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coRiNisu cururrs.
Special Corrctpondenco.
Cornish I. T. Feb. 16. We hnve
bad aeyeral day a' coof wratLcr nntl a
snow which will please the (armors
who are ready to sow onts
Cornish Is still Improving. Will
Murroll has a nice rctidotice com-
tiletod and has moved into It. Dr.
Howard has his rosldenco nearly
completed. W. 1'. Uarle has built
nn addition to bis dwelling. T. Q.
Caldwell has moved his resldonco
out of the street nnd has tbo lumber
on tho ground to build un addition.
We hnve received a letter from
Mr. Tyson ot Onagrls which said tbo
wlro and othor apparatus (or tbo
telephone from Onagri" to Cornish
bad been ordered and that the com
pany would complote the lino soon
with Ardinoro nnd Duncan.
Mrs. J. II. Holder died on tho
morning of tbo Uth nnd was buried
Dan JnRKcri has pneumonia but
Is Retting along very well.
Tho school hero Is getting along
nicely under tho tnnnagoniont of
Prof. Harris nnd wife.
Tho noncort nt tho school bouco
was well attended and highly appro
llovr l This.
Wo ofTor one hundred dollars ro-
ward for any caso of catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
F. J. Cjiknky & Co Toledo 0.
Wo tho undersigned havo known
F. J. Cheney for tbo last IS years
end bollevo him perfectly honorable
In all bustnoss transactions nnd
financially able to carry out any
obligations mado by their Arm.
West & Truax Wholesale Drug-
gists Toledo O. Waidino Kinnan
& Marvin Wholesale Druggists
Tolodo O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Inter-
nally acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of tbe system.
Testimonials sent froo. t'rlco 75o
per bottlo. Sold by all druggists.
Hall's family pills aro tbo best.
A woman occasionally talks about
berself If tboroaro no othor women
to talk about.
"I strongly rocommond lieges'
Chorry Cough Syrupj It curod mo of
a throat troublo ot many years.'
standing." Mrs. J. Broman Hide
Colo. Curos coughs colds asthma
bronchitis in grippe pnoumonia
whooping-cough croup and con-
sumption. W. U. Frame City Drug
Sturo .
An nngry man In nn argument re-
sembles n crlppto In a foot raco.
Children nover cry vory loud for
It. but thoy do llko Dr. Caldwell's
Hyrup Pepsin. Ask W. H. Frame
Ardmoro Davis Oakland.
Kate for Marill (Iras.
For the nccommodation of those
doslrlng to nttond tho Mnrdi Ores
fostlvltlcs nt New Orleans tho Texas
nnd FaclHc Hallway Co. from Its
stations in Texas will sell tickets on
Februnry 13 II 15 10 17 nnd 18 at
rato of ono faro for tho round trip.
Tbeso tickets will be limited to ro-
turn loavlng Wow Orloans as lato as
March int.
Invfowof tho roccnt inauguration
of chair car lino botweonFort Worth
Dallas and New Orloans wo feel
that our service is Incomparablo.
Tbcro Is no competing lino In po-
sition to ofTor such favorablo induce
ments. Our lino is tbe shortest ono
making tho trip in tho shortU3t pos
slble time and I trust tboso advan-
tages will bo duly wo'ghod If you
contemplate making th" trip.
For further Information wrlto to
H. P. HugheB traveling passenger
acent. Fort Worth or to E. P. Tur
nor. gonoral passungor nnd ticket
agent Dallas Texas.
Special Correspondence.
Emet Ptb. IB. Mrs. A T. Sic-
Kloney died of consumption last
night nnd will bo buriod at the limet
cometory today.
There Is a groat deal ot grip and
kindred trouble slnco tbo recent
cold snap.
Ilov J. P. I.ano ot Bhorman 1b In
town this week on business.
Dr. Hcoloy's now residence Is al-
most completed and It is n credit to
tho town.
Tho Choctaw contractors are
camped on I3lg llluo threo miles
north of town nnd aro preparing to
begin work at an early date.
It. V. Pre n oh and family of Milo
aro visiting relatives horo.
It Is reported that Tishomingo has
lost tbe Choctaw road. It Is tho gen-
eral impression now that tho princi-
pal town this sldo nt the WashltV
will be at Candon drove about six
milos o.-yit of Tishomingo wbero the
surveyors have already staked out
tho oxtorior limits of their grounds.
Should Man lie Vain?
' Cortalnly he should. He should
havo ambition to look well and feel
good which ho cannot do unless ho
digests bis food. Dr. Caldwoll's
Syrup PepBln aids digestion clears
tho haad keeps tho bowels regular
and makes a man fcol at peaco with
tno wnoie world. Try it. w. u.
Frame Ardmoro
I. T.
Davis Oakland
Marriago Is n lottery and lots of
men wish they could dispose ot their
Nervous children are almost al-
ways thin children. Tho "out-door-boy"
Is seldom nervous. White's
Cream Vermlfugo Is tbo best pre
ventive of nervousness. Itatrongtb
nns tbe system nnd assists to that
sort of flesh which creatos strength
and power of endurance. Prlco 25
cents. W. 11. Frame City Drug
Tbe young man who has to scratch
tor u living seldom sows any wild
Auituat Mower.
"It Is a surprising fact" says
Prof. Houton "that In my tra
vols in all parts of tbe world for tho
last ten years I have met more poo
plo having used Uroon'a August
Flower than any other remody for
dyspepsia deranged liver and stom-
ach and for constipation. I Qnd for
tourists and salosmon or persons
filling ofllco positions wboro head-
nchoa.nnil genoral had feollnga from
Irregular habits exist that Orion's
August "Flower Is a grand remedy.
It docs not lnjnro tbo system by
frcquont nse and Is oxcollont for
sour stomachs and Indigestion."
Samplo bottles free at City Drug
etoro Ardmoro nnd Madill.
Bold by dealers In all civilized
Uet Croon's Prlzo Almanao.
Rubbing nnd Squealing Cured.
I met an old negro Ocorcc by
name and after the usual pnltitu-
lion the old negro (aid liia lieallh
bud improved since I had last seen
him. Said I:
"Uuele Ueorge. bow did you get
rid of vnur rheumatism!"
The old man replied: "Well
boss I'll tell you jes' zaetly how I
cured it. I heard n fellow say if
you go and flml a placo wlmr a hog
rubbed and ef you rub dar and
squeal like a hog your rheumatiz
would leave you So I went and
squealed same us a hog and boss
1 ain't had no rheumnliz since.
Iteoeut experiments sbow that nil
classes c.f foods may bo completely
digested by a preparation called
Koilol Dyspepsia Cure which abso
lutely digests what you eat. As It Is
the only combination of nil tho nat
ural dlgestants evor dovlsod tho do-1
mand tor It has becomo enormous.
It has never failed to euro tho very
worst cases of iudlgoBtlon and It I
always gives Instant rollof. City
Drug Htoro W. 11. Frame prop.
Ladies I hnve secured tho agen
cy for (he genuine pure baking
powder named "Perfecti" and
guarantee every onnco to bo as
pure as chemistry can mnko it. I
shall nlwuys carry tho very best
that money can buy.
S. E. Jenkins.
If a man has wheels In his head I
ho must boot a mochanlcal turn of I
Hi In Style.
Don't laugn at fashion.
Don't dlacourago ambition.
Don't binder progress.
Try to be cflablo.
Look on tho bright side.
Strive to be happy.
Enjoy life.
Keep boalthy
which you can do by using Dr. Cald-
woll's Syrup Pepsin according to di-
rections. It Is an absolute euro for
constipation Indigestion stomaeb
troublos nnd sick bendacho. W. IS.
I'ramo Ardmore Davis Oakland
I. T.
The above cut represents samples of our
Oils administered for the absolute painless extraction of teeth.
Ofllce: Near City National Hank Ardmoro I. T.
fchkt loeikTiin.
Ardmnre IxmIki Ni..Uf(r nl Rotwkah
Meets every Thuraday nt 7:30 . m. In (Mtt
Fellows bull. Vlaltnra cordially weloomed.
Maude bouKltmi N.U.
MngKle Curomlng". Hccretary.
Woodmen of tbe World. IteKiilar meet
lng every Prtilnr In each munlh atsp. Ka
In Knliihtant Pylhlae hull. VlaltlnKbrctb-
renliiTlleil Jae Mather. O. ie
Kit. Handlln. Clerk.
Myrtle Lodge No. 7 K. of P. Meet ever-
m. in mcir uaatie nan
florman tiulliltnir. All
viauini; ureinren aro invneii.
Thuraday at 7:15 p. m
.Main atrcoi. in
C. W. Ilolllna.C.R.
Marcua llrlKht. K. of II. anil H.
Ardmoro l.odKe Nn. o 1. (). o. P. Meetr
every Tueaday at 7iao p. m. In their hall ok.
Sprlneor atreet. Vlaltlng liretbren alwaya
welcome. I. It. MaaonN tl
W. II. Knloc. Secretary.
Ardmoro Council No. IS Onler of Ameri-
can Plowmen Meeta overy etcond nnij
fourth Monday cvenlnva In the Oil. I Fellnw'a
Hall. Ylaltlni; Plowmen alnaya welcome.
J. W. Ilanka Worthy Plowman.
W. B. flmltli. Secretary.
Indianola Kncampment Nn. 10 f. (. 0. K
Itcicular Mcelli if eery Friday nvcnlnir at
?m i. in in (Mill t-llow'a Hall. Vleltlai; Pa- -trlarcha
Invite. 1 to our folil.
II. M Walker Clilot Palrlnren.
1M W Itolirata Hi rlhe.
Ardniore Chapter No. 11 It A. M. ItezuliT
meetiDK'aon aoeond ami fourth Thnraday't.
In each month at H p. m. In Maannle TemtH
oorner Main anil Sprlneer atreeta Vlnltlatr
brethren are eitcnded a cordial welcome.
(leoree Henry llruw II. P.
Max MuDKeahelmer. Hecretarr.
Ardmore Lotltre No. St A. F. t A. M. Re
irular meeting HAturday on or hefnre every
lull moon at s p. m. In Maaonlo Temple
Con or Main ami HprlnKer atreeta. Vlaltinc.
nretnrcn are extentiea a normal welcome.
A. II. Palmer W. M.
H. M.Tnrbetl. Secretary.
Af dmorel'ouncll.Nn. 187 Modern Tontlee
Meetevrrv Weduuailay In I. O. () F. hull
vlaltlni; meu.lei arn co illally Invited to
attend J. (I. Meek P.ealdent.
H. B. Hull. Hecretary.
Chlckuaaw Camp No. T5J Modern Wood-
menof America- .Meet flrat and third Mon-
itor ntk'hta In varli month In the K. of P
nun. I. ii. Maaon v.u.
W. A. Hnlff. Clerk.
Ardmorn ldir- No. 1M. llankera Union ol "
tbe World Iteirutar meeting aeoomi and i
fourth Tueaday nliihla In each month.
J It licniirix Pres.
0 LRtocka Seo'r.
A. 0. 11. W. Meet nn Hrat nml third Tuee"!
day nlKht. at K. of . P. hail. Vlaltora cor-
dially Invited to attend.
a. uiwxxaraiw . w.
II. F. IliAoax H-o.
flpflmore Maoliiiie Stops
Men who poao as enrthly nngels nre
vory apt to disgust tbe ordinary
mortal. C
For tbe weakness and prostration
following grlppo tbero Is nothing so
prompt and efJectlvo as Ono Minute
Cough Cure. This preparation Is
highly endorsed sb an unfailing rom-
ody for nil throat and lung troubles
and Its early uso provonta consump-
tion. It was mado to euro quickly.
'City Drug Storo W. II. Frame prop.
Lovo at UrU sight Is less substan-
tial than love one year after dato.
Reports show a grently Increased
death rato from throat and lung
troublos duo to tbo provalonco ot
croup pneumonia and grippe. We
advise tbo uso of Ono MInuto Cough
Cure In nil of these dlfllcultles. It Is
tho only harmless romody that gives
lmmedluto results Childron llko it.
City Drug torn W. II. Frame prop
Christian Hclence Hervlcea Kvery Sun-
day at II a.m.: Hunday achool at 10 a. in
Wedneaday evenlni; mcetlnira at 7130. l)ta-
penaary every Wedneaday
All cordially Invited to attend tbeie farrier..
Ht. Phllltra IKtilacnnal) Chnrrh-Ilnli
1 Communion every Sunday and Thuraitay
at 1 a mi Holy Communion on tlrat and third'
Inunnayaoi me month nt u a. mi Manna
nrat and third Hundava at 10 a. m.. aecond.
fourth uml tilth Hnndafa at 11 a. mi IJtany
Friday at 8 P. mi voted choir. Holeino Vea-
I pera 7iS p in The public Invited to attend. .
i nit aervicea.
ilKaar II. Huitii Prleat In CharKtr
Flrat Uantlat Cborch nroadwar atreet
I Servlcea every Hunday at 11:00 a. andaiao
p.m. rrayer meetmir weimeiaay evenmir a
I at s o'clock. Hundar Hcbool atttiac a. ra.
I Choir practice Friday evenlne'a at a o'clock.
jamea F. vnunt raator.
M. K. Church fioutli Corner llroadway an
I Church atreot. Preachlni; every Habball.
mornlnir at 11 a. m.and 7:00 p. in. Prayer
ImeeimK weuueauay nvenmir at 7:w. sun-
day Hchool every Habbath at 10 a.m. Kp -worth
Leatrue s p. ni.
j. 31. tiroaa i-aainr.
Cumberland Preabyterlan Church Corner
II atreet and Hecond Avonuo H W. Hervlceae
Wo absolutely know tbut to cut and thread piping from 4 incbes in sizo down nlso to do key PI"Jren
rrmay ernnintr. nannatD ncnooi i k
.ni. Kverybotlr cnnllilty lnvlttl towor-
btp with u. O. M. Colllni M. A Istor
Crlor Avonuo M. K. Church Houlh
Be tt Icon every Habbath nt 11a. m aal 7:91
d. in. Hundar achoni 10 a. m. Huwortts
Bring us your work. We guarantee satissaction as to prompt ft-ffi-JM
lieSS nnd price. T. K. McKenile.Paator-
Central nantlat Chnrch Sarvlcea. eacbr
I Babbnth mornlnir and nlcht. Hunday achool
at 10 a. m i-reacninir at n a m.. ami 7 p. m.
prayermcetina: weuceaaay niitni. a coruiaa
Beware of tbo peddler don't in-
vent your money in a cooking
stove until you seo our Majestic
Steel Hanges. Visit our store ex-
amino tbepe ranges nnd get our
we can save you money.
13wstf BlVENS & WJU.IAM3.
Tbo dllTerenuo between firmness
and obstinacy Is merely a raattor of
tho 801
A Convincing Amwer.
'I hoobled Into Mr. Illackmon's
drug storo one evening" says Wea-
lev Nnlftnti. nf IlAtnlltnn. (In. "nnrl
he asked me to try Chamberlain's North Caddo St.
Pain lialm for rheumatism with
which 1 had sufTered tor n long time.
told him I had no faith In any mod-
lclno as they all failed. He said:
'Well if Obamborlaln's Fain llalm
does not help you you need not pay
for It.' I took a bottlo ot it homo and
used It according to the directions
and in ono week I was cured and
have not slnco been troublod with
rheumatism." Sold by the City
Drng Htoro and F. J. Ramsoy.
Whisky makes n man stagger and
chloroform makos blm limp.
Don't let tbo hand of tlmo paint
wrinkles on your faco. Keep young
by kcoplng tho blood puro and tbe
digestive organs In n healthful con
dltlon. Ilorblne will do this. Health
Is youth dlsoase nnd sickness brings
old bco Price 60 cents. W. H Fr me
City Drug Btoro.
Hns recently ndded atont ?200 wortb of uew tools and is now prepared
seating in shafts together with all kinds of repair work.
Horse-Shoeing a Specialty.
tatlon to all to attend theae acrvlceax.
Aerlmnra I T alao a apodal Invitation to attanire'a.
rumOre 1. 1.1 h. K. Murphy. Paatar-
The Greatest
Offer Yet!
Arrangements have been perfected
whereby the reading public of the
Indian Territory will receive a
NEWS SERVICE second to none
in the country.
I For Only One Dollar
You can get for ONE YEAR the
J. L Johnson Weekly ftrdmoreite.
The Best Iiand-Mude
Buggy &
West Main Street
AltDMOHB - - - IND. TBR.
Indian Territory and the
City Weekly Times
The greatest Metropolitan Demo-
cratic Weekly in the Southwest.
Fearless and Progressive giving
all the news of the world all - the
Both Papers One Year for $1.00.
Call and let us tell you about it. On
this unprecedented liberal offer we
cannot allow agents our usual
Chnatlan Church Krenaley atreet. Her-
ricea every Lord'a day at II too a. m. aad V;t
p. m. Hunday Hohool K:30 a. m. Prayer
tneetlnic every Wedneaday ant p.m. Choir
practice every l'rlday evenlnic at liign.ui.
Lad lea" Aid Society every Tnr.1 y after
noon at the church at 1 p.m. atlte and 8
clalineotlns every Tueaday night at place
announced each Lord'e day. OUlcera meet
Inic flrat Lord'a day In each month. Allarer-
cordially Invited to all aervlcea.
11. i. iiLAca raaior.
flnrlniror and Prenalv Htreetel
ttahbain 11 a. m.. morninc worampi .
7t4ftp. rn.. evenlnir worahlp
9:tft a. ra. Hunday richool.
Wedneaday p. in. prayer meetlnir.
t p in. Heaalon meetlnir.
We eztond a cordial Invitation to all to
worahlp with ua. 1C a atranirer. we dealra.
your acquaintance in tne name ot me Waa-
ler "e welcome you
un. v. weitn.mtuiY.
Warnlnit Order
In tho United Htatea Dlatrlct Court In tbv.
Indian Territory noutnern uiatricti
Klliu 1'actor PlalntlB )
va 4MI
Archie Factor Defendant. J
Tho delendant Archie 1'actor. la warned ttw
appear In tnla court In thirty daya and an-
awer the complaint of the plaintiff Cllaa.
Wllneaa Hon. Hoaea Townaend Judge ol'
aald court and tho aeal thereof thla 1Mb day.
ot Pel. 1WI C. M. CAxraetu Clerk.
Fltxpatrlck. wiitKlna & llroan Attornnya.
Ham II. Ilatler Attorney non-realdent.
Flrat puull.hed Feb. II 1IM1.
Warning Order.
In the United Btatea IlJ.trlct Court. In thav
Indian Territory. Bouthern Ulatrlctt
Ha'tle Orlfflea rialntlfT )
Will OrlfBea Defendant. )
The defendant. Will (IrllDea la warnOt
to appear In tbia court In thirty daya aniC
ananer the complaint of tie pialntlS
Hattle Crimea.
Wltneaa the Honorable Hoaea Tnwneend-
Judiru of aald court and the aeal thereof.
luia oiu uav ui rvu tieii.
laRALi u M CAHraaLL Clerk
l'lttratrick wlirslna & Urnwn attorney w
P. II. Wllhelm attorney nou.realdent.
Flrat Publlahed Feb. S IMI
Warning Order.
In the United Htatea Court In t"ho Indlata
Territory Houthern Dlatrlcti
Mary Jonea Plaintiff I
va. VNo. 41S3 .
Harvey Jonea Defendant J
l uo ueieniiaui. iiarvey jonea.ia warneu la. -appear
In tbla Court In thirty daya aa
anawer the complaint Of the ptalnilS
Mary Jonoa.
Wltueii Hon Hoaea Townaend udKtc
arid court and the aeal thereof thla ut
day-"! Feb.. 1901.
u Ji.l'AiirilK.l.l uierr.
Fltinatrlck. wiiruln. a Urown attorneve.
Patrick IS. Wllhelm appointed atturaa?
for non-rcaldent.
Flrat publlahed Feb I ll.
I'm II Ib U foriiQoalvrU.
tot to irti.r. or mueoni mriubrt.
1 pHttata CoautUtt. ralnltrM. and not uttta
liHiEuaiCHiyiwiCo wiwiawaoiM
LttKCmiMTl.O.JHI wia o; uraituu.
or fnt in puiD vrapper.
it ZDrrM. t.rvtalJ. (ur
fiai or J tot U ti.Ti.
Circuit r hq rvnwX-
L ft
"'T :"

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