The Guthrie Daily Leader. (Guthrie, Okla.), Vol. 12, No. 172, Ed. 1, Saturday, December 17, 1898 Page: 4 of 4

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FJfW- 'Wl'-"
GEO. H DODSON Abstracts JLoans and Insurance 115 South Division Street Guthrie.
.i4-4-M'-M--M--H-M- -At'f
Christmas Candies
Fine Goods to Please All.
0.k-V SV3k
Phone 66
t i it i nn i tHHH-'44HM'
The largest stock of fancy China-
ware in the city at the Fair.
C. T. Gustason representing the
Handley Fra2lor dry goods house of
St. Joo Mb. is making the rounds
and sava that Guthrie merchants do
an immense business
The city clerk and chief of police nt
I'erry have been arrested on indict-
ments by the grand jury on account
of malfeasance in office.
Yesterday was a busy day for Trcas
urer Ulttcrbusch and his assistants.
Taxes for 1S03 became duo and pay-
able on the 15th. and it is said that
the r jsh yesterday to pay taxes was
unprecedented. It looked llko every-
body wanted to py taxes at oncu.
There is a great deal of money being
circulated for holiday presents.
Gov. llarncs will visit tho Oklahoma
battalion at Albany Ga. beforo returning.
Millinery at half
this week.
price at the Fair
"VV II. doyle has moved his business
offices to Harrison avenue opposite the
Okla hotel in order to have his briok
block prepared for the holding of tho
coming legislature.
Tho Guthrie club has held n rousing
business meeting and discussed an im-
portant proposition from the K. O. C.
& S. railway company. El Reno should
work with Guthrie in this railroad
business and make it a sure thing for
both towns. Oklahoma City is trying
hard to get it. Kl Ueno Star.
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Mann and daugh
ter. of Guthrie arc in the city and will
spend the holidays with Mrs. Mann's
parents Col. and Mrs. It. It. Forrest
Kl Keno Star.
Next Monday will be loy day at Lil-
He's drug store and a special discount
oi ten per cf ni win tie given to all
who pu rebate toys and games on that
Cigar smokers are especially invited
to call at Olstnlth's lift South Division
street and see how good a sinoko it is
possible to get for a little money. All
the leading brands carefully sleted
by on old follow who Is something of a
smoker himself
For solo A find roll ton desk. So
M. IV Trotter.
Christmas comos on Sunday this year.
Our merchants should give tholr worn-
out clerks a holiday on Monday.
There is a Cuban alligator captured
at Santiago on exhibition on Oklaho-
ma avenue Tho next will be an Ok-
lahoma City nogro on exhibition
marked " A native- Cuban."
Norman will soon have an electrlo
light system.
In tho suit of James Koblnson vs.
T. C. Whlttloy Judgment was given
ueicnaani lor costs.
A colored divorce case lufora Judgo
liurford is attracting great crowds of
colored folks.
Tom Millor au honest and worthy
colored man was ruthlessly shot down
on the street in Wichita the other day
by Ed Stewart alias Fltzslmmons a
low down end worthless vagabond
lioth were colored men.
The case of John and Robert Tumor
vs. S. S. Comer from Woodward on
petition In error was filed with tho
clork of tho supreme court today.
A painted sign was hoisted in front
of tho Cyelono More this morning
which reads : "We ure making auction
sales and bankrupt stocks sick."
. A largo line of pocket knives. Heat
'metal nude At Spencer's bird ware
( tore.
I Rpcncot" Is the stove man corner of
I Oklahoma and First t.
I Lost A white English setter red
spots on both ours; four years old col-
lar with Shawnee dog tax. Left Mon-
day afternoon. Named Maud. Ho-
ward. loHfyT. A. Nenl deputy ills-
trio t clerk
Hook of all kinds at Llllle's drug
O Wanted A bright energetic boy to
work in Leader olVi:o for scholarship
in Capital City IlusincM College. Apply
at Leader olllce.
Toys and holiday goods at wholesale
prices. HocUet 103 Htst Oklahoma.
Yum know I' as LUIIe's drug store
but it you go there you will And it Is
the holiday emporium of the cljy.
The rour still goes on about that $200
donated by the Anheuser-Uuieh Urew-
ing company to tho Ivingftshcrcollcgc.
Tho Kingfisher Free Press scouts the
notion that there is any such thing as
a wicked dollar.
Fine china and glassware at bargain
prices. Racket 104 East Oklahoma.
"Oraokor Jack" at Miller's Candy
Remembor your friends Ohrlstnias.
Vandorpool's drugstore has a One line
of prosents.
Go to lluionbark's for Christmas
candiee. lie has the largest and host
line In the city.
For salo Fino. large rollor top desk
oak finish late stylo nud used only u
short time. Inquire at 101 East Okla-
homa avouue.
Ovorcomo evil with good. Overcome
your coughs and colds with One Min-
ute Cough Cure. It is bo good children
cry for it. It cures croup bronchitis
pneumonia grlppo and all throat and
nnir disoaso. J. W. Wheeler & Son
Will T. Little is doing a good work
in urging upon tho towns snd cities
the importance of tree planting.
Spoolal packet and paper sole this
week at the Fair.
First Published In theOunhrtU Dallv Lender
Dcectnber IT IHR
To Wnoin It May uoncejn
Notion In hereto)- Riven that Win. HarrlnKer
for Barrlnger A Ci has tht dav filrd his
iietltlon to sell at retail Srlrltu.ius and Viri
on and Malt Itquor In Guthrie T.oaan
County. Oklahoma and lhat. unlets objec-
tion be filed on or before the 3lst day of De-
cember. A T) lc said petition will be
Outbrl. . Okl.i Dee. 16 IMP
It. Ejuikt Stkwatit County Clork.
Crowds of People Came
- Si. Louis Optical Parlors
To-day but there were no long waits to anyone as everything was in readiness
and at no time had anyone to wait longer than 15 minutes until his or her turn
ame. The instruments used are the finest that money will buy opthalmome-
ters focus meters optometers retinoscopes trial cases in fact everything it takes
to make up a first-class optical store. Frames of the finest and latest patterns
Acma Crystaline and Pebble Lenses by the bushel. If you continue to read our
ads you will get many valuable ideas how. when and where to buy your spectacles.
Main Western Office 140 North Main Street Wichita Kan. Now open at 119
West Oklahoma Avenue Guthrie.
- ; ;
lIS. JlltOHW One ufOui'liynHriitrli mlif dutlirlt Ufticr.
On a Pretty Face
glasses are often an improvomont always so
on the face of one who really needs them. They
drive away that Mjulnting drawn unnatural ex-
predion seen in defective eyes.
The old style heavy bowed ill fitting and III
looking spectacles fitted by one's olf or ineompu
tents bavo given people tho Idea that glasses de-
tract from one's appearance. Our light strong
serviceable glasses enhance rather than spoil the
looks of tbe wearer.
EYLtS RIGHT' Glasses Right. Good
'iimwnmmK'wVfm?mm'mmmmmmmi9mniiun' iu.i. i .1.11 u 11 - .. .J1 r -B ..JJL.
u .. 1
til rn
Wi . L-..2
M1HW t-
ins 1
1P MM-
II I OYb AND . ' H:
mWi N ' B' '
B5 Birr 1
m nl
iil v -I
8 "IRS mm
mi . - fcJ
la t&$m j&SL .Htit. PHHk. "SS mn:n
i-il r r r n 0 wm
8CfB h t Ml
HIMttii tj" "k
8 0 I "- AT THE' ' ' ' ' i e
$ Irs ' .- -- . .. i igsi
x S"?"s '
X gwil"5 i mnim
J Kwkfk mmLmmWelnr JmWr firam' AjF m LW JLf JLr X M f $ "i '
X m3 ! mmi
X B." -L HdisBi
O EmMiiii5tn!am2n5pmBp-nMa
? "?? -' Ji'flwi- " ' ' w"dm .ri ... liiruTCi1 . I ItT'l. r-??i. r wsvi
a . sat'.as -.agiwiJilinWHIIWIIHIIIIIHILHUWiiailllin
O ' V. A. MASS Hunavtr. T .nT JS'jJS
Jv nirrkcssnrD Of 2H1
V. J UKVC I Ddll -l.
Eyes Make
or mar many a face; tho other features may
be fcver so conucly a pair of weak red lnliaraod or
twitching eyes will spoil its beauty. Properly
adjusted glasses will cure most of those troubles
by removing the causa. Hut doa't get the idea
that anybody or everybody can do tho "proper
adjusting." Wehavemado a study of tho eyo
and giro you a boleutluc examination fieo of
As Plain us Muck and WI1K0.
Arc the reasons why you should glvo your
eyes tho proper care and why our fine optical
goods are just the kind to enable you to do it Wo
have the proper glasses for all defeats of sight.und
we also have the proper experience to suit thorn
to your eyes.
Astigmatic Troubled1
frequently exist without tho knowledge of
the person directly concerned. As a matter of
fact a large per cent of American have astlgraa-
tlon many of tljem glasses will correct. Allow
us to make a free examination.
Foresight and Hindsight.
Look ahead! Don't think only of tho present!
How much suffering coald bo prevented if people's
forwljfbt wm as good w their hindsight! If your
eyes are imperfect don't delay but let us fit you
with glasses that will make them good as new.
Wa fit any eyo that
responds to light
and with the first
pair of glasses. Dif-
ficult oases ere our
specialty. Wo make
tliem right. Its our
business our only
business. Wo have
made hundreds
right that wern't right. Wo make them right with
tho right glass. K'ght treatment right prices
right glasses- ihese nro tho three graces that have
established the right reputation for us and our
work. We ure hero for a few days only. Open
from 8 a. in. o 0 p. in.
Tho Longor Eyes
Aro deprived of the aid they need the worse
they become. This Is ospeolally so In eyo dofec's
of younger people. The cyos of children should
rooelvo special attention- Many a child might
havo become a power In tho land if not handicap-
ped by some bodily defect. Oi all the ailments
to whluh children are liable oyo defects aro be-
oomlng the most common. Wo exercise great care
in examinations of this sort as well as old sight.
Slinliospearo and tho Uible.
Don't escape criticism. Manyamanisa crit-
ic because he likes to be contrary. You can go
contrary to the wis ties of your friends and soigb-
bors and sometimes got tho best of them. Hut at-
tempt to.go contrary to the dlctat-s of nature und
you always get the worst of it. There is no use to
"kick" about wearing glasses. If uaturo s&ys spec-
tacle why spectacles it must be.
St. Louis Optical Go.
mm JWtti wm twm 1
fljfg i f?ri mm
an-"fliiil irM is ttWi ; I c
unm: hhh nann ran mm jj
In 1'er.y (taunt's Musical Burlelta
A Summer Outing
timuUiioxi Sean
There is no doubt that the cases of
slckuess at Stroud are genuine small-
pox. A report reached Ou'.hrlo late
this afternoon that thoMg hotel there
had temporarily closed its doors. Dr.
Huston is hourly expecting news from
there and tho failure to hoaronythiug
leaves tho prcsuraptlon;tbat tho tele-
phono offlce at Stroud has been closed
it is also reported that Sapulpa had
quarantined tgalnst that town.
Commercial and Actual Business
Shorthand and Typewriting1
Ornate and Business Penmanship.
Preparatory English
Elocution and Oratory
Telegraphy Railway and
Commercial Service
. v .; ''. .( . .'(k k '
If 1- - ! i- -A'
Our School
Is Now
I Reorganized
' r m r
7T V TT ?? 7T 7
we gladly answer inquiries. Guthrio. okia
And we are DAILY
Students for the I
lWPTiW3mgf31im j
OPP. LAND OFFICE. All-Wool Suits
" " extra fine.
Mackintoshes from Sl.5n to .
Overcoats from 82.50 to
Lino of Youth's Clothing. Nice Vested Suits 3 to 8 years.
Arctics SI: Storms .SO
lnl' FurnUlilnc UooiU of All Klmli at
Htonlili !' lot. Alio m lilco
llunof Truok ni 1:10
E '
m9 !
$s 00 raj
v 50 H
. . . 10 00 Sjfl 1
15 00 Ull V
8 50 la i
10 00 '
Ml 1
H "
a 1
oct r.nn
t .rt 3 Imjiotcncy. Night Emissions and
vatiiH' tiiscabcs all cilects of eelf-
nbusc or excess ana mate-1
crction. AnorvatunioniKljIi
blood builder. Urliiffa the M
t irvsy pinK glow iopaiBiimm
for $U.r0; with H written Kunran-
tco to euro or refnud tho mouoy.
Clinton & Jackson S4c OHICACO ILL.
For sale by WALLACE & MULLER
Drugglsti Quthrle O T
New York Hardware Co.
irr or
Hardware Stoves Tinware Cutlery Gnns Ammunition
Stoves and Plumbers' Supplies.

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