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BlDMBY BU003. Proprietor.
rtbllthH KTrr Afternoon (Batorjlar Ei-
optd) nd Monday Morning.
omen of publication. Conrt Street.
laeond oliimill mutter. Mot. 21. n.
Ota Week
Ooa Montb
Oaa Ter
I .11
Alio ibr Offlcul OrKn for toe
Chickasaw Stock association
of th Indian Territory.
Colorado and aanta re naiiwar.
ejfeiton and Chlcat-o Bipre '
Ol.lwrne and Kan.aatlty Expret. 6M1 P.m.
rt.Ueiton and Cblraif" Etpret. : m.
Oleborne n.l Kan... city Kxpre-. 1 l:M i . m.
. y prtHAM Ticket Aifent.
W. B. K- oeneral IMMenirer Agent.
Use tha Long Distance Telephona
J :: AND CALL ur ::
J Phone No. 5 I
J If you want the Aiidhoukitk. o
MJriCli TO Tllll I'UULIC.
Any erroneous relleetlon upon tho
character standing or reputation of
any porion Arm or corporation
which may appear in tho columns of
tho AnDUOitEiTK will bo gladly cor-
roded upon Its being brought to the
attention of tho publisher.
The venerable Bishop Hargrove
will no doubt have a very large
audience today at Hargrove college.
GovEitNou Baknes' last ollleinl
act was to appoint a democrat to
office and pardon a rep'uliHentY'fdr
violatiug the law.
XfxnND if possible the meet'
ingdn the city hall tomorrow aftor-
notm and let us receive the Dallas
business men next Wednesday
with cordiality.
Sukbuy theso muddy croseiugs
If n crime is defined as nn act
the doing of which is prohibited by
law stock speculation cannot be
I considered criminal but when the
word crime is used in its broader
sense to describe nn act which
offends against morality or the pub
lic welfure it certainly includes
that species of grmbling upon the
market whioh endangers the com-
munity as well ns Injures the par-
ticipants. A record of Wall
Street's doings fot' tue ast weok is
an indictment against our boasted
civilization. That such transac
tions are allowed 1? as much a re
ilection upon the intelligence of
the country ns it is upon the con-
science of the people. It is little
less than amsJiing that a few men
should be permitted to corner the
market for their own selfish purpo-
ses beat down the prire of one
stock and boom the price of an-
other stock demoralizing business
and ieonardizinc the interests of
a' I classes of society. It is re
ported that the slump in stocks
amounted to seven hundred mil-
lions in value and that the New
York banks had to put up nearly
twenty millions of dollars to pre'
vent a panic. How will the his
torian describe nn nge in which p
petty thief is severely punished
while great criminals go unwhip
pedf It often takes an object les
A I- L - It.-
son to arouse me peopie 10 me
evils of n had system and the recent
lluctuations in the i'ock market
costly as they have been will be
cheap if they load to legislation
which will rlut nn end to stock
gambling erroneously described as
business. Bryan's I omraoner.
Bodr bnildltiR.
as they understood
tt in Greece and
Rome seems a
lost art. Young
rr.en tiat chested
lj'''-y muscled
a uu h along the
t-'r.trts. with scarcely
one li steal nttrib
it manhood.
ti ! et these voting
men ttiuiJ.I like to
'x? ttell tinncled sup.
p'c. rei t and hardy
hut the don't know
hw to ifo about it.
They tr dumb bells
roH-inx and bo.xinc
but nly in a half
hearted v. These
sports should be play
to them but are real-
ly work. The main
factor in this condi-
tion is an ill nour-
ished body. The
stotrjtch is not work-
in properly. The
digestive and nutritive organ are not in
active health. The remit is that the nu-
trition for the body is not distributed in
proper proportions to make blood bone
and muscle.
Weak young men who take a course of
Ir. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
will find a marked change in their phys-
ical strength and energy The body will
be built up so that gymnastics win not
tax and tire them but be the natural
exercise enjoved by ituacles which are
nourished into firm health.
Welter. Kj
otelnf. ufeen eii-ht buttle of the I
test Diwovery' and ffluet lay that I am trans-
In a letter rrceived from A l
of Penaacoln. fcjtramMa Co Fla (Boa: uil.
Hates ' " I have atncf rerrivini our diaamoala
ol mv case a stomach trouble and liver eatn.
Ooidea Mtd
format from a walkma hadow a mv friend"
callr1 met to perfect health t value vonr retn-
edtea very highly anil take pleasure In recom-
mending them to any add all who niSer as I
did four month ago I did not think to be In
thane to anktt our Uncle Samnet ' la cae of
hoaftlities bat thanka to yuu. I am now ready
for the I)on '
Or. Pierce's Pellets cure biliousness.
The olllcial report of the treas
ury .department just issued shown
that during the last fiscal year not
one Americau vessel went to or
came from Germany Ilussin Nor
way Sweden Denmark Nether
lands. Italy. Hungary Greece or
Turkey. There was but one from
Belgium two from Frnnce and
three from Koglaud. The Ameri
A Yotmi: Lnd Killed at Comanche
Leaped l-rom Running Train.
By telephone from Comanche we
learn of a sad accident which oc
curred there Friday night.
Dan Bailey aged 10 years
whose parents live at Dixie and
who has been nt work in a restau
rant nt Auuington in jumping
from a through freight on ihe
Hock Island at Comanche was
force that his skull was fractured
and he- received internal injuries
from which he died Saturday rnoin-
iug nt 10 o'clock
It is supposed he got on the
bUHBi.Y tlieso mutiny croM.uga Qffi h a
.loppy sidewalks? and "no- sidewalks 1 5u nr0Ienn wftiPrs.
sliouiti appeal
to the city council
mid even nronerty holder m the
nitv to mitka nn effort for ini-
provement along that line-
Oklahoma city council has
raised the liquor license fee of that
city. Formerly they have paid
300 tier nuarter. but hereafter
thfiv will have to nuy $10 in ad
vatice for the same privilege.
If the city ordinance against low
hanging sign is still in force and
effect Chief of Police Booker will
liud an awning in front of a build
ing on North Caddo street that
comes easily under the head of n
Those who believe in death-bed
repentances have had cold water
thrown on on their faith by the
Kev. Dr. Harcourt's statement
that it is not the tho little puff of
prayer sent off at the last moment
bv n minister that wafts the soul
into heaven."
Kino EiVaki who was born
Nov. 9 1841 has decided that his
birthday shall be celebrated May
'21 eoch year thus perpetuating
the holiday heretofore observed by
nil the public departments (Queen
"Victoria's birthday) and giving an
impetus to the colonial movement
to observe the day ns Umpire Day.
New Yokk police nre busy in an
effort for evideuce leading to the
death of Father Phillips who was
discovered in a stnte of decompo
sition iu n room in that city.
Father Phillips was the idol of the
miners in Pennsylvania he having
aided them material iu strike
issues. A belief is current that the
dirine was poisoned
If you'.will grant us a little more
time. Ardtnote will astonish the
Territory with n handsome union
depot vast machine shops a cot
ton mill an immense packing
house oltctrlo street ears street
lights o'nights asphalt paved
streets ottosiau wells If oil don't
knock the water out nnd many
other industries but tlrst of all
wo must have a substantial water
works and sewerage system.
Ii is
in nl
Jhey Kept the Yankee l-rom Re
leasing Prisoner at AndcMonvllle.
Col. T. J. Johnson who has re
eently come here from Princeton
Ky. nnd embarked in the under
taking business is nn old ex-Con-
dernteoldierand served througL
cut the war in the second Ken
tucky cavalry. The colonel says
that his command was ordered
ijnce in a while down into Georgia
and when they went there the boys
vould call it their summer excur-
In the year 1SG8 they were down
nt Ri'secea Ga. a little below
Dalton and they retreated down to
Atlanta where Johnson was hold-
itg out against Sherman. About
this time Johnson was removed
and Hood put in his place.
About this time also Gen. Stone-
man (federal) started out for An-
dersonville with six or eight regi
ments for the purpose of releasing
the prisoners there which number
ed at least 30.000. In Stonetnan's
command was a
ment whoso time
expired but they
go down nnd help
Stoueman never dreamed of be
ing pursued until one morning
about daylight down near Macon
when four or five regiments ol
Confederates run in on them and
interrupted their slumber.
Col. Johuson says they killpd
andv captured Stoneman's entire
commnnd except the Keutucky
regiment nnd they took to the
woods. About 100 men were de
tailed from his regiment to pursue
They overtook them at a small
town-not far distant nnd notwith
run in on them nnd what they
didn't capture jjot drowned in a
creek while trying to cross it.
And they never got the glory of
releasing the prisoners at Ander
train nt Addington with the m-1 The Colonol 0(1 ug n)s0 how
tention of riding to Conianohei .nrt p tim iii nff ir nnn vnni-a
I I VU t - kill-Ill IIV-t4 V V V J fc - V. w
tram which place ne wouia gojat DuRg Kfl whiie Johnson
Kentucky rogi
of service had
vblunteered to
"turn the bojs
of Special Sales
At the always popular Men's Furnishing and Clothing
Store. If you hnve not already bought your Spring outfit
now is the time to do eo. Watch our ad each day this
week. Something new every day.
MONDAY Clothing Day.
12 50
fl o.
All our 18.50 suits at
" " 1G.U0 " ".
" " 12.50 " "..
" " 10.00 " ".
" " 8.50 "
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All $3 50 Pants
" 3.00 "
" 4.50 "
" 2.50 "
" 2 00 "
Remember we advertise just what we have Holfi'jg else
Everything in our store is marked in plain
figures and everything will be sold as advertised.
Yours Respectfully
5 S3
1 C5
The New
West Main St
Fine Steaks
Phone 127
Dressed Poultry
If the present gait is kept up
in Toxas in the way of (hiding oil
u diggiug ordinnry wells the
prospect of a water famine is evi-
dent. Two days ago oil was ac-
cidently discovered while parties
were diggiug a well in Caldwell
county at a depth of thirty-five
feet. The oil rose in tho well to n
depth of six feet-
Tt'itKEY is cooling off just a
little the Porte hns ordered the
Turkish minister in Washington
to ratify the international posttl
convention concluded nt the postol
congress in Washington several
years ago. This order implies
that Turkey regrets having
started n confiict with the powers
Akdmoke is destined to witness n
greater transformation within her
self withiu the next twelve months
than the mnjorityof her people an
ticipate. What with rnilroads and
tho conalusion of the work of the
townsite commission giving our
people deeds to their lands the
fact becomes very npparent.
In Alabama the negros have orE
gatiizcd the Afru-American hxo
tins union tho purpose of which
is to prepare tho uegro for his exit
from the stnte of Alabamn in the
event of his disfranchisement by
the forthcoming Constitutional
convention to be held in thnt state-
Anent the matter of entertain
ing tne uaiins commercial ciuu
next Wednesday wo believe it our
moyor hod called a meeting of the
businoss men nt night instead of
in the afternoon there would be n
better attendance therefore more
interest mnnifosted.
Uncle Sam is not the least ex-
cited at tho proposed commercial
coinbinotiou of Germany nnd Hus-
sin against the United Stntcs.
Time will be as muoh conflict of
interest between tho members of
the combino as hotween them and
tho United States.
through the country to his home
and in alighting at Comnnohe he
received the injuries as above
His parents were notified of his
injuries early baturuav morniuc
and were en route to Comnnehe at
the time of his death. It is thought
his body will be taken to Divie for
Twenty-eight photographs aud
one photo button for 25c for a few
days longer. Over Weiss Bros.
store. 15 Gt
The Ahdmoheite hns for sale in
any quantity to small purchaser.
100 renms of 24x30 b'.auk news
paper at lowest mnrket price.
C. W. Stone who recently mov
ed here from Tyler Texas has
purchased the V. A. Niblack stock
of groceries.
Geo. Hoffman & Co. have put in
a handsome mnrble slab on their
meat counter. It adds greatly to
the appearance of tho market.
Make wholesome ice cream at
home. Buy your freezers from
"When you go to buy bluing
nsk for Red Cross Bag Blue.
Large paqkago five cents.''
"Ask youg grocer for Ked Cross
Bag Blue. Large package five
J. C. Wolf is now prriuif.or of
the New York Backet Store and
will share the building with J. II.
Spiegle until June 20. Until that
time Mr. Wolf will sell his Kncket
goods out nt wholesale cost. 19 lm
The worries of a wenk nml Blck
mother are only begun with tho
birth ol hor child. Hy tiny her work
Is cotiHtnntly Interrupted and at
night her sloop Is brokon by the
wnlllng of tho poovluli punny Infant.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Proscription
makos wonk women strong nml slok
worn on woll. It lightona nil the bur-
dens of mntornlty giving to mothers
atrongth and vigor which thoy lm-
pnrt to tholr children. In over
thirty yonra of practice Dr. l'lorco
nnd his aesooiato stnff of nearly a
oooro of physicians havo trontod and
curod moro than hnlf a million
Buffering women. Sick women aro
Invltod to consult Dr. Plorco by lot-
tor froo of charge A1J correspond-
enco la strictly private Address Dr.
l'lorco Invnlld'a hotol nnd Surgical
Institute IlufTolo X T
retreating to Atlanta. Johnson
was expecting the yankees to try
and cut off his renr aud sent 400
men upon a smnll steep mountain
which commanded thor.aBS. Breast
works were thrown up of stone
mil pretty soon here they come
The yankees charged them and
were repulsed. Tho came at them
again and were repulsed. They
would rally aud go nt the small
band of rebels till they had made
five attacks upon them each time
leaving many blue coats on the hill
Then it wps that the rebels dis
covered that they were out of am
munition. They had not powder
nor ball to shoot with ouy longer.
Still there were the yankees still
determined aud were soon ad
vancing up the hill ngain. The
rebels had sent for ammunition
but it had not arrived. On the
bluecoats came nnd the Confed
erntes true as steel took up rocks
and threw them nt the advancing
foe. and turned loose great bould
ers. which went tearing down the
hillside causing death anddestruc
tiou us they passed along. The
boys won they repulsed them with
By the tune tne yankees came
at them again they had received
their ammunition and of course
drove them down tho hillside iu
hurry. Thus Johnson s rear was
J. J. Dabbs'.
hats are cheapest at
Iliihonlc Plague Situation.
Cnpo Town May 18. Ton
fresh ensos ot bubonic pinsuo
and threo deaths from tiio dis
easo woro officially roportod to
Children's and misses' leghorns
a specialty nt J. J. Dabbs'.
To Cure bvapcpsla and IndUcatlon.
Sour atomach or Honrtburn tak
Hex Dyspepsia Tnblots. All drug
gists nro authorized to refund monoy
If thoy fall to euro. Price 50 o per
packngo .
Desirable Business Lots for Sale
We have eight business lots 25
200 we are going to sell right.
.Laidlaw Lumijeii Co.
Grade Market
to Any Part of
Everything Eiept in a High
Goods Delivered "on Time"
the Gity.
g.AA4iAA A A A A A A A A A (
For this week only we nie going to make 28 Photo-
graphs and one Photo Button for the small sum of 25c.
A Bunch of Photographs
for a Little Bunch of Money.
Everybody should take advantage of this offer. Bring
the little ones and get some of those cute little pictures-
you will never regret it. Suppose you should happen to
lose your dear littlo ouc without having had its picture
taken when you could have had it done for about nothing.
Don't you know you would always blame yourself for the
We are going to remain in Ardmore
for Only a Short Time so you
Had Better Come Now.
We guarantee satisfaction in every instance."s
We hnve made Pictures for several hundred people in
Ardmore already and they all seem well pleased-
Over Weiss Bros. Store Main Street-
8 tf i? y J & Jr nf s nr v ?p y
Ilrltlsli nre Hopeful.
London May IB. The Protor-
ia correspondent of tho Daily
Mall reports greatly improved
prospects for a winter campaign.
"Tho numerous surrenders of
tho Boors nro n healthy sign"
ho says. "I am unable ns yot
to see n near date for tho close
of hostilities. But one may bo
morn hopeful especially if tho
rosults of tho comiug activity
resemble those of tho past
month.'' .
Por Sale.
Tho only hotel iu Maunsyille on
the. Choctaw railroad. Is doing a
lino business in fact crowded.
Reasons for selling ill health of
family. Terms cash.
T. J. White
9-lm Mnnnsville L T.
Spragiiis & Co. have a big line
of ice cream freezers. Any size
any PLc. you wantv
An exchange is responsible for
the following: At n revival meet-
ing in Oklahoma a man arose and
said he was the tho wickedest man
in town. "I'd go to hell if I should
die tonight." he concluded. Imme-
diately nn old deacon started tho
hymn "If you get there before I
do look forme; I'm coming too."
And the old deacou wondered why
everybody laughed.
When you want to sell your
second hand goods don't fail to
see me. a8 lm W. II. Kopeks
S hull of Persia Dyln g.
London May 18. The Shah
of Porsin is dying of kulnoy di-
sease says n disatch from Tif .
fisto tho Daily Express.
Tho malady has progressed
too far to permit him to mako
tho Intended visit to Cortrox-
villo. It is expected that his
death will bo tho signal for a
Russian coup in Persia.

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