The Guthrie Daily Leader. (Guthrie, Okla.), Vol. 17, No. 64, Ed. 1, Monday, February 11, 1901 Page: 3 of 8

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MONDAY. FEB 11 1901.
- 1
lor Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Boars tho
Signature ot
A. T. & H. 1
No. 40B" 10:4. p.m. 10:15pm
No. 407 12:20p.m. l:.6p.m.
Loral freight. . 5:40a.m. B:B0a.m.
No. 40C 6:40a.m. B:50a.m.
No. 408 4:46p.m. 5:10p.m.
Eastern Oklahoma.
4 HI
i "
I" Kl
i 10
I 410 !
I paaa r
pass r I
i P m
I 4 XI
2 10
12 50
I 1. 30
! ll 80a
i 10 28
i 1O00
V 00
it m
il w
t m
i.' to
1J ftt
1 IK
J 2ft
3 4"i
H 10
3 a)
7 40
7 80
Guthrie & Western. 4
a m I V hi
It 00 l'awnff. 15
8 Sfl Haibbo I ui
H 40 yu-n. ot 4 ft!
V OK Yuxt 4 l
B to Stillwater n 4S
8 M Mehan 9 "
10 00 Klpley 8 Ift
10 Collin gbam I 8
10 28 Perkins t W
IU 45 Goodnight 8 '7
11 01 . OoMe 3 U
M 4 .Campbell I 1 00
!1 S Hu eil 1
1? 49 E limit ' 1 ST
11 80 . Outhrlc I I to
( !
fo p- ..otri. 2 if "Vf'
8 40 2 50 .. Seward rt W 0 44
8 87 3 08 Here 41 !
S 22 ! Cismon It g 9
0 42 8 37 .. Heeding t OT 5 41
10 20 4 10 .Kingfisher 113 a 5 00
Choctaw Oklahoma & Gulf.
imam p m t in
0 05 AWatberford uo
H OH 7 00 Kl Kerio 4 48 f 10
n . 5 3ti OW-aomaritj 5 5 V 16
5 irt If. M) Shawnee 7 iS 10 43
H m Pm
10 lllo SoVth McAlester 10 to 2 15
i m a in
1145 OM Wlater It 4 10
11 11 0 15 Howe It 5 4
jit SH 8 2A Maaatleld 141 5
8 7 41 Utx.nevtlle 2 a 28
Hk-. 0 l Danville J W
6 05 2 55 Little Itnrk 8 30 11 85
. am
2 X 12 21 Drlnkley S8 2 38
128 1120 I'orest City 10 3 20
ti m P ni
f IS 0 20 McmpnlS 116 5 10
JJ fril9 and bouthcrn Hailway 'Jompany
Time table No. 33 Taking uf.ect Sand
Septembers 18W12-S0 noon.
south bound Head down.
No. 1
No 3
Pretty I'ralrle
Kingman. .
Manchester (
12 M
No 7
6 00
7 30
. 55
8 15
0 55
Deer Creek
irRlnla .
11 17
11 57
1 M.
12 30
8 15
NOitTfi pound. Read Up.
-...- 10 2N0 4 No 8 No 10
stations. laH pag Krgt. I'rgt.
p i. 1'. J.
Jlut'hlnton 0:80 445
Pretty Prairie. 5-3 .. 3 25
Kingman 6 11 .250
Harper 4.08 .. . 12 45
A. M
Anthony 3.36 11.23
Cameron l 3. n.
Manchester f ' "
YTakita ... 2-50 9.35 -
A. M. P. M
All. I.V. Alt
Medford - 218 8:50 8:4S 0.20
Deer Creek .. 1:50 8:13 5.S
Nardln ! 8:02 . 8 0
P il. INI-
I.V. A. M X.V
Hlackwell . ... 1:201 7:40 5.o
Nos 1 and 2 daily. . .
Nos 3.4.7 8. 9 and IS allr except Sunday
Tee company reserves the right to very
trom the above schedule or to abandon
trains without notice
C 11 llartT-afflc Manager
There is something to .
See Eat & Drink
Along the
The beautiful Ozark monntalng
Fred llarvci ratine houses and cafe cars
Kureka Springs water
The fatuous health resort.
Through cars without change on all Frisco
trains between
Pullman Palace Sleepers
Reclining Oliair Cars
' (Seats Kree)
Parlor Day Coachas
Trains leave Wichita 1. 20 and 10.45 p'm. Ok-
Jauouiai'Uy 10 15 a. m. Arrive at 8t. ou!s
following morning at 7-26 aud evening at 0
Train leaving St oui 9 p m arrives wlch
ita 3i p. in Oklahoma 6:35 p m. Train
leaving St Louis 8.45 a. m. airfvea Wichita
C 33 a. in.
ftanta Pe trains make close connections at
Wt htta and oklahoma-f or all Prl&co points-
urincr miut iu-ciou r-ui. i-vim uiuq
routes maps etc will be cheerfully given
toy any Frisco representative orthe under-
signed. It U a pleaiurc for u td autwor
.questions Jn yajs ftxvniut
Oenl Pass kUSL Louts
11. F. DUNN DIst Pass. AgUWIouTta K.
Is all the Cincinnati Shu-!
ging Mill Will Amount
. To
Cincinnati. 0 Keb. 11 The altiia-
tlon Is mn ompllcnted than ever to-
nlxlit rerni.lliiK the contoati heie next
Friilny luKht between Martin and
Child. n 1 J fTrlfB and Ituhlin.
It " thought that arirumnt
uouM be completed tonight before
Judge HoillsUr on the aplkatlon fur n
pennant nt injunction aKalnnt th pro-
ped tonteat The attorneys hovT-
rer Insisted on bo much time for ar
Kumentt that another day will l apent
in hearlns; them It In hanllv punitlble
that Judge Hollinter "111 In- umly to
render Ida deolalon on Tuim.1ji inorn-
lil and if he render It on eilm ndaj
or Thurda there will b M'l lit t !
time for the proposed 'tppi .il to the
higher courts.
Mennwhllf- there ar- .til sort of
rumors about other pt . illngs in-
cluding an art Ion against Mmlrten and
Urad for perjary ami p"per-ially the
During the arguments this afternoon
Judge I'etk Insisted that the proceed-
ing should be in the i Imlnal court
room rather than one 'of equity ajid
aaked why Brady Madden und other
who were In the Court mom were not
arrested If they were abetting a pfle
fight .and held the same as Jeffrie and
Ituhlin hud been two week ago
Counsel for the Injunction said that
auch might be the case further on At
any rati there la much talk about
what yet may be done to pi event the
fight. While the defense denies the
Jurisdiction of the court of eo.utt to
grant such an Injunction a is asked
for they will proceed on appeals and
possibly otherwise In case the injunc-
tion I granted. It is reported that
it the Injunction Is refused the plaint-
iff will stop tlietx proceeding ci ac-
count of the limitation of time and
leaev the matter to the governor.
William A. Uratly made a dramatic
as a veil a a strong witness today. He
was not kept on the stand as long aa
Madden yesterday but he made much
more of an lmpresaton. Madden hud
testified that Jeffries would spar with
"lovo taps" for points. nrady Haiti
his man would hit na hard as he could
to retain the championship nnd he had
no doubt that Ituhlin would meet him
equally vigorously. Urady said nny-
othor kind of a performace would bo
a fake and an Imposition on the public.
Urady however maintained as Old
Madden that there had been no prize
tights since the days of Sullivan.
Brady testified to sitting beside
Theodore Roosevelt at one of the con-
tests In the Metropolitan theatre in
New York He testified to reerlng
a -ox for Rooeelt at another con-
test bud Rooseelt did not attend.
Urady thought hi falluie to attend
uu becauNe the New York paper had
said so much about him having a box
Judge Harmon uaked nrady if he
thought .t man Mho was not afraid v.
a lion Was afraid of newspaper talk
Brady replied in the negutlie and pnl.l
a high tribute to Itnoseelt.
Judg Hollisttr usked Ilrudv If 1
tnought Vict -President Rowiewlt w a.
coward. Attorneys in chorus respon Itfd
that the question was uncalled for. Jid
Holllster then scored the attorneys and
said the question was asked because the
court considered Umt a man who favored
such contest and kept awaj from tVoin
because of public sentiment 1 a cow
Urady replied tliat he considered noose-
olt tho bravest man on earth and pro
ceeded to testify to the high standing of
business mtm und others who ware pres
ent on the occasion when he sat near
Rposevelt and stated that he :Htctd
same class of people here next Friday.
Ife testified to reserving a section In the
ball for of the board of trade
of Chicago and to order for ticket from
prominent men all over the connto
The most prominent arrival today were
Tom Sharkey and Spider Kelie Sharkey
a he I here to challenge the winner
Immediately after the flgM He says lw
ha a torvflt of $1800 posted with Al
Smith In New York to fht Jeffrie.
Should Ituhlin win the check will go as
a forfeit for a meeting with him Shar-
key says he. expects jnffrle to win but
that Ituhlin will give Silm u hard fight.
Sharkey say he ha a promise from Jef
fries to the nex( man In the tent that
the rbanaplot wins
A Ntfjht of Terror.
"Awful anxiety was felt for the
widow of the brave General Durnhain
ot Machlns Me. when the doctors
said alio would die from Pneumonia
befpro morning" writes Mrs. S. H.
Lincoln who nttondod her that four-
ful night but she begged for Dr.
King's New Discovery whloh had
moro than onco saved her life and
curofl her of Consumption. After tak
Ing alio slept nil night. Further use
entirely cured her." This marvollmiB
medicine- Is guaranteed to cure all
Throat Choat and Lung Diseases
Only 50e and $1.00. Trial bottles froe
at C. R. Ropfro's drug store.
Gerouio Slldusky n Cherokee des-
perado was kill otl by polleo officers at
Shownen Thufsday night. Sllduaky
was resisting arrest.
1 Screw Worms and
Matters of More or Less Interest
Leader Rau'.rs.
Captain ami M-s. Charles Day of
Blackwell celebrated their golden wed-
ding last week.
Home (irdtiloiia fellow had enough
confident e In the Kay county gold fake
I to stake a claim.
1 Norman claims that 9000 bale ot
cotton worth $405000 will have been
! shipped from that town by the end of
the season
Alexander Jester who gained no-
Itorlety In his trial for the murder of
l Gilbert Oates has moved from Nor-
i man to Cloud Chief
A Remedy Which Has Revolutlon?cd
the Treatment of Stomach
Tho remedy Is riot hp:udcu aa a
wonderful discovery nor Kt a secret
patent medicine neither s It claimed
to cure anything except dyspepsia In
digestion and stomach troubles with
which nine out of ton Buffer.
The remedy Is in th.- form of pi aa
ant tasting tablets or lotenges ton
talning vegetable and fmit essences
pure aseptic pepsin (government test)
golden seal and diastase. The tablets
are sold by druggists under the name
of Stunrt'B Dyspepsia Tablets. Many
interoatlng oxporimtmts to tout tho
dlgoatlvo power of Sttmrt'3 Tablets
show that one grain of the active prin-
ciple contained In them is sufficient to
thoroughly digest 3000 grains of raw
meat oggs and other wholosomo food.
Stuart's Tablets do not net upon tho
bowels HkO aftor dinner pills and
cheap cathartics' wWch simply Irri
tate and Inflame the intostlnos without
having any offoct whutovor In digest-
ing food or curing indigestion.
If tho stomach can bo rostod and as
sisted In tho work of digestion It will
very soon recover Its normal vigor
as no organ is so much abused and
overworked as the stomach.
nl.i. Ir. !. . I !.. I
A 111. IB UIB -Q.l -b 41 lilCIU - MO
secret of the remarkable success of
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets a remedy
practically unknown a few years ago
and now the moat widely known ot
any treatment for stomach weakness.
ThlB success has been secured en-
tirely upon lUt merits as a digestive
pure and simple because there can be
no stomach trouble if the food Is
promptly digested.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets act on-
Urely on the food eaten dlgostlng It
completely so that it can be assimi-
lated Into blood nerve and tlBKtie.
Thoy cure dyspopsla water brush
aonr stomach gs and bloating after
meals because thoy furnish tho dl-
goatlvo powor which wonk stomachs
lnck and unloss that lack Is Buppllod
It 1 susoloss to attempt to euro by tho
use of "tonics" "plllB" and cathartics
which havo absolutely no dlgoatlvo
Stuart's Dyspopsla Tablets can be
found at nil drug stores and tho regu-
lar use of one or two ot them aftor
meals will demonstrate their merit
better tbnji any other argnment.
Postmasters have been appointed as
follows: In Oklahoma at Punn Gar-
field county David Y. Birdcall at
Stella Cleveland county Luclnda
Working Night and Day.
The busiest ami mightiest little
thing that ever was made is Dr. King's
New Life Pills. These pills change
weakness Into strength Ustlessuess
Into energy brsln-fag Into mental
power. They're wonderful In building
up the. health. Ouly 31c per box.
Sold by 0. R. Ronfro's drug store.
The Mulhall band which Is to at-
tend tho inauguration of President Mc-
Klnloy will distribute a book contain-
ing advertisements of different towns
to dufray expenses.
ro you nervous run 'down weak
and dispirited? Tako a few doses of
Hcrblne. It will Infuse new energy
now Hfp Into tho exhausted nerves
the oyer-worked brain or muscular
system and put a now taa on life
nnd business. Price CO cents.
"Wheeler & Son and F. D. Llllle &
Lv ' j
. BF
. .
Ticks .
Ao Instantly Killed when
in omhI. Alan kllla a Spavin Curb rr Splint.
I una a Cut Kirk or I.ruisr ami l'uut Hot
and Mki p
Sloan' I.lnlmcnt 1 1 on (nrnluaMs remedy fnrmm
at w.ll m bent 'liken inbrni ) It cueis Cramp
anl Colic. It is the
Best Antiseptic Known.
Fvery bottle I (warranted -old W druggists and dlaa
gi-srsllwi Family aics5c Horac aM Joo. sa. $
Prtpirs. ky DR. EARL S. SLOAN 8441 Mot
J. P. Renshaw Returns Prom Wash-
ington Free of Talk.
WIcMts Kas. Kcb. 11. TS Bagle
says Mr H s names of Poses City
mid Mr J. P Renshaw secretary of
the Republican territorial committee
were In Wuhlta yesterday on tneir
way home from Washington D. C.
Where they have been for several
weeks on territorial business.
Mr Renshnw reports that the In
crease In the number of Judges in Ok
lahoma Is a sure thing as well a in
Increase In the salary of all the t'i
promo court Judges.
He said "The house committee
reported favorably on the bill Incrcas
Ing the naiades of the Judges from
W.000 to $4000 per annum The sen
te committee also reported favorably
Imt recommended that Uie salaries of
the Judges be raised to $6000 a year.
The bill now goes to a conferenco
committee and the only difference of CRted on the floor of the senate this
opinion will be over the increase of afternoon when Chaliman Allison ot
alary which will probably be madeltUe appropriations committee was
$4500 on compromise if not $6.000. ' forcej to onte into a dc tailed explan-
The judges in Oklahoma earn the sal- at0 of ti various expenditures con-
nry. or Instance in Judge McAtee s
tlHtilit thoie are 1000 more square
mil) thin there are In the state of
Mass-chtih) its The new tudgos will
lie .ipim'ntcil as soon as the bill be-
ccinn i law and they will bo Okla-
liiini.iiis a provision in the bill
maUi s
t mandatory Uiat tlte appolii-j
tees shall haw been resitienters of
the ! rntoi : i twelve months. The
tncriasi of judge was also made nec-
ossary bj the coming opening of the
Kiowa country which will put a whole
lot of additional territory to be at-
tonded to. Aa soon ns the new Judgos
are appointed I supposo the supremo
court will moot find" divide tho ter-
ritory lnto.diBtrlcts throughout."
Mr. Barnes was nskod about tho
likelihood of onrly statehood for Okla-
homa. He .said: "Oklahoma can't
got statehood this kqbbIoii. Affairs
aro in too crowded a stato. But Okla-
homa will bo.mado n stato at tho noxt
so.slon of congress. I am inclined to
think that that honor will bo axtonded
to Oklahoma alone and not to New
Mexico and Arizona."
Thoro Is no bolter farm and stock
Journal published than tho "Old Re-
liable" Kansas Farmer of Topeka.
Kansas which gave Its readers dur-
ing the past yoar 002 pages of select
and practical mattor covering every
varied Interest of tho farnior and his
family nnd the agricultural and Hvo
stock Industry ot tho woat. Any one
of Its "Twontleth Contury Specials."
to bo Issuod during 1001 will be
worth tho annual subscription price of
One .Dollar a year. Sample copy froo
Clubbod with tho Loader both one
year for only $1.00.
. "Only $25 to California
Via Santa Fo Routo; ovory luoeday to
April 30. Tlokots good In tourist
sleapoTB and reclining slinlr oais.
Take tho trip and boo California at Its
prettlcBt. Tlokots at depot
One of the moat beautiful pictures In
Under a backs-round
of pure solid gold rets the
fsinllv raeord In the kdape of a hand
Hi"Volume with gold clasps upon a
cuuIo" of rrlinwui velvet tin a
beautiful gold lass 1 On the paces
under different headings are spaces
inwbl blow lie the name and date
ofblnh On either side Is a ueatl
ful scroll on which to record mar-
riages and deaths Ou top uf ih- pic
tnr are tbe words "rauilly Record"
In tbs richest letter known to the
iirln sr's art Under this are spaces
ior father's and moth r picture
In tbe lower part f tbe picture Is a
beautl ful home slenc Tbe dear old
grandparents the nandsone stal-
wart husband and happy young wife
the lovttig daughter and baby boy
the Molls are gate
ered round the table i I. . i
father mails a portion t'i!H.n
word. A truly beautiful mfur t'i
derneatb are tue word tji iio-
Our ramlly Amuiid ibl iiti-ttire
are filer
Igot spares lor photograpbt of
ollisr mfmbers of tbe fm:i) e.ih
suaee emlilng a gem piece.
XiMwbereou fhepitiure are scat
tared creeping vines buds and blos-
soms In rich cmfuklo and thrown
into bold relief by the gorgeous back
ground of solid gold which .roduces
a picture of tussling beauty
Our reitular nrlte I
Mfc uvv IS rJUtt TIM'I
Our regular priie Is 50 entH but
to anyone who sends this sdvsrtls.
uienc we win sena one tor gn cents
Our price to ageots liforJITF so for
M lUlfortll We pay all charge
aid return money for unsold plrttre
N. c Jackson Pllmotet.1t lsiusht
X75 records for Wl 75 sold them fur
half price Met each In are days
making sW clear prout Can you
do better? We have 5 000 testltnou
lal and want yours Addresn
Home Jiouelty Mfg. Co.
Dspawiae nt W. 1 O UoxtlLCbtcago
. . . .
I llr I!...) A llJlT.Ali1 fl I
I JIO l&lllLC nClUUuCli
Senator Hale Affirms Tliat
. the Total will be
Scripps-McKae l'rcss Asb n
i Washington D. C Ktii 11. The
JalRrm HIlll cagrln which increasing
I appropriations are c aiding the Itepnb-
uCAn ta-aar- 0f nr..Ks wem lndl-
temnlated by tho present congress.
air. Allison estimated that the total
appropriations will not be more than
$760000000. with obligations of $00-
4)00.000 more for future sessions.
Senator Hale of Maine who Is the
most plain spoken man on the Ko-
puuHcan Blle Hnd who 1h m fmllinr
with the finances of the government
as Chaliman Allison contradicted tho
latter and declared that In his Jptlg-
mnet the total will be nearer $8e0-
000000 thnn $700000000. He Bald
that the tldo of expenditure- was rnpld-
ly rising and that the time is approach
ing when instead of a bllllon-dollar
congress the public will bo shocked to
find themselves watching tho procoad-
ngs of a bllllon-dollar suasion
Incidentally Mr. Halo contributed
handsomely to the tldo of tho oxpon-
dlturo by reporting with the naval ap
propriation bill a not lncroaso over
tho house hill of $1001000. Ills at-
tention wsb cnllod to this fact by Sen
ator Tollor who also asserted that ho
had been Informed by a prominent
member of the house coramitteo on np
pioprlatlonB that every appropriation
bill which 'UBS UlU fur been fmjlfj
has been pill together with a view lo
creating a deficiency which will
amount in the aggregate to more than
This statement sec mod to stagger
the Republican lea tk rs and not one of
them attempted to replj to It. It Is
not Improbable that a conference of
lenders of the house and senate will be
called during the next week or ten
days to srelously discuss the question
ot additional appropriation and Unit
decisive action looking toward shut-
hng down on the present tree hamlod
opening of the treasury for ovory
schemo that is proposed will bo taken.
McKinlcy and Wood at Outs.
Curious stories are current nbpilt nn
allgod ostrnngoment hetwosn thfl
president nnd'hls governor ganaral of
1 Cuba Leonnrd Wood whose rapid nd.
vnncement in the army has bean the
marvel and envy of the military ttnn
of the government It appears Umt
the president holds Wood reipcnMble
for the failure of the Cuban constitu-
tional convention to adopt nn Instru-
ment more favorable to tho purpose)
of tho United States than Uia one
which has boeu framed
Wood was given wide latitude In
this matter. Tb president had so
much confidence in his Judgment and
ability that he would permit no Inter-
ference is the matter from other gov
eminent officials who felt that they
were better qualified by experience to
secure th results bo muclt ileal red
Wood made an entlie failure of his
commission. He lost first when he
permitted the convention to fall into
the hands of the revolutionists. He
emphasized his failure when he per
muted these adventurers as they are
called in administration clrolflfl to en
tirely Ignore the United States) In
their Instrument
Now it is said that just as soon ns
the president can do so wlthput at
trnctlng too much uttentkm to his act
he will bring Wood back from Cuba
and appoint a governor geneml better
qualified to run the affairs of tlte
Island This will be a hard blow to
Wood who has barked In the suuahlnu
of presidential favor to an extent that
has been enjoyed b hut few other
men In public life
JA Single Package of the Pyramid Pile
Cure is Sufficient to Cure.
This may seem a broad statement
when it Is remembered thai few din
pane are so obstinate to really cure
an pile some physicians going so
tar as to ftny that u painful surgirnl
iuicmiiuii i m- tin i v jperniwivHii cur-
mt tl10 nnn '""' remarkable rtireii
mnoo ly th.. IS r. ml. I Pile Cure In the
("pant few yetn Ittw proven that sur
operation is the onlv permanent rtire.
glial operations "' no longer neces-
sary and that It l in wtr the safest
and most rollnhli n m 'y v t iIIpiowm
ed for this ommou i i I often ilmipt r
cniH trouble
The hatmlccM a Ids and healing oils
contained In the I'jnimld Pile Cure
cause the blood w mHh to contract to
n natural condition m I the little tu-
mors are absoiti d uid tiro cure I
made withoti pain Im onvt tilence or
detention from btinlncns.
I)r William- a prominent orlflclal
surgeon says It the duty of every
surgeon to avoid an operation If pos
sible fo rure In un other wn and
after many tilaN with the Pyramid
Pile Cnre I unhcsitatingl) recom
mend It In preferem e to an operation '
Mr Phil Owens of South Omaha
.writes that after sufft ring two year
from an aggnn.-ited case of Itching
and protruding piles be was cured by
a Ringlo 50 tent package ot the Pra
mid Pile Cure purchased from a local
diUb'gist he Suva ' fully expet ted
the trouble would return but am
Intppy to say for the nasi year and a
half have been entirely free from the
disease and I can not speak too warm
ly In favor of the Pyramid Pile Cure "
A bill clerk In one of the large
wholesale houscu of 8t. LouIb says:
"My occupation n hllflng dirk was so
confining and sedentary that it finally
brought on an aKKaated attack of
rectal trouble whih my phsltlan
diagnosed as Itching and protruding
piles and recommended a s.iUe which
he prepared an 1 which ga me omc
relief for a few hours after using and
then the trouble would come back aa
bad as ever one of the other clerks
advised me to try the Pyramid Pile
Curo and I now feel like thanking htm
every day for recommending It as a
single BO cent package cured mo and
I havo had no trace ot piles since.
something over six months.'
Hundreds of pile sufferer who hau
almost decided to undergo the pain
nnd danger of nn operation have been
astonished to find that tho Pyramid
Pilo Curo which can be put chased nt
any drug store was far Hafer better
and more orfoctive than nn operation
could possibly be.
At Last a CureTrial Treatment Free.'
Is your kin pallid pale or blood
thin? Are you f'u.lly tired or as tlrod
in the morning as when you went to
bed? Is there loss of strenath'' Aro
you all run down7 Aches and pains in
bones Joints oi bat it Weak eyes or
at m the IMS'" if so vou hae the
ptM.cjn of scrofula in your blood and
tho least i it knt s scratch or blow
will bring to the mrface all the horri-
ble symptoms of tbl. terrible b'ood
disease ulcers swellings eating
tors foul breath bumps or rising bolls.
Itching skin humors eruptions achos
In bones joints and muscles cancer.
catarrh etc. If you are tired of tloo
taring taking patent medicines and
are not cured then try D. B. B. (Bo-
tanic Blood Balm) It Is made espo-
clally for obstinate deepseated blood
troubles aud cures the worst cosos
after all else1 fails. B. B. B. makes
new rich blood and builds up tho
woakened body stops ill the aches
and pains and heals every sore giving
tne rich glow of health to tho skin.
Over 3000 voluntary testimonials of
cures of blood and skin diseases by
using B. B B Thoroughly tested for
80 years. '
Drug stores $1 Trial treatment
free by addressing Blood II lm Com
pany Atlanta Ga. De rihe trouble
nd free confidential medical advice
(Iron Eagle Drug Store
Good housekeepers specify Calumet
Baking Powder In ordering It In sold
it a fair price and It ah.oltitelv pure.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
It artlflflally digests the food nnd altte
Nature In Mrenetlicnlng: and recon-
atructlnc the exhausted digest) vo or-
gans. It is tin ittUiHttll-covereilillftcfK
ant and tonic. No other irepartlu.
can approach it in elllclener. It In
BUintly relievos and permanently cures:
Dyspepsia Indigestion Heartburn
Flfttulon'c Sour Stomach Naiiecn.
Sick Headfcbe UnstiallaCranipBnndL
nUoUiorreeultsoflmporfci tdii;e-ilun-.
Prleo-V and II. Lar-eslzeconlalns.H tlme
snull sUe. llcxik all about dynpcpMa iui 1 1 df reo
Prepared b" E C DeWITT &CO
Sold by J N. Wallace.

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