The Morning Tulsa Daily World (Tulsa, Okla.), Vol. 15, No. 266, Ed. 1, Friday, June 24, 1921 Page: 4 of 16

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Hy' THK OKI. I) iI l;i.l.-l!I.N('"('C).
l: li t iiit Ik i I I " ' l 1M1 f
MUM 1(1 l( in ' I i i.iiiii I ' ' I I i I li IS
Ml Ml t 1 ii 1 1 1 - ii ill
1 1 Ann I I . i i i I I Ihi
lli f.. r I i t I I i i 1 1 m . I I i h I
It in ri -1 1 -1 t i r. ii l 1 1 i i i iliw
III 1 llfWH llllpl1 'Mill
M'llpi'KII"! HIV IH1I.H 111 MMI I'. lliMM'H
rAII.V ANI i.l NlM I. Mil ii' I. f
One Vmt i 1(1 nn Imi It 1
Ml Months . 4 6ft Hi "T
Thrr Mnrtth .. n . . i '.
On Munlli ... ' I i.
0 Hi)
XI M . i I I
'inn Yenr ... i i. i ii. m hi i
II (A II It I Ml IN Kt I II l. PW N
Per Wi.. ...
Pi-r Mnmh. in u.Ii iim
I'l-r Yi'M. In A lnl
fit m i: ii. i is' iii'n - mi .-rniNtm and
Ii ii I UK Inn I A i. -I NIV
i'r W I ?
Per M.. i. in i '
'r l-m in ...I !
I'lli 1 1 hi I i HI Ml in I'Ml l MI'NTB
Itiblkal Quotation
iiimi' a i.
Kven so Filthd. nn II seemed grind In Thy
Higlit.- Mali. XI. 2..
Let nothing tuiiM. ttn Mil or fretful
Oi I ... i . in ..ifiil .
Ill Mill
Whsl Hurt hmli iii ii. i ill most hp right
Then find In It tliiii'- own delight
Mv will I'. I'lPiiirrilrijf.
p a
i 'i e t :is i ) n :.n 1 1 i rum utnx
It Is Mil surprising I Imi Senator .luhnsnn's
proposal of i i .institutional amendment which
will enable emigre in art up uniform ptcM.
rlrntlal prlmailcs In unpopular In I It senate. It
to probably not altogether satisfactory to H
Biilhnr nor In nny oriniderablc numhci nf men
anywhere yet If not that what
'I'll cheap wire-pulling the Imwlnf anil goe-
tug that goes on behind the soenrs of .1 na-
llnnul ciinvtiitlnii cannot go nn forpvrr If thin
republic In In endure. Vou can kle III honk
nn thsl. The great inmvi nf rltlsenihlp tinea Itn
level bpst In express II preference among the
available eutidldiites sends teprcsnnlntU'ert In
thn I'nnVfinllnn Instructed to n given line of
action. thPn almost Invariably get preclncty
llio opposite nf what It ordered.
lilther luillnnitl conventions mini; become
morn responsive In puhllr opinion or tlio prl-
maiy method nf making iinmlmitlnne with nil
nf Its tloffftii will iipri'inl In every office under
llin constitution. Nn til Ink 1 riK man lias over at-
tended n national rnnvintlnn nf either party
without Inning iniirli of IiIh patilotlc I'll! hilalamn.
What pannes before JiIm pjp h iinlliliikiililii mill
iiiiIihIIpviiIiIp. In fnpt tin imtn u'niild IipIIpvii It
powillilii until Im wIiiiphii'h It for lihuwlf.
IJvory rlntp iIi'Iiirii t Inn c nnHtltiiiin nn iiiiipIi
tnidlnff atnrk for nn ollv mnoolli lull luilui:
pollllclnn wlinup imIo claim to illstlticllnn l.i
ummlly liln mnupy Iwikh. Mpii who nt hotnn mo
pood oUUpiih of conHlilnrnlilo inf luonrn mill roc-
oKtilzi'd liiilopriidi'tii p Hiilunll tliiiliipiitvr-A lump
ly In Hip cnmmon prurtli-e. Tlip lii'iidiiinrtprii
nf vnrlnui ciinillilnlei nro virtual pout rnnniH In
which OppK'tin 'ck rommlttitiPiilM In ndvunrn
and Kel llirm too.
Tho Inturp'i'.H of n Inindrpd million pnnpln nrp
opiwily h.-irtcrpil nml wild hy a itniiff of plipnp
jclipmliilf poll t It'ln tin wllhnut pnii'lpiirn nr
imtilnllxm. 'flip HliprllnP nml ilcnpnllpr Iiiih IiH
dny. Hy mproly holding out Iho lurn of mili- rnntilhutloiiM In n pi pMiIpiiIIhI cmitm
he t;p hlnmilf tnki'n Into piirtiipmhlp. Out
of Hint wort of thlnif thorp flnnlly piiipikpn ii
pnlPiilliil prpMldi-iit of tho I'nltpil SIiiIph who In
niortKHjTPd to thp limit nml whine very rmul In
Wo nny ngnln Hint thorp mint ht ri rmllcul
rhaiiKP If tho reiiuhllp In o piulurp. ipiililvntlnl
prlm.irlrn wpiii In ho thp only rpllpf iivnlliihlp.
An wo rend tho cniiRrPHalnnnl report of tfio
IInuttoii honpltnl for M-irilnt iiipii. how It In
a moitpl liiMtltullon thnroiiKhlv upprovpil hy tho
Rovrrnmpnt lnvPntliratntM. p nr IrrpatHlllily
romlndod nf thn TiiKt rpiiIII'Iikmi Iio nil It
diy hIipii It wim thniiRht itp'lrulile to f or o
Oklnhuma Into PMmlillnhliiK a tun-ttilllloti-ilnl-l.i
r hiupltnl dpi'l.irod Hip 1lnunn limtltiilloii In
hp n ipt'.iponl whorpln Oklahoma px-aprvh'o inn
worn Im'Iiii: tortured to dentil.
Tho World prnmlnfil Hipp the fncla wouM
ionni'r nr lntrr ho ot forth. It olatPil thru
that It wna nmnatrouH tn IipIIpvo Hint n alator
mntp wan any Ipn pffpi'llvp tn 1U hoapltnllantlon
nffnlitt than Oklnlmma woulil hr If chnrgrd
lth Hiich ronpniiMltilllty
Truth U frpquotitly a tiiRltlv thins but ul-
wny It oatatillahpa Ita auprpmacy over fall'-
hood IntrlKUP unil iiiprrpniiry nilarpprrapntn-
t Ion soonpr nr later.
what is thi: a.vswkh?
John Henry Wllllaina rnlnrod niurdired a
while Mlrl near Moultrie tin. For the rrlma Ua
wan trlod convtclrit and aentenrt'il to b
linimod. Thpre wnt no more rtmnca of his e:
taping thp death penalty than of a tmowball
nutlflntlnv a fire.
Vet nlthouRh the hanstni wan to or cur July
ft a mob entered i lie Jail took the criminal out
find burned htm to death. After which the mob
rjuletly dUperard.
Mob law has been exruaei beenuae nf the
mtae.irriag-e of Juh'.Icp. Can anyone perehanep.
explain why the rltlioni took the law into their
hands In thla rao?
Tho newa dlaputehea ai that threahtrmen
nro looking for an eny time They'll' got It too
It the raln-liraker do.wn't R. t off Hie lob pretty
Tho rl.ort U thai hero are four nr five mil
Hon Idlo irton In America. Yet wiuat i koihk I
to wflHto in the grain belt f.r the n t a Imr-
vwtern. !
The Unltfd States mint ha. i .imel the coin-
hko of Oliver dollar. but that doe.n't eolve the
problem ot Keltlni aome of them.
Now that C.inadi hi. nft i li iji
CJvimany may b. hlu
Till I i I I SIOV ol Oltll I l.s
1' 'i . 1' ii I . f . y i-
d i ii. i nf mii i i.
I i
i In
n A IliK II I I 1 1
VSIiiiivi-r may Raid enprernlbB thn Im-
i nt that may be ennne-
hf nntlnnal ham aaninat
i a moment' i-rlnii. ron-
i. that wh immedlnte and
im .Il.iii. i. in liar r a
iin nt uiiori plar
nrl'iitnl Immlara" i
nidi ration will dl . 1
temporary mb m.i menta are nothing torn-
pared In thp wmiim! and permanent embar-
i.iMiin iiin whli'h Hill inevitably follow a pollry
i hat will weakiiji the nation whllo inntrlbmlng
to In i it hIioiii the treat' nt ta'liil ponfllct of all
When rarpi whlrh refune to amaliramata nr
wim It are Ini'aiiahle of belnir nlmllnted nra
thrown Intn luiirtapofitlnn uinler n .nverelgnty
h prnblpm l net afoot thai mnt ventnnlly end
in i nlriiKKln for auprptiim v Say what ymi will
analnnt ihe hw InoHely denominated aurvtvfl! rtf
the full hi li d"en pvintually inrilnd It a I way.
hi- anil It alu.i). will.
Amirle.i now ha. mtch a problem the rne!
lonfllel Imlwe'ii Ihe white and the tdnrk. Or-
lalnly II should nn fully avoid r renting ipipIi
another or doing anything to pontrlbutn In that
whh-h i nln and In grnwlng ion fn.t deaplte the
bt efforln nf Ihe heal mind. 1'npontrolletl
Inti'.iKiiitlon from Ihe land of the yellow pen-
plen would moat i-ertnlnly eontrlhule to that
If thoae ho Invaded Hip whore of the Daik
I'onilnent for the purpnait of aeeurlng el.uea
for the m.uthern plantationa nf Amerl. a enuld
have fiirenren the i'on.eiiintire nf their ni'la It
l'i pertain the Mink mantivould nevi-r have
been Intmiliii etl to the tfgltpii' Htte. The .lave
trade planted In A merlin n affair apnila dentlneil
In grow into either Ihe mnnt humanitarian nr
unnatural aolullon of Inter-raelnl iirnbtem the
world hn. ever known or the grenteat rnelnl
eonfllet of hlatory
lrf-1 it avoid carefully annlher nueh n plant-
ing. If war I. tn pome because wo pxrlutln nrl-
ontnta from our iitinrea bepnunii we prnelnlm
Dtieli Immlgranbi nntinaalmlliiblp nml therefnie
dangeroiia to Imth raien Ipii liplter by far that
It come now before Hip body politic baa beep
vitiated by .urh Immigration than IntPr whin
nvpry township entitiiliin enomlcH behliitl our
llnea nf defense. That In Hie thnuKlit whlih
.bnulil Impel imr goVpriimentiil ngenrlna nn they
ftrapplp with thla Krme ptohlem. AlrPiidy
Ameilin'a llfeb!ood la bailly tainted but the
original otrHln jel preilnmlnnte. from Un-
lace en pn bin nf HMlmtliitlnn there In no grave
danger I'lvo In the flt.t geiieratlnn TIiop rncea
IneapHbtn of nanlmlbitlnn mli.t In Cnmmon do.
feo.p bp lairetl.
is Tiinni: an o'i".v wiisi:i?
A wpiiik'1 hn-i Iippii knoHti to practically de-
plete a flock of diirkn peiicpfully imlmmlng on
Ihn bomim of a brook or lake. The wen.el
npntn bla prey nwlnin eiaftll) lieneath Hip wnli'r
tn whprn Hip dueka then iitlneklnK from
below lii.tiuitly nlnka without trine.
Thn report of the federal authorities t lint
nomp dozen or ninro Anierltnn h!iIih Ii.wp dle-
nppenred between portn rncently HiiKKPft. mime
nueh method on tho part of Homo patch ttietuy.
It would not h iinnntiirnl hail iho Invention of
the war been turned to account by tho over-
present enemies of orderly society.
Tho nubmarlue loann Itself Ideally to tho pur-
poMcx of piracy. Hut It in difficult to under-
stand how an organization of pirn ton poutd mi
tliiiniUKhly m.ikp away with all evidence nf their
iiinchliintlonK. If the vnsseli weie sunk w hern
goea Hie iiHtml debris? If not sunk v hero the
erce'i and vpsnela Inkpn and what in lh methotl
of dlNplVfMl?
That n wen.el In at work I evident. Thu
problem mid II Im ii pretty nue Is in blent Ify
tho weasel.
I'onrernlns what lien beyond the tomb the
must that you ran do fit Rood heart and enn-
arlenrn Ihe most nny man or nny woman enn
do. Is to stale tho ground of your faith and
nsk otliern to share that bollpf with you. You
have no posltlvo Knowledge -no man ban ever
lintl; you have no postttvo proof nor has nny
man ever potMPSHed Hint. Hut there In ample
room for faith ntnplo ground for falih-
through the sheer necessity for It Hut therp la
not n vestige of Kinund for dogmatic asrtlnti
or the tmrrowneiji ot creed.
rnncaKntiln. Mli. baa been swept by flameti.
What wo i-an't understiind tn why nitybndy
ahoulil want tn mnko n tin me like Hint when
the alphabet permits so many other grouping.!
of the letters.
'Organised labor has poLipnned Its drive to
unionise the steel Industry "until timet are more
prosperous." 8o It appears that prosperity ii
necessary (or even discontent to thrive.
It's a time of .-kmissI tonal happenings. On the
day the Canadian river nwept away a ilmen
bridges and left Us ban a Ha be ltutti was tint
to Jail.
Foreign dUtpatches say "Charlen Is plotting
again." Again or yet?
A t'liamrfrt.
'Hill wan a character" we slid.
And now he's dead.
And since the day his spirit went
I have been wondering what we meant.
A character' Ills word was good
With alt throughout the neighborhood.
III. UU.W1 were gentle and tie smiled
Much like a child:
lie never filtered men for gain
Nor spnko to cause another pain.
And yet to what of good he knew
'or ixt long years he waa true.
lie had a nunlm and curious stylo
And liked t snub'
He seemed to love the birds and trees.
And Kiel led In the morning brerie
t'ut In the open he'd declare
That he muld find (lod everywhere.
He ncer ruse to wealth or fame
Hut Juw ihe same
lie brought a tniKh of gentle grace
To this pnor weather-beaten place.
A ch it- i.mi Tlic a 'iit c .iii.
I' . . -iii i i ' . 'i. .
Oklahoma Outtmrsta
lir (itii loin o.N.
Th! Is also Ih.-
lone their IIms j
i-n wl 'ti a lot nf li nple
. iti'n illnw Water.
ICipjHftit 1021' 11 Tb Chlrno lUblll.l
ulrt oi U....H. vi .1...
liner sue IH tolng tn in I v ilivMKht IIVln until
soinebtnly InnriK i am ii fly titter.
A .dwell flty woman nil" the KansSM City
tilar that she always k'niWH when summer It)
here from the way she stick to the i at seat.
-.W' Sf'hT from the Journal nf that Hy that
Flint. Mich Is a fitihk town which means no
doubt that Ua eltlsehs turn tip their noses at
We nre niltlng to areept the statement of the'
Ileggn Independent thai otte nf Its hotel eltlsena
got "I" at s a. m. tn play a game nf Hook wtth
a young lady. We can t conceive of any rlr
eiimntanep that would Iniki. a man sit up all1
night playing Itnnk.
The MeAltister News-Capital Intlmatts Mint'
nngreatifnan Carlir started hln federal' btilhllng t
tiimpalgn f"r re-epf.tti.ri ton lain to head off
the In.urrer Hon In the thhd iHatrlet. It wants1
io Know why he did lint begin It beforo the
whola world wept republican.
It In understood that (ho reason tho opposl
Hon In John Applehy did not get anywhere is
because llnrr) tltlntrap of Chandler acting con-
gressman finui the eighth district got impolite
In hi. pren- ntHllon of protests. Junt Imagine
tiil.tiap being Impoliti..
A tetter to thin rnlytim from a high nffldal
of the Prist n proiulsi s Hint svery n.ii.ti pas-
H'Ogers coming Into Tuloi fintii the east will
be grii' nnlv Willi Hi swii-t pel fume of On
wild flnwii. wlinli .1. . nwti. Hi. tlKhl-nf W'l'.
i'.iMtii i.rfl. Iii In in .i .. 1 t Ab.ile tin
hog ! n iiiiima i. in ii. tr lnw-.m
' AM
tiM usr ' : r-L.
IfOitMAtA. rCX "vJA j 'n'c I .- si
i (iii xj&i n
tm one ft a heavy woolmn blanhit on a
horn and tied him out tn th brmling tun for amverat
JWiim fir would h an angry roar of indignant
Bui whn a traffic top waring a heavy eloih coat
ttande out in th broiling sun for nvrat hour
with th atphalt milting tmdmr hit Int. nobody ui-
fers a winglm roar.
Hofmtir. that
llaronwler of Public Opinion
I'llntlin; the Whh
Iieputj Hherlft II N'. .Mi Coy Iiim made the
iiiiest nf The Tunis lb. ii Ins name lie kept out
of print The Tlims will be more than
In i mnply with hlw teiiiei a. long as bin name
tine not figure in the d.ij'n ne. Tho news-
paper tines lint determine wbnber nr not a
man's namn Is to ho plnred befote the public
III n favorable light. That usta with the man
who figures in the slot).
.McCoy's name uppe.iied In The Tlmei In
i tinned ion w.llh news Mtorlui emiinatlng from
the ahulffa ofifte. Ills work lias never hem
commcuileil neither has it been censured What
ban In en publlslied until rereiitty has had to
do with comniembililp thltiKii Hiat be ha. ar-
complltilied a. an officer. It develops that a
f treat many HiIiikh that nr not cominenilali'e
line been ovei looked by The Tinnn In the p l.t
few months. Why this lias happened cannot be
natlsfrtetorlly vxplaUted. It Is sufficient. ho-
I'ver to state that nothing Is to be overlooked
In Hie future. If the mistake not been
made In the pawl the present might not hubl so
much of Rrlet for a fow nf our county official
who mo now much In the limelight.
Tho newspaper doesn't make the netvn. It's
Hie people who do things who make news They
set their own stane and iii (ermine for them-
selves what parts they ale tn pla. Thn villain
must be depleted for what ha Is anil be Judged
'dUiKly Just a. the hero In hound to nap
the glory. Okmulgee Tlincit.
Aiuacil al Church Ki-iiiHnim.
lMllor World: It Is puttliiR It very mildly to
say that I was uiuaaeil at tho resolutions which
ain leported an having been passed liv five of
Tulsa's lending churches In regard to the park
band innceits. The spirit displayed remlmlH
one forcibly of that of the I'littil.M.ieii. who op-
posed so vigorously the liberal tendencies In
the teachings of .lesus of Nameth. The ppo-
pie who are leiipounthln for the resolutions hoar'
am name ami pro toss to lie his followeri nml
It it reported that the conrnc of Britith pre
mters now in muton is deeply deeiroua that therm
be nothing in the new Angla-Japanete treaty that
will fiSe U. S.
It it not pottibta that tome much eolution at tldt
will be the best talegnard of goad relation! ?
The Horoscope
Tbt rtari lnclln. but .
'cp'-imt.utciui.N.t" ;;i
Prldny luuc 2 1. 1 " "
A.trolngeis i lr i
fortunate dav Ni
Sun and Mats a ' . '
It in a iiiv wh. n i
disturb biisinesn i
jienrion tor N.
nr sway that
It la not a favn-.m
which to make jourt .
thetp may he iu.h
dents tit resorts.
Although tliiii Ik i
platietury gnw-rnm.
ll'.li Is. there In i i
pri.f Unlile f
read aright.
Women shottbl I.
PUlnnpect While )u
pit i.iilti.
'Illeip should be t'.i rs that i
billtiis llusltii'ss i
gun under tli .i .
Women who scelt f
Hons should delav .'
later for their ii. .
little ImpresMon.
There in a slmi ri .i I
Ing trouble for IiikIi h
fli l.llM. The prcsid.
new problem.
yuaircls may he e
when Mars ii in n
while the slnlsti r p nv.
planet is not; t t
wise to avoid disinri"!
Much building m
sied. will lie cairlnl '
month but thu is t
dn for staitliig i m
i ni t
Changi In the pe
leadership are no s'i i
by the stars that si
opmentn tn In
Heat w ill be untiMi .
month. If the stara a r
(1 ii I tbeip will b.
l'er.sonn whoso birthda It
have the forecast of rat'iee n wttr
uous year in which they s' d i
cautious In all buslnisi tiffi -
Children bnrn on th i 1 r-
bo nervous and fond of t i e
These Hiibjccts of Can c a
ly greatly influfntrd tiv '
rounding.. Tlutr p. In ip
the Moon.
r 1 1 .".
y t. j j
IVVien the made her debut the Wat the object of
the niul devoted attention from all large incomet
tubiect to ttageering turtaket
But now that other tax exempt bondt paying
higher ratet of interett have appeared the i jilted
by her former admirer.
The Woman Who Loved--and Earned
lly JAM' rnixi-s
A JIUIIKliS S'lOUV or uomi: iiusimiss
Abe Martin
CHAl'TKIt evil.
Telling Itohcrt.
Am wnu iilvinvn tin e.ise.
leiire'ouiiives on eai wi nut nevertheless they spoke first.
how tlio Iniolenindi nf his persecutors r.itheri ' I think it is great (lerry You
than the kindly eplrlj of the master. 'can have all inv haln to trim and
llui even If tills iinchrlitlau attitude l over- 'nuke If i sold bats for u thou-
looked what tiKht hne tho churches to do-! wand years I couldn't trim one."
maiiil special tom-ldcrntton And who dm! "That's liecanse jou nuvcr learned
have Ihe rlghtto sa that penpl. shnulil K to I the trade as I did."
rhiirch rather than to i band concert? Audi "I don't bcllino ltobort will ob-
wuuld the plain people who attend these on-1 Ject" she Went on. "I don't eee
ci'iti lie sure of a welcome at the average cltv I how be can. You are doing nothing
r hurch? Some one ntked the great founder of ! that will make him wait for his
tho tfilwitlon .rmy why he dltl not send the' meals or keep ou out when he Is
people to one of the iiliendv established I ill home only licrry don't take too
ninii oes inneaii oi provitiing onrvlces for them many cmtomem.
lie lepueii there weie Just three reiiHons.
1'lrst tliat they would not go if lie sent them.
Second tlyit they would not lie welt nine If they
did go. Ami third he wanted them hlm-ulf.
I may have
A few years ago thu advertising olubn of the
world met In Sun I'raiiclsco. A committee of
local miui.teiM intended one of the spshIoiih and
asked the visiting member to attend religious
torvlres the following Sunday ami report what
In their opinion was tile cause of tho small at-
tpmlancp at such services-. Thin was flonp ami
i few day later the report was made. It was
to the effect that the ministers did not "du-
llvor the good."
Yours very truly.
Tulsa. June 20. .1 KUMOND STAN1.KY.
Dcfemllng 1 lit in 1 Concert
lldllor Wot Id: In your morning paper I no-
tlce nn article entitled. "Want line l.iws Un-
forced Here." I am of the opinion that If some
of thtMe tttUrns who are voting for thin thing
lenity and truly understood what the 'blue
law." really mean they would talso their voice
iigalnst It Instead of voting for It. And after
they get It oomo of thorn will wish they didn't.
I nm a church lover and a church goer ltut
I do .t from choice and not frmn force. It
was tills same uplrlt of force that took pus-!
session of ihe member of the race riot. Can
you compel a man to be religious? Did Christ:
compel tl.cin to Helen to hi. sermons? '
If the church cannot draw the people with-'
out force Isn't It high time for the church tn'
reconsecrate Itaclt clean itself up anil lift a
higher standard get the rhn.Ui every link In
the chain connected with the power limine ni
high and they will have the houoc full without
Will the city !atp or country ho nny better
off with church going hypocrites (foicd m
go)' Isn't a fellow that ou know Is a criminal
mu'h less dangerous than one who enmes in
sbeep'ii clulblns? Will forcing him Into Hie
chunh change hln heart? No never rather
make him worse. 1'or Isn't It man's nature tn
reliell against foice. tlod wants love aervlce.
And ou oan re.kd the Utble from tienmi. to
ttevelalions. which I have done nml mm here
did I or will you find one single line authori.
lug any othei service but love service. .
Krom the Hlble we learn the state or eountiv
(whbh ever It may be it's ihe sume principle)
has no right to control H man'a uhgion and
wherever she has taken upon herself tn do Una
thing against the sacred teaching he has
fallen In ruin she will do It today If she at-
tempts It. Christ sulci: "Itendir unto
the things that me Camir's and unto (tod the
thlnga that are iod." Then why not obey him
Head the Itlhlc a gain from (ieneals to Reve
latum and show me one single line In ll . red
pages where )ou will be keeping Ihe Sabb-itli
when ou have HunJny blue laws. Show me
from Us tarred page tvlteie you are breaking
the Sabbath when you go to amusements on
Sunday. (Now remember t attend church and
am not In favor of the picture shows etc.. no
more than 1 am in favor of force in religious
matters.) Show me how a day can be kept
holy which ia never made holy.
Again I s.i to tach and every church mem-
ber. conieerate yourself to fully to the Lord
that you will have a right to claim his prom-'
tses thru ur house will be full of heart serv-
ing men and women and you will be so bum-1
rejoicing ever the things (lod has done for you i
and in saving soul lhat you will not have!
time '' fi'tcc proplp in e.'e lo( n. en
No danger o( that!
trouble finding any
"Nonsense!" Hetty nxclalmed.
"Here's one right here. My hats
seldom suit me bemuse I don't feel
we can afford tho smart nhop
"Here's another" Juno declared.
"I would rather have a hat you
fixed for me than any 1 could buy.
i havo a knack of making a hat
nt a Ju l son."
"That's long practice. Jane."
"No such thing lt' being an
arlisi. She s Just what Carson said.
An Artist in Hats.' ' Mary flattered.
"You are going to prove that a
woman can make a home and be a
huslnoiw woman aren't you Hurry""
Jane spokp very soberly. "I have
alwa.vs thought U could bp done if
only wo could work out a way. I
have never known anyone who did
It. I shall watch ou very closely
perhaps-oh I don't know girls
but I have sometime felt Just as
Vlerry does that my time was spent
Idly when' I might ho doing some-
thing. Ciri'iin is so opposed to It. 1
have never pertously considered It
In'Wevel "
"And he wan the one wim start-Mi
! licrry off" Mary laughingly de-
j "I led. . i Bit
Mary ' "Well girls o you approve ' i
.. .1 iiiiiii iiiiiiu ii isi.-iiiinoiii
"Wo sure do!" It was Mary
speaking.. The other (-fills emphat-
ically Rcu red me they too believed
1 could manage to mnko it a hucccm
They insisted upon helping tup
with the dishes which I had left on
the tnblo while w talked then left
me full of happy thoughta about
my plans )et In a way dreading tr
luo.ieh the subject to Hubert Hut
he himself made it easy for mc.
"I walked up with C.iron." he
said. "That's why I am late."
"What did be have to Kty .t.tnp
wns ovpr today. Hetty and -Mary
"lie spoke of you what exquisite
taste you had. I guess I brought it
on by blowing about how you had
helped me nt the store anil telling
him of the dlffetcnce in the win-
dows since jou had taken bold of
them Wo nearly ittw.iyw nave a tot
of people admiring them and it
brings a j-ootl many Inside to buy. '
"What else did he sny?" I wan
wondering If 1 bail better watt Until
after dinner or tell him whllo we
were eating.
"Oh he praised tho way you
planned Mary's wedding present and
fixed Jane's hat. I shan't tell you
any more jou'll be too puffed up
if I do"
"Hubert I have a plan thaff
why the girls were here today to
talk It over. I knew if thpy nil
approved. It must !! a good one at
least a feasible one. It wns Carson
who put It Into my head "
Spring it.
.Man Held In Ati'liNou .Makes Confe.
.Ion on liiingiiccker Kllliic
ATCHISON. Kan . Jr.- . T
! lice authorities bellcvid t i
int last they have secured e tr
story or tno tnurucr or j rt i in
nccker Oklahoma ranchr v i
April 27 and the subsequent r !
nt Henry Smith Libcril
fnrmer on May 13.
Harry Kills after a leni-t'-. -Ing
ndmltted that h!s firs' . '
waa not correct and in -
statement nsserts .th it S'
no pnrt In the I.ongnnk' '
as ho at first alleged
KUIs and Frank Miller '
inp hold tn Jail at Oardrn r
cording to the confession J mt
plotted the drath of l.i nc
with robbery as the mm c
Smith had nothing to d i w
killing but hp ovcrh-'trd I-
Miller plan the details Im m
Smith would tell what I
Kills and Miller decided
would have to bo put nu
way and Kills stated that M
forced him to do tfle ehoot t'B
still persists that Ml'ler pi. '
crimes and that Mi'ler f r t
shot which killed Kongitt '
1 Parisian Is Tricked
by Two Slick Yankees
PAItlS June 13 The
hel ef of Kawreu e l'tr'i -Frnnripio
; lean h.-ncsty cost him Js e
1 the polne Indue llarv.
1 ramo ni 'ii:.iiner wllh tw--1
claimed to be Amorlcars
leged Americans pursua e
to leave his purse with thi
. . tnd.cntion nr confidence i
at o so stu. k up that Ilsappeared. The poll e
i how f th inevtiable . i ..n'u
S. in. I
(hey ii-fust t how f th' inevtiable
Whit . d a pleeo o' real
tlow tr i.-lr S 'lid it ion il dew - would bo
'Indi ml Hi inftisis gi'Vcr merit Job.
Nora thij. In Mrs. Spoony Im Jest
orroui.d 'be turner at tho drug store
can vou run erround a mlnnlt and
111 tell you all about It.
Who wat? Wat thn dlvvlls this?
setl Noui and I sod Hello this Is
Mrs. Spoonv don't you remember
No I dont faith and nobody cits
does wait a mlnnlt soil Norn. Me
thinking flosh I wonder if she sln-
pects nytbln. 'Wlrh Jem then I
herd her coming up tho steps heavv
trying to come up lite and I ..tilek
hung up Hip fone and hid in Hip
1 left the table "and bronchi bin "' ""' "e aim nm m uie
one of the c'inis I 1 a 1 iles nml 1 ' rlolt' nml Nortt the closlt
P id bv hts nl.lto showing her slspldous nature
scat I vvnn . 1 to watch hi. fa ml 1 'ulrk Hn m" "n1'- h"r rm
when he talk? " " ' Vl' '"Wn I"""." ""r nU"
Co-ordination of I. C. C and IUII'
vmi) IjiImit Itn.ird rnii-i 1
WASHINdTON. Jon. . c
Ushment by longri - i
ment of a national n I i.
corporation to co-m-d.r r i '1
of the Interstate con it e -it.-
slon and the nillw.iv ' r
In their reguln'Jon "? 'b
lines of the I nited St.i'
posed before thi t'.!'. :
commerce committee tr -
1 Warfleld. president of t)
association of owners '
senurlties and 1'ordn. . 1
counsel for tho nsso ja:.
The Young Lady
Across the Way
A..t II.IMHS llll' 111 BLOp
in- irnu ii u i i-i.i . .nt then limli.1 ... ..... I. " " 11 ' "ineni nil
. V . ' 1 ' 11 I"- i u.uv n In Ih..
'Madame Oeialdlno!"
then looked n
nntl anMou. manner.
la w
mean ''
' Co on read the rest."
"A traveling artist in smart
chain aus "
"What does It mean. Oerrv ?"
"II. i irs 1J to i' l told him.
Tomorrow - ltebert Agrees.
An Italian ban Invi n-- t
c Under rot.xry inn'it
with connecting roils w is
was nil the ! and socket Joints and
I disk serving as a mk
Denny's Notebook
The jming ladv the vva
'11. i..h ji.nt K I'lg ' tl'" Nl'
1 ' ' J ' c ' v i -n" . th'-
.''a i 'A j I'ii. Ad. iJa n3.
Wr gut a iti nslnn tc nur. teli fun.-
n i ise i tn buily wiintx ti I. turn
trim dnvvn stairs with. ait g 'inu Hi
stalls to iln It and tb' iftli n . .u mn
i ... k Nnra marie eititi.iniii. Ihhh an-l
1 smelt her dmng :t and went b
and looked In the Hi. bin .ivun "
One nie one wile theyn hut. Nm i
If I do It will be rite in your vi-
sed Nora llelng a heck nf a anv r
tn a polite qtieslhiii and Jest thtn 1
had a cratu' tdeer thinking ii I1'
tell lu r eomeboily wunts to tawk tn
her on the folic and then 111 run up
and tawk to her on the up stairs fmn
and tell her Homebody wunts n. tawk
in her erround the mrner and then
wen shi goes erround 111 run down
and get n hot cinnamln bun.
And I went out in the hall and
took the rcseover off the book and
yelled. All lite III ctll her wait a
mlnnlt. And I called back lln
Nora somebody wunts you on the
1 dldent beer the fono ring sed
It hardly dldent. 1 s.d. And I
quick ran up stairs and took the
other reneever off the hook and lis
toned and prltty soon Nora sed In the
down stalrn fone U this a Jmk or
wat hello hell..
M. . -I .ig m v Ilk. i I id
ui.d lU-i: Jicle . t.t tin. .-ii
Our Own
The Sweet Singing
i r' nil r i n- nr n i n
Flhiirn fllTH
n. t- l".R55
3 H.-HS
S20 Sends It Home SI 0 a Month Va
An instrument whose every part is built acr- i'l
our own standards and specifications.
Its sweet tone and splendid wearing quality tr.
the best buy at its price in the piano world. '
antee it.
Siplnvv ay
117 South Main
( M.I. Oil WltlTi; TOIl Y
I Cim':. .Munaccr
Incomp r
(Klip' .H!t.i ' I
i a.
.Ml if a W . i AlA l.KT.

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