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The Guthrie Daily Leader. (Guthrie, Okla.), Vol. 12, No. 172, Ed. 1, Saturday, December 17, 1898 Page: 1 of 4

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( 1 a -wr fan-"
rv -its. -
"When the Baby Is 111 Remember...
Our lino ot infants' Tomcdloa and
rcqu'sltcs la rcploto with reliable
articles. To bo Burc If there Is
anything really serious the matter
with the baby tho iloctor Is the
ono to see first. Even then you
come to us to get the prescription
Eagle Drug Store.
igtti AS Y&J
Shoes and
for Christmas stockings. Unfor-
tunately too much attention is
given to the stockings at Christ-
mas time and the shoes oro likely
to be neglected. There is more
common sense in a pair of shoes
for a Christmas igift than In auy
other present you can make Santa
Clous wo Id be vastly wiser If he
selected his ChrlBtmas gifts from
a stock such as ours.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer In
McAlister Cannon City and Anthracite
l'lionu G.
OHlco mill Yanl i? ' Oklahoma Avonno
t'li. ' ! .Sk t t t . J ( . .k .I' .4 yfy . .(. V lfc (t IJf
The Leading Jeweler.
Are you going to buy a Watch? If so buy
one of me. l argest stock best goods and
lowest prices. When you buy a Watch of
me vou get a warrant with it that it is
first-class. You take no risk.
Established in Guthrie 1889.
Are not Confining Their At
tacks to Americans But
to Turks Also
Scripps-McRao League.
Loudon Dec 17. Advices from Con-
stantinople report that the Kurds have
not coniincd their attacks to tho Ar-
menians but arc committing outrages
and robberies upon the Turks who
were formerly their allies against the
Labrun Renault to Testify in
the Dreytus Case.
Scrlpps-Mclta-s League.
Paris December 17. The Figaro
says tho court of cb atlou has cited
Capt. Labrun Rcnaud to appear on
Tuesday and testify in regard to the
confession which Droyfua is alleged to
have mado to htm.
West Guthrie Congregational church
Services af usua1 morning and ev-
ening. Y 1 S. C. K at 0:30 p. in.
Evcninlng subject: "Predestination."
Services at the M. 12. church Bouth
tomorrow a? follows . Sunday school
at 10 o'clock a. m. P-icaching at 11 a.
in. Subject " The necessity of a re-
vival." At 7;30 p. ni. Subject " How
to promote a revival " Everybody
welcomed. 1'. 11. Ulcus pastor.
Trinity church corner llroad and
Noblo. Fourth Sunday in advent; Sun
day school at ten a in ; service and
sermon at 11; evening service and ser-
mon at 7.30 p. .; Friday services and
address at 7.30 p m. and choir prac-
tice. Full Surpllced choir. Every-
body welcome.
Plymouth congregational church
Sunday school at ten a. m ; worship at
11 subject: Walking with God. V. P
S. C. E at 6:05 p. in ; pvening so-vico
nt 7:30 will cuns St of music solos by
Mrs. Ramsey and Mr. Ardery. Prof.
Sloano will speak on tho subject of
tho cilccts of alcohol oa tho system.
You are invited.
First Presbyterian church corner of
Ncble avenuo and Division street
Preachluer at 11 a in. anil 7:30 p m.
Suniav school at 0:45 u. in Junior
Christian Endeavor at 3 p. in. Senior
Christian Eudeavor at 0:30 p in. All
aro Invited. The wck of pr yer will
bo observed at a union service begin-
ning Monday. January -'. Further no
tico of these services will bo given
later. W. C Pastor.
Ot M Palladius a Russian
of Eminence Occurred
Today. -
Scrlpps-Mcltao League
St. Potorsbug Dec. 17. M. Pal.
ladlus metroi olltati of St. Petersburg
and Ladoga died morning.
A Fine !s'rtr It are room !&it.
The Williamson Halsell A Frasicr
grocery company aro about reao to
begin work on their new warerootn.
It will bo located on First street at
Mio Intersection of thu Choctaw and
Santa Fo railroads. The building
will havo a street frontage of seventy-
live feet and will extend back tho full
length of the lots It will be built of
Gtonc and brick nnd will hao for tho
present but two stories. Tlmcs-Jour-ual.
May Refign as Pastor of the
Madison Avenue Church
Soripps-McKao Lesgue.
New Pork December 17 Dr Park-
hurst tho reformer may resign aB
pastor of tho Madison avenuo church
this city lie rcfuscB to deny a pretty
general rumor to that effect and this
adds a color of certainty to thu belief.
Persons Man and Wife Were
Killed by a Moving
Sorlpps-Mcltac Loaguc.
Neonab Wis. Dec. 17. While cross-
ing the Northwestern tracks James
Curistensen and wife wcro struck by
a train and killed They leave eight
Was Visited by a Destructive
Fire This Morning.
May Find Herself In tho Throes
Of 11 UbVOlllliOIl.
Serlpps-McRae League.
Loudon Dec. 17. -A Paris corres-
pond -nt to the Daily News asserts that
o has positive Information that plans
for a revolution in Franco are sorlous-
ly alloat but ho believes there Is no
immediate danger.
Aiyierlor tpeetatltt.
Mrs. Will am llaker Mrs. E. F es-
ton Frank Sarbor F. II Moorohouso'
N. Titus J Phillips F. H. Ladner J
L. Wolfe Mrs. Edward Ward J. "D.
Maurice D. Hunter. L 11 Hrown Mr.
and Mrs. A K Seaman J. L Mackey
W. M. Pcroln Horaco Cole J. S
Uodgecoek S. C Peterson Mrs. Kate
Anderson J. N Hradflold Kdnln
Daws 11 McCullom.
The above are n few of the many
who called on Pr f Smith and had
their eyes tested and procured a pair
of his supo-lor spec aeles. Tho high
character of tho e who purchased tlioui
is a sure gua autoe of te superiority
of his glasses.
TRY OURt-r -
I Homemade California Boss Taffies
t and Boston Cream Candies.
About Gomez is Not Credited
Is to
Have an Armor Plate
The London (luitty (Ilrli.
Tho managerb of this attraction be-
lieve that people go to tho theater to
be amused not to ponder rcilcct and
worry over a nover ending plot. This
entertainment just suits tho American
taBtes. Thoy get julek action for their
money. As an Innovation llie curtain
rises and dcccndB but once tho per
formancc being continuous opening
with Percy Qarnot's musical burletta
"A Summer Outing" and Closing with
the very funny bright operatic farco
comedy entitled " A King of llarrcn
Islund." Opera house ono night
Wcducsda7 December 21
Or Police Carried Away tho Sale
Key and Ho Probably
llohbud (ho Snfo
Sorlpps-McRao Leagun.
Koine Oa. Deo. 17. Chief of Police
Shropshire has left the city taking
the key of tho safe. Two ccits was
all that was found when It was open-
ed when there should have been 8500.
Sorlpps Mcllae League.
Alton III. Dee. 18. A fire In the
biulnoss district UiIb morning caused
a loss of S78.000. Police are Investi-
gating tho rumors of Incendiary ori-
gin. 3Virir Amnfldllnn.
Logan county toaohars moot on Do
comber 31. Tho following Is the pro-
gram for tho meotlng which will bo
held nt tho Capital City lluslnees Col-
lego. 1 IuBtrumoutal imiBie.
3 Recitation Mite Jonnto Massoy.
4 "New Territory Acqulrod by tho
Late War" paper by Prln. T. It. Welch
Crescent Olty.
0 General Discussion.
0-"What Shoald 'Poachers Road?"
paper by J. 0. Woodworth.
7 A dlsouss'on of tho oounty supor-
lutcndeut's plan for placing n library
In every school :n tho county.
S -Heading Circle Work
Agent William A. Moore and
Wife are Found Cuilty
In New York.
Tanner of Illinois III at the
Waldorf-Astoria in
New Yoik.
Seripps-MeRao League
New York Docomber 17 Governor
Tanner of Illinois is qulta 111 at tho
Waldorf-Astoria here. Though his
physlolans say ho is In no danger all
visitors aro uomeu adtmtanco to hie
Cuban Legation do not Hollow
That Won. Gomez Is Dead.
Ssrlpps-McRao League
Wn hlngton Deo. 17. Members of
the Cuban legation hero havo heard
nothing of tho death ot Gen. Gomez.
When Idbi heard from a week ago ha
was recovering from a fever
Scrlpps MaRao League.
Now York Dccrmbur 17 William A
Moore who has an appointment In the
United Slatui consular service was
foui d guilty here this morning of rob-
bery In tho llrst dagrce. Mooro and
his wife wcro charged with working
luo woii-uuown urdgor gamo on a
prominent hotel keeper of this city and
fleecing him for S3 ooo cash ami valu-
able juwelry
CAPT. II KG L till SKL'KUTtil)
Scrlpps-McRao League.
Chicago Doc. 17. A report is cur-
rent that the stool trust will build an
armor plate plant in South Chluago
.V' 'i TT"
Htu llll jw. IUI t tlllktUld tiue 1H MIUUItt up 11 U
Kala cacti ludivitl nl mlnillauccuplcd witli tt)ou'ku
inaiiu RLianu wnatioiino. Anam we arc pripari
j tusct the demand In our line bt DrefCnlins a lio id
liplay wblcti embrace the latest uud ttilufoVerrUiln
nine line or Watch. C'lnck. Jewelry liverwrc
hula Cut IJlum and Nnveitie. There . no clai
.audi more dL-8 tablA fur IhiUtmab Drettoiitutluu
jalofJewelr ; none chat affurd. thu varlei of artlo
meet toe ta.toant de.lru ot n inuivlduai
hat will give iuoic pleaiurt? to the roclpte t limit
i!Mt h i i ti.l r rr h (1 fo. ion.-' v mt H I t
ay r fiVi
t ii V7
anil VJ I 9
thai X
p . - V
thi" iv'
Scrlpps McRae League.
Madrid Dec. 17. A tolctrram receiv
ed from Cuba reports the death of the I
Cuban p:ncrai Maximo Gomez but it I
Is not credited.
"Ring tho bells ot hoavan
I here Is 1 y today"
for tho little bnos at Vandcrpool's drug
Fancy Combs Lace Pins. Pocket Books.
Manicure Sets. Belt Buckles. Souvenir Spoons.
E- f DOUGLAS Tho Jeweler.
Good Livers
Aro Always Happy.
Iytpttla it an uttknoten
ailmrnt airion our yurtti.
Everythlne cooked and kcrved to or
dec from a stack of hot cakes to
terrapin ana champaign.
tvory Variety or V lid
Our meats come fresn from Kansas
In eleanlrg up our old business for
a new one I find that wo havo the fol-
lowing to sell :
1C0 acres of land three mllos from
The John Williams' houso on Vtlas
The meat market fixtures used by
John Met..
Two teams of horses three wogous
four tots of double harnoses u lot ot
fine poplar lumber and 8"Iiib heavy
timber. W. H Oovi.h.
P. S Wo a'so sell Croam Hour
Sue M
sale A good
P. Trotto.
pliaoton aheap
Tho largest stock of toys and holi-
day goods at the fair
Santa Claus will bo at the Kalr
every ovoning from 7 to 8 p. in.
Lownoy's candles at Miller's Candy
Dinner sots dirt cheap at tho Racket
101 Ka8t Oklahoma avenue.
special sale
aro bargain
to take ad-
See Llllle's "add" for
days next week. Those
days uud It will pay you
vantago of them.
Stioi Down From Ambush.
To Crre a Col it in One !(
Take Luxatlvo liroinoQuiuiue l'ab'uts
All druggists rof uud tho tuonry if It
fulU to euro. 36 o The genuine Lj
L. y. Q. on each tablet.
Ajxciui Oititit. m5C3!
All mombors of company A are or-
dered to repon at tho annnry at 8 p.
m Sunday the 18th In full uniform
lly order of Kkamk O. Mn.r.Kii
Cuptutn eomiitancslug.
Suhool house or chuicli stoves ehoap
for gush. Must be sold.
L II. Jacksox
HI Oast Ottlahoma avenue.
To whom it may eongern ; Our
tonne will be strictly casn on and
after January 1st UN.
O. P. COOIIEIt & Som.
Citv twice a week
the busy business man la served
When you nave that dun't-want
anythtng-lo-cat feeling come In and
Uj us.
The Java Chop House.
Turf Exchange.
We hive the finest and largest
line of
Fine Delicious
Chocolate Creams . ..
In tne city Call and get your Christ-
mas supply or 'phone us. Wc have
such celebrated makes as
In assorted flavors pul up in H. . I.
2 3 and 6 pound boxes.
Scripps-McRae League
Now Orleans Deo. 17 In Tangl-
pihoa parish yestuiday J. li Conerly
was shot down from ambush Ho was
and uiua ly attended to all the busl
El'ihaupt's Vleira Mm.
'l'honH3 111 llarrito A Iff
nc&s of regulating the negroes.
Constipation preve ts thu body from
ridding lueif of waste matiur. Do
Wltt'd Little Bar.y Kiser will romove
the trouble and cure Stuk Uuaduoti
Uilliousness Iiiuctive Liver and ul ur
the oompiexiou. biuuil sugar coated
don't gripe ur ouusu uuuaca. J. W.
Wbceler &. Hop.
Word has beeu received it the local
If you want to find tho orowd go to
Liliio's drag store and seo tho display
of holiday floods.
Christmas carols will soon bo sung
over thf land and tho hearts of all
will bo gladdened by hristmas festiv-
ities. Santa Clans is now ready to
greet you at Vaudurpool's drug store.
Toys cutis wairons sawbueks tool
chests uiagla lanterns steam unglnes
hobby liorsos. games etc In great va-
riety at Llllld's.
Silver novelties and Christmas goods
at Racket prices. 101 K Oklahoma.
Have you seen those beautiful pic-
tures at L'llle's drug storo? Prices
from lSo to Si.
Fancy vases cups and saucers 11-
(lucr set brats teakottlos and many
novelties at LllUe's.
Ill tlrand Army ! Itiimblle -liio(nt-iii
ill Jfuile ill l'lillmltliililii.
Today Capt Keuj IT. Hegler clerk
ot tho supremo court of Oklahoma
was notified from the headquarters
Grand Army of the Republic Inde
pendence hall. Philadelphia that ho
had been appointed sesiatant Inspector
gonoral for Oklahoma The uppolnt-
mont was a surprise to Captain Hegler
as there is only one Inspector allowed
for each state or territory and Is con-
sidered nu I to a eumpliinrnt by liliu.
Capt. Hegler Is a member ot Post IS
HI Reno.
Stowart HooniH to Havo
His Grip.
Scrlpps-McRao Lengun
Canton City Nov. Dec 17' It seems
co'talr. that Stewart will not bo ro
lurnoil to thu United States sensta
from Nevada Congressman NoTvlan&s
will pobably bo his successor
Causes Two ilurders In Iowa.
Scrlpps McRao League.
Deuorah Iowa Dec. 17. John Til-
laud shot und killed Lars Aarhmar
tstrrday and upon returning homo
rfUlly wounded his wlfo. The mur
derer then fled to the woods. Jealousy
was tho cause.
Dreyfus Has the Pleurisy.
HmlpcB-MiRao League
Paris. Dec. 17 Mmo. Dreyfus wife
oT tho famous prisoner Is ill with
Guother's famous chocolates and
bonbons at Uusonbarli's.
Charlie Seeley an old time Guthrie
boy is up from his farm near Water-
oo. He is one ot Odlahoma'a success-
ful fanners.
Sheriff Dawning shot at Win. Miller
in Norman Thursday morning and
M-Hcr .scaped with a bullet plowing
through his o otbiuir. Had blood had
existed between tho two fo' some
time. 5t was the result of threats
made by Miller ugaltst the sheriff.
In the case of M. C. Garner assignee
of Maxey & Son of Marshal vs. Frank
Qhinehart sheriff suit in replevin to
recover f.oni the sheriff after a hard
fought trial lasting four days the Jury
deliberat d thirty mlnutesand brought
rllf.t for the defendant holding
that the iMsljrntnfnt was fraudulent
DostoUlce that the dtpartmout in
Washington bas extended tue Uual re
d ropllua on box keys to Juuuary 1
Don't fall w calif vr your tlckeU oi X0'0 Wero h lUor89?9
for the defeusc.
Yesterday two dniwine Wmuii) In-
terested in the voting eonUst going
on at V. II Llllle's holiday emporium
uud bought ull kiuds of prttoeuts bo
they could ea t their volts fur the tnot
popular little girl under 6 yean old
Judge HurforJ grauted a pair of dl
vorees today as loiimvs; tatias ii.
Urlcknervs lieltie linekuer acd P.
Undewoud vs. Perey L'uilrooU.
W U. Stevens wss tody sentenced
to one year lu the Lansing p. nlten-
Mary tor d spoking of Dtortgsged prop-
erty. When you ask for te Wilt's Witch
Hare I Salve don'' accept a co oterfeit
or imitation There aro nt re cases
of piles being cured by th s than al
thers couibled J W Wheeler tc
Subs antlal presontu In tho way of
enameled vare. Look at them at tho
Spenour Hardware store.
Majestic steel ranges. Tho Unest
stoves on earth. For sale by the.
Spencer Hardware Co.
Tho follult'ng committee of tbo now
r llroad projoet from Uuthrlo to
Shawuee aru meotlng wi h success and
it is safe to say that tbo necessay
SHOO will be made uo.
The yards of tho Santa Fe looked
very muen line a uiookuuo today at
one o'clock K ght freight trains were
sidetracked to inako room for the pas-
senger. We regret to learn that the condi-
tion of City Marshal Iiaxtrr ha not
Improved and tint his frlenns uro re
luetuntiy abandoning hope of his re-
o very.
1'reeldrnt Page of the Langston
university Is In tho elty today and
speaks in glowing terms ot tho future
of his school. Thoy have an enroll
ment now of 118.
lllsbop Vincent's lecture bss been
postpo ed on account of Illness. Tbe
new pate will be announced later.
The First Presbyterian Sunday
schoul lit arranging for one ot Its old
time su cessful Christmas enter .sin-
meats on Saturday evening December
24 An excellent program of music
songs and recitations has been ar-
ranged Santa ClsJJs himself has been
invited and Is expected to be present
and Introduce many new feature'
The admission will be free and every-
body Is Invited.
Tim rolfni; Cantftt ( I.illU'i It incoming
The largo doll at Llllle's drug storo
to bo voted to tho most popular girl
not ovor eight years old Is attracting
a groat deal ot attention and rivalry
among the votcri Tho contest will
continue until Monday night Decem
ber 86. With every purchase ot DScta
gets one vote. Tho following tablo
will bo corrected up to 3 o'clock each
day until tho contest is closed :
Louisa Uleror ...
W. Gephartis lu from Langston.
Ooorge J. llloomberg of Detroit
Miohigan Is In the elty.
Mr and Mrs. X. Laux are entertain-
ing their daughter Mrs M ltallorly
and son Carl of Garden City.
A lei Hone ugeot for the Londou
Galetj Girl is in tbe city
Dr and Mrs. M. II. Furrow are in
John Herod and Walter Overbuy
will aoeept clerkships In the Grand
Avonue hotel at Okluhoma Oitr.
Msry C. Powell k here from HI
W. W. Haazard of Kansas City Is In
the olty.
Charles Swindell Is hero from Grand
S. A. Drummand. ot HenneflMy. U
hero today.
J. II. Harris of Now York Is In the
Captain Hegler U in Itl ICono.
Ned Slsson to in Oklahoma City.
II. N. Leonard U up from Oklahoma
John Illaek in home for tbe hoi days
from the inllitury school at Mallna
Jaok Uausom Is io'Oklaboiut City.
M'ss Marie Cravens of Mew York is
visiting her uncle Win. Oregory.
Mrs. j W Sbartel awl Mies Neva
Haines are visiting In Oklahoma City
Ben Llnz ot Dallss Is Is the eity.
Win H. Reed Is here from Kansas
Frank Plnubard of St. LouIb Is In
the city.
J A. Metcalf is over from Stillwater
Prof Inman B. Page Is In from
Mr and Mrs. J 0. Burko will occupy
their new residence corner ot Etm
and Warner January 1.
Jo.lo Hates
Stella I'orter
Helen Leonard
Jeuelt lleadlos
Ruth Withers..
Ilertha Croseland
Pearl Lyuds
Mamie Cottiugham
Cementlne Orner.
Klbel M Smith
Gene Turner ..
Laura Aukony
Ilertha Levy ...
Munch Ilolaud
Margaret MeCoy
Ruth Bexauor
Haxel Alexauder
Josephine lUiusey
Lenora llurke
Katie Mclonnell
Haul Arge
Vera DeWitt
Dot IlroBson
ISIsle lirewer ..
II a Ml Welch
Cllliaa Cooper
May Dougherty
Ilsssle lirewer
Lena Hays
Haxel lletsoh
Mabel Carlisle
Ilessle Conger
Jennie ItlneharL.
liable Kelly
Iterttia Oroford
Ini Russell
Katie Kf'so
Pearl II nkte
My baby suffered from Mmblo tU-una.
Doctor and ever rn leOy tried to uo account
lie cried all tho time and his face was lite
raw meat. I had to carry una oa a pUtovr
and was fairly discouraged I used halt a
box ot CtrnTru ointment) and Ctmccju.
Boar and In vtn wt my ba.hy vai euflrWy
cnrcl. To-day tits skla Is as smooth nsllt.
Mrs J C rilg&3E.3y8 l.ut.Biooklyo.N.T.
p t O-ss Tim o lTolt
B.siz' - 'm bull. wUS I vTiov4So.r.u4s
uumurU4CUK (tMiMisdilacwM.
ScldliuMiitiiAlOittfoitl VaTTttOaMassrteSiC.
C-jrlvlk.k. u.tll.rti.ri
i rwu
the doll at MlUe's.

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