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Official Organ of Oklahoma Domocracy Offlco of Publication HarrlBon Avonuo
ii i pi 'prtiiMi
I Everything In Our Line
i Harrison Avo.
"4f vljjj iviimnnr ktJ?" "CXfl
I allow partial paymonts or payment of cntiro mortgages at any timo aftor
ono year with robato of Interest from dato of BBtnc. Have many othor advan-
tages besides low rato of intorcst which will bo beneficial to you. It will pay
you to call and boo me. Low rates on loans In connection with Llfo Insurance.
Hoard of Directors In addition to Hank Ofllcors:
Jaroei Hlr&tton Horace Speed Hobert Martin J. It Cotilngham
W. J HORSFALL Caahlor.
First published In tho Daily Loader Sep-
tember 2d 1897. f
Notice for Publication.
Laud ofllco at Outhrio O. T. Sop-
tomlior 27. 1897.
Notice is hereby Riven that tho follow-liiK-natnod
settlor has tiled notlco of Ills
Intention to mako final Jlfoof In support
of his claim and that sahl proof will bo
in ado boforo tho register and recolvor nt
United States land ollicj) at Guthrie O.
T on Novombor 2 1897 viz:
William (. Holdcn fur tho so qr of sec
23 two 15 r 1 w.
iio nanies'tho following wltnosscs to
provo his continuous rosldenco upon and
cultivation of. said land viz:
Goorgo Walker Walter llalght Wil-
liam llrown and Edward Johnson all of
Spring valo O. T.
4257 A. N. J. Cnoorc Uealstor.
First published In tho Dally Loader Sep-
tember 28 1897.
Notlco for Publication.
Laud ofllco at Outhrio Oklahoma Sep-
tember 27 1897.
Notice la hereby given that tho follow-
ing named sottior has tiled notlco of his
Intention to mako final proof in support
of his claim aDd ttiut said proof will bo
mado boforo tho register and recolvor
United Statos land ofllco at Outhrio Ok-
lah jina on Novombor 8 1897 viz:
Wllbor 11. Hicks for tho so qr of sec
14. tpl5 rOe.
Ho names tho following witnesses to
prove his continuous resldenco upon and
cultivation of said land viz: f
Jamos J. Shumate David Knight.
?iter Knight Thomas Kguow all of
troud O. T.
25S A. N. J . CitooK Ueglstor.
Dan and HrniWtrcot's on tliu Dullness
New Yoiik Nov. a It. O. Dun it
Co. Bays: "Strougor proof of the groat
change In tho condition of business
could not be given than is found in
tho detailed report of fullures by
branches of business for tho month of
October. Though swelled by a fow
largo speculative or brokorago fail-
ures the aggregato was smaller than
in any other month for mora than
four years except In July aud August
ind one month In 101.
Iiradstroot's: "Killing frosts South
tho raising of qunrantino embargoes
at nearly all states invadod by yellow
fever tlie resumption in tritlllc and
proupootlvo revival in demand for
staple merehandisu constitute tho
trade icnturos of tho wooic Rains In
central wosteru and woatarn statos
followed by coldor wonther have
favored farmers und stlinuliited do-
mand from interior storokeopors. This
has had a fnvorublo elTeot nt Louis-
ville St Louis and Kansas City."
Soldier Vires to Assassinate Drain's I'res-
Ident Kills Minister of War.
Rio Jankiuo Nov. 0. Vosterday nf-
teruoon a soldier attempted to shoot
President Moraes with a pistol. The
bystanders frustrated the attempt but
Colonel Moraos tho president's neph-
ew was slightly wounded In disarm-
ing the soldier. General lllttuneour
minister of war then Interfered and
was himself stabbed. Tho wound wus
so serious that ho died soon afterward.
The attack has caused the groutost
agitation throughout tho oily.
Denr'r'i Jewish SynasoEao Ituroed.
Denver Col. Nov. a Temple
Emanuel tho Jewish synagogue at tlujl
corner of Twenty-fourth and Curtis
streets was totally destroyed by fire
this afternoon. Loss 535000-
and at Lowest Prices
McKennon Opera Hoase
S. A MANN. Manager.
iMovember 12 and 13.
Inn Magnlficont l'roductlon of
With Its Wonderful Sconlc Electric and
Calcium Kirccts.
The Marvelous "Bracken"
Scono With Oonuino Flashos of Light-
iiIiir and tho Magic Haiti of Fire.
Produced lloro In Its Euliroly.
Heats on sale at Wallaco & Mueller's
drug store November 10.
rive Year for Illlen Peek.
Nrew Yoiik Nov. 0. Ellon Peck
who lias been known for years ns the
queen of oontldence womon was to-
day sentenced to live years In prison
by Judge Cowing. Mrs. Peck Is 73
years old.
Itlctiurd Croker III.
Nuw Yomc Nov. a A rumor that
Richard Crokor was doad was In circu-
lation in all quarters of tho city from
early in tho marulng until lata last
ovening. Tho Tammany leader has
simply a slight cold and will probably
bo well enough to-day to start on a
trip to Virginia.
l'atnt lixploc Ion at Milwaukee.
Mimvaukkk Wis. Nov. . Hy an
explosion at tho Illinois stcul works
last evening live men were injured
two fatally.
Ildurnte Your Hounds Willi Cuicareti.
Gandy Cathartic cure constipation foreier.
IQeKe. If C O.O fall ilriilis erf end money.
Mint by lllsiitriyniu.i.
Joi'MN Ma Nov. (I John Luiiyon
a Main street irroeer wu that l
highwaymen at 10 o'clock hut n gin
on Wall stroot nonr Ninth. He wu
going home from his store when m
eosled by two men who ordered bin
to throw up his hands. Upon refu
Ing to do so he was beaten over Hi
houd with a pistol anil his fries tot
liolp sileuued by a bullet from one oi
the thugs' pistol which struek Luiivon
"in the left breast intlietiiig tv danger
oils wound. The robbers then beut u
hasty retreat and escaped. Two men
are undor urrest on suspicion.
Yellour l'ever btlll IUeIujc.
New Ow-hans La Nov. 0. The
record of yellpw fever eases and deaths
Is disappointing. The death rat3 I"
higher than it has lsen for several
days and the number of new cases is
nut as small a the board of health
ofilcials predicted It would be. Thirty
ouo new cases and ten deaths Is the
record of yestorda.
JucIro Bloror Dollvors n StronR
Opinion LJonrlnK On tho Cnso
or tlio Londor Printing Co.
vs. thoTorrltorla! Aud-
itor The Cunnlnrf-
Imm Cnso.
The Oklahoma eupromo court mot in
special session yesterday morning and
handed down a number of important
opinions. There wore present Asso-
ciate JusticoB lllcror McAlcc Tarsncy
and Keaton. Chief Justice Dale Is
holding court at Chandler. Following
wero tho opinions rendered:
No. 458. H 8. Cunningham io-
cclver vs. United States National
bank. Petition for rclicarlng and re-
viow donied Tarsnoy disBcuttng.
No. 450. Uco. Uray etal vs. Josoph
Stiles treasurer Logan county. Peti-
tion for rehearing ami review denied.
No. 471. National Hank of Guthrie
vs. Logan county. Petition for review
and rehearing denied.
No. 407. Stato National bank ct al
vs. Carson treasurer Oklahoma county.
Petition for review and relioaring do-
nied. No 554. Wrn. Mayflold ot al va
IiurriB treasurer "D" county. Peti-
tion for rehearing and roview donied
Note Th 060 four arc tho tax cases J
No. C09. Tho Dally Leader vs A. O
Nichols auditor. Opinion filed. Judg-
ment for appellant.
Special term district court sot for
Pond Creek Monday Nov. 8.
W. H. Williams of Stlllwator ad-
mitted to practice.
Hunk lteceltornlilp C'aso.
In tho case of Harper S. Cunning-
ham rccolvcr appellant vs. tho United
States National bank tho court donied
the potltiou for a reiicaring. Justices
iticror Keaton and Mcdtccconcurrlng;
Tarsney dissontlug and Dalo not sit-
ting. The opinion supports tho action
of tho trial courts in disallowing cer-
tain of tho receiver's claims and holds
that siuco no cross errors aro assigned
by defendant in error nono of tho rul-
ings of the trial court in making allow-
ances to tho receiver in tho adminis-
tration of tho cstato involved can now
be considered by this court. Koaton
In tho opinion believes that under the
ovidonco tho court chould disallow tho
claim of Iteceivor Cunningham foi
8997.35 for tho 81000 of provisional
city warrants and that tho prosont re-
ceiver should bo directed to turn said
warrants back to Mr. Cunningham.
Tho Tax Cane.
Caso 450 involves tho '00 ralso of the
territorial equalization board as doos
tho thrco following it. At tho last
session of tho court a decision waa ren-
dered in tho caso of Gray et al vs.
Stiles knocking out the ralso as mado
by tho board en tho ground of uncoil-
stltutlonrlity. Tho Loader gavo full
details of tho case at tho timo. A pe
tition for a rehearing and reviow was
filed and tho opinions ot yesterday
boar this petition.
four l'er Cent Limit.
In tho caso of tho Leader Printing
company vs. A O. Nichols auditor in
volving tho four por cent limit tho
opinion was delivered by Justice
Uiorcr all justices concurring. Aftor
rcvioA lug tlio writ of mandamus and
citing numerous authorities on tho
construction of tho statutes pertain-
ing to tho expenditure of public
monoys the opinion reads:
Tho safe rulo to bo adopted and
which will admit of a broad and com-
prehensive construction of ovory stat
uto and placo upon It that interpreta-
tion which will givo effect to tho true
intention of tho legislature and which
has tho support of theso authorities
although it embraces tho always im-
portant clement of legislative intent
not included In tho principle of con-
struction as stated in the Maryland
caso is that the languago of a proviso
in a section of a statute should bo held
to relate not to tho wholo statute or
to tho wholn section but only to the
clauso or proviso of which it is a part
unless another purposo or intention on
tho part of tho legislative body enact-
ing (t Is doduclblofrom the enactment
An intention on tho psrt of congress
to limit tho cntiro Indebtedness of tho
territory to one per cent we cannpt
draw from tho language of tho aot or
tho section under consideration. Thoro
is nothiqg in any other part of this act
of July 30 1880 that indicates that
congress had any such lntontion and
the clear and express limitation upon
tho purpose and character of tho In
dobtcdncss which tho territory may
create and tho amount of indebted-
ness which tho various municipalities
In tho territory may contraet strougly
rebi.t tho idea that congress intended
to make a general limitation on a
much smaller per contuin basis than
tbat fixed for theso municipalities up-
on tho entiro indebtedness to be created
by tho territory Had such an lnton-
tion as tbat claimed by tho auditor of
tho territory Inspired this congres-
sional enactment it seems to us that it
would have been useless to hr.vo
framed tho section with two excep-
tions Instead of ono. The seven differ
ent purposes for which tho territory
was authorized to contract a debt
could bavo been framed as well in one
exception Instead of twosoparato und
distinct ones if congress had intended
tbat the limitation placed upon tho
exercise ot tba authority to contrast
debts authorized by the second excep-
tion or subdivision should be equally
applicable to the first. Thore was no
reason for framing those exceptions in
two division? making two classes of
indebtedness unless it was Intended
for one class to be authorized under
differeut conditions and limitations
than those ot the first. The purposes
for which debts maybe contrasted un-
der the first exception relato to tho par-
amount necessities of the territory
and congress evidently had no inten
tion that these necestftles cou'd not be
supplied and tho ordinary and nccw.
Bry expenses of tho territory remain
unprovided for when thero wan a cas-
ual deficit in tho tevenur or that tho
Intorcat upon tho territorial debt
should not bo paid or tho necessary
cxponses ot suppressing an insurrection
or providing for the public dofenso
could not bo mot because tho terri-
tory was in dobt ono per cent of the
assessed value ot tho property tharolii.
Tho purposes for which deutn might
bo created under tho second oxcoptiou
although important aro of soooudary
concorn to thoso specified in tho first
oxcoptiou. All necessities of tho terri-
tory relating to ponai.charltablo or ed-
ucational institutions can bo mot as
thoy havo been with roferenco to tho
first of thofio tlniH far in tho torrltory
without tho crcctiun of permanent in-
stitutions therclor and It was tho pur-
pose ot congress thattheso institutions
Khould not bo ercotod by pleading tl'o
futuro credit of tho torrltory in c.xcef k
of ono por cent of tho aisotsod valm
of its proporty.
Thoro appears therefore in this sec-
tion no intention to mnhe this limita-
tion upon tho ind'-'otedness contained
in the second oxcoptiou applicable also
to tin- first nnd tho genet al rule abovo
oxprossod is tho proper ona to npply to
tho statuto undor consideration and
we2 cencludo that tho legislature
of tho territory lias pc or to authorize
the contracting of a ( :u on bohalf of
tho torrltory for prlnO'ig dono for tho
territorial auditor who an nflljor of
tho territory an 1 tho leglclaluro hav-
ing authorized tho miking of n con-
tract with tho plalntiir and the print-
ing having beon done and tho work de-
livered the plalntiir is entitled to Its
warrant and tho writ of mandamus is
accordingly granted.
A Vontirnhln liullnnn I'nuplo Unttnil In
Dciith im In I.Ira. Ind. Nov. a Mrs.
Angelina Mendnnlmll dlod this
morning nged hi years. Forty-
flvo hours boforo her husband. Dr.
Id I jah Mcudenhnil hn 1 paisod away
at tho nge of 8? yean. Tho husband
and tho wlfo were burled this nftor-
nnon in tho same coflln made doublo
width nt Crown Hill comatory.
A fow hours after tho husband's
(loath his wlfo asked Unit hlio bo nl-
lowod to seo him once more boforo
her death. Wlion the oolllu was placed
by hor bod siio said: "I nm glad lie Is
at rest " Thoso were hor last words.
l'or fifteen yours Mr. Mundonhnll
had said that shu would not bo pres-
ent In lifo at hor husband's funeral
oven If ho died lint for sho
would join him a few hours after ills
death. Tho couple had four sons
among whom was the Into Itev. J. W.
MondeiihuU editor of tliu Methodist
uoviuw of Now York.
Colnrod .Sinn Sum to Win.
J'oiir Scott Kan. Nov. 0. Tho
ofllelul ooiint of tho llourbon county
vote showed that Dr. Cummlngs. tho
fusion candid ate for coroner hud tied
Dr. McLemore the oolnrod Republic-
an onudidnle each having received.
S.l.Vl votes. Dr. Cummlngs' friends
(laelure that he will not throw dlee to
decide the election because a colored
mnu has a natural ndvanhigo in such
ft shake. They will probably druw
straws. The Republican majorities
range from 2:0 to 000. The fusion lsUs
elected treasurer by !3 votes.
Flftciun YotiM for ltntibary.
Col.irsmiA. Mo.. Nov. a. In tlia
r ' .. -
Iloono ooiiiity elroult court to-dny
Hon Ilkersou rluuded culliv to rob
bery in the first dogrou Wllhorson
said ho did not wnnt it lawyer and
that as ho had pleaded irulltv. ho ex
pected u light seutenoe. He was sur
prised wnon Judge HoclcnUay remind-
ed him that tha court had once boforo
sentenced him to the penitentiary
and for tliu second offense would send
him to prison for fifteen years.
Turk Hohciun Knockoil Out.
Indianapolis Ind. Nov. a Tho
supreme court to-day deaidad that tho
not undor whleli tho Indianapolis
board ot park commissioners was Cro-
at od Is unconstitutional and that tho
members ot tho board are not public
olllcurs. The bonrd has oxistod two
years; has received 8371000 In city
money for park system; has spent
810100 ot this amount and has
planned to purchase 800 tiers ot land
for parks.
Ar(.-HB(1 Willi n Nockyoko.
Ciuuhok Neb.. Nov. a James Gil-
lespie a farmer living In Orange pre-
cinct and one of the rlduro In tho
Chadron-Chlimgo cowboy race during
the World' fair attacked and soverely
injured two of hi sous bo online It Is
alleged they voted the Republican
ticket. Otllesplo seeured a ueekyoko
nnd beat the hoys over the head.
Ten Ilnrte llurnej.
Iniikpkkpknck. Kan. Nov. 0. Tho
large barn on tho farm of William
White near Mo-ltne west ot here
caught Are last night and burned to
the ground. There wero ten hoad of
hot-hoi the wagons buggies and a
large amount ot farm machinery to-
gether with S.0O0 bualtols of corn Jn
the barn and everything was con-
sumed. Two Western I'oitmaiter.
Washinoion Nov. C -President
McKinley lu appointed George W.
Sohroer to bo postmaster nt Windsor
Ma and Charles II MoNall to be post
master at Lebanon Kan.
InealU as Uorreapondent-
Washington Nov. a Ri-Soiiator
John J. Ingalle of Kansas has taken
quartor here for tho session of Con-
gress as a newspaper correspondent
Bcuator Woloott Arrive.
New Yoiik. Nov. ft Senator Ed
ward O. Woleott of Colorado and
General Charles J. Paine arrived hero
last night pn the steamship Campania
Senator Woloott asked to bo excused
from saying unything of his mission
Latest Ilepnlillcnn Claim In n Majority
of I'our on Joint Ilnltnt With Ono
Votn In Doubt Worn! County
l'ao In Court Dayton Hol
illor' Hume atn I'ro-
teiteit by Democrats.
CoMJMmm Ohio Nov? d. Tho Ohio
legislature stands 7 1 Republicans 70
DemocrnU nnd 1 doubtful on the of
ficial returns received up to last night.
mtn a uoroit or more of tho eighty
eight counties v -ry eloso thero lmvo
been no material changed except in
wood county which will he oliilmod
by both parties till tho courts pnss on
the action of tho supervisors.
Chairman McConvlllo of tho Demo
cratic stuto committee hns not changed
ids claims of u Doinocrntlo majority on
joint ballot and will not do so till tho
olllalal ret urns ot all counties nre In.
Chairman McConvlllo and others from
tho Democratic state hendquartors
went to Cincinnati to-dov to confer
with Mr. Joint It. McLean and oilier
party loaders rugardliKr the contests
Unit aro to bo mado In tho close coun-
ties. Charles It. Kttrtswho wai. the chair-
man of tho Republican stato commlt-
teo in 1600 and 1M1.V savs there is
nothing whutcvor in tho talk nbout
certain Republican monibors of the
legislature combining with tho Demo
crats to cloet Governor llushuell or
any othor man Senator in plnce of
Mr. Hnnuo Kurt says that no Re-
publican mombcr could n fiord to bolt
tho caucus nomination und ho dnon
not believe Hint u single member eould
bo found who would go into suoh n
As Kurt: was defeated for ro-olcc-
tlon as chairman by Senator lluunii
and admits that ho is unfriendly to
the senator himself this statement is
bollovud to bo tho lust that will bo
hoard of tliu rumored comblno against
Hiinna ns tho Republican senatorial
'1'oi.kdo Ohio Nov 0. Tho ctoso
vote in Wood county on tho elootlon
of u repru&ontulivo to tho legislature
lias resulted In n contest. Tho ofilclal
count on tho vote for representative
gives Norris l.Htsj nnd Monrs Demo
crat 1811 thus giving Norris n plu
rality of only 31. Center township
vote if thrown out would glvo Mears
n plurality of 11 votes.
Nominee Mour protested tho voto
of ("ontor township on tho ground that
tho voters of the township ouUldo of
llowlingGreeii wont outof their pre
cinct to voto. Tho question wns
arguod boforo tho supurilsot-H. Tho
board divided politically two and two
on tho question of admitting the vote
ot Canter township. in suah
event tho law provides that
tho matter bo roforred to a
judge of the circuit court so that tho
case wns brought hero and submitted
to Circuit Judge Pnrkor. Congress
man u. 1-;. llurton of Cleveland rep-
resented tho Republicans and Frank
llaldwlu of Howling Green ropro-
sonted the Democrats. The hearinir
was held at chambers and the nriru-
mouU resolved themselves Into n more
statement of tho fnots nnd the rights
of nn election board to establish a
voting booth in a convenient place.
Decision was rosorved until to-day.
Information hits been received nt
Ropubiioun headquarters of protest
to the Soldiers' homo voto at Dayton
on tho ground that tho voting pro-
ducts were not in tha propar place. It
that vote should he thrown out the
Democrats would gain two represent
atives from Montgomery county and
one senator enough (nn tho alalms ot
the Republicans) to make the legis-
lature stand 73 Democrats to 72 Re-
publleuiiHou joint bullet Chairman
Nash says there nre about forty pre-
oiuU In tiie statu where these tcoh-
nloal point on the loeatlou of tho
poll can Ihj raised and If it is made
an issue ot contest it will work both
way with no one knowing the final
A MUtaurl Teacher Murdered by In-
corrigible Hoys
Skuai.ia Mo. Nov. 0. James Allen
teacher in a school south of Warsaw
in Ronton county kept several boys
after school as a punishment for ml-
oouduot When j .tossed they as-
saulted Mr. Allen with rocks fractur-
ing his skull. Ho died this morning.
His uallaiiU have been arrested.
I.lremea for I'rutornul Companies
Jkhhhiwon Citv Ma Nor. 0 IW-
ward Oraar stato lusurunsa stiperiu
tendent doaldod that ull fraternal
beneflelary Insurauao uMoeiutlon
must have liaense to do business in
Missouri the sums as regular old line
Missouri' Hold Democrats Agcrriilre.
Ur. Louis Ma Nov. 0. Tim nation
al Democratic state committee ha de-
cided to maintain tho organisation in
this state to put up oaudidute for all
olllcgs at all oleetlons and to establish
pormaiiunt headquarters here with L.
It WIHley secretary la charge.
llsck to Tort With fle In the Hold.
Nkw Yoiik. Nov. a. The Red Star
liner Southwurk sailed for Antwerp
Wednesday but returned this morn
lng with signals reading "I'lro In tho
Syndicate Heine Formed to Oot Control
of tho Kansas I'aclllo.
Nnw Yoiik Nov. 0 Retweon now
and Decombor 16 the date of sale ot
tho Kansas Pneiilo railroad whlohhns
seomlngly been abandoned by tho
Union Pacific reorganisation commit-
tee n syndicato will it is reported. lw
formed with J. Pierpont Morgnn at ltd
head which It la understood will
buy tho rond for tho use of the Chi-
cago & ' Von railway. This road haa
a trafllo contract with the Knnma Pa-
olfio similar to the one tho Chicago A
Northwestern has with the Union Pa-
cific nnd it hns found tho Kansas
Pacific nlmost Indlsponslble as an out-
let from Knnsos City to Denver. The
Alton has ifTered to lease It from tho
syndiente which is to secure It nt the
foreclosure sale and operate it agree-
ing to pay tho actual net earnings o
tho owners of tho property.
Tho Alton's offer It I understood
Is being favorably considered. The
Vcndorbllt nro said to be anxioxw tho
road should come under the control of
tho Alton ns tho latter is practically
tho connection of tin Vauderbllt line
from Chicago and St Loul to Kansas
Tim Metropolitan I'ollco (system Illumed
for I'opullst Dofrnt.
Toi'kka ICnn Nov. 9. The result
of the election in tho six counties
which lmvo cities governed hy metro-
politan police hns caused Governor
Loedy to be severely criticised by
Populist oliieiuls and politicians for
maintaining tho system.
In Atchison Leavenworth llourbon
Sodgwlok Shawnee nnd Wyandotte
counties cltlos in which the metro-
politan police gororn the fusion
tlokots won only seven oftlces all told.
Governor Leedy bus said that he main-
tains tiie metropolitan police to keep
tho Republicans from stealing tho
In tho prosence of L. 0. Ttoylo nnd a
half dozon uppolntlvo ofllcers ho ven-
tured the opinion that it is time to let
go of tho system which has brought
such results and all agreed with iiim.
Taylor Riddle Hie Populist chair-
man tnld last night; '"1 ho metropoli-
tan pollco system is o. drag on the
pa !- that maintains it IhoRepnb-
I i ins havo Time mlvuntnge In the
eii le- but when thoy nre In powor in
tlo Kioto thoy don't sweep the
oltios as thoy havo done this time.
Tho system savors of plutocracy Hiid
is neither Po'pullsHo nor Democratic
Tills year's oluetluu show that It Is
harmful to us."
Iiiltoil Sillies Asked lo I'rosrmito the
Hun I'rnneltoo Dealers' Amiioliltlnli.
SAN KitANfiiwo Nov. . The pre-
lliiiltinrv move has been made toward
tho prosecution of tho Retail Coal
Dealers' association under the provis-
ions ot tliu anti-trust law of 1SW. At-
torney A. U Rlnek has drawn a. bill
in equity asking for an Injunction to
restrain tho operation ot th alleged
trust nnd has sent the papers on to
Attorney General MuKonna asking
his consent that suit be instituted In
tho mime of the Unltod SUte and
United State Attorney FooUj has ap-
proved und indorsed the request
Currmicy I.ealsbttlou Impossible. ion Nov. it Senator 1'latt
of Connecticut In reply to questions
expressed himself as follows ooneern-
ing the outlook for currency legisla-
tion lit the coming session of Con
gress: "KlVeollvo legislation by Oon-
gross on n eurroney bill Is rendered
impracticable by the luokof it major-
ity in tliu Senate."
Ilaln In Hnut litt MIssourL
Goi.nii.V Citv Ma Nov. 8. The first
droneliliig rain that has fallen sineo
July came up last night and the long
droutli is broken. Htoclc water wan
becoming very scare and the farmers
hav been obliged to defer their fall
plowing and seeding. The rain will
save the orchards and shude trees.
Chinese May Work In llllnuls Minns.
Joi.ikt III. Nor. 0. A rumor Is lu
circulation here that the mine opera-
tors at Caalwin Hill are planning to
Import Chinese laborer to take tliu
places of the striker. The couipimy
is moving It houses oto to theehuft
and it I said will build a vtockado to
luelose both house and shaft.
Tbrne CHrls und il Hoy Kluln by n Tramp
JIonthkai. Nov. . Near Rawdou.
Meuteulm sounty proviucoot guibcc
a farmer named N'ully 'u turned from
a visit to And his three daughters
aged 10 10 and II Nnd his lo-yeur old
son murdered. Three largo purties
are teurehlug the woods for tramp
supposed to be the murderer.
To Suoesed JuUvb I'arrlsh.
Br. JoetSFH. Ma Nov o. It i under-
stood that Charles Strop I to bo
pointed by Governor Stephens to ue-
eod the late Judge Thomas I'arrlsh
lli-dof ernor I'onder of Delaware Dead.
Wii.itl.veTOk; Del. Nov. U Jauiet
Ponder former governor of Di-luaru
died at hi liouie In MUtou to day of
Hie "I'lrst Hum" a I-aiiUen lallure
LilioN Nov. it The "First "'orn'
having proved failure will be with-
drawn from the Globe theater to-
morrow and the whols company
after six perforiuaaoes will return to
lllanco Uiidolaff Weyles'e Work
Havana Hoy. G. Captain Genoral
nianeo will shortly issue a degree
abollkhliig fur two mouths tho Import
duties on outllu. Ilo will also abro-
gate tho decree as to oouoontratlou of
country people la tho altlea
Kayel makes the food pure
toliolciome end dtllclou.
Absolutely Pure
Commanders nt tho Various Tort Ot
dcrisl to lln on tho Alert to Demand
ltipl.inutliin nt Ills Havana
1'nrnirnll Hpnrrli Willi tlk
Allnrnatlvo of Arrest
Other Cuban Noirs.
Mauiiid Nov. 6. The Spams! gov
eminent n n result of tho dclibora
tloim of the inlulstors over tho utter-
ances of General Weyler tin- former
captain general ot Cuba just boforo
he sailed for Spain has decided to
order his trial by court-martial no
matter whore he intiy land If ho cou-
flrins the accuracy of tho press reports
of his utterances. Tho commanding'
officers ut all tho ports of the. kingdom
have been Instructed to demand of
General Weyler tho moment ho can
he coiuinuiiloatod with tho exact
terms of tho speech which ho deliv-
ered In roply to tho manifestations at
Havana upon tho occasion of his em-
barkation for Spain Sunday
Tlie steamer Montsorrnt on which
Ueneral Weyler sailed for Spain on
Sunday on Wodnowlay reached Gl-
barru on the northwest coast of Cu
ba with her engines disabled nnd may
bo compelled to return to Havana Im
which rase it Is not unlikely thoro
will be interesting developments.
General Weyler hns a largo enough
following among officers of tho army
owing to promotion or for othor rea-
sons in sympathy with him. U make
both tho Republican and Carl 1st par-
ties endeavor to compromise with him
in order t.o obtain his support Tho
goveriimi-nt would be glad to glvo
liberty of iieti : to demonstrations lu
his favor with a view of gauging tho
extent of his popularity; but It fcara
disturbance of tlie public pence.
Wahiiimiton Nov. 0. It nppoar
that the determination of tho Spanish
cabinet to eourt-iimrtinl General Woj-
ler Willie not directly duo to n request
of this government wns probably In-
spired by en intimation from tho stata
department thnt his utterances wcro
not calculated to smooth tho wuy of
negotiations. It is surmised that by
thus acting with promptness tho
Spanish cabinet has paved tho way
for a counter remonstrance againsti
tlie publication of ex-Uuitod States
Minister lltutnis Taylor.
I!x -Minister Tnylnr Declares the Spaa
lards Will Kover also Justice.
Nkw Yon: Nov. 4 Tho Herald
published this morning n letter f'otn
Hsnnl Taylor late United Mates
miu later U hpeln in which after toll-
ing of his strenuous efforts to prevent
a rapture of iliulomatle relat'ns be-
tween tho two i-iiuuMes during tho
dm !c days til th. ( ..niimtltor case ha
iii...! that the i uliu lasso-- of Spain
nn .Vterminod t. 1 1 f u ie ant concca-
si hi thlvh oul I U' a wepled by tho
ill III L
Mi Taylor the -i-al -f secrocy hav
in- i.i eu ruiiiuicii tPii) how ho and
si n i' r Castolni trle.l to (Mtriiiado tho
luii lieiiiiur .iii.nai t nfTer ginmno
r. foi m to the t ul. in- declaring that
nth i sisu iiitei venilnit by tli t mtcd
.itdt. i must follow inovltubly This
win Mr. Taylors att.t .do ns a diplo-
inu' ie repreacnl.itU o anxious to pro
v. i' war. I'oi a time he believed
that the iron ircnii. r had yielded but
Ik u the propoacil reforms where madu
publ;.- he said ' JL saw that tha great
man Ii4d trilled ivitn u as tt WO wcro
Mr Taylor don .unees the "hollow
no-- nid eiuptine--. ot tho whole pro'
ten. embodied in the royal decree o
1 i iii-uary I'i7" ami after discussing
l.t he believes to bo the attitude of
paia'tt ruling -Ue says he set3 no
solution uf the Cuban problem whklv
will end the inhuman strife oxrept in-
tervention bv this oouutry.
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Virginia always goes Democratic
that is nearly always. Had debtor
and deadueata everywhere go lu and
pay up when Hpraguo'a Collecting
agency camps on their trail alwajs.

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