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Griggs Wants to Know if the President
Has Left for Turkey Yet The
Great Canal Question May Be
an Issue In the Campaign.
To tho Ardmoroltc.
Washington Sept. 0. It will bo ro-
mombered that at tho beginning of
tho postoffle'd"" department Investiga-
tion Uio postmastor-gcncrnl Mr.
Payno said with a lofty air that thero
was "nothing In It" and dismissed all
charges of ox-Cashter Tulloch with
disdain. Well tho general public
knows how much thero was In It and
how tho deeper they dug In tho muck
heap tho nnstlor It got. Tho post-
ofllco department Investigation is now
Hearing tho end and tho report of
Fourth Assistant Postmaster-General
Drlstow will soon bo ready for tho
public but tho chances aro that tho
general public will soon forgot all
about tho postofileo matter becauso It
will bo entertained with another in
vestigation that is "now about to bo
pulled off tho nolso of which will re-
verberate from Tadmor-ln-tho-wllder-ness
to Yuba Dam. It Is now up t6
tho Interior department to take a turn
at tho Investigation grindstone and
tho storm center of this investiga-
tion will bo In tho Indian Territory.
Chairman James M. Griggs of tho
Democratic congressional commlttco
was In tho city last week and tho
first question ho 'asked on his arrival
hero was: "Has tho president left for
Turkey yet?" That seems to bo tho
question uppermost In tho minds of
nearly everybody over slnco tho ac-
tion of tho president In sending our
warships to Turkish waters on tho
strength of a cnblogram which afte--wards
proved to bo Incorrect that our
vice-consul had been assassinated. Ho
has acted with his customary head-
long head-strong precipitancy which
may Involve tho country In cmdlcss
troublo and expense. Thero is no
man who tries to defend tho "unspeak-
able" Turk and his methods but tho
business Interests of tho country aro
entitled to bomo consideration from
tho man who occuplos! tho highest po-
sition In tho nation and to thoso In-
terests ho gives no thought at all. Ho
Is looking for tho llmollght and ho
wants to Stand In It at all times or
elso ho Is not happy. Things havo
Ardmore Indian Territory.
(tosignated Depository for Bankruptcy Funds m Ghlokasaw Nation.
Capital paid in $ 60.000.00
Surplus Funds 165000.00
Total $225000.00
The oldest bank In Indian Territory.
solicited upon the most llboral terms consistent with good banking.
y &$m $$$$$$$
1 MID SliltS Willi MID UMIEf (OIMI. I
Homo Office Baltimore fid.
Paid Up Capital $1050800.00 Surety Bonds.
Judicial Bonds Executed Without Delay
Bnks Stores Residences Insured Against Burglary or Theft.
Correspondent Solicited.
Abstracts of all kinds accurately made. Records
thoroughly searched and any kind of informa-
tion furnished on short notice and small fee.
W. S. WOLVERTON & SON flier's.
not been happening fast enough to
suit him lately and ho Intonfls to make
them hnppon In order to nttract the
attention of Uip general public to him-
self and his pe Ho knows that
helloes not r autl well i a certain
cotorlo of Ul od P seni ors; ho
ha; already surranl.i u iu tho bo-
caUcd "standpatters" on tho tariff
question after all his brag and bluster
about how ho will demolish tho trusts
by reducing certain schedules; ho has
antagonized tho Grand Army of tho
Republic by his treatment of General
Miles; ho has acquired tho enmity of
all tho olilcors of tho army by his
boosting of den. Leonard Wood over
tholr heads and ho has bcon put to
It to And something that would roliovo
and again placo him beforo tho public
In something Hko a decant attitude
and attract tho plaudits of tho people
Iu theso traits ho has gladly seized
on this Turkish matter as something
that would rehabilitate his fallen for-
tunes nnd placo him once mora en-
rapport with tho people. Thero is no
telling how far ho will go with this
thing nor what will bo Its outcome.
If tho people know tho man as wo do
hero In Washington they would not
bo surprised at any action on his
part. Thero aro somo things you
can't say abjut a man becauso ho Is
tho president of tho United Stntos
but somo day tho trutli will bo told.
Look out for business snags.
A good many of tho warm adminis-
tration organs have with great frank-
ness been discussing tho possibility
nnd proprloty of sorzfng tho strip o
land through which It Is proposed to
bdlld tho Panama canal. They ar'guo
that If Colombia will not grant tho
concession that the United States can-
not afford to bo balked from tho great
entcrprlso by tho constitutional ob-
stacles that tho Colombians say aro
In tho way of ratification of tho treaty.
Othors of theso Itopubllcan newspa-
pers favor tho fomenting of a rebel-
lion In the stato of Panama against
tho Colombian government and then
landing a forco of marines to mako It
successful. This bold way of stating
t lit tho United States should excr-
Its undoubted physical ability 1
cocrco a weaker stato Is on a par
with otlior Imperialistic Ideas that
havo bean rampant under tho present
regime. Dut theso vicious public ad-
visers forgot tho terms of tho con-
gressional enactment which authorized
tho building of an intcr-occanlc canal
that if tho Colombian government
would not ratify tho. treaty tho presi-
dent of tho United States was author-
ized to open negotiations with Nicara-
gua and Costa Rica and build tho ca-
nal by tho Nicaragua route. That Is
Uo duty of President Roosovelt and
to shufllo and palter and attempt to
Accounts ol firms and Individuals
Ardmoro I.T.
cocrco Colombia to ratify a treaty
that tho congress of that country docs
not npprovo would bo playing Into tho
hands of tho transcontinental rail
roads who havo so far bcon ablo to
defeat tho building of tho canal. Thoro
Is very good reason to bcUovo that
tho Nicaragua routo would havo been
adopted If tho railroad lnflucnco led
by Senator Hanna had not been om-
nipotent In Uio senate.
TTils whole question may bo fought
ovor'ngaln at tho noxt sosslon of con-
gress nnd It may becorao ono of tho
Issues In tho noxt presidential cam-
paign for tho Democratic nomlnoo
may bo a man. who has persistently ad
vocated tho Nicaragua routo.
Cliff Jackson Gets Five Delegates to
the World's Congress of Lawyers.
C. L Jackson has Just returned from
tho meeting of tho American Bar As-
sociation whoro woro complotod tho
plnnr 'or tho World's Congress of
lawyeiB which will bo hold tho last
weok In Soptomber at St. Louis In
Tho commlttco proposes that tho
American representation should bo
basod on congressional representa
tion. Mr. Jackson objected on tho
grounds that tlio smaller states and
tho territories would not get a fair
show as tho smaller slates would
got few delegates and tho territories
none. Ho mado a strong fight and
succeeded In getting nn amendment
passed that tho minimum should
havo Hko representation. This gives
r.idlan Territory flvo delegates and
thoy will bo chosen by tho Torrltory
Bar Association.
Thero will bo 1000 delegates to this
congress of lawyers which will bo
held September 28 20 nnd 30 follow-
Ing Immediately aftor tho meeting of
tho American Bar Association which
will bo held tho thrco proceeding day
of tho samo weok In St Louis. It will
be a great week for attorneys. Mus-
kogeo Times.
Of Selecting a Site for the Carnegie
Library Might Apply to Ardmore.
For tho paBt two weeks tho people
of Chlckasha havo been voting on a
slto for tho now Carneglo library
which Is to bo erected thoro by tho
Joint efforts of tho peoplo and tho
great steel magnate. All persons who
contributed $1 to tho fund were per-
mitted to cast ono voto for their
choice or ono voto for each . dollar
contributed. During tho two weeks
only 481 votes woro cast which
leaves considerable moro soliciting to
bo dono by tho committee from tho
Fcdoratlon of Women's Clubs which
has tho work In hand. Tho canvass
of tho city for contributions' will bo
continued. A vacant lot priced at
$1200 located at Sixth and Iowa was
chosen by tho mnjorlty of tho contrib-
utors tho voto standing ns follows:
Sixth and Iowa 415; Sixth and
Kansas CO; Eighth and fjhlckasha
ID; scattering 2.
Notlco to young mon contemplating
marrlngo: You can't can't got a
peach out of a blackberry patch.
Ityo and alfalfa for salo.
26-tf. B. B. PITCH.
R. A.
Furniture and Carpets.
Capita! Stock and Additional Liability : : : : : $200000.00
Largest of any Bank In the Chickasaw Nation.
Wc accept small and large
ueneral Hanking Business for you.
0. K. Smith President.
U. M. UAUPmcLii Vlce-Fres.
Lkx Gruge Cashier.
G. W. Youna Stockmaa
J.O. Tkokpbon Attorney
Lrnrn to laugh A good laugh Is bet-
ter thnu medicine
Learn to nttvnd strictly to your own
business; very Important point
Learn bow to tell a story. A well
told story Is as welcome as u sunbeam
In n sick room.
Learn to stop croaking. If you can-
not see nny good Iu this world keep
tho bud to yourself.
Lcnrn to keep your own troubles to
yourself. The world Is too busy to enro
for your Ills and sorrows.
Lenm to greet your friend wllh a
smile. They carry too many frowns In
tbelr own lu-arts to bo bothered with
nny of yours
Learn to hldo your aches and pains
uudftr n plcsHHiit smile. Js'o one cures
whether you have the earache head-
ncho or rheumatism.
Mat i:rn 111 1.
Dr. loghead visits .Mr. Coldhnm the
grcnt pork manufacturer.
"Well my dear sir I don't sec that
there Is anything radically wrong with
you. Go to bed early don't drink any-
thing stronger than ctlee nnd you'll
bo nil right In a week."
"Whntl Aro you not going to give
me nny medlelnol"
"Certainly not. You don't need It."
"But you get your money Just the
"Yes. Just so."
"Well I don't think It is n squaro
deal. S'poilir you bleed me put n
mustard plaster on tho back of ny
neck and gimme a doo of salts. T
cry body that works for mo 'a got to
earn ills salary." I.ondou Tit-lilts.
Il Knerr
"I don't see how a man can bo so
menn" expostulated Mrs. Cobwlggcr.
"Just because I'm going a few miles
out of the city to spend n day or two
with nn old school friend you ravo like
n madman about tho expense. Yon
know very well Henry tho railway
fare Is only -10 cents."
"I know that my dear" replied
Cobwlggcr "and I know also that ev-
ery time you go on one of theso little
trips you spend at least S25 for tho
things you sny are absolutely necessnry
to mako you presentable." New York
A Timid rinnncr.
"I'll bet a dollar If I should nsk you
to marry me you'd refuse" ventured
Gu8slp trying io Inject a little more
spirit Into the con vernation.
"My4 but you're a cheap onel" re-
sponded tho girt.
"Y-y-y-why?" stammered Gusslo.
"Becauso you won't hot more than a
dollar on a suro thing." Bultlmoro
Jnat I'malnc
"Are you acquainted with Mrs. Tub-
by?" "Yes; wo linvo a passing acquaint-
ance." "Oh as much as that?"
"Yes. We wero nt the same card ta-
ble once. She passed and so did I."
Cleveland I'laln Dealer.
A Hctneiljr.
He Tho doctor told Jack that Iib had
been studying too hard lately.
She And what did he recommend!
Ho Oil ho advised him to go Into
society a llttlo morn nnd gvo his brain
a rest. Brooklyn Life.
She Mamma says I mustn't oncour-
ago you nt all.
no-That's nil right. I don't need
any encouragement. l-blladelpblt
Noblo BroB.'aro offering somo snaps
in Moon Bros buggies. Now is the
Umo to buy. Fair torms given. 18-lm
National Bank
accounts and conduct a
It. A. Jones Wholesale and Ritail
8am Noble Wholesale Hardware
J.R. PSnnington " Grooer.
R Wi RAndol Mertfeant.
t 4- fr .
A heavy rain fell horo last night.
Tho rainfall last night won nlmost
ns heavy as that of tho big July rain
Homo farmors say that what cotton
was open will bo damaged by tho rain.
Wc had a light shower horo last
Cotton picking has bogun In this
Charles Lochrnn who shot and
ltlllod J. I. I'inson near horo Inst Fri-
day camo In yostordny and surren-
dered to Marshal Doatou who turnod
him ovor to Doputy Marshal Lilly.
Lochran was takon to Duncan and
will havo an examining trial thero to-
day. A Ono rain foil hero yesterday af-
ternoon. S. F. Sandors Is putting In a gin
Mayor Molllsh Is trying somo civil
cases today.
Elder 0. M. Thomason of Mlnco li
A flno rain foil ovor this section
last night Tho rata oxtondod frotr
Chlckasha south.
Commissioner's court was In ses-
sion yostordny and also today. Judgo
Payno of Chlekasha Is hero trying
tho case. John Thrashor charged
with ombozzlomcnt had an examin-
ing trial yesterday and was bound
ovor In tho sum of $1000.
Charlos Lochran charged with tho
murder of J. I. Plnson last Friday
surrendered and Is having Lis pre-
liminary trial today.
Tho first balo of cotton wo havo
seen horo this season passod throug
this morning en routo to Ardmore. It
was from Elk.
Another halo of cotton was ginned
hero yesterday afternoon. It was tak-
en to Ardmoro today.
Wo havo had n6 rain yet nnd tho
cotton crop In this section will bo
Throa now brick aro going up on tho
squaro and another has been contract
ed for.
Wo had a nlco rain hero last night
II. J. Green la still on tho sick list.
Mr. Orr has sold his property horo.
Tom Hnglo has bought tho A. L.
Sims proporty horo.
Itov. J. W. Tennlson Is conducting
a mooting on Mill Croek. Fifteen con-
verts will bo baptized noxt Sunday.
Deputy Lpd Brown and City Mar-
visiting relatives and friends.
Jssio McDonald has gono to Arkan-
sas. W. J. Ilay 13 In Ardmore on busi-
ness. W. T. Cain has gono to Ardmoro
with com.
A good rain fell hero last nlglit.'
Doputy Leon Brown and City Mar-
shal Jnraos Smith of Wynnewood and
Marshal Stovo Cole of this placo cap-
tured a negro E. A. Ayers who Is
J. A. BIVEN8 President DON LACY VlcPrsldnt.
a. H. PALMER Cashier. W. A. WOLVERTON Ait CartUr.
AF?rDivic3JFiE:. r. tS
Capital $100000.00
Surplus Funds 30000.00
Account! of firms and Individuals solicited. Courteous treatment
Accorded all alikt
Albatross Flour.
wanted In Loo county Toxas on a
charge of larceny.
Mrs. and Mrs. Maya gavo an lco
cream supper last nlghL which was
enjoyed by tho young people.
Pauls Valley.
Considerable corn la being mar-
kotod horo this wook.
A light shower of rain fell horo last
Gainesville Papers Ingorea Injunction
'udge 8mlth of Fort Worth.
Thu 'ooko county local option caso
becomos moro and moro complicated
at oaoh turn and It seems to have nar-
rowed Itself down to a question of
authority between Judgo Barrott of
Galnosvlllo and Judgo Smith of Fort
Worth. Judgo Barrott refused an In-
junction restraining tho publication
of the result of tho election Judgo
Smith granting tho Injunction. Editor
Cadwoll has completed tho publica-
tion of tho result of Uio election run-
ning It tho four weeks' limit This
net on Uio part of tho Signal editor
haa cnusod wllesproad comment to-
day. Whllo tho antls claim that ho Is
In contempt of Judgo Smith's court.
tho pros claim that ho did right la
completing tho publication. And thoro
you havo It Oalnoavlllo Mossongor.
New Jails Ordered at Once.
Muskogoo Tlnios tells us that Wm.
Mellette district attorney for tho
Wostern district rocolvod a letter
from tho attorney-general yoaterdar
stating that work on tho now Vederal
Jail at this city would begin In ton
Furthor than tho abovu Informatics
tho letter did not go nnd no Informa-
tion has boon rocolvod ns to who tho
contractor Is. Tho appropriation for
Fedoral Jails In tho Indian Territory
Is 1140000. This la to build four Jails
and would mako an avorago of 135-
000 for each ono. Mr. Mollotto nnd
othors howovor think that moro
monoy thnn this will bo used on tho
Jail horo as Uio Jail records show
that moro than one-third moro pris-
oners aro hnndlod horo than In any
other district.
Tho Jail will bo built on tho lot that
was bought from J" n Spencor by
tho city. Thero Is not another placo
In tho United Statos whoro a Jail Is
needed moro than In tho Western dis-
Buy a Home.
$275. OO
Will buy n Rood two-room dwell-
iucr barn large lot splendid well
good location.
Will buy a good two-room cottage
good lot nud good location.
Investigate these and own your
own home. We have others to
sell nnd porno good houses for rent.
Wnrehouie trackage facilities
for rout.
Tho Rodfleld Agency
Real Estate Rents Loans.
Phone lai. ARDHORE I. T.

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