The Daily Chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Terr.), Vol. 4, No. 150, Ed. 1 Tuesday, April 1, 1902 Page: 4 of 4

1 fAri
Jt it jast cocMa c&i-i" people
Sev "tbeTt bo ia that." Ad-
jsltun thr.r staletsetjT tbea tLere are
mmrstttrruit cvlis t'.'-: wLicii are Ll3-jw-rou;
c-ir.y a fau.1 sack res l-r
with a co. 1. If we ovli tell tie cotp-
rvw cold from the tracommoo weewiH
feel fciv? fcfe. we can't. Tie
uaomtnon vari-
ety is rare'r rec-
ognized ur.til. it
fastened it
hold w tie
JatJgs and there
are of
Ir. pine'i
Gotien iledscal
ovtry cisrt j
ehitit. meii
Icci? and other
distant of the
orn of rtsp:r-
aUon. It m-creaj-
pir of i ere. rich
Lkod aud Lu:M
up the emaciated
frisk v of Vjt-
Imi: j -rry Co . K.tvMi. Aflrr trriaa-
K "J a i V ' .'.' ;:.-v..t
aB.'f I itrd tj Irr In. I'-j-rce O-' ira
K-Cv.J 0-.wwry. 1 tuUr. two t'.;r ivl w
cure!. aoi h waved c-d. Wbm I Ihitk j(
th r'"t i.a 1 iivi'ijrr aod tit tcrri
euuga 1 k3 t trrTSM t r a earac tot J
iim xu ie.rt T :. 0-yl n. y vr- you
prayer o v-f grate?..: l-.ei-i
If you ak your dea'.er for "Golden
iledital Lfcacovery" because yoa have
confidence in it cure do not allow
yourself to ie switched off to a medi-
cine claimed to be "just JJ jpod" but
which yoa did cot at for and of wLL:b
you know nothing.
Dr. Pierce's pleasant Pellets cure dis
liatsi and sick be&JacLe.
T " J
' 1
lx.k a irtTt V
w-r4 I J. i
tn moal ""o v In the world.
the Scenic Route
iU rail penetrau the fertile Scat d
TEXAS and the
ALABAMA and the
it reacbrt tie rich firraSnr Undi of Kn
. j OkUboni Ihe mineral field of feemtbera
Mivrari and Northern Arkaca tbe cotton
tel:c( the S'jula ar4 &ontbwet tbe oil field
of KBas and tb Indiaa Territory and bua-
4nAt of other lndtril ree cf lo'-rrest and
jrott U the borne-setker and lnvetor. And
U. but n'H leal. It will carry you to the fame;
fceallh tjrtcf th-Oir'f
Eureka Springs
Monte Ne
mm i I
Through Service
:m mm cir
Wbiteoik ltemi.
Gn jfon Wills fca a tick boj.
Wiil Hard if ridicj for Gry-
foo Wills.
E. J. CearJej branded Lis cattle
bttts last week.
Mr. Harris raored icta bia ce
touie last week.
Birch C. Burnett wm here from
Sipulp U-i wee:.
Grajeoo Wills mtde a business
trip to Chelsea last week.
Oa acccuctt of cold weather there
were cot rcanj oat to BaLbatb
ecbool lait gaiiday and tbe elec-
tion will net be beld until next
Sunday. All are invited to attend.
H. 6.
You Can't Loote Flesh or Appetite.
YiTUitr City 111. I'ec. 20 !.. Syrup Co. ilonticello IIL.
Gentlemen: My rereo-iuODtbs old
bty u troubled a great tfeal with
bi tUmacb and tcel- I bad tried
nutneroat remedie" with no gwd re-
eulu until tbe Labj lot much f esh
atid wa ia terj yA bea'tb. A friend
rfccm'rje&cel Dr. Ca'uweJri hjrup
PeLkln. 1 procured a 10c bottle at
"HudV Drcif Store and gate tjecon-
tent to the baby accordion to direo
tlun after which there was r de-
cided improvement In hi condition.
Hare been givitigbioi Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup I'epsio for about a month with
rery atifactory results bia stomach
and bowels bei In a good health
condition and his former weljfbt re-
gained. Very trulj yours.
Allie Jackkjk.
for tale Ly Peoples drujf ttore. dw
Catale Items.
Mrt.;Jolia Barcett and daughter
are visiting Mrs. Daugberty.
W. J. Jackeon is farmiDg for J.
C. Gray. He ia a good faithful
Willie Carmicle bae rented bis
farm and has gone back on tbe
Mr. and Mre. Waeh Dick are
left in radneM over tbe death of
their baby.
Link Martin has tbe sympathy
of all tbe people here in tbe loss
of bis daughter.
Mre. Mollie Dougherty jbas re-
tired from fortune telling after six.
teen years work.
All must be interested in etart-
ing a Sunday ecbool at Catale.
Better times are hoped lor.
We are pleased - to have Wm.
Dougherty's family back on their
old place. They are gjod neigh-
bors. Many of tbe eld people here are
feeling fad over their children
leaving home and. seeking another
for tbemeelvffu
1 he Great Dismal 5warnp
Of Virginia is a biceditiif ground of
malaria Jgerms. So Is low wet or
rnandiy ground everywhere. Tbes-e
germcau-e weakness chills and fe-
ver aches In the boDcs and mules
and may induce dangerous maladies
Iiut Klectrlc Uittcrs never fall to de-
s roy tiitin and cure malarial
troubles. They will surely prevent
typbo'd. "We tried many retuedics
f ir rualana and Ktomach and liver
trciublp." writes John Charleston of
liycMil'e O. "but never found any-
thing a Jgutd as Electric Ilitter."
Try them. Only COc. l'e pie's and
At W. Foreman Drug Stores guar-
antee cat iIttion. dw
statehood Report Ready.
Mr. Knox chairman of the
houee committee on territories
has completed tbe report on the
bill admitting Oklahoma- Arizona
and New Mexico to statehood. In
the report which is about 10.000
words in length tbe committee
makes ctrong recommendation
that the three terriloiiea be given
Statehood and supparts tbe recom-
mendation with a detailed state-
ment presenting their qualifica-
tions for siatebood. An effort will
be made tojget the bill before the
bouce upon the grounds that the
report is a privilege i one atd that
it csn be taken up without a
epeual ru!. Mr. Knox bas said
that be wcuid report before tbe
end of this week.
The Criterion for April.
E&siertki&s of A-dniral Farrsgut
tbe fcna tf a a-enes cf articles do
fara ..- Americans Ly Gen. James
ile& jrtSiinence
mong tte niacy itt reitm; and
viut;e eoLtribcticns to tbe Aprfi
Cnttriun. TLe article splendidly
iusstrted by rare photographs bi-
LncuuXutbl and autognpn ittters
is fall of iniimate trcnal memories
of the great man and contains a
true account of the Mobile Bay inctd
exit aid the dramatic labio; of tne
gallant Admiral to bis ahips mast.
Love'ASair of Great Musirians
by Happen Ilngbes will ce found an
UDauah'y faicinatin paper dealing
witb cme romantic amours of famou
mu;c mkers.
A timely and exceptionally inter-
esting articie Campaigning with the
German Army in France by Colonel
Marat Halsteid graphically relates
fcoae ne and hitherto little knon
hietorica) events of the Franco-
Prussian War as personally seen by
the amour.
Tbe fourtb paper on One Century
cf Acting treats of some famous com-
edians of tbe eariy years of tbe J'jtb
Waidco Fawcett's Odieit Easter
Celebration in America and Florence
Ii edsoe CroSo.d's Erolutloo of an
Indian 3Iaid omplete a list of special
articles tbat is unexcelled by aDy
publication of the month.
Killing tbe Mandarin a serial by
Vance Thompson continues ia vivid
interest and clever working out of a
strong psychologic problem.
Iiriiihnt short stories and poems
by the cleverest writer of the day
excellent critical review and especi-
ally attractive illustrations make tbe
April Criterion what it alms to be a
real criterion cf magazine literature.
The Criterion is f J.00 per year. Sin-
gle copies ten cents. For sale at the
book-shops and by all newsdealers.
Cfiteriou Publication Co. 158 Fifth
Avenue New York City.
Wields a Sharp Ax.
Millions marvel at tbe m-iltitudeof
maladies cut off bv Dr. Kick's ew
Life Pills tbe ruot distressing too
Stomach liver and bowel troubles
dyspepsia los of appetite jaundice
biliousness fever malaria ail fall be-
fore these wonder works. 2oC at Peo-
ple's and A. W. Foreman's drug
store. dw
Attention 1
Confederate veteran and their
friends. Low rates to Dallas and re-
turn by the "Choctaw Route" for the
reunion April 22od to loth.
An ounce of preventative is worth a
pound of cure and bottle of Dillard's
Horehound Syrup used In time Is
worth a staff of physicians with a
drug store or two included. Price 25
and COc at Peoples drug store dw
Katy Route to U. C. V. Reunion at
Dallas Texas.
Round trip t6.S0. Tbe M. K. & T.
has been made tbe official route and a
special car will be set out for the Vi-
nlta delegation. Tickets on sale Arril
1'Jtb 20th and 21st with return limit
April 30tb. Rypaymeutof 50c extra
tlekets Ui.iy be extended until May
loth. Stopovers permitted :and side
trips from Dallas and South McAles-
ter. For further Information call at
M. K. & T. Ticket office. II. C.
Lewis Agent.
Nearly every peron needs a tonic
medicine at this time of year to
brace up and Invigorate the nervous
system to cleanse the biweK illver
and kidney. Herbine h the bc-t and
eafet remedy to do this as itwlll
cure S'instipati o reulate the liver
and enrich the blood. Price oOc at
Peoples drug tore. dw
Late Literary fSews.
"What Women Like Men" What
Men Like Women" and "Ilu-band
and Wive'' are the titles of a rtric
of very interesting papers by Raff r1
Pike tbe third of wbich art-ears in
theCorn poiitan for April. The amp
nuruler of tie Gmo politan trtat
of Prince Henry's vint with a wries
of beautifully printed photograj b
under the tiileof "A Clever Emperor
and a Confederation of Nation.'" F.
Hopkins Muitb Israel Zamrwill P.ict
Harte and Maartcn Maartcos are
among tbe other contributors to tbi-
number hich is unu-tally g wl ir
Perfect d'g?4tif n is the only found-
ation for perfect health. The f xd we
eat makes a!l the bi ..-'d we have
which in tirn feed etery r.trve t..-
cie and ti"-ue In the brly. Ilcrlu e
quickens tbe appetite a ds d!getK-n.
give t re anivlg'r to all ti e func-
tion an 1 ensures c-"d health. Price
'z at l'cf p e drug st re. t!w
We are
I-or Your
Ilih Grade Quality
Lowest Prices and
Fair Treatment
Our Only Bait.
See us for
Garden and Lawn Tools
Garden and Field Seeds
Paints Oils and Brushes.
Darrough Hardware O
The Vinita Synonym for the jhS :
of r
. Ti.
J"Chieftain Publishino; Co
4 x ii - 44 or our telephone number. ii .
Keep irj Toucb Vitb 5aipt-Lcui5
and the work of preparation for the great world's h i
in 1903. Subscribe for'
f f afJ f Tbt Ort Rrbi:ear
Tpe t. JLouis
The Daily Glob'Democrat is without a rival in all the west a:i ! st
- . t s 1 . ib .
at the very front among tne reajiy great newspapers 01 mo v
By Aaii Postage Prepaid
Dally IOtludinj SuDlayi One year 16; Six months 3.00; Three ?I t.i'.s 1 50
Daily Without 5uoiayt One year II; Six Months 2.oo; Three Months no
5ur)iy Editior) One Year; Six Months 1.00.
a ff The "Twice-a Wetk" Issue of the Glole-Deinoci t n on ... ;
J I .GO lar a year is tbe createst r.ewparer bargain of the 4. Ir ; t
most exual to a cailv f t at the price ot a weekly. It Rives the lateM t . .
news from all the world every Tuoday and Friday Its market reports a e
and correct in every detail It has no equal as a borne cr family yri
aht to he t eveiv f.residein tbe land. Tworartrs evcrv week. L '
or snore every Tnefda and I tiay. ( re dollar for one ear. Sarnp'.e t - : '
Address Tb Globt Priotiryj Co. St. Lcj j. ?-
v -1
Told by Pain
If yoa bive pains yoa should look
Ibem quickly. Pain shows tocnthx "
WTorp. The sharper th pala th mors
per thre is in cklay. There are thou: 1 r
ot women to-day who are bearing a- J
paia almost continually rather than t '1
I hyikiaa about th abooticc paics ic s
ower abdomen about the aony of f -
erf the womb and the distress of Irucort u
Thy kt th months pass asi their ttc J V
Wcomti harder to cure and more distreir:.
But modest women can secure txetrptl-a
from the crr.Sarrajsracnt ol a private sa-
nation. fben pain tell tucm of di'fr
tfrf- fin run themaelvo ty the & cl
jt i.
in the privacy of their bomct- Youf .ntv
cured without etistres&ine publicity.
these facts txfore you tbere is co rt t t.s-
k nntu fiy vour misery ana wasujc
the ckliy which b incrcaun? your
of your le. Why not stop the pain today r
Hrrru Varrls S. 15
I MMwi botUe cf Win rf Carlo i ni ra I ke f e i h. ;
r-'klrare-:t. hftnra I tfunUt tt ynor Medicine i hM T'n
hw k. h 1 -wr bnwti a4 mr arrt. t-f ! V ;
W.n.t kr b"d srhed t1 I wa w wak I eoil kr 1"?
fl.r. a I rsa fl a litti-ct thtjvs in my ? f..
rr. I Vm e h-n rrarr cd t' Ire fr aaii ' '
I tta.a roa Icr j-oor wcndenul intra
. rnc.tnerr-t m en r r.
tl0 .adi r.t tM f
' "

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