The Daily Ardmoreite. (Ardmore, Indian Terr.), Vol. 9, No. 273, Ed. 1, Wednesday, September 24, 1902 Page: 4 of 8

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HtDNEY SUGGS 1'roprlctor.
ntercd nt tho Postofflco nt Ardmoro
r SocondcloBS Man Manor
November 2 1893.
.kii.ti..i Every Attcrnoou (except
aturday). nnd Sunday Morning
n. nf Publication: North Wash
lngton Street
On week
Ob month
One yar
The official newspaper of the United
8tatei Court for the Southern Dlttrlct
Indian Territory: also for the ChlcKa
aw Stock Association of the Indian
merlinrv. and the official ornan of
the city.
Culf Colorado & 8anta Fe Railway
Salvcston & Chicago Exp. ..3:40 a.m
CUburno & K. C. Express. .4:20 p.m
Galveston & Chicago Exp.. 12:35 n.m
Cleburne & K. C. Express. .11:33 a.m
W. A. DA8II113LL
Ticket Agent.
All United States malls close
antnutcs prior to train time.
Terms of United States Court.
At Chlckasha Begins Monday
Bsptombor 29. 1902 and Monday
February 1C. 1903 and continues In
tusslon two weeks.
At Ityan Begins Monday October
II 1902 and Monday March 2 1903
and continues In scsBlon ton days.
At Purcoll Boglns Thursday Oc
tober 23 1902 and Thursday March
li 1903 and continues In session ton
At Pauls Vnlloy Boglns Monday
November 3 1902 and Monday
March 23 1903 and continues In sos
slon (our weoks.
At Ada Boglns Mondny Doconv
ber 1 1902 nnd Monday April 20
1903. and continues in Bosslon ono
At Tishomingo Begins Mondny
December 8 1902 nnd Monday April
17 1903 and contlnuos In sosslon ono
At Ardmoro Boglns Monday Do-
eembor 15 1902 nnd Monday May 4
1903 and continues In session eight
weeks or longer.
Any erroneous reflections upon the
character or roputatlon of any per
son which may bo printed In tho Ard'
morclto or any nrtlclo based on re-
ports that aro falso will bo gladly cor
rected It brought to tho attention of
tho publisher.
Ubo tho Long-DIstnnco Telephono
and call up
It you want tho Ardmorelte.
Ardmore Wednesday Sept. 24.
No doubt If J. Plcrpont Morgnn had
to dig his own coal on ordor to ar-
bitrate would nt once bo given.
A motion failed In tho district court
nt Shcrmnn which sought to havo a
negro cattlo thief discharged becauso
tho grand Jury that Indicted the pris-
oner was composed entirely ot whlto
Socrotnry Hay certainly struck n
common chord In the humnn heart In
Ills npioal to the powers in behalf of
Roumanian Jews but thoro nro tbose
-who cannot reconcile it to the deaf ear
ho turned to Boer distress.
Tishomingo seems to be the goal
whoro the mnjorlty ot Indian cltliens
by blood and otherwise will go to
vote on the supplementary treaty.
Tishomingo is the only voting place
In this iwrt ot the Nation reached by
a railroad accounts for this. Ilecent
dispatches from I'urcell inform us
that the pro-treaty people all Intend
voting but the anti-treaty people seem
indifferent and many will not exer-
cise their privilege in this contest. A
great number will leave here by the
Choctaw route In the morning.
The same rule will apply to nny
town tor one has not yet been built
that will exclude the stingy niggardly
"me and mine" and the Comanche
News but voices a seutlment which
prevails In every town when It says
thoro are men who have largo prop-
erty holdings that ought to be the
foremost ones In every enterprise col-
culatod to bonoflt the town. Tliero Is
n board of trade hero with n very small
momborshlp struggling nlong doing
what It can to build up tho town and
who ronps tho bonoflt ot Its labors?
Most assuredly tho property owners.
Ono qf tho strango things In divine
economy Is that tho stingy niggardly
man a ofton allowed to rldo to opu-
lenco on tho shoulders of othors. How-
cvor.'tho man who does this can en-
Joy the distinction ot being most suc-
cessfully despised.
4. (
4 .t. . 4.4.
elms. Stevens arrived last night
from Trnnesioe.
Mr. Tnorn has gone to Denlson on
Mr. M almoner nrrlvod hero last
night from aolnosvllle.
Glloonlte. Williams nnd wlfo who havo
boon bore visiting Mr. Wllllnuis' fnth
or. S. P. WllllaniB returned homo to
Lehigh yoBtordny.
W. H. Lain ot Buckhorn was In town
W. J. Bay and W. T. Phillips went
to Ardmoro today to see tho Sells
Downs show.
V. M. Fox was horo tills morning
from Ardmors.
The townslto snrvoyors oxiiect to
completo the survoy ot tho town In
about five or six days.
WI1II0 returning from a party at this
place to his homo four in II oh onst of
horo Inst night a young Cblcknsaw
Indlnn accidentally shot hlmsolf In the
hand and also In the stomach with n
rovolvur. His wounds mny provo sc'
Gives General Satisfaction Notices
Being Served Rain Injures Cotton.
Special to tho Ardmorolto.
Duncan. I. T. Sept. 22. Win H.
Trnpp clerk for tho townslto commls
slon of tho Clilcknsaw nation Is now
here giving out npprnlsomont notlcos.
The business lots were nppralsed from
$?00 tho hlghoet to $25 tho lowest
Itesldenco lots from ?S0 down to $G.
As a general thing the appraisement Is
accepted with n degree of satisfaction
among the Inhabitants of tho town.
Somo few howovcr protested and
have asked that their lots be reap
praised on account of the location but
It Is thought that the nppralsement
with these few exception has been
very fair.
A fine rnln fell throughout this sec
tion last night nnd assures plenty ot
stock wnter but It considerably dam
ngod cotton by knocking It out nnd
boating Into tho ground that which had
already been knocked out of tho burr.
Cotton Is coming In rapidly now and
cotton picking Is progroslng nlcoly ox-
copt tor last nlght'9 rnln. Last Tuos-
day was our banuor day this yoar tho
town rocolvlng from wagons 141 bales
ot cotton.
Lleutennnt Perry snys that the only
difficulty to be oxporlonced In reach-
ing tho polo is in a proper supply of
food. Cold counts for nothing. Tho
hnrdshlps of Intonso physical exertion
nets as no dotorront. Ploo lco nnd
hummocks storms thnt bronk up tho
packs nnd darkness tor halt tho year
nro not dlshonrtenlng oplsodes like a
waning lardor. Tho Inferonco from
this is thnt tho establishment of prop-
er dopots ot nmplo supplies and their
constant maintenance will Insure tho
discovery of the pole. This ought not
to prove Insuperable unless tho stretch
of floo botween the northernmost land
nnd tho polo should provo so great as
to prevont the establishment of perma-
nent caches aloDi; an agreed route
In Its current issue tho Literary Di
gest devotos consldorablo to newspa
per comments upon tho boodle senn-
dnl In St. Louis. Those comments on
the part of the prose of other cltlos
are fair In tone and lnrgoly suggest tho
necessity for reform In methods that
shall prevent future looting of Ameri-
can municipalities. The Pittsburg Dis
patch however Is n trltlo unjust In
crying "shame!" because "these things
have existed In a city which Is Inviting
nations to a world' fair." These
things have existed In every great
American city and still exist In most.
8t. Louis is stimulated to extraordi-
nary effort In putting an end to mu-
nicipal assembly corruption for the
reason that she Is determined to be
entirely worthy as a world's fair city.
Municipal purification is a part other
preparation for the world's fair Just
as Is the betterment of her streets and
all the work ot municipal improve-
ment. Republic
The Ardmorerte""win"g7ve n busi-
ness scholarship In the Southwestern
Business Unlvorslty of Oklahoma City
FIU3E to tho boy or girl young man
or young lady sending In tho largest
list of annual subscribers to tho
day of Decembor 1902. This Is an
opportunity raroly offorod nnd espe-
cially under such llboral conditions
for as a further Inducomont every
contestant who ontors for tho prlzo
recolvos n commission of 1G cents on
overy dollar collected. Bogln now If
you mean buslnoss; tho time Is short
and tho opportunity of your llfo Is
offered you. You cannot nfford to
wait for you havo nothing to loso.
Stiinplo copies will bo fumlshpd upon
application. Fill out tho necessary
blank and begin work today.
The KIlllilK of n 111k It til no on the
ltnnlo f Hit. Ml...
I wns dashing nlonir confident that
tho rhino must be fur nhcnil when 7m-
wnnjl wblstkd. 1 could see nothing till
he pointed out tho brute lying quite
close to me. The sun bee ting on her
mini cnkitl hide mndo It blend so per
fectly with the red enrth nnd yellowish
gnu's thnt 1 should have wnlkrd right
up without seeing Iter. She sprang to
nor feet. e both llrcd. .Site inntle n
short dnsb tuwnrd us but thought bet
tir of It nnd rusbed down n small (dope
on to n lint lit'tl of short roods. Here
Bho turned ngnlu mid dolled u. Again
the heavy guns ronrod. Hhe spun round
and round several times staggered re
covered nnd duelled off only to stop
however under the next tree. The .303s
cracked nnd In u wild chorus of thnnk
ful yells she toppled over rose ngnln
Fpun round ami Ilunlly stibsldid Into
the grass. We went up quite close to
finish her. She fought hard to rise and
havo n Inst charge but the little pencil-
like bullet again siwd on Its sail errand
nnd tho game old relic of prehistoric
times breathed her lust. We wore sad
men ns wo gnzed ukjii her grotesque
mlsshnpen form. Somehow one feels
such n blntnnt upstart In the presence
of the pachyderms when one thinks of
the unbroken line that dates back un
changed Into the unthinkable nges of
the past. Ewnrt urogan In Outing.
The llenilftinnn'a IrritiUttce.
Strange nnd unreasonable laws guar-
nnteed to the headsman his full share
of emolument!). Ht wns well iwld for
ills work and never suffered from n
dull Reason. From the towns ho re-
ceived poultry nnd fodder from the
monasteries fish and game. The Ab-
bnye do Snlnt-Clormnln gavo him every
year n pig's head; the Abbnyc do Saint
Martin five loaves of bread and live bot
tles of wine Cnkes were baked for him
on the eve of Epiphany. For each lepor
in the community ho exacted henvoli
knows why a tax nt Christmas time
Les flllos tie Jolo were his vassals. It
was his privilege to seize In the market
plnco ns much corn ns lie could carry
11 way hi his hands nnd the peasants
thus freely robbed submitted without n
murmur crossing themselves with fer-
vor ns ho passed. Ho had the power to
save from death any woman on her
way to the wnffold provided he were
nblo nnd willing to marry her. Ho wns
the first official called to the body of n
suicide nnd standing on the dead
man's breast ho claimed ns his own
everything ho could touch with tho
point of his long sword. Agnes Bop
idler In Harper's Magazine.
All Slrluln.
Holmnn F. Day's "Pino Tree Bnl
lads" tolls In verso n number of sto
rles thnt nntually happened "down in
Maine" nnd lire remembered there to
day by old narrators. One relates to
Barney MeGnuldrle n landlord of that
state at whoso house famous men
liked to stay that they might enjoy n
merry Juke.
Barney was always loynl to his
friends. At ono tlmo a new meat
dealer enmo to town nnd tried to so
cure the landlord's trade.
"I have always bought moat of Jed
Haskell snld Barney "and I guess
I won't change."
"But" said the other "old Haskell
doesn't know his business. Ho doesn't
even know how to cut meat."
"Well" drawled Barney. "Pvo nl-
ways found thnt ho knows enough
nbout It to cut sirloin steak clear to the
horn and that's good enough for me."
The 1'eiiKiiln'i. lluuiit of Locality.
On shore the penguin Is an awkward
creature. Water Is Its element. When
hunted on the Ice Hoes the birds gen
erally try to run nway in nn upright
position but Just as the hunter thinks
ho has got one the bird lies down on its
whlto belly nnd paddles along over the
snow very quickly tho hard smooth
quills slipping over tho snow crystnls
almost without friction. A remarkable
characteristic of tho penguin Is his
bump of locality. Both on shore nnd
In tho wnter ho never loses his way.
To humnn eyes one Ice Iloo Is precisely
like another but under that roof of
similar lco floes I have seen n penguin
of the larger species find Its mnto on a
Uoo after diving nnd swimming for a
full mllo under water. Leslie's.
An Intuitu. le H.-.ult.
Brlggs My wife has bnd a wonder
ful cure. She has recovered her voice
nfter being unable to utter n word for
nearly six months.
Griggs You don't menu ltl How did
It come about?
Brlggs In the most unexpected way.
We liappened to call nt n neighbor's
where they were playing cnrdB. Wo
thought we might as well take n hand.
What was the result? In less than live
minutes my wire was asking In n
strong clear voice. "What's trunipsr"
Boston Transcript.
An unconventional prouchcr under-
took to give his hearers a vivid con-
ception of eternity. This Is the way
ho did it: "if a little sparrow wore to
dip its bill lu tho Atlantic oconn nnd
tnko ono drop of wnter nnd then tnko
ono hop n day ncross tho country and
put that drop in tho Pacific ocean and
thou hop back to the Atlantic one hop
n dny until tho Atlantic wns dry as a
bone it wouldn't bo sun-up In hades."
llutl Ileuliiiilnir Make Quick K inline.
"So the engagement's off';"
"Yes; sho advised him to prnctlco
economy and ho started In by getting
her nn Imitation diamond." Detroit
Free Press.
Russians who ore religious do not cut
pigeons becnuso of the sanctity con-
ferred on tho dove In the Scriptures.
Gab Is nine points In an argument.
Portlund Oregonlau.
Story of n Tnrl.i. I)c ir i.uil
Moillflril rrewrltitlnti.
Mr. Ostniiynn In hi I nk. "The Sc!-
tnn nnd His INfiplo." itnyt t':i'.t n Turk
Isli physlelnn wns culled to llt a mnn
who wns very 111 of typhus f-vw. The
doctor considered tho case hopeless
but lirescrlbed for the lmtlent u.ul took
his leave. 'I he next day. lu passim; by
he Inquired of n serviint-nt the door If
his muster was detitl.
"Dend!" wns the reply. "No ho Is
much liettcr."
The doctor hastened upstairs to ob
tain the solution of the miracle.
"Why" snld the convnlcscent "I was
consumed with thirst nnd I drank a
pailful of the Juice of pickled cab
"Vonderfull" quoth the doctor and
out enmo the tublets on which ho
mndo this Inscription: "Cured of ty
phus fever Mehemed Aghn. an unbol
sterer by drinking n pailful of pickled
en Linage juice. '
Soon nfter tho doctor wns culled to
another imtlent. n yughllkgee or dealer
in embroidered handkerchiefs who wn
suffering from the sumo miiliidy. He
rortnwitli pit-serlliwl "a pailful of pic
kled cabbage Juice."
On calling the next dny to congratu-
late his patient 011 his recovery he wns
astonished to be told thnt the mnn wns
In his bewilderment nt those nhe
iiomenn ho enmd to the snfe conclusion
und duly noted If lu his memoranda
that "although In oust of typhus fever
piemen onblinKo Jtilee Is 1111 efficient
remedy It Is not to be used unless the
patient be by profession nn upholster
A I'oor Compliment.
"People don't often Insult you when
they menu to be gracious" snld nn art
ist the other day. "Insults are the ere
ntlons of 111 nature nnd not mere mnt
tors of words. But I had an expert'
once that made me laugh und yet lrrl-
tuted me."
"Somebody tnko one of your snow
scones for n spring lnndscapo?" In
quired nn amiable friend.
"No;" replied tho nrtlst; "this wns
not n mntter of professional pride. A
tradesman sent 1110 n bill In which ho
unlntentlnlly chnrged me only nbout n
third of what I owed him."
"Thought ho stood n better chance
of getting it I suppose" Interrupted
tho facetious frlond.
"Now hold on Billy nnd let me tell
tho story. Well that was the second
time ho had sent n bill for less thnn I
owed nnd I wrote him n note calling
his nttentlon to the error. This morn
ing I got n letter from him lu which
he 'thnnked mo for my honesty.' A
man may thnnk you for your courtesy
or for your kindness but when ho
thanks you for being honest It Is an
Insult. One might ns well pralso n
man for not beating his wife."
The Soil Willi Xot Coiixenlnl.
It wns Aunt Uebeccn's first visit to
her niece n city girl who had married
a few yours before nnd begun house
keeping In n pretty town In southern
"Myrtle" sho said looking out of the
kitchen window one morning "you
lmvo n line patch of ground hero that
seems to bo going to waste. Why don't
you plant pencil trees? They grow
beautifully In this climate."
'Jso aunty" replied the young wife:
"the soil Is too poor. I havo tried It.
You remember those canned peaches
you sent me year before last? They
were tho llnest I over saw Oner than
nny that grow here. Well I Baved the
stones nnd without saying nnytlilug
to Robert nbout It I planted them out
there In the yard but not one of them
ever camo up not n single one!"
The Hoyiil Color.
Purple hns always been considered
tho roynl color. The 111 fated Charles
was however nt his own desire
crowned In n robe of white. Although
ho wns seriously reminded that of tho
two exceptions to this rule Richard II.
and Henry VI. who woro whlto satin
robes nt their coronations both had
come to n violent end ono nt Ponte-
fract castlo nnd 0110 in tho Tower
Charles I. was resoluto lu his decision
and when twenty-three years nfter-
wnrd almost to n day his body was
conveyed to Its grave through n heavy
snowstorm tho superstitious could not
help remnrklng that the third "whlto
king" had suffered n violent death.
St. James Gazette
An OfitlinUtlci View.
The Invalid looked out of the window
Just ns n hearso wont by and he
smiled happily.
"D'ye inlnd Biddy" ho snld "It's
worth the dyln' to have n ride lu a
thing like that with tho feathers on
top an' n man with n bug on his lint
nn' you leln' gr-reatcr nn' more nlels-
sary than the marshal Iv n St. Path-
rick's day parade. There's wnnst In
yo'ro life ye'ro tho whole thing nn'
Hint's whin ye're dead." Chicago Post.
The Sen.llile Thlntr.
Schoolmaster What Is the moaning
of ono twonty-llfth?
Boy I I don't remember.
Schoolmnster If you had twonty-flvo
friends visiting you nnd only 0110 npplo
for them what would you do?
Boy I'd wait till they'd gono and
then cat It myself.
I! 11 fortti nnte.
Von Blumer I wonder what kind of
people have taken the house across tho
Mrs. Von Blumer I don't know I
wns out tho dny they moved In. New
York Herald.
Why 11 Mnn Shouldn't.
There aro two things that Bhould
keep n man from worrying If he havo
no reason for worrying there's no use
worrying; If ho bnve n reason there Is
bo use. Los Angeles Herald.
Grain Produce Llvi Stock and Other
(By QuIUot Bros.' Exchange.)
New York Futures.
Opoued. Closed
Octobor 8.C3 8.C4
December ..; 8.72 8.73
January S7C 8.77
Now "iork 0c; market quiet. Sales
3S0 bales.
Liverpool A 31-32; snles. S'000. Easy.
Chicago Cattle Receipts.
Cattlo lC.OfiO; market steady.
Hogs 17000; market Cc higher.
Kansas City Receipts.
Cattle 10000; market steady.
Hogs 0000; market Cc higher.
Wheat No. 2 hard C7G7V&
Wheat No. 3 hard C2G4&
Wheat No. i hard 57'C9i4
Wheat No. 2 red CC0C7
Wheat No. 3 red C4CC
Wheat No. 4 red C0C4
No. 2 white
No. 3
No. 2 mixed 60
No. 3 mixed GC
No. 4 mixed GC
No. 2 whlto 325M2IA
No. 3 white 31
No. 2 mixed 31
No. 3 mixed 30
(By Porter Staples.)
Tho following aro tho provaillnK
prices paid for produco today:
WMbat No. 2 70c; No. 3 05c.
Oats 10c to 45c.
Hay $0.50 to ?8.00.
Corn 40c to 50c.
Sweet potatoes $1.00 to $1.25
Irish potatoes 70c per bu.
((By William Nowman.)
Ducks Per dozon $2.00
Hons Per dozon $2.50.
Frying chickens $1.G0 to $3.00.
Eggs Per dozon lGc.
Butter 20 to 25c per pound.
Live Stock.
(By Cold Storngo Market)
Fat cows gross cwt $2.25
Fat calves $2.00 to $4.G0
Fat sheep per head. .. .$2.00 to $2.50
Fat hogs (gross) 100 lbs $5.25 to $5.75
Wood Per cord $1.75 to $2.25.
Coal (by Weeks Bros.) $3.50 ton.
(By E. B. Pugh.)
Nntlvo apples per bu $1.C0
Natlvo peaches $.100
Pears $1.E0 to $2.00
Cabbage per lb 2V4
'eanutB 4
Pecans 4
Cotton Market.
Tho cotton market opened weak this
morning with a downward tendency
tho first price bolng 8 MC cents. At
the close 8.10 wns being pnld for lint
cotton while 2.70 wns tho prevailing
price for seed cotton. Cotton seed
$13.50. The receipts for today was
about 100 bales.
The Human Lottery
"Ah lfoulr I were beautiful
how hnpi7 Ufa would bo"
Many a forlorn maid hut aM this at she
looked Into th mirror l'or beauty women
havo lacrifk ed home love and friends. It U
the one pottetilon In the lottery of human
life which women would not refute
FemaJc Regulator
for younri?lrli on the threshold ot woman-
hood has been invaluable. When they be-
come pale and lanzuld the eves dull
aching-bead feet and hands cold appetite
Rone or abnormal obstructed periods and
It particularly valuable and nteful owing
10 its ionic properties to onua up ins sys-
tem and as a regulator of the menstrual
Hows. Painful obstructed and luppretssd
menstruation permanently rellsvsdand all
diseases peculiar to her ceultal organs are
cured by It.
Regulator clears the complexion brifht-
ens the eye sharpens the appetite removes
muddy ami blotched conditions of the skin
and cures sick headache to a certainty by
removing the cause.
Of drugclU 11.03 per bottle.
" Pr rfect Health for Women " Is free and
T. I11 be mailed on receipt of address.
0 Atlanta oa. 0
ts under tV- head wf1
nt tho rr.te of five (!r
ao. No rv
be received
cents per lino.
celved for less than llfteea cents nfr
cents. Special monthly rntr fiitniJ5'
ed on application. The huiiiu iJlr'
contain any matter of "Lost'8
"Found" "For Rent" For Sals
"Stolon" "Strayed" or any purpci
without display lines. '
WANTED AT ONCE Whlto or ed
ored man nnd wife or two womej
to cook and do laundry for 12 p
pie. Will pay $8 per week. Out (
town work. Call and bco Cyni
Pyeatt Cold Storngo Market. 10-i
UUAIlUUllS WAft IKLf JUOtt pri
fcrred. Apply to Mrs. Ida Sha'
corner Fourth avenue nnd Cadifo
street. lGlgn
. (
FOR RENT Ono unfurnished rook-
on West Broadway. Apply to C. (
Russoll at Burton-Peols storo. 231
FOR RENT A good new two-roo:
houso on West Main street. B
lot plenty of water. Seo J. F. Ea
ley. o-tt 1
FOR RENT A store building now ot
cuplcd by Ardmoro Drug Co.
S-tf. R. W. RANDOL. I
FOR SALE Resident proporty cloi
In. Threo room house two porchei"
lot 75x214 foot fine young orchnrf1
shade trees and grass. Apply Elir
Wilkes or R. W. Rnndol. 21-Ct"j
FOR SALE My resldenco n flvi
room houso In Southeast ArdmorL
two large lots two wells fine 0
chard and blackberry patch etnbli
smokehouse good water and fences)
call at residence.
l-m O. G. WARREN.
For Sale BOO heating stoves nt on
half price at Mason's. 12-lm t
FOR SALE Or will trade for red
estate a Bush & Gerfs piano al
moit new. Apply this offlco. 17-12C
FOR SALE Dots d'arc posts. E. M!
Crlm at Hammond Packing Com
Pan'. 14-lm. .
LOST A rlbbon-trlmraed capo to j
child s wjilto cashmoro wrap ot
North Washington streot. FIndei
plenso leave at this offlco.
Any ono doslrlng tho services of Jo
trained nurso should call or addrest!
Miss Kendall F streot and Cth nvenudii
S. W. 17.1m !
School books now nnd Becond-bnnd
for salo by J. B. Wp.1I & Co. B00K
satchel freo to each' pupil. Buy youJ
hooka from us. I
10-tf. J. B. WALL & CO.
Real jEstate Rental:
and Insurance.
Noble B'ld'g. Ardmore. I.Ti
Do VOll WQnt. fn Vinv n vnonnt Inil
on easy payments. J
A nice 4-room bouse in n cood)
location; one-third down balanci
on monthly payments.
Onof2-room house for rent $5;
Have you $1100 to invest. If
so we can show you n barRain.
It will brhifr yon 18 per cent on
the investment.
Farm lands both for rent and
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The Daily Ardmoreite. (Ardmore, Indian Terr.), Vol. 9, No. 273, Ed. 1, Wednesday, September 24, 1902, newspaper, September 24, 1902; Ardmore, I. T.. ( accessed April 21, 2021), The Gateway to Oklahoma History,; crediting Oklahoma Historical Society.

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