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Fluor and Specifications Furnished
on Application.
Shop at Chickasaw Lumhcr Yard
Ardmore lnd. Tcr.
and FEED.
We have n good stock make the
closest prices possible deliver the
goods free and respectfully ask a
shnre of your trade. Clnudc Stub-
bleficld is with us. Phone SO.
Three doors west df Whittington
Chin Gooiu
Now owns the
..Sue Wing Restaurant
Meal tickets hero pood In Gaines-
ville l'rlvat'i dining rootu3. electric
fans. Host Chlnc'so cook In America.
Phonn 78.
I Must Have Worh
My Shoo Bliop Is now located In
the building adjoining
Sas & CrawJord.
Boots and Shoes Made and Repaired
Special attention given to Machine
worK. rwr Migu or uoiaen noot.
The Ardmoreite
Official Journal of
the Chickasaw
Stockmen's Association.
Promot attention will
be given to all Sanitary
work. Notify me thro'
the postoff ice Box 704
Express Paid.
Harvest Moon
Sour Mash
Six years old.
Shipped either in full quart bottles
or in n jug securely packed
No order filled for less than one
gallon. All orders must bo ne
compnnied by the cash or
no attentiou paid same.
Wholesale Whisky Dealers.
P. O. Box 4D3 2 doors from P. 0
You Need Blanhs
Tho AitDMOiicitn keeps ou hand
quantities of the following blanks:
You enn buv (hern cheaper than
Al 1
6Tf caifaffbrfl to write them.
Ignorance of Indian Marriage Custom
Involves Trouble.
Denver Col. Feb. JO. The t te
Indians in tho vicini'y of Ignncio
are making great preparations for
the marriage of Manager John P
ltbergcr of tho Western I'liiou
telegraph company of this city and
a pretty little equnw of Cbatlit's
tribe. Mr. Altberger is uot in love
with tbis flower of the prairie. He
is merely attached to ber by n
string of beads. When the Indians
wero in this city duriug the last
carnival Mr. Altberger wished to
bo friendly with tho tribe and gave
tho girl's father a watch and the
girl a beautiful necklaeo. Recently
ho recolved n handsome jacket
from the sqaw. It was boautlful'y
embroidered with beads and beat's
teeth. IIo was verj much pleased
with his present until ho learned
of the Indian custom that wheu
e gave the squaw the beads he
had proposed marriage to her and
when she Font him tho jacket she
had accepted his proposal.
Mr. Altberger was very much
shocked nt the intelligence and said
that the girl would stand no show
in tho courts even if she died n
breach of piomisc suit. IIo was
uformed that the Utes did not set
tle such affairs in the courts but
always used a knife or n tomahawk.
Today Mr. Altbcrgor received n
letter from Chief Charlio informing
him that all arrangements for tho
marriage oto complete and that if
ha does not fulfill his engagement
Charlie will come to Denver aud
use violence.
John P. Altberger is well known
n Kansas City. For several years
previous to his accepting the man
ugership nt Denver ho was the rep
resentativo of tho Western Union
nt the union depot.
Their Claims Set at Kelt.
The claim otothercough medicines
to bo as good as Chamberlain's nro
effectually set at rest In the follow
Ing testimonial of Mr. O. 1). Glass
an omployn of llartlett & Donnls Co.
Oardlnor Ma IIo says: "I bad
kept adding to a cold and cough in
tho winter of 1607 trying overy
cough medlclno I heard of without
permanont help until ono day I was
In tbo drug etoro of Mr. Ilouloban
and ho advisod mo to try Chamber-
lain's Cough remedy and offered to
pay back my money If I was not
cured. My lungs and bronchial tubes
wero very soro at this time but I
was completely cured by this remedy
and bavq slnco always turnod to it
when I got a cold ami soon And re-
lief. I alio rocommond It to my
frlonds and am glad to say It Is tbo
best of all cough niodlclnns." For
sale by tbo City Drug Btoro and F.
Indian Treaties Received.
Washington Feb. 10. Tho
Secretary of tho Interior has ro-
eolved from tho Dawes Com
mission tho troatios concluded
with tho Chickasaw and Choctaw
nations nnd Indian Torritory.
Congressman Curtis said to-
day that ho had boon advised
that tho treaties would probably
bo sent to Congress this week.
IIo added that ovory effort will
bo mndo to ratify thorn at this
When this demon disease drives his poison tipped javelins into the
quivering muscles and nerves the terrible body racking pains that follow
drive the unfortunate sufferer almost insane. The pains arc so intensely
sharp and cutting they seem to chill the blood and stop the heart beats.
Rapidly the parts affected become swollen and red and so tender and
sensitive that the lightest touch is painful. Every movement of the body
adds to the agony; the nerves too give way under the terrible suffering
and the pain-crazed victim seeks in vain for rest and case. Under such
conditions it is not surprising that the sufferer from this torturing disease
is readily persuaded to try any remedy that promises even temporary relief.
As many of the so-called cures contain a large per cent of opium
their use leads to ruinous habits and the unsuspecting sufferer pays dearly
for his short respite from pain.
There arc many forms of Rheumatism the most common being
Acute Inflammatory wI'!ch "' 'v8 with chilly sen-
i Rations followed by high fever a
quick strong pulse and excruciating pains shifting to different parts of
the body. When the inflammation and fever subside it leaves the patient
in a weak debilitated state and liable at any tiiuo to a fresh attack.
Sciatica '3 Rheumatism or Ncuralfjia of the sciatic nerve nnd is n
i most distressing form of this ; the hips and thigh be
ing involved the body is sometimes bent almost double and greatly deformed.
Rheumatism may be inherited like other blood diseases and the wise parent well knows that what the child calls
"growing pains" are sure symptoms of hereditary Rheumatism.
The use of Mercury whether taken internally or used as a salve produces a most shocking form of Rheumatism
causing necrosis of the bones which work out through the flesh and produce the most sickening ulcers.
Mti3CUlar Rheumatism affects the muscles and fibrous
' tissue mm ait nautc nttnek may
totally disable otic ; the muscles becoming stiff nnd sore mill in many cases
so contracted that any kind of work or walking is almost impossible.
Articular Rheumatism iB attended with the most horrible
1 pains iii the joints nud bones
often swelling to abnormal size nnd becoming pcrniaueutty locked and
immovable when the crutch aud stick arc indispensable.
Rheumatism Follows La Grippe.
Mr. H. r. Orocory of Union B. C. was
lontc Ml Invalid nod never f r lrom path.
8. S. 8. In a abort tliuo curoil tho disease
and he saya that hla general health la
bottor than In yean.
Painful Sciatica.
Mr. J. A. IieSeur Atlanta On. says If
fragment of bomb aholl had paaaod
through hta hip the pain could haro been
no worse. IIo found no rollot until
B. 8. 8. was bogun and Is now entirely
Ho Use for Crutches.
Solatia Ilhoumat turn made Mrs.
Jarven Fell of 1711 New York nvonuo
Washington D. C w orlpple. but arrw
bottles of B. 8. 8. ouro her and tho
has no use for orutohes now.
Couldn't Dress or Feed Himself.
Mr. J. O'Malley. 3133 Mo. Senate
nvonuo Indianapolis lnd. triad fitly
two prescriptions for Muscular Itheu-
matlsm but got no better. He took
S. 8. 8 flro years ago and has boon
well and at work ever slnoe.
Every Muscle and Done Ached.
Mr. W. II. Settlsge Wapakonota O.
says: "I was almost disabled by a long
attack of Ilheumattam. Medicines and
liniments gavo me little relief and not
until I began 0. 8. 8. did the palna leavo
me and I hare not felt ono In a year.
Had Become Chronic.
Two years Ago Mr. Win. I Hill of
Winston N. C was a sufforor from
Ohronlo llheumatlstE He saj s a. 8. 8. put
his blood In excellent condition and tho
pains all left htm.
Settled In His Danes.
Mr. Earnest Dougherty of Commerce
Mo. say the palna began In tho bottom
of hla foot then went to hla knees and
llnally It seemed every Joint In his body
waa affected. Two bottlos of 8. 8. 8. made
him all right again.
Couldn't Turn Over In Ded.
Mr. Ohas. WhtttlnKham. 1313 Fetter
street Louisville Ky. had Aauta Inflam-
matory ltlieumatlsm so bsd he could not
turn tn bod. B 8. H. ourod him nltor all
other trestmont had failed.
Tbo City Drug Store nnd F.
RamBoy guarantee every bottlo
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and
win roiunu tuo moroy to any ono
who is not satlaUed aftor using two
thirds of tbo contents. This Is tbo
best remedy In the world for In
grippo coughs colds croup nnd
whooping cough nnd Is pleasant and
safo to tako. It provonts any ten
doncy of a cold to result In pneu
minds will.
minds wish but great
Don t risk tho little one's life;
croup Is a dangerous disease. Mrs. II
Urogg Dundee Kans.says: "My
llttlo daughter had been troublod with
croup since sbo was tbroo months
old: Hoggs' Ohorry Cough Syrup
curod her." Children like tt. Quar
antoed by. W. B. Frame City Drug
uount a nunarou wnen you aro
angry; It will give the other fellow a
chance to sneak away
' A powerful engine can not bo run
with a weak boiler and wo can't
keep up tbo strain of an active llfo
with a weak stomach; neither can
we stop the human machine tomako
repairs If the stomach can not dl
gest enough food to keep the body
strong suoh a preparation as Kodol
Dyspepsia Curo should bo used. It
digests what jou oat and It simply
can't help but do you good. City
urug Dtore w. u yrame prop.
It matters not what form the disease has assumed in your case or where located it is caused by acid poisons that
have been absorbed into the blood and deposited in either the joints muscles membranes or nerves and wherever lodged
these poisons have a corrosive irritating effect producing intense inflammation and pain. Liniments hot baths the
cieciric oattery anu piasters may relieve you some out a cure win never come
from their use. While the pains may be dislodged and scat tercds they soon settle
in some other portion of the body; often in the region of the heart and liable
to prove fatal at any moment. It is impossible to reach the diseased blood
through external or surface treatment.
S. S. S.vhen taken into the circulation soon neutralizes the acids and
restores the blood to a pure and healthy condition and when strong rich blood
once more flow ' rough the body the little gritty particles that have been
iiuiering in uic joints arc cnssoiveu ana wasneu our tne ievensn mcmDranes
cooled and nourished and the muscles and joints become as supple and clastic as a child's. As the system gets under the
influence of the medicine the appetite and digestion improve the pains come only at long intervals and before you realize
it your Rheumatism is gone. S. S. S. is the only guaranteed purely vegetable blood purifier; it contains no minerals
whatever. Potash alkalies and the mineral salts so often prescribed ruin the stomach and break down the general health.
Send for our special book on Rheumatism and write our physicians all about your case. We make no charge
whatever for book or advice. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC COMPANY ATLANTA GA.
Surveying In Cherokee Nation.
Muskogee I T. Fob. 10. II.
V.'IIInckloy snporvisor of In
dian1 Torritory townsltosurvoys
reports thnt tho exterior limits
of all towns having a population
of over two huudrod In the
Chickasaw Choctaw and Creek
nations lmvo -been established
and that survoyors tiro uow at
work survoylug tho exterior
limits of towns in tho.Chcrokeo
The Pctrcst Olter Ever Made.
To any ono suffering with dyspep
sia Indigestion sour stomach 01
boartburn: Tnku Rex Dyspepsia
Tablets All druggists aru author-
Izod by tho manufacturers to refund
the money In nnv cane thev fall to
cure. Price 50c per pnekaoe. Re
member tho namo Ilux Dyhpki'BIA
It you wish to retulu your friends
don't nsk thom to turn tho grind-
stone when you bavo nn ax to grind.
Moore's Pilules are n gunrnnteod
euro for all forms of Malaria Ague
Chills and fovor Bwamp Favor Ma-
larial Fever Ulllouu Fever Jaundice
DlIlouBuess fotld breath and a tlrod
listless foollug. They curo Rheuma-
tism and tbo lassitude following blood
poison produced from malarial pois-
oning. No Quinine No Arsonlo
Acids or Iron. Do not ruin stomach
or teeth. Entirely tasteless. Prlco
60o por box. Dr. O. O Mooro Co.
No. 310 North Main Street St. Louis
Mo. Sold by W. 11. Frame City
Drug Btoro.
Many an othorwlse sonslblo wo-
man Imsglues that she Is a superior
personage Just because she happen-
ed to win a progressive eucbro prize.
You Take No Chances
When suffering with a cold la
grippo or neuralgia by taking Uito-
uolinb as it will curo any case. In
one day. All druggists are author-
ized to refund your money In any
caso it falls to curo. Prlco 25o per
paokage. Remember the name
To Advance Sampson. !
Washington Fob. 10 Tho
president lias determined to re-
nominate for numerical advance-
ment in their rcspectivo grades
Sampson Schley Ilobson and
others who distinguished them-
selves In the West Indian naval
campaign. Tho list will be
transmitted to the sunato in a
few days. It has boon revised
uear Admiral bampson now
stands seventh on tho list and
Schloy llfth and they will bo
nominated so. Sampson will bo
next to Uowol main g him No. 2
on tho list of rear admirals aud
Schloy is next to Sampson.
Sampson if conllrmod jumps
Romoy Farqahar Watson
Schley and Casey and Schley
will jump Romoy Farquhar and
. Llko bad dollars nil counterfeits
of DoWltt's Witch Hnzol Balvo nro
worthless. The original quickly
cures piles sorns and all skin dis-
eases. City Drug Btoro W. II.
Frame prnn
Sprogtiis & Co. have a big lino
Surreys and
They handle none but the best
quality and sell at prices that have
built up by far tho biggest hard-
ware and wagon and buggy trade
in tho Territory or North Texas.
Porsons who can not tako ordinary
pills and It a pleasure to take Do
Witt's Llttlo Early Risers. They are
tho best little liver pills ever made
City Drug Btore W. II. Frame prop.
Fight Over Karnes' Place.
Washington Fob. 10. Ono of
tho earliest and mosthitorcstlng
southwestern tights ovor a fed-
orul ollico will bo for tho gover-
norship of Oklahoma. Tho old
light Flynn and antl-Flynn will
bo revived with tbo chances in
favor of a Flynn victory. Gov-
ernor Barnes has had various
and sundry explanations to mnko
slnco ho was appointed but ho
likes it so well that ho is a can-
didato for u second term. Ho
lias tho powerful support of
Pcwell Clayton of Arkansns and
this with tho local support ho
can rally will make him an iin
portant factor in tho raco.
J. W. McNeal president of tho
Guthrio National bank with
which Delegate Flynn has beori
connected slnco its organization
is n candidate and unless great
prcssuro is brought to bear on
tho president not to appoint him
ho will got tho place.
William Jenkins tho present
secretary of tho torritory is a
personal friond of President Mc
Kinloy uud a red hot light bo
twoon MoNonl and Humes would
help hhn. Dr. Felix Winkler of
Kingtishor and II. II. Howard
tho Oklahoma City lawyer aro
tho other candidates.
Failuro to support tho ropub
lienn tlckot will bo ono of tho
new charges to bo tiled against
Governor Barnes
rim coriMONi-R niscussus iiuk.
Hryan Writes a Quasl-Defcnso of
Tboro Is always danger In using
counterfeits of DoWltt's Wtch Hnsel
Balvo. Tho original Is n safe '.id
certain euro for piles. It Is a sooth-
ing and healing salve for sores and
all Bkin dlsoases City Drug Btoro
W. 13. Frame prop.
Mrs. Carrie Nation.
Au editorial in W. J. Uryan'8
Commoner constitutes n quasi-de-
fense of Mrs. Nation besides con
demning the non-enforcement of
the Kansas prohibitory law and
speaking in favor of resubmission.
Bryan says: "Mrs. Nution ns her
namo would indicate has succeed-
ed in making hereelf more than a
state issue. Her attempt to cure
lawlessness by lawlessness has
nroused discussion everywhere.
Kansas has a constitutional
amendment as well or a statute
prohibiting the sale of liquor but
as is well known it is not enforced
in communities where local senti
ment is strong ngainst it. Mrs
Nation nets upon the theory that
tho guloou is an outlaw in Kansas
aud that saloon keepers can not
invoke the protection of tho law
when they themselves disregard it.
While no defense can be made to
the lawless method in enforcing
the law thoso who condemn Mrs.
Nation in order to bo consistent
must ulso condemn the violation of
the liquor laws. The Kuusas cru-
sade has already brought out the
Useful fact that prohibition is a
dead letter in that state nnd uow
that publia attention has been
directed toward tho subject it is
probable tlM the law will either
bo euforced or tho question resub-
mitted. A law not enforced
breeds contempt for the law."
m 14
MMLXkmm j. A" a. i
anwi anus wbmkm
Impure baking powers injure the
stomach. Use the pure braud
named "Perfect" and have no in-
digestion S. E Jenkins
Successor to M. T. Felker.
?get;auoar 'ttienmint lie-1 jftw
ftlniritliev took'ttieir hats I iti
dflbbh. xLM . V-. -
WWII II - -t- irM

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