The Guthrie Daily Leader. (Guthrie, Okla.), Vol. 12, No. 153, Ed. 1, Saturday, November 26, 1898 Page: 2 of 4

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Sllu $ro?.c
Katered in the postomce fct autbrle OkUn
i second cists mall matter.
IttlcUl Piper el Qklabcra? Verrilerr.
L U SIBLJCK Xaitor nml Manager.
OWlnl Orin of Utalnhoraa Dsnotrscj
One month delivered In city-
Une raoni": !rv mall
Tbrec uionltu .....
1 M
. 6 00
rt. 471X UUUiUI ....................... .
' rn tnr
Blx months .
One year
... W
-. too
Ik twenty-four of the leading cities
of the I'nited States 6 COS divorces
were granted last year.
From tho way the Republican pie
hunters of Kansas aro crowding Gov.-
elect Stanley for places thoy appear
to realizo the fact that it Is root hog
or die with them now.
The Beacon says that Wiohita has a
saloon with 187 electric lights. It also
has a few livers in it. Arkansas City
The patrons must evidently then be
light livers.
An old veteran of the wardon't want
CO Jones to be speaker of tho lower
bouse of the territorial legislature
because as he says Jones when a
member of a former legislature in-
sulted the memory of dead veterans.
Soke truths may be proola'med from
the honsetops; others may be spoken
ly tho fireside; still others must be
whKpered in tho ear of a friend. If
more truth had been proola med from
the bouse'ops during the campaign so
the veop'e could have discussed them
by their firesides tho remits of the
Hearer county election might have
been materially changed. Hardesty
11 era! d
Tho difficulty was notln proclalin'og
the truth but lu getting the people to
'believe tho truth Experience Is laid
to be a dear and sometimes an ezpen-
aire school and it remains to be seen
"whether the late election was of the
latter class.
Ir the new legislature falls to enact
a law limiting the power iof the terri-
torial board of equalization or abolish-
ing that body ot compelling tbe board
to make a fair and just equalization of
property values it will fall to do its
duty and most of tho mombers-elcot
will violate pledges made during the
campaign. In western Oklahoma at
least all candidates wero sounded on
the tax raising question and all were
ugalnst tho horizontal methods prac-
ticed by tho territorial board. No
doubt the law makers will fall upon
b plan of (qualization that will be
just and fair to all parts of tho terri-
tory. Hardesty Herald.
There aro somo other things of equal
Importance which the Herald skipped
but there is time enough yet to hedge.
Hon. Bereno E Payne of Auburn
New York one of tho Ways and Means
Committee ot the House does not
aeero to fully ngree with Mr. Dingley
nnd Senator Hanna that no reduction
of the war tax be made at the present
Mr I'ayne recognizes the fact that
in time of peace the public always ob-
jects to the continuance of war taxes
and what Is more he recognizes the
additional fact that the political party
responsible for the continuance of
isucb taxes rarely escapes condemna-
tion at the hands of tbe people and
lor the present administration to re-
fuse to cut off tho burdens ot tho poc.
pie which arc clearly unnecessary to
sustain the government in time of
peace. Is a dangerous experiment.
One of the strongest evidences of the
fact that the government itself feels
that some of the present burdens c&n
lie reduced if not entirely done away
with is the fact the treasury depart-
ment has sent out a circular letter on
tho subject with a view to feeling the
public pulse as to the iwisdcm of tak-
ing off tho war tax on certain buslneis
transactions. The letter Is addressed
to the collectors of the revenue and
Ears "It may be that there are some
taxes which hamper business are vex-
ations and annoying difficult to col'
led aad yield but little revenue."
This (circular lettor shows distinctly
that certain taxes on the war revenue
list may safely be dispensed with
f& N V. FRAZIER Pbeswent. Inoorporatod. $
Joe 5c5f
.The. Oklahoma Mortgage fej
and Trust Company. p
H -3wLCnPiTAL $10000000 M
V? Plenty of Money to Loan on Farini. Uy
Jwg Privilege to pay at any lutereit payuisnt after one year.
1a Loweitrttei on -good farui. i&r
rt Abstracts of Titles Compared. J
to nrin uiuh Twwory GUTHRIE OKLAHOMA. ? j
without detrli ert to tbe interests of
tho govern icnt notwithstanding
Messrs lllngle.v nod a to tlie con-
trary Some of these taxes arc no
very great burdens to tho people but
are quite nanoying'and often put peo-
ple to great bothcrand Inconvenience.
Among these are the tax of one cent
on a parlor car sleeper tho same on a
telegram express packages; two cents
on a bank check tviry agreetneu' In
writing and fa dozen or more little
transactions between the piople.tnany
of them whero the value or jconsldera-
ttou Involved Is of a moat trlvlr.l char-
acter They are Voxattous and annoy-
ing1 and should be eliminated from the
revenue bill
yj rr
The LiCADKit acknowledges the re
celpt of a copy of the annual report of
the secretary of tht navy which the
honorable secretary in a nuto attached
to the report nays is Itsucd in advance
as a courtesy to the press.
On page 33 of the report the secre-
tary takes the o-caslon to say that
smokeless powder Is a necessity not
only on account of the abuses of smoke
but because of the greater velocity ob-
tained by its use and the freedom from
residue which facilitates rapid firing.
A large plant has been established at
Indian Head Maryland by the gov-
ernment for the manufacture of this
powder and it is proposed to equip the
naval vessels exclusively with smoke-
less powdor many of them already
having been furnished with it.
There are now in course of construc-
tion at tho various government navy
yarda eight first-class battleships four
coast defense monitors one training
ship one sheathed cruiser (building In
England) two steel tugs sixteen tor-
pedo boat destroyers twenty-two
torpttlo bolts and one submarine boat.
The speed of some of the war ships
now under construction w 11 be thirty
knots an hour the fastest on record of
the naval vessels of any power in the
The M')(rn Terminus of the "Choctaw"
trill Hart a Jtallroiul by Oct Urr 30.
The western extension of the Choc-
taw railroad will bo completed and
trains runnlug to and from Weather-
ford not later than October 3(1.
Weatherford is In the southeastern
part of Oust r county Oklahoma terri-
tory a distance by wagon road ot
about 35 miles southwest of Geary. It
will command tho trade of Custer
Washita Roger Mills Day and D coun-
ties nearly 100 miles square besides a
portion of Urccr county and the Kiowa
Comanche Caddo nnd Wichita resorva-
llonj. Weatherford is destined to make cue
of the most important towns in the
territory It affords openings for men
in all kinds of business. No such op-
portunity nnywhero in tho Southwest.
Weatherford has good well water and
running water f jr stock and will be a
great cattle shipping point.
The railroad compaur has platted
about 000 acres for the town site and
Weatherford being tho terminus of
tno road will naturally ho a railroad
town. All who desire to know about
tho town or to got in on tho " ground
lloor" either for business or specula-
tion should call upon or addretts Mr.
Hcekeerick town sito manager Weath-
erford U. T.
In going to Wcatherfoid take the
Choctaw Oklahoma & Gulf railroad.
Dally trims run between Howe on
tho Kansas City Pittsburgh Gulf rail-
road and El Reno and between Okla-
homa City and Geary and after Octo-
ber 30 a dally passenger train will bo
run between Shawnco and Weather-
f'rd. Connections with the Choctaw
railroad for Weatherford ore in ado
with tho fnl'iwing lines of railroad :
With tho Kansas City Pittsburg A
Gulf railroad at Howe I T.
With the St. Louis & San Francisco
railroad a. Wister; I. T.
With tho Missouri Kansas A. Toxas
railway at South McAlester I. T.
With the Atchison Topeka it Santa
Fe railway at Oklahoma City O. T.
With tho Chicago Hock Island A
Pacific railway at El Heno.
J. W. MuLouu.
General solicitor
In charge ot town site.
J. 1 Holuk.n
Traflic Manager
For sale Ten milch cown.
at Wheeler's drug store.
Thrf Timet a M'etk
The California Limited via Santa Fe
Routet finer and faster than ever.
T Cvre a Cold In On Day
Take Laxative Ilromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists rofund the money if it
fall to cure. 23c. The genuine L;s
L. 11. Q. on each tablet.
Hare you examined tho prices and
quality ot those new tooth brushes
chamois skins hair brushes and combs
just recelvod at Liliio's drugstore ?
A illle-a-Mtnutc Share.
On the California limited Santa Fe
Route; thero Is a barber shop in the
buffet smoking car ent're tralu elec-
tric lighted! through in 2H days Chi-
cago to Los Angeles.
Rheumatism Gone
omplhation of Diseases After
Having tho Grip
Bottor .1. E or Vny S'lnco Takl.ip
Hood'9 Sarsnparllln.
Tho grip and other forms of ecrious
illness often lonve the system in R
thoroughly deranged condition lu
such crises Hood's Snrsaparilla is Just
what is needed. Head this.
"Tho crip loft me with a complication
of diseases. I was constipated grew very
thin and became discouraged. My wife
procured a bottlo of Hood's Barsaparllla
and I began taking It. After taking sev-
eral bottles I gained in weight and felt
60 per cent better. The rhnuirmtisni with
which 1 had been troubled left me and
Hood's Bamapsrllla gavo me strongth.
I have great faith In s curative powor."
William Calbkc-k PeaboJy Kansas.
HOOCFS parma
Is the tt- In fact tl-e One True Wood rurmer.
Bold by all druagut 1 . ' '"H6
"TZ 71 nl net easily proii'ptly and
nOOtl S PlIlS aecUely. Mcenti.
IlrnditreeU By Thcr are Very few Un-
favorable reatnrea
New Yorfk . Nov 15 Uradntreet's to-
morrow will say:
Winter storms and a holiday have In-
trferred with th wholesale demand and
distribution tout later clear and cold
weather Is a compensating feature Induc-
ing heavy retail business In saatonablo
goods. In general bu tinea circle most
development have been favorable not-
able among which might h mentioned
a-eneral advances In prie of cereal
provisions and groceries cotton steel and
pig Iron tbe latter chiefly at enstern and
southern points; conlnued benvy xeneral
export trade a better tone In th markets
for hides ami leather more Itrmneaa In
cotton sooUa and active stock specula-
tion all of which are reflected In heavy
bank clearing total.
Unfavorable feature' are few. pi emi-
nent among which I the continued dull-
ness at whoHeaale of wool and woolen
goada The situation ae to the country's
port Ib llaterlnu one except for tbe
carcltv of freight tonnage whlcb I be-
coming serloua tending to check ehlp-
tnpnts of goods contracted for and thup
to aerloualy hamper th ilevelopmrnta of
American trade abroad. This la particu-
larly felt In the iron and steel Indusrles
considerable pig Iron being orrangetl for
shipment la being delned and may ulti-
mately be thrown back on domestic mar-
kets The movement of wheat and othe-
breadstuff conlnuea large ami although
Home reaction has followed earlystrengtb
tbe demand Is sufficient apparently to
more than contract growing Increases In
supplies. The agreement as to print cloth
production and taeavy sales of cottons
for export have atlfTeued values of man-
ufactured goods somewhat and Imparted
a more cheerful tone to this trade and to
raw material laelf. Woolen goods show
little effect as yet of current good retail
distribution but there Is a steadier tone
as to the values. Important developments
are looked for In tbe Iron and steel In-
dustry and while the ullcircd commltwlon
aa to ateel rail prices seems to have fall-
en though ateel billet values are strong-
er and there is talk of n "gentleman's
Ngreenwnt" as to prices taking the place
of an actual commlnidon. lu pig Iron tbe
Hluiatlon la a waiting one but large hliy-
crv are manifesting more Interest and
With Um strength of the metal markets
abroad and the feeling that 1S99 will wit-
ness a heavy consumptive demand there
Is little tendency to make concessions.
Increased simulative Interest In anthra-
cite coal stocks leaila to rumors of Im-
portant movement in this branch ot
AViaat. Including flour shipment for
the week aggregate l.SU.TK bushels
agnlnat S.CTS.IIl bushel last week 6.W8.
1M buxliplft In the corresponding week of
UK. S.S53.SW buatiet In 1S1W M8A.1M btiah-
ela In 15-and ZMt.DOt buahela laat year
Since July 1 this year the exports r
wheat aggregate 83814 183 bushel ngainMt
18.U6.Ut buhcU last year. Corn export
for the week aggregate J.SW.W bushel
agalnt S.KH.MS last week; lM.B5 guub-
Is In thin we-k a year ago: 2.auS8
bllMheU In 11 and 16JH buahda In 18SI.
Since July this yttar eoru exports aggre-
gate 0.0ISiB bualieU agalnnt 5 510 15
bushel during tbe same period u oar
Oualnesa failure In the I'nlted Statet
( Ktmbatl'i Old Stand )
Kaporatet naspberrlas per pound.. .. I?c
I'am y reaches iter round 1M
Obolce Poaches par pound 1IH
Nectarines pir pound ll)i
t Crown HaUlns per pouud 5c
1 Crown lUUIna per pound 8c
AprlcuU par pound lte
l'eari per poasd Kt.
Seedless Ita tains Vt
I'runet per pound . . TVti
Ail of tuc above are frean caltfurnu
dried trutt Call and lee for yourel.
We bave a nice line of Lal'ayette Orar- er
Co. s Kaucy Crackers. our choice Per lb
IK Conic and qe tbe auortment.
We are goto; to do builnm on a strictly
caL basin and arc prepared to save you
money on all groceries.
Da not take our word but call and be con
Ma. eu
Monarch : Grocery
113 East Oklahoma Avenue
for the week number ii. against MS last
vek 2X8 In the cnrr pondlng week last
yinr: 100 In 1800 In 1R95 and 8T In 1891
nuslnee failure" In 'nnada number X
against SI last we-k it In this week a
vear ngt St in inai :.J In 18M. and In
Wt. Loul Ni.
Flour unchang
Whaat dull an.l n .tnmal closnlg with
futures fraction l.-r than Wednes-
day iot iower N 2 rod cash el-
vgtor 71H; track Tl'i. Dec 70: May
Mfc bKlT N'o. 2 hard. 6SHMHJ.
Corn: dttll; invgubir: Dec. cloalilfH
higher atal May '4 to H lower; anot
lower: No. 8 cash aL. Dec. SIS; Muy
32H naked.
Oat: Dw strong and i 'tar; May
unclmtigefl; hh higher; No. 2 cash 17;
track SJ Dec. r fay. 17H Hd; No. S
wlrHo t9.
Plaxiieetl lower. P2.
UuWar firm; creatneiy. IBIJ'23; dalrj'
Hgga Irigher. 19
ltd. hNHler. 8.5ZTS.5S.
Spatter hlglter S.S6.
Pork lower atandard mean jobhlnff
7 85.
Lrd lower prime 4.85: chooe 4 90.
Ilncon boxed itliouldars 6; extro
shorts 6.S0: ribs 5.73; stiort. C.
Dry aalt meats boxed shoulders
4.25; extra shorts. 4.S7H; ribs 5.28;
ahorte. 5.I7U.
aieeolpts Plour 10000; wheat 120000
corn 149600; oata 47000.
Shipment Flour. 8000; wheut 90-
000; corn 130000; oaU 11000.
Chlwtwo. Nov. 25 There wt a Roml
supply of cattle 'today for so lat in
the week and trade wns alow t wwik
price. Some ante show reduction of
5fT10c n few coinmnn diseased lecf
ateera going at I.OOfil.25. while n few
fancy shipping beeves brought .6 60
5.80 Fair westerns sold at 4.0005 20
the stacker and feeders trade wns
only moderate a 3 004f 4.40 sales being
largely made at 3.26CI 00 Cow and
heifers aold satlafaotocy.
Then was a fairly active demand
for hog from the Chicago imekersi.
but price ruled weak and SHIrRe low -er.
Sales were at 3.204TJ.OO the bulk of
the transection being a 3.404 50
wrtli pigs selling largely nt S it (T3.2&.
The market f.i alieep nnd 1 mUf was
teady wMh n fod 1 I.imbs
dd nt 4.2" ff'. 7". '..- comm ii to prln.
IlccKJ lart!v at IH'i."'. !iir tal
of 4ie. p vre nt ;rfl I 10 l.'.igely at
3.50C4.25 and yearling brouglrt 4 mfi
Feeding sheep brought 3.05fl8.90. nnd
feeding lain! 4.C0I.'J0.
Itecefpts Cattle 5000; 'hogs 80000.
Bhoep 12000.
Kaunas City Nov. 25. Cattle re-
ceipt. C.450 natives 310 Texnns. Sup-
Jily mostly common half-fed cattle; fed
bundles and real desirable killers and
feeders sold about steady; other 10
20c lower. No choice native steer of-
fered; medium 4.50C5.10; tights 4.S5
4 U0; stockera Hnd feederu 3.35?1.85;
butcher cows ami heifers 2.COtf4 25;
western steer S.10lr4.85; Texas steers
3.00t?4.26; Texaa butcher cow 2.00fl
3.20; ' idling at t-k 2.00t?4 r;.
Hogj-Uccolp't: "l.SBO; heaVy sup-
plies. "' lo.tet 1-. Scea for ho jrodit.t
caused a decline of from 5 to 10o. Ileav-
iea 3.40T2.aO; mixed 3.35(13.45; lights 3 25
Sheep Itecel pis 900. Ught supply;
gnqddamaml; the moat dealruhla (locka
a a)nvle higher; other ateady Native
In nib S.OOffiS.30; native muUuiis 4.00ft
4.25; woetetin lstnlw 4.86176.16; wears ri
muttons 3.7&IM 25: weatarn faadlny
lambs 4.004. 40.
Added Thll Seaton.
Ilarbersliop and ladles obborvatiou
oar on tho California L'mltcd via San-
ta Fo Route; Bervlee finer than ever
The j
Limited :
Via Santa Fe Route is the beat
and speediest train to California.
To Los Angeles in 2 X days three
tlmosaweek. Pullmans dining
car buffot smoking car with
m barber shop and obssrvation car
with spacious parlor for ladies
and children vestlbuled and
0 electric lighted.
2 Address
Auhtson Topeka Jt Santa Ke By.
HEMKMHER. this advertumeat
Interest to jou who have friends reitltu
In the tomb. It U a home eiUbllihment
hipping- direct from tbe quarries marblt
ana granite and manufacturlns In thll
city. Foreign agents show you a large
fine picture and aslc you to sign a binding
order for a poor design aid grade at dou-
ble price covering their wages and ex-
pense. Think ofitl we will duplicate
au of their work from sato 50 per cent
less. All the work done in tbe 'Guthrie
cemetery some weighing upward of two
tons was done by ui. flour tas rasa
cut on tae bu
iYUcoTAnt.St Zoul$ t Ban Franetico X. A.
The direct through car route to
points In southwest Mlsslourl South-
ern Kansas Arkansas Indian Terri-
tory and Texas.
Tho most direct route to St. Louis
nnd tho oast Double dally vcstibulcd
trainb. Krco reeling cars j observa-
tion and drawing room sleeper. Har-
vey dining halls. AsV- your noarest
ticket agent for full particulars or
wrlto the genernl passenger agent St.
Louis. 11. L. Winohkll.
Outhrlo to Los Angeles last year
was CO hours. Thll year it will
be 52 hours by tho California
Limited Santa L'e Route. Harbor
shop and ladles' observation car
havo been ndded.
Inquire at ticket office
Guthrie Okla.
Tfiscd- Line"
St. I.OUlS hmI.Shm 1' t;.ir Jh
The Most' Popular Route to
St Louis
And All Points East
This Is the only ling to the Famous
Eureka Springs Ark.
Tho curative properties of whoso waters
have no equal on tho American coutlnen
sdJ ihe granduer ot adjacent scones la
similar to that of Colorapo. lie sure
when buying your tickets to have theui
road via Arkansas City or Wichita and
Tollman ralaco sleoplfrg cars tho Snest
In tho world al9o reclining chair-cars
audcoaches on all through trains.
Any other Information will bo cheer-
fully furnished by either U. V. YOKUM
General Manager St. Louts No.; OKI).
T. NICHOLSON Oeneral Passenger
Agent St. Loula Mo. or II. P. DUNN
loavetlr a freight and pao'ongor agent
Fort Sinltti Ark.
! Climate j
e )
for Weak Lungs
Weak Throats
Weak Bodies.
The Health Resorts
of Hew Mexico and Arizona
are unrivaled. Pure dry air;
an equable temperature the
right altitude constant sun-
shine. "P
r Send for dest-rlptlre pamph-
. let issued by Santa Ke Koute
r l'assenger Department.
p Atchison TojieKa (- .Santa K lly. 1
Two lots in block 81.
East Guthrie. Must be
sold at once at some
price. Who will be the
lucky buyer?
lly the California Limited Santa
Fo Route 2 days to Los An-
geles. Three tlmts a week. New
features this season. Inqulro at
ticket office
AU Medical and Surgical Dlseas a of
the Eye Bar Nobo and Throat
Sign Painting
Paper Hanging
Ksuiiintoa on Application.
George Russ
All Work Promptly
Executed. Estimates
Furnished. Address
While East recently we had an on-
portunity to pick Up a lot of
.o.oWall Paper
fresh from the factory at a groat
bargain and to get this out of the
way for our holiday display we are
placing it on sale iit-astOnishlngly
low prices.
iJEFORH ir is too lAtkTv
F. B. LILL1E &-C0:
t 44M
f. W. MoNEAL PnKSiDsirr
4 lntrd of Directors In
James Stratton Frank Dale
nilNQMlTH GUNS OP ALL KINDS. Revolvers Arau-
UU llUlVIt I III unition Pine Cutlery Pishing Tackle.
Pme Repairing a Specialty. GUTHRIE OKLA
9 gl JrHS'
? rai!s?cm--AvsH
ifM . m2faZT&E9
- tr?isrsff-raw
xWfulHr nHmKT
Ullll I I m 1883.
Kakjcui In 2 minutes.
tnv&1nn.hlft In fmni tti
if. gtopsrincinzlu
rents lock-law 1mm wmmrit.
Its Healing Power is Almost Miraculous. Tim Best Family Medicine In ExUteaw.
SO Cent Bottle contains 100 Doses or Two Weeks Treatment for Cituri.
t t
ti i "-- " v. . I . """. lK U1WIIU wuicu i nau lor orer so rears.
It is Ihe most wonderful triumph of medical science." Gen.. Arte Jostles "l
'""' ";" -"" j"- "'"t1"'" " KUT w.c uave ounu iiraiiuan Balm invaluable "
-1 no. W. S. Soothe D. D. Pastor Del Ave Bat. Ch. "Mrs IreC3 l.
Brazilian Balm and thinks it did her tm.ri i.. Fi"l J)r?.1M3.9f1 J16
-j-n.i ... ..... .. .r. :
ojvcf.. uuc poiueoi urazuian uaim
M CulCxrt. "I was very deaf for 10 years from catarrh. Brazilian Balm applied'
warm in my can every day soon restored my bearing.-'-iVrr. John Scotten tester
fU. "It is the best thing for dyspepsia I ever sawtried."- Edward Wootten.
"I was wra almost to the grave with a racking cough that all the remedies and th.
doctors failed to relieve. It was cured with one bottle of Brazilian Balm. It shsll
be my doctor through h(e."-Mrt. J. Galloway Potlilown Fa. "I was fearfnllr
crippled up with rheumatism could not get my hand to my head. I took ten so.
cent bottles of Brazilian Balra in sir months. Am now entirely cured and as nia
biB? ;& llXy'zlV" Be"i " 8 A lady ia CincinnaU was so
afflicted with asthma that during the winter for seventeen years she was unable to
sleep lying down was entirely and permanently cured with Brazilian Blm.
B. P JM80N I CO. Indianapolis hi.
For salo by WALMCE A.MULLKH.
ttt. t4i
A. J SEAY Vioit-PnxsiDSNT
addition to ilank Ofllcors:
D. T. Flynn. J. R. Cottlngham.
w J HOR8FALL Cashier.
Brazilian Balm
...ounae ...
It clears the head of foul mrnu brain thn
sores otid lilrrrn nf iUm toft nn.1 11.m..
sweetens the breath and perfectly restores
the seuses of the taste smell and hearing.
Stops headache and dropping into the
throat. Also destroys the irerm which cause
making n perfect cure in n few days. Neyex
i. i i- o jiuui case ox ja umrp ever known
whern TlrnriUm ti1.. ...oD rnni.r..ii . i i.
destroy the gnnpe genu and quickly remove
all the nfter bad effect.
INFALLIBLE in Asthma Croup Bxiok-
FKWtR MKASI.K3 and any disease where
there is Inflammation Fever or Congestion.
Greatest relief in Consumption ever discovered.
Rltrna I?vaiU tl.j .
tbe herd and relies u"afne. A5an Vnlif?n
-". "nwi nun riLK9t
-"'"'. "'' v "UJ " -i-vrc. uAieru
cured a friend of inineof hav fwir"

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Niblack, Leslie G. The Guthrie Daily Leader. (Guthrie, Okla.), Vol. 12, No. 153, Ed. 1, Saturday, November 26, 1898, newspaper, November 26, 1898; Guthrie, Oklahoma. ( accessed April 13, 2021), The Gateway to Oklahoma History,; crediting Oklahoma Historical Society.

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