Tyler & Simpson is in tho city
the guest ot Mrs. Frank Gates.
The "trip around tho world" given
by tho ladlos ot tho Presbyterian
church was badly knocked out last
night by tho faili. Wo understand
thoy will try again.
Hundreds ot acros of new land con-
tiguous to Pauls Valley is being cul-
tivated this year.
Attorney Ledbetter of Ardmore wns
horo on business this week.
T. u. Wagner or Lindsay and F. H.
Carr of Purdy aro couit visitors.
Mr. Hulot Grant ot Iho First Na-
tional bank Is roported quite sick.
Davo Shcrrill returned this week
from Toxas wlioro ho had boon call-
ud on account of illness of his fathor.
Goo. Dykes ot Maysvfllo was hero
this week serving in the capacity ot
Jury commissioner.
T. N. Uobnelt U. S. commissioner
ot Ardmore was hero this week. Tom
leels at homo In Pauls Valley.
Jtov. W. D. Matthews is attending
Methodist conference at Waco this
Pauls Valley Convictions.
At tho Pauls Valley court thero
were six convictions of defendants
who will go to tho penitentiary.
Joo Joseph larceny ono year and
r. day.
U. W. Pylo. conspiracy ono year
and one day and $1000.
J. W. Sykos. intcrcourso with fo-
fnnlo under 1C years: two years.
J. W. Chappello (tho nuckskln Bill
llim-llani man) larceny eighteen
months In tho penltontlary.
Jeff Thomas larceny 3 years in tho
loform school nt Iloonovlllo. Mo.
Nick Stowart larceny three years
In reform school at Washington.
Court Adjourns.
To tho Ardmorelte:
Pauls VaTfoy l. T. May 7. Court
adjourned hero today and it is thought
that within less than two months the
newly appointed Judge Dlckorson
will begin another term. Tho dockot
will thou bo ranch advanced no doubt.
Tho following parties from tho
criminal side of tho docket woro sen-
tenced by Judge Townsend today:
Hamp Pylo for conspiracy to defraud
ono year and a day in the peulton-
tlary and n fine of $1000; Mrs Lou
Green for simple assault fined $10;
Nick Stewart and Jeff Thompson
both minors and convicted for thoft
sentenced to three years In tho re-
formatory school.
Every article going at 25 per cent
discount at the Cincinnati Racket
Store. c-2
Cyclone Strikes In Vicinity of Star
Mountain Three Lives Lost and
Many Injured Much Property
and Stock Is Destroyed.
Hnmtlttn Ten. May 7. Last night
a cyclone stmck the section of the
country about Star Mountain located
about 23 miles southwest of this
plan In Mills county and blew away
hvo houses killing George Mason and
Mowing away one ot his children.
T;ie child was not found until this
morning. The iblld is still alive but.
has one of Its thighs broken and is
also othewise Injured. It is not ex-
pected to live.
Cebe Hooker and his house were
blown away. One child was killed
and otfier mombors of his family were
sllglu'y Injured.
The house of a Mr. Rayburno was
also destroyed Injuring four of the
ram'y. hut none seriously.
JoTin Mason was also Injured but
to what extent was not reported.
Ilravy rains have fallen throughout
this country fcr tho past ton days.
a n.l jrospects for all kinds of crops
ttu.t nevrr better.
Goldthwaite. Tex.. May 7. This
place was visited by a remarkable
electrical storm lasting from 7 to D
o'clock last night.
A barn belonging to P. H. Clemonts
was struck by lightning nnd burned.
Three houses and two cows belong'
lug to C. H. Ford porished.
At 0 o clock a cyclone formed on
Pecan ha.vcu and moved sou"i to
Star one tho Hamilton lino. Twelve were destroyed among them
being those ot Allen Dennis Mellta
Wesson I.utherRudd Joo Grlfllth D
P. Hutchinson. S. F. Harper George
W. Mason and Frank Hodnett.
George W. Mason was killed and
Mrs. Dennis and n child of S. F. Har
per wore soriously injured.
Luther Rudd and Allen Dennis Joe
Grlfflth. Mrs. Harper and George W
Mason's child" were niso Injured.
A fine rain followed tho storm.
W'res are down and rurther partial
'a's can not bo obtained.
RarringTon Hail Coffee the best on
earth. Only at Skipworth's. S-tf
Two Vagrants Jailed.
Deputies Hronts and Cummings
came In yesterday from Ada having
In charge T. H. Raker and A. B. Mt-
Arthur two broke showmen both
charged with vagrancy.
ineso two men dropped out ot the
May Stewart show in Ada in Fobruary
and they have been a barnacle on that
town ever since. A few days ago
Deputy Urents went nfter them for
vagrants and Judge Talbot found
tlieni guilty nnd sentenced them to
thirty days in Jail. Section 187 J
Mansfield's Digest provides a law to
punish these gentry and says one-halt
tho time they are In jail they shall
bo fod on bread and wator.
Tlfoy were turned over to Jailer
Helsley who will see to It that tho
law Is carried out. Mr. Hronts says
that he has run tho gambiors out of
his town and he will not let the va-
grants stay there elthor.
Special Correspondence.
Ada I. T. May 0. Sidney Suggs
and R. W. Dick of Ardmoro nrrivod on
the northbound train this morning.
Good rain lust night and prospects
aro lino for good ciops.
We nro expecting a big time next
Tuesday. Many from the country
will bo hero to see who this district
will endorso for national committee-
man to the Durant convention.
Hargrove Defeats Business College.
Tho ball game Saturday afternoon
nt the Hargrovo college grounds bo-
teen tho Hargrovo team and tho Ard-
more Business collego nine resulted
In a victory for Hargrovo. Score 11
to 7. Tho same team will play at the
high school grounds Monday.
Wo aro headquarters for Holnz's
prosorfes and ketchup.
InUreiting lums From the Rock Isl-
and Metropolis.
To t..e Ardmorelte:
Duncan. I. T. May 7 More ruin
and plenty of it yesterday followed
by a cool east wind.
Tin-re U rumor of another nation-
al bank being organised at Mis place.
ThU will mak? three uatlonal banks
for Duncan and will be the means ot
bringing mut-U additional capital Into
this community.'
An independent cotton gin will bo
rotted In Duncan ami In operation
btfrfe the next cotton crop Is mar-
ried. This gin will be put In by par-
ties from Texas who have been look-
ing over this section of tho territory
for some time to And a good location.
Thin will give ua three gins and they
should be able to handle the cotton
marketed at this place.
Pa -ties from Oklahoma and Texas
are considering the proposition of
putting in an oil mill at Duncan. Tho
lndKatlons are that this will be com-
pleted In time to handle the seed of
ihv next cotton crop. Many other
enterprises are in store for' Dun en it
or which we will write later.
J. II. Copelund for many years pro-
pi letor nnd edllor of the Duncan
Weekly News has inofed his plant
back to Comnuelie whero he will re-
mime the publication of his pnpor.
We regret to lose Mr. Copcland and
hi estimable family from our com-
munity. Mr. Copeland owns business
property in Comanche which he has
been unable to dispose ot since com-
ing to Duncan and this fact coupled
with the advanced price of r.-jts and
labor prevailing In Duncan Induced
him to return to Conmnclie where lie
will have no rents to pay. Mr.
Copeland moved his newspaper
plant her last summer because
lit) saw In Duncan and surrounding
cduntry a better and moro profitable
Held for Tils talents and energies and
a greater number of people from
v.Iioni to draw patronage. He Is a
thrrough. up-todate newspaper man
III fact lie Is rogardod as the best on
VI" Rock Island railroad In the tor-
lltory. We with him the success hp
A call lias boon issuod for n meet-
ing of the Duncan Democratic club
next Thursday night May 12 for the
purpose of oleotlng delegates to the
distiict convention at Ryan on May
Prospectors contlnuo to drop into
Duncan and all scorn greatly impress-
ed with the dvnntnges offered by
the town and many havo signified
their intention of locating here.
1 Ionic talent will put on the drnmn
"Sunllglit'""at the opera houso Satur
day night the proceeds to bo used
for tho Tio'nefit of the Woodmen Cir-
cle. Mr. J. P. Sampson the pioneer
newspaper man who moved from
Duncan to Lawton two years ago.
will return to Duncan with his fain
lly about August 1 and ongagc In tho
newspaper hus'noss at this place.
Mr. Sampson's newspaper wfll be a
valuafjlo adjunct to our town.
Boll Springs Creamery.
All kinds Country Buttor at
School Board Resolutions.
Tho school board of Ardmoro at Its
session of May 7 unanimously adopt-
ed the following resolution nnd di-
rected its publication:
That we tender our thanks nnd
highost appreciation to our superin-
tendent. W. H. Buck and to each and
every toucher in our schools for tho
past term for tholr Inbor and consci
entious attention to their many duties.
A Good Idea. .
flaforo packing up youf winter
clothing havo thorn thoroughly clean
ed and repalrod by tho French Steam
Dye Works. Oar method of cleaning
will prosorve them from moth und
rot. Attend to this new nnd your
('othlng will bo sweet nnd frosh for
'ncodlate uso whon you need them
-.Cain. 1'iO Wost Main. With Far-
thing Bros. DE.MORIAN Prop.
Brown & Bildgmun have Just re
ceived a nlco stock of picture glnss. 8
Skipworth has tho Uvalde honoy.
mado by tho bees. S-tt
Make Two Addresses in Public
Which Have SlgnlflcanceHe
Fears the Yellow Peril China
Threatens Most Danger.
Berlin May 7. The Impression Is
working up sentiment hereoVH oh7re
spreading here that the kaiser Is
working up sentiment In Germany In
la vor ot Intervening in the Far ISast-
cm war In favor of Russia. The rea-
sons for this Impression are to lo
looked for in two nubile aoeechos
which his majesty haa mado since his
return from his Mediterranean
cruise. He said In his speech reply-
ing to the welcomo of the mayor of
Karlsruhe that ho hoped that Ger-
mans would cease nil Internal strife
o that the country would be ready
to strike a powerful blow backed up
by all ..patriots If It should become
nessnry to take nctlvo part In the pol-
itics of the world. Thla rpecch sig-
nificant in Itself was strengthened by
tho words ut the kalter spoken nt
the opening or the new bridge across
tho Rhine at Mayence on Sunday last.
On this occasion the kaiser said: "I
sincerely nope that It will be iMisslble
to prosorve pence which is necessary
for the permanent development of In-
dustry niiTl commerce. But I nm firm-
ly convinced that If this bridge should
ever be put to any use It will lib
round perfoctly sound and reliable."
Those two public speeches when
hold together with tho utterances by
tho kaiser In the narrowor circles con-
corning ills fours of tho yellow peril
re considered as good cause for an
The most throatenlng danger is tho
prouabillty that tho Chinese govern-
ment will not be able to prosorve tho
neutrality of tho Chlneso empire and
It Is suspected that a secret under-
standing between Germany nnd Rus-
sia exists which would call for Ger-
mnn action should China try to mako
common cnuso with Japan ngalnst
Pounding at Elk.
To tho Ardmorelte:
Elk I. T . May 7 Last Friday night
Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Kelly or Elk. two
very old people then- nges being 71
and 72 respectively were pounded by
the young peoplo the chief movers of
which woro Misses Mamie Eavos and
Myrtlo and Montlo Pool. Tho old
peoplo recolvod about $12 worth ot
tho necoasltlos ot lire for which thoy
are very gratorul to tho young poo-
pie of Elk.
DlfTerent colors of passo partout pa-
por and mat boards at Brown &
Brldgmau's. g
The Purcell Revenue Ordlnanoe Will
Be Called Monday.
Tho suit which Involvos tho valid-
ity ol tho Purcell revenue ordinance
will bo (ailed for trial beroro Judgo
Townsend Monday at Purcell. Strong
attorneys represent each sido and a
warm legal battle Is expected.
PurcofTH revenue ordinance was
un. tared Invalid once In a decision
then In t rdor to save the city a yoar's
taxen an ordinance was passed as-
sofslr.ji property On the llrst day of
July instead ot the llrst Monday In
February as provided by the Arkan-
sas statutes. Tho Purcoll Water com-
pany rosistod lio pnyniont. The city
made an attompt to garnlsheo money
which tho railroad company owed the
water company but did not succeed.
After the thirl attempt by Attorney
Dorset Carter the mutter was given
a hearing whlcn resulted in an agree-
niont nmoundn'i to a temporary In-
junction. Tho caso will bo trlod on Its morits
at this term of tho Purcoll eourt and
if tho opinion is ndvorse to the wat-
or company tho caso will go to tho
hlglior courts.
Tho Purcoll peoplo have mado n
dosporato effort to savo tholr rovonuo
ordlnnnco and succoeded in gottlng a
bill Introduced Into congross validat-
ing' the ordinance but the bill faliod
ot passage.
Defeated Tlahomlnflo In Two of
Three Games Played.
The Ardmoro base ball team i"
turned yesterday from Tlshomlns
whero they capturedr two ot tlir"
games Ulh the Tishomingo Uuu.
Tho boys are much elated over their
victory and they have reason to Ih
as Tishomingo was considered tiu
strongest team in the Territory and
a team that could win a series tim
them on their own grounds w.mld
have to be an exceptionally good on .
However the Ardmore boys turn I
the trlcK and tho local roolen ar.
all happy.
It was the Intention at the lmu.
nlng to play Thursday Frldi .ul
Saturday but the attendance n
small that It was decided to play a
double header Friday and compi- tf
tho series. Air the new men uia lv
good and tho local team is string
enough that It should now be atM
to successfully cop rwlth any cmi
professional team In the Southwest
As was stated In Friday's Ardmore
Ite with Porter and U'agdale in llio
ixlnts for Ardmoro Tishomingo twu
defeated 1) to 7. Tishomingo won
iho first game Friday score I to 1
Mauldon who pitched for Denlson nt
this" place last Sunday but who has
since been signed by Ardmore pitch-
ed for Ardmoro and It was through
no fault ot hia that Tishomingo laud
ei a winner. Yenger the Tlshom!ng-
south-paw twilled Tor Tlshotnlngi
This game was a close one and wan
net decided until the last man wa-.
out. In tho third "and deciding game
Ardmore won I to 2. Nichols a
hi mo player was In the box for Ard
more iiiiu pitched sternly ball. Gil
more and Rodus pitched The las;
game for Tishomingo.
Two new plnyora havo been added
to the local team Boyd a second
baseman 'from Texns nnd nn outfield-
ct from tho Missouri Vnllsy league.
Boyd mado his llrst appearance at
Tishomingo and tho playors all
sronk well ot him.
The Ardmoro team will leave thit
morning ovor the Frisco for Madlll
tthoro thoy will "fills nftornoon en
gago the Madlll toam which was here
tlireo weeks ago. It Is expectoTT that
a nunTTier of rooleTs will accompany
tho tenm to MadliT as the gamo vlli
bo caTioil in time to return homo on
this afternoon's train. Tho Ardmoro
lino-up today will probably be: Rags
dale catchor; Porter pltchor; Halo
1st base: Boyd. 2nd base; Nichols 3rd
base; TJiintinm short stop; Rodford
loft Held; Copolnnd contor Hold an J
Bibbs right field.
Situation at Cleburne.
Cloburiio Tex. May 7. Several of
tho apprentices have ruturnod it
work at tho Santa Fe shops. Oiie of
tho striking maclilnisis stated today
that the strikers woro prepared to
stay out ton months if necessary
When nskod what the strike was
about fio stated that it was tho main
"union" principle that tho railroad
sought to break down nnd which they
expected to maintain.
A good lint should not be thrown
away because it Is out of shape or
soiled. Take It to H. P. 1-ondon tho
union tailor third door north First
National bank. All hats cleaned.
blocked shaped good as now. Work
wai ranted. 8
Commissioner's Court.
Elijah Brandon who was arrestee
In Marietta a few days ago charged
with assault to kill had a hearing be-
fore the commissioner yesterday and
was allowod to plead guilty to simple
assault. The judge Imposed a flue
of $1 nnd costs on him. He was re-
manded to jail In dofault of tho
Phelix Goodwin vs. Joe WllllforJ.
replevin suit: Judgment for defendant
The plaintiff in this ense was convict-
ed of manslaughter at Pauls Valley
In lS'Jl and boforo leaving for the
penitentiary he entrusted all his busi-
ness to Bud Watkins asking htm to
sell It out and get all ho could for It
Among othor things was a JacK
which became Hick from having sore's
on him and Mr. Watkins could not
soil Iilm for anything and finally gave
hlni away to Mr. Byars who nursod
him and finally got him woll and af-
terward sold him for $300. Goodwin
came back from tno penltontlary and
tried to roplevlu tho animal because
he was glvon away. Judgment was
rendered for dofondant.

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