Daily Ardmoreite. (Ardmore, Indian Terr.), Vol. 1, No. 224, Ed. 1, Saturday, July 21, 1894 Page: 4 of 4

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roxJl tVKK.. ji
The Coxey movement has struck John B.:
t Smith's stock of general merchandise like a-
f I
cyclone and he is determined to meet the
hard times lull in tlio
customers so that they
' buy again. Don't fail to see him in his brick j
1 on the corner of Main and (Jourt Street?.
j ST.
'J'lic finest nt fiecti iifntu mid ami uge at lowest :nli nrlens.
.First clfiss butchers niitl fitltrri n-it'lv to norvo custoircrs.
JKieo mul prompt delivery 10 till party of I In- cliy
bMb. ghas. bartholdus prop.
Manufacturers' Agent for Heavy
ilnrvcHtiiif; machinery traction niHoiimtie mid plain engines
all kinds of bolhrs oitton n'uiHtinil presse Hiietioii Cunti clu-
vloi Kno pIi iUh pulloyp Mtinga and eiigino fUlingp Intnl.
era fioif-riki'- ilruppcru motvorn thrcHln-rr liny pru&aus
iv.lnc nilf etc. etc.
JTbr bf.t tiiruoiitH slnglo or tlutible
(IrlViTK Horet'K and
SuccosRor to JOHN T. ALBX vN'DI'K j
The Leading- Druggist on Low Prices and
. .mm.
F. : H.
I Imvo leased tho above house. A part of your patronage so-
liciU'd Tulilu not surpassed in tlio lndiiin Tomtory.
G. W. WILHELM Proprietor.
The Star Grocery headquarters for every-
thing good to eat at the lowest possible
prices will meet all competition. Try me
and see. v r
Second dopr east of postoffice Ardmore.
TOl JkJ 1
face and sell to his
can pay and live and
1HD. T'Y.:
Caddo Street.
bugir - R nirrlo and hacks Kxpuriuncod
lliutot sold on roliiinlaition.
Fine Stationery Perfumes
and Toilet Articles.
Finest Cigars in town.
Proscriptions a specialty.
Call and see me; I can in
you in prices.
Ladies don't forget Friday.
Prescription Druggist.
Torrlblo Hondochos
r.rtf.Ti!i rtwii
Ayer's Pills
"I don't belltre o
there aver u
r1 a i4U ma4 0
as Ayer"s Catbar- o
tie HIli. They O
will lo all Twirw- 0
IjomiDetiU Itwm for o
ACQ iwit
hen I lute a
cold n' a e h o
from head to bK a or two n(
thM Mil ll !I Uw mn'.l. I DC Rdd to
lt mm rlRfct Dpt4n. for bradaclw. tbey
Mfr lalL I hat beau a rlcUm of ter
rible beattarhes. and hale afitr (ouii1
nytbliif to relleie tli'in K quickly as
AyWi Hill. Sli- I vfK Ukl:ig this 0
medicine the attack have. hcn leas ami
Ims frequent until at present month'
have patted tlnce 1 hare had one."-1'
F. Newmax. Dug Spur Va.
Prlro Modal nt World's Fair
3QOOOOOOOO op o 0009 90009 c 9
Galf Colorado ami Santa Fo IV'y
ilttin anJ llblnarfo Upre
.1ebarueanl KnnanUlty Kiprwi
0 H p.
Jaltealoti and Chisago Erpreas
Mrourne and liantaa (Sly Kitm
It 1ft a. m-
10. IB n. mi j
It. Mahov 'I'iokot Ag't.
W. 8.
Ki:uNAN(icn Pnsn. Ag't.
Arrlvul ituil Drpnrturo U. S. Malls.
Sotitli Ittniiiil iiinil closer !:!t p. 111
South Ixiiitm until arrivuH 0:1.1 p. 111
Nnrlli bound 111 ttlt rlofOb 10 a. 111
North bound 111 nil arrives 10: JO a. 111.
Niplit uutllh aro closed at 8.MU p. 111.
Miuicv ordur tlfpartuttitit is opiui
it 8 a. 111 and uloLd at .'1 p. ill.
OiliiM) bourn I'ruu a n. m to 6 p. 111.
it!lldn)'H from p. in. lo.'li.'K) p. Ill
John S. II.M151KI1 r. M.
Si'mmkks II ahiiy leiiuty.
Ciihihtian Cilliiini Pri'mloy j'liwt. Srr-
vlru fioy Uml'i lar nt II 01 a. 111 ami ir
11 111 MiuUay .Srliiiiil. 9 l a. 111. I'r.iyer
MoctlnK ''very WVliirwlay a 15 p.m. Choii
rractliw iYerT KrWajr .irriiliiR. S Is p. in.
rit'llca Al Jvuduty svry rii".tMy niurnuonal
thualiureh. 3 p. 111. Mllv snJ Sort 11 1 iiultiij
uvi ry 'tnukJay uUht at placii aiinounw-d pni-fi
Irfini'a Ibt. Oillccru' inirtllii llrat l.urJ t
Miiy In raofi moiitli. All arc eflnllally ImtiIM
to nil Bi rvlp. I It Jlamtii. Sniii.rintu.li nl
HiinUnyHcliooli VoIiipjt Julmaou. l'aiiir
I'mt IIaitiht Ciii'ihii -llro.iilvfay Strci-l.
Hvrvlrn cv.-ry Humlny m II min 111. ami A iw
i. til I'rnyiT rowllmr Vi1ik li.y i'Veiiln
ti M o'dliirk HuoJ v wrlimil nl In a t !.
prnrllrv 1'rlda) toiiI.i.o at S n'cluck t'
mu'ililrilelil. I'aatur. tl II. llruw Clirk. C.
Hill. SnprrlntrnJriil.
t!l VI (5 MICII'. J n:s.
Myrllt lvl Nil. 7 K. of I'. met i er)
Tliuiadiir n1ht at 7 M Halt oiimalli un
ioiux Court atrwl Vlallliu Knljbta ear
lially liirllfcl.
I . 1.. ivirii.ivr.r i. i
I .1. T. HiiWMll. K. It. .V 8.
i Anlmurr Mut Nn. A. V. an4 A. 11
1 niPrta III ihrlr bull on uutli Calild atwrt. Ill
tint MiurUy nUbl in ich iiiuulli 011 or bo
mr inn 11111 nwi 1.
I. II. Pum. W'oralilprul Mnattr.
A II.SlLLIUAX Swwtary.
Anlmorc Chaptfr No II. Koyal re!l Ma-
ni. iiiwi lii ilit lr liall oTur Wli lUnAlon't
tnr thv fuurtti Tbttra'tnT nUhtlii meh mmitli.
(1 II ilHi-oa. HUbl'itrat.
A. II Sii.liman tertary.
Artmor Camp So n Wonitmsui of tlir
U'orlil. niMtk lo tMr fortwl at WhltUnitou
Hall rvury upwiii I ami fiiuuli Momliy iilhlk
In xarli moiitli. Vlalllntf tovort-tKua linllail to
(' It Kkmimii k ronul i oinmamler.
tiKimna Hkaii clrrk.
Atlverttru in tlm Anlmoreiio
Wagker Palace buffet Sleeping cars
. . AND . . .
Free Reclining Chair Cars
jProm Texas
I ntii; Fv"nn:nt: fT'lft
OU L.OUIO lansas
anil Chicago
Making eloso connection witU fast trains o.
fctistornajiil Northern llntd (or
Now York Boston Philadelphia
Buffalo Montroal and St. Paul.
Tuo"Katy"nownin to St. Louis over lu
own nitu. Aiut is ttioonlycontniuousllntt I
Irom len Wuter to I
St. LouU Kansas City and Hannibal
Information cheerfully furnlsltad by
fir 2rt?4K
f 1
I ... TO Alt FOINTS ... 1
TTNU.U.'S r.yPKH.HN03.
!aay Xrxrt Ayn II ' In !rloa
rrll rrom k ir.tlly Itrnt.
About twenty year ajo Professor
Ty ndnlt in a IcoUrn Ix-forc a clan
called attention to tlio lack of neo-
isry loohnlonl knowledo manlf)ted
by many pracliointr phat ntnaUtx
"I wont into a chemist' .hon In
certain town" said two prof"!or.
"and asked for muriatic acid hoping
I could haro It in a glas-toppard
bottle. Tho chemist found ono. bar
log poured ono of hit owe prepara-
tions out of it and iraa about tc
pour In aoid hut it was not the aiM
I wanted; so I repeated -murUtic
aoid' for tho benefit of his professional
sense addlnp 'spirits of salts' on tho
ehanoo of his iHiintr muro familiar
with the popular name of the nol.l.
'JTio druffgi hjwovar insisted t'nut
ho had tht right r.cid- and. when 1
pointed out that he was ?lving mo
jl rio aoid instead ho iot out .1
I'uarmncopria' and turned over the
1 pagos pronouncing theLatlu names
and synonyms with go fluency in
' the endeavor to proves uiraself right.
I was really tshamed to contradict
I tho doctor ho was so serune in hit
tolf-confldpnto. but I finally convinced
1 him of hln ctror and Micured the acid
j I wantod. On another occnalon I
' took a physiclun'a proscription cull-
I ag for a preparatt 11 containing
j morphine to a druggist' to be 11 lied.
1 1 hapKined to ra 1 tho prescription
I myself before handing It to tho dark
I and noticed that tho dlroctlons for
I taking road: 'Quarta quaquo hora
sumendum' (to bo taken overy fourth
hour). Whon tho bottlo oamohome
tho lalnjl read To bo tnkon overy
quartor nl an hour.' which would
hnvo glvon tno exactly slxtcon tltncH
tho proscribed quantity and I need
not tell you yoitnz gontlcmon. that
if I had not read that proscription I
should not bo hero talking to you
now." It is a singular and sad coin-
cldonco that tho profoaaor lout his
ltlo through just such ignorant
handling of drugs as ho had aovdrely
.March ttlna It.
I novor think of hr.rd tlwos with-
out thinking of tho funny although
wholly illogical argument mude by an
optlmintic old darky" said a trvolor
" About doeo hyar liahd tlmos
boss' ho said 'dcy's a good deal 'or
foollsbnoss coin' cn nor. I nlways
;lts a lectio .oolls'i about my footings
In do springtime but whonovor I cits
through wid March I feels easier.'
"How'h that' 1 askud.
"W'oll boas i'vo alius noticed dat
whon 1 git& frough do :r.onth of
Jliirch 1 libs do rust ob do year.'
Hut how docu that afTcct business
and hard tlmos-" I asked.
' 'Well boss do fiamu rule is good
Ocic I'vo alius 'sorved dat w'on we
gits frough frinnus all right do
country don't go to da dobbll.'"
Aiiollir Vtrlory.
It Is related of fiooro Clark tho
eelobrated negro tninstrol that bo-
lug exaininod a? u witnuss ho 'A-as
sovoroly lntn-ro'atod by tho at-
torney who wished to break down
his ovidutico.
You are In tho nogro minstrel
business I bolluvo?" inquired tho
"Ys. sir' answurod (Joorgp
"Un't that rather a low calling?"
domanded tho loamod counsol.
'I don't know but what It In sir"
luplted tho minstrel "but It U so
much bottor thun my fathor's that I
am rather proud of It."
MIhtb Tlmr Wmt.
Mrs. Parker Norah what bo-anio
Of thosn cards Mrs. Vun Alstyuo and
Alios )o Mot'tliner left hero ysto
IMorali 1 tuk thoni Mr Patkor.
I dldu't think thoy was of any usr
o you.
Mr. Parker And what did you do
with thctn?
Norah -1 slut thorn to mo cousin
in Jersey City; alio docs a grate dalu
of callln' an' 1 thought she moight
ti&ii 'om llaijior's Pazar.
Vocvu 'npirlty.
Kino voh es aro seldom found in a
country whoro fUh or moat dlot pre-
vails. Ihoso Italians who eat tho
mostflih ithoso of Naplssand Veuoa)
have few (inn Blngfc.6 among theia
Tho swi-et voices nro found 111 tho
Irish womon of the country and uol
of the towns. Norway is not a coun-
try of slni;ors. becauso thoy oat toj
much Mali hut Sweden is a country
of grain and song Th oarnlvorout
birds uruak grain-eating birds sing.
I'ar.tan Crpel.
Pooplo in Kurnpo who buy Persian
cnrpoU littlo think of tlm onormous
labor that has btteit oxpcadod on tho
weaving. It Is douo oxcluslvely by
iand: and cvui-v stitch In thn nnrnnt
1 1h nau0 oparately bolnif aftorwardt
i clipped with the seisgors and beaten
down foiuo idoa of tho work may
bo formed hun It is known that in a
.food carput thuro are 'about 10000
stitohec to overy square foot-
"Whuro yo going?" said one small
boy to nnolhor.
Tor tho foot ball gamo."
"iio'iu 1. My bit brother's oln'
i (or tako ma"
I "Humph. My big brother wouldn't
i po to n toot-uall gamo.
"Wotildn't-go-to.u-foot ball.gamol"
"Naw. My brothor was In tha
war. Ilovs soon rcg lar battlos he
I Swallows and mnitlns art as nice
In tholr choice of bath- V4tcr as any
"professional boauty;' nothing but
' newly.fallun raln-w-uer thoroughly
ploauos Mmm and" ll tomptod to
batho it Is geuornlly by somo shat
low pool in tho road which uu hoir'i
un will ivaporafe.
m &p &m w &w m & u
w n. m sen
Published in
And a Splendid Eusiness virili "be ilio
m ast tm xm. in tzi mi
nzaau Hamuli
and lor the
n il l - IN
" :jf.
-su-f v
.t -; t
.4 .

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