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iin i Him i rrnia wtlfliitjl"i
' 'Wi ViWiiMiifc.
f 1
-" A
Flying Start Presages a
Week of Strenuous
Activity in House
Tho houso bogn tho work of tlio
week yintorday afternoon wltli otic or
Its busiest sessions. Three bills wn
passed DovornI others considered and
much routine business transacted.
Fourteen reports were made by stand
llig committees. Among these wair
that of tho committee on pharmacy
Wiling bill No. 132. by Frasor. This
wua tho bill regulating medicine ped-
dlers. Imposing a heavy llcenso on
them and regulating Iho practice- of
pharmacy. Bushels of iirilUons were
Kent In regarding UiIb bill most of
thorn In proKsst against Us pnsmigo.
Diirnnt'a bill authorising tho trans-
fer of seals records and otlior papers
and documents to tho Okhlhoitui State
Historical society was recommended
for pasKago by the judiciary commit-
tee. A moBsngo rrom the senate stated
that tlint body had roUiBed Jo agree
to tho house amendments to Senate
Bill No. 2G. This Jb tho Itcdwlno bill
on mines nnd mining. MuCulln moved
tuat tho houso TGSt'JBo to recodo and
ash a conroronce commltteo. Tho mo-
tion carried nnd tho speaker appointed
Cope Harrison ot Hughes and Kvnns.
Harrison of Hughes introduced a
bill entitled "An act providing for tho
confirmation ot tho appointment of
the Bcgrognfod coal and asphalt com-
mission providing for their powws
nnd rduMu8 and compensation and con-
tinuing said commission in oxlstence."
This b!;r refers to tho commission
created by tlio iromitltutlonal conven-
tion? Tho se;wte had nmonded tho mill-
Johnson gross measure and their
amendments worn read at length by
the cleric. They did not Bound good
to tho house and they detlded not to
agrtio to the sennto amend menu nnd
ask a confeernoB committee Paulk-
per Durnnt and Ttllotson were .aj
pointed for the houso.
Senate 1)111 No. GO by Johnson of
14 was received. It is similar to
a bill offored by ABhby In tin houso
and Klllod In committee for the re-
turn to saloon kuepors of all that por-
tion ot their tloetiHe foes that havo
been uncmriied by Um Btate. city and
county since tho coming of statehood.
Murdoch moved to postpone indef-
initely the coiiBldernthin (' the bill
seconded by Tltlotson who believed
thafin some cases tho license fee
hnd boon paid with tho Ittluntion of
gulnlng an advantage after state-
hood. Aahby spoko for th hill whlltf
Bankn took nn opposite Bland Hurley
nnd Putnam doslrod to table Mur-
doch's motion but their motion was
lost McOalla asked for a roll mil
on which a largo majority favored tlie
ludofiuito pimtponuig or tho bill.
C. O. Jones offurtiil resolution
tendering the sympathy id the house
to IloprosentatlVe Bkoeu on lue recent
death of a grandchild The rtaoJu-
tion was unanimously adopted
UU1 No. JS81 by MunlocU wah placed
ot) third raiding antl panHert in u largo
limtority. It urovldca for tlie build
lng of HldowulkB in towns mui nllugea
by HW5ll nBBMliient.
No. 868 by Faulkner to piotcct cot-
tou from theft while in tratiMt be-
twoKii pn)lu)r and fartoiy wiih re-
committed to Judicial y mid uprk-ut-ture.
Tim oomiiiittee aubhtimif ( hikI
gum bill U)i ulw rtHfiininitlt-.l with
iiixtwctlorm for the pniMi.illon !
two wparate l.llls on to d"ttl wdli
tlw runn warden -and bis dutu-b and
the oi.ier Btrlcily .'ilh tli pm:ei linn
of same. The nubtltutc lilll mii
braces iMith of those whli- tlu ion-
Mltn'.lPl) provide that evtij bill tdmll
iHbic but one wubjett. Another
rswwi for these instructioDo In Utat
setwritta bllU are recommended by
the AmtolHin BOetcty of SVbliiii;tim
Ueotleu 2i provMes a iwimli lor ici.
JSHUutf oil or atwrfut to gut )-!
nUWUttU. Hidiftiid deatred to uM tliit
tl'.li slwuU be cut out. but hlt umea.i
metu Has lost.
RWluUon Ni. 81 by Kuru-ll I Nil
laud aid VtaR.-r wan adutd uitei
at;0rlet U1w.ub4ou. It inOMioi-ialues
oozicmB to "uiuct IogialaUon that
wilt rratore Uo tivr tdbuUry to
tbr MUalwdppl Mud Arkamwta riveru to
lmvlgjtWo tixtaniB."
'Iti'M wa u aettoit m bill No. 'it:.
by XIryau xiit io paaa it over it
! a MM Ui rogulut the manufacture
i ui tvtk of drm food and dairy pitU-
i u aivl to ereutt and maintain a food
u and datry roinmiaaion ' tc. A
t("uat.' hill luh bueu paaaed covering
t'i ame gronuU and Mr. lUyan de-
j !- '. .
Mnlt n birvr rtiw -v . i&
C u la CoWIfl One &4v. " a i t2 Davs
Don't Let Your
Piles Grow
DOt'T Et YbUft fILES GROW ..
Every Hemorrhoidal Ulcer Is a Per-
tile Field for Cancer and Other
Deadly Discuses.
Constipation uuchfclted brings lit'
flniuniHtiou. Inflammation begets pllci
ami idlea tco oftuu Dupurindure turn-
i'lles (or hamurrhoids) rarely kill
hut they cause more agony In a few
inlttutes limn jnuoh mure serious trou-
blo. They are eniy to otire Jf you go at
it right.
An operation with tho knlfo Jb tlttit-
gefous agonising and randy a perma-
nent success.
There Is Jxial one way to be cured
one mire way pnluh s;y and private-
ly and that la with I'jramld I'll
We HJflll a free trial package to all
who write.
It Will give you IhKtiUH relief and
start you well on the y to u perfect
Then von fan ft k full-slued Ihjjc
trom tiny druggist' Or .' cetitB and
often one box itirpa.
liialut on having what you call for.
Just atnid your name and address to
l'yrtuuld Drug Co. 07 Pyramid Uulld-
db Marshall Mich. and receive fre
iiy return mull the trial package In
a plain wrapper.
All druggists BO cents. Write to-
day for a free package.
aired to consult the author. Or. Will'
ianis. of Wontherford.
In addition to tho Murdoch meas-
ure two other Important bllla were
passed. Tiie KIHs-TlllotBou hill de-
fining tbe powers nnd duties of the
commissioner of charities and correc
tions has bad easy unillng from the
Incod on tnlrd reading
quickly pnssed by ft
iRrge i
Hill ISslL -fyEiluiCliHl. also passed
by a OQMafLjiMfltt when plaoad oil
its flnitfxBfflpF This 1b tho bill pro-
viding foFtJqniinjlgury education tor
cblldrcn between tho ngcB of S and 10
yonra. A nowfipapcr stateiueut last
week to the effect that tho bill hud
been recommitted was crriimwiv. Tho
bill was rutilly passed to on; cessment
'and third muling nt that tliuo.
The bill that raused moet discus-
sion during the mqsbIou wns No. 13G.
by AVlUou of Canadian it Is a bill
requiring tho ownoro- Of cotton gins
to brand ami number each bnlo of cot-
tftn glinioil by them nnd to keep a rec-
ord of tho smno. Tho object of Iho
bill Is to 'Totwt cotton producers
agaluHt theft. Tim bill wns consider-
ably upicnded Utough not bo nu to
change tho purposo Intended by the
author. It wiih ordered to engross-
ment and third loading.
Tho houso thou adjourned until 1
o'clock this afternoon.
"3est Honler In tho World.
Ilov. V. Sturhlrd. of 15ast ltnymoud
Mnluo wyw: "I luivo uso.1 Huclilon'B
Arnica Salvo for tiovoral yoare on my
old army wound and other obstinate
sores and lliul it tho host healer In
tho world. I uso It too with great
success in my veterinary business."
Prlco 25c. nt C. R. ltonfro'8 drug
(lly Assoclaled Press.)
Ogdi'ii lown. March 17. Second
car loft hero at b!x o'clock this morn-
ing. (Hy Associated I'ross.)
Grund Island Neb. March 17. Klrat
car whlcn renohed here Inst night was
forced tp stop lor ropnlrs which will
tnko thio days.
(Dy Associated Pronn.)
Dstiispit la March 17. Ooruinn ear
Blurted for Omaha at eight o'clock
this mQnynj;.
(Hy Asioomtod ProBfl.)
Ogdun Utnh Mnrch 17. Thd Ameri
can enr left Promontory. Vi at
nine o'clock this morning.
(Uv Associated Press.)
Itoek Sprlu. Wyo. Rlrch 17. The
Hll;ii) ear left at 4gt-tliirty thin morn-
ing. Tii'kltiiir nr ilrv I'miirliH will mili'Ulv
loostm wlien using Df Hhoop'H I'ongh
i lire Ann u is mo iiiiiroiigDi.v narui-
less that Dr. Shoon tellt nuitlieiH to
ust) nnihliif; else even fur very young
baliliR Tlio vrholtisniiii) grn leaves
and lender utenis of a lung beullug
iiHiuntHiniiuK nn run givo tlie curative
liropertleB to Dr. SIioop'h t'ough Cine.
It culms tlm ccitiffli. .mitt liiilH the kiii.
i.ltlve btonclital membiuiieh No opium
no chloroform nothing b.utdi uhv.1 to
Injure or suppress. Demaiul Dr.
Shoop'u. Tako no other. All Dealera.
Good from start to finish. The cele-
brated White Goose Cigars three for
five. Get them at Olsmlth'a to da.
Fruit Not Seriously Damaged.
Op'iii an examtiiatlou eMteriluy un-
der tlie mil rouci'iH' ul Bioreai ot iecb
and .liiiuuiese plum budu on the lilgli
lands fruit farm a half mile eat of
the city limits. It iereloMxl that the
ieiout frtese and heavy frosts of 'tint
mights of the 8th and iOlh of Marh
'.Hi! very little damage. Aiplea. lmarw
an.l clierrles wore not far euoitgii ad
un eil to suffer auy damage. The
illgliliindti Is 9; feat above uuu. level
mid may from this fact escane vlLli
loss daiuago than (rliarils ou a lower
leieL The aprlcoU seut to be dam
agwl more than tyry - other fruit in
bloom but they are not all killed.
What nt a Utile remarkable 1b that lb"
aliumiila and nectarines on this farm
iihualb u very tender fruit do inn
appear to be injured at all
Woik oil tho new sanitary sewer
which l imlng const rncttd in foist
(Suthrle lmiwiwn Warner and Mnnsur
avmuua is progreasing rapidly-
r ? fr
r every
"" WH. 3!5c
Irtftft roZE(Vm
1 uiM lAiluiM
fwjiV!J5Hi06LA:. rrtrgTfi;
Sfreiiiious Meeting Last
Night of Committee on
Tlie senate had HlUu of the spec-
tacular Moniluy nflernoou the dis-
agreement of Senator itoitdle from the
majority on tho appropriation bill nml
tho determined ofrort he made to win
his point biilXetmi u'KiPt hy flllslf uM
Little lio made Ills' KtamUliji an the
lonalv side &4 uiicomfnrliibla as ho-dtd
igir the mltrqrJ.iy'IOJJinlio'prwholi it
was iryiiig to eneci a cnanae ut uie
ioato bill.
The nttempt to cut Uie snlurios mwb
lnefroQtiml timl those who u'ftiiled to
raise some which had Jieen reduced In
comtnltteo of- the whole mot tue same
restilt tabled on motion of hlttle
Taylor or Stafford.
Mathews refused to malutnln his
economy guard 'position whim It waB
a matter of tho secretary of state's of
fice offering as n reason that the of-
fice wa of audi importance Hint ex-
pedition of business was n necessity
failure of which would Injure- 'ho pub-
lic at largo.
There was no failure" to put through
tho agreement ot tlio commltteo of
tho wholo. Motion followed motion
and tho senate with thirty-two nioiu-
bors present had uli;litui)ii voting to
hub tal u tho report ot the commUuo at
till times.
Another BUI Must Come.
Whou thu bill wna ready for adop-
tion ot all but tho hist section Mr.
Taylor called attention to tho fact the
bill according to his view was un-
constitutional; explaining that tho ap-
propriation covered salaries of ofiT-
dais not specified nnd the constitu-
tion prohibited such action.
Senator Stafford said hla attention
had been called to this constitutional
clause quite Intein fact after the
bill had come from the lioime and Unit
bis object was to have the appropria-
tion bill go to conference as the house
would demand a conference before
agreeing to the somite amendments
and tho bill specifying officers would
follow and be passed first.
Senator lllnlr said with that under-
standing lie would be willing to go on
and take the final vote on the appro-
priation measure.
Hatchctt Made Chips Fly.
Senator llntchett used his Instru-
ment on the new section oriered by
Senator Stafford as to Uie public
buildings already rented by tlio state.
Tho provisions as to rental woro
agreed to but when it enmo to Jani-
tors and other asslBtmits the fur flew
tinichelt maintaining that Janitors
weie too valuable for tho slate to
keep nil ot them and private cilzens
might think the state monopolistic Uryan tbrualer met a Water-
loo on the special mall agent how-
eer wheu he trteil to bnvu lit in drop-
ped from the roll and Senator Ouu-
nlnglutui told tlutl the school land af-
file alone sent and received a wagon
load of mail each day. They lauglie t
11 at elicit out of tlilH objection and
alter liutira of woik patient and trj-
Iiir the HWiHjjtt. reioriei' tlie bill tnr
tbe' limine qjlHHitdeteUjon of lu amend
inentH. gnMXpt
A Confei'tSheo "ObTrTmlttee.
The Biinale ic'ivd word from tbe
lluui.e M to Its to recede ml
Senate Hill No. L'ti I he lonieil Hedwino
mlutng hill and a committee wiib up-
liointed to confer The same action
was taken with tbe dlKagreonieut on
No. UC1
Insurance Men Met.
There u a .-.tieuuuu: meeting be-
tween the members I the insurance
lommtttec of the aenate and tinuirance
expel U trom hiuiiu ol the great con-
t-rna one or two ot which had been
mfjrttil llceiihe to traiibdct buslnoss in
HiIh state. Tlie meeting lasted until
1) o'llmk the HikI. lie insurance mea
uie being the Imne rf eoiitenUon.
John MUinicJt Writ
y yfilje to 0.ig
Wiitcij I'rom
Prion Us.
Promtifiiuu tQwftvu) ItirfnilUeaji.
Yale tlKla. Msj-cli 17. While here
I will write a few lines- on iinpi-es
hiuiis ot ibe now TwentleiU century
state of which we flud no fault with
(M'ople. climate or erop piXHfuetioMS
They show up the growth to maturity
of two iHitalu trow ou iliu suuij
ground annually. tJurp oottop all
Mads of wgeUWes and fruit except
ing trotdeal frlt. grow anyvterftl
AUtout eroitrUi of the lam) In thin
ltitd wilj not litt with Um iinx
land bolng rMky and rough with ftent-
terlBg timber ou It. ' lufww Is art
(UBider4 hanl woml growth. Ait
abundance of ta k t iJs'd wtd nhip-
Helper's Tetter Cure
-Jzz'tssjzz" i:
(Don't Scratch) Is sold by druggists
everywhere on a positive
guarantee to cure Dan-
druff and all Scalp
Troubles Tetter Ecze-
ma 1 tc h Ringworm
Chapped 'Vrtburncd
Face and Hand's Pim-
ples ItchinpPjIea.Sore
Sweatv Blistered Feet
C uls and all Irritations
of the Skin Docb not
stain crease or blister.-
Two Sizes 50c and
$1.00 bottles.' TrTaJ
Size 10c. Mailed direct
on receipt of price.
pod to Kaunas rtty and St. IouIb tlie
people enjoying the advuntcrso of two
markets. Cotton seems to bo the
staple crop. Yale lain two cotton gins
In operation. The past Benson was not
as good M the average owlhg to a pe
riot I of dry lint das in September
yet at this place nlnno $8U.O00 was
paid out to the cotton produeeu. Ne-
gro s are not allowed to live Inside
of the townslte of Yale.
What s Known nn the ".Itul Orow
law" hB gone Into erroet since our
arrival .hertr. Now the negroes ride
nil to thniuBeJvcs. rnrs nro plainly
marked on otltslde "This ear for Ne-
groes;" all others lu train are white
jieople's barn. Only n very few mixed
bloods are making nay objections to
tho new Jnw
Yale lias two through lines of rail-
roods the M. K. & 1. and tho Santa
Po. This clllunte la certainly mi Ideal
one uo Ico - ever frojsen by cold
Wo left town with mercury register-
ing 10 balow sero nnd five itiuhi of
HOW. At St. Joseph Mo. we lost
inOBt of the snow. Kansas City was
still warmer. At Parsons ICaa wc
rere Jn a perfect blizzard with olght
Inches if fresli no?. At flsago tbe
storm was gone. At Cleveland the
World seemed like a MRy morning
lllghty liiilos further south wo end our
ewit nnd southern trip. Here in; Yale
we found our youngest brother nnd
his family. Wo are now three brotb-
ers here one liaving accompanied us
from Oskaloosa Iowa to assist in the.
general mix-up of a happy time to-
gether. No moments have been lost
time simply files. Only a fctw days
remain till nil will Boy tho parting
words to Bcpitor ana return to homes
far uwny.
Prlcos of land here nro yet almost
in tho roach of anyone. Improved
ranches of 1C0 ncros can bo had for
from $2Q00 to ?500a; seldom more
than tho latter price. Thoy aro feen-
orully tho first settlers ami want to
sell Out and go to u now place.
In wnjipnny with iny Oskaloosa
brother I returned yesterday the
I'Sth from the oil fields that lay close
to tho not tli imd ones of Yalo. We
first gavo I'levclBim the round-up.
Kext In order as wo went along were
liartlesvllle Tuba and last but by
no menuB tlie least was Kcifer. tin
center of the great Oionn oil poll. We
will reserve our comment and itescrio-
tlons of that trip for a future articre
we hope to tlie glory of many Union
oil patrons of the future.
As is UHunlly the cbbp we ae too
well fed- our clothes will scarcely but-
ton and other complications begin to
tell tales of extravagance. Willi corn
meal mush pumpkin pie sweet po-
tatoes sorghum molasses corn bread
tat lieu plet rabbits squirrels quail
nml such like when ran a hungry Ore-
gonliui jar Iooko and get on it .hike?
About the 5th or Gtb or March is the
time set for a dissolution with two
days ofr In Colorado.
Oklahoma Is n grand Btate clothed
with some of tho best laws orer en
acted; the new bank law being otio
oi them. It Kiiumntues depositors'
funds from lose. No hank In the
state operating under a stale charter
cau fail and not pay each creditor in
full dollar for dollar nnd penny for
penny. Inspectors are to pasc on the
banks twice a- year nnd of tenor 'f
uqctuanry nml ihry pass upon tlie
methods of business omployed. lu
otlior wot tin tho grandest banking
law ever w ritten Is now In force here.
The reMilt of It nil Is to tho offset
that i-Hpit-il from surrounding states
Ib hceking deposits In the Oklahoma
bai.l'- The state has coal enough ifi
heat il I1 nl ted Stales for lenturU'n
i eiiieiit tin all purposes ami oil tor
C il's Hake; asphalt to tiave the
Hint.- of evory city: mountains of
umrhle building stoue to no end. Ou
Home fai ms here can be seen growing
at the miii time the products that
grow in all the states east of Bnake
river to the Atlantic ocean. Wherev-
er we b.ive halted tbe water has
proven to lie good even in the oil belt
at :i depth of 300 feet pure Water
gravel if. i nrouutered; ut 1200 fwt is
salt water at 1000 feet is petroleum
water which kills at! vegetation nnd
Will aw off for this time Riid come
tifulu uihiii or else you may begin to
think the writer Is stuck ou this pari-
fit .1 Twentieth tgU)tur otati .
Yours vry truly
ir yoa would lllu Ut fnol same wine
roffe critic who "itnows line (Ifoe
on taste ami ilarur" quietly make for
him u bdtch or Ur. Shoops "lloalth
(Nrffeo'' and serve Jt piping hot. It
deceived Mrs. SltUJ and will I bo-
Ituve tlettdve any give. Afld thoi'e is
Wit a grain of rl Jpnffee In It. Health
(jpffo9 is laade ruin puie (oiwled
aips wau JUUWL.A tane m n
nqLerrno 30 10.. 0 ttlnuts tedious
fllug. IVi imilndB Sic Hank tlro-
ICx ctuifedemtes and the lioys who
wore the blue and friends are oor-
diully Invited to et wlUi menibers
At wU seOMrjf )t t0t"'s office ou
thu ud or Jjat-eTi'lSM t a o'clock p.
m. A oaikor mt)U hf givoft; also an
omitou by i9 ll&tMMitble Glint Wor-ml-8uhject
tfy iPtag.
. j.'D auvumt'is
T. 6. Jo'nfti Commamler
Atljutanu -'
A romplejion satin smooUt n4 fair
jojajg."!. " "2
r: "iTr.''jr" '"
m job
No Spare Tinie for Execu-
tive Force at State House
These Days
Sunday's St. Louis Post Tjirmteh has
tlie following to Bay concerning Okln-
hoinu'B chief executive
"It would be a Ion:; time between
meals lor tfov. Charles N. Haskell of
Oklahoma it it were not for his Avlie.
The governor who came to town yes-
terday told Home business men .Sere
that It's no easy task gnverniug a pew
state. 'Office hours lH-giii at 0 o'clock
hi tbe morning aud they taBt undl It
at night and 1 would never gel lunch
if my wife didn't bring It over to the
oxocutivo ciiambu said the gover-
nor. The governor nrrlved here yesterday
morning called on Tom lliuidolph.
president of the Commonwealth Trunt
company met various other Inmhuas
men and last night was a gut of
Mr. Itandolph at a dinntr given nt the
St lnils club. The govornor Is ac-
companied by TlionuiB II. Owen nn
attorney of .Muskogee Okla. and by
W. II. Itttrper vf Ottawa Ohio. The
governor will return to Uulhrio some
time today.
Oklahoma's governor Is a sturdy
built ruddy faced man pf metllun!
holght who looks to be about 1G years
old. He has a smooth-shaven face and
lots of hair. He used to be u news-
paper mnn. Ho hna a breezy cordial
"Huing governor of a new state is
a much tougher Job than that of an
old state" said Mr. Haskell yesterday
as he sat In the directors' room of tho
Coiumouwtalth Trust company. "In
wealth uml population we aro abend of
twenty-two other Btnte and yet we
didn't ha6 anytlnng organized when
we begnu except wimo schools. Our
convicts are kept omowliere in Kan
bus. Wo liavt) ISO crasy people near
St. I-onls. Wc haven't a state priH-
on or any insane asylums and lliea
clnsseji of jnople have to be take a
care ol by priv.'ite contract. Then
there aro deaf and dumb and blind
people to be cared for. Ordinarily u
new state has all its counties organ-
ised. Out of our seventy-live counties
forty-nlpo began their existence and
local government nt tlio time the state
beg:u It It's a different proposition
when a governor stops up to the throt-
tle of machinery that 1ms been in run-
ning order for years. Dul In our stale
we are' up against tho proposition or
organising tiling ut overy turn. So
you can easily Imagine we don't have
any spars lime at the state capital
these days. Kverytliing it going to
come out nil right hut we havo good
hard work ahead of us. .
Dolna Thlnus nt Home
"1 thlnlt we can say wo aro dolmj
things in.':Oklultoma. Our bank insur-
ance syetum is attracting attention
everywhere. Incidentally It Is at-
tracting deposits from otlior slates.
The plan went into effect ou Pebru-
ary 14. The law provides that Htate
banks idiall Insure their deposits by
placlun 1 per ceut of their amount
with tlie treasurer rtf the Btutn. In
ttK event ol a rnllitre we shall uko
this fund to ffll&'e uTtn'c loss to the
depositors. As n mailer of fact the
history of banking lu. Urate that 1 ?mt)
Jnanl Catnrrh Is a tinuBontlnff Uh-
nsehnyuuokuowawliohnHlmdtOBlt closo to or tnlk fuco-to-fneo Avltlt
aporaou reoUlnp; with piimloiit
ctitarrli. To gejt a whiff of the bud
breath of auch a peron is to eickou
ut once (mil turn away.
IInvo you ovor had to omlure In
sickening Bllonco tho htivkln(r hud
(jugging of a Oatnrrli Ylotjiu or havo
to sit closo to Hindi a poraon nqd ox-
porlonce a (lleguBtluj? nppcUto-losIng
foul odor which yon could not osc.
plttlli ailtl did noffcuQW wbnt It wud?
That's (jatarrh nml thoro aro pluuty
ot rtooplo who havo It. Ypu. can got
Tld of your caso wltliout much delay
and avoid becoming an object of
aversion to olliars or oven mautbora
at your own family by merely uedng
thc(BlmploBt euro In tho world Bun-
bou'8 Cntnrrh Cure
Millions ot trial boxes aro glvou
nwny annually thorqby risking our
reputation and overy one that ia tri-
ed prtpducotj immedlato beneficial
wp ?S
50 Fathoiiis Deep
rY t!ovn on Ihc boliom
of the sea under Ihrct
hundred feet of water U the
favorite home of the codfish.
Trie ice-cold water of Norway
and the North Atlantic is hi
oy. He has the power to .grow
fat uncr severe surroundings.
The same natural power is in
of Cod Liver Oil. Nature hct
self nut it there. This power
produces new fluh and new
life in those who suffer frqm
pasting diseases
AllDtug'titi'i tibo. nnd $1.00.
cent will cover the low.)" for more
titan leu yenrs. While thft Insuraitcfl
plan Is compulsory with the state
bn.nks all state banks save one and
a portion of the national bonks havn
cOmc under tho system. The otio state
hank holding out Is a small one that
the national banks aro using as a test
case. In addition to our Insurance
feature we have a very rigid systoni
ot inspection and regulation. The UJt'ld
National bwilt of Until Okla which
is under the new insurance plan ro-
ceived a $4 000 time deposit from Ne
colt's Emulsion
braska. A 'slate banu nt Woq.lWanl j Washington March 17. "Probably
roceivod d"Iualts rtapectlvoly of $1 !.. t .
200 nml 48-000 from Wichita Ktis. So WB 8ha" httW Moarpr one huulra'
instend of driving capital out of tho "n 'engago.1 before wo set the work
stftlo the new plan Is bringing it in flllv KolP" Thus writes vSecrotary
from other states. The Imnk deposits Wllwn of the Department of Agrlcitl-
of the state now nmuitnt to about turo to Hcpresontatlve Scott P.rrb
j75 000 noo i In replv for a cnmprehensdvo survrey
Prohibition Is Enforcod. !of W'cultnnil conditions In Oklaho
'Prohibition Ik boiug enforced un-
der tlie coiiKtltittlonal provihlon. Some
bootlegging is golna on but we will
have no trouble In enforcing the law
to the letter wheu we get sonic legls-
lntlon lirovtillng for detalln. sitcb as
the right to Bele gooils. We oxt
to get that in a few weeks.
"One: very gratifying thing Is that
the public service covpomtloiiH ami the
'insttrauce compatii.i aro ompIylnK
with our laws nnd regulations with-
out any trouble. We nro not nt war
with the corporation's.
"As for our financial commerel tl
ami industrial condition I think it 4s
bottor than Hint of tho average state.
Tho financial depression did not leave
much of an effect on us. There 1b
much St Louis capital in Oklahoma
particularly in the eastern section.'"'
ftinftOn iml.l lv Tlr fllmnn fur nnv
recent cobo of Grippe or ncuto (Told
that a 25 cent box of Preventlcs will-
not break. How Is this for an offor?
Tho Doctor's supeeme oonlldence In
those-little Candy Cold 'Curo Tablets
1'i-nvniitleH-ls certninlv conin lcte. It's
a $100 nmiinst 25 cents- nretty big
(odds. And Preventlcs remember con
tain no quinine no laxative nothing
harsh noi sickening. Pneumonia wnpld
never appear if early cobls wero al-
ways broken. Safe and sure for
feverish children. 48 Preventlcs 20c.
All Dealers.
Guthrie Will Have a Crack Musical
Organization If Plans Mature
A movement bus been set on foot
for the orgununtlon of tho Oklahoma
State band in Guthrie. Tito Host re
hearsal was held Sunday. The im-
posed stale hand will become a part
of tho Btate militia ami will be equip-
IkmI with tlie regulation unite-m of
tlio national guard. Under the regit-
UtUoiiB the hand iuust constat of at
least iwenty-otght mumbers. The new
organisation will be uudor tho direc-
tion of Prof Charlo Nlbjehko well
known in mutters mutual.
f Tho baud will make Its first public
nppenranco sit Shnwnuo Sprll 0 tt
which time there wjll he a stato meet-
ing of the Oklahoma flornjitn soolety.
Iater the band will give public and
Qupday nfternoon coucerts in the
park. The state lauid Is now located
at rCdtUoud but an authoritative state-
ment was made today that that or-
ganization will be mustered out
.Never can tell when you'll mask a
finger or suffer a cut bruise burn or
scald He prepared. Dr. Thomas
Met trie OH instantly relteves the pain
fl-uilckly cu.ies the wound.
Nasftl ll!atariIi
A Prominent Attornoy of
Loonnrdtown Wtl.
J. If. Chloi t eonardiomt Md. ay "I have
uwd one box of Hunit Calajt li Cure and fiud
mirlii-4 improvemfnt in jut NWl Catarrh.
My tt i iwmt Uatwtu ClUrrh Cum fSr Hy
Ketae and abe fin J j from tbenae of yasr rmrdy
an alleviation of a great deal ot paai &! traubjc
vA 59 Ptt ? W. &Ut 59W Ct
til .11 i.w.1 i ii '" i .rf1. i '"J1! j ' "
New State to Have Earnest
and. Active Con-
sideration Special to Dally Loader.
ma air. j'l-rris anil tsocretary wnson
have had fretiuent interviews on the
BUlijeC ami It wouhl s -em that nn
order for the survey will be furth-
coming at an early dale A ret cut
letter from Secretary W ii-(in to Scilt
. '" 01 ; V; ti BibiVit
Krv u
L ;w foi.wg:
J orris mnkes clear the ilepartnu nt a
I have something verv much along
Unit line lu my mind Just now. I am
thtiiiUiie of hnvltiK not one me tliiin
but several parties ot scientists look
over the dry land West of the hun-
dredth m.-rllllan I nm tuink(ng of lt.iv
Ing a soil survey made of that wJiol--region
beginning In the northern part
of it in tlie summer ami working down
till winter comes. Then going south
nnd working up towards the north
during the winter months. AVc have
a party out tlwro now studying drv
land agriculture nml that will! be con'-
tlnuod or course. Mr. Younghloo.i or
V offlce fti"n J1"1"'0'11?1"- a wr'
nl)Ie 'R wl " 0'e" mnkliiB a ntudy
r agrlcultuml con.lltioiis In the lu
llun territory and Oklalioniu. Ib now
'" "Kl '"' oiuujtiiik um nimu
of the b.'Bt farmers with a view or
helping tho farmers along agricultural
lines and ho will continue his work
during the summer.
Probubl we shall have nearer one
hundred men engaged before we get
the work fully going. In luct we have
a great many men ut work in the
southern end of iIiIk teuton now til
Oklahoma and Tex.i.?. wlnTn we aro
doing a griint deal of farm demoiiBtr.i
Hon work. Three men are in Ok
Inhomn You see we have thnt b -an
tlful voung state ot yimib in mind I
went through it two oi tblee e.irs
ago and was abtonhtlu'd -it Hk beauty
nnd the grealncsb of ilh resources
You may deitjiid iiion it Hint it is
going to have the earnest and active
consideration of the department in the
moves tho cntiBO. To get the gonulno
call for full name and looit for signa-
ture of B. W. OltOVK. 25c.
Walter F. Campbell Named as Winner
of Rhodes Scholarship.
Waltw P. dampbell a Guthrie boy
and aludsnt at the Southwestern Ok-
lahoma NorinnI Wenthorford Okla.
base been presented b the truKtc '3
in charge with the Khodtv. scholarship
at Oxfoixl winning It over three other
students who pjws.'d evainlnutloii re
qulivd wiih him
Get ne Wltt'H Carbolised Wltcli Hazel
8alve- it is good tor plle. Sold by C.
It. RliNFItO.
Uunsen'fl Catarrh Cure Is a cream-
llko antiseptic healing balm. The
great romedlnl ngenta Oil of Euca-
lyptus .Menthol Boruclc Acid etc.
nro Incorporated Into a smooth vel
voUIko 1'otrolatnir).
Thla creation Uunson'8 Oaturrb
Cure produces linmedinte and last-
ing relief to sufforors from Catarrhal
Donfness Nusnl Catarrh Hay Fever
and Cold In tho Head.
Try lluiiBou's Catarrh Curo; wo say -It
la par oxcollonce tho raoat rapid
thorough and offeotlvo troatmeat
ovor prepared for tho curo of catarrh
al troubles of tho noso and throat
nnd woBtiy ItbecaiiBO of tho results
obtained from Its two.
Mri. Ick Lynn CiintonvUle Wi MT 1 hT
Ucd UumcD'c Catjrrh Cure lor Naiil Catnrrh
and iuu) tay it gave me mucli relief '
Ml Laura Exline of Hancock Md.. aj-a "I
hare tted Baoten'a Catarrh Cure for Natat
Catarrh and wwfe to elate It ia tbe only medietas
that ever did me aq good."
D. f Itarnra We&tover Md. aay "I hav
ttaed Bnnn"a Casarrh Cure for Catarrhal Deal-
tfl" andiind ithaa doseme more good Ihja any
jatdione 1 ever med by ore."
Fr9pritorv' CWn

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