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MONDAY. FES. 11. 90i.
Committee Report
Is Bitter
To Punish aad Humiliate
Lower Class Men at
West Point
Washington F li 1 1 -The m m
mitten appointed m iiim nt'gate hin.'
nt Went Point mod. .1 rcort tortav
The report first discusses tho ' ' "-M
dlatlnctiona Ix'twe.
nud the "beaM
new arriMila an
iithi- upper-classnn n
mil ' pieties" Hi ih.
unii r lussmcn .ire
culled and aaya.
"The upper clttinn n hove gradna)
'olel tin entire i-iil.. of unwritten li As
Koverninm their nlntlona with fourth
ilaaamen na Well in the whole courw
nf voniluct which kIi mid be pursued bv
the lutter U inlet the code no frl rnl-
ihlis formetl tietwue nthe ui'i i
flnoemtn thf li cr clusamen; tin
have r.o social luti ii ourae or relaiionh
Kxcept where the piirtie have been hi -iualnted
lfnns uterlng the aca.ltn
thf upier-claaamiiii trfiita the foiirth- us unknown u atronncr mil
noil Infi rlor The roirth-i laasmnn Iiim ii"
right to Hpeak a"l.ill to the uir. -rl.iBumnn
ami wli' n In Hpeaka to him
on liuHlnesa hi nldreaNi-a hlni .i
"mlalrr ' or "sit No fourth-clnaam.iu
should R.-ie stnre m nen look n l
nl an uiiptT-i'laaamiiii luit drop his
when In ones prim-m . .imt fallun to
do a 1h a vunlaliiil'l'- offense
"After the fourth-ilasHman goes Into
camp inih Is uaalgneil to some uipii-
ilaHMtnBii us special duty man. anil us
Much must dlachariiv the duties of it
body or tent servant lie must sweep
Itls moror'a tent put up and take
-down his bed adjust the llaps of his
tunt. carry water and discharge other
similar duUea. The upper-classmen
nrofltlnB no doubt from what they have
IcnrneiJ from tlietr predecessors and the
aid of thalr own fertile Ingenuity have
resorted to 180 or more distinct meth-
ods of annoying and hnrraaalng fourth
classmen. Tliey are divided Into thru.
general classes:
"I'"lrst. things done jirofesslonnlly f"r
the KM)d of fourth -i landmen or of the
Beronu things (lum to punish fourth
classmen for vUrfullims o( the ui'i" i
i hiaamt u code.
"Thlnt. things d iii'iuiinl1' without
purpose exi ept I" .ninn tr for tin
mi re umuKiment nl upi" r i liihamen
The i mmltti tin n ih m ril In ihtull
braclnic: engllriK woo tin wllllng ln
I'luxilim dipping sltiliiK on luionitt.
eatliiK quinine gt iiuMiik on hi .id rti
bath tub full of wit I .Hid in.i'i other
forniH of haling.
"An this system kiiw and liii'm mote
opprixlv.' It becani.. in hbh.ii to
soil' effective mi .ins to fierce obedl-
encii to these unliiwful l bests of uppor--Iasno
n und to nuit this demand a
system of fighting has gradually grown
up --.hlit. Is allocking In It character.
Kat h of the upper- lasamen luis a reg-
ular fighting commlttw and -"lanever It
la reiirteJ. for example to the presl-
Cont of the third etnas that a omo fourth-
I'liuMiiutin has refilled to obey and of
the unlawful and illegal order of a
'pper-classman ir has in some other
In-inartnnt rvtitect violated the upper-
claas code all of which. It must lie
borne ln mltiq la In direct conMlct with
the K'Kiilationa and r ule of the acad-
tny the p resident calls his fighting
committee together und If It thinks th
rhargt true It ordoiH the fourth-clnaa
inn n out und names the man who Is to
whip hlni
Tin i onifiilttue any
"A nht t a finish has i more vicious
lure than elsewhere Theoretically
When ii man Ih cli.irH whipped his sec-
onds thiow up the tight The records
allow how vt r but of one Initaare of
tilts Im-Iiir iittempltd und ln that the
piiiulpil was tin uppi r-i liiBsinun In the
fight and refusid to nblde b Ins ei
illuUi udllce To Klniw hm Mrlt and .'.nu-
ll tie the defeated i'i li although lulp-
lins so far as tlRhtliiK was cnni rued
lOUFt nominally go mi lung .i y any
poanllillli he can nine- lank to the
rli! i Mill though he Ih liuapuble of
doing anything but take punishment
Man of the wlln-usi s say that he must
light until knocked insennlble others
say that of course he would bo ex-
cused when physlclatly Incapable of
coming p again.
"In tlio opinion of this committee
when th system of fighting lias been
destroyed the worst forms . of Iiaxlng
must die with It. Such flcltts as these
are felonies in many of the states.
They have gone on for yenrti at "West
I'olnt. and no one liaa been pmlnhed
during the period cosernd by live Inves-
tigations of your committee and the
time has low Hjrrtcd wlioti eonKres
must decide whether the fighta. substan-
tial evenwharo no treated as high
crlmiH shall coiitlt oi to go on at the
inllltar' reservation t West I'olnt.
"It is of course. Impossible to deter-
1'nne Just what has been tlia off cat Ot
this long courue of cruel and nnnoylnB
tre.iment upon Xourth-cloaamcn Wo U')
know that smeral. notably t'adeta Vac
Arthur ttreth and Burton were f l t
Into convention; that many more in
eluding Cadets Haseatl Kenael McOln- I
nla and Peg-ram. wers hasiil u n Ml tiny j
fainted Cadet Van Natta an. I (wrh rn
others have bee ntuised until sick
CikIiU Boom and Broth wn both
treated with B real ser1t .mil mere
nnir well afte rtbey left flu n. nitemy i
an-1 i"oh died Ip hla oung manhood
Irt-foT the graduation of hi i las iut
we lantiot affirmatively ftnd that their
li iih is caused by their treatment
'I kinK up the Boot cane the ommlt-
t.. i it.a that hla conduct at th.. nend-
m amh strictly correct although under
II.' offensive clasti despotism It wan
li wed aa a merited chastisement The
( ireiimstancea of Ilia twin called out.
hi tight and the a y teo of anoyance
.rm tired on him are minutely at at til
Thf committee add:
When Injuries In the light dlsutrb-
i i-b In the stomach mortification of
: intra and other superadded ordeals to j
i . vet but jM-opor duties of a cadet j
! the depression In Boose and
n Ht these unlayful exactions ho. i
.1 hive atu died and gained ln '
i nith and vigor arc alao p roblema
. ( i I human knowledge to determine.
i iie like comment nriat bo made
"ting the caao of Jihn tfdward
it ill '
i in committee any Hint on the whole
i in i i a religious opinion are highly
lit. tr.l at the acadorn in one caao
i u t waa called a "damned Jew" but
n v us an Isolated caao Two Hebrews
vs it the i ademj tu-'fled that they
ii .1 ii. yer tw'ii mlKtn it. d on account
i . or r Union
To Be Established Soon in Cleveland
Spu ll to Daily Leatlt;r.
j Norman Okla. Feb 11 -Thei e is a '
' M'.ssiblllty that a rural postal rotitt-
.will be established In Cleveland conn-
't-- from the Norman postoffloe. A i
p. tltion was recontly sent to the tie-
)i.irtmi-nt from fari.u -s along; the pro-j
i pos. d route and It ha been received
i witli favor by the authorities A spec-1
1 lal inspector will probably bo he' in I
I a short time to look over the field and
.leclilo the m tttor. Mr. Flynn is tak-
iim Interest In the matter and given
It his earnest endorsement.
Mr I) W. Gooding has worked it
ni norm-mi tho Minna nf nimnttt
i-M'iy farmer along the route to the of 189T. trying every cough medicine
-H'tltltlon. -As figured out the route l heard of without permanent help
will be 28 miles long and take In theiuuU1 one day ' wa J Ue drus store
lionntry west of Norman going south
I n couple of miles then west then
north a mile then west to H. Down-
ing'R and h. Fnublon's thence north
1 to Haddock's nnd t roup's thence cast
to a line with Norman and thence
south to Norman. It will accommo-
date some 100 families of 500 mom-
heis and would be a great conveni-
ence to tho fnrmors nlong its route.
0 A. Roberta of LIntnar III. suffer-
ed four yenrs with a wad ln his atom-
ath and could not eat. fie lost 05
pounds Two bottlps of Dr. Caldwell's
Srup Pepsin restored his appetite
ured his stomach trouble and today
he Is well and hearty and says ho
ues his liealtu to Dr. Caldwell's
H rap Pepsin.
K i) Ullle A Co.
Kingfisher Okla. Feb. 11. The Ma-
sonic Crand lodge met here today with
a large attendance.
A s hool of Instruction as begun !
with Judge Brown of Kl Reno as In-
strudor. A number of
it Masons from
various parts of tho territory are pres-
ent to take advantage ot Judge
Brown's lectures.
Catarrh has become such a common n of Hamilton. Gaanl he asked
disease that a person entirely free from me to tr Chamberlain'g Pain Balm
this disgusting complaint is seldom met for rheumatism with which I had suf-
with. ltiscustomarytosneakotCatanhlfered for a long time. I told him I
as nothing more enous than a bad cold i hl . ... . odfi .. ...
a simple Inflammation of the hm andl"1 " LlhIn a"? ecine thy
thioat It is in fact o cuiupHcatedandl11 fed. lie said: 'Well If Cham-
very dangerous disease; it not at nrsi it
very boon becomes so.
The blood is miickly contaminated by
the foul secretions and the poison I
throufih the cenesal circulation is carried
to all pari a of the system.
halves washes and sprays are unsatis-
factory and disappointing because they
do not reaUi tho aeat of the trouble. S.
S. S. dot-fl It cleanse the blood of the
poison and eliminates from the system all
catat i secretions und thus cares thor-
oughly and permanently the worst cases.
Mr P It. McAUister of Jarrodt urr Ky
wntt " ll.iving Ixca a terrible auiTcnr fn. 4
Catarrh and being now
amiod and wctl the tuca
Hon nfun put to
e ta
Wtiat cured your In
iMrer I fctt It ray daly
Ute that Snrllt'a Hoetl
ia the mediciae. t am
aocn a tru believer In tbe
etneacy ef Swift "a Speciae
that I can hoaeelly and recom
mend It to any one MlfTar-;
ins; iroiB i.iarrn. itavc
rteouatrtidcd ittotnsny
aad am h.miv to aav that
thaMwhntu I Knv0 fiitlue.
ed to ute it i nn bear oieout Inthestatement 1 ia
It will enrr any cac of Catarrh if Ul.1.1 ucriri
lug to directioaa "
ifl the only pan ly y
etnble blood pttr'
known and Uu- pretest
of nil blootl incuiciiies
nnd tonics.
If you have Catarrh don't wait until it
becomes decpseated and chronic but be-
gin at once (he Uftc of S. S S. and send
for our book on blood and fkin disooscs
and write our physicians about your case.
fi&fiJfrHk j wL
aK.iii- -.- i
A bio doctor's
Thoao women who havo tried it (and they aro legion) i
k tow that ( t. F. P. will make a doctor's services unnocosa-
ry. There is no form of female disease that this jireat rem
edy will not euro. It rogulatea tlio monthly periods and makes them
painless; it euros prolapsus loucorrhcen tumors ulceration inflam-
mation and nil other womb and ovarian troublos. Buy r bottlo from
your druggist and it will do fbr you what it has dono for so many thou-
sands of others -mako you a woll strong happy woman fit for wifo-
noou anu moinornoou.
Poraeveral year T vrna. af-
flicted Ith whin iiiii'!ialii.i
of the womb. My '.unlly phy-
sician run Id no U no. awd.
n tit f Mi -ulT'rlnitattlnirawniiaolntriifictliii Icotild
nut t.l r.iti the inr made hyarterson wnlkimincriisBtl
MiKir.nud I li.i'l (riven up in deauair t
deauair when
imixe j. r f i nnje
avetakru twobottlee
fnrw ii m' of nte : tnn pain arm miaen
am entirj'b iired aniVatnine andvlri
mrw lia'' of llleithn
---. . -- - -w -
no misery i
Btrl. M KM. A
A ; I 1 1 A lJtl KKOff
. f
i j
A. Luak Is Suad for Three Thou
sand Dollars Damagt.
Norman Okla. '-Vb. ll.--Tho Nor-
man Transcript says Porter B. Noll
has suod J. A l.usk in the district
tourt for $3000 damages for assisting
Mrs. Noll in kidnapping; bis (Noll's)
aon. Noll and his wife separated and
had considerable trouble. Their tittle
boy staid wltli the father but finally
Mrs. Noll secured possession of the
child and neither or them have been
seen since. Noll charges that Lusk
furnished the mother with money and
assisted her in otner ways.
The claim of other cough medicines
to be aa good aa ChiunberlaJn'g ro
effectually set at rent In the following
testimonial of Mr. C. D. Glass an em-
loy" 0I "ariieit & uenuis uo. uard-
Iner Me. He says: "I had kept add-1
ing to a cold and cough in the winter !
of Mr. Houlehan and he advised me to
try Chamberlain's Cough Remedy nnd
offered (b pay back my money If I was
not curou. My lunge and branchial
tubes were very sore at tills Urns but
I havo slnco always turned to it when
I got n cold and soon find roliof. I
also recommend it to my frlonds nnd
am glad 'to say it 1b tho best of all
cough medicines." For salo by 0. R.
tonfro drugglsL
It Carries the Big Dense Irishman
Into Many Places
The Washington. (D. C) fimea
Bl": '-"'onet uicnaru t-iuiiKQU or
"". " " u uuiiur ui
q dinner given at the Congressional
Hotel last night by Representatives
Bailey and Calderhead of Kansas. A
large number of members of congress
and men prominent In Washington
official life were present.
Tonight Colonel Plunkett will be
entertained by E. L. Jordan at his
hoine m nton. Va
A large num-
ber ot Western men will be present
"lc'uu'tK trie following: uepresenta-
I Uvea Bailey and Calderhead of Kan-
sas; Bartholdt of Missouri; Little of
Arkansas and Bell of Colorado; Sam-
juel Qompers. A. A Lipscomb Judge
Albert S. Dulln of New Jersey; II. W.
Szegedy Thomas Roche W. C. McKJn-
ney and Joseph Ralph.
"I hobbled Into Mr. Blnckmon's drug
fctore one availing" guys Wesley Nel-
nenain s 1'ain Balm does not help you.
you need not pay for it.' I took a
. ... . .. ' .
uu""' ul " '"" IU u" " accoru-
ing to me turecuons anu in one week
I was cured and have not elnco' been
troubled with rheumatism " Sold by
C. R. Reufro druggist.
FrelKlit trains ln Oklahoma are so
overiuti with tramps that it is Im-
posHible to keep trains free of them.
A southbound freight stopped at Mill-
hall a few days ago and. to the amaze-
ment o the conductor two Italians
with two big bears climbed from a car
nnd began taking up a collection from
the crowd that assembled to watch tlio
bears perforin.
Should a Man be Vain?
Certainly he should. He should
havo ambition to look well and feat
good which ha cannot do unloss ho
digest his food. Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin nldB digestion cloars the hoad
koepa tho bowoln rogular and mokes
n man feel nt poaoo with the whole
world. Try it. P. B. Lllllo & Co.
An Indian territory Sunday sehool
association will bo organized at Mus-
kogoo March 21 and 22.
bill or
Prepared only by
Sold by all Dvfgists at SI
a bctils six bottles (or $5.
If room. Let fnUrKOmrxt
I on aciviac
fl'M bone. "nlikr M.ah.
r Make ilMrr llonnw." wrliejn
eontl&wmt ti trrm ii'IvIm to TL
LmHwT ItMtfi t'tuli cure of L.
of it ami in
mi nmoiira
miitia. jimit.nnotfii.7Mnn
.: .5 ;. t -. "jf.
ronvlll raoeimhtll InMrnotloiM. I
The following Is Councillor Wink-
ie'B bill No. 16. Tho first Mil to pans
both houses:
An act relating to the fiscal year
ili'lined and amendatory of section one
of thapter thirty-two session laws of
1837 ot Oklahoma territory.
Be it Enacted by the Legislative As-
sembly of the territory of Oklaho-
ma: Section 1. That the fiscal year for
the territory of the session acts of
1807 be amended and are hereby
utnended to read as follows:
Section 1. That the fiscal year for
the territory of Oklahoma and each
county township or dty or other
municipal subdivisions thereof shall
commence on the firat day of July and
end on the thirtieth day of June of
each and every year.
Sec. 2. All acts and parts of acta
' conflict herewith are hereby
Sec. 3. This act shall be ln force
from and after it passage and ap-
proval. Cure Your Dyspepsia
The foul breath ot a dyspeptic per-
son is enough to drive away nil tholr
friends. And to know that it can so
easily bo cured makes It nil the more
Intolarable. Bailey's Dyspepsia Tab-
lots brlntf rjuiok relief followed by a
permanent 'euro If porslstod In. Try
thorn trylay and you will feel like n
now pejson. Thoy are choqolatod
coated nnd ono is Ukqn after onch
meal. They aid digestion by assist-
ing nttura in extracting all tho.
nourishment from food. Your food
does not do you any good unless di-
gested. Undigested food decays and
poisons the system. Price 25 cents.
Mado by lakeside Med. Co. Chicago.
Sold by C. R. Renfro drugglgL
Andy Broaddua an aged pentleman
and a brother of the resistor of deeds
of Pawnee county was taken In charge
at Stillwater by Officer Joe Bourdette
until word can be received from his
brother. The Gazette says: lie lost
his mind and wants some one to buy
him poison so he can kill himself.
Andy was once a prosperous citizen of
this city but a few years ago his wife
died and since that time luck seems
to have been against him. For two
winters he waa janitor of the public
schools here but falling health com-
pelled htm to abandon this place. He
la a ICentuckian and la from one of
that state's foremost families. '
A Frightful Blunder.
Will cften causa a horrible Burn
Scald. ' Cut or Bruise. Bucklen's
Arnica Salve will kill the pain and
promptly heal it. Cures ever Sores
Ulcers Dolls. Corns all Skin Erup-
tions. Best Pile cure on earth. Only
25 cents a box. Cure guaranteed.
Sold by C. R. Renfro druggist.
It shells I'erriully Olean whether
the ears of corn are large or sinziL
Kery I armer ri'-iluen the value of
tiertei t need eota The Little ulant
lathe only sueller that will not In-
jure the need. It turns an eaally that
any iliilil iau use it 1 1 la handy and
try riinplo. Nothing to get out of
order ann will latt a n IV tune We
baveaulu thoiiaaiiiii. of llu t.u .fiellcl
tint the demand I m riaiing We
uaruiee cery elieiler to give
Uf.ii. lion or money refunded X'rloe
no eta. O 00 per Uoten AOKNTH
VAN11EU. Home Novelty Mfg. Co.
ept. tat 11 ) I' O lloi&UCb(cai;o
Weak Kefysus en
All male tea lers nt this pa-
per who are hbff-ring from
Woakners peculiar to lo-t
man.'ood tt.m. li igu'a their
life oauatoir mentul nnd pliy-
sloal lufjerinir ''ould wrlw 9
to us for our little book "A A
Warning; Voloo" ulnoh do
serlbf those troubles. Write
today ouoiaalug 3s stamp to
pay pottnQ on treatise
Addref Dr. W. H. launders ?
fc 0. ChiCRgo Illinois &
..i.a. -a....--g4a
J W MuMkM. PrealJenti
Guthrie National Bank
Capital $00000.
Board of Director.
In addition to offleers of bank
2?f 23? -4TY 4
HJ mr
CzZ. .IrJri. uvl : - .
tfCt. JU flt WBti wAm rfaUr eaa .r. .- A. t t- 4L . . .
Office and Yardsil W. Oklahoma.
(XtVl&8frlMXH8 X&&4&&Hmfr&Q&49&Q4&4Q.
"Wo handle
)ur line of'
The People's Resort (
Lyon Block Division St.
Proprietors 1 Emil i
OC9)'X -g-0-0feeaf0tj3CM0 Q 0
The newest and best wagon :i Glithrie. The best servu
at all times. Wu dlivr auvthinc from a spool uf thread to ..
ice plant. Our work guaranteed.
rum Casn
Telephone for
OUB jg
Linen will last J times as long
when Laundered by us. Our new
Process is Perfect. We work to
please our customers and we are
pleased with our Customers.
C. BOOTH Manager.
8t O'.'O-.-Q 4ft'-S'Hs-'0--t9 .-d) iQ. t..'.-fi)..s. caV. a) . 8-. 09'9 -9
I Don't throw your clothes away
A llecausc tbey are a little faded.
fl ll1aM4Ui ?k niiirsn l.u a ti ak
w Kuarsal'e the
Hints ladles clothing
the beat workmanlike manner. Out of town orders re
ceive prompt attention.
--u9 e a a a g )
wiioiisiii n
Wholisili I -Grocers
A. J. SMAY VUe-Prealdcnt
Surplus. $10000
A i
MTk B &&2H6&:
i'ufc CITU L D Dunut im rH
w l.iiiil.11 i ihmic ij. o
tlia foods to please the
Cigars if unequaled.
Phone 87
Telephone 25
Iransfer Line
xtage wagon.
mm UBT va wu W IEf nST wii lfiTai
'Phono No. 4 7
Cor. 1 & Clovelnd.
'' '&'
Our new Dying Procesnis
iv.ieW nn lax 4nAt t"ra
work not to fade. Coats
ln fact evervthlntr handled
Guthrie Steam Laundry
- . - - g' - - - & - . - fr - fr )
reuthrii uokli. City.

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