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Harrison Slowly
Sick less than a Week and
Suffering from Deep-
ening Congestion
Scrlppa-McHne Press" Ass'n.
Indianapolis Ind. March 12.-10:00
V- in.nnlletin-The condition of aeneral
Harrison la extremely erltloal. It la im-
possible at present to toll hov long" the
jiatlcnt will withstand the deepening eon-
Eestldn. 1 do no expect death before
(Binned) "DIl. HlfNUY JAII1S80N."
At 11 o'clock the condition of del nl
Harrison reranlned practically unchMB-
ed. with the exception that he was not-
inK a Utile enslor. At 10:30 Mr. AV. II. II.
Miller former law partner of General
Harrison and ex-Attorney General of the
United States. Telephoned to John II.
Klam wna also a member of General
Harrison's law llrni to com at once to
tho residence as the condition of General
Harrison Is such that tho worst In ex-
pected ut any time.
Indianapolis Ind. March 12. 11:30
p.- jrt-Gcnernl Harrison" condition at
1hl hour is perhftii slightly winker.
There la no material chungo. Unless a
decided change occurs no other bulletin
will ho Issued until 1 a. m.
TOldnlght-Gentrn) Harrison Is now lying
In nn unconaalous condition. Ills condi-
tion has been a slow but continual de-
fine since 5 o'clock Tuesday ufternoon.
lie Is constantly Browing weaker the
congestion continues to spread. There is
nothing to Indicate that his death will
occur "for several hours at least.
Indianapolis Ind. March 12. 1 a.
p Practically no change In General Har-
rison's condition.
InUlanapollo Ind. March 12.-12:00
General HarrUon's condition la prac-
tically unchanged since last bulletin.'
At 2:30 a. m. the condition of Gen-
eral Harrison remains the .same aa U
was since tho last provlous bulletin
Issued nt 1 o'clock. He remains un-
conselyus. Is breathing with difficulty.
The number of hlH respirations has
Increased to a Blight extent but not
enough to cause additional alarm to
the physicians watching at the bedside.
It la nppurent to every watcher that
the general Is fishing for his life.
Kvery breath comes with a struggle.
Tho doetorB are marvelling at the won-
jlerful constitution which la able to
resist the alowly .by certainly Increas-
ing Inflammation. The trained nurses
and Drs. Jameson Hadley and Dorsey
arc constantly watching for the slight-
est change either for the worse or
Indianapolis lnd March 12.
Ocnernl Harrison can live byt a few
hours. Ills condition up to an early hour
this (Tuesday) morning was encouraging
to hlu jihysleios but at that time he
bc-wme restless and an hour or so after
Dr. Jameson ho had left the ox-presl-deut'H
bedside at midnight for .his own
liume was hastily summoned by Dr. Dor-
sey. who remained oonrtantly in the Hlek-
room for1 several days past.
None but the physicians and a few In-
ttnu'.te friends nro admitted to the lions.
Although there 1ms been a constant
utruam of tarrlage with callers all day.
Those at the Harrison residence are
Mm. Harrison and the little daughter
KHsabeth Private Secretary TlbbettM.
lire. Jameson Dorsey and Hadley and a
rorps of trained nurse fnlonr! Ituseell
Itarrlson and Mm Mi !. have been iul-
lmnl by wire of the hitIimih turn In the
Xeiieral's condition .mil the former has
Wired that he will I aw- Wuslilngton at
X&i o'clock VediiPsUu morning for In-
dianapolis. Mrs. MiK." hnwewr Im at-
tained at her lu-mi- It" .Si. rs toga. Nw
York. through the llliieHH nt Iter chlMien
it being impueslbl' fur In r to leuw lit
this time.
When the genernl wus (liken III. It Is
jwild. he requested his physicians to inake
no iiniieoitfuutrily Hlnnnlng statement tn
tho public- us to his condition As the
y!iynli'iaiw have desired to heed this re-
quest it has been with the gruatvet dif-
ficulty tliat any authentic news has been
tibtained from the sickroom tip to within
tho last twenty-four hours. When an In-
quiry was made by telephone as to the
jceneittl a condition the Inuulror Is prompt-
ly referred to Dr. Jameaon. The tatter Is
now Jailing hourly bulletins to the preen.
At Z ociuck this afternoon nr. Jame-
son declared In hie bulletin that General
Harrison's condition wax critical. At S
o'clock and i o'etock additional bulle-
tins were Issued Whtfth slmrjy stated that
no change In the condition of the gen-
eral nud Bcourred from the afternoon.
3)r. Junteson IJadley and Dorsey watch-
ed by the bedside not leaving It for a
moment except to retire for a short time
low voleed consultation in a comer or
In adjoining rooms. Mr. Harrison still
wutted for the most minute symptoms of
At 6 o'clock this evening It became ap-
parent that General Harrison was dying
Mtid physicians at the bedtlde of'the'dts-
Also a Few Pacts on the Same Sub-
ject. Wo hoar much nowadays about
health foods ami hygienic living
about vegetarianism and many othor
fadB along the same lino.
K&BtaurantB may be found In tho
large cities whore tio moat pastry or
IcoffM Is served and tho tood crank
Is in hie glory and argumonta and
tborles Bnlorc advanced to prove that
meat was never Intended (or human
stomachs ami almost mako us be-
hove that our sturdy ancestors who
lived four score yoars In robust hoalth
on roust beef pbrk and mutton must
have been grusal;' Ignorant of tho
laws ot health.
Our forefathers had other things to
do than formulate thoorlos about the
fodd they ate. A warm welcome was
extended to any kind from bacon to
A healthy appotlte and common
sense are excellent guidon Id follow In
matters of diet and a mixed diet of
gralnB fruits and meata 1b undoubt-
edly the best
As compared with grains and veg-
etables moat furnlLhea tho most nutri-
ment In a highly concentrated form
and is dlgostod and assimilated more
quickly than vegetables and grains.
Dr. Julius nemmson on this sub-
ject says: Norvous persons people
run down in health and of low vitali-
ty should eat meat and plenty ot it.
If the digestion is too feeble at first
it may be easily corrected by the reg-
ular use of Stuart's Dyspopsta Tab-
lets after each meal. Two of these
excellent tablets taken after dinner
will digest several thousand grains of
moat eggs or other animal food In
threo hours and no matter how weak
the stomach may be no troublo will
be experienced if a regular practlco
Is mado of using Stuart's Dyspepsia
'i ablets because they supply tho
pepsin a"J diastase necessary' to por-
fect digestion and every form of In-
digestion will be overcome by their
Thnt large class ot peoplo v.'ho
come under the head of nervous
dyspeptics should eat plenty of meat
and Insure Us proper digestion by the
dally use of a safe harmless diges-
tive medicine like Stuart's Dyspopsia
Tablet composed of the natural di-
gestive principles pepsin dlatose
fruit acids and salts which actually
porform the work of digestion. Cheap
cathartic medicines masquerading
Under tho namo ot dyspepsia cures are
useless for indigestion as they have
absolutely no effect upon the actual
digestion of fowl.
Dyspepsia in all its many forms is
simply a falluro of the rtomach to
digest food and the sensible way to
solve the riddle and cure the dyspep-
sia is to mako dally use at meal time
of a preparation Hko Stuart's Dys
pepsia Tablets which Is endorsed by
the medical profession and known totroubIc an'1 c""UpatIon for a long
contain nctlvo digestive principles. !tmo" Sho 8ay3' "l have tred m
All druggists sell Stuart's
sla Tablets at COc. for full treatment
A Httlo booklet on cause nnd cure
of stomach troublo moiled free by
addressing F A. Stuart Co.' Marshall
llugtiished patfent now make no effort to
conceal tho real Kriivltyof Hie cltuatloi'.
They say It Is a irinttcr of hours only
and nil hopes of his recovery aro aban-
doned. General Harrison continued to sink
from early this morning ell was for the
greater part of the tmo In a semi-comatose
condition and at times there were In-
dieutlnns Of approaching delirium.
The continued spreading and deepening
of the inflammation nnd congestion was
the presence of the great danger tlmt has
been fee ml front the beginning of his
tllneie. v
Harly tonight thore was Increased res-
piration which told of tho creeping con-
gestion and the strength of General liar-
riscui begnn to dlmlnlslr rapidly. At 10
o'clock he was much weaker than he had
lieen two hours beforo and from that
time on the sinking rapidly continued
Hhortlv after 10 o'clock tonight with
his fuce plalnty betraying hU agitation.
Iir lliiiry Jamewon the physician In
clmrge left the residence of General liar-
rlaon to go to his office to procure some
additional medlnluss Which the gravity
of the c.cse demanded. When he returned
he say Unit the oandltlon of General llar-
rtson wis extremely critical and that It
whm ii.ipomiibie toMy how long In his
weak condition the patient might be uble
to n(at th peeiJeolMK of the congestion.
Itnriiig the afternoon the physicians re-
sorted to the oxB-gen treatment In un eu-li-nnr
to furnish relief from the constant
h relief from the constant tffcctually cleanses the Uood ol jut-
of breathing with which i purities. At the'
pain u nd labor
tlm ger.eral contended. It consisted in
supplying the li'r.j: with pure o.gen
llv this means the ability of the pnrti
of the lungs now congested and Inllnnn-.l
to purify the htood was greatly IncreitKcd
The injured and InflRmmed parts are iwr-
milted to rest by means of the nxygru
treatment while the parts still unaffect-
ed work double. It was this treatment
which saved the life of Iludyard Kipling
when he suffered IiIh severe lllne from
Dr. Jameson In giving out the public
bulletins has been conservative nud It
was thought by some that Oeneral Har-
rison's condition was even morf alarming
than these bulletins would Indicate It
wus stated this morning that a prominent
invmber of the Harrison family had teie-
riioned from the .residence nt noon that
hope had bqeji abandoned.
The widespread Intciest In tho former
president Is shown by tho hundred of
messages from every part or the cdun-
try which pour Into tho tiewspapur offices t
and to the Harrison home during the day.
There was not a state or territory tlmt
did not make Inquiry by wire and many
were the expressions hoping that there
might be a turn for the better.
Numerous similar mesmtgeA ha.c
been reeelved. All tho numbers of
General llarrteon'H cabinet Imve tele-
graphed. r. M. Hniimlolt. ntrgeunt
nt-nrma of the United fiuttea senate
left Washington for IudutrtRpolla to-
day when he ly.irned of tile efrloua
condition of aenernl Harrieon.
Tho people of Tndlnnaiiott. whiTlinw-
known the geno-at so long wore no
lees eager for news and the ttfephonH
tn the newspaper offices wert In oon
stnnt Use during the day In annrerlr
Inquiries. ' -
The news tetlay that there seemed
to be little If any hope for the re-
covery rme as a shook to tlta neigh-
bora and friends of the rcnchtl. al-
though they know ho was a very sick
man. Tho recalled that It was lei
than a week since they had seen his
familiar form on tho street. They
seldom saw him In street nrs for ho
never rode In good weather. Twice
and sometimes; ottener a -Jny he walk-
ed from his home dawn tow-i nnd back
nnd of evenings ho liked nothing butter
than to hunt up a friend and stroll
over the northern part of the .-Ity.
The sudden Illness of tho general
recalled to many persons that he hl
ben seen in public more this winter
than for many years and it wan re-
membered too thnt ho had never ap-
peared so willing to dlscuBS subjects
of general interest. On New Year's
dny he in the notable address at the
dedication of Columbia Club building
and since that time has been consplc-
Ions In the public mind by reason' of
things ho has been saying In a 'series
of articles In the North American Re-
An Honest Medicine for La Grippe.
George W. Walt of South GtirdJaor
Me. says: "I have had tho worst
cough cold chills and grip and havo
ta'ioiv lots of trash of no account but
pi" r to tho vondor. Chamberlain's
CoUiTi. Remedy is tho only thing tfcat
has done any good whatever. 1 havo
usod ono bottle o fit and tho chills
molds and grip havo all left rue. I
congratulate tho manufacturers of an
honest medicine." For solo by C. It.
Renfro druggist
Masonic Temple Meetings
Tho following Masonic meetings will
occur during Iho month of March:
March 13 Masonic school of in-
ctructlou; will continue several days.
' March 15 Royal Arch Masons.
Marfch 19 A. F. and A. M. No. 2
regular session.
March 22 Eastern Star regular ses-
Take Laxative Ilromo-Qulnlne Tablets
For Memphis and all points East .and
Southeast take tho Choctaw route.
Two 4a!ly fast trains vcstlbiriod Pull
man sleepers free reclining chair cars
caa lighted and steam heated.
Mrs. C. E. VanDeuson of Kllbourn
Wis. was afflicted with stomach
Dyspep-tcyaruwo" uul onc wavo uone me
tho good that Chamberlain's Stomach
and Liver Tablets have." These Tab
lets are for salo at C. R. Renfro's drug
store. Price 25 cents. Samples free.
Yarpoka Harjo a Creek Indian liv-
ing nt Hickory tqwu In the Creek
nation has a tomahawk pipe wl)lah
General Jackson presented to Harjo's
father a friendly chief nt the close
or r; Cicek war in 1812. The pipe
was smoked at the peace conference
at Klalljeo town. .
The liability to disease is greatly
lessened tvlien the blood is in good con-
dition and the circulation healthy and
vigorous. For then all refuse matter
is promptly carried out of the system ;
otherwise it would rapidly accumulate
fermentation would take place the
blood become polluted and tnc consti-
tution so weakened that a simple
tnnladv mltrlit result seriotislv.
A healthy active circulation raean;
good digestion end strong hcalUiy
nerves. i I
As a blood purifier and tonic 3 3. S
haa no canal it in the safest and bolt
remedy for old people and children
because itcontatua no minerals but is
madeexclusicly of roots and lrjrbs. '
No oilier rcmedv so tbormurhlv and
6ame time it builds
tip the weak and da-
bilitacd aud reno-
vates the entire sys
tem it cures permanently all manner
of blood and skin troubles.
Mr. B. E. Kelly ot Urban O. writes k
"I haacseaufc on my bands and faoe for
five years. Xt would break out in little
trhito DUitulss. crusts would form and
drop off leaving the skin red and inflam-
ed. The doctors did me no good. I used
fil the mediostod soaps and salves without
baneflt 0 B. H. ourod me and my sldn
U as olonr and smooth as any one's."
Mr. XTenrr Sleefrled of Oape May IT
7. bsts that twenty-one bottles of 0. H. B.
eurodTherof Cennerot rhe breast. Boo-
Ksnt and mends thought her cue hope
IJJohard T. Qardner moreaee 8 O.
tifered for year with Bolls. Two bot-
let of 8. H. B. put his blood in good con-
Uloa and tho iolls dliappesxed.
Said for our free book aud Writ
Mr physicians about your case.
hccuou auvicc iree.
v Tho Kind You Havo Always Bonrrjit ami which has been.
i in use for over 30 years has borno tho Riiritatnro of
V y and has been mado under hn pcr-
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WiSfWj facU Allow no ono to deceive you In this.
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Experiments that trlflo with nnd endanger tho health of
Infanta nud Children lSxpcrlcnco against Experiment.
Costorln is n harmless substitute for Castor Oil Pare-
goric Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It '
contains neither Opium Morphine nor other Nnrcotio
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Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles cures Constipation
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Stomach nnd BoWcls giving healthy nnd natural sleep.
Tho Children's Panacea Tho Mother's Friend.
Bears tho
The Kind You Have Always Bought
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fefonJ.1 ' a Pie.YtUvI08rNUW.?niwer
...F.X.DKX.DUf :wluIS(r
(First published In Dally Leader
March 1 1901.)
To Whom It May Concern:
Notice is. herdby given that D. A.
Arthur has this day filed his petition
to sell at retail spirituous vinous and
malt liquors at retail upon lot 0 block
2 In Langaton city or -village Logaa
county Oklahoma territory tud that
unless objection bo filed on or bofore-
tho 14th day of March A D. 100J laldi
petition will bo granted.
Guthrie. Okla. March 1 1901.
J. B. Dobson County Clerk.
By P. S. Pulllam Doputy.
(First published In Dally Leader Feb.
2G 1901.)
Notlco Is hereby given that at a
BcEslon ot tho Board of CoinmlsBtonors
ot Logan county Oklahoma territory
hold on tho 20th day of February A.
D. 1901 a petition signed by Geo. Oglo
nnd others of Woodland township ask-
ing for a view and a survey for the-
purpose ot locating a certain county
road described as follows:
Commencing at tho north conter or
section 28 township 17 north range 3
west running one mile duo south to-
Intersect section line on the south
center ot section 28 said road to be
40 feet wide was presented and that
Jno. Massy Geo. Auderson and A.' F.
Severn wore appointed viewers and
U. S. Reovcs county surveyor wilt
meet at the place of beginning of
said road on March 12th A. D. 1901
at 10 o'clock a. m. of said day and
proceed to view and survey said road
aud glvo all parties a hearing.
Dono by order of tho Board of
County Commissioners ot Logan coun-
ty Oklahoma territory.
J. B. Dobson County Clerk.
By F. S. Pulllam. Doputy.
(First published in Daily Leader Feb.
11 1901.)
Cause Number 2483.
In the District Court of Logan Coun-
ty Oklahoma Territory.
William 11. Long Plaintiff
Daisy Long Defendant.
Tho said defendant Daisy Long is
hereby notified that she has been
Bued by tho said plaintiff William II.
Long nnd that he has filed his peti-
tion against her in tho District Court
of Logan County Oklahoma Teiritory
and that she must answer the said
petition of the plaintiff in tho said
court on or beforo the 25th day ot
March 1901 or tho-said petition will
bo taken an true and judgment will bo
rendered In favor of said plaintiff and
against said detepdant in said causo
granting the plaintiff an nbsoluto di-
vorce from tho defendant and dis-
solving tho bonds ot matrimony exist-
ing between said plaintiff aud said
Cotteral fl. Hornor
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Attest. M. C. Hart
Clerk District Court Logan County
Oklahoma Territory.
By T. A. Nea! Deputy.
Don't Be Fooledi
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clne Co Madison Wis. It
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merits ot Heroine. It 1b n concen-
trated medicine tho dose Is small yet
it- quickly produces the most gratlfy-
ng results digestion Improves tha
lips and cheeks lose their pallor tho
pye becomes bright and the step elaB-
tin. Price BD cents.
$?. B. LHHe ft Cov wwl Whaeler
Son . .
i J A ' -; v.y
'J ''

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