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The Guthrie Daily Leader. (Guthrie, Okla.), Vol. 18, No. 23, Ed. 1, Friday, June 28, 1901 Page: 1 of 8

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The Guthrie JDaily Leader
Are Sold to J. W.
But Local Man Comes in
and Swipes the.En
lire Lot
Tho battle for the purchase of the
municipal bonds has boon on nil day.
Last night the city council failed to
roach any kind o? an agreement or
contract and after listening to vari-
ous proposals refusod all bids agreed
that when the council adjourn It ad-
Joun. to meet today at 11 o'clock
It mot at the tltno named and tho
fight opened In earnest. It was agrood
that the bidding would bo done on a
twenty year flvo por cent bond. For
this then.' were sovoral bidders among
them being Soasongood & Mayer; Par-
son. Leach & Co.; II. J. Edwards; Ok-
lahoma Bond Trust and Savings Co.;
Mason & Lewis; McDonald McCoy &
Co.; M. L. Tumor and Trobrldge
Nivor & Co. Tho bidding was done on
n premium basis which ran from
?2.300 to ?2700 McDonald McCoy &
Co. of Cincinnati offering that
amount. At this etago Mayor Ball
announcod that ho hud on fllo a seal-
ed bid and tho bonds would not be
sold until It was known what that bid
was so nn executive sosslon was or-
dered and Inter It dovoloped that J.
W McNeal offered to tako tho bonds
nt par tho bt da to boar 4 per cent
Interest to ran twenty and thirty
years. Ho was declared the purchaser
ot tho bonds. Tho council adjournad
to meet again at .30 o'clock thlj af
ternoon for the purposo of finishing
up the purchasing contract.
Tho attempt to reconsider tlio sale
of tho bonds to Mr. McNeal met with
a crimson frost at tho afternoon ses-
sion. The bond buyers offerod one
thousand dollars In addition to tho
same contract as tho McNeal pro-
posal. This stirred up tho animals
right for It was regarded as an at-
tempt to buy tho council by thwarting
Its honorable purpose nftor it had
sold the $120000 bonds to McNoal
and after these samo bidders had had
tho samo opportunity to mako a hot-
ter proposal than Mils ono at tho morn-
ing sosbloi.' After giving them a
fow rips Iti the faro for Miolr tactics
the mayov took a few Bliots at them
and the council afterwards refusod to
reconsider and the contract was sign-
ed up with Mr. McNeal.
Arkansas City Wins Yesterday's Game
by Score of 5 to 2.
The Guthrie ball team met with de-
feat at the hand of Arkansas City
yesterday afternoon by a score of
B to s
A large and enthusiastic crowd wit-
nessed the game and It was an Inter-
esting one from start to finish. But
tor an unfortunate accidont during
tlio progress of tho game eausod by
the running together of two of tho
Cuthrlo team Metz and Champion by
which two scores woro mado tho re-
sult might have been different. Mr.
Metz sustained a broken noso and
Champion was knocked senseless by
tho force of tho collision. However
this was not all ot Mr. Champion's
misfortunes. Shortly nftor ho recov-
ered from the Impact in tho field ho
was struck by a pitched ball and again
he was knocked down but he plucklly
resumed his position and played ball.
The Guthrie toam Is quite light as
compared with the homo team. The
Guthrie boys average weight was 142
pounds while that of the Arkansas
City boys is 180. still the Guthrie
After Wrangling Thirty
Hours Jury Reaches Com
promise Verdict
Scrlpps-McRae Press Am'b.
Eldorado Kas June 28 Jessie
Morriaon wna found guilty ot man-
slaughter In the second degree lata
last night for the murder of Mm.
Olln Castle. The penalty is not more
than five years or leas than three j
years In the penitentiary.
As soon as the verdict was an-
nouaced Jessie Morrison went ovorj
Into her father's arms and wept on
his fcronst. Honry Sehumnchar ono i
ot MIbs Morrison's lawyers Immedi-
ately filed a notlco ot appeal. Jessie
Morrison was taken to her old coll in
the court room and locked up. There
her father who had been with her
left her.
The verdict In the Morrison case
was a compromise. Whon the Jury
first went out Wednesday morning
Henry Spencor was olocted foremnu
and then a ballot was taken to see
whther or not tho dofflndant was
guilty or not guilty. Tho Yoto was
11 to 1 for conviction. Frodorlck
Sproul the Soventh Day Adventlst
proachor voted for acquittal. Than
tho argument and tho wrangling be
gan. Five of tho jurors wanted to
roturn a verdict of murdor in the ilrst
dogroo. The othors were for murdor
in the second dogreo and manslaugh-
ter In the second degree Fourteen
ballots were taken and still they dis-
agreed. During noarly all of tho"
thirty hours that they wore out tho
Jurors argued tho case. Finally yes-
terday morning soon after breakfast
tho flvu who had stood for murdor In
the first degree agreed to compromise
If Sproul would forsake his position
for acquittal. This ho finally decided
to do and then ono by one the jurors
told what sentences they would glvo
until at 4 o'clock whon all agreed on
manslaughter In tho second degree.
Judge Alkman said that he would not
sentonco Miss Morrison until a mo'
tlon for n new trial had beon noted
) team put up a stiff gamo ot ball and
tlio Arkansas City boys had no walk
The teams play another game to-
day. The following Is the score:
Guthrlo 00001001 08
Arkansas City.. 02 0' 00210 x 6
Batteries Guthrie Babb and
Flitch; Arkansas City Switeer and
Florence Hensloy will he pleased
to moat Guthrlo society ladlos at the
Hotel Hoyal any tlmo this evening.
Room 05.
Western Rates Made Low to Offset
Buffalo Exposition Business.
The western railroads have offered
a summer rato to Colorado points to
Salt Lake ntul other Interesting pi new
In tho mountains which Is going to
interfere greatly with the railroad
business of the eastern roads hauling
visitors to the Buffalo fair. From this
elty the rata to Colorado points Is
only flftoen dollars for the round
trip cheaper than was over known.
This is made to offset the attitude of
tho eastern roads who refussu to
make a cheap rato for a longer limit
than ton days whon asked to do so
by the westorn roads vho knew the
western pooplo would not accept suon
a short time limit In this city there
aro already twolvo couples who ex-
pected to go to Buffalo who havo
changed tholr plans and will go to
Colorado for a few weeks outing in
tho mountains.
Scrlpps-McRao Press Ass'n.
New York June 3S.-ThQ Henry
Marquand company Influential stock
I brokers assigned today. The firm
. was closely connected with the Sov-
enth National bank which closed its The special train will leave Okla-
dnors yesterday. homn City at 8:30 In the morning.
Changes Made in Old Coun-
ty LinesThe Neutral
The three new counties formed ot
the Kiowa and Wichita reservat'-ns
are to bi called Kiowa Caddo and Co-
manche. The former embraces the
northwest section of the territory to
be opened with the county seat of
Hobart named for the late vice presi-
dent; Caddo forming the northeast
with the county seat of Anadarko and
Comanche covering the southern por-
tion with the county seat of Lawton
named In honor of General Lawton
killed in the Philippines who former-
ly commanded at Fort Sill and was
Identified with the Indian history of
that section.
In rectifying tho lines of the old
counties the land office has added
three townships In the northern por-
tion ot tho Wichita reservation to
Canadian county whose lines former-
ly followed the course of the Can-
adian rivor. The neutral strip lying
north of the Washita river and ad-
joining the southeastern corner ot
Washita county has been addod to
Washita cc.unty the Washita river
forming the boundary. The southern
boundary of Washita county hns hoen
put on the township lino hotweou
townahlps 7 and 8 moving It south
nbout a mile except whoro tho tow:
ot Mountain View Interposos whoro
follows the river line for a slrjr' Jl
The two now land offlcos will he 1
entod nt El Bono under tho act or
nt Lawton which Is nearost to Fo
Assistant Commissioner Richards
6f tho golfblfit land offlco.'wlll prnctl-
colly lmvo full chargo ot tho land of-
fice work In connection with tho open-
ing and Is working on his scheme
for the drawing whleh will be sub-
mitted to the president for approval
when completed. Kntrymen will be
required to register at some one of
the nine land offices in Oklahoma
Including the ono ut 121 Reno and the
drawing will probably take place In
the land offlcr nt Washington under
the Immediate supervision of the de-
partment to insure absolutely fair
Reid of El Reno and R. E. Miller of
Oklahoma City Among the
Seoretary Hitchcock has taken up
tho question of the selection of regis-
ters and receivers for the El Reno
and Lawton land offices and will sub-
mit recommendations to the presi-
dent the latter part of the weok.
Tho appointments will be announc-
ed Monday or Tuesday.
R. IS. Miller Oklahoma City has
been agreed upon for the land office
at Lawton. Thomas Reid ex-speaker
of the territorial house ot representa-
tives has been practically agreed up-
on as register of same office.
Secretary Hitchcock has Insisted
upon the appointment of A. R. Green
of Kansas as receiver for the LSI
Reno office.
A Mlssourian whose name can not
be learned. Is selected for register-
ship. In the distribution of these plums
Oklahoma will receive two Kansas
one and Missouri one.
Miller Is endorsed by almost the en-
tire Illinois delegation including Sen-
ator Culluro and Comptroller ot the
Curroqcy Charles Dawos Delegate
Flynn and Governor Jenkins.
Reid Is endorsed by tho ontlre ter-
ritorial organization.
Eureka Springs.
The popular Frisco Lino will give
another ot Its delightful excursions
to Eureka Springs. Ark. about July
16 the exact date will be nnnounced
. In n few days.
! The fare will be $8.00 for the round
j trip from Oklahoma City.
enng Miowing Made
f a ar
Government of the
Year's Business
internal revenue Income this
year was three hundred and seven mil-
lion ihe largest jecelpts ever known.
The customs receipts are two hun-
dred and forty millions. The expend
lture are not over twelve millions
abort those ot laat year leaving a
surplin of seventy-five millions. The
exports reached the unprecedented
roliim ot a billion and a halt dol-
lar. The outlook for next jar Is
equrtllf promising. Another lurgs
surplujs is promised unless congress
passes the ship subsidy a large river
and harbor bill and olLor expensive
fl JSWaH-g0rioN.
lyrtle Black Entertains Guests
onor of Miss Georgia Burns.
Bfi Myrtle Black entertained
or of Miss Georgia Burns of Kan
City Mo. at her home yesterday
ternoon In most elaborate manner.
wins assisted by MIsbos Brrlsman
f Oklahoma City; Anna Carter lone
Coylo and Addle Carter and Mrs. It.
Kv. Black.
Tho reception wns attended ontlrely
by young lndlos and wns ono ot the
most thoroughly onjoynblo and suc-
cossful social affairs given in the city.
Tli a floral decorations ot tho home
were beautiful nnd complete roses
sweet; pesse nnd carnations beln
nrnfifnn mmntlHftu
Among tho sovoral amusement
features was a guessing contest on
the number of beans in a jar which
was on exhibition Misses Coyle and
Krrlsman having charge of the Jar.
The first prlie a box on dainty cor-
respondence paper was awarded to
Miss Sybil Barney and the booby a
oan of Boston Baked Beans to Miss
Jessie Snmpsell. Another pretty feat-
ure wns the flower contest. As the
guests ontered the home they were
presented each with a small wire and
a piece of tissue pRper with the re-
quest that they fashion some artificial
flower. The names of the flowers
were kept secret nrvl to the one most
nearly guessing nil the names a prize
was given. This.a bouquet of Ameri-
can Beauty roses was won by Miss
rcthel Orner and the booby a bouquet
of tissue paper flowers was awarded
to Miss S."bll Burney. Miss Rut
Brooke won the prize for making tl
prettiest flower.
Tnu pleasures of the afternoon wale
closed by an alsgnnt luncheon servtd
by Miss Black and her assistants.
Thoso who attended this plensn
affair wore as follows:
Miss Georgia Burns ot Kansas City.
Miss Barbara Hlrschl of St. Louis.
Miss Hattie Hrrlsman of Oklahoma
Miss Louise Speer of Arkansas.
Miss Adele Meade ot Liberty. Mo.
Miss Sybil Burney of Medicine
Lodge Kns.
Miss Ruth Brooke.
Miss Addle Carter.
Miss Anna Carter.
Miss Mary McGlnloy.
Miss Mary Jenkins.
Miss Mabelle Painter.
Mlse Mabelle Rlnehart.
Miss Jennie Rlnehart.
Miss Ethel Orner.
Miss Pearl Hutchinson.
Miss Anna Hutchinson.
Miss Catlmrlno Sarehet
Miss Lizzie McNeal.
Miss Grace Griffith.
Miss Ruth Dungan.
Miss Mario Saunders.
Miss Angle Ponny.
Miss Essie Cassldy.
Miss Jessie Alpaugh.
Miss Glenn.
Mlsa Hedwlg Braun.
Mlse Katharine Schnell.
Mlse Lillian Boles.
Miss Louise Houston.
Mlse Amy Brooks.
Miss Maude Painter.
Miss lone Coyle.
Miss Mary Bamford.
Miss Frankle Curl.
Stock Broking Firm Closes
Its Doors Wilh Large
The failure was announced when
the stock exchange opened. The fail-
ure did not affect Uie stock market.
Assignee Frank etnllh took charge.
Liabilities are ssM to reach millions.
The bouse took six millions of bonds
of the Pittsburg Shawmnt and West-
tern railway which was Intended to
tap the Pennsylvania coal field and
earned the enmity ot the coal trust
thereby. The Seventh National bank
advanced a million and u half on the
bonds and when the Marquand OOm-
pany failed to make good the bunk
tailed currying Marquand away.
Miss Pearl Rhodes.
Miss Lena Richardson.
Miss Jessie SampeeU.
Miss Nellie Overbay.
Miss LIU Brlggs.
Miss Grace Towers.
Miss Bertha Keach.
Miss Lorenft Cross.
Miss Nellie Kimball.
pps-Mcllao Press Asa'n.
ndon June 28. The ktng's proc
lamation fixing next June as tho time
for tlio coronation wns read this
man Ing in tho Marlborough house
grounds. Tho king and queen and a
multitude of nobles were In tho audi-
enao. Tho proclamation was also rend
other points In tho city by heralds.
Sorlpps-McRno Press Ase'a
Washington D. C Juno 28.
Uncle Sam's new fiscal year begins
Monday. The current year's records
show unequalled receipts.
ScrlppsMoRne Pross Ass'n.
Madrid Junn J8. The bubonic
plague at Operato has caused a panic
there. Twelve cases and four deaths
are reported.
Scripps-McRne Pross Ass'n.
Alx La Chapelle uJne 28. The au-
tomobile race from Paris to Berlin
was resumed this morning. Seventy-
three automobiles started from here
j the onleram
Germanla Vereln Plonlc
The Germnnla Vereln will give
fine picnic at Williams' park next
Sunday. They will hove vurloua so-
cial amusements and events. It will
commenca nt ten o'olook n. in. and
close nt nine p. m. A line of hacks
will leave the Vienna Cafe corner at
isr at
want i
nine a. in. and return when you
them to.
Probate Court.
Mrs. Sol Temple had her nrellml
nary hearing before Judge Goodrich
this Afternoon on the charge of horse
i A well to dc farmer named Jacob
I Shaffer living near Oilando was tried
'on a charge of insanity this morning'
I and sent to the sanitarium. He has
been running wild out In the woods
and was thought to be lost. '
Tom Garrett one of the Garrett
brothers concerned In the hold up
horse deal with Thomas Blackerby '
has been bound over to the grand'
Jury on the charge of tssault with In-
tent to do bodily injury.
Houston Reception.
Mrs. J. J. Houston Is arranging for
n large reception at her home on next
Wodnesdoy evening In honor of visit -
Ing relatives nnd friends.
SerlppS'MeRuo Press Ass'n.
Paris June 28. Dr. Leyds
i ruuHvutii ukbui nullum i ii ni lumici
President Kruger will make another
appeal to Prance for Intervention in
South Africa.
It It one of the unsolved mysteries
I how two men csn exchange umbrellas
and each Invariably get
ot It.
the worst
To Rescue Kansas
Were Under Indictment
Charging Them With
Serlnns-aicRae Press Ass'n.
Kantaj City Mo. June 28 Hugh
Mathews one of tti- wealthiest nnd
most prominent machine manufac-
turers of this city and JnniF Hlli In
assistant were handcunV'd nnd spirit
ed from the city last night denplto
the frantic efforts ot tholr lmvyeta
armed with habeas corpus papers by
deputy sheriffs from Dyersburg
Tenn. whore nn Indlctiaont charging
them with larceny wnn reeontly Is-
sued. They woro rescued this morn-
ing n habeas corpus being Hecurcd on
the train nt Sprlnguuld Mo. Intenso
Indignation oxlste hero against tho
Several New Cases Filed in tho Dis-
trict Court.
The Burnham Hanna Mungcr com-
pany has begun nn action ngaliiKt the
American Steel and Wire company of
New Jersey asking a Judgment
agalust the latter for the sum or SI-
170.75 with Interest at 7 por rent from
October II 1800 and J55.76 former
costs paid In a previous action by the
plaintiff. Greeu and Green are the
attorneys for the plaintiff and W. .
Cllne for the defendant.
The plaintiff claims that nn Or tobcr
14 1900 In the Kay county dint rift
court Jiidg 11. T. Hnlnei- presiding
a Judgment for $1100.50 was given.
tho plaintiff against Thomas J. Dixon
defendant and the Consolidated Htecl
and Wire '.oinpany and the Wichita
Plumbing and Pump company Inter-
pleaders. The Consolidated Steel and
Wire company whs ordered to pny
1170.76 of the Judgment. The plain-
iff claims that no part ot the Judg-
lent has never been paid and that
te American Steel and Wiie om-
iitny having succeeded to all of tho
tights .Interests and assets of tin' Con
solidated Steel and Wire company.
which was an Illinois corpoiution Is
in law liable for the Judgment named.
Mrs. Klla Llncholm has (lift a suit
for a divorce from her husband c'haa.
Llncholm to whom she wsb woddett
on May 28 18'Jl. In Walworth ountr
Wisconsin and If rod together until
August 1892. Her attorney Ih H. H
Buxton. She claims that in 18'J2 her
husband abandoned her taking with
htm all the financial receipts of a
boarding house. She asks u divorce
und the restoration of her maiden
name IElla Mclioul
Big Crowd or Yeung Folks Will At
tend Cakt Walk at Island Park.
A crowd of thirty couples of young.
folks Is being made up to attend the
' fake walk at Island park on noxt
Wednesday night. The bunch will
' c ongregate at the home of Miss
' Lillian Boles and go from there in
I wagonettes.
Where They Will 8peak.
Judge Prank Dal" will orate at Still-
wafr on the Fourth
I Bx Qaveruor Barnes will orate nt
Charles If. Woods will oratf at La-
Dennis T. Flynn will orate nt Chan

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