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I cXi '
No Man Is So Happy
as he who has a healthy wife
and healthy growing children.
To brine to lior husband those blessings
Bhould bo tho ohlof nmbltlon of ovory wire.
Ilor groatoat holp will bo found in
e3 female panacea. J
It Invigorates all the dolicata reproductive
organs; it drives out ovory twwo of disoaso.
Taken for a period beforo childbirth it will
Insuro an oasy timo and a healthy baby.
Watching for fiapo
Your O. K. P. is the grandest medicine I have ever talcen and I want to
recommend it in the hlghet terms. Let me tell you what h has done (or me.
I was greatiy debilitated and run-down suffering from the weaknesses pecu
liar to my aes. Some time ago X began taking O. P. P. and as a consequence
am greatly Improved. The female organs were restored to health and vigor
and two months ago I became the proud mother oi a fine boy weighing fifteen
pounds since which time I have recovered my health and strength and can
do all of my work. MRS. ANNIE HILL Prairie Point Miss.
Preparod only by
Chattanooga Tenn.
Sold by alt Druggist at $1 a Bottle or Six
Bottles for 96. Tako No Oubslltuts.
Writ lc Th. LutlM' n.alth Club"
r L. A Co GhttUnottt
Tnn.. fr trtx kd.le eonwrnlnt r
iumn IhilmtJ .list In tear tut
KKd nolirafniBtlrtret1 Inenrfr
book.-JIe.lthr Moib.r. KJk ILppr
xldrtM on .pplle.tlon ted It r&ltttbl
to .or woraui wbeth.r tho b hoallhr
ordlMMtd. (food for It.
It Invigorates.
It Cures
hat Ired Feeling.
It Is Healthful.
Cnnnoiseurs Pronounce
The Most Perfect Beer Brewed
Call for it everywhere. Drink it everywhere.
City Offlce.Black BWg Phone 64i 15 W RT'AflK
BotW Works 54 K- . WAt.
Territorial Agent.
; '
T""TS""W m-jm '
When anything breaks
' Locks
Open Safes
or gets out of order you want it fixed.
That's our business. We mend anything
and make models.
Second Street Trnpr
near Harrison-av JUC 1 UI 11C1 .
EUflUnd and Russia Once More Quar
roUng Over1 China Affairs.
London March 13 4:30 a. m. Frlc-Scrlpps-Mcllno
Press Ans'ii.
llmi lis 8jlRn at Tien TkIii btwfn tlv
UrHlah ami th Russians nvsr a ple-e ' '
laml allvirftl o belong to the raHw
"otnranr sim! to hav tMitn lniMMw'"'
of the company for come years.
According to illKimtohM from Tien Tm i
tlie RuMMana naarrt that this land Is '
of thrlr new eonelong amt thr'ore
Ituln property Mr Klmber mnnag't
of til railway lnnn to make a ulillnp
but was stopixHl by the Russian aiulior-
Itlos He appealed to Colonel McDonald
who referred the matter to General Bar-
row British chief of staff In Pskin wfee
replied: "Carrr on las aldlna with arm-
ed force If necesjiry."
Guards were put o nthe line by tho
Urltlsh atd the work conUnued General
WaKMak. the Russian commander pro
tested rtr.d said the thing would not have
been done If tho Russtan's had had
many troops as the British adding that
Buch matters should bo left to dljomar
Colonel McDonald again communicated
with Genera) ':itow. who telefrraphed
Contlnui tiio sldlnir."
General Wakaaak very Indignant ap-
pealed to the Rutmlan minister at Pekln
M. DeGIcrs.
Count Von V."aldrse ha Informed
General Chaffee that the troops under his
oommftnd will be disposed as follows dur-
ing tht summer months: England will
have 1'rtO men at the summer plnce. a
small detachment In Hunting Park and
J.000 men In other places. Germany will
send the troops now In I'okln to a vlltaRe
northwest or the summer palace. In the
mountains while the German troops at
ruotlngfu will be located In tho moun
tains west of the city. Italy will draw
her troops from that purt of tho sum
mer palace which some or ner forees
now occupy.
Japan and Austria will leave their
troops In Pekln. Count Von Wnlderseo
ays that as by such locations of troops
any and all the trouble can he avoided
he sees no cause for Interference.
Manchurlan Convention.
London March 13. The Pekln cor-
respondent of the Times wiring yester
day says: "It Ib balleved th- ho Chin-
ese court has decided not to auiuumc the
signature or the Mnnchurlan convention
until It Is seen how far the powers will
BUpirt China In a refusal tj sign. So
far as the assurance of count Lomsdorf
(Russian foreign minister) Is concerned
.nothing of this kind will havo any deal.
give weight until Russia re-snnounccs
her policy of secret negoUatlons with
China and discloses the terms of tho ne-
cret engagements she hjs undoubtedly
Imposed upon China In recent years.
correspondent of the Times comment-
ing upon what he calls "The unpleas-
ant discovery by the Washington .cab-
inet ihat Russian diplomacy cannot
be trusted" said:
"It Ib rumored that the eervlcos of
Count Cassln 'Russian ambassabor to
the United States) are regarded so
highly that he is likely to be promoted.
In any case the United States govern-
ment has reason to deplore his success
to the same extent as Russia has to
rejoice over It. This melancholy re-
sult of the Russo-Amerlcan flirtation
In China wns tlearly foreseen elsewhere.
Beaoiiy is Health.
Walnut Ukt Ark.. June 3 lyOO.
I trunk you lot the benefit I received from your advice and the Wine of Cardul I look.
In my terrible condition my life wai no pleaiure to mt at all and I wn of no um Co
anybody. After receiving your adylce and medicine I commenced taking It and bejan
Immediately to Improve. The nalni left me and the mcniti which came at the correct
lime continued three day. I have gained itrength and my weight hat Increased. My
hutband ay the medicine hat made me better looking than ever More.
Womanly health mearu bright tyt. roiy thcelu dear complexion and
elasticity of form. Thl Is the youth unmeasured by year -the beauty of per'
ftct womanhood. Beautiful women art happier and get more out of life than
their ifittrs whose face Indicate suffering. Wine of Cardul made Mrs. Manned
"better looking" and Infinitely happier because it cured her of those terrible
pains. But she b no exception.
Is giving thousands of women health beauty and freedom from the dragging palnj which have made
their lives so miserable. Wan faces haggard eyes and emaciated forms are the ftsulU of suffering.
What suffering can compare with the torture of Irregular menstruati6n leucorrhoea and falling of the
womb! Beauty files quickly before the ravages of such disease. The sharp pains of failing of the
womb deepen the crow tracks in th? face. Menstrual irregularities rob the eye of Its fire and thecon
plexlon of Its transparency. Leucorrhoea drains the body of Its strength but Wine of Cardul resto'es
the natural beauty brightens the eye clears the complexion rounds out the figure and brings back
the vigor of health. Every druggist In this city handles $1.00 bottles of Wine of Cardul.
For adrlce and HUratare addreaa. lltinr STmptom "The Ladlts Advisory
Department" The Chattanooga Medicine Company Chattanoof Tens.
The Naue Frle Press attributes the
dlssnttnfnrtion of Americans to tho
circumstances that tho cession of Mnn-
ohurla to Russia deprives China of the
means of compensating the United
Slates for the good offices which tho
latter inselflshly rendered China. It
considers that tho Chinese problem has
been complicated by the Russo-Amor-lcan
tariff dispute adding that com-
mercial differences between thesJvo
giants have rapidly oxtended to n po-
litical sphere so that tho United (Hittcs
for the first time since the o&renk
of ho dlsturbnnoos Is found on the side
of Europe against Russia."
For all pulmonary troubles Dallard'fl
Horehound Syrup taken In tho early
Btages proves a certain and auro npo-
clflc. It Is equally effective In croup
and whooping cough and It usod in
soason prevents tho further dovolop.
mont of consumption. Price 25 and
CO cents.
P. D. LU1I fc Co. and WheolC- &
Rate from Wichita to
Call at "Frisco Lino" city tlckat of-
Cce corner of Main and Douglan arc
for full Information or nddross D. F.
Dunn D. P. A. Wichita Kas.
A Good Cough Medicine for Children.
"I havo no hesitancy In locom-
mending Charaborlaln's Cough Uame-
dy" says F. P .Moron' o woll known
and popular baker of Potorsburg Va.
Wo havo given it to our children
whon troublod with bad coughs also
whooping cough and It has always
given perfect satisfaction. It wan
recommended to mo by a drugglBt as
the best cough medicine for children
as It contalnod no opium or other
harmful drug." Sold by C. It. lenfro
? 44
We handle the goods- to please the
ur line of Cigars 1p unequuled
Phone 87
The People's Resort
Lyon Block Division St.
Advice for 8moker.
Gov. Barnes 10c cigars on sale at
all first class stores. Also tho Rebecca.
Remember homo Industry made In
Guthrie at the Now York Clgor fac-
tory. I Segal proprietor.
i Don't throw your clothes away
Ilecause ther are a little faded. Our new Dying Process Is
a success we guarantee the work not to fade. Coats
vest pants ladles' clothing In fact everything bandied
the beat workmanlike manner. Out of town orders re
celre prompt attention.
Guthrie Steam Laundry
-!& 'g'g ') 89-a) -4 -a--g i
From March 5th
J Phone 20. Office and Yards 604 W. Harrison
of Guthrie are the most complete in the soutlwebt. The mod-
el making department is in charge oC xperts New work
and repairing is done by experts and skilled mechanics. No
contract too large or job too small for this concern to
execute promptly and with exactness.
D . DILLARD will treat anyone addicted to the liquor habit absolutely free of any charge for the treatment upon pay-
ment of $25 to pay the expenses of nursing board and medicines. This offer is iqade to give the public practical proof that
The Dillard Treatment is a Perfect cure
for this lifrf and soul detroying habit or disease
natural conditions of the human system.
The fo lowing from amonr; the many successfully treated have voluntarily olTeredthe written testimonials to which
names are signed and asked that they be published as an evidence of the success of this wonderful cure:
Thi treatment builds up the system increases the weight and restores tho
'Phone No. 47
Cor. l&Clevelnd.
Linen will last J times as long
when Laundered by vs. Our new
Process is Perfect We work to
please our customers and we are
pleased with our Customers.
L. O. BOOTH Maer. ' ' irfCOKfOUATBO
From tho Mayoj of Guthrlo:
Outhrie O. T Dec. 21 tVOO.
To the Puhlic:
This certifies that I am well acquainted
with Dr. Dillard that I have watched the
results of his treatment of the liquor 'habit.
I tnow Mr. Votow Ur. WlncJt Mr Maine
and others that he has treated since he lo-
cated here and I do not know of a single
failure. I cfieerfully recommend the Dil-
lard treatment for the liquor habit.
Guthuie Okla. Aug. 24 1000.
On the second day of October 1899
I commenced taking the Dillard treat
ment for morphine and cocaine habit.
When I commenced the treatment I
weigned'J20 pounds; my weight now is
220 pounds. I used morphine for 10
yeai"3 and was cured in 15 days. Dr.
Dillard cured me from the accursed
habh. No tongue can express the
many thanks to Dr. Dillard for what
he has done for me; he also cured me
of a long standing ase of catarrh of
the stomach. I had been treated by
several eminent physicians and all
failed to cure me. I am now in good
health a;i by trusting in Dr. Dillard.
T. J. Case.
Seward Okla. Aug. 18. 1900.
To Whom it May Concern:
This certifies that on the first day of
August. 1900 I took the Dillard treat-
ment for the liquor habit. I have no
desire for whisky and never felt better
in my life. Have gained 15 pounds and
have worked every day since I left the
doctor. I was with him One week 1
can work hard all day and It does not
tire I would not be back where I was
three weeks ago for ?1000 and I can
and do cheerfully recommend the Dil-
lard treatment for the liquor habit.
John A. Mosieii.
On the 24tn day of September 1000
I took the Dillard treatment for liquor
habit 1 drank whisky excessively for
about twelve years 1 was considered
almost a total wreck and had reached
a point that there had to be something
done. I was introduced to Dr. J. W.
Dillard the specialist and commenced
to take his treatments Immediately.
At the end of the first week's treat-
ment I went to work at my trade and
have worked almost every day since
I have no desire for liquor and am in
perfect health. I advise everybody
who is addicted to the drink habit to
consult Dr. Dillard. Chab. Winch.
Guthrie O. T Dec. 21 1900
I can truthfully say without fear of
being successfully contradicted that
the Dillard treatment for the whisky
habit is a thoroughly successful one.
It has most effectually cured me and I
was a pretty "hard case" I have
gained flesh continuously since leaving
the Doctor's care feel excellent and
recovered ambition that has been dor-
mant for years. It is worth one hun-
dred fold the price and then the half
has not been told. I will cheerfully
give my experience to anyone desiring
it. If you want to do yourself an ever-
lasting iavor and enforce the respect of
the community you live In take the
Dillard treatment as soon as possible
Ohas. W.
To whom concerned:
On August 15th 1000 I began treat-
ment for the liquor habit. I had been
drinking a quart or more of whisky
daily for some time and had been ad-
dicted to the habit more than 20 years.
Since taMng the Dillard treatment I
am enti.ely free from all desire or In
clination to drink intoxicants. I have
gained 20 pounds In weight and arc en-
joying better health than I have for
Sears. I cheerfully recommend the
Ward treatment to afflicted with the
liquor appetite Very truly yours
Dr. DUlard has located permanently in Guthrie and has been in the territory since 1889 He has been a practicing physU
clan for twenty-two yea s and made the study and treatment of nervous disorders a. life work His treatment insures a cure in
the worst cases of Morphine Coaine or Whiskey habit and leaves no ill effect. Patlentsj are required to remain from one to two
weeks in the sanitarium for the liquor habit then they are placed on tonic treatment for thirty days ad are perfectly cured. For
the drug habit they are kept from llf teen to thirty days. Correapondencesollcited and privacy assured. Address
DR J. W. DILLARD Guthrie Okla.
Or call at Sanitarium Beadles Block Oklahoma Avenue.
n X rrth t

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