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Madalynnc Again on Wit-
Her Love Affair
Broke Engagement to Him
Due to Conditions at. His
Hoirc She Considered Bar3
a 1 '
tu t)
h' '
1 II
In? I.'
IM v
..jlXES Mnrch 10 Mrs.
Conner Obenchaln palo
. v hat nervous took tho
ay to face croa.vcxamlna-
i stale upon lier story of
f her lovo for J. llolton
n d ills dentil by shooting
at on n chnrso of jiiurdor-t-lir
assumed n position In
. i i 'iair so that she could
n iry
Line nt I'lrst Kljslit.
t va. In tho cuso of Ken-
.11 first sight an Indicated
. i . mi liuln In her responses
.1 questions of tho cross-
i by Asa ICcyes deputy
i "itity. Hho testified sho
i Knimdy nt her mothor's
in 1917 when ho wt3
ptoprrty to a relative.
fiernl limes soon there
imI tho second or third tlmo
11 '
fiM) .
by M -
0 t !'
).'! i
fu-' '
Tlf v '
i .... niMind lovo to her sho tcstl
Co i lid that ho cared for mo
liut vas under obligations to an-
other alio testified. It was
tho s.i' mi r of 1018 that Mr. Ken-
nedy nUed her to marry him
fho said fho avo her consent on
Xuiru'-t t. 1118.
-The mcagement continued five
moniUs fi'" said- Kalph Obon-
ihaln. f "ner school chum arrived
In Los ngiles on December 21
1518. The day following- Christmas
ilia tfl' I'lioned to Kennedy and
broko the enrugemont a week be-
fore her tnarrlago to Obenchaln.
Why -She llroke KliKngi'incnt.
The reas-on for breaklnB tho cn-
faseiiirri with Kennedy sho said
aa th ' nt her opinion tho homo
rondltii'i'3 of Kennedy rnado mar-
riage li;ipn-ibli' Sho said tliat dur-
ing tin m-agemcnt tho relations
bftci" in r family and tho family
of Kennedy uoro friendly. Phrases
of two ' .e letters from Mrs. Oben-
chaln to Iv nncdy woro read by tho
doputy Ulstrli t nttorney. Theso
were tlatnl February 4 nnd 15 1919.
"My love my llfo Is yoursl It
won't bu long beforo I can come
to oti" rend ono of her phrases In
tho letters. Tho prosecutor naked
that she. meant In writing that.
"I tii' an't that Bolton had In-
duced tno to leavo Hulph" Mrs.
Obcn I. mi replied.
lwijs I.uuil Ilclltm.
In response to questions sho said
tliat the had been li ovo with Ken-
ridy at tho tlmo sho married Obcn-
chaln Discussions of separation from
Gtencham were hold with Kennedy
ilortly after her marriage to Obcn-
ivi!n she testified. In Juno 1919
Kennedy suggested that h'io obtain
an annulment. Kho was. hesitant
in her answer today in striking com-
parlnon with tho composuro nnd
Utility with which sho responded
to her attorney yesterday.
The prosecutor read from a lcttor
dated May H 1919 from Obcn-
chaln to Kennedy:
"Mint wo patiently sit nnd wait?
Ko Belton no. Don't let tho con-
tentions of tho earth deny our hap-
s plness."
"What did you mean by thnt?"
the proncrutor asked.
"I meant that I never believed In
divorce.' tho replied.
Was Anilmm to See Hint.
Mrs. Obenchaln later was In Los
Atiselcs and returned to Chicago
October 7 upon which date sho sent
the following telegram to Kennedy:
"Am certain will got nnriulment
tali month. Plcaso come this
month or sooner If you can."
She said that this meant that sho
expected Kennedy to como to Chi-
"to to marry her. Ills nnswer
ai that lie was seriously 111 sho
i"j' uiur llldl I'Xtlllllfll'U
M ' ' v8lt hero in January
J -l. She i-aid that Bho had no
ot feeing Kennedy when sho
Jims here her visit being merely for
r health and to see old friends
we did seo Kennedy later in nn
"fort to obtain letters that she had
rltten to him.
t)"VJ!J dld mcet JIr- Kennedy nnd
old tparlt of lovo was rekindled
It rtotr' the prosecutor asked
jw. fho replied.
..toM of agreeing with Kcn-
imV 1lat thcy wouI1 10 married
Si.seemcnt cl"K made April 1.
WMedy tcul htr that ho failed to
l. .U1310 rcspont.o to her
aiJ .! on'"'B 10 tho objection of
.f February letters was
iiLl hy Mrs- Obenchaln "Your
"eethcart wife."
ihTS l"tor ask her what
nr.?rC.antby hat Phrato. Bho
C 225 ci'm' tnat B1 had never
marrifd 0 Kennedy.
&rr'.forbirtdln? "lcers "ni1
namr M "T 0eiinn army to
SwK woman had 75.000
M ur. " ""Jlvldunl himself
lyth " a recently revoked
-fc - rr nr finron ca
IIP vnim
WITHER exposure and hard
ork brmg p(n and aches j
5''?TI-10'""- avo a
pp!y f eel'ti m.lment. nd
fctl&fr t!uut "M"!. Jot it
W.J. sorcne&s and stifTn
144 iSSiIc kme tacks epraini
fe "tat has
itnn't C1?. -World oyer.
Sfe Pr0duCC rcult8'l
World's Largest Hotel Planned
For Chicago; Has 3000 Rooms
liitiKigriipli of plans for "SlcienV liiitti.
Plans for tho world's largest hotel h.ivo bee n annr jikimI by the Hotel
li Sallo company In Chicago It is t; bo ere tc I on M IUi;in avenue. It
will contain 3.000 rooms and will cost between $1'.' 000 0011 and $16. 000000.
Tho Pennsylvania hotel In New York now is the largest hotel in tho world.
It contains approximately 2 200 rooms.
Man Who Worked Himself
Up From "Nowhere"
Unmoved by Legacy
I)y the. Amiclateil Preis.
CHICAGO March 10. Cyril
Woodward Clublcy Armstrong self-
mndo Chicago lawyer whoso BtrtiR-
Klo for a living has been only mod-
erately successful today waa In-
formed that ho la soln heir to tin
English earldom but tho news had
llttlo effect on him for ho calmly
Informed nowspnper reportera that
ho already possessed tho greatest
title. In tho world that of American
citizen and desired no othor.
.tin From Ills Family.
Mr. Armstrong received a com-
munication which had been sent to
friends of hlu by tho consular do-
pnrtrKcnt In AVnshlngton In response
to queries from relatives In Indiana
asking that ho bo located. Ho pro-
duced lottcrs and documents to
prove that ho was tho man sought
but atd he know nothing of tho
title ho Is supposed to have In-
herited for ho bec'amo separated
front his family when a child and
had worked his way up to mem-
bership in tho bar through night
schools Previously ho sold news-
paper subscriptions worked on
Canadian fnrui3 and was a reporter
on the Qulncy (Ml.) Whig-Journal.
Tho letter that Mr. Arm-
strong bo traced written by Orran
Phoneson British vice consul In
charge of Nairobi Kast Africa stat-
ed that the Armstrongs roccntly ha'd
fallen heir to nn earldom that Cyril
was tho immediate heir nnd that JiIh
younger brother Captain St. John
Shelverton was seeklnc Cyril. Tim
letter was forwarded by Washington
to Mayor P. J. Mclirlen of Qulncy.
who located Armstrong In Chicago.
Hc'h Well Satisfied.
"I know nothing of tho title" said
Mr. Armstrong today "but I do
know that I am tho Armstrong
sought. If tho reports of a title
provo correct well I'll cross that
brldgo when I como to it. I came
to this country becamo nn American
citizen fought my way to a position
of respect In this community nnd It
will bo foremost In my mind that
I hold the greatest tltlo In tho
world that of American citizenship.
This Is a bad day for any other title
and I havo no desire to change."
Mr. Armstrong learned of his nee-
ond brother's death In Franco In the
war through tho communications re
ceived today. Mr. Armstrong tried
twice to enlist in tho American armv
in tho war and onco In the Canadian
army but was rejected.
Ho had not hoard from any mem-
ber of his family for about ton years
he said his unclo's last address bo-
ing Edinburgh Scotland. "I am
making no investigation" bo said.
"I am satisfied to bo nn AmerJran.
If they really havo a tltlo nnd a big.
estate for me as Is reported I don't
know what I'll do. I claim no title
A Good Movie Scenario.
Mr. Armstrong at first denied his
identity when ho found a dozen
newspaper reporters waiting In his
office but when they refused to
lcivo he finally said:
"Woll. let's havo it over vtilli.
boys. I'm Armstrong."
"Your grace" began a reporter
"Can tho graco business" he
broko In. "t Just told you I was
Armstrong didn't I?"
"Mnybo I will bo "his grnco' but
not yet."
Kxpcilltlmi Shows How "Vitningo
Point" Could Ho TiiUi'i) In Oiso
of War.
WASHINGTON. .March 10.
Demonstrating tlin midden force
with which a vantagu point could
bo solzed from which to repel nn
nttack on our West Indian naval
base a marine "expedition" has
again landed Jta powerful 155-mllll-tr.otcr
gun from tho battleship
Florida through a surf nnd backed
tho gun up with rifles of an Infan-
try force. The "expedition" has
Hdzed tho Island of Culebrn. In tho
Virgin Hands nnd Is now maneuv-
ering there tho navy department
announced today.
Tho ontlro operation was planned
to domonstrato that tho recent ex-
periment of landing a heavy gun
from a battleship from Guantana-
mo. Cuba can bo repeated nt will
under tho most adverse conditions.
Want Haiti i:nininlcd.
President Harding is requested to
take immediato steps to withdraw
tho American occupation forces
from Haiti nnd to provldo for a
now constitutional government for
that country by tho holding of freo
popular elections not later than
July 1 by a resolution introduced in
tho senate today by Senator King
democrat nf t'tah.
Gained 1 6 Founds
and Am Brimful
Of New Life and
Energy Thanks to
says Thos. J. O'Don-
nell 156 State St.
Rochester N. Y. Tan-
lac by its action on the
digestive and assimila
tive organs builds up
the entire system
brings back the glow to your
cheeks the spring to your
step and the glorious feeling
of buoyant health to every
fibre of your body. At all
good druggists.
Drug Store
Phone tt . I t i Phono
Osage 44 Hotel lUlsaosaBe 112
Be Wise Save Thy Money
Otto Wcidfeldt Enters
Campaign for Post
of U. S. Diplomat
IlICllI.I.V. March 10. Otto Wled-
feldt chairman of the dlrectots of
tho great Krupp works nt Kssen to-
day entoreil tho field nx a csndldnlii
for the port of German amb.isvndnr
to the United Suites llerr Wled-
feldt Is a member of tho younger
generation find is n constrtietlNu
business mnu. 1
Friends of the diplomatic aspirant
say ho has progrowlto Ideas nnd
that ho Is not hound by any eutang-
IIUK political ttrtllmtlnns. Iln mnv
tlin fullest confldent'K of Herman
business men. esncelntlv tlin hlu In-
(limit lallsts who bollevn ho Is better
fitted for tlin Washington post than
anv of the otd-lln diplomats.
llerr Wtidfchft has executive
ability nnd commercial skill has
converted Krtipps from tho biggest
armaments plant in tho world Into
a strictly pcaco Industry tiirtiitiK
out locomotives motor parts and
agricultural Implements.
On account of tho depreciation of
the German mark. It Is necessary
that the next German ambassador at
Washington be a multimillionaire.
Hcrr Wledfelt has a glgnntlo for-
tune llerr Hermes anil other as-
pirants who are not rich ate virtually
out of the race now.
Guard Against
With Muaterole
Influenza Grlppn and Pneumonia
all start with a cold. At tho first
sign of fever tho moment you get
those warning aches get busy with
good old Miistorolo.
Muslerolo Is a cnunter-lrrllnnt
that goes right after cnngeHtlon
(which Is what a cold really Is) and
restores normal circulation.
It hriH all tho good qualities of thn
old-fashioned mustard plaster with-
out tho unpleasant sting and blister.
During tho big "Flu" epidemic
several years ngo Mustcroln wan
used In our training camps. Tho Y.
M. C. A. War Hoard sent thousands
of Jars to our boy In Franco. Doc-
tors havo beon recommending M to
their patients for years.
Just rub It on tho congested parts
with your finger tips. First jou will
feel a warm tlnslo as thn healing
ointment penetrates tho pores then
comes a soothing cooling sensa-
tion and quick relief.
If there aro coldn In your hnuso
get Mustorolo on the Job at onco. It
mny provent serious Illness. It Is a
good plan to havo Mustcrolo nlwnyn
on tho bathroom shelf for tho
Sold by all druggists 35c and Gtic
In Jir.i nnd tubes hospital size $3.
Nurso lmuhi'tl In Suit of Widow
Willi (iiarxei Silo Stole ili.
iihln Jewcli.
Ni:V YOHK March 10 llela-
llves here of the latu Peter Cooper
Hewitt nillllnnnlro Inventor weio
astounded todny over dispatches
from Pads portending nensatlntinl
revelations atlslng out of tils sudden
death In thu American hospital nt
N'eulliv Inst AiiKtwt when he was
thought to bo recovering ftom ill-
ness. Tho fact that Mr. Hewitt was be-
Jlevcd to be convalescent at thn
time of hlu death N expected to
prove the "high light" In a null
uroimht ngniiist tlin Inventor i
ytiunK widow by MIsm Hllsnbcth l
Kelly a trained nurse lit New York
and Montreal for damage. Thn
suit wax filed In Paris wheto Mis.
Hewitt Is tiniv III Ing.
Thn norm allcgnn Mrs. Ilewllt and
It.irnti linlicit KllhiKcr of HtiKliind
tiled In diUn her out of France
after lltlK.iti ii hid been l"lltllled
agaliiK! In r in the li iron. She was
ihaigiil wrh vi. iPmb leweliv from
Mrs Hewitt. '1 hu h.llM'S wero ills-
iiiJsmiI Pimples Keep
Young Men
Down! -
They" MIo Women Too a Tuxzlet
How S. S. S. Slopa Skin
Eruption I'oiilively.
Plmplos nnd skin eruptions tinrn a
price. you pay for oi'ry pustule
titack-betxl nml pluijilo nn your fnrn.
l'lmiilin piodiirn iirnju.lli'ti and prevent
prosperity Your heart mny t cold
H. H. n. Will 1
sf tlin Cruildn
Id Yon
C I'lo
but Who W.nts tn kirn rrnntlnnut
Pimply men don t look hko tho owners
of anything 1 'Imply women too am
PuzjU'S with no prosper is ntiil ittj
power. Young men ami women litre's
the posltlvo way out. Physics uml
purgative will fall What you nerd
Is n scientific Mnod clcnnser fl H. H.
Is ono of the most powerful destroyers
if blood tinputltivs. You can provo Dili
In a short time. H. H H. tins been
passed on by a Jury nf inlUlons of pen-
plo Just like yoursulf. It Is considered
one or thn most tiowerful vcgeMhtn
blood-putlders nnd flcnh-btlllders III
existence. Thal'n why ou hear of so
many underweight people putting on
lost flesh In a hurry why you Hear of so
many rheumatics being freed from this
scourge with S. U.K. Ht.irt today with
H. K. 8. nnd boo your face clear snd
your skin get ruddier your flesh
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career. H. H. H. In sold at nil drug
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la tho more economical.
kazok urADi:s
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rvpnln He
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0n T.yiet ..
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llerH" 1
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. n .. IC Java 115
Mavis Talium
Vovdrt I3o
l co i mf race
l'owiiera . . . Sc
1 It cirtenlal
ream $1 SI
II !j Ko r.laln
t'vflnr ala
lis I'reetone :93lla Uandertne iio
i tl vacr
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Five Dislinc Reasons
Why You Should Uuy Your
Spring Hats
ft this shop
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5 TRIMMIKGH Kvery new
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Street Frocks
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