The Guthrie Daily Leader. (Guthrie, Okla.), Vol. 14, No. 90, Ed. 1, Thursday, September 14, 1899 Page: 3 of 4

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After it onCo t$ uu - The past six months usually the dulW converted into the busiest for us v indomitibleVnerjfy and well planned efforts and by Wmi fOe Of ft tettClW' .iml
Irresistible low prices on dependable nipt hanilise Values of equjl met a on advance fylcoi n w fill s:ood will again bring enormous
i iiwii t. Oklahoma s ' ' u heave ' st
rim KtrUMDED r
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A Crasli in Prices-
4 o
Ttt flT T AM Jh1.1h T1...H n... AM 1.
iii uui JWCllKUUilUie UlUtUJ UL'UIU UIICUI. i
Pure White Lai-ge Size Towel Fringed and good value at OJo. goes
for each 4
Fancy Border Fringed Huck Towels and one that sella everywhere for
7o. goes for each 5 o
Extra Large Size Fringed Fanoy Border Bath Towel and good value
for 10o. goes for each 7o
The Jumbo Size Bath Towel sold everywhere for 15c goes for 10 o
A 17o. Jumbo Bath Towel goes for 12Jo
A 25c. Jumbo Bath Towel goes for v 17$o
Fancy Border Hemmed and Hemstichcd Towels and a good value at
170. goes each for 12Jo
Fancy Border Hemmed and Hemstiched TowelB great values at 25c
go for 17o
Hemmed and Hemstiched Towels in Fancy Border rare values at 35c
go for 25 o
Hemmed and Hemstiched Towels very cheap at 50c go for 39 o
Fancy Colored Napkins Fringed Everybody's Pdce 39c our price
per doz 25 o
Fancy Colored Napkins Fringed Everybody's Price per doz. G9c our
price 50 o
Fancy Colored and Plain White Napkins Everybody's Price ?1.10 our
price 65 o
Bleached Pure Linen Book Fold Napkins popular sizes in Morree
Keystone and other very latest designs with Table Damask to
fc match our own importation from Austria at per doz. 50c $1 19
' 1 49 1 G5. 1 98 2 25. 3 49. and $4 50.
Turkey Bed Table Damask never sold for leBtt than 19c our price. . . .? 15 o
Fancy Colored Table Dainnsk 25c. values ut 17 o
Fancy Colored Table Damask 37ic values at 25 o
Fancy Colored Table Damask 40c values at 29 o
Fancy Colored Table Damask 45c. values at 35 o
Fancy Colored Table Damask 49c. values at 40 o
Fancy Colored Table Damask 55c values at 45 o
Fancy Colored Table Damask GOc values at 49 o
Half Bleached Pure Linen Table Damask 39c. values at ? 25 o
Half Bleached Pure Linen Table Damask 45c. values at 33 l-3o
Half Bleached Pure Linen Table Damask 05c. values at 49 o
Half Bleached Pure Linen Table Damask 75o. values at 60
Half Bleached Pure Linen Table Damask 85c. values at 09 a
Bleached Pure Linen Table Damask 35c valuea at ? 29 o
Bleached Pure Linen Table Damask 50c values at 39 o
Bleached Pure Linen Table Damask 65c valueB at 48 o
Bleached Pure Linen Table Damask 75c values at 69 c
Bleached Pure Linen Table Damask $1.00 values at 75 o
Bleached Pure Linen Tablu Damask jl.50 values at 1 25
Bleached Pure Linen Table Damask ?2.00 values at 1 49
We are also showing a beautiful array of imported Table Sets in prices '
ranging from a set $5 00 to $10 00
OJc Towlings go for $ 4 o
7c. Towlings go for 5 o
8 l-3c. Towlings go for ' 6Jo
10c Towlings go for 7o
12Jc. Towlings go for 8 l-3o
15c. Towlings go for 10 o
17c Towling9 go for r 18Jo
i. bor at girl Trt bea m lat. no pen-
cil no Blots pencil no tablate no pno
pewits no pon Htaft can gal them at Tbo
Rush cheapo
6x8 Slated eaoh ia
8x13 Stalled tadh la
xS Glutes (alt-Donna fe
10x14 BJfttns foil-bound. e
Soapatono siaJto Ponclls 2 ft... ; lo
Oabinot Blato PenteH Z tor M. lo
OompoaMJon Paper legul oap olro 2
butrchat for to
"Wlpo-sUtchoJ Bdhool Spelling Ink aib-
lots each 0a
First PtJm Pencil Tnbldta lo
Oraat General's Pencil Tnlw to
A lOo TaMet for fc
A 9o Tablet for Jo
Ink Not Paper ruleJ 8 bimefhea fl. So
a aniAsn in piuce-
In Oour Dependable Shoe Department.
laaimf Button Pott. TBjs goad Dol-
lar value iroco. tor.... 75o
tiadles' Button and Ince uood tlJS
Mttlwoa po for 109
Ladlbj' Button und Zaco. even LS0
values ro for m
Zailta' Button only OU Oroln &xrt
tt75 raluea so for LU
JMUcef Button anU UiCe laj EUrt
t GO -alucs ro for 1.J8
lUadlea Button acitl Lace rood 12.78
values co for... 2.35
LhnHna' Button and Lace rood ts.00
values co for 2.U
LaiUta Viol Kid Uooo only CloUi
top on good 23.00 valuew co for.. 2.89
Ladlee' Vlcl Ktd Lnce only Fancy
Cloth Top and rood 2XC0 valuos
CO for 300
Ladlea' H'ack and Tan Lace only
Ctoth Top and olcsurut U00 valuoti
CO for Z.4S
Men's Loco and Congress Calf good
21.30 values go for 93o
Mon's Lnce and Cononcos good 2LE0
values go for .... 12S
Men's 1j3c tinid Comrross good 21.75
valwc go for L3
Men'4 Lace and Corctowc good $1.76
values go for. 1.S
Men's Ice and Congreas good 22 O
values g for. 1.83
Men's Vtol IOd Ltce only good 22.78
valuwa go for 2 25
Man" Vlrt KU Cloth Top Lace only
good (2.88 values go for 2 29
Men's Lace only Calf tfood 23.60
values (o fop. I.TS
Hemeraber ttteee shoes are In the very
latest TUJC '99 shapes.
Adamantine Pins a paper lo
Hail Pine all sizes a bundle lo
Beauty Plna Mutts "ttlngs oach Be
Large Siie IUibbwr Ibtir Pins eocb. .. 2o
Fanoy oolored bonier Ledleo' Hand
kerchiefs eaoli .... 2
Fuivy oo4arJ border hem-vtitchud
( -1U Ids' llandkerehlefa eodh .. Eo
Brooks KJnoB 200yd spool Tbrsad
a spool .... .... .... . . o
Curling Irons eaoh.. ... to
Fam coli -! bordsr hem-otltched
Handkirc-h f of pure llnent etacfa. fa
sE-agr-!guia eas i be
A Crash in Pr ces-
In Our Dependable Dress Goods Department.
Double Fold Brooaded UrllUantlne Good Value at 17Jc goes for. . . .? 12Jo
Double Fold Brocaded Crepons Anotlier Good Value at 17Jc goes for. 12Jo
80 Inch Black Oerietta pure dye and a good valiio at 37ic goes at. ... 25 o
80 Inch Black Sorgo pure dye iui excellent value at 870. goes at. ... 25 c
30 Inch BliK'k Henrietta pure dye and n bargain for 50c goes for i . . 35 o
8C Inch Black Storm Sorgo an excellent value at 50c goes at 35 o
40 Iuoh Etherwise Cloth a rare value at C5c goes for 40 o
40 Inch French Poplin very cheap at 05c goes for 40 o
4 1 Inch Brilliantiue never sold for less than 7Bc goes for 49 o
Novelties in Fancy Plaids double fold and cheap at 12Jc goes for. . . . 8 l3o
Novelties in Fancy Crepons double fold and never sold for less than
12Jc goes for 8 l-3o
Bhcppard Novelties in Brocade effects the regular 170. grades go for. . 12Jo
30 Inch Mohair and Wool Crepoim a good value at 37o. goes'f or 25 o
Two Toned Novelties in Blue Bed Green and Purple excellent valueo
at G9c goes for 50 o
A Crasli in Prices-
In Onr Dependable Calico Muslin and Outing Cloth Dopartments.
Vigilant Oil Bed Drom Print never iold for fcfci than 5c goes for. . . .$ 4 o
The Regular Bo. Shirting goes for . 3Jo
Corinthians guaranteed faat color Dresa Prints and a good value at CJc
goes for 5 o
American Indigo Blue Dress Prints pure dye goes for 4Jo
American Black and Grey pure dye Dretw Prints goes for. 4Jo
The Regular 7o. Outing Cloth goes for ... 5 o
The Regular 10c Outing Cloth goes for 8 l-3o
The Regular 12c Outing Cloth goes for. .-. . 0 o
The Regular 15o. Outing Cloth goes for i 12 Jo
Yard Wide Soft Finish Blenched Muslin the CJc kiud goes "for 4Jo
Yard Wide Extra Heavy Soft Finish Bleached Muslin the regular 71c.
kind goes for. OJo
Apron Checked Gingham the CJc kind for 4 Jo
Apron Che-:ked Ginghams the 7c kind for G o
Apron Checked Ginghams the 8l-8o. kind for QJo
The Good Value Be. Hhirting goes for .". . . V. '.'. 3Jo
The Good Value Cc Shirting goes for . t. . . $. 5 o
The Good Value 7Jo. Shirting goes for . . 0 Jo
The Good Value 10c Shirting goes for i. ...';..'. 81-3o
A first class 7c Feather Ticking goes for 5 o
A flint olass 8 l-3c. Feather Ticking goes for 6o
A first class 10c Feather Ticking goes for 7Jo
A first class 12Jc Feather Ticking goes foe 81-8o
A first class 15c Feather Ticking double fold goes for 12J0
A first class 20o. Feather Ticking double fold goes for 15 o
A first class 26c Feather Ticking double fold goes for 17o
A Crash in Prices-
In Our Depondablo Ifosiery Dopactmont
Ladies' Fast Black Homo good 7 Jo. value only ; $ 5 o
Ladles' Tan pure dye Hoie good 10c. valuo only. 8 141c
Ladles' Fast Black Hoe good 10c. value only 8 14Jo
Ladies' Fast Black Hoye good lSJc value only 7 10 c
Ladies' Tan Hoe pure dye good L2Jc value only. . . ".i ....'... ... ... . 10 o
B -A.T- lL- u
120 Oklahoma
"J&Z&.3SZ J&.u ISLjSLTST'JSMELf Proprietor
33E03E1.Xh3?'!SZb 333SC3Bt IVTxi sigror.
w -
. )

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Niblack, Leslie G. The Guthrie Daily Leader. (Guthrie, Okla.), Vol. 14, No. 90, Ed. 1, Thursday, September 14, 1899, newspaper, September 14, 1899; Guthrie, Oklahoma. ( accessed April 13, 2021), The Gateway to Oklahoma History,; crediting Oklahoma Historical Society.

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