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Night in California
'toM Film Actress Once En-
gaged to Mnrry Him Wild
Stories of Far North
rHICAOO. Kb. Chapters In
m life of William Iemoml 1 Taylor.
thJ in picture director who was
motion P'""' AnBei Wednesday
'i.Jfr.VMled hero today by
fy.Ml.l tlVat Taylor wns well
. K.rreriou"y to 10S ns Wllllant
ffii TMncr. n art connoisseur.
then the manaBcr of a prom-
it 'York firm of nrt and tin-
oe furniture dealers and had a
.ft. circle of fronds..
iirlnl Ills I'mnlly.
in HOI. his friends stild he so-
Jly married Miss Ethel .Mar Har-
on a member of the original Klor-
T roninany and they had n child.
Ei nSw H vari old. In 1008.
fccordlnit to his Xrlendw ho huddenly
Slrtppcared in mysterious fashion
id hU ilfo was unablo to clvo any
fa to his whereabouts or to ".slmi
;Vmon for his actions. Several
Iirs later. It was mid his wlfo was
JJJortfd to have obtained a divorce
lid since Ins married a prominent
tnt York merchant.
About to years later. It wns said.
Tinner suddenly surprised several
!d acquaintances Ty calllflR on thjm
at their home In Los Anselcs. He Is
f ported to hove toW them that he
Ji'id been HlianBhalod nt night In
Loser Broadway Now York and
ai taken aboard a sailing vessel
bound around Capo Horn. Ho
fttchtd a port on tho Pacific north-
(Vest coast several months later ho
a tald to havo told them.
. He said he had then gone to work
for tho Transcontinental railroad
tnd subsequently had sought em-
eloyment In a mine nftcr which" he
went to Loo Angeles. Tanner how-
tver Is said to havo shown. n reluct-
ince In discussing somo portions of
. . ...i - i . . iit
auvemurea unu uu uaiuuiu
why he failed to return to his family
tnd friends.
Xcicr plained Absence.
Without ever fully explaining tho
rtuon for doing so he adopted the
name of Taylor and never wan
known as Tanner In Los Angels. In
1110 he left Los Angeles and It was
mumcd that h'a was going to British
Columbia for he had not been suc-
ctuful In the former city and his
friends thought that he -wan Knlng to
Prince Rupert ami resumed his rail-
road work there. He returned to
Lot Angeles about 1013 nnd shortly
after that obtained a position with
a motion plcturo concern at Long
mien mi menus saui. jus me
alace then with his advancement
to the forefront as n director Is a
cutter of Bcrcen history-
Ctrbcr film actress who said sl.-i
once had been engaged to marry
Population of Oklahoma
By State of Birth
WABHINOTON. Thn department of commerce through the hurrnu of
of census has Issued a statement giving tho classification of the white and
negro population of Oklahoma s native American tr foreign born and
showing tho state of birth for tho native ns ascertained at the fourteenth
biennial census taken aa of January 1. 1020
Of tho 2028281 Inhabitants of Oklahoma 1821194 were whites. 119-
408 wero negroes and the remaining 67681 were Indians Chinese jnpan-
eso. and other onwhltcs. Of the whlto population 702180 or 38.6 per
cent were natives of Oklahoma; 1071008 or G9.S per rent wero nntlves
of other states and of tho outlying possessions; nnd 3!) 908 or 2.2 per cent
wero born In foreign countries. Of tho natives of other stntes 201961
worn born In Texas 170733 In Missouri 1C1.740 In Arkansas 100.386 In
Kansas 61180 In Illinois at' 1 44 774 In Tennessee. 1
Of the negro population 64079 or 42.9 per cent wore born In Okla-
homa 34151 in Texas 11909 7.481 In LouUana 6461 In Mississippi 6.301
in Alabama nnu bizv in Tennessee.
Tho percentage of natives of Oklahoma of all ncca crthlnod Increased
from 31.1 In 1910 to 40.4 In 1920 nhd tho percentage horn In other states
and tlio outylleg possessions decreased during the en mo period from 66.5
to 076. .
Tho following tablo shows tho stnte of birth for tlje white anil negro
... . I'rr Cent Dl.lrlbi.llon
Nalltllr end state Alt (nl All (n)
f lllrth tlsMr White Xmw rliium IVIille Negro
iD2o ma imo io? mo imp mm into iio
Tnisl reputation . .s.oln llli4 111401 ui.o ma.o loaji loon inn
niiyi i.m.iti n.o f 8 m it.i . i
Born In ' '
Tenneaar. ' .
Kantlirsy . .
l'tnnaylranla .
Nabraaka ......
Naw York
North Carolina
Went Virginia .
Other Rtaica . . .
Other nauata (c)
roreicn norn
(a) Incluriaa Indiana. Chlni
(b) l.raa than on'tenth ot
(el t.'mnnrliea nrraona born
Dftrn In nullylnir tnaaaalona.
lcn birth whoas parents we
m.SM 701110 01 075 40.4 tt.l IM i.t 41.0 11.4
111.011 2011(1 31161 ' 11.7 It. 4 11.1 11. 7 111 ll.T
17M11 Ul.tlS l.itl . t.n 9.7 11.0 1 1 1.7
174.106 HI. 710 11. 004 . 1.0 . 10 7 1
joi.oti ino.ite ioi4 t.t .t ( i. is i7
11114 HI HO 141 3.0 4.1 -J. 4 4.1 0 1 0.1
C1.1JH (4774 1310 3.0 J.i 1.1 11 10
30.104 17700 1179 II M 2. 1 1.0 0 0 1.4
Mlt 31371 137 1.7 .1 1.0 11 0 1 0.1
14.381 I7.7 1 C0t 1.1 3.0 11 11 4.3 4 0
34.004 13.7M lit. 1.7 2.1 1.1 t.l 0.1 0.1
30.131 30.311 310 1.1 1.0 1.6 3.1 0.3 (It
21.011 33.110 1.411 14 1.7 1.2 1.4 4..1 1.1
11.111 11.171 3171 1.0 1.1 . 1.2 1.7 2 0
11.013 17.041 10 0.1 0.0 1.0 1.0 O.t t.l
11.112 14.411 II 0.7 1.0 0.1 1.1 0 1 b
13177 1111 7411 0.1 0.1 0.3 0.1 1.0 6 3
1370 1611 101 0.4 p.t a.ft.4 t.t 0.4 O.t
1.17 1.141 13 0.4 0.1 0.4 0.0 1 1
7.167 3!5 1311 0.4 0.6 0.1 O.t 0.1 1.1
0141 6711 t 0.3 0.4 0.4 O.t b b
1111 6.490 17 0.3 0.4 O.J 0.4 b b
1171 1.131 37 0.3 0.4 0.1 0.4 b b
J3.I01 81.040 1637 l. 1.1 1.7 . .l 1.4
13142 11044 1112 0 6 0 1 0.1 ' O.t 0.1 0.1
40.431 .11.111 111' 3.0 2.4 3.3 3.1 0.1 0.1
r Jajwnw and all other non-whllea.
one per cent.
in ilia untied mates elate ot blrlli not reported; neraone
or at aea under United state n ti.i . 4 t
r American temporarily abaent from the Vnlled
William Desmond Taylor slain mo-
tion picture director last night said
tho engagement had been broken off
because they "both believed It an
unsuitable match"
"So far as I know he did not havo
an oncmy In the world although ho
mentioned casually fights ho had
had on his various trips to the Klon-
dike "Ho had led a most eventful life
and he told mo on one occasion at
being In a village In the far north
when -It wan scourged by smallpox.
He went about nursing tho Inhabi-
tants Including a priest. The epi-
demic wan a severe one and prac-
tically everyone was stricken or had
tied to escape tho pent.
"Finally Mr. Taylor and the priest
I think wero the only two left. The
priest fell a victim and Mr. Taylor
nursed him back to hhalth. Then
Mr. Taylor caught th'e disease and
after n hard battle the priest nursed
him to recovery au Mr. Taylor bad
done for the priest.
"In pplto of this oxperlonce he
often longed for the far norXh and
ho used to talk about It In the rests
between tecenes In pictures. He tuld
me) ho had made two fortunes and
spent both' of them upon his return
from Alaska."
Oklahoma Delegation Is
Asked to Get Behind
Proposed Law
Uasolnlloni requesting that tho
Oklahoma delegation In congress
support the new federal road mei-
ure granting Additional federal aid
In highway construction to states
with large area of Indian land were
pawed by Jill tho commercial or-
gantkatlons nnd public gatherings
anuressca ty k. lice (lutnrpy. secre-
tary of tho Northeastern Oklahoma
chamber of commerce during the
past week. The resolutions were
forwnrded Immediately by (lulhrey
to Washington where tho IcgHatlon
Is pending In thp for mof tho Ashurst
hill and 11 bill Introduced by Senator
Owen. The legislation wan Intro-
diieed through the Influencu ot the
Northern Oklahoma chamber of
comuterco and tho Albort t'lke
Highway association on the ground
that It Is Inequitable to afford fed-
eral aid to western states on account
of unapportloned nontaxablo pub-
lic lamln nnd to Ignoro Okla-
homm'n claims to a like consider-
ation on account ot her largo hioa
of nontuxablo Indian land.
(luthrcy returned Hn turd ay from
affiliating commercial orginlxatlons
of Winona Fairfax Ilnrbnuk and
Illghesrt with tho Nurthnftstnrn
chamber nnd nlso speaking befoiu
tho chrtmber of commerce nnd good
roads organisation of Pershing and
tho Llonn club at I'awhusk.l. He
wit meet with tho chambers of
commerce of Mounds Monday eve-
ning and of Haskell Tuesday noon.
Morn than 9000 00 persona live
within 00 miles ot tho New York
city hall.
Stage statistics show that few
child prodigies becomo talented
Tulm Road Involved
In Slate's Contract
contract for tho construction ot four
miles of concrete paving In Kay
rfuunly was let lafe yesterday by tho
state highway department to Olh-
on A Mitchell Contractors ot l'auls
Valley. The paving will be tin the
road connecting I'onca City nnd
Nenklrk. A contract was let nlso
to Could nnd Turner for tho con-
struction of t!4 miles ot gravel road
In lingers county between Cluremore
and Tulsa
Swiss Climbers Caught
In Mount Itaincr Storm
TAOOXIA. Wash. Feb. 4. Hhree
Mwlsn mountaineers engaged In tin
effort to climb Mount Italnler have
hern ctulght In n raging snowtorm
nt an elevation of 4000 feet. nc.
curding to latest word from llalnlcr
NatloliHl pnrk and have found shel-
ter In a ranger's cabin. Three othnrn
In the party however wero unnr-
couiited for Inst night though no fear
was expressed for their safoty.
J 10 Persons Arc Killed
in Japanese Rail Wreck
lly Ihe Aeeoclated Treat.
TOKIO Fen. 4 -One hundred
nnd ten pereoiiH wero killed and
nlimbeis of others Injured when n
railway trnln was burled by nn ava-
lanche at Itnlgawa station accord-
ing to a dispatch from Nagano to-
day The victims wore for tho most
part farmers workmen nnd railway
employes who Wero engaged In
clearing snow from the railway
tracks t Metlloal relief has been dis-
patched to tho sti'iie from Nagano
Deelliien In INirni Now Ciihlnrt nt
linllntloti of King Ftiiiitiiicl.
HOMH Feb 4.--King Kmniiliel
upon recommendation of Tomasmi
Tlttonl president uf tho senate and
Knrlco do Nlcoln prcaldcnt ut tho
chamber of deputies has requested
former Premier Honoml to form a
ii6w cnblnet but lgnor llonoml dn-
i lined nt' Ordnig to the nowspaper
II Messagm today.
The cnhlnet tilals which was lire-
rlpltaled Thursday when the
llonoml cabinet resigned ns tho re-
sult of patllaiiientary attacks con-
inti.eo loony.
. I .ll .1 I ..... I ... ...
Ill i liijirk itnui'in livid i
nt which they ndopled a resolution
culling upon inn new L-uuiiu-i iu
"Im.i- .... nfe.4 I. rt.lV Mt 4 It A
(leoiia conference despite attempts
oy iinpeiiatiaiic aim nniiunuueiii;
powers to snhnlnge It "
Tun lltuds of Oknmlgc4 HnnUH
.Nntuiil to Ttike Oier Affnlis or
('otllllll'ti'i' lliiiik.
lly Aeaoclaled I'reaa Mala Wire.
OK.Ml'I.UKK. Feb. 4. -M. Fowler
(Iriiham president of the Cltltetis
Nallonnt bank and 1). M. Hmlth
ireslui'iit or the Centrnl .National
bank of Okmulgee were today ap-
pointed receivers of the Hank of
t'ommerre which clood Its doom
hero November 3 The appointment
Mas made ntter Judge John L. Nor
man in ilistrict court hail miiinincn
a demurrer by slockluddnrs of the
onnn ngainst whom stilt nan neen
brought by the slate for their liabil-
ities under the state banking net.
Tho stockholders held that the
state could nut l(ttl!nte the bank
In the nlwettcc of a lien on Its assets
since the fn't that the guaranty
fund being overdrawn la virtually
Inoperative p. M. Cotter nttorney
for one group of tlrpiisltorn nuking
for a receivership Declared in ills
argument before Judge Norman
that tho iIkiioh tors wiuM receive
nothing If thn slain lliitldnted the
fit UK. ne appointment or the re-
ceivers has met Willi tho general
innroval of depositors
Crowd Allowed to look Ttirnugli
.Jail for SorrUio Car Irht;r.
EASTLAND Texas Feb. 4. After
members of a mob of 2000 had
been permitted to search tho county
Jail last night for Nowt Mahancy
n sorvlco car driver nnd hnd failed
to loento him among tho prisoners
tho crowd quietly dispersed.
-Mahancy hnd been brought to
Eastland following n cutting affray
at Cisco In which two other servlca
car drivers Itosa Marchmnn and I
J. Slarkey received wounds.
When Sheriff Nollcy attempted to
net ns peacemaker ho was struck
n stinging blow In tho face
Btarkcy is In a serious condition
In ii Cisco hospital
Marchman's wounds wero slight.
The mob Is said to havo como
from Cisco in 35 nutomoblles.
Mnhaney wns spirited away when
tho crowd began to gather.
New telephone! directory will go to
press soon. Any chnnges In listings
desired should oe called to attention
of manager. Osage 123. Advertisement.
In five minutes "Pape's Diapepsin" ends
. Indigestion v Gases Heartburn
Sourness Flatulence . Palpitation
"l'ann'M lllnliensln" ''rralltf lines"
nut bad stomachs In order "really
iIoqs" overcome Indigestion dyspep-
sia can heartburn and sourness In
live ininuieB inai 311M iitni
j.mnn i n uu'vinn luu ia-
est selling stomach regulator In tho
If what you cat ferments Into
stubborn lumps you belch gas and
cruoiaxo ruur unuiKeainu iihiu tmu
Ht;iui iicitii ib uixay uim nuiii- iw
Lmcmber the mamcn( ''Papo'A I)ln-
tinnalf" rnmri in ln.l 'ttti 4lin
stomach all such distress vanishes.
Its truly astonishing almost ninr-
Vflnlia nnil llm 4n 1 ItM hnrrnli'BH-
ness. a largo sixty-cent casu or
rape's ulnnePHln Is worth ItH weight
In gold to men and women who
can't got Ihelr stomachs regulated
It belongs In y4ur home shoulil a.
wavn Itn knt hnmlv In rni.n nf l
sick aour uVset stomaeli during the
(lav rr nt lili?ht. It's thn mnat rf f I
lat.t niitnll ntl atnniiirli rtrtlln-
(tor In tho world' Advcrtlsemenu
I'nrly lleltirnlng prom Dnnre Struck
b) Auto Without Lights
lly Aeinclated I'raaa Mala M'lre
I'1NII Fob 4 Five persons were
Injured two of them seriously when
ltey were struck by an automobile
late Friday night In the Covington
oil fields 20 mires east of 'here. All
of tho Injured are In nn Knld his.
pltal mid K. H lltitter nnd II. L.
Iliini'li who are alleged to have ben
In the automobile are being held
In thn (larfleld county' Jail on
charges of felonious assault sworn
to by a Covington deuuty sheriff.
Mrs. .; it Utplant 88 years old
probably wiw the mpsl seriously
hint of any in the putty. Nhe rn-
relved a broken leg and broken nrm
ninl her face was badly cut accord-
ing to attending physicians. Anna
Clark II jears old. received ft frac-
tured ;nee nnd body bruises and
Taylor Clatk. father of tho girl re-
ceived a broken nttkle. implant
husbiml of the injured woman e-
taned i'Mh brulaen about the head
as did Mrs Clark
linplant and Chirk nro oil field
workers nnil the grniip wns return'
turning from n dunce on tho Hln-
rlalr lease rim miles north of Cov-
ington when the itcolilrnt occurred.
According to .Mrs Clark the auto-
mobile ii being driven without
lights and the iltlvof gnvn no warn-
ing signal. Die man In thu cm- I mil
been drinking she hold.
(Ireinnii Trnilo I'nkni Id-ntlei-N lie-
conic Coiielallory In Nirlkp 'I'lircnt.
lIHItl.lN Feb. t: -- Huddenly
rhauitlng Iront. llermnn Irstlss union
lenders who Itstl been Advot'tillng a
general strike in. support of tho
striking ralhicn entered Into coh'
clllatory negotiatlona with tho gov-
ernment today. Chancellor Wlrth
Issued n proclamation warning that
a general strike would certainly b
illsnstrous to Oermany nnd perhaps
to tho (lenoa economic conference
lln suinnioned nil strikes to return
to work nt once pledging that the
governmunt will treat wllh tho
workers and'glvo their demands duo
In response t the chancellors
proclamation ninny of the railway
men returned to work.
"Diamond Dyes" add Jcats ot
wear to worn faded skirls waists
coats stockings sweaters coverings
hangings draperies everything. Ev
cry package contains: directions 0
simple any woiiinn con put new
lloh fadeless Color Into her worn
garments or 'draperies even If aha
never dyed before. Just buy Wa-
innnd V)yes no Other kind then
your material will come out rlg!(
herausa nlnmond Dyes nro guarati'
teed not to streak spot fnfle or run
Tell your tlrugglut whether tho mate
rial you wish to ilya Is wool or Uk
or whether It Is linen cotton OF
niUcd goods Advertisement.
ttrtis Brou?ti Qo
Announces the- Most Sensational
1 Sale of
Dr. Miller's Dental Parlors
Responsible Permanent
That Is Your Best Guarantee
In the History of Tulsa
We Will Offer the Men of Tulsa
Eleven Years in One Location Should Mean Something
A success that is founded and has builded year after year on practical solid
business truths; and scientific knowledge applied to treating diseases of the
teeth. We are not "fly by night" artists.
We. will save you pain as well as rnoney. By using gas or blocking the nerves
your treatments are accomplished without pain.
Set of Teeth
as Low as
$U tf? 4til43j4t?it?tJt4&4ltC12&43t 136 C C $ C
Cut out this ad and bring it to our office. It is
Worth $lbn $10 worth of work ' .
Clean Honest DentistryAll Work Guaranteed IS Years
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Dr. Miller's Dental Parlors
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