The Guthrie Daily Leader. (Guthrie, Okla.), Vol. 29, No. 73, Ed. 1, Saturday, July 27, 1907 Page: 3 of 6

This big sale will be at its height tonight. Here are a few
of the good things GIVEN AWAY tonight.
Men's Underwear worth 2.00 a suit; 1 suit free with
every one you buy.
One lot Boys' Manhattan Wash Suits worth $2.50 to $7.50;
1 suit free with every one you buy.
AXxlVAlVA v- vlVO swing; one ham-
mock free with every one you buy
DRESS GOODSA nice assortment including Mes
trals Crepe De Chines English Coating Etc
Get a bourse drew free notev
hy huytng TO-jNIGHT
Remember this; Sale is bona fide. If you get
home with a purchase and-.are not satisfied WE GIVE YOU
'M - I - JK - BS - l'SB'Sll
g 3Esiv3aa.xxt;
Sc - lIH - VB - l - M - vB - r - Kva - l - H - I - H - l - B - I - MBI -
Paid tho Standard Price.
O M. Trotter paid tho usual $10
note this morning to Police- Judge
Boles for drunkonnoHS.
Rain Was a Blessing.
Tho shower thut fell this morning
was vary acceptable to the farmers In
this vicinity who say rain was needed
very badly.
Weather too Hot for Devotional.
Tho Y. M. C. A. Sunday afternoon
devotional meetlngB havo boon post-
poned until September on account of
lio. weather.
ado Some Improvements.
Dreamland has had tho lobby
redecorated In u vary beautiful and
artistic -tyle. They begin Tuesday
living tho effoot with all their at-
traction. Tlvls Is tho first tlmo that effort has been produced In Okla-
homa. It glvos a moro satisfactory
Arrested for ForaerV.
Don High wanted for forgury In'
Lincoln county nnd who Is said to
have parsed several worthless checks
in this city last weok was arrested
at Crescent City labt ovoning by
Deputy Sheriff Orvillo Smith who
took Ii'jo prlponor to Chandler this
morning ahi turned him over to Shor
Ifi Martin. High le said to have
forged a check on a man at Stroud
and cashed checks on a Oushlng bank
which wore worthless..
Temperature Wns Going Some .
With the thormomotor registering
07 nt 4 o'clock p. ni- yesterday cqunll-
edthe heat rocord of any day during
1007 On March 17 and Julv 17 tho
maxlnyun heat j-ronL was tlw same
ar- veiterday. At V o'clock yesterday
morning It was 74. and at 7 o'clock
fi6terday evening it was 92. Tho
mean tomperature was 84. The mini-
mum temperature was at 6 o'clock a.
in whm the thermometer registered
" Couir weather is predlotod tor
tonight fair tomorrow.
Graduated With Highest Honors.
Rev L I La-vorty thla morning re-
ceived word from Rov. Uuckner a
lo-nier pastor of the First M. H.
nircl) hor that his son Emory
giaduatr-d from the law school at
Haivar nl versify this year With the
litfhpif honors being first In Ills
i las Ivnmrv was stenographer for
J dtse pj'irfind here for two janrs and
i well known t the early day roal-
P nU who bio exceedingly glad to
1 at of his Kjci-psh. He graduated
from the 8tate . aiversity of Nebraska
l for enterina Harvard.
Can't Fool "Silent Jim"
Fnond. f "Jim" Mabon aw urging
Itum to n3ke tbe race for tho legls-
IW rp from the city district. How-
viver Ma m nan a oairereni son oi
f bee m 'n bonnet be 3rt MUlnjc hU
lirs n fop rr tne nomination tor
r m mis-inner His opponent
nominauon will bo O L.
Rr'f k-. i-. one of tho friend
- pjiticitarly anxious
n rt i i i.
legiittAiUre now-
io lim Is astute and can
Look Rich
-ajaaig.t u m u
- iBrt: - '?!!'! -
V! 41 1- 'lafTf'-. -
JC- Jk nf JCV W JJZ9 gg
Bi - JEl - r - B - r - BB - r - K - : - ! - : - ! -
generally tell what Is In the package
ho is ihanded before ho opens It.
Burford Issues Restraining Order...
Judge John H. Uurford today issued
nn order temporarily restraining John
Parker a farmer worth $10000 living
near Cusnlng from disposing of any
of his proporty pending the final out-
como of a divorce suit which his wife
Mrs. Jennie E. Parker has commenc-
ed against him in tho district court
at Stillwater. Following her suit Par-
ker had hor examined for insanity bo-
fore tho Payne county examining
board but she was released it being
the opinion that nn attempt was bo-
Ing made to railroad hor into tho asy-
lum. Stole Fence Posts.
Ron Wlnfroy was arrested last even-
ing by Sheriff Hart Murphy nnd takon
to Meridian on a chnrgo of stoallnj
fonco posts from O. E. Ruftlon a far-
mor rosldlng near there. Ho appeared
boforo Justice N. F. Smith and was
bound ov-ar nndor a $300 bond and will
bo given a preliminary hearing Mon-
day. Sheriff Murphy recived word yes-
terday morning from Meridian that
Winfrey wns here. In a short time ho
was located but said his name was
Jnckson. Ho wns fully identified
however and it was found that ho dis-
posed of threo wagon loads of posts
to a west side lumber company.
Guthrie Team Won.
Tho Guthrlo colored baseball team
dofeatod the Oklahoma City nlno yos
teiday afternoon at Electric park by
a acoro of 12 to 8.
Comic Fllmr at the "Gem" Tonight.
At tihi) "Gem" tonight a comic bill
will be on. "The Adventures of
Dummy." and other comic Alms will
bo shown. Thero is something now at
tho "Gom" every night
Vacancy la Filled.
R B. Slkos a local traveling man
has been appointed by Mayor names
to All the vaoonoy on the polke force
ensed' by ttio resignation of Wm.
LOST A parrakoot. Reward
be paid for return to owner.
o o
o o
ooooooooooo oooo
Mrs. Holder arrived In the city yes-
terday from Fensylvanja to remain at
the bed side of her mother Mr. W. B.
Hodges who Is very low at the home
of per aauepter Mrs. v- t". Hunt at
Hal - Bast Cleveland avontio:
Word was received yesterday from
Marshall to tho effect that Joe Wil-
liams had abont recovered from tho
j wounds recelvod some woeks ago at
hip iiuhub oi i-mi ut-yuuius wnn miui
him twico.
f y No need to ask If you want your hsir
ryito look rich healthy and luxuriant. Wcknowyoudo! Ay er's Hair Vigor
new Improved formula will give it lust
that appearance. Art Ideal hair dress
ing. Ask your doctor about It
V miblUh ta formuUt 1. o. Ittrr.a . I
J. C. IrrrCo.
oi in our prvyrtioB.
.. . .r-.-.- -.
Charters Issued.
Charters wcro Issued from tho offlco
of tho territorial secretary this morn-
ing to tho following corporations:
Tho Farmers Co-operntlvo Gin com-
pany of Cache with $7000 capital
stock. The directors are: J. A. Donol-
ley and J. A. Vandeflold of Tampa;
W. P. Smith C. W. Dinger. Jim Harris
P. O. Kerns nnd C. IJ. Jams or Cache.
Tho Ross E. Thomas company of
Oklahoma City with $25000 cnpital
slock. Tho directors are: Ross E.
Thomas J. E. Thomas and R. Elmo
Thomas all of Oklahoma City.
The First Baptist church of Fair-
view witho tho following trustees:
J. A. Garrett W. P. Rodrock Jr. and
D. R. Thonius all of Falrvlow.
Notary Commission.
Applications for notnrlal commis-
sions wore rpcolvod as follows:
A. E. Kennedy of Shawnee for
Pottnwatomlo county.
J. H. Jones of Oklahoma City for
Oklnhoma county.
Ilncreased Capital Stock.
Tho directors of tho Shawnee Mill-
ing company this morning notified tho
torrltoral secrotary that they hnd In
creased tihe capital stock of tho com-
pany .'rom $25000 to $50000.
A Gigantic Task.
Tho governor's office Is very busy
today filling out certificates to dele-
gates appointed by Governor Frantz
to attend tho National Farmers con-
gress at Oklahoma City Sept. 1C 17
and 18. Thero aro 2000 dologatos In
all to represent the now tate.
Gave Nctlco of Mortgage.
The Kansas City. Mexico and Orient
Railway company this morning fllod
with the territorial secretary a copy
of a mortgage they ihand onterod Into
with the Locomotive Security com-
pany of New York Olty for $2SUD.34.
New Insurancn Concerns.
Insurance Commssloner FiUon has
liconsed three new life Insurance
concerns to enter Oklahoma for busi-
ness. They are Soct'rlty Lifo of
Amorica of Richmond Va.; tho Se-
curity Life of Sallna Kans.. and tho
Amorlcan Order of Protection of Lin-
coln Nob. a fratornal organization.
o o
Have ypu noticed tho disposition of
late to be just to tlio men even if It
Is noceesary to strangle gallantry a
little in doing it? A notablo case Is
reportod from Chicago where a Mrs.
Emma Wilson charged hor husband
with disorderly conduct because he
would go out after supper and bring
home a can of beer occasionally.
Wilson said that when ha went
iwrno from work -at night his wife
usually would have two or three
women In the houso exchanging gos-
sip and whan ho would bring In a
bucket of beer to drink quietly In the
kitchen his wife would object stren-
uously. After hearing the stoiy of
tlio defendant Judgo Petit leaned
back In his. chair and said: "It is
no crlrni o diluk a glass of beer A
man has a perfect right to do that
after he has been working hard a'l
day and that without his wife inter-
ferlns. A lot of you women who
compijilu about tho conduct of your
husbands aro worse than the men.
Dedendint discharged." Isn't this oc-
casion enough for bringing out tho
iTKe Social World!
Tlio Smart Sot club mods In nftor-
noon with Mrs. Edgar Powers on
North Elm street.
Itevelors club mccU In ovdnlrt;.
Modern I'rlscllla club
afternoon plnco to bo
moots In
Danco at Eloctrlo park pavilion
Girthrlo Whist club moots In after-
n.ron with Mrs. J. P. Wlnton at filG
East Noblo nvonlic
Miss Itagnr's pupils glvo recital In
evening at hor atudlo 111? EaBt Clovo
land avenue.
Public dance nt Electric park pa-
vilion. Mrs. .1. H. Wiggins of Ottawa Kou-
sas and Mrs. J. II. Hanson of Parks-
vllle. Mo. are the guests of tlioli
sister Mrs. W. A. Rayson.
Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Smith loft last
evening for Minnesota to spond n
month on Uim lakes.
One of the best piano recitals over
given In the city was that conducted
last night by twolve of Miss Jnnlo
Hagar'8. nt her studio. 416 East Clove-
land avenue. Miss Ruth Floldlng
favored the guests wltih several road
lugs. The attendance- was large and
ea'h nvmbor of tho program wns
rendered exceptionally well. Those
participating wore: Llla Shultz Olfvo
Armstrong Ruth Fielding Erma
Wachob Margaret Stowart. Ruth Kel-
logg Edna Ayros Lillian Rcihror
Olive Whltcomb Hazel Hoyland
Hazel Warner Flora Adler and Verna
Mr. and Mrs. Albort Hodges and
family havo icturnod to their home In
Topekn after a visit In tho city with
Wm. Wilson and family at 1S2!I Wost
Mansur avenuo.
Mrs. C. J. Crawfoid hag gono
Colorado to spend tho summer.
Mrs. W. P. Washburn Is visiting
In Oklahoma City.
Delegate II. L. GUrod and wife aro
in the city from Wolston. Dologato
Cloud Is among tho apostles who
signed tho JconatlUitlon.
Jlrs. II. L.
from Coylc
Leonard Is In the city
Mrs. E. R Adnms has returned to
Navlna after a short visit In tho olty
with Mrs. W. P. Adams nt 111 )!ast
Sprlngor avenue.
Ml3s Ida Nlblnck loft yoMtordny . i
Ponca City. From thoro shtcwjll ac-
company Mrs. Monlson and Mrs.
Hutcihinu to Colorado to Kojouru dur-
ing August
Mrs. Cha. Soton delightfully enter-
tained tho Guthrie Whist club yester-
day afternoon at her home 521 East
Warner avenuo. Tho houso was prot-
Illy decorntod with cut flowers and
potted plants. The nfternoon was
spent pleasantly nt cards Mrs. J. J.
Houston winning tho first prize anil
Mrs. Henry Braun tho lono hand
Light refreshments woro served dur-
ing tho afternoon and nn oujoyablo
tlmo waH had. The club will meet
wJth Mrs. J. P. Wllnton next week.
Tho Woman's forolgn Missionary
socioty of the First Prosbytoriim
cbwch will meet with Mrd. Arman-
trout HOG North Capital boulevard
Wcdnosday afternoon.
TrrrtorlalOH Inspector and Mrs.
F. II. Ashton leavo Monday for
Eureka Springs to spend a few days
at that resort
The recital glvon at tho homo of
Mrs. Dert Dlako was greatly enjoyed
by those who attended. Tho follow-
ing program was rendered:
Gondollor W. C. Powoll; Miss
Vonlco McNeil.
Black Hawk Waltz E. Welch;
Mayo Dakar.
Morning Song Road: Erclo Hall.
Vocal; Ethel Coliagan.
Bee March Miller; Gladys Hall.
Qrvetta Walts Spencor; Mayo
Barcarolle Bohr; Erclo Hall.
Vocal; Gaye McNeill.
Song of Heaven Sweet; Venice Mc-
Neill. Duet "Tnsdglng Onward." Mayo
and Roy Blake.
Vooal; Venice McNeill.
Mrs. rims. Griswold has returned
from a visit In Sparks with relatives.
Mis Grace Motralf of Kansas City
tuft on tho noon train today for Okla
homa City to visit relatives after a
ton days' 'HbU In Guthrie with Mr. and
Mi W. A. Frasler
Stanford Tunnell Plmaro entortaln-
ed a few of his frieuds yesterday after-
noon from 5 to 7 at his homo 1021
East Noble orraeion being
his ninth birthday Those present
were- Byron Myntonye George and
Helen Wall Nell Sleeper Arthur
J No cooking:
in hot weather
I Grape-Nuts
food ready cooked crisp
and delicious just as it
corner from the pkg.
with cream.
"There's a Reason"
Love Romance of Many
Years Duration Failed
the Test of Marriage.
(lly Associated Proda.)
Uorlln July 27. Tho announcement
that a dlvorco Is contemplated bo-
tweon tlio Grnnd Duko Cyril eldest
son of tho Grand Duko Vladimir t
Russia and his wife who was divorc-
ed from the Grand Duko of Hesso
six yoars ngo has come as a distinct
shock to tholr many friends. The
couplo have been married nbout two
years nnd havo ono daughter. They
havo frequently boon inntloned as
among the happiest royal couples of
Tholr marriage. In October 1!I0".
wns tho culmination of a love romnno1
of many years' duration. The Grand
Duchoss Vlctorln Mollta Ih a daughter
of tho late Duko of Edlnburg brother
of King Edward. Cyril and lellla
wero bov and girl lovers when both oT
thorn were In tholr teens. There were
political objections to their marriage
and Mellta was compelled to become
tho wlfo of her cousin the Grand
Duke Ernest Louis of Hesse. The
marrlago turned out to bo extremely
unhnppy and ended in divorce.
An soon as tho dlvorco had been
nunnuueed. Grand Duko Cyril who
had carefully avoldod thu Hessian
court nftor Mollta's marriage immc
dlatoly apponrcd at hor maiden homo
in Coburg and ronowod his nnh'iit
declarations of love Mellta hesitated
to mnrry again becnuso this step
would have mado It Impossible for her.
uudor tho terms of hor divorce ever
to see hor only child tho little Prln-
eoss Elizabeth to whom she was pas-
sionately attached. Princess Eliza-
beth however who lived with her
rather wns poisoned whllo visiting the
omperor and ompross of Russia Her
tragic d'lath romovod Mollta's
scruplos regarding remarriage nnd
shn consented to becomo Cyril's wlfo.
But thoro wcro other obstnclos.
among thorn the prohibition of the
czar. Cyril and Mollta aro first cous-
ins and tho marriage of relatives of
this dogrco Is prohibited by tho Rub-
slnn stato church. When tho marriage
of tho couple wns announced tlio
Grnnd Duko Cyril wns Immediately
summoned to Peterhof to recolvo tho
full welgnt of the czar's displeasure.
Ho was deprived of his rank ns nldu-do-camp
to tho omporor of his com-
mission In the army of his uniform
his orders nnd oihor honors and was
oxcluded from Riusla.
But Cyril nnd Mollta wore Indtffor-
ent to the cznr's displeasure. Far
from bolng hurt they rnjolced In being
able to live a free un'rammolled llfo
according to tholr own desires. It
seemed to their friends that thoy hnd
reached tho end of their troubles and
vlclssltudos and that like hero and
horolne In some fairy tale thoy would
llvo happily over nfterwards. Hence
tho gonorul surprlsa occasioned this
week by tho announcement that a di-
vorce Is costomplntod. And It Is lanrn-
od. moreover that tholr dlffertucos
began almost Immediately after their
Do you really enjoy what you oat!
Duos your food tasto good? Do you
fool hungry and went more? Or do
you havo a heavy dull fooling aftor
meals sour slomnoh bolchlng. gas on
the stomach bad breath Indtgootlon
and dyspepsia? If so yrm should fake
a little Kodol after each moal. Kodol
will nourish and strengthen your di-
gestive organs and furnish the natural
digestive Juices for your stomach. It
will make you wll. It will tneke your
food do you good. Turn your food
Into good rlah blood. Kodol digesta
what you oat. Sold by C. It. Ron fro.
I . .
To tho Vlotor belongs the host
goous. wore JaoKsoninn In a way.
Como In. Corner 1st & Harrison.
Wall Paper! Finest Hue In the city.
Prices low an the Iowet.-r-Gray's drug
NeepM-. Llovd Packer miner Vore
Tuelinu Voe WUHe Warner Pearl
Triable. MsttU- Wruer. Irene Myres
Gladys and rituel Petersre aud ifitrl
The Jolly Ten Sewing club mt
Friday afternoon with Ruth and
Dorothy Sexsir. at their home. 3 JO
East Cleveland avenue. The after-
noon whs siwnt In sewiux Light re
frtMhments wero served- Those pres-
ent wore: Miseeu Helen Jenkins
Gertmle Scvtt Mary Clara Gitno
Ruth PlehMng. Isnn. Show loolse
Rierer ISrmle Kwing Llllie Urown and
Ruith and Dorothy Sxaui. The next
meeting of t'to clb will bo on August
1G. whe'i Mies Ethyl Ma 1 Smith will
euteitaln the olrjl;.
Miss Addle Carter delightfully en-
tertained the Smart .Sot club this
afternoon at tho home of Iter alstur.
Mrs. Edgar Powers on North Elm
street The house was prettily dooo-
rated wlh cut flowers and draperies.
After Supper Sale
Z?l 4i jL
11 comfort counts for anything these vests certainly
deserve the attention of every wo man in town.
What gives one more comfort than well
and comfortable vests and lotH of them.
These ate tile kind that preserve your comfort by fit-
ting you the kind that are fitted to the sltir.
The weather is prcttv warm in 3pols. and if you
haven't caught just the right thing yet Wti can help you
out. Now is your chance to stock up.
Saturday after supper we shall place on sale forty
dozen swiss ribbed vests with taped neck and arm holes.
The regular 10c kind for just two hours.
Plenty of stout Sixes
There was n large attendance of tho
nioniberB and an onjoyablo time was
hud. Tlio afternoon was spent pleas
antly nt oueliro.
woro sorvod.
Light refreshments
MIbs Lillian Jauson of Newton Kan-
sas Is I'l" gtost of Mr. nnd Mrs. 1. J.
Mls Georgia Hutchinson returned
this morning from u ton days' visit
wltn Mr. ami Mrs. Robert Rnmsay In
Atchison Kansas nnd attended the
wadding or MlAs Sula Lonvltt whllo
Mrs. llattle A. Munday or Troy.
Pa. Is In tho city visiting Mrs. Gravos
nt 111 East Vilas nvonuo. Mrs. Mint-
day wuu u former rosldont of Guthrlo.
nad sick hoadachos biliousness or
constipation nro quickly relieved by
DoWltt's Llttlo Early Risers. Bmnll
pill suro pill safo pill prompt and
poasant In action. Sold by 0. It.
Tho Mnbuu & Roynnlds company
a io now platting thu fifth Capitol
tho mnrkot soon. Thoy have gold many
lots lu the second and third Capitol
Heights additions In the last few
Pinotiles for the kidneys strengthen
these organs and assist In drawing
lwlslon from the blood. Try them for
nheumutlsm kidney bladder trouble
for lumbago and tired worn out feel-
ing Thoy bring quick relief. Satis-
faction Guaranteed. Sold by J. N.
Tonight and Sunday
Vanilla CJieeolatc Peaoh and Orange
Cream; Cherry and Lemon Sherbert.
Come and cool off at Oarrlcks.
Haskell clib meets Monday
Summer cmghs and colds yield at
once to IJcjs Laxative Cough Syrup.
Contains 'toney and tar but no opiates.
Children like It. Pleasant to take. Its
laxative qualities recommend It to
mothers Hoarseness coughs croup
yield quickly Sold by J. N. WAL-
o o
o a
oooooo ooooo ooooo
The Republican party Aas under
gone a complete cusnge of front tu tbe
past few weeks. The party has bn
"ttoppbiK" or the Important questloiiH
with a oli nurertalttty that no one
Vitrwi what fi'i resoll of th T Ins
convention will be. TUy are liable
to nominate Prautz and endorse Hsk
kl for governoi That would hIiow
about the sime cousistoncy a their
plan of putting nut a state tl-kot and
then attempting to d steal the ooastl-
tjlkm. Heaver County Doaiocrat.
A Perry woman had her 10th opera-
tion performed. "Good heavens" sold
a neighbor who hoard of Ja nature
"that loaves nothing to her but tho
frame aud the hide."
n' k-4
TfiWfl "ai ""
wc vc done
knocked the
price down
and out.
I The city council meets next Irons
' day
Headache anil constipation disap-
pear whon Dados Little Liver Pills
are usod. They koup tho system clean
tho stnmnch sweet. Taken occasion-
ally thoy koop you well. They aro for
the eutlro family. Sold by .1- N
Men's Work Shoes $1'60 to $3.50
the best vaucs In Guthrie at Robin-
con's. Now Hldownlks aro being laid In tho
"Egg" addition which will greatly Im-
prove tho looks of tho "Egg" and
hlghlnnd purk. Knur now modern
rosldonccea hnv been oreoted on tho
"Egg" addition this summer.
Nonrly all old-fashioned Cough Syr-
ups aro constipating especially thoso
thut contnln oplntos. Thoy don't act
Just right. Kennedy's Laxatlvo Congh
Syrup contains no opiates. It drives
tho cold out of tiio system by gently
moving tho bowolB. L'-jntalns Honoy
and Tar and '.astos noarly as good as
niaplo syrup. Children like It Sold
by 0. It. Ronfit).
Groat ileal of difference between out
moats nnd thoso Imported. We do
our own killing. Trailer's meat
Old time Wheeling Stogies
centr at Olsmlth's
for b
A fw doiMof Dm remedy will lu
variablv cure an ordluary attaik of
It csn slwnvs le depended upon
even in tli mur -vre attaks of
(.ramp nw and i-hora morbus
It Is equal' v s'li '-"ssful for suuitUT
dlarrhu'H sml Ivlvra infantum in
children and Is the means of saving
tbe live of mnnv children each year
When ied'iil witli water and
swaetoiipd if U pleasant to tak
Eyr man nf t faihUjrshnuhl keep
thifl rei"dy in bU home Bnv it m-w
PRI'K.iV' LaROERUB '"( .
Every Womas
I TtM iuw ailaal rjrlal'.
V1mici nn
A roar d'lucitt for I
if La eaoji-t idiht tUi
MA It VKI-. a- .-pi no
w4m td.f a.A ll.l'.B fflF
llburtLMl iMujk aaaial II slTM
JOU IiuUaDlaJI AOd llmlWM In In l.rflja. MAItVILIO.
t lUal lla Blrt.t. AKW VOBK.
For sale by
F. O. Lllllo & Co . Druggists.
a nf.'
' i ass.
VJ3s2&r raaWtt1Bu-" 'rZ?
t. XK.mmfufri. .

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