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VV. H.
Office! 6241
H Dorado. Ark
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I i.n." - - -
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lura l
N.mnt. ltlhL
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anil Crk
Ulr Muddy ....
Mull Crttk ...
Cat Crk. Mont.
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r-t ar.a.
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jr La.t
It 1"'
Storing the Oil
..t. iMninFfH Investment to-
T" ' nr nrurtft nil for
?" " Tim lili? camomiles
not with expectant loss
nf future profit
Brn tl ukU Hie mnrkct might tllp.
vh Scitl. latioti can bo but tempo-
L " i'l i HIM greatly deflated
j n'll eanimt be produced
f'f m i'u ' ' ra8 wU nt a '"i0"1
nr barrel In comparison
VVitr favorablo market prod-
' c i i. .ojUI now bring ti por
rrg tidless 'f Hll tllO propu-
landi ri misleading Information
Lm" h i" en dumped uiioh tho oil
ojnu f u llu "u"v -
i;i'n to ots nf production
it may i' ' uthftilly twld that tho
rii- of ciuib oil lias not been In-
art I - rer'tit -"r"- 'rhJ m!h .ot
((riinii would not only bo
i(rld by "i nny "mHU pr."
inters lust It was corroborated by
l ie petroleum board during tho war.
in the reioni-trurtloii ot business
ltd of tho increased future demands
Hr petroleum admittedly growing
"titer Amn ' nre acliortly before tic
Mtrolcum induMry.
In the inntter of credit? the fed-
rral resnvr b.inklnB board Iiur
f.nds avsilablo for loana on Mured
production. Hueli ccurlty Ih of tho
iilcliMt c-ltarneter of nt'ceptuhlo p-lurai"-".
If tho lurBe companies may
toloy recour.-o to loans for tlio ciir-
rrlm on "f their oil lo hlKhcr
market thero fhould be neither
rruieleni tmr embarrassment for builni-ss lorcsiKiit on 1110 part
ot the lnilcpendent producer. It
(Wftltutes a mmplo constructive ob-
(u'tive with crcat recurring benefit.
Thi tmoner producerH themselves
unulil Rialtazu tho miirltet bv liolcl-
irx their pioductlon when tho mar.
It dips and until normal timco re-
turn. It of common observation
tint e!dom indeed do tho bljj jdpe-
line toncerns ndvlso their patrons
to itore oil. The ulfldnm of such
tnlnt9 process always becomes ap-
irent BfUr tho empty tanli arc
lil'd nlth cheap oil. Homo ot tho
lirittt fortunes of tho Standard Oil
luttrem.l navo uecn macio uionu
from the purchasing and rcnelllne ot
cade oil. Only In recent years
live thens big companies with few
iiceptlonf. enBagcd In tho actual
reduction of oil.
Since they have commenced to
rduco oil. Iiihtcad ot each action
tens disturbing It is really ron-
rructlve through the education they
ttqulrn n.i to Increased drilling cost
md operating expenses. It Is los
i.Ho that thr anxiety to get Into
Oi? produring inrtuM.rJ" may be the
v inous fear of foreign competi-
tion muring Into American territory
nd picking up tho splendid buying
opportunities of producing proper-
lit. hlch the big boys have care-
Mly worked out for their own In-
tended acqultltlon. Instead ot for-
'ln companleb being a menace to
".- tnuusiry us awuoio iney nro
idtrlded benefit. They cauio com-
petition; they Induce better prims
'or both producing properties and
'ntlr products. Oil In n. precious
'"mmeWIt). It Is us vllnlly ncccs-
"ry for the comforU and reijulrc-
ir.fnls of civilization as gold iu-elf
rd thoulil lilurtlso enjoy a woild-
id market.
h ! ludkrous for some to opposo
'Ttlgn buyers oining Into the Mid-
ciatiaent territory for tho purposo
M I'quirlng rrudo production nud
w the other hand to demand a
tiarktt throughout the world for
?. i ? Produrtu which nro almont
wniuilvtly larrlcd on Slaudnnl Oil
"apany ihlps. The Dutch Hliell and
Z .""Tners justly bchnvlng to-
;h0 laws "f our nation aio
wfllir nvltcd lnt0 Mld-Con-rnl..0.un"'v
tn Bve adilltlotinl
v.rt to ur friends in IsVw
ill Yho 'lenl much ot tho do-
m is. sun""e'' months In envlrous
turopcan ttonety
'Suit Fork Anticline Mustoru
Meed at last
from hUl.Marcl 1- A teregram
rmJll ""d Rnt goofoRlcal
(com. . ry lal "i18 puzzieu
Error. i mcn anrt BeoioKlrtH.
the itnii. i L prP8S notlcn lu:d by
I'!ifi7. nian-s geological survey
Wnl rtosuris lndntlng tho nntl-
k trim i0.?:. "-W-'w. The tdc-
Nt am! n . 1 11 ln ran
" 'He prcM '" runso ns BtutCd
ta sla.r1' " R' KnoPPen ot "e
" i to f L s;oluB"'nl "urvy
... ' lo Study if non.
-opt?nai'ht"1 '''""''n part of Grant
"Wed t V li0'i which was
"pi.i u s "i Part:
mi " :i'e "lrs- 'anticline In
jdoJ.1 .: ls '"' unsatlsfarjorlly
Ark..J" '" salt Fork of tho
touth .Id.' -n.3v. On the
f . i h? "'"am. for a .lis-
rd din. n.u?rJr ot a "e. east-
" ot.fasard dip cXposed Is
WMT-rroiiucln Etc
K tfVl..
Wen S JQ"tor sale
ciivb8"11'' ! ct- l'y owner;
e. oil-
Wilcox very
"ltnlt nuuu'
J kV BhalTTT
in r.'" on liav
ttZr L "hV reasonably
b nV;5"'lny Parties re
'';Zi?l o" lease
Mm-V0'111 blocl
? ' from la- ccntr
'Jt southea
lease on 1.CC0
rpniAn t . -
- - in j an
Doss.ii!: "eparatn rif. '
W. K
C- U""V. Ok! wiwrtl ...
PECK Residence 2442
u' feot but tho east side ot the anti-
cline Is ho deeply covered by soil
ami alluvium that no estimate nt the
total eastward dip Is justlfluhlc. To
tho nort'i there uro no outcrops
across tho flood plain ot tho I'.ilt
1'ork. which Is three miles wide
and to tho oulli the scattered out-
crops do not reveal tho character
of tho structure.
"An eastward dip of 3S feet at the
surface Indicates an eastward dip
of more than one hundred feet at ti
dopth nt I.DOO feet. It this htruo
luro has tho usual ratio ot surface
to subsurface slopes. Tho exposures
nro ontlrely Inadequate to afford
data for reliable Mructuro map but
tho unusual dip to tho east Is suffi-
cient Justification for drilling n well
to test the oll-hearlng possibilities
of Iho deen sands. '
When the above wns first printed
oil men and geologists flocked to
tho spot find searched for tho east
dip but It could not he found. Unltl
and Oarber men persisted In tho
hunt and tlio eastward sloping
Mrntltled beds ns described by
Knnppen wero located six mlk-B west
lit J3-Ii-Iw. Immediately nndriutctly
tho open urrrngn was blocked up.
b'onif of the lenses that could not bo
secured mi a drilling contract wore
The telegram which is dated
March n fulb'tts: "Knapiien Mates
Halt J'ork null. line Is In tnvuhlp
2" rango 4 west not In rango 3 hs
stated In prT bulletin. ltgict error
In statement. It Is signed by Smith
The Salt rork anticline Is 10 miles
south mid four miles west of tho now
Drer Creek oil fluid. 11 fivo
miles north and in miles west of tho
ntnv Tonkawa field. And It Is 13
miles duo north of the town of riar-
her. It ls located at a big bend of
the Salt Tork river.
Cosdcn Pipe Line Compahp
La !l in;; Three AViu Lines
Construe: Ion of a 52-inlle six-Inch
pipeline from lieggs fcjuth to tlio
Lyons & Denner pools in IC-ll-ll
has been started by the t'osden Pipe
Lino rompanv. It was lo-irncd 1'rl-
day. Tho in w line which Is now
blug strung will parallel tho old
four-Inch lino of that companj.
which will probably be token up a
a later ilnto. It. Jt. (.jraham. beryl
of tho Cosdcn pipeline department
stated yesterday that they oxpreted
to complete tho lino wllhln tho noxt
15 days.
Cofrdcn has also started tlio build
ing of n four-Inch line from the Ilur-
bank poc tiortuwnrd to rrnnKiort.
In the Osage nml another four-Inch
lino from Norfolk to Ingalls In 1H-4.
Tho Increase In pipeline facilities
will enable tho Cordon company to
meet thu increased crude require-
mcnts occasioned by tho Installation
of a new hlgh-pressuro still In Its
West Tulsa refinery.
Starlinu Test on
3000-Acre Tract
Sam McPhcrson. Luther UeVaul
ot MiiHkogco and I". 12. Houston and
F. t . Weber ot Tuls.i aro drilling ut
S00 feet In their test on ii 3000-ucre
block In Atoka and Johnson coun-
ties three miles and a half north
east ot Wapanucka in tho southeast
of the northwest of 7-Is-tie.
They havo a Mundard rig and are
starling a 10-Inch holo for a deep
test. M. K. Head geologist of Mus-
kogco located this structure and
says It resembles In many ways tho
structuro In the fnmnus 11-11 dis-
trict and thorn Is qulto a lot ot In
terest manifested In this district
since this location was made.
Prairie Well Having
Casing Trouble
The Prairie Oil &' Cos Co.'s test
in 23-16-9. which was tn have been
di tiled into tho deep baud topped
at 3412 feet yesterday Is delajcd il
few days because of Iroublo Willi
tho casing. This Is the Prairie's old
gas well which has been spraying
loo barrels of oil per day the past
thrco weeks.
Interesting Tests in Lyons
And Greenwood Counties
Tho- Osago Petroleum rompnny
under tho management of M. 1. lirin
and J. II. Nathan has spudded in
tho test ln tho southwest of the
southwest of 23-22-lOs Greenwood
county Kansas This test Is lo-
cated on the well-mnppcd-out geo
logical structuro ami is six mnes
northeast of tho-ncw Jones & Iloth
pool on the Thrall ranch. Merrlam
&. Plondelss tiro drilling n test two
mllCH southwett ot tho nbovo wo'.i
and tho PhlllipH Petroleum company
Is also drilling two miles and a half
south. .
Tho Tidal Oil company and M. J.
Ilrln havo spudded In on their test
on their 7000-acro block op the
'lardell farm. In tho southwest nf
tho northwest of 2-21s-12e Lyons
county Kansas this well also being
located on llkcly-tooklng geological
structure thieo miles and a halt
northeast of the Gladys Hello pool
which has a 40-barro! producer and
thrco wells drilling.
Geologists Convention
At Oklahoma City
In Full Swing
Thn American Association of Pe-
troleum Geologists now in conven-
tion at Oklahoma openad yesterday
at tho Kills club auditorium with
H splendid attendanco desplto the
inclement weather llopri'beutativo
geologists from every cliy in the
southwest nre In attendance and
the fact that tho membership l
the assoclaton has grown from 600
to fcOO live-wire members in one
year. U proof positlvo of the success
of this year's meeting.
Today'B program Is herewith giv-
en. Saturday Morning.
liuslnoss meeting concluded 9 to
10:30; reports ot committees; un-
finished business; election of offi-
cers. Program resumed 10:30 to 12:30.
"Oil Possibilities ln China" I U.
Clapp (Lantern slides.)
"Eplclinal Distortion" J. II. Card-
ncr. (Lantern slides.)
"Tho Importance of Microscopic
Work on Well Cuttings" J. W. Ilos-
tlclt. (lantern slides.
"Mlcroscopio Study ns nn Aid to
Shooting Dry Hobs n-tg Prudji-
tlon" V. V. Walte
"Geological l'Va'urts i uauu ed
by Models.'' O. L. Huntley
"Tho Necessity for Unelnccrlng in
IlcveloplnK.OIl anil Qas Propcrllca"
II. IC. Htroufl.
"liestatement of tho Hydratitlo
Theory of Oil and Gas Accumula-
tion" M. J. Mann.
"liepb'tlon of Kentucky Crude
OIK" W. It. Jllson.
Topogrnphlcut Criteria for Oil
Blructures." V. K. Jlonnett.
"A Preliminary Study on the lie-
covery of oil by Sinking hlmlls and
DrMng (Jallerles" I.. KrHiiltlln.
"The Midway Limestone of North-
east Texas." W. C. Thompson.
"Hour nf tho Ited Color of tho
Pcrmo-Ctubonlferous Kcd lleds" a.
"The Oil Iloom at Spokane
Wash." J t Krrguson.
"The Huml. Acid Origin of As-
phalt." .1. 1). Ilaseman.
"Correlation ot Producing Sands
In Southeastern Kansas unit North-
tastern Oklahoma" D. V. Wllllums.
"A Probable Hurled Mountain
Itange of liarly Pt-rtnlan Age Uust
of tho Present llocky Mountains In
New Mexico and Colorado" J. L.
Iti. Ii.
"Tho Helatlou of Deep.enteil
rnults to Suifaco t-'tructurnl fwit-
luiVs of Central Mnntuna" W. T.
Thorn Jr. Introduced by K. C.
Ilenlil. illy permission of director
of Uplted States (leologleal Survey.)
Sigma (bimtuii Kpsllon luncheon hotel 13:46.
hnltinlay Aflrriinon.
Completion ot unfinished papers
:;ir p. m.
Numerous New Locutions
Bcinu Made in Northern
PONCA C1TV. Okli. Mil. oh 10.
There Is mi interesting ini'o In Ilia
llliss-Toiikuua pnul nt tho present
tlmo by comp.iniis that mo trying
to reach the i'.ioo-font Kind from
whlili scverul wells nro now pro-
ducing Tho Humphro Petroleum
company Nu. - In l(i-;M-lw Is run-
ning the 8-lnch casing at L'018 feet
tho MarlHiid Bchool laud No. 2 Smith
Is running the 8-Inch at 2127 feet
tho Cliampllii Ileflnlng coinnany
No. 1 Morris In 15-ZI-l Is flshlng
fnr n lltff nt f.x.t Ilin lmn In
Oil company No. 2 Smith Is Mi til-
ing nt below 1.600 feet ntid the
Coninr Oil company Is three feet In
tlio tnud with its No. t) See In sec-
tion 15 and producing 00 barrels.
Thn hit llail tin v V 1
Novotney Is making 80 barrels Iiom
tho snino sfliul
There hue been two new locations
mucin in this pool both by the
Southwest Petroloiim company tho
Nos. 10 and 11 on the Muiray farm
In southwest 10-C l-i.
New Wells in the ilicfiuutn
The llirkinan pool of the western
Osage bad another good week's nil-
ilitlonnl prudiiition tbp part week
notwithstanding I ho blizzard w ith
three completions. Those aro the
0pey Oil rompanv No. I In south-
west 35-27-Ce making 1300 barrels
from the sund at r7-2.!07 feet
following n shot of 100 quarts of
nltroRlyceiln; tho t.ypsy No. 7 In
li-Stl-tS Is making 1.000 darrein from
the Kind ut ?SS0 to 2993 feel fol-
Inning a 100-qunrt nhnt; and tho
Caiter OH compuny No. 3 In thn
southentt of y-26-0 Is producing 265
barrels from the sand at 2SGi to
2s03 feet.
New locations In the Hickman In-
clude tho Skelly-Phllllps No. 6 In
tho southwest ot 25-27-3. the Mar-land-Itoxann
No. 10 in thu north-
wcs.t of 8-20-C tho Cosileu No. 7 In
tho 'northeast ot 0-26-6 and tho
fiypsy No. 10 In tho northwest of
32-27-C. both Cosdcn and tho (Jypsy
havo the rig material on the ground.
Phillips Makes Location
The Phillips Petroleum company
Ii understood to havo mude two lo.
cations for wildcat tests one in the
Otoe Indian country in the north-
west ot 9-21-2o and thn nthur to
tho northwest In tho southwest of
32-23-2W. Only four Marland lo-
cations In tho Otoe have been offi-
cially announced In tho southwest
of 2-23-lo on tho Joseph Jeans
farm In tho northwest ot 24-25-'.'o
on Iho Uarnns farm in the north-
east of 20-22-2O on th'o Donahuo
farm and in the southeast of 11-22-2e
on tho llamney farm.
Two Have Fishing Job
Waldo & Hucklln. drilling in Hie
southwest of 28-27-flw et a point
seven miles west nf Medford und
tho Notional Ucflnlng company on
tho lliihler farm In thn northwest
of 1D-27-4W have fishing Jobs on
hand. Tho former has the tools
stuck st the bottom of tho casing
nt 2.6SU feet nnd It Is believed that
the bottom Join of casing has col-
lapsed. Tho National Iteflnlng
company has been unable to fish
out tho big bailer and li trying to
drill It out. On the McKcepian
farm In tho northwest of 23-2S-5w
the Tom Slick wildcat test tho
s-inch casing Is bcliis run nt 2730
Ticker Dope
NKW VOHK Crude nil produc-
tion In the country for the week
ending -March 4 was 1120 030 bar-
rels tin increase over tho previous
week of 9600 barrels nnd 101000
barrels more than a year ngo. Well-
pokted oil men here have an Idea
the tendency of nil shares to mark
time for dnv past has been duo t"
fears in Iho trade that the steadily
fearg in the trade that the steadily-
increasing production in the Haynee
La. fields will result In price ruts for
that district. It I nut believed that
even If the Louis ana prices nre cut
tlioro will be any price reductions
In the Mid-Continent field. How-
ever it is realized that a rut even
in tho Louisiana fields will have a
bad effect on sentiment. If the
ruts aro made it will be for the pur.
poso of checking drilling and thus
provent over production.
New York .Mountain Producers
corporation declared regular quar-
terly 20 cents dividend payable
April 1. stock reoord March 13.
New financing plans of H.nchilr
Oil corporation will be announced
soon. If present plan Is carried out
S.nclalr will be placed in a strong
financial position t'nderstood uftor
plan huromcs operatlvo Sinclair's
fixed charges will not be greatly in
exces nf $17000000 annually. It
Is bcllovcd a largo block of 7 1-
per cent notea will be paid off and
balance converted Into a long-term
Issue. The new financing plan
means Standard Oil of Indiana will
pay to Sinclair J170OO0oo In con-
nection with purchase of a half in-
terna In latter' plpohne.
Interesting Operations
In Pawnee County
1 or. T it .n " e i ll Oil t 1
rd Kertd i ' . i 1 t'1 r
lo in. h h R a ' f ' o e
John Mimin fain. in the eoutnw-
of tho Muthwc-i of l2-::n c.
The Devonian Oil company Is
drilling at 600 fret In the southwest
ot the southeast of 23-3SI1-6C.
Independent Completing
Two Opgrntipns
The Independent Oil t Ons Co.
No. 9 HolnixM tratt In the northwest
Ot (he southeast of the southwest of
13-11-11. Is still flowing S.iotl txtr-
rsls per day nt four fewt In the St)S2-
foot sond.
Thi Independent No. 7. located
In the northeast ot Him southwest of
tho southeast of 13-11-11 Is also
drlllliiK In today but because nf th
unusually muddy roads rcpoits
from there cuiild not be obtained
last evening.
llnbinson & Letcher Test
Detailed Drilling In
The Itoblntoti Lctchnr. haulier
& (tlbsnn No. 2 on tho Tiger tract.
In the center of the south line nf tho
east of the southwest ot 2 1-1 1-11
was being drilled In late Inst eve-
ning and because of Its proximity to
several good producers n later re-
port Is being awaited with Intel est.
Waltc VhillipTTlclting
Dlfj Producer
Walte Phillips and f. II. Terw lin-
ger are completing n big producer
In their test in the nurthwest ot the
southeast of 13-11-11 Tho well hud
the top of the tegular Klngwood
sand ycMcrdHy noon and whs flow-
ing by lie.uls nt the rate of nt least
100 barrels per hour.
The Joemao Oil compuny Is com-
pleting tho lest In 21-16-9 today.
Top of the sand wns encountered at
2.981 feet. A later report is loyUtJ
News From thcUlackwell
And IMvr Creek Districts
Hporlll to Thf World.
1JLACKWL1.I. Maicli 10. With
I lie melting of the huge snow drift
In thn east nnd west liuir-. material
Is now being delivered on the ground
and iipernilun has been resumed
utter a week's shutdown tn the
HlHckwcll Deer Creek nnd Tunkawu
Tho most Important dcp test tn
Kay i utility in bring dilllcd bv II. I..
Spein er and the lllsekwell iill V tins
Co. In thn southwest qnuitvr of 1J-26-1
w. half way between Hl.lckwell
and Tunkawu. The present depth
Is r.Oo feet. Tlio location u i:. milvs
from production and
northeast lias Is expected at 800
fir) In the siu nn sand 'as Is found In
the Tonkawa field. A number of
Iho big eompniirbs have bought arrc-
agu paying from 100 tip to .in high
an 2oo tier acre. Should produc-
tion Im had at tills location from
fifii en to twenty new wills will be
DKHIt Cti;i!K. March 10 No. 3
Stewart nmthcntt quarter of 22-IJ-3w
finished cleaning out 200 feet of
n cnvrln Hint followed a shut ot
nltro. four weeks ago Sunday. It Is
believed that production will be In-
creased 150 barrels.
Huy Obtot and associates aro drill-
Ing at 2.U0 feot In Shipley No. 1
southeast quarter of 33-27-Sw. No
1 llrndy Hughes same company In
northeast quarter ot 35-27-3vv Is
drilling at 1 .500 feet.
No. 1 deep test ot Iho Ansoclalcd
Producers & llefineis Cu southwest
quarter of 2ii-27-3w being drilled by
tho Coart OH company bpudded in
Schonwnld Hurley and others nro
drilling at 2500 feet In No. 2 Mar-
tin south half of tho southwest
quarter of 23-27-3W.
Tho HlHckwcll Oil A- Gas Co. has
resumed operation In Martin No 1
In tho north half of thu southwest
quarter of 53-27-Jw. A new rig has
replaced tho ono destroyed by fire
Inst fall.
It L A l- K W i: LL Mmch 10. A
ladles' auxiliary of tho Anil-Horse
Thief association will bo oignnlzeil
In lllacliwull on Mnn h K. This will
bo iho first auxiliary In Oklahoma.
There nre ladles' auxiliaries in oilier
states but none In Oklahoma ns ri
The A. II. T. A. has a membership of
over 1T00 In Kay rouiily.
Elimination ot 1800-Acre
Limit Causes Company
PONCA CITV. Match 10. An-
nounrrment of the consolidation of
tho rrancoma Tom James and
Kcnnry-Cleary nil rompanleu wllh
tho Murland Oil i ornpany here
brings out the further iatt today
that other coinpunles with promi-
nent ttubvldlarlcs will follow this
plan thus resulting in but one over-
head. Wlilbi no announcement lias
been inndo by the Marland OH com-
pany It Is understood that the con-
solidation wnu Hindu possible . be-
cause ot tho action of tno Indian
dopaitmsnt at Washington ullmitiul-
Ing tho piovislon which held each
separate oil concern or Individual
to leases nil 4b00 acres of Indian
land. Knrently this provision was
eliminated as to the Osugc filoo
T'oiich nnd Tonkawa reservations
thus permitting curb cumpany to
lease all lands poMlhle.
There halo hem other consolida-
tions slnco the lease limit provision
was eliminated n few months (igo
uml ln cm Ii Instance this fact has
mado It fur easier for such a merger
to occur especially whern Iho con-
solidating companies nil held ricie-
ago In tho Osngr. Prncthally till
Hie Otoe reservation has been leased
for oil since the urreago limit was
temoved and the big part of It is
held by thn larger companies. ln
the Otoo tho Marland cumpany
lenses nre being held by tho Alcorn
Oil company.
Change Affects Many Mcn
The consolidation of the Pran-
coma Tom James nnd Kenney-
Cleary companies with the Mai laud
affects several men who havo been
prominent here and throughout the :
Mid-Continent field and no an-
nouncement bai as yet been made
as to their future asso'latlons v. Mb
thu parent i ornpany. ln tbe lis'
ore P. H JVnvrnnce loral head nnd
llnhort K. Clark of the Tom James
company: J. K. Cleary Prank Ken-
ney and W. L. Kenly of the Kcrniev
Cleary company and Charles I'.
Martin of tho Kramnms.
Until they came to ponca City a t
few years ngo Lovvrancu was a (
prominent contractor ut Memphis
whore Clark was associated with)
him; Cleary was u. Tulsu uewspupur
man; Kenney a regular army offi-
cer und Kenly a World war llcuten- !
ant all oveisean veterans ns wus
also Clark; Martin tamo hero from
Little Hock where ho wns prominent
! for yearn in city government posl- i
Had Agreed to Gas Hike
i When the s'ato coiporution com-
n irslon for soitiB rcnuon delayed de-
. "iot for ntfr 11 titr fin uti tin It.
i cation of the Kay County Uas com-'f
pnnv of this illy for un I (urease In
tli" nuluinl gns rate for Pom a CUv
Nowklrk. Tonkawa ami other Imy
county points it icsul d In u com-
motion among the citizens when tbe
blks to (& cents was put Into effci t
recently and a charge was mitde
that the hike ''ml been granted
without the peopla having u hear-
ing. It develops however that nt a
mass meeting hem In ttoilllgnv lirtll
on December 2.1 1020 tho htku In
gns titles was discussed with cltl-
sens of Now kirk and Tonknw n pres-
ent also. I'ollowliig the dlsiuaslon
a mot Ion wns mads by onn ot tho
New kirk I cprsMintatlves whirl! ic
reived a second from a Tonkawa
representative to tlm effect that no
protest whiild be made against lb"
hike. In the msHtitime the hike did
not go Into effect until l'bruaty 1
this year and the people had fui-gotlcn.
Tonkawa and Vicinity
TONKAWA. .March 10. Tho cen-
ter ot Inlenst today Is draw n to the
south halt or the southwest ot 10-24-lw
thn Murray farm where the
Southwestern petroleum rninpiitiy
bi movrd in a lotary machlno in
drill u del p test. Almost ('Very oil
man In noiihrm Oklahoma Is sine
to find time to spend a lew hours
watching operation Ii Is the third
totary machine lo be In ought lo
Kay county. tn sl teals ami Is the
onlv one In tltfi totiiitv mi tin. tnesent I
time Tho two trlsil out In tho old
Illnckwcll field five years ago were
not the tight thing to IimiiiIIa the
formations or lbs -rews running
them did not uudeistHiid thn work.
Anyway thu attempt was a failure
und they were taken out ot the field.
The While Lagle's No 1 Novol-
ney southwest nf I0 2l-1w. Is being
drilled deeper In the hope ot In-
i reusing production. No. 2 Novot-
ney is drilling at ir!i feet. Tho
tools inv out of tho hole after sev-
eral weeks of fishing.
The Comnr Oil compnny'n No. C
Sec. northwest of 15-rt-lvv nmde
so barrels of oil Tucsdav from tho
sand at 2.13.' feet. Orders aro now
being awaited lo rotnpUto thn well
McMati K. Osreubei k me drilling
at 1000 feet at No. I Llndsry Mc-
Daniels koulhwcst of 2il-2i-lw.
llenediim .V Trees are drilling
wllh u slur tig on the D.ivls farm
uoithvvcst of ihu multicast ot 22-25-lvv.
Hhck & Iloseiilhnl In Iho snulh-
west of 8fl-23-lw havo Iho 1S'-
Inch esslng frozen at eight feet from
the bottom of tho hole.
Tho Prairie Oil i Una Co.'s No.
1 Novotnoy southwest of 10-21-lw
Is drilling at Ol.'i fed after skidding
Ilin tig.
The Soiilliivrsteru Petroleum com-
pany's No. t West .Murray south-
west of 10-24-lw. Is (hilling nt 1'JAO
feet. Tlio Hl( -inch casing bus been
set Tim hole is loaded with mud
nnd t lie gar sand Is expected nt
1'ifiS feet-
The Amrinda Prlioleuni Cor.
poratlon's No. 2 finillh northeast of1
Jf.-2 1-lw. is dillllnx at I BOO feet.
Underreainlng Is now In piogress to
set the 12-Inch rasing nt 1200 feet.
Mat land & Cosdeu on the school
laud In 16.21-lw mo mulct reaming
to set thu 8 'i -Inch casing at 2118
Tho Southwestern Peli oleum
company's) No. l Knst Murray south-
west of 10-JI-lw shut down on uc-
count of lasl week's snow storm rr- operation Siitui'dby und ls
now drilling nt 190r feel. In tlm
mean time thorn was n enveln of
400 feet whlcl was denied out late
The Transcontinental Oil company
on tho Davis fur in southe-ast of
22-2l-1w Is drilling with a star ilg
for gas.
Tho Hownrlli Oil company Is
hauling In rig tlmhfts at a new lorn
llun for a elee'p test em Iho llnhbctt
farm southwest quarter of 21-20-3w
in Giant county.
The Tonkuwa eoimcll at lis regu-
lar meeting Tuesduy night went on
ircord with ii favorable expiesslon
of opinion un to Its willingness to
grant a f i unchlno to tlm Illni kv.ell
Oil Si ('ns Co to In y mains In the
city und furnish gas for Industrial
nnd domestic coiiMimpt.nn. At
present the Kay county (las 'om-
puny Is fill iilshlng gas but on 1 'ubru-
my I It Is claim d advanced thu into
to &S cents per 1000 cubic i"t.
When a number of the patrons pnbl
thrir bills on .March 1 they say tbev
were charged as high ns 1.t for Hie
month and they binned wood and
kindling and that their gns wan al-
most devoid of heat. Jlemu the
present dissatisfaction
.1. W. f.ilnkscatrs rons'ii nl Inn
officer for the Tonkawa flMd and
district roturtnid Sunday night firuu
u visit with his family at Duncan.
Completion in Western Osage
Several Important completions In
the Hickman pool uf the western
Osago wer announced offn lally last
night Including the Sinclair em
I'ompuny No. 3 in the southwest or
3C-37-&U from tho Nind al 2.isu -PuO
font good for 102 kinds f al-
lowing a shot of 20 liarls or miro-
gl.vceiln. Other ioiipK i ions n.
Carter Oil compuny No. 4 In i oni
est s-20-0 from tho sand h' : Kin
2.923 feet good fur 8(5 bands sl.oi
with 100 iini'tH.
Gypsy OH company No I to
northeast 31-27-0 from tlw l .t
2881-2960 feot good for 17 u .a
rels ehot with 120 quans
Gypsy oil compuny No. :i i o
west 32-27. U from the panel m
21140 feel good for 1590 bin 'i
shot w llh J jo junrt.
Prairie Oil company .
southeast from the. sai 't .i
2900-2918 feet good for . -rels
shot with 60 quart-.
Tlgi r I luls.
The Ulack petroluum 11
test on the Holmes fnn .
northwest corner of tbe sou'r. - n
of the southwest nf 11-12-1.' is g. 1
for 260 barrels in the 2 3oi to 2 3
foot 1I1V
Trustee'tS Sale
A urcli us-Thomas Gasoline Company
Drumright Oklahoma
Iiy order of tbe Itcfereo In Il.inKi upl" v tie- nndei signed iuite-e
Is'd lo sill ut public HUdlon nl I : -n i 300 Ilauni iiulbting.
Oklahoma City Oklahoma S n lo k p. m . M in h I'l I ; 2 . to Hi"
highest and bsst bidder for ash the fol. owing property fico ami
clear of all encumbrance exept I'JZi taxis sale subji.ct to ton-
flrmutlon of llefureiv:
Two Casinglicml Ccimiirrshlou (.usollno plants Inciudlnt: all
maiiiliicri' tiKils ami ciiilimrut. al-o 'JU inllci gathering
plpo lines 1.1 (1(10(1. gallon liimihilril tank cars riillriiml
switch nml cmplojiV Ikiiikc-. nnd all light title) and In-
terest of tho i-talo In eirhiln ealiigheail gan roiitrarts
Ming eiM'ialcil by (he estate.
B. C. Housel Trustee
I'lmno Maple 102 117 IiiMirunris lllilg OUIalioiiiu lit OUIn.
Soma New Locations
New lccaUoni offlcinllv nn-
nouiiiid In -I night Ini hide tho fol-
lowing nil In tho lllikman pool:
Him lair oil company No. 7 In
southwest 36-27-5S.
l'rnltie Oil A Una No. 4 In south-
west lt-!-s.
i'ldal-l'sage Nn. t In southeast 4-2-8.
(Helly-lMillllpi No. 19 In southeast
2. 27-;..
Devonian No 11 In aouthwe-t S-26-M.
Cosdcn Oil company No 3 In
notlhvtest l-2ti-C.
Movlil conlpli1! lolls.
Tho Hunipbre.vs-Mevls Oil min-
pan's No. 18 Herthelson innt.
Mexlu Is making l80 barrels p- r
(lay after inniinc In Monday ut
3.000 ha ire Is Initial production. Hsml
wa found fiom D.m to 9013 reel.
Tll lluinphrr)s-Texa Oil com-
puny No. Cole near Curry blew In
a SaO-barrrl well In thn lop of the
3983-foot sand wllh the tools lost
In the hole. Tloy will deepen as
soon as iho tools nro recovered .
I;hM nf Piiiviiii'.
The Constnntln Ueflnlng eoui-
pany N. 3 Vl tor In the nmiheust
rortier of the southwest of 22-:i'n-Te.
Is a i.O-lmi'iel sll after a 140.
quart shot in the "t)T lo 2 (tit-fool
The Itim field Test.
n-l... I...... .ill . Ha. I'.i lent
a it nn - ii'-ki it . -. .
on the llsiriett fiinn In lbs soulb-
west imiiei of the of I1'.
siHilowest of 22-D.-IO Is ood f"i
J20 biiruls nl about 7 fed In the
2.u46-loo' sand.
With the Oil Mcn
A. .. Jindon well-known oper-
ator from Inelein'iidene e Kn is
In tlio illy. Mr. lindou Is drlll-
Ing onn of the most impurtniil wells
In Kansas. It being his No. 1 Hi the
northwest ciSner of the southeast of
tho lioiihwest of SaSl-1?. Lyons
county This well la it epmrler of a
miles soul beast of n SO-bai rol well
drilled by Mr. Laiidoii and bis as-
sociate about right months ag i
The Mlnnehoinii nil compuny ililH'M
a dry hole ofrsrttlng till producer
to Hie iiorlhwesl and tlio pool If
thete bo an apparently must ex-
tend to tbe soul In ast tn the direc-
tion uf the well now dulling.
Dodor Wllhnlt of Kansas litv Is
here looking (ifter business mat-
ters. Ilni'Piitlv Mr. Wllholl sold a
half Interest in Ills valuable block
of iicii'sge in Hughe e'ounty. okln-
lioma uoar Wuluinkii. to Hui Piaitle
oil .Vt (las Co. which hu lukeu
uvr aeitvu management ot the
. M. (Puny) lilevlns who Is in
charge of tho Wllhnlt piopertle In
lliu Wotuiukii elistriut is in uio coy.
Mr. Kiev-Ins niioils that thrrn Is a
"iiiisldernblo Incrciiso In activity In
h.H district where wildcat mi-iic-lures
abound. " 1 first wont
to Wetuinkii several months ngo I
was about tho uuly oil man In
town" said Mr. lilevlns. "but so
many .new onus nro now coming
In that my standing In ihut city Is
fading Into lnslKntflcuuv.c."
Louis Cuiiinbtfll nf tho Magnolia
Petroleum corporation Is In tho city
from Dallas.
Tim liiv al CupHnl.
Twei fires In thn business section hero
enriv toil.iv oiitisril inoiierly loss of
apiiioxlmaielv liO.000. Tho hand
lings damaged were Hie liuchinw rs-
i.i. i...iiii.iip Mulii uml liroadwav.
and I li- May building on Main elrceit.
one r Ihe fires Ik bdlescd to liavo
Hi in I r.f I mm nn electric lion Tho
origin of tho other Is not known.
ills Mni-snlUe rsillloniil Hunk (in"
I -but (iiKUlillnl. h uprlisel tjinpn-
ruri ulfir nt SIS liiflniwll
Ainiiir. 'Irlriiliuiir (Inliir SI. rrlM
limiting bifiiiiimllmi uro linllnl l
(I. I.. Vlll.M.Ml
tiliilliliiilll OrtfiinlliHInli (.lilllinltlro
l-tlriiint (tisnnrla Amirs lislrs
llrliifnriins Ours
I inqiii'lr sirrl llullillnse
Offlrr Simps uml Wsrrlniutt
Xnnthut nnd I rlsru II. II.
Tulsa 1l'
I? i J I
l J. D. HKOOKS I j
ft (Irnrral ell ll.l'l riiuttrurtlon nntk H I
K eiaaoilna itlunla a .iirclaltr. E 1 1
K lininra (! 1411 ar tiV. Ml
NICW YOItKMiiTlt 10 Uobsrt
Svage. :o-yeiir-old student nnd his
17-year-old chorus-girl brldo who
formerly win Mi tlsnevleV"
Mitchell rouUl not be located hero
At the nfrn-n ef I'lnrsio l..jfl.t
Jr. It I i lint Mis. Havngn was
pneints-rns S-.MAItKKTl.nj
nwr-'Miinn ji' ttinso rorrr woniit. tbxas
wiiom;am; PstrHObs.ti.vt ntonucTs)
ntsntln. Atiorplltii Naiihilis. l.'to.n i:u (in l'u-1 Oil Nsutrsli. Cjllcjlt
SIlM-ka I'arstflll Wst lemlllni Kbit. Ilil Oil.
I'.lrolMim lllcts Tula ukln. I nn i;lar I1H-3UI. Lnns fUtsn Ut
mi'itnteiti pkirnoi.r.t'it pkoducts
M A M' rA e "TI 1 H l: 11 a ALt. PBTROr.Kt'M PftODUfTS. II tn it ortAnn
i;ssruilv Otflerst Tfiitli lioor l'etrnleunt UMg. Tulai
rtetlnerjr lUrniialt. Oklalicii.i. rbesa Oai( IMt
Itllh (Ira te rstrotsinn l'nelucla 1 rem (Hilur Cruilt.
lwi In thn Mmkt fur I'tliolaunl 1'wtiTJn
elilo Oftli Itn Pnmli Mli-lilssa Avaiius
i;.vna citt firsicu Tt;tje orficis palt.ak. trxan
III deeurlty bids. l Aim llhlK. 104 liuor Ulds.
rrluerrs ami ttrflnsr "f
TAiuer' piritoi.i:ui t'ltofjccis
Nsnr 1 Irat Natlonti lUnk lliilblluc TULSA OKLAHOMA
riionra O.ntii 11700 01
IIS N. l b. I National Ilnnk llt.tsr.
n.Iln.rlea Lvcaltil st 0iniulsrr. Oklahoma l II v. gu.lilm 1'onc City Okls.
(lalneivlllr Ifiaa
Salsa Offlsa I'honsa Ittt 414 tlnlly 11M( Tulsa. OMs.
Manifaoturi Calii(h(l Ataorpllon anil llltiulcd Oaaollna
1'hon Oia eSSU
MANurACTt'itr.iiH or btiiaioht rtUN oasollnb
Central Otlloss 40 Houth etitytnna rltrttt
lii'ina 0k 1109
ft. Lou I a Mo. Arcaita IUJk.
1 Clilcio nn Continental
Prnjimlnv anil land Peru
lot Kannxl 111. If. Talis
ni.iiNnnir.a at clshino ami AitDJionu
tank cAits lv;ahi;p nr.PAiniitt and hubuilt
(ll:o. r IIIIKIIIAM District Manaftr 1001 Daiittl lllils. Tulaa.
vvnrtia: i 'offe)-vlll. Kansas
rVod'acfra anil rtaflncra of Cruila Oil and Itannfaotuitra Caalnghcail Cuollu
Main orrica Tulaa. Okla.
rilTnOM'.l'M AND 1T8 rnODUCTS
Salra anil Otnsral Offlcta: O. I'. U II. Mulldlns
Gantral Ofllccs Ttnih liour lint Nallunal HinK IlMr
nr-i'iMiniiis tulba. dlvol piionu osaqd iho
V. U MAYHALU liMl'lfiit
Ma "'n r.lrol.'nn ami Ha l'rmlucta Ine'leillns all Oasottna Narhtlia Kercsana
lo.' i.imii Uas nil. Wank oil aret Kosil oil mails y Imrrrlal Ucflnlng Co.. Arrl-
' ..r-. Okls. (iaeisral Ortlaaa: lull lieor Wiiciinir Illilr. I'ort Worth Taiaa.
r.nriNiinK or hioiloiiadb cwjdb
ic im lot cosdu.v
Wa Sail Only ( il.iolin. r our otn Manufastura rrom
Our Nina okllioo. liama
nsk-.r. Jim T D. 11 S
rnoDUCKiix iu:ki.vkiis. TnANspon'runsi anJ MAitKKTuns
r."i ium 111 If. T.l.phona
n. J 8IIAnl'& anil ft. T. llVaflUn tUaldtnt Actnta Thn 1X9
C. I. MATHALU V. I'rti. and Clan. Msr.
Man itaolnrers blili trJ Oaaillna Natlillia Krraene Dlatlllatss Ota Oil. Tutl
OH anil itoul Oil. All iirn1ucla told etiroiuli Imp'rlal Oil Marketing Company.
Hth rioor W. T. Wassiurtr UullUtng. I urt Worth Taiaa
O-naril Offlctai Tort Worth '1... Ittilntryi Arilmore Okla.
Or-rae4 by
Manutaciursea nml Ma li-'ara of I'mrulajin l'rcdu:ta
llaflntrjr Clav.wuJ Ok'shur-a
Salri Oflloai 111 Ksnneay Lids liior.u Ctdar Zi-iZ ni I'll
in thn chorus of "Hnlly" an uius'
Ik el night and Hist she would prob-
ably be them again tomorrow.
Young Hnvago ls from Pasaden.i
Cal. nnd his family controls tlm
Immensely wealthy John Savajto
cmnpatiy. Iron and steel product
in tlm west. Mrs. Havagn t.i th
.laughter of Mrs. Bern. Mitchell ot
Chicago who two years ngo was a
member of Jegfeld "l'olllcs;
Tulaa Oklahoma
Tulaa OUIa Mara Hide.
CoimiKrelal Tlank Uklir.
anu nuriNcns
Soutli Lit Sail (if. Chlcaidj
Talsphon 1139 I
Tula' Oklahoma I
0 tOlO Tulaa OVda.

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