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JaBrailAPER.'qtJTH'Rfflft OKuA. TUESDAY iCAtiOIl 17 UOg
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) minim .IIUI..J.L 111 in wiim iii iiiiMiiiiBiriwisFirriiisTO irnirffiwrrrmiiTnTniTTrTiT r
I One Pricu-Clothler JCZsCllpSC OOliXS
i in Guthrie x i
tffifV(rt)fl5iiTWifli' iotSilkwfliSf1hfr dSunlHffW You'll find the
' vu ' superbly tailortd garmentM perfect in every
detail. OUR. SMALL-PROFIT PPL1GES enables you to buy these well tailored
suits at a lower price than you buy ordinary garments of this Biff Slock.
Our Policy is not how
much can we get for a gar-
ment but HOW GOOD A
til AiNU K
M Mk ''v ' m m' ifa'iM'ais imb
flwj. E. GoodlJn
of Kot8 1b In tlie
Hobart Dunlop. county treasurer of
Kay co- nty is herp from NowUlrk
8p clai School Uui Amniiacr J. I.
MiTinlela la hfio fi-in Meridian to-
'E if. B 11 I: horo from "Wynuowood.
V. Hppi-s and T. Wt'lttr Jr.
from El Reno
MI. 0 Pattoti of Ardmoro Ih ii Oiith-
rio rliitor.
V. N. nedwlnn la Iiorf from Nnwiiln
Jlr.' tiut -Mrs. t!)rjje L. Bf.wiuan
returned lionw to KlnglUher thiH
niornlns Mr How man ib a .i'uiilnmt
tc'mocrt hulng been rlioson aa nrcia-
Jdentlal tlelor troin Hie Kin.t district
bv ili if i fii democratb' crinvinttion
Hi Mil;.' . .'
"Inbv ' ';uiiic'II. foiimtly of tho
OklIion.ti tt.'iU hum a vlsitoi in tho
l-iv 'sl uiv List niKtit.
J U Culvert tiatf ivimnfd from
Aiflwail fouiit" vher' he hu Impu
'becking n vooaht land tor tliu
fcClmol land ityjKvrtint'iii. Tli. ttp
to nHort uouOai'.r ol bchuot Ian is
natej l ih.' enabling mi in Wood-
wtinl und lv Hvor t-ounUi n un.t Ih now
Miceldng 'in tliu Kivcriiiiient luii.l of-
flees in s.'.iiih ut luud uimh lmn not
been (Hod upint
t --
;J SI. Tyler county clerk ut Blttlna
county Uitu in the city today to lilo
atatementh of telephone conij.i.iilHa
With lh Rtat' auditor. Mi Tylor
lirntcUHit ol- tli Stnto Coanty larks'
Hoy ilviiry ot Juunlngs In her at-
tqndlng ihn lndeiiendont telenbone
ulou' meutlnii.
Former Delegate W T. S Hi)t wu
In the alty last evenhig.
IHulph Cumnhell Is liaro from Oklo-
hpina City.
tPraf. J S. Uurtiamn of the ntate
iwiiveritity is iore today HttciKllng; a
-ii.T4'a.tir.n.iim iatm in nm limn rm iim a
(n.iifitteHfa (IJablwJ.MairetJoJ.L
. . . m ii muui outMha. s;i" r r si iLisi
... i -" .rrmim t. t rr-r-'f Wiiiryj f V rrBWUBiTrrrl
It matters not how good a
iabric goes into a suit. t the tail
oring is not
with the suit.
It's the inside work that
onuses a coat to stay ' put.'
The hand padded collar the
breast padding pocket stays
button holes canvas and many
other details in the inside of
the correctly tailored coat
tell the story and the difference
between the ordinary ready-to
wear garments and our Haid
Tailored Alfred Benjamin
OflS8 l
Q. Cos
The Trousers
eXnerk'nCL'd and
niectlug of the state board of exam-
iners of ttlilhe he Is a member. Prof.
uuchanan wan one of the tnflnontlal
members of the constitutional conven-
tion. J. W. 3taen-iKbero from PhecoUin
Ewers Whlto. ot Mcljud. was in
tlie city last evonliii: to attend the
meatlnie of tho atato board of ngrl-
oullino of whlqljjie U treaBuror.
Attornoy R. F. Scott of Pawhuglca
was in tho city yesterday attondliiK
the hearing boforo tho state hoard ot
nprlriilture fn regard to movjnu tho
r)unrnntIno linos.
A- 11. Moqi'o In horo from Ijiwton
Former Delegate- J. A. Aldarsfn i
ljgre.froni Pond Creole. today.
Qlenfi Olavor city siniarlnt'ottdont of
wlfotilaaC llartlosvllle. Is hero nttotul
Inj? the moating of tho state bonnl -jf
OTOinluorB. of which lie Is rt member.
J. CI. Master Is horo from Tulsa
conferring with Stnto Siiiierlntendent
E. I). Cameron on educational mattors.
Joe Miller of the 101 ranch Avas
in the city last evening conferring
with 1 lie members of tho stnto board
Of agriculture relative to (limrantlne
W l.liulKoy of C'hoteau Is here
attending tho mooting ot the statu
buuid ot ugrlculture of wbldi be is
W. F. Collins of Kolly Is here at.
tending the flouring before the stnto
boatd of agriculture on the cuttle
quarantine question
Ituinc Keisor of Jennings is hi tho
city today.
Attornoy C. n.
Ok'wTioma City.
Ames is here from
A H. Waltz ot Toledo Ohio Is In
tho city.
Former JDolsgato V. J. Coudlll of
(lobart in tno glty nonferrlns with
legislative lnoiubyrs
J. 19. Wyatt of HI Reno is hero nt
tending a meeting ol tho Independent
Wm. Mcl-emon ot Dustln. Is a Outli-
rlo visitor.
Jrs I Coin principal of the Mus-
kogee high school was lit tho city last
Complete 'on.iuli Autr't VmlfcoAoAj SanutmUa
Eirttpirliunaot JOOra.BuoiL4T SOr'.Ii
ilooria WjmV - a Or Pbkoroot lOr
OiuehunHedJluk80r. ladKtafFotutlaiu - 4Ur
Yiioii;oaitui. sum. ttua&ufiuomKfl&i uur.
Wuh SuAnttawk(u6MuVa4s.
iuits el
all right it's all off
Suits for Men.
and Vest receive the same
skillful attenlioii to detail.
work on the inside of these
Leading Clothier
'Phone 1024.
oo.oo o oooooooooo o o
evening conferring with State Super-
intendent 12. J). Cameron relative ta
scnool matters
Thnman Uuthrldgo of Chlcl;nhnt Is
in the city today attending tho tele-
phono hearing before the earnonUlon
.7. 13. Martin of Lookoun U among
the ludopouduiit telephone men horo
today nppeariug before tho corporation
commission asking that the telephone
rateHVo na( cut nt present.
Ed Smith Is hero from Wontherford
today attending a mooting of tho In-
dependent telephone men.
President A. C. Sfott of the A and
M. college rotuined to Stillwater this
C. P. Walker from Uklahomti
CIt). .U on
.11 I H lo
(). It. Duniii d loliriu is In the city
attending tho telephone rate hearing
before the corporation commission.
J. I.. Palmour of Kdmnud Is a Until-
tie 1b1ioi.
It. MltUiell
is here from Apache
E L. Donahoe ut Ponca City Is a
Guthrie visitor.
Ex-Attorney (ieueral W. (). Crom
well of Enid is a business visitor tn
the city.
Pied D. Lnmb editor of the No-
wata Star was n business visitor Ut
the city yesterday andtlilc morning.
8ebstor Ethols is a court visitor In
Oklahoma City.
Senator Stnnford Is tit nlM Okinulge
homo looking after Infsrosts in the
now oil field.
Mrs. Mtljilii tho postmistress
tho senate is 111 with Uio inimuw-
If E II rendene. auditor of the Ft
Smith and Western railway lnut veil
ing filial the annual statement for (he
Ft. Smith and Western road sliowini
the trackage and vnluntlon of tho
aeneral Manaer. Dushnell. of th-
Ft. Bmlti) and Welstrn is in the cIL-
today from Ft. Smith. Ho is being
entertained by Local Agent Al Hlxon.
Mrs. R O. Sharpo entertain Mod-
ern Priscllln club In afternoon nt her
home on East Washington avenue.
Hhnkospnnro club meets In after-
noon at 'inrilpglO library.
PlretnUi t'o nilnflftl ball'ln evening
in 0ll FelloWs llftil.
Elks give nnislenl comedy "The
Lemon Pickers" at Brooks In even-
ing. Wednesday
Imon Pickers" ropatod In even-
Ing. Mr ntul Mrs. (X F. dreer entertain
01.1 Territory club In ovonlng.
Mrs. A. C. UMoii entertains New
Statu Card club In afternoon.
New Stnto Can) ollib meets In after-
noon with Mrs. NlxOn.
Mesdnmos Sotorl nnd Wlnton glvo n
one o'clock luncheon In afternoon nt
home of latter Olf East Noble avenue.
Zimmerman's oi'cbeetm glvos usual
midweek dance Iti evening.
Tlie pupils of tho Hoss Consorvn-
tory of Music glvo n recital Thursday
evening at the home of Prof mid Mrs.
F. M. rtoss. 017 North Broad. Tim
friends of those parllolpntin? nre In-
cited to attend.
IMtpIls of ItoSB donsorvntory giro
recital In evonlnjj nt tho Hosa home
017 North Droad street.
Mrs. J. II. Cottoral ontorUUns Fri-
day Aftornoon Uuchro olub in nftor-
noon. s--
Literary nnd box stipper nt Plensnnt
Hill school house n evening.
W. 0. T. U. meets wltfi Mrs. James
"Duster Ilrown" )t llrooks In even-
ing. Miss Havel Hltohcook glvs an enter
tatnmeut nt tMirlstlnn church In even-
ing. Wednesday Urldgo Club meets with
Mrs. C. II. Fllsaii. on North First
Itov. W. II. Cloud an Indian mem
ber of the constitutional convention
lectures at.AVost Side AI B church
in evening on 'The Indian on tho War
Administration club give old-fashioned
barn dime.) ut Mulhall.
Mrs. .o!i uolaml'fehnnutllul home on
Harrison nvenuo. 'Mls Duuklu cor-
dinlly Invllofl nil oft 1iei puplln and
their parents nnd litd friends to conio.
No admission.
Miss Hazol Hitchcock render of
national promlnenccwlll nppenr at the
Christian church Frldn evening tin
ier tho niiHpicJS of the Ladles Aid
Society of that church. She has travel-
oorlv ellon osalcmfwyp Hhruuletnoln
1 over nearly everj- stnto In the
Union nnd Is Bald. to .bo tub only wom
an artist who cun express vjvery phase
at tho human mind. Wit humor path-
os tollow In rapid succession In hor
talks nnd she 1ms n mngnlflcent voice.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L ClIfTonl. Uio West
Uig&ii avenue entertained n number
of the employes of tho bongo at their
home Saturday night. Tho ovenlng wiu
sjient danclnf; nnd un excellent repast
was served. An oschostrn furnlhel
the music nnd the hojise was decorat-
ed with Jnpauese lanterns end bnnkn
of tlowers.
The Womous Hellef Corps will meet
at tueKulghiK of Columbus hall Wed
onsday ovenlng.
The Shakospoare club met this
afternoon at thuir club rooms in the
Oaruuglo library and hold very prof-
itable meeting. Mrs. J. 9. Lyons pre
Idetl over tho meeting.
The West S'do Ladles Aid society
of the Christian . church muoUi with
lli8 Andrews at her linnjO'lllO West
Logan aventio Wednesdny afternoon.
Tho following out of tuwn visitors
registered at the Carnegip library to-
day: JUtis Annie ltvtlior and Miss
Mnttlo Ware Stlllwuicr; Itosu H. El-
gar Hlpley; Edith Jones Fairfax;
Florence Harris .Muskogee; Minnie
Thomas Ho!donvHl; Nellie Herri-
man. Pawnee; Allic Mnssey Welch:
Grape-Nuts as a Reconstruct!)!) Food
The number or tases of (tp)iendlcltU
which get well by pioper foeUing sod
nursing. Is not lesti remarkable than
the number of shpk which were form
oily operated on only to find that the
ojmratlon was stnn.-i ecsary.
kVInle looking hi tlie cause of thit
disease. It W well to remember Hihi
excessive aturoh f i un-utatiun may be
oonsfderod a fr(iieut cause nnd Hint
suggests more cut in the us. of
starchy foods.
drape-Nuts can be retained on tin
most sensitive siomuih Slid is en
trinely iiatirishiiir Just the Jde. 1
food for nppendlcitlH -jbb.
'Ijisf spring 1 wa: taken III with
appesdlclfls" writps an Ind. ma.i
Tlie doctor told me not lo pe alarm l
for be would do tin- bst lis could '
save me from tbo operating tttbls.
"He uilvlMxi mo to mu notlilpg 101
two weeks dnrlng wiiuu umo l be-
came so weak I could hardly mow
Tho trouble began to loikV'i me and
I began to oat frulto and milk but 1
did not Kigali) tbe stremUJl I bud be
fore I was sick.
... 4 f.1..1 .r mini. -..rYi.tirrt.iljl.f
HlHff MIUOVl C'fl IUM1 JVljW4lJBllW"
OrailMMUtf- f'tf1 H t!iH..lti.KqviOl
wonders with me I soen bogou to
galil in strength ond In a month wa
as strong as ever
"l don't tlilnk I ever used a fool
that did me ko much good. I now
weigh ICO lb as against 180 before
I wss sick till due to OiTtiKt-Nuts nnd
regular exercise
"My imiBt-loH are like Iron anil I can
do the hardest work llalng; employed
in a printing ofilce I bavo to tbtiik a
lot and my mind is tlear thanks to
Urape-Nuts." "There's a Itojison.-
Name given by Podium Co. Battle
reek. Mich. Read 'U& Road to Well-
fille" la pkgs
Stricken Or By Senate and
House I ii s i s f s Gn
Senate Bill No. 01 tlettor known is
tho "ntllnpR llooxe 11111" was returned.
to tho house by the sennto todny with
tho Information Hint that body refused
to concur In the house nmeudmuuts.
The. chtof nmondmont by the houso
was tbo addition of Section 80 whk-h
includes tbo emergency clause and
provides Tor submitting to the people
that poition establishing .tho dispen-
sary systom On Frldny the bill was
considered tho senate nmemluicuts
agreed to nnn emergency clause
The senate mossage today named ?
conference committer and again asked
a similar committee irom uro nuiiso.
Speaker Murray left his chair long
auoligh to move that the somite be
asked to recede from IU amendment
striking enit the em-rgency tlnusa.
Tho siieakor's statement wns the
lgnal for mi outieirst of applause.
Branson who has tieon erofs-wtse
with the spookor on th' "hoo.o bill"
ever Blnco the addition of the rilRien-
sary cliuise sprang to bts feet to scr-
nnd Murray's motion. His action was
greeted with n second roar of choars
nnd npplaiitfn.
Will Inspect Historical Society.
A resolution presented by N. 13.
Campbell custodian of the State His-
torical society. roquoHtn that a com-
mittee or tureo from each bouse visit
the society's hondqunrtors tit Oklaho-
ma City. The rosyhitlon was recom-
ineiidofl today by the committee on
rules und passed by the house.
Many of the house commit I es have
been busy this morning and there was
abundant evidence of their work th'n
afternoon when a targe number of
bills were ropoited on some favorably
sud some otherwise.
Dr. Carver chiropractic wns prant
ed tho use of the hall for another Ic
Wilson's Cotton Bill Passes.
IIUI No 43 bv Wilson of Canadian
was placed on third reading and final
passage. It Is an --icf requiring own-
ers of cotton gins to brand and num-
ber each bale of cotton ginned in
thoin and to keep u record of th"
same. On roll call the bill imsstil 'iv
a voto of fifc to -I.
Unanimous for Earley's Bill.
Illll No. 281 by Enrloy of Oklahom...
also came up for flnnl disposal. !t
provides for tho Improvement . i
streets nnd other public pines m
cities of the first class by gradliu
paving etc. nnd boars nn emerging
clause. On roll call tho bill passed
by a unanimous voto
This Ib senate day In the house and
tbo onlomlnr shows flvo bills from tho
upper houso as special orders.
The commit Ico on Initiative and ref
erondiim recommenduil the passage ot
Senafo Joint Resolution No. 'i by
Hatcbott. It fixes the method of css-
tng lots by senators for long and
shoit terms wheie elected ftom the
same dlstrkt
An hour was speqt on house mat
leiu and at 2 flvio;k Jiie regulm
the senate measure wr' taken tip
for consideration.
Mrs. Dr. Brown Hraiimn: Elizabeth
Scott Scott Ohio V.i. Q T Uihiwii
(luthrie. W. CI. clny.i Ueim-nt. Ill
Mr. and Mrs V bjrtbolini.'V. . uu.l
Mis 1 A. Newljnd ot Cloncup; Mi 1
Emma Uirey liellevlllH 111 ; Miss K
telle Blair. Pauls Valley T F. Mem
miiiger. Atoka; Miss Es.le lit II Kill
Mr and Mrs E. II Monis sie
the city from Cushliig.
Tbe I O I J. club gave a "tscky '
barn parly st the tfpurrler home 72.t
EhsI Wsrni r avenue last evening. It
wa one ot the uioat amusing even's
every glrtii iu the kty and an enjoy
able evening was spent by all. Eigh-
teen eouulss were present. The J. 11.
D club girls were Invited guests.
Light Atfruslunsnts weu- nerved.
Mr. and Mrs J. W McNesl suter-
talned tho Monday Night High Five
cjup last evening at tneir name n.i
West CJsVeland avenue. TUe hmma
JW prsttlly decorated with cut flow
ers ami ferns. The evening wss srwnl
pleasantly at high tlv. tir. A. C. lllx-
on won the gentleman's first i1?
and Mrs 15. A. Douglas the lady s.
Light refreshments were unw.
Washrdoton Taken Notice.
Wafijlngton March 17 The Hay-
tlau sttuatlou Is descrlbod by state de-
pn rumen t atlleluls toJay as decide!!
more grav tbAP of boy tliu sine
tfie'rovolutlou been In progress there
The gunboat Itaglo was dupatcnod
there yesterday to protect Atnerl an
inters ts.
S -; ::--:-a-:-fr:-a:- :-:: k a
Amonfj the Representatives
VMtTdny's Ix'sder stateil tbnt
there were only two member of for-
eign birth In th lower house. 9ul -quent
Inquiry bns revenled the fact
that there is another In the pwson or
Chns. A. Fraser of NobI county. lie
wni born In the Dominion of Cnnnda
but lias lived In tho United Strttts
since bo was three yonrs old. He
oamo to th'6 new stnto fi'otn St'naourl
bttvliiK been nmred In Kansas Clty
Ite wfls lor some time a siunont at me
Edmond Normal. iJitor he took a
comploto course In pharmacy nt the
Kansas Cltr College of Phtuniney nn.t
Is now In the drug bualtiess nt Itpd
Hock. Mr. Fraser is tne aumor 01
tfotlso Hill No. 182. regulating phnr
nmoy ami Imposing strict regulation
nmt htgh licenses on wngon vemlors
or drugs nnd medicines. Hundreds of
petitions poured in In protest against
tho-blll the petitions being skillfully
mnnngod by tho parties most directly
ltiterostod. The commltttw 1ms rec-
ommended that the bill "do not pass."
A sontito bill covrrs much of the same
ground. Mr. Fraser Is n member of
tho t -.Inorltr.
Yesterday was about tho wqrnKst
or the session. Speaker Murray be-
li:i to perspire from vigorous wielding
of toll gnvol an dpromptly removed
his coaL His example was foltowed
by numerous others cluwrs mnrklng
tho new departure.
Thirteen bills were on second rend-
ing yostorday six from tbo senate
and seven from th. house.
Tho number of real Irishmen discov-
ered In the hov-so todny Is qnllo sur-
prising. Almost ovory member -01111
all ot tbe employes nre .smilingly
"wearing the green" and tolling of
Irish nticostry. None Is prouder of
his Irish origin than Col. Stump
Asbby. nnd he thinks Tom Moore one
of the greatest poets that have ovr
Therp is no real St. Patrick In tho
house but Mr. liallurd comes more
nearly being one thnn any other mem-
ber If th. snuke question be made the
standnrd of likeness. He Is Uio au
thor Qf a bill to pi event snake eating
exhibitions hlle tills will not drive
the snakes out nt Uio alfalfa patches
it will put "Tesmi" "Sato" and "Bos
co forever out or misin -ss ni ukiuuo
ma county fairs and picnics.
Ben Wilson's bill ordered to n
grosHineut yesterdti). will prove a
great discouragement 10 inoso who
stoal the farmers' cotton
:-w; K-viu-Maa-MM-va-x-aiBix
Judge Brown to Hold Court
A special term of cotnt for Comnn-
che county nt Lawton has been h 't
foi .this week by the state supieme
court nnd Judge Brown of Mi.nguin
ordered to preshlo. The trial of the
Thomas brothers under Indictment
for murdering Dr. Boauclmmp Is hdied-
uled. Several Judges have been sworn
off the bench In Unit count v. and In n
letter toi1n t'lilcl Justice It. L. Wit
Hams slates he will send eery one
of the twenty-one district Judges In
Oklahoma to Law tun If necessary.
To Discuss Llvo Stock.
Dr. Leslie J. Allen federal live
stock inspector hi charge ot work In
Oklahoma left lost night Tor Son An-
tonio Texas to attend 11 conference
lolattvd to tho riyer tlult eradication
campaign for tho winning year. It Is
.npectod a inoro active campaign than
usual will result in Texas but there
are no Indications as yet what will bo
done In Oklahoma. Tlu state legisla
ture must take tho Inltlntle in the
mntter by making appropriations und
us yet nothing has boon done although
the season ImH well advanced when
this work should commence. It Is co-
tlmntJt tboro are l.Ollo plaaes In Ok-
lahoma tltat wore pjaood under special
quarantine Inst season that linve dot
yet been released all Miidliig appro
print inns Last year the federal gov-
ernment employed many agents und
liiKkctoi s in Oklahoma territory
ttiiendiiig over $aouuu to the terri
loi s $1.1100 and much efftsctlv- work
w.ih dune even lllldwl difficulties.
Standing Rootn Only.
'1 Imt 1 Iu. Li'inon I'lck'irt" will draw
S It O house this fVfiilux at tin-l'.iiHil(.-i
tloatre Is evidenced by the
u.l .one niilc. Al noon evt 1
n.'at on the lower f I mm was t ikeu.
VI .ms ttill b unable to h 1 lire tickets
lot t!lis i-Vi liitlK'ri pel fin III. UK mill
will be coinpclli'.l to v i't .111.I -..1 the
hi-; iuiihIchI co. lie I v m-iiIok
(lufiie Ib atre ro.-ih recogiiie In this
Illll- K-U 1 (OIIHllV HOIIII'ltllllK t.ll b.'tlfl
1)1. 111 the uviiuge 'home (.id nt allow"
It Mill be tlie I.i.l hIiuw of ItH kind
evei t-' en in Uutbtte.
Prohibitionists Will Rally.
Tiler- will Un a Piolilbltlou mlh ut
H Christian church Weduesduy even
lug. Tbe principal H-ukcrH will bt
Charles It Jom-h of ' national
clialiman of the Piohibitlou pmt. and
Cnarlea Urown of Csumtoo OklaUouiu
state chairman.
Dsn Smallvvsod Arraigned.
Dan SwaMs-cr d. tbe negro who shot
ami Itittsd Csrsey Willis Bafurder
JrTTirni iiin I'liirnrn'slirB
HB J4 . i m a ji .i 4ii'J 'luiij J'J lnoqi 'vi1n.. 'fl ' ' " ' ' lll W
W& r ' ' u"" 'ujiju joj Aj.J 'Ji I'JI11 -ii " J"1 ' ' 1 ' I - VJ
per t j 1 1 .... n . mij uiopjuj jmi- i ci jLjjj. . .. i(m . . 'i lJ
JHf ' r i ' ii p tfuil i. tUJiuii ill Ji) ui i n ii I i i '
Li II ' 'I'-lI ' ) ""'J 1" iJJIiyU1 0'fJl ''"I.' ) il V
Ox ki ii '! i" 'd -j h3ik auufj) aun(ivn -tyi-- hj -iiIk. M
KJ W. Wl HtUUJ)llV UHIlduill UK I 1" J4llUl.lJ'j i ' JM
H . .... LJM-
'The aire
Friday Mtarch 20
The Record Making Musical
It 1ms bceu se-.n by millions.
vrtli e seen by mill-
ions more.
Scores of Graceful Pancera
Cist of Ifyyorltcs; . High
Class Specialties.
Buster Brown's Bobby j
Bt5rns Brigade
Prices $1.50 $1.00 75c EOc
Sunday V5ar. 22
Mr. 0 TI. Kerr Presents the
New Yorlc V a v o r I t e
Comedienne and
Prima Donna
Dainty Grace
In His 1 atest Musical
Little' Dolly
PRICES-SI CO. $100 75c
and 5uc. Sale opens l'ndaj'.
City Directory-
J. U. UUAY&. Pmprlntor.
Towels nnd Aprons of all kinds fur-
nished at very reasonable rates see
mo before you buy J. D. OrUT
PHONE NO. 010.
tjttors of Inquiry Promptly Answersd
107 B. Division HL flu'brle Okla.
! 11 III I ! - I 11.11. . "IH
C. M. Q R A N T
17 Yesra Hxperlence Crying
Hales. Cult up 'phone 76 sl
my expense.
a m. mum'
wpht. was srralgued late yesterday
sfu riiiHiu ticfotv Justice Sowsrd and
valval preimiDar examination. His was set for Wedtti day at 1:30
P in.
So Good And So Dry
Then- was uo (.ession of poM e
c.iik tinl.iv There h:ive ben Ho flr-r-'viK
muile Ii. tb- capital city ior
i-iKltt d.y Model city this
in the case of K P lUnifoni vs. K.
A. 8ttn son Judgmt n'. wan r i()4sred t
day in fuvoi of tbe pluintitf in the
tniui of $-r.O
The caA- r i luthrie National bank
vs tin- (irlKb Kluser Co. is being
heard tblh atl.ritowi.

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