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rft upffUN
S. T. Franklin Selling Agt.
'Phone 66 - I08 Okla. Ave.
Attand the big sale at the Outhrlo
Cash Btore this week.
Local politics passed to tho rear in
the recent elrjttons. It is business
A nice line of 25 cent Tarn O'Shan-
tera JubI arrived at the Quthrle Cash
Third entertainment cf tho Guthrie
lyceuin course at Mcatennou's Satur-
day night.
Lafayetto memorial day In tne pub-
lic schools throughout tho territory on
December T.
PaBquall Orand Opera Company at
the opera house Saturday evening
November 20
Miss Maggie Sanders of Guthrie
vras tho guest of Miss Lena Wise on
Thanksgiving. Mulhall Enterprise.
Chief Oruber and his rasn received a
very cordial invitation from the Okla-
homa City firemen to attend a ball
All trimmings In silks braids rib-
bons plumes and feathers must be
sold. Sen the Quthrle Cash Storo be-
fore purchasing.
TomTorrants Is thoroughly satisfied
that the fellow who said corn meal
would not explode under certain con
dttions was joking. Tom would like
to borrow a pair of eyebrows.
A. O. Farquharson of the Newkirk
clothing house cam up from Guthrie
last week and knocked tho bottom out
of high priced clothing Newkirk
Two years from now there will be a
straight Democratic candidate for
congress in the field and his namo will
be either Whlttlnglll Forrest or Sid
Clarke. Enid Wave.
Four criminals broke jail on Thanks
giving day at EI Reno. Their names
are; Oliver Culp Isaac and Fred Wal-
ton and Quln Fort. A reward of 350
Is tffered for their recapture.
Probate Judge Foster issued tho fol-
lowing fusion licences today; Alvey
Ford aged 23 of Guthrie and licrtha
Wilcox aged 18 of Mulhall. James
Dirks and Nancy Howard of Langt-
A petition Is being larcely signed
asking the county commissioners to
build a bridge over Hear creek on the
section line running north and south
between sections 14 and IS in town-
ship 18 range 2 west.
Salesmen wanted S5 to S3 dally
selling wrapping paper and advertis-
ing novelties to merchants throughout
the country convenient Bide line. Sam-
ples furnlshad reliable men. The
Kemper Thomas Paper Company Cin-
cinnati O.
The failure of Orant 0. Glllett the
cattle king of the southwest for over
a million dollars will seriously alTect
many big cattle commission firms In
Kansas City but It Is not believed that
the collapse will fall heavily on any of
the cattle dealers of Oklahoma.
The following case was (lied In tho
supreme court todiy on petition in
error from Pottawatomie county J.
W Martin county treasurer W. B.
Teasdale sheriff aud the board of
county commissioners vs Samuel Clay
for himself and 55 others.
The Injunction proceldlngs before
Judge llurwell in the Oklahoma coun-
ty election have been dismissed. This
will enable the county commissioners
to make up the returns and certify
them to the secretary of the territory
within the time allowed by law which
is Novcxnbor 28.
The third number of tho State Dem-
ocrat a new paper started at Ilrittnan
Kay county Oklahoma is a vlsltur at
the Lkadxii otllce. It is Democratic
In nnlltloR. and if It -.hull Vin mi in
the number before us In news items it'
should receive a liberal support from
the BramanUea.
The result of tho late election la un-
questionably an endorsement of Gov
Barnes' administration While Gov
Names may have mndo ml takes It
clearly proves that he had his party
thoroughly organized on the day of
the election which brought about the
landslide for the Republican ticket.
The Governor and Harper C are hot
nu sabers. Perry Sentinel
The second annual meeting of the
Good Livers
An Always Happy
Dyprptia it an unfcnoirn
ailment among our piutti
Kverytblug cooked and served to or-
der from a stack of but cakes to
terrapin and champaign.
Every Varloty of S lid
Our meats come fresh from Kansas
City tvtce a week.
The busy business man is served
quickly. -
When you have tbat don't-waut.
anything-io-eat feeling come In and
try us.
The Java Chop House
Turf Exchange.
GEO. H DODSON Abstracts
Oklahoma Rankers' Association will
bo held in Oklahoma City December 7.
At 2 p. in. on that day the mayor will
dolivcr a welcome address which will
bo responded to by L. P. King of
Waukorais This will be followed by
an address from W S. Search of
Shawnee president of the association.
In the evening tha citizens will give
an elaborate banquet to tha associa-
tion. Mr. Dall drove in 400 bead of cattle
froia theeastyestdrday and is feeding
them south of town on the Cummins
Harry McGrow of Ponca City and
Harvey Short of Cleveland county
carried off the honors yesterday in the
football game at Norman.
The testimony in the Matthews case
was all in at 0 o'clock last evening
and lsst night and today the lawyers
have been arguing the case. The jase
i. v Ten to tho jury as wc go to press.
Ofllccr Shoner and Will Muskadol
returned this morning from Purcell
where they were witnesses against
Harry Williams charged with robbing
Muskadoll The jury found Williams
guilty of highway robbery but he has
not yet been sentenced.
Deputy United States Marshal N. M
Douglas came in this morning from
Shawnee with W. J. Kolley in charge
arrested for selling liquor to Indians.
Mr. Douglas left on tho noon train for
homo with John Robinson alias
"Schency" Robinson an all around
crook arrested hero by Santa Fe po
liceman Al lllxon ana wanted In Okla-
homa City for highway robbery.
The following taken froai Fire and
Water New Tork Novembes 10. 1898
is a horrible stab at the boom town of
Oklahoma City. "Oklahoma City lias
no fire protection and tho nearest
placo whence assistance can bo eccur-
cd in caso of fire is Guthrie thirty
miles distant An early morning flro
broko oat in tho Commercial hotel
and fanned by a high wind swept tho
cntlro block threatening tho whole
city. Guthrie sent assistance. The
loss was very heavy.
The old reliable Guthrlo rustler Mr.
Frank G Prouly has returned to the
city aud has decided to permanently
locato here. His early day rustling
for Guthrlo was appreciated by our
oltUens aud it will only tike him a
short time to hnvo railroads running
into tho Capital City. Hereafter be
will be found working up enterprises
fo' Guthrlo as well as rustling for tho
Dailt Lkadgr. Any courtesy shown
him will bo duly appreciated by this
!) Iilitl off at lh Unit Jelitt
J. 0 Clark of Norman met with a
terrible accident at the oil mills In
that city last Wednesday. In rear
ranging the machinery while the en
glne was In motlonhls foot was caught
botwecn the wheel and the belt. Re-
fore he could be extricated h's right
leg was torn oil at the knea joint.
Afterwards It was found necessary to
amputate tha leg below the thigh
joint. It Is doubtful If he will recover.
Overcome evil with good. Overcome
your coughs and colds with One Min-
te Cough Cure. It Is so good children
ary for It. It cures croup bronchitis
pneumonia grippe and all throat and
ungdlssases. J.W. Wkatler A Son.
Jrt Tou doing to C'allforntmf
Tho California limited Santa Fe
Route gives the best and speediest
service; only : days to Los Angeles
"They sat up late to gaae with aacred
Upon the meteors up In the skies
Rut all the sparkling shooting stars he
Were scintillating In her precious
A cough is not like a fever. It does
not have to run a certain course. Cure
It quickly and irtectually with One
Minute Cough ''ure i-e best remedy
for all ages ontl for tha most severe
casts. We recommend It because Its
good. J W. Wheeler A Son.
For sale Ten milch cows. Enquire
at Wheeler's drug atore.
Three Timet m Week.
The California Limited 7la Santa Fe
Route; finer and faster thnn ever.
Xe ttrt a Cl in C'n- Day
Take Lrxatlve Hromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money If it
falls to cure. 25c. The genuine Lis
L. II. Q. on each tablet.
Have you examined tho prices aud
quality of those new tooth brushes
chamois skins hair brushes and combs
just received at Lllllo's drug store T
A mie-a.MtnM ftarr.
On the California limited Santa Fe
Route there is a barber shop in the
buffet smoking car cnt're train elec-
tric lighted; through In Sf days Chi-
cago to Los Angeles.
t'armm Xatfonaf Congress
DeasmberO-H uys. For above occa-
sion on December 4th nd 5th the
Santa Fo will sell tiokeU to Fort
Worth and return for 89. 10 from Guth-
rie. Final return Jlmlt 21 day. (ron
datebf6t!e -A J. Corklns Agent.
12. W. Smytbe la Lore from Wichita.
0. V. Muller Is here from Kama
Taylor MoRao is up from Oklahoma
J L. Mdlfamy of McLouit fa in tho
tlW. H. Darrah of St. Joe U In the
Hfneat White Is here from Honnaui
W. A. Webster la In the city from
6. W. Ryns and J. l Koster of To-
poka are In tho city.
Mr. and Airs. M. 0 Hillings went to
Mulhall this afternoon.
Tho Patqurll Orand Operatic Co. ore
registered at the Royal. .
John W. Hodman and E. A. llrootts
are here from KaniAB Jlty.
Mrs. K. A. Moore arrived yesterday
from Wichita and will make her homo
with hur brother Photographer L. 8.
Assistant District Attorney It. 8
McQulre will Itavo tomorrow for El
Reno to attend court wh'ch convenes
thorc Monday.
Norman Unirerttty re Fort Worth Mag to
a Tlnteh
The football game at Norman yes-
terday between the Norman university
and the Fort Worth team swas a battle
royal. Norman won 24 to 0. There
was brllllnt playing on both sldeB.
Tho Fort Worth team are all good
playera but were simply outclassed.
The gauio was witnessed by 800 pcodle-
Carlo In Hoffman Hat Xot Itttlgnett.
Governor Dames has no Informa-
tion that Captain Hoy Hoffman has re
signed his commission in tho army or
that be contemplates doing ho and the
storysent out from Guthrie tothat ef
feet has no foundation in fact.
West Guthrie Congregational church
Sunay school 10 a. in Preaching aw
usual mornlnir and eveniuc. Evening
subject " Death Gets Life." Youug
people's meeting 0.30 p. m.
M. E. Church South Sunday school
at 10 o'clock Preachlnir at 11 o'clock:
subject " Power for Service." At 6:30
Epworth League. Preaching at 7:30;
subject "Lortainty of victory."
P. 11. Hicks Pastor
Trinity church Rroad and Noble
tirst Sunday In Advent. Sunday
chool 10 a. m.; servico and 6crmon
11 a. m ; evening servico and sermon
730 p. m. Most of tho Thanksgiving
music win oe repeated by tne lull sur
pltced choir. Wednesday St. Andrew's
any noiy communion at 9 a. m. Fri
day sorvlee 7:30 p. in.; choir practice
Everybody welcome.
Haptlst church services Rev. Mr
Pruitt of Now York will preach at
wis uaptist cnurcu tomorrow at 11 a
m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday school at
u:i3 a. m. strangers cordially Invited
10 an services.
First Church of Christ (ScientistI will
noid services at the probate court room
Sunday at 10:30 a.m.; subject 'God
the only Cause and Creator." At 8 p.
m.; subject "Tho Path of tho Just."
At tho First M. E church corner of
Rroad and Noble preaching morning
and evening by the pastor. Subject:
"Sourco and Authority of the Rlblo."
Rev. Pruttt will preach at the Rup-
tist church Sunday morning and even-
ing. Tho usual services will be held
To Hear Hit Cajituln.
Captain Sam Bcttcs champion ca-
noeist of the earth will speak at tho
M B church south at 3:30 Sunday af.
tcrnoon. Chas. Griswold of this city
was a pupil of Mr. Rettes at Yale.
The mooting will be freo to all.
Big Reductions in
Brass Band Instruments
I'rui' 40.1 Uuton . ViHc forestall;
it ihul-liun rftl'P t lvc Danl
.Mjf l U Intlriu I'uiu Kir Aai.uur Itjr.J.
LYCJ A ItHALY.CJ Adams St .Chicipo.
Tlit irUern Tcnniiiui of tlm "Cliortatr"
H ill Hart a Itallroatl bg Octobor Ml.
The western extension of the Choc
taw railroad will bo completed and
trains running In nml from Wniti--
fonl not later than October 30.
euther.'oril is in the southeastern
part of Cust r county Oklahoma terrl-
tnrv. & fltfttanr-n hv wnpnn rnnl tt
about 35 miles southwest of Geary. It
win command tne trauo oi Uuster
W&shita Roger Mills Day and I) couu-
tiPK. lipnrlv 100 mtlfla Knuni-A lw.ct.liia -
portion of Greer county and tho lClowa
vyumuueue uuuuu ami icuu3 reserva
Weathorford Isdestlnnl In tnnbnmn
of tho most Important towns in the
territory it auordB openings for tueh
In all kinds of business. No such op-
portunity anywhere In tho SoutlmosU
Woatherford has good well water and
running water f jr stock and will bo a
great cattle shipping point.
The railroad company has platted
about Goo acres for the town site and
vcatueriord being the tcrminns of
the road will naturally be railroad
town. All who deslro to know about
tlin tntvn. nr In (nt In nn tlin rrmtinrl
floor" cither for business pr specula-
iiuu buuuiu vai upon or auuress wr.
Reeksericlr. town sito manncer. UValh.
erford O. T.
In going to Wcatherford take tho
Choctaw Oklahoma A Gulf railroad.
Dally trims run between Howo on
the Kansas Cltv. Plttuhnrrr .fr Hi If mil.
road and El Reno and between Okla-
noma uuy and Uiary and after Octo-
ber so a (lailv nnsfiimirnr tn.ln will 1
run botweun Shawneo and Weatber-
ford. Connections with the Choctaw
railroad for Woatherford ere made
witu too oi'swmg lines of railroad
With tho K'nntaK CMv. IMMctimrr .
Gulf railroad at Howe I T.
With the St. Louts & San Francisco
railroad at Witter; I. T.
With tha MiHcnurl. Tvnnftnn A niY
railway at South McAlester I T-
With tho Atchison Topeka u Sapt;a
re railway at UKianorua utty u. t.
trim tuo unicago hock island or
Pacific railway at El Reno.
J. W. MoLouo
General solicitor
In charge of town site.
J. V. HOr.DEK - 1
TratVo Manager.
StutnnflF Xiui-Ant1n fV " Ira lolltnn
a)l kind of goods cheaper than any
other house in the city. Call oa then
Loans and Insurance
MMftfUHiX1) 'ii'i'ainiiinM"Bw"-i""" " i ....-.m..c . . .
i i
iHItl tAAfj . Jbrkl llULni uaij.sijjinQj.Eii bpii EHt'iB.BJioir.i a utUF. 1H 1 r"JIJ aaaaaaai niuvaaai tnrv Maar wiwm iaBujcri aaal mm a Hyjuotsi m i u-n HijHtn ii .mdk mmmSIK 7i.7ETVI atl atsaa
--. -
E will give one of the greatest sales of Walking Hats and un-
trimmed Hats Caps Tarn O'Shanters Feathers and Wings
that the history of Guthrie has ever recorded. Hundreds of them
beautiful to behold comprising the sample line of D. B. Fisk & Co.
of Chicago one of the largest millinery houses in the world.
We bought them at a mere fraction of their real value and our
patrons shall have the benefit. Every Hat Cap or Tarn O'Shanter in
the lot is in perfect condition and they are the best and most beautiful
that skilled workmanship and art can produce. Walding Hats new
French shapes in fine felt and bright finish; Sailors Turbans and un-
trimmed shapes ; all kinds of Greens Browns Red Blue and black ;
in fact everything thinkable in Ladies' and 'Children's beautiful head-
gear. Many Hats in the lot would retail in a regular way as high as
$3.50 each TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY JNov. 22 and 23
Choice of 300 Fancy Feathers taken from the birds of last years' nests to adorn the 1 fl flnnln
hea'is of womankind. There are 300 samnles to select frnmn Iwn nlikp LK E.MII I K
worth from
We have arranged with tho publish
ers of the following newspapers for
cluhhing rates which we give below.
Persons who are already subscribers
to tho Leader can take advantage of
this exceptionally low combination by
paying the amount now due for the
The Weekly Leader and Weekly
Cincinnati Enquirer onoyear 31 00
Tho Weekly Leader and tho twlco
a week St. Louis Republic one
year for 1 23
The Weekly Leader and tho twlco
'a week New York World ono
year for. . 1 15
The Weekly Leader and the twice
a week Kansas City Times one
year for ... 1 00
D ho Weekly Leader and tho Prai-
rie Farmer (Orange Judd'a pa-
j per) one year for. 75
Tho Weekly Leader and the Home
und Farm of Louisville ICy.
one year for.. 73
Or tho Weekly Leader from now
until January 1 1000 for 50
Address all communications to the
Leader Printing Company Quthrle
O. T.
Read and profit by Lillle A. Co. a ads
elsewhere in tula paper. .
Are you intereated in an education
Shakespeare or music? Send your
name to the editor of the Homo Study
Circlo Kansas City Times and he will
send you for a month free the Twlco-a-week
Times and an Illustrated book-
let. Thla Home Study Circle Is really
ooo of tho best the very beat schools
ever conducted. The young man or
woman who follows the night achool
course there la a night school course
In the Circle can gain an education
befitting them for honorable positions
anywhere. Grown folk especially
ministers and literary people will fol-
low the Shakespearian lectures with
keenest interest vrhllo fcthoie who
would know of Handel Moiart Men-
delaahon Haydn Schubert Beethoven
and all the old masters will delight to
read the Musical Course Rut send a
postal to the editor of the Home Study
Circle Kansas City TltflM.KanHasClty
Md. and have him send you his book-
For Sale A windmill feed gr'nder
price 510. nqulre at the Reader of-3ce.
US South Division Street Guthrie.
. November
75c to $1.50 clioiee Tuesday and
0i& oiT
Commercial and Actual Businesg
Shorthand and Typewriting1
Ornate and Business Penmanship.
Preparatory English
Elocution and Oratory
"SSSSIi seiS antt $ Ana we are DAILY I
4tHr receiving Students for tho 3
reiegrapny Kailway and
We gladly answer inquiries. Guthrlo okia
Tho l"mtquoH Uptaalle Conttit:
Following Is tho program for the
Paaquall concert Saturday evening:
1 Piano Polonnalao In A flao (Cho-
pin) Slgnor DeMacchl.
2 Soug "The Uandolero" (Loslio
Stewart) Mr Gamble.
Note The Uandolero is a gallant
outlaw in the Pyrennes holding up a
3 Song "Uy Heart at Thy Sweet
Voice" (Saint-Saane) -Miss Crawford.
From "Sampson and Delilah."
4-Song "La Ma Letiia" (Verdi)
Signorde Paaquall.
5 Mlgnon "Polonalso" (Thomas)
Mme. Pah quail.
6 Piano (n) "Pages Aflectuensca"
(V. M. Vanzo.) (b) "Scherzo" (Del
Ponte) Slgnor do Pasqnali.
7 Trio "I. Lombardl" (Verdi)
Mmo. de Pasquali Slg. de Paaquall
and Mr. Gamble
To conclude with a complete per-
formance of the second act of Flotow'a
charming opera Martha wifkdm-
plote scenery costumes pataHurn-
alia aud tho following majflPRmt
cast " "
Lady Henrietta disguised as Martha
.. Mine. d Puquall
Nanoy her maid ..- villas Crawford
Lionel a farmer Slg de Paaquall
Wednesday at
Plunket his friend . . Mr. Gamble
sliene is ad in a farm house
near Richmond Surrey England.
A (Joort Jfurt.
Mabxtuow Onio.
To tbe People ot Outhrle:
This is to lnrtlftr lin Xr.. 1).11
Whlttaker is a thorough experienced
nurse always careful and painstaking
to carry out the directions of the phy-
sician in charge. I can cheerfully rec-
ommend her as a Kn'.cndid nurse in all
cases. Very truly
E. C. IiiKTOtf. M. D.
Examloing Physician.
Mrs. Whlttaker is located at 403 Har-
rison avenue Those in need of a good
nurse will do woll to secure her ser-
The Shortest Route
To Stillwater
Orlando and Stillwater
Stage Line
I have a well equipped stuge line and
am prepared to make passengers com-
fortable and gTe them quick transit
to destination.
Leave Orlando at 7:30; arrive at Still
water at II a. m.
Leave Stillcvato. t . ...i
Orlaaio at 4 SO p .
f aaiaaaiaafc
Our School
Is Now
And we are DAILY
The Supreme Favorites
Theater Company
la high-class repertoire at popular
prices -
1020 -30e
Ladies Free First Night Onlj
Presenting Monday Fvenlnir the Beau-
tiful Comedy- Drama
aoeIwaUa!mnCM re ntlnuu-oo tire.
Bcatf now on sale at usual place.

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