The Guthrie Daily Leader. (Guthrie, Okla.), Vol. 10, No. 117, Ed. 1, Friday, October 15, 1897 Page: 3 of 4

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MtawiVir'T'"iiaaMJ-rrtT7nhl-rrfT - u irTi -rri 'n i r i TTtfrtnw f i'ntttfw.ifctfutegrf4r -'' ---1 - -
mT-ttTT"- TTTTnT" - - -nf- -
ItnilroHtl imo Tabic-
iaiimsR i i
iitohlion Topska Oiinta r
Arrive i Leave Arrive I Arrive
No Guthrie. Ontlirle. I Kan Clty-lChlcagp.
I Of
6:40 a.m.
S 25 p.m.
1.10 p. m.
&:!. m.
3.30 p. m.
7:00 xm.
ft fmn m IU 4Sa.m'
8. 60 a.m. 10:00p.m.
Local Freight.
I Arrive i Leave Arrive Arrive
No Quthrlc. Qutlirte. Pt. Worth Qalv's'n
U:lsp. in.
tl:C5p. m.
3:30 p. m.
12 35 p. m.
11:05 p. m.
S:W a. m.
V:3S p. mi 9. Oi a.m.
8:06 a. m. 19:35 p.m.
Local Freight.
A. J. Corking Agont.
Choctaw Oklahoma. & Uulf it. It. .
Leave Kl Keno . 8:40 am
Arrive Oklahoma City 7:45 am
Arrive Shawnee . 7: pm
Arrive South McAlester .... :10 pm
Arrive Wlster. -M. 1:30 pni
Via Winter
Arrive Fort Smith .. .11 :57 am
Arrive St Louis .. ...... 8:30 pm
Excursion arrlre lluffalo 7:00 am
Leave St Louis .. 8:20 pm
Leave Ft. Smith... 11:57 am
Leave Wlster . 1:30 pm
Leave South McAlIster 4:10 pm
Leave Shawnee 7:35 pm
Leave Oklahoma City 9:05 pm
Arrive El Reno 10:0& pm
Between Oklahoma City and El no
Leave Oklahoma City for west 9.05 --n
Arrive El Hcno 10:05 pm
Leave El Keno for east 0:40 am
Arrive Oklahoma City 7-40 au
Leave Oklahoma City for west 3 :50 pm
Arrive El neno 4:62 pm
Leave El Reno east 11:15am
Arrive Oklahoma City 18:20 pm
Trains to and from Uuthrle make connec-
tion at Oklahoma City.
Make close connections at El Reno for
points on the Rock Island north and south.
For rates and Information apply to
J. F. HOLDEN Trafllc Itfanager.
South McAlester I. T.
Agent Oklahoma City.
Traveling Freight and Passenger Agent
Oklahoma City O. T.
Washington D. C
itoomt 103-5-8 Atlantic Handing.
Mining Land and Patent Law a Specialty
WaohlnKton a. C.
No. KJ F. Street N. W.
Formerly Principal Examiner Pension
The pension policy of the future will In all
probability tc more liberal. Rejected cases
solicited Correspondence Invited.
Land and Patent Attornoj'.
WnshlriKton D. C.
Washington Loan and Trust Ul'dg.
REFERENOES-Hon. M. V. Allen U. S. Sen-
ate; Hon. Life Pence Klnderhook N. Y.
Hon. John 0. Dell M. 0.: noa. i. D. Hicks
u. c
Washington D. C
1820 F Street N. W.
Land Pactlce a Specialty.
NAOMI Rcbekah Lodge No. 2 I. O. O. P..
meets every Thursday evening at 7:50
in Odd Fellows hall In the Weinberger build-
ing. Visitors welcome.
GUTHRIE Camp No. 3 Woodmen ot the
World meets every Monday nlbt In the
K. of P. hall. Vlsttlnc Woodmen arc wel-
come. J. II. TOWERS Clerk.
A. F. A A. M. Regular meet-
ing third Tuesday evening
in cacn rairam ai aociocs.
All brethren cordially in-
vited to attend.
GTJTURIE Lodge No. 1 A. O. U. W. meets
Thursday evenings of each week at 7:30
in Victor block corner First and Harrison
V lilting Workmen always welcome.
I N. IIUMSHER Recorder.
GUTHRIE Lodge No. 2 it. ot P. meets
every Wednesday at 7:30 In their ball
.n the Victor block corner First andUarrl-
ton. Visiting knights are always welcome
J. TOUOART M. of F. andK. of It 3
IORH Meets every Tuesday night In IC.
Kof P. hall. Visiting chiefs always wel-
come. M. U. CHERRY Chief of Records.
GUTHRIE Lodge No. 3 I. O. O. F. meets
Monday night of each week at 7:30. vis-
iting Odd Fellows always weir jae.
O W.HRUCE.Sec'y lock box 179.
OKLAHOMA Encampment No. 1 1. O. O. F
meets every Tuesday evening In Odd
Fellows hall at 7 80. All visiting patriarchs
welcome. A. KREIJS & P.
H L. STROUQH. Scribe.
furnish employment procure help; buy
sell or exchanee f ancv articles uovcltv
roods periodicals etc.
Room 20 Lyon IUnck
Cor. Harrison and Division
Bakery and Cafe
Now Opens tho Soason With all tlio
Delicacies the Market Affords.
Oysters Served In Any Style.
Short Order a Specialty.
Special Attention Given to Socials and
Tolepkoae 23. Open till 12.
- i HE
Mothers! 1
tSk. I
&&JW 8
iNr F.!r a
jStSr'Ni j
I"Mirt discom-
fortfl au 1
ilnttcTprQ nt
child-birth can
be nlmost tn-i
tirclv avoided .
ctant iuoth-
its. It gives
nuts them in
condition to do tlielr work
perfectly. That makes preg-
nancy fes9 painful shortens
labor and hastensrecovcrynfter
child-birth. It helps a Woman
bear strong healthy children.
t fc. M? ELREE't
ha9 also brought happiness to
thousands of homes barren for
years. A few doses often brings
joy to loving hearts that long
for n darling baby. No woman
should neglect to try it for this
trouble. It cures nine caaes out
of ten. AU druggists sell Wino
of Cardui. fi.oo per bottle.
For aJrlce In esses rtqulrlnr speclil
directions sddrets riving symrtoms
ths "Ladltf Advisory Department'1
Tho Chaltanootra Medicine Co. ChatU-
nooca. Tenn.
Mrl. L00ISA. HALE.
of JelTertoni Gi. taytt
"When I first took Wine ofCsrdul
we had lesn married three years but
could not have any children. Nine
months later 1 had a fins girl haby."
Wtorun l'nvnroil With flue Weather
Vretnrdny I'lowar 1'nrndr.
1i;avi:nwoiitii Kan. Oct II. Yes-
terday wis "Knnsns Milltln nnd Torrl-
torlnl Sottlors' Day" nnd ablfjeanipflro
witb hold in McOrcffor jiavillon In tho
mornintr prodded ovor by Colonol
W. Ycnlu of Topekn. Colonol K It.
Smith rend a paper entitled "Konilu-
Isceneos of Trice's llnid." Addrossos
followed by Gonernl Charles W. lilnir
Kx-Ctijrremnn S. S. Kirltpntrlok
Colonel 1). H. Anthony Mnjor H. V.
Simpson John Spenr of Icwroneo.
Colonel T. J. Jnckson Cnptnln .Toe
Waters Captain O. li Morso nnd
others. 12ui;oiio I'. Ware roolted an
oriclnnl poem wrltton for the occasion.
Illinois is next to Knnsns in tho
numbor of votornns in attendance 020
having roglstored by noon to-day.
I'onnsylvnnla nnd Ohio hnvo innny
formor cttlzons In Kansas Over 400
votorans from the formor state and
nearly as many from tho Inttor have
registered. The totnl attendance. 1
now estimntod at :o000 of whom
ii.OOO nro veterans.
The fonturu of I ho day was the
flower parado in the afternoon The
weathor was all that could be desire I
and tho patjuunt surpassed that of lav
yenr not only in the number of IIjo s
and vehicles but in ind'r'ulunl :tn
collective stylo unit appearand?.
Uvcryhody Soys So.
Cnscnrets Candy Cntlmrtlc the rmsl won-
derful mudlonl dlwovorv of tho njro ploas-
ant nnd lofreslnni; to the taslo net gently
nnd positively on htdnoys liver nnd bowels
cleansing the ontiio system dispel colds
euro heatlnotio fever linbltoid constlpntlon
and biliousness. Ploaso buy nnd try a box
of U. C. C. to-day ; 10 8ft 50 cents. fcSold and
guaranteed to euro by nil druggists.
School books and school tuppllcs at
tho postofilco book storo.
Why It Is 1'iiiiule.r.
Tho Chcsaponko and Ohio loadB all
compotltora in sufety and luxury of
railway travel
Its track is laid with 75-pound 6teel
Its bridges nro naw and built of
Its roadbed is a modal of smoothness
and stability.
Kb entire equipment is new and
Its IMoek System will soon bo com-
pleted. All its through trains arc vcstibulod.
All its through trains nro boated
with steam.
All its through trains are lighted
with electricity.
Its limited trains nro tho handsomest
and best equipped running between
tho cast and tho west
Its famous V. F. V. limited runs
solid between Cincinnati Washington
and Now York with Pullman sleepers
to and from Lexington and Louisville
Its now Washington and St Louis
limited runs solid between Cincinnati
and Washington with Pullman sleep-
ers to and from Indianapolis and St.
Its dining cars run through botwoen
Cincinnati Washington Ilaltlmorc
Philadelphia and New York and the
servico is unsurpassed.
It has a comploto new Pullman vcs-
tibulod equipment uncqualed on any
lino in America
it Is the only lino botwecn tho west
and tho National capital equipped as
It runs through tho grandest moun-
tain river and canon scenery east of
the Rocky mountains.
It roaotios moro points of historic in-
terest than any other lino in America.
It roaches tho groat battlefields of
It roachos tho groat coal and iron
fields of tho VirglmaB.
It roachos tho great oltica of tho oast
and tho west.
It reaches tho place you wisti to
It is the road for you to tauo.
Overwhelmed lly SoranlU In the Inte-
rior of Africa Another Mittmore
Ktpeoted lll-l'ntod Army Was
Commanded by n Fnmons
tlenernl Xews llroucht
lly nn t!nclllnnti.
London Oct. 11. J. llennet Stan-
ford who has JuBt returned from tak-
ing part tn au cxpftlitlon to Somali-
inna brings nows i f t to annihilation
at tho end of June ot nn Abyssinian
army ot 3000 men under the control ot
tho famous treueral ltas Mackonneu.
of which number only nily-tiliie n.on
Mr Stanford" suid: "While in tho
interior we enma across a powerful
soman chief who Jind jtiet returned
from the fight. He told me that tho
Abyssinian force had been raidina-
down the Webbe Sheboyll river nearly
as far as the 45th parallel. The So-
malls then overwhelmed them with
large numbers allowing ststr-nlne
men to po back with the news of tha
defeat Itsa Mnckonnen was killed
during the battle.
"The ailatr occurred abont 100 miles
from where we were. The whole
neighborhood Is still ejreatlv excited.
and the possession of so many Italian
rules by the Somnlis ia ovidence that
the story told of tho Abyssinian de-
feat is true.
"Tho liitost news from Hnrrnr was
thnt nn Abyssinian army was beltiL'
dispatched ngainst tho Somalls who
nro eagerly anticipating another
In regard to tho roportod utnsaacro
of tin- Cavendish expedition Mr. Stan
ford suid:
"There nro no oxpodttlonsin Soinnli-
lnno to massacre. Pool who was with
mo Is away to tho south; Lord Dela-
more is nenr Lnko Hudolph; Mnjor
MneDonnld is on tho trndo route to-
wnrd I'gnndn nnd Cnvondtsh when 1
Inst hoard of him wns on tho Kikuvu
Jack Camming Dim I'rnm Injuries Ito-
phItoiI nt tho Hands of Walter Orlnin.
Nkw Oiu.r.ANs La. Oct. 11. Tho
now Tulnno Athletic club was opened
last night with n bonoilt for tho indi-
gent yellow fever patients nnd fiuni-
ties of tho city. Among tho boxing
1khU was one between dnek Cutn-
miugs and Walter Orlflin both loeul
men. who had boon trnlnlng for somo
time. "Prof." Duffy was tho roforoo.
Tho fight between Grlilln and Cum-
mlngs was lively from start to finish
eaoh man giving nnd rocolvlng much
punishmout during tho lifteon rounds
which woro fought lloth of the fight-
ers wore much exhausted and physl-
clans nnd others had mnde olforts to
bring the conUst to a close.
In the fifteenth round Orlfllu hit
Cummings a hard punch nnd tho latter
snnk to the floor not from the effects
of the blow but from lack ot vitality.
He was picked up and carried to his
corner nnd then to his dressing room.
Ho complained that his head hurt;
asked that he be laid on Ills stomach
and became unconscious l'rom that
time he never spoke audibly
Tako Laxatlvo ltromoQulnino Tablets.
All druggists refund tho mouey if it
fails to euro. 35c.
First published In Daily Leader Oct.
15 1697
Notico for Publication.
Land Office at Outhrle O. T. Oct U.
Notice Is hereby given that the follow-
ing named settler bas filed notice of his In-
tention to make final proof in support of
his claim and that said proof will be made
boforo tho register and rocoiver at Guth-
rie O. T. on Nov 19. 1697. viz:
Charles C. Deckman for tho lots 3 and
4 e hf sw .jr see. 31. to 15 r 1 wost.
Ho names tho following witnesses to
prove bis continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land viz:
Thomas Spence of Arcadia. O.T.; John
II. Allinan. Oeorue Handle Daniel Dow
ney. all of Enfield. O T.
4270 A N J Ubook. Bealster
VmiDK MIohlKnn Hoy btruok hi Kport
Drops Ilnad In Ills Tracks.
Lansino Mich. Oct 11. FlUslm-
mons' fnmous solar plexus blow wns
tho cuuso of a doath at tha State In-
dustrial School for Iloys to-day. Just
after getting up John Carson ID
years old drew a lane hronth and
asked one of his dormitory mates to
strike him In tho chest. He wns ac-
commodated but wanted more nnd
rcquostud Kraulc Mnrtln nn iniimto
fro in Albion to strike hint
Martin responded with n back-hand
blow ovor the heart aud Carson
dropped dend in his tracks. Tho in
stitution physician says the blow pro-
duced paralysis. Martin who la but
H years old is held blameless inas-
much as the blow was struck in sport.
lo-i-Imc for Fifty Cents.
Guaranteed lobaece baUt ears nukes weak
men strong blood pure. 60c 11. All druggists.
Do not overlook this item. Wo oon
sidcr :t a mat tor ot groat importance
to at all times observe tho "Golden
Rulo." Owing to this fact tho public
is always ready to pstronizo the
Guthrio titeam Laundry. I'. M. Curtis
lion It J'ayY
If it don't why do you got 'inexperi-
enced bands to do your work lfor you?
Why not get men of long standing and
of great exporlenco to handlo your
bills for you? Ono hundred thousand
bills can be distributed successfully
fair week according to orders if nec-
essary. Good distribution means busy
clorks whilo thoy may remain idlo if
done otherwise. If wo bavo never
done any work for you atk the busi-
ness men all about us Thanking you
for past favors and asking 100000 bills
for fair weok. See us on tho streets
or a card to box 200 will command our
presence Smith tho bill distributor
Go to the Banner hotel tor fino chile
The chile queen of Old Mexico makes
the only chile in the city. Hot coffee
and lunch all night. Mrs. P. L. Hum-
eco proprietress.
Tailoring Cleaning and Repairing
Dyeing a Speialty.
Satlsfatloo GF&r&M.
Ill W HarrUon Guthrie Ok
Prominent Steekmnn jlmt
HrtMltJ Mo Oct. 14 -Louis M
Monse one of the most prominent
stockmen in Missouri and owner of
the Limestone stock farm near 'Mnltli-
ton. whs shot at his hotirp eight miles
fror PtHlalia. One arm was torn off
between the elbow and wrist and his
side badly wounded. Particulars qf
the affair are meager nnd It is not
known whether the shooting was ac-
cidental or otherwise.
lint Uml Ditmnire M'hem.
Lamnrd Kaa Oct H The long
dry spell whieli haa prevailed in this
Motion oontlnuea and was aiifmr-nted
yesterday hf a terrific gate of hot
winds which dkl grant damage to the
early sown wheat.
rnrtnno IiOt In the Hull.
CmrAOO Oet 11. Somewhere be-
tween Omahn nnd Denver a package
containing $1 1000 has been lost. The
money was sent by registered pack-
age by a bank in Chicago to a finan-
cial institution In tho West.
Western l'mtunico Appointment.
Yt'AMitxaTOff Oct II. Tho presi-
dent has appointed the following iost-
mastera among others: In Missouri
At Albany George V. Shoemaker
and at Mnryville John U. Urems. In
Oklahoma At Alva William C. Doug-
lass. I)n't Tsfro Spit and Smio lesr 1 Ire Anor.
To quit tobacco Sttillv snd forever be map
nctlc. fall of life nerve anu tiuut take N'oTo
Doe ths wonder-worker tbut makes .cuk men
strong. All drttfclstS0cori. Cure guaran-
teed. Docklet and sample free. Address
tcrllnsr Msmedy Co Chlcatt) or New York.
Visit TTJU.
Tho Santa Fe routo Is making a rate
of ouo faro for tho round trip to oither
Dallas or Fort Worth Tickets on sale
October 14 1ft and 16 with n final re-
turn limit of November 1 Continuous
passage in each direction.
A. J. Corkins Agont.
Low Rates via tlfo Santa Fe Itatite.
Loavcn worth Kan. October 11 to 10
Interstate U. A. It reunion. Ono faro
for tho round trip. Tickets on Bain
October 0 to 15 good to return Octo-
ber IS. Continuous psBsapo in each
direction. Ponca City O. T. October
0 to G. A. R. reunion. One and one-
bird faro for round trip. Tiokots on
sale October 0 to l good to return
October 11. Continuous passage iu
each direction.
Wp buy Bell and oxehnugo old
school books of any kind. F. II.
LUllo .fe Co.
A 35.00 purehano of school booVs en-
titles you to a free card to tho Guthrio
circulatitg library. Over 500 volumes
of books besides tlio Encyclopedia
Ilrltanlea and many other valuable
refereneo books at h!l lie's drug store
Pond's Stcnm Laundry and
Dyo Works phono 101).
The wagon from 'phono 4 will be
pleased to call anywhero In tho city
for your foundry. Remember wo have
an expert laundryman with several
yoars oxpcrloncc in ohargo of the
work F. M. Curtis
Lllllo A Co. nro prepared to gtvo you
lust what you want In tho school book
Wo thank yon kindly for past favors
and hone you will continuo to romom-
ber us for no ono can bo found who Is
moro anxious to plcaso than F. M.
Curtis proprietor Guthrio Stoarn
Lowest prices on school supplies at
tho postofilco book store.
Whoncor your laundry 1b not satis
factory H you will roturn it boforo
wearing wo will re-loundry freo of
charge. Guthrio Stoatu Laundry.
If you want your children properly
fitted out with school books pencils
tablets school straps and bags ink
drawing books music books etc at
lowest notbiblo prleos ser.d them to
Lllllo'a drug store.
l'ond's Sloam Laundry and
Dyo Works phono 100.
A largo stock ot school books just re-
ceived at tho postofilco book Btorc.
Sexsuor 414 Bust Cleveland is
agont for tho Guthrio Steam Laundry.
Sco Smith the bill distributor.
A now laundry man with several
years oxperlence has just taken chargo
of tho work Glvo us your laundry
aud you'll nover regret it. Guthrio
Steam Laundry.
F. 11. Lllllo .fe Co. rocolved today tho
largest shipment of school nnd tnlsccl
lauoous books over received in tho
city noarly 2000 volumes.
Our motto Is to try to plcaso every
one. Ilonco tho great rush to tho
Guthrio Steam Laundry.
Miss Zoo Thompson now has chargo
of tho post ofllco book storo. Sco her
for your school books and school sup-
plies. Scmo well-washed old rags wanted at
Tho Leader olllco.
Manufactures all Kinds of Vohlcklos. Palntlnjj Trimming
and Ropalrlng Promptly Attondod to.
322 South Division Stroot - GUTHHIE O. T
Coal and
Transfer Co.
The best grades ot Coal al-
ways in store. The McAlester
a specialty. Prompt delivery.
JSOffice and yards 005 W
Harrison Phone 20
ill's GUlllFiG lot 1(1
ft. S PI III IM I 1 1 ! rnsVSTSJssssV
K -TTCr-l Z" J MsrLUITHi'WJjyi l"sjsw.essMaaWB?V-3 kssD
'iJ-T Bl BTlV3 M 4rjl (3 ". I TJI in ! ! l.1V
2b 50
a 1abliHl"W ATWl th Tl i 1 in t m Ml .1 ii t f - !l
I result- ha mill' mnj in ! 1 1 . vi 1 1 M if iti i iV
mi i ttni uixintrrakr ttataml
M niif .t i an nrNfw York. fTO
Tlio Dazzling
of a porsons tooth
Is often of tho dontlst'a making. Any-
body can polish tooth but bringing
out tho brilliant natural color is n
difforcnt thing. Wo oxuel in overy
branch ot dontal sotonco and our prices
aro no moro than inaybo you hnvo paid
for bungling work
The Leading Dentist.
OHlco rooms 1 2 and 3 over Hank ot
Indian Territory.
Have No TrnToIIng Agents
Hut we ask yim wlinhare filcnds resting
In the tomban' with to mark the Brarr n
memory of the deaJ to Come to Our Vara
and See What Yon Are lluylng and Sn.
l'rom OT to 80 Percent hj Dolne TWi Way
Anents reprtsentlnK large stix ks .itten d-i
uot have hall what we carry In nn'sbul
work in out yairt They how you a fli.e
tin lure and ak you to sfn a blnaiuiruruei
lui .i iMir fjraile at double prke. roverins;
theli wjti'H and expenses Tulnk ! It Wt
hi duiilli-ate anv of their orders from "!S t
10 K't i re less Wc Guarantee all cf or
wiirk All the work In the Hutlirleremetcrjf
rxiopt six m.ill pilis was done bv i.
notli e the name i ut on the base
!. W. SUTTON Mgr.
First published in tho Dally Loader Hep
torn her SO 18J7.
Notico for Publication.
Land olllcn at Guthrio O. T. b'eptsm
bar. 96 1897.
Notico Is hereby i?lvon that thn follow
Inp named sottler has tiled notico of her
Intention to inako final proof In supporv
of her claim nnd that said proof will bo
made boforo tho rcRlstor and receiver
United Stntos land ofllco nt Uuthrlo O.
T. on Novoinhor 1 1897 viz:
Cora 12. Sharp formerly Cora E. An
derson for the lot-l and swqr of nw qr
hoc S tp 10 r 3 e.
Mho nniups tho followlnR witnesses to
prove he" continuous rosldonco upon and
ciilttvnl'.on cf snld land viz:
William A. Watklns Uavld W Norrls
Ulyssos ti. Vassos and Hugh McClarron
all ot Tryou O. T.
-1967 A. N. J.Clioou Roglitor
Sco Smith tho bill distributor.
S Stt El II tfh a M'fs0 "tip
I. '4Vk
Our stock for fall and winter is new in style in fabric and in price. In low-
priced and in medium grades the patterns and quality were never as good as they
are this season.
Never Before
Lexington O. T. October 7 B. Lex-
ington fair. One and ono third faro
for round trip to Pnrcell. Tickets on
Bale Oct 0-9 good to return Oat. 11
Continuous passage in each direction.
Low Hates Via Santa Fe Boute.
Wichita Kan ono faro for round
trip ticketB on sale September 27 to
October 2 good to return October 4.
Topeka Kan. one faro for round
trip tickets on sale September 20 to
to September to goodjto return Octo-
ber 4.
Kansas City Mo ono fare round
trip tickets on sale Oct 3 to 9 good
to return Oct. 10.
As they are now. One consideration should influence you only. In dealing with
a strictly reliable legitimate firm you take no chances ol being deceived either in
the make and style of their merchandise or in the prices they ask.
We are fully prepared. Each season finds us more entitled to the full amount of
your business in the choice assortment in the thorough manner in which the goods
are made their perfect style and their entire reliability. Everybody desires to at-
tract your attention on some leader. Do not be deceived. They will take advant-
age of you to make a large profit where you do not see it. Our business is figured
down to sell goods at the closest possible margin throughout on everything.
We Guarantee All The Goods We Sell.
If they do not give satisfaction or if anything is wrong we stand back of them
ready to make it right with you. Come and see the newest brightest nobbiest stock
of Men's and Boys' clothing in the city all at prices that quality considered are the
lowest in the city.
ELxa Emu If I ?
Oklahoma Avenue and First Street.

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