The Guthrie Daily Leader. (Guthrie, Okla.), Vol. 12, No. 306, Ed. 1, Friday, May 19, 1899 Page: 4 of 4

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S.e& GBORGBH. DODSON for Abstracts Insurance and Farm Loans.
fffrCf fft-tfCtSffBS't1Pf5I-ftfrtff-f fttffCtt-ii
Oar trimmers arc not amateurs
5 trimming lints that are stylish
Itooni rnrnirrly ncrnnil by
AV. I. IIIhhIw rnrnltorr Comiwtny.
This is the way Lillie's Pi Iks send malaria billiousncss Mid
all diseases of the liwr. stomach and bowels out ol the system.
Try them. lc a bnttlr. at Lillie's Drug and Hook Store.
W Li in i.Luimi ft?- ul "U-v-An tfb
So One Can Koiimln Well No Chronic
Dlncnuc run l0 Ciiri-tl UuH'iw tilt)
Stomnrli In l'lrnt Mitilo .StroiiR
nml Vljjoroue.
This Is plain because every organ in
tho body depends on the stomach for
its nourishment. Nerve bono sinew
blood are made from tho food which
the stomach codverts to our use.
flow useless to treat ilisoaso with
this that and tho othor remedy and
neglect tho most important of all tie
Tho earliest symptoms of indignation
are sour risings bad taste in the
mouth gas in stomach and bowels
palpitation all-gone fooling f aintnets
hcadachos vonstlpation; later comes
lo-s of flesh consumption Uvor ubil
heart troubles kidney diseases nervous
prostration all of which are tfee indl
rcct rosult of poor nutrition.
Any person suffering from indiges-
tion should make it a practice lo take
after euch meal one of Stuart's Dys-
pepsia Tablet allowing it to dissolve
in the inoutli nud thus mingle witn ine
saliva and outer the stomach in the
most natural way. These tablets are
highly recommended by Dr. .Tennisou
because they are composed of the nat-
ural digestive acids and fruit essences
which assist the stomach in digesting
all wholofiomo food before it has time
to formont and sour.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets aro sold
by druggists full sized packagas at so
cent?. Thoy aro also excellent for in-
valid and children. A book on stomach
diseases and thousands of testimonials
of genuine euros sent free by addrw.
Ing P. A. Stuart t Co. Marshall Mich.
Jllitortntl hoctnty.
Tho annual mooting of the Okla-
homa Historical Society will bo held
in thesocloty rooms in the University
building at Norman on Saturday
Juno 3 at 4 p in for the transaction
of such business as can legally come
before it. The election of directors
for tho coming year is very important
business and every mombor of the
society is urged to bo present. All
editors of tho territory who aro send-
ing tboir flies to the society are its
members und a largo attendance of
editors at this meeting is very essen-
tial as the last appropriation to the
society was made conditional on tho
press of tho territory giving Uiofiooiety
proper attention.
L McKinlky Pros' t.
Lox WiiAitTOir. Soc'y.
AVi((oi(i Jlop ( .itiirerur(.
Will bo hold in San Francisco this
year. For tho first time in tho history
of this organisation thsoe meetings
will bo hold on the Pacific coast. The
Santa Fo will sell round trip tickets
May IS to 18 inoluslve with limit of
July IS for SAO. Liberal stopovers
permitted. I'uiiman palace nnd tour
ifll sleepers and free chair cars to Cal-
ifornia daily Call on A. J. Corkins
agent Jiuthrie for literature and detail.
Prompt Service
We are nrorant with all orders
Our aim Is to pluase all. We
d. A. FORDE. 8
Grocer ami Hulclier. O
lin.i.ry biorciiin) il.xir Hit tiullirlnNut ltuuk- TP1 FPHflNR Rl X
liuiclier bhii uuu tit ar north Juthrlo fui. Jlunk. lUUfcf HVJUJ 01. SK
livery Hat In tlt toro Is a nattorn.
Pull lino of the Inisst sailors.
livery riav li th weSk la n sprolM
prion dfiy
New Ideas In Trimmings reoolvad
every day.
but educated in the art of
becoming and wear well.
mviiiii'ljii ura uo
never disappoint
i )'ir Havilaml China (Has ami
ijik ' tinware are up to date.
No.v is the tlino to put up Strawber-
ries Leave your orders our prices
xv. II be tho lowest.
Lust Nlght'ii Council Mcctlng-II. II. Itey-
nolila Mil Aniletiint City Mnmlm! K.
I) llookur luiiltor.
The meeting of tho city council
lasted until 1 o'clock this morning
without any apparent reason aq the
minutes fall to show any great amount
of business transacted.
II. II. Reynolds was appointed and
confirmed assistant city marshal and
N. 11. Hooker was reappointed janitor.
Mayor Ilerkoy was deposed as tho
city's purchasing agent and the chair-
man of tho several committees wero
made purchasing agents.
The rules were suspended and tho
now dog tax ordinance wis adopted.
Sauudors madd a motion to compel
the city 'engineer to superintend the
laying of permanent sidewalks and
see that tlicv are put down according
to the ordinance.
The contract for fllllog alley In block
23 was awarded to John James.
Tho sprinkling district was extended
so as to take in Vilas avonue from
Third to Division and Ilroad street
from Oklahoraalto Harrison.
The orphanage matter which the
finance committeo isinvostigatitig will
be reported at the next meeting.
The Bpocial committee appointed to
investigate the books and accounts of
exiCity Clerk De (I roll asked for more
timo and was given ono woek
Tho Dob Smith investigailng com-
mittee will make its report at tho next
A permanent sidewalk will not bo
laid at present on tho north sldo of
Oklahoma avenue west of Second
street owing to tle fact that tho old
Time building extends into thostroet
and a new building for that cornnr is
The public Improvement committee
will invettigate the petition of J. II.
Ueudlcs. asking that he bo allowed to
lay a brick walk at the corner of Di-
vision and Warner iustead cf a plank
It was tho intention of tho council
to accept tho Nob'o avenuo bridge at
last night's meeting but for tho roason
that there is a well based KSolt regis-
tered by the citizens against nccopting
tho bridge In Its present condition tho
subject was deforrod until tonight's
special mooting.
ifluYl Ualrt to'l -llc Cfitiit J 'oliiM.
Kffoctive Mareli 18th the following
second class passougcr ratas will ap-
ply from Outhrie: Son Francisco
Los Augelos and other California
points taking same rate will be SJ2.50.
Portland Seattle Taooraa and othor
Oregon points taking same rate will be
933.95. For further particulars call on
A.J. Corkins Agent hanta Fe ronto.
I have been a sutterer from chronic
diarrhoea ever since the war and have
used all kinds of medicines for it At
last I found ono remedy that has boen
a success aB a cure and that is Cham-
berlain's Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy. P. 15. (iWhham Oaar'a Mills
La For sale by all druggists
and Best Goods. 8
We kill our own beef and
freoso it thirty-six hours be-
fore selling
Profih Fish all the timo.
Spring Chickens.
Froeh Kggs
Oklahoma Harries dally
Now Pptatous Means.
Pens LettuBO Radishes.
Squash Turnips Onions etc.
our clerks are courteous.
givo Premlnm Stamps.
uMMt ttfJWanfl
Every package guaranteed
to give perfect satisfaction
(Juallly (JuruiUty ami Vrlccs
arc (hiaraiilod.
Yours to please.
13 The Hagan Abstract Co
tfj Insurance Written.
AQ AH Kinds ot uonvevancitij;
In Nctary in Ofticc.
'Lnt HlullMi. i:Mt lit IJimniill
Illin Nil I'ollllillltloli.
To thoduthrio Lkadkii:
In viow of tho fact that nn errone-
ous impression lita ga'nod circulation
to tho ofTect that there is or lias bcon
at onldcmic of smallpox in Quanah.wo
reciuest tho Outhrlo Lkadkii to pub-
lish this letter that your pcoplo may
know that thore is no Final. pox in
Quanah and that.thero has never been
anywhere at all. 'Ijunio weeks ago a
negro .as attacked with a disease
tho symptoms of which rebcmbled
slnallpSx. Upon making an examina-
tion some of our physicians thought it
tho wisest courso to pursue to prevent
contagion in the event it Bhould prove
to bo smallpox was to quarantine tho
nogro and all others who might havo
been exposed. This was promptly
done Upon a moro thorough examin-
ation by tho county health ofllcerand
by Dr. M. W. Robbins city phys'clan
of Las Vegas N M who has been
treating smallpox for forty-flr yoara
and who liaa treated 10 cases at Las
Vogas during the last three months
it is demonstrated that the negro who
is now recovered did not have small-
pox. This was th ionly suspected
case that has boen Lwre and we hope
that your people will not believe the
reports that have been sent out to tho
erfect that there are and have been a
unmberof cases in Quanah. We say
to you. then that there isabso'utely
no dauger. Come on here to do your
business. You will receivo the same
consideration and coui toons treatmout
as has ever been accorded to you by
our people. 11. P. Hakt
County Health Officer.
S. J. Ohiiohn
County Judge.
We have examined the case aB above
stated and hereby oertlfy that it was
not a oaiu of smallpox.
M. W. RobiN8
City Physician Las Vegas N. M.
.1. T. Hohtom.
Whnt pooplo any about Hood's Marsa-
parltla U tnat it rurei when all other reme-
dies fall. Therefore you kIiouIi! take Hood's
Sarsaparilla In preference to all others.
Hoods Pills cure blUlouinesi. Mailed
tor cents uv C.l. Hood Cto. I.owcll Mas)
.ImiikiiI Mertitm tlPlterat An'fmlil (Jiim-
lirvlnmt I'rrhhytei'iim Vlmrrh Denver
Columto Miy IX-'jn lti'Jt)
For the above occa&ion wo will doll
round trip tickets to Denver Colorado
Springs aud Puoblo nt ono lowest
standard flrstclaBs fare plus 33. Tick-
ets will bo on sale May 10 and 17.
Continuous -passago in bath directions.
Return passage must bo commenced
not earlier than May 80 and not later
than June 15 1801). Tickets will bo
executed for return passage at desti-
nation or at either of the other Colo-
rado common points on route
In addition to tho above reduced
rates of ono standard flrstolass faro for
the round trip will be mado from Den-
vor Colorado Springs und Puoblo to
Colorado stato points and return.
Tickets will bo on salo May 20 aud 87
1809 with final roturn limit twenty
days from dato of Kale.
For further information apply or
wrlto A. J. Corkins
Agent Santa Fe Route. Outhrlo. O. T.
J'ruro j-iii.
St. Louis and San Francisco railroad
Take tho most popular routo to St.
Louts and all points oast. Kansas City
and all points north and west.
Sunta Fo trains mako closo connec-
tions at Oklahoma City and Wichita
for all points on the Frisco line.
St. Louis and Kansas City mail and
express leaves Oklahoma City at 0:15
every morning; leaves St. Louis at 8:10
every evening and arrives at Oklahoma
City at 8:30 the following ovonlng.
Through reclining chair cars with-
out change Pullmam palaco sleepers
from Monott to St. Louis and Kansas
City. You can secure bertha bofore
leaving Oklahoma.
Further information will bo cheer
fully given by tho nearest agont or
II. P. Du.v.v T. F. and P. A..
Oklahoma City
llYUON S-NVDKlt. O. P. A.
St. Louis Mo.
Tuhv Vo(lro HttryboitU'
Ordinance No. 0 eoetion 0. relating
to tho use of obscene or profane lan-
guage within city limits of tho city of
Outbrie vytll bo strletly onforood.
IS. R. liAKtSIl
City Marshal.
rfc .Va(ic.
Ordinance No. 4 relating to stock
running at large will be luforeed
section 1 forbids lariating in streets
or alleys. 11. R. IUickk
City Mamhal.
An all wool suit of tine clothes tor
55. uo and an oil painting froo at tho
Uuthrlo Cash Store.
I have far the largest
can save you money
The Best
. . Obtainable
The Best Grown
llnnm a. rrr 7link
Col. Amos E Fitts is down from
Q C. Montgomery of the Santa Fe
Is in tho alty.
W. II. Matthows of Mulhall was In
Uuthrlo today.
Llttlo Miss Zclla Drake Is visiting in
Oklahoma City.
13d Klnnnn of tho Armour Packing
Co. is in tho city.
Judge John Dullois is attending
court at Muskogee.
Attorney Fred Pfondlcr of Tulsa
loft today for home.
Miss B Ui el McNoal is entertaining
Miss Kate Donton of Winflold.
Miss Adclo ICcslcr is in Oklahoma
City tho guest of Miss Alico Paine.
Mrs. II. E. Asp left yesterday for
Chicago In company with Mrs. P. K.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Collar aro enter-
taining their daughtor-in-law Mrs.
J alto Collar of Chandler.
Judgo T. J. Lowo and son of Guth-
rie aro in the city the guests of ALL.
Tumor. Tlmob-Journal.
Geo. Anderson of Heaver arrived in
Outhrie last night and will remain
some time with his old timo friends.
Wiley Ulakomoro formorly a resi-
dent of Uuthrio is horo from Ard-
more whore ho has beon In business
for several years.
15 II. Honry is hero frjm Guthrie
visiting his friond Blaise the stenog-
rapher. Mr. Honry is on tho road for
Ramsay at Outhrlo and combines a
llttlo business ' bis pleasure.
Perry Times.
Socretary Jenkins came up from
Uuthrio last evening returning on tho
night train. This visit was a purely
social affair and did not havo to do
with wolghty political problems ex-
cept to caution Judgo Scott to keep
quiet hereafter. Perry Enterprise
Iter With Jhrtlultnj Amiirettury.
Ono of thoso pleasant social events
that linger long in tho memory of
those who wero tho participants was
that which occurred at the homo of
Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Dabin 012
Lincoln avenue lsst evening.
It was tho ocoaslon of Mrs. Dabln's
00th birthday anniversary and was
gotten up by tho daughters of the
venerable lady Mrs. Lajounesso and
Mrs. O'Meara as a complete surprise
to her and her husband. Among tho
guests woro Father Joseph Van Dulse
Mr. Colvel and wife Mr. Powers and
wife Mr. O'Meara and wife Mr. Jam-
ison and wife Miss Jamison J L.
O'Meara. Joseph O'Meara Mrs. Lajeu-
ncs so Mr. T.lggs. Tho evening was
spent with songs by tho O'Meara
brothers and Father Van Hulso and
euitar music. Father Van Hulso is a
most companionable gentleman and
enlivened tho evoning with Bongs in
French Flemish and English. Ono of
tho pleasant features of tho evening
was tho address in French by the
threo little tots Clara O'Meara. eight
yoars old; Master Saraphim Lajeu-
nosse eight years old and Lao Lajeu-
nosse four years old to tholr venera-
ble grandmother whoso birthday an-
niversary they woro honoring; at tho
conclusion of which thoy presented
her with a handsome bouquet. After
a feast of music and song elaborate
refreshments wero served which
wore greatly enjoyed by all present.
Mr. and Mrs. Dabin aro French peo-
ple having bcon born and raised in
Canada. At a late hour tho guests re
tired wishing tho venerable couplo
many moro years of happiness and tho
recipient of the ovoning's honors many
returns oi her birthday anniversary.
JiiKtrprltlno Jiaiuai City Time:
Tho May day edition of tho Kansas
City Times In honor of tho Times'
Slst anniversary was tho biggest and
best paper ever issued in tho west. It
contained 08 pages of Interesting
matter descriptive of Kansas City's
push and enterprise and also contain-
ed complimentary page wrstoups of
Kansas and Oklahoma. Tho Times is
the best and mosv conservative Demo-
orallo paper la tho west. It is upto-
date in overy department and is en-
joying a deserved growth. Tho recent
fight of the Tlmoa on tho trusts in
Missouri oroved a signal victory for
that paj er '
Low Ualej for JlaptUis.
And others. Santa Fo will sell tick-
et to San Francisco and return for
SW- Limited for return to July IS
16W Pullman elcopors palaco and
tourist and froo chair cars to Califor-
nia dally A. J . Corkins agent Uuth-
rlo has illustrated descriptive litera-
ture of points ot interest en route.
Try Rluhaupt's Delmonlco ice cream.
Tho best tn tho city.
stock of Diamonds in the city and
if ycu are " Ihinkin g Diamonds."
Oct tho nows at Llllie'u
Tho bot drugs at Lllllo's.
Tho bost cigars at Lllllo's.
Tho best stationery at Lllllo's Hi
Uuthrlo will not get a circus this
All tho latcBt capers und periodicals
at Lllllo's.
Swimming is now tho pastlmo of tho
small boy.
If you uso Lllllo's ullla vou won't
havo the grip.
The city is a long time getting down
thoso pavements.
Wanted Olrl for general house-
work. Apply 010 East Cleveland.
Tho Nobla avenue bridge Is rickety.
It is not safe. The council must not
accept it.
It is expcclcd that the special sess-
ion tho city council tonight will start
lluy $5.00 worth of goods and got
an oil painting frco at tho Uuthrlo
Cash Store.
Ritzhaupt's fruit malt is tho bost
soda water drink in towu try it. Only
uvo cents.
B For Sale: Two horses a buggy and
two sets of harness (single aud double)
Call at this ofllco.
Tho present city administration
gives it out cold that Democratic
appointments dou't go.
Winflold Smith asks if City Aitornoy
Ungues is not capable of discharging
his duties without an assistant
For boys and girls hats and caps of
every description cheap thlB week at
tho Uuthrio Cash Store and oil paint-
ings free.
Louis Hirzel of the grocery firm of
Ulrzel IJros. bought the Drown resi
dence property at the corner of Oak
and Noble.
I havo just bought a new stock of
diamonds and watches. Would like to
show them to you. Douglas the
Uuthrio jewoler.
Tho uptodato grocory firm of Ulrzel
Pros. on north second street Is erect-
ing a brick store building mado nec-
essary by the increase of business.
Wanted At once tcauiB for railroad
work; 82.75 per day and froo transpor-
tation to and from work. Call at
Staplcton's livery stable Oklahoma
So far the tax paying citizens of
Guthrie aro unable to see that tbo
streets and alloys havo been cleaned
to any great extent sinco tho appoint-
ment of a special health officer.
For whooping cough asthma bron-
chitis or consumption' no medicine
equals Dallivrd's llorchound Syrup.
Price 35 and 50 cents. Sold by V. 11.
Lillio & Co. and Wheeler A Son.
Ed Vandcrpool tho popular Harrison
avenuo druggist has moved his store
to No 104 East Oklahoma uvc whore
ho haB a much larger store room and
can better accommodato his rapidly
increasing trade.
Young mothers drink Pabst "licst
Tonic" if you want strong and healthy
children and waut to bo strong aud
healthy yourself. It is not intoxicat-
ing. Directions on every bottle. Ask
your druggist for It.
Pianos S150 and up; organs S30 and
up ; sowing machines 815 and up; bi-
cycles $10 and up. Easy paymcits.
Sheet music latest and up to date.
E. H." Knauss
104 West Harrison avo.
Pabst "Rest Tonic" is the mother's
friend. It makes strong children
Young men and old men receive direct
benefit from drinking Malt Tonic. It
is not Intoxicating. Drug stores and
refreshment stands sell it.
At tho Capital hotel: Col. Amos It
Pitts Miss Ueorgia Fox A. B. Price.
E. A. Hoo7er Chicago; Julius F. Hen-
nlng Coney; F. J. Waldmann Okar-
ehe; Poter Iilllen Oklahoma City; Mr.
E. L. Itlencoo and wife city; Mr. Ueo
Anderson and wife Heaver
In constipation Herblno affords a
natural healthy remedy acting
promptly. A few small doses will us-
ually bo found to bo regulate tho ex-
cretory functions that they are able to
to operate without any aid whatever.
Price 50 cents. Sold by P. II. Lille A.
Co and Wheeler & Son.
One of tho large round-coruored
plate glass in Elscnschmidt k Week-
els' storo cracked from top to bottom
yesterday Supposed causo to be the
bulldlngsottling. Tho glass Is just
iiko iota oi people; u tney settled once
they would be broke.
At tho Royal Hotel: II. A. Adams
Kansas City; D I. Leach Arkansas
City; A. Schatzkey Quincy; O. R. Kel-
Boy R. L. Campbell R. L. Anderson
St. Joe; W. R. Metcalf Louisville; P.
A. Reach W M Elliott St. Louis; A.
11. Johnson Oklahoma City; A J.
Dunlap Shawnee.
Jiauard's Snow liniment cures
rheumatism nouralgla headache sick
headache sorn throat cuts sprains
bruises old sores corns and all pain
and inflammation Tho most pene
trating liniment in tho world. Price
25 and 50 cents. Sold by P. 13. Lillio
fc Co. and Wheeler A Son
Tho commissioners of Logan county
havo refused to accept the tax rolln as
returned by the county assessor for
tho reason that they consider tbo as-
sessed valuation too low. The asseBa.
or's returns show a valuation of about
S3.700.00Q. Tbo commissioners claim
that tho valuation should bo at least
Unless a woman eats sufficient nour-
ishing food sbo can neither gain nor
keep a good complexion. Pood when
digested is the base of all health all
strength all beauty. Herblno will
help digest what you eat and give you
tho clear bright beautiful skin of
health. Price 50 and 75 cents. Sold
by P. H Llllle & Co. and Wheeler A
Charles Cunningham returned today
from the Ute Colorado land opening.
Ho says he would not trade 160 acres
of Oklahoma for tho whole Uto reseri
vatlon. Mrs. W. E. McClung.of Cripple
Creek daughter of Attorney General
and Mrs. II- S. Cunningham camo with
her brother and will make an extend
ed visit in Uuthrio.
Thu demand that will be made on
our artist for special paintings will be
sufllcieut to tax him to the utmost
during b s stay in the city. We would
therefore suggest that those Intending
to havo special paintings should bring
them in early as thoy will bo painted
in the order in which tney arerecelv
ed. Uuthrle Cash store Frco paint-
ings for our patrons.
E. A.
New $22000 Bankrupt Stock of...
Hats and
Furnishing Goods
See Brooks the Bankrupt Fiend NOW
Most wonderful bargains ever exhibited in
the territory. No cheap shoddy stuff but
all fine new and up-to-date novelties.
Elegant Serge Suits Beautiful all-Wool
Suits Fine Imported Worsted Suits Fine
Custom Made Shoes Ladies' Hand Turn
Four thousand pairs of Shoes at half
$1.50 Work Shoes for 75c.
Five thousand other bargains.
J. M.
Reward if returned to Tho Leader
Officer small dark red purse contain-
ing currency and silver tho property
of a poor woman.
Tho attention of the public is called
to tho elegant now lino of china brie
a-bac and glassware lust received at
tho Co-OperBtlvo Premium Stamp
Store. Handsomo toilet sots for ladies
drossing tables exquisite ware in tho
old ivory finish carlsbad royal wos-
ter royal Vienna havlland and num-
erous other makes in all the newest
designs. Call and sco them.
Nothing has ever been produced to
equal or compare with Tablcr's Huck-
eyo Pile Ointment as a curative and
healing application for piles tissues
blind and bl;ccing external or inter-
nal and itching and bleeding of tho
rectum. The relief is immediate and
euro infallible. Price 50 cents in bot-
tles tubes 75 ccuts. Sold by P. li
Llllle A Co. and Wheeler A Son.
Yesterday tho Hank of Commcrco
received permission from tho bank
examiner to incrcaso tho capital stock
of tho bank to $35000. The bank
company has beon reorganized and
Messrs. J U and C. II. Everest havo
taken stock in tho bank Mr. 0. U.
Everest is tho now cashier and Mr. J.
U. Euorcst the new vlco president
whilo Mr. J. 11 Wheeler continues as
president of the bank. Oklahoma
City Times.
The meetings In the West Uuthrlo
Congregational church continue with
Interest. Rev. J. N. Hoover ot Cald-
well preaching. The meetings
aro attracting attention. Tho lustrui
mental music by Messrs. Hall THub
Sankus Mrs. Uuchens and Miss Uan-
kens greatly help in the worship.
What ib needed most of all is tho
nravera and cO'oneratlon of Christian
people It is a union meeting in spirit
uet lllo men join wual you pieaso
Don't Trust Your I'hotos to Agents Dual
Direct With tho Artist
We will make to any one sending ub
a photo a life-size olllette crayon or
pastel portrait free of chargo to intro-
duce our superior work. Exact like-
ness highly artistic finish and prompt
ro'.urn of small photo guaranteed
Send us your photo at onco.
203 Main St. Dallas T xas.
Many a fair young child whosoxpal-
lor has puzzled the mother until she
has suspected rightly her darling was
troubled with worms has regained
tbo rosy hue of health with a few
do6os of White's Cream Vermifuge.
Price 2s cents. Sold by P. II. Lillio &
Co. and Wheeler A Son
lirazllllans buy nearly all their
barbed wire from the United States.
The largest Ilrazillan coffee crop
during tho empire was 0735000 bags
American manufacturers are finding
a rapidly Increasing 6alo in Puenos
fi The Argentine Republic imported
S3000000worth ot electrical supplies
during 18S8.
The coal production of the United
States is at present nearly five times
as great as In 1870.
The soil of Haiti is so rich that two
cropo of coffee cocoa ginger nnd hen-
neplu are raised yearly.
Sergeant Michael Gorman of tho
New York harbor pollee has rescued
28 humau beings from fires and water.
" A blind chamelon or ono purposely
blinded for the sako of experiment
does not change its color under vary-
iug environments.
D Between 1890 aud 1607 tho ovpurt of
coal from the United States ncrcased
from 350000 tons to moro than 4000-
000 tons per year
Harrison Avenue.
"Money to patent pood hli-UH may ho sec-
ured by our aid adilrc.isTUi; PATKNT UIJ-
COItD llaltlinore Md."
WANTEO-To trade 160 aire farm In Lin
coin county for Outhrie property
Vp'ANTKD 100 pounds of clean cotton rat'i.
Apply to foreman of the Leader prei.s room.
Achievements of dmlral Dewcv ' the
world's greatest naval hero lly Murat Hal.
stead the tile long friend and admirer of
the nation's Idol Highest and best book
over SO) pages 8x10 Inches: nearly 1U0 pages
of half-fooe Ulussratlons map in colors.
Only f 1 50. Enormous demand Htg 'om-
missions. Outllt free Chance of a life-
time Write quick The Dominion Com-
pany Caxtoh hlrtg.. Chicago.
Canvassers Wanted -Four reliable lady
workers over twenty years of age only
those who ean demonstrate Intelligently
desired AdJrets in own hand writing X.
care I.vader otn o.
Improved Odorless Yanlt
and Sink Gleaning Machine.
THE ii.M.y i.ic'i:nhi:i CLEANER
IN Till: CITY. I'HONK 127.
Vfllee Corner JHvhton Htrret ami
Svljle .lteiiiie.
VT70MEN ud
to think "fe-
male diseases "
could only be
treated after "lo-
c a I examina-
tions" by physi-
cians. Dread of
such treatment
kept thousands of
modest women
silent about their
suffering. Tho In-
troduction of
Wine of Cardul has now demon-
strated that nine-tenths of all the
cases of menstrual disorders do
not require a physician's attention
at all. The simple pure
taken In the privacy of a woman's
own home Insures quick relief and
speedy cure. Women need not
hesitate now. Vlne of Cardul re-
quires no humiliating examina-
tions for its adoption. It cures any
disease that comes under the head
of "female troubles" disordered
menses fslllnp of the womb
"whites" change of life. Itmtk&s
women beautiful by making lhm
well. It keeps them young by
keeping them healthy. $100 at
the drug store.
For tdvle4 In catei rtqutrtaf ;!!
directions e&hcis. rWnr sylBPtom
the Udles' Advlsery DIrtmnt.
The Chiiunocri Medietas Co. Cfcittt-
aaofi Tew.
V. I. ADDISON H.D. Ciry Mitt.. IJII
'I ute Wine of Cardul extensively la
my prtellce end fled 11 tmoit exeetleal
preparation for female troubles."
Guthrie Jeweler;

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