The Guthrie Daily Leader. (Guthrie, Okla.), Vol. 14, No. 62, Ed. 1, Saturday, August 12, 1899 Page: 1 of 4

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Renf ro DRIJG
lft JllJWJ Jv 4Jv
Frota no-r until August i; 1S99 we -111 sell all of oar
Ladies' Men
Children's Low
At cost to make rot m foi mil mi me use fall and winter stock
EisenscSimliit & Weckel.
Come early before Bizm. arc broi m
James A RaniBter 85 Shoes for St
i ' lr
Wall Paper
(5c paper Be
7c paper 6c
10c paper 8c
12c paper 10c
15c paper. . r 124
20c paper 1 0c
Note Paper quire . 8c
Envelopes package.. 3c
Be Pencils lc
25c Books 10c
Hammocks at coat.
Importance Attached to the
Saratoga Sorehead
Scrippt-McRae League.
Washington Angust It The few
Democratic congressmen of note now
bete do not attach much lmportanco to
the conferences that have been held
at Saratoga by the opponents of Gol.
Hrynn or those tinnounced to take
place shortly. The ifollowers of the
NebraBkan Insist that ho will lrave
practically a solid delegation In the
next convention.
Or .limine Ib Knroufo to Shu
Scrippu McRao League.
Havaoa Aug. 18 The Jiminvz which
left for San Domingo will proceed to
flaracoa at tho custom end of Island.
Forty-seven Cubans Including sixteen
Cuban ofllcers are with the expedition.
In YiuuIh Vnlloj arc L'rPiiirIiiR
For II J? Haltlo.
J V MiNEAL President
A J. SEAY. Vice President
Guthrie National Bank.
Capital $50000. - - - Surplus $10000.
Beard of Directors
In addition to oMcore of batik
W. J. HORSFALL Casuier.
MPr&MM iwje. iuip.-..on ctcns r ui-m.tiuf. Cure Lot Manhood Irn-
Wjy ou Twitching Of" fcolldii. ltoc'' ""'". ! fcrTJTl K.itl uuil. ui ''
5L"SK2K 'Att&E' KESr Vsnap RQmd oo.. Ban r.anciico. Oal.
or sale by J. N WALLACE Guthrie. O T.
Ill "ft nr-y
life :lf? Jii Is
Mormon umnops" pi ."? ."?." "T "'".-'::;.. 7...lUU bom
.... v
Scripps-McHae League.
llcrmoslllo Mexico Aug. 18 Inform
uiatlon received from General Torres.
atLorin In the Varjul valley Indicate
he may decide to precipitate engage
raent with YaquiB Sunday or early
next week. The Indians aro throwing
up formidable earthworks in vicinity
Hacum their stronghold.
Olympia Leaves NujileH.
Scrlpps-McRae League.
Washington August 12 Dewey ca-
bles that the Olympla left Naples to-
day for Leghorn.
Urivato llalvornoii Dead.
Scripps'McItue League.
Leavenworth Kas Aug. 12 Pri-
vate Martin Halvorson of company D
Firkt Nebrosku died In the hospital
here. He was invalided at Manila five
months ago. lie was burled this af-
ternoon with military honors
Mo nej' for Suflorors.
Scripps-McRao Leagu
Jollet 111. August 12. The lato
Third Illinois regiment has telegraph-
ed to tho war department for SCOO for
the relief of thohullcrors ut Arroyo
and Ouyamo where the regiment wan
encamped during tho Porto Rican cam-pn'gn.
After tho Trusts.
Scrlprs-Mcltae League
Omaha August 12 Attorney dm
oral hmyth this nmrnlug Instituted a
suit to drive the Standard Oil Trust
from tlu'i state under the anti-trust
lawp Ho tays he will proceed against
other monopolies.
(let uu A tire Calendar.
Tho Ssnta Fo Route has issued a
limited edition of a handsome six-
months' calendar July to December
comprising six color reproductions
8x11 Inches each of Hurbauk'a cele-
brated Pueblo Indian portraits which
were this season s art sensation and
have hitherto only beon reproduced in
Brush and Pencil. Attractively bound
with engraved cover representing an-
cient Aztec calendar stone Obtainable
for 26 cents at Atchison Topeka &
Santa Fa railway local ticket office
Only a few copies loft. Call early.
For Filipino Sharp Shooters
Gen'l. Mao Arthnr np on
The Firing Line.
Scrlpps-McRea Laagne
Manilla Autr. U General Mac Ar
thur had a narrow escape from being
shot to death by Insurgent sharp
shooters dming the advanee on San
Fernando. Tho General sitting on his
horse about twenty ya'ds behind tho
firing line madu a splend d target for
the sharpshooters wtio fir -d upon htm
a dozen or more lltnnft. The General
refusod to retreat and the sharpshoot-
ers wero flnal'y driven out
Marvelous Crops lloliiii-
hoii Talks of Oklahoma
Scrlpps-McRnu LtiAgue.
Now Yoru Angust 1'.' President D.
It Robinson of the St Louis and Man-
Francisco rnllroail coin pan v is in
Now York on iMisltiots connected with
tho a Hairs of that company The
Frisco dit colors declared 1 per sent on
the second preferred stock and trans-
acted other routine business Of the
situntlon in the west and nonthwest
President Robinson said
"The crop conditions never looked
so well as today. The wheat crop is
harvested Kansas producing 35 000-
000 bushels aud Oklahoma fully 80-
000000 bushels Tho Kansas corn
crop will show at least. 3lo.OO0.000
bushels which Is 1 think the largest
crop it ever produced. I do not think
hot winds can disturb the crop In Kan-
sas owing to the very recent rains
covering tho whole state
"The samo condition exists in okla
ma. Oklahoma will produce this year
sn.OOO bales of cotton. The cotton
crop is practically assured today. This
cotton crop is especially valuable as
it brlugs a larger price than either
Txas or sou'horn cotton
"General business in the southwest
is better than it has been for several
years. Hvorybody seems to have plon-
ty of money and ail are prosperous
"Tho Frisco road had u very good
year ending June 30 1SU0. Tno gross
earnings wore 87220000 and tho net
92885000 while operating exponses
wero no per cent a trilling Increnso
ovor tho previous yoar owing to wash-
outs the repa'rs of which were chargod
in oporating expenses. Our rata per
tnn per mile was 1 03 against 1 OS The
rate in 1892 was 1 is This fall in the
rates has been constant although with
a corresponding increase in bucinese.
"Tho Toxas rate war during the
last two yoars was severe on all the
soutllwestorn roads. Rates are now
in good shape however better than
they have been in fact for a long
time "
And More of It Five Women
Assaulted in One Day
in Georgia.
Scrlppa Helta LmM
AtlsnU.Oti AHgMit 13 rWre women
wsro aetnuUml In Georgia yesterday.
Ouo col or ml uMallant wm lyttalied.and
anathor was only saved from a mob
by the calling: out of state troops by
Gov. Candler in time to eeoort the
negro to the Atlanta jail from Jackson
livoltcinent is intense.
Slnjnr I) .MoUlnlwy IClmteU 'Miuinger
Uiot KvimlHg.
At an euthuslnstit meeting last
evening of military musical meu
Major N. D. McGlnloy was olectod as
raauagcr of the First- Regiment band.
Title I just the thing and Is like ruts-
inff the dond from the grave Major
Is att old military tnnn. full of energy
and he will roorgnnie this baud with
lino music and wheu he takes them
out far a trip Guthrie will be awak-
ened by the new military baud. Major
Mod I n ley Is the man and loves to lead
the band.
Is closing out iti stock of Wallpaper below
cost to make room for a new fall stock Now
is your chance to paper your house.
We have reduced the price of erthii
our store in the way of Drugs Drug Sundries.
Paints Oils Hammocks Croquets HI. ink
Books Soaps and everything that
in a first-class drug store.
Come rnd let me make you price v
.llllliiul On li rf ii I Ion II- O T. V. Xmtllt Oct
().7 IHUV.
For the abov'a occasion we will soil
round trip tickets to Portland Tauonia
and Seattle at one regular first oluss
llmltoil rate tickets on sain October
14. IS and lti lmto Good to return up
to November lit. Stopovers will be
allowed on going and rotnrnlnif trip
ut any point west of tho Missouri river
within limit of ticket. For further
information call on A J Corklns agt.
Santa Fc route
Oaso ut Mexico Mnn who
Defend the 1'riHouor.
The iruc tray
"How froh and rosy you look
Nora" exclaimed Imbol who had just
returned from the baaeh and was
greeting her friend
"Yes dear" replied Nora" I am
fcoll' g splendidly and mama says I
havo an alarming appollto."
"Whore in the world have you been
since I saw you""
"I havo remained at home." replied
Nora "and have worked hord every
day. Rut I havo been taking that
wonderful medicine Hood's Surta-
prllla and it nasdonn me nh bomuuli
good. You see I always like to feel
well when 1 go away and 1 leave for
the mountains next week "
Suripps-McRac Leaguo.
Mexico. Mo. Aug. 12 Tho attorneys
in the Jester oaio wuro announced to
day as follow- For the state ox Gov
ernor Chan P Johnson. St. Louis: T-
T Rodee Paris R. D Rodgers Mexi-
co ind V. y. Forest Chiongo; for the
allogcd murdorer It Cullen and Joo
T. Malntyrc. The origional Indict-
mont Is on file here making reindict-
ment at Paris unnecessary
llnw't lliiAt
We offer one hundred dollars ronard
for any case of catarrh that aannot be
cured by lla'l's Catarrh Cure
F. J Ciikmrt A. Co.. Props.
Toledo. Ohio.
We tho undersigned have known F.
J. Choiioy for the last IS years and
believe him perfectly honorable In ail
business transactions and financially
ablo to carry out any obligations mude
by their firm. Wmt Jk Timmx
Wholesale Druggists 'loledo u. Kinhan A Mahvin
Wholosale Druggists Toledo O
Hall's Catarrh Cure la taken Inter-
nally acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Price TOe per bottle. Hold by all drug
giiU. Testimonials free
C. R
Opposite Postonice. - 200 Oklahoma Awrjae
Is Taken by General Mao Ar
thnr After Sonic Hard
BerlpgS-MoRae League.
Manila Aug. IS Gen. Mau Arthur
took Hanta Rlea yoeturdav without on-
position. The route from Onlnlut to
aanta Rloa was attended with grant
difllcully. much of it being through
fields which had become ponds. A
number of men wore ovhausted.
Scouting parly under Licutunnnt Haz
ard was attacked by the Insurgents
near Angeles vostorday.
Hazard sent for rclnforcomouta but
was ordered by whoaton to retire.
ISvery member of the K V. Lodge
is requested to be present Monday
night. Work in the first degree
Hlilliwitcr I'tttH I'll the $;())(
Itonus (0 AHpHIld (JllHH.
Must Acknowledge Mv
Innoocuccl" Cries Cap-
tain Drevfns.
The following deeus wero put on file
United Stales to John II. Cox patent
to n w qr sec. 39 10 3 w.
M. V. Anthls to tiberman T. Varley
warranty deed. S300 lot 13 and stuth
half of lot 14 block 73 Guthrie proper.
W. II Hysoll to C Q. Von Urand.
warranty need. 930 lots 10 11 and IS
block 37 Orlando.
Buy a Coupon book and oave IO
percent on your Laundry; $5 OO
book$4-BO; $3.00book $2.75
A fireman 'who lives in a Pennsylvania town
suffered from a sore mouth and tongue for a year.
Doctors told him it came from his stomach and
would not get well. He concluded to try Ripans
Tabules and says: I am happy to sav the first
box cured my mouth and tongue and I don't know
how to praise them enough."
am- ittU PdS ctwtmsf "OJn" fttfilVrEuS 1S ffiea.2i'i23Si'o'SSS2
i:-ktrom Committed Sulrhle nt Nor
man Iiit Kleht
Eric Eckstrom who attemptod to
kill himself a few days ago by shoot
ing was adjudged insane by Probate
Sudge Foster on theTlh inst and taken
to Norman. John Threadcrill. suDur-
intendont of the asylum wrote the
following letter to the judge yestor-
day: 'The Swede that was sent down on
tbo Sth inst. succeeded In shuttling oil
this mortal coll about five o'clock this
morning by strangling himself with a
strip oil his mattress The night
watch saw him at 4 o'olook this morn-
ing and he was resting quiet. I do
not intnic no would hvo lived 48
hours as he would have died from nat
ural causes "
Hounl ami Plunder a Jtrlllsli
Freight StcHiiier.
Sorlppe-McRae League.
Vaneouver li C August 18. Ad
vicos from the Orient say that a iiritish
freight steamer on Canton river was
reaently boarded by Chlnpso pirates
who carried away her canto worth
75000 The pirates took their loot to
Kambchatki. The place was shelled
and entirely destroyed
Edwin O Wood of Michigan. Hooret-
ary of the Tam worth Swine Ilreedors
Association knows a good thing
when he sees it Writing the other
dsy of tho Higgle Swjne Rook the
latest addition to Tho Higgle Hooks
he says "without exaggorat;on or
fulsome praise it is tho best book
which ha come to my notice. I have
carried it in my pocket two weeks
reading it in leisure momenta and fol-
lowing lfs advice has already saved mc
as I believe fifty dollars." This is big
returns on an investment oi SO cents.
whioh the publishers Wllmer Atkinson
Ib h Good Hunt and Could Curry
More Gold.
Co. Philadelphia
Pt ask (for tho
Seripne-MeSae League
Victoria II. O August 12. Wednes-
day nlpWt the etewaaer Qoeeu arrived
here with over 100 iClondikers and
400.000 In geld dust J. Jobnaon of
llremeu Mian. one of the Queen's
paeseugers fell overboard aud was
G'torl 1'Knle nf .!; Jutf. ' lVi.
Por the colored picnic at Asp Ah gust
31th we will sell round trip ticket
Gutbrle to Asp for SI Ticket good
onlv on this dale Train Ko. toe leav-
ing Guthrie at SitU a m will stop at
Asp to discharge passenger and train
Na. 15 leaving Asp at 10 n p. at. will
stop to take on passes gars. A J.
Cork Ins. agent Santa Fe rout.
FrUtu J.llH.
St. Louis and iSao FrancUco R. K.
The dlreet through ear route to point
in southwewt Missouri southern Kan-
sas Arkansas. Indiau Territory and
The most direet route to 8t. Louki
and the east Kufcas City and the
northwest. Double dally VMtlbuled
trains Free reellsiDtr chair can. ob-
Bervatlon and drawing room sleepers;
Hi i vry dining ball. Ak the nearest
ticket agent of the Frkveo line for full
particulars or wjlte ft. 7 Dukm
T P A V. A Oklahoma City O. T.
lisrAN Uvtkkk U. P. A . Hi. Louis.
Htlllwater. August li The Gazette
"U. 0 Gus and Henry 11!. Asp the
general solicitor fur tho Santa Fe in
the territory came over from Guthrie
early yesterday morning aud inside of
three hours bed the contract for the
completion of the road signed sealed
deliverod. The contract stipulates
that the railroad company in to have
their HnooomplHted and trams run-
ning through this county by the first
of July 1000. To got this road Still-
water put up 86000 cash bonus anil
gives twenty inline of right tif way
Jloitt AtlllllC(!K.
aWripp UcMse League.
Ksw York Aug. IsThe price of
neat te eouauiners will lis advanc d
at least two oents per pound In tbls
oity .
Storm Ih Coming.
Borlpps MoRasLeezs."
Wasbingtoui August l-H u stated
at the wsHtbsr bureau at uoou that
the storm o titer had reached Jupiter
Florida and vessels were cautioned to
look out for high winds and sec.
-( MtHiilry Mr tak vh iWIMnr.
roxnti mm n LAOSitny
Scrlpps-MoRae lieagtu-
Ran nas. Angust 19 The lirofo
court martial was resumed in jmiM e
seshlon this this moruin )-eyta-entered
with more amiraa'i) I nan oi
Monday and seemed a now man ant
reudy for any opponent
Cusimer Prler who was president
when Dreyfus was convicted testified
He Impressed on the court that he had
no direct connection with tho allalr
"If Droyfus says htj fully informed
mo about the oasu he lies" Bald the
Dreyfus replied aalmly that he had
written the president several l ttcrs
which lie evidently never received
The next witness was General Mor
oir ex-minister of war who obtan d
the prihoner's conviction and fnupi '
revision. He told al out the Uordcau
und other features of -hr case
He sitld if he did nut honestly boh. v
that Dreyfus was gi'iltv t s would i a
"1 hat's what you jught to do. "
plied Dreyfus.
Jumoing to tlie fet of the president
Dreyfus almost scream r a You shuu! I
ou snail you must acknowledge m
nottence." Tho court then adjourned
Xut iMlm- Tnnn I . tH
Advertising and notices shooil
rsaoh the leader not later than 1 p
in If it Is desirable they should apnea
on the snine day they are huudtd . ij
Patrons aud friends will please ruak
a note of this.
Jhmmv Mutiny af itoiietrit'l 1rarr u
lllHfll ir Hti4tmhrr 0-1.1
For the above occasion we will sell
round trip tlokeu to Denver at the
rate of one lowest standard iirst class
far piss . Tickets on sale 8ep Um
ber 0 7 aud ifooo to return up to
September 10 Continuous passage in
sacn directum except mat suip-uver
will be allowed on going trip after
reaching first tolorado eowinou point-
A J Cosaiss
A xent Sauls Fe Route.
I Ot44rmt liwinw
Differs from sumuseis elsewhere The
altitude of Colorado is one to thru
miles Heat is u'raUIul. not enervat
Incr Mhe Rocky mountains of Colorado
are magnificent To be out of doors
in this idesl region hunting fishing
and mountain climbing Is a flue Unl i
for the tired. Illustrated book. Ai
Colo ado Summer" free oh applicat on
to loenl agent of the Santa Ft- The
best way to go is via the snta Ke
rout. i
til'illtltU-Aiitrrlttin II ii 'iuroili l(i
uimi(H- Ainrrlm
Is one of the war books whioh is likely
to be In continuous demand. It u
panoramic record of the triumphs
S'unkee Doodle. The eagle Huns u
wings ou every page and "Old Ulory
waves uround and above otnry bccn
Prominent oillcers connected with th
war are here portrayed as well a
'iiany of tlte "men behind tho guns
Military life is pictured to the c
from recruiting lo guard mount an
skirmish line. Nor is the lodicru
omitted. The tdanpaiiy ooolc reepu.
the attention du j to his importan
the mesa Is shuwn i-avalf v scecu-. an
given the honpltal ariangemt nta hi
deplett d- the heruinih nf thi- I; '
'('rutin .. i vice are il uplaved strc
Hteui h m Havana SantiaK' ami i-
when i-. unrolled the new r!ti-ii
or nubji is (which are tt i y?) of 1 ru t'
Sam upjar and disappear ai tl
U-avi art- turned
In a word the gatr visits the new
lot ahtlrs sod sees the tumultuous new
hf- without the risk or exneusc of r
sea voyage
Tbe A'bum Is Hs inelies w. i
18 ounces printed on -he finest oat
U ailed to any addrei in the
(states Canada or Mexico for 1.
to cover postage and packing
may be seen at any ikU.'I oflk-e
Iliir Four route.
Order at once as the edition i
Address. W A Ki.K- J !. 'i
Passenger and Muket APnt
Four Kouie t lue'i.iiuli Ohio
Mark t-ii.i.lop. V ar Album
I'n li
1 y
ei i
Judge Illvgle not only knows a great
deal about Horses but what is more
important he knows how to Imparl
bis information in a way will be un-
derstood One does not have to wede
through a great mass of undigested
unimportant matter. The Higgle
Books are models of cl arncsa and con-
clseness. They are advertised in an-
other column. The price is SO cents
free by mall; addre-s the eublishtri
IVllrotr Atkiusoa Co. PM1 cuelph' .
MTgina'jLi i in m"mneTymi'mm i .--' 'vj
l'lUlriinau of lit Vruiilir W.
(Julurmla ria W SvhU) ff j
In August will slford an ricelleut
opportunity for evrryone who has not
yet taken bis vscstiuu or who may
desire another outiug to do mi at luiu-
iuiinn espouse The Hants r a illj
tukeU t Deuver. tolorado ririg&
.! i ...l.ln nil return for ' ' ' "
A.jikt S. i. and " 'lVUc s aiII e
i in. lid to August Jl thi---suta IV
i mil run a spee al trsiu of l .illiosifc
wh r h will leave Kun ' n i " "
o u. August ' s 1.- tns tf (.lnU
of lutereet ha- iu si i au'' ' B
favorable ras v.u. bt ina-i- to those
who take tins tiaiii A I in mi
sgent Guttirn. w.. ig' t" ttu.
copy of itluersry sell tiekeU reserve
berths and sjpply iBformatlon
3! i
liy n. tl iu iVllli i ru kf
lutat i I ll li L tilt 43 U4 U I I
tail illu. IllLii.imil tr.1 ( til
l luirsauuiiit will clear tbs u u .
o run iiu suit lUutliud j . n
fatted. lUtdog surtketa siliuuuiu li... i...
fuili. Ik subtly t&e roots wltb n.i. . -
nasiHliowitaudiiru4usalu.iuisiUuu 1
tilr wtth sluts who! stems sadp
Mi? MiflrkM. IVrfSTb iaCttr.SP v
tiMtu. aj-HUrUriiuMLaiUiCU. c.

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