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'i n.L.Knrwivinmiafcaj-j
"---- - rr t
he geicu.
Kntertrt In llic post office l Uuthrtc 01.
ti ircond-cuis mail miller
Bf th. UaUr frlnUns Uoinpatii
LKSLIB U KI11I.AUK tJ.tltor.
UBctkl Orn of UhUhama Uomoerne?.
aoiisoniraoM hatbh
one month delivered In city. -i:
one month by mail . . w
Three months .-.. ' w
Bis month JJ
uae rear .. -g M
Bix month...
One year . ..
.1 K
J Pikm'ONT Mono an and the tfroaS
railroad syndicate of which he Is the
head has organiz-d to huy tho Unioti
Pacific and if they suceeeil tlicy will
practically own all tho trunk lines in
this country and can then defy tho
I'nlted States
It js claimed Miat tho New York
Journal sent two of Its most daring'
and trusty attaches to Cuhn who
upon arrival there succeeded in liber-
ating tlio handsome prisoner Evange-
line. Clsneros who has safely arrived
n New YorK on tlio Ward liner Oouoho.
Tni: postmaster general of England
has made a ruling that knocks tho
oenter peg out of the civil service hum-
bug of that country. Hid decision It
that a civil service certificate merely
recites tlio fact that tho holder is qual
ifled to discharge certain olllcsl duties
but confers no tenure to any oiilco
and that the postmaster general can
employ and discharge whomsoever ho
will. As tho present Ucpttblican ad-
ministration upes all that is English
here is a good chance for it to
chime in.
Jake Ad.mihk makes a mean tllngin
the following and shows exactly how
Jako felt in the last campaign:
Somcono has started the story that
Governor Seay might bo induced to
run for congress. Oklahoma could go
farther and faro worBC. Ho would bo
u great improvement upon anyono wo
havo had thoro yet Ho would enjoy
the absolute confidence of tho people;
his honesty Is beyond all question; ho
would havo a high staudiug without
having to earn it and tlio interests of
Oklahoma would be in bale and friendly
hands. Wo havo no idea ho would
accept tho nomination and the elec-
tion of as good and compotcnt a man
is too much to reasonably expect
That would bo such an unexpected
"scratch" that under all known rules
it could hardly bo counted.
Gknkhai. Woodfoiii) must havo felt
weighted down carrying that "ulti-
matum" all tho way from Washington
via Loudon Paris Sebastian and fin-
ally to Madrid and when ho prcsontcd
It to have it turn out simply a love
message from the Canton major to the
queen regent. Just think ot it how
near tho general came being assassi-
nated by tho brutal Spaniards for be-
ing supposedly tho bcaror of an ordor
from McKinloy to tlio queen to stop
her foolishness in Cuba wuon it wnt
only a love token. From Sebastian
tho general bedecked with gold tin-
sel feathers and a nosegay with hit
staft of supernumeraries bespangled
with frippery and garland with all the
pomp of war's panoply at tho expense
of American taxpayers boro the proc-
tous miaslvo guarded by tho Spanish
soldiers from an army of supposed as-
sassins lurking behind every bush and
tree on tho route thirsting for his
I nlted States blood in triumph to the
Hpanlsh capitol! Such a display of
unadorned horolsm and pathotlc ustu-
lation ought to in alto every American
heart swell with prido.
AMOclste-tluiitlre Kleld.
Editor Leader : I notice a Washing-
ton dispatch in Tho Leader of yester-
day in which I think your corres-
pondent is evidently In orror.
Speaking ot the retirement of Asso-
ciate JuBtlce Field of tho supreme
court on tho 1st of December 1807
when ho will havo sorvod on the su-
premo beHch a longer time than any-
one else your correspondent places
Judge Story as neat to htm having
served on the same bench for "thirty-
three years and five months "
I think this is a mistake and that it
was John Marshall who comes next to
Justico Field ho having served on the
supremo bench for a period of thirty-
i our years four mouths and five
To bo exact I think the roeord
would read about this:
John Marshall born in Fauquier
county Virginia September 24. 1766:
appointed by President Adams chief
usttce of tho United States supremo
court January U 1801; died July 0
lb is 'lerm on the supremo bensb
thirty-four years four months and five
Josoph I Story born in Marblohoad
Mass September 18 1779; appointed
associate justice of tho supremo court
A tho I'nlted Slates November 18
J8U died September 18 1M5. Term
on the supremo bench tbirty-luroo
years nine months and twenty-two
days. J 0. Jauison.
Man Charged With Hook Island Hold-
Up Has Uistiay
An El Reno spoelal to tho Wichita
Eagle says:
Whon the passenger traiu from the
north came in this morning at 10:43 a
neat little red-beaded gentleman
jumped lightly from tho car to the
depot platform. It was none other
than the redoubtable Al Jennings of
whom so much Is being said since the
daylight robbery at Siding No 1 Al
looks just as well and harmless as he
did when lie was county attorney of
this county tour years ago. The
Eagle' hired man approached tho no-
torious desperado with ear tit his
heart (also In the nock) but not seeing
any guns or ul knives about him
concluded he would ask a few ques-
tions. "Al do yon know about that rob-
ber j"
"Know about if" said Al "1 know
all about It. Didn't I road It in tho
lSaRle" I hnron't boon In Africa nor
fighting Weyler in Cuba. I have boon
in Kansas City and several other places
north and cast and havo kept mysolf
well posted about tho doings In tills
part of tho country Dan I'eery struck
it right when ho said I went east Dan
is generally right in his judgment but
ho should havo told tho day 1 went
cast. It was just two days before the
robbery was committed. So you sec
my friend I couldn't havo been at
Siding No. 1 and at Kansas City tho
same day. The day boforo tho rob-
berv was committed I talked for nearly
ac t our with Dave Leahy on Kansas
avenue In lopoua.
Al would have talked longer but
the train started and na ho had busi-
ness In VU Worth he wont on his way
nramlner IVph Shows the Iteservo to
ltr 6t l'cr Cent.
Uault Usainincr l'ugh has submitted
! t tho banking board a roport of the
condition o' Oklahoma banks from
July 83 to Sept 0 Tho bank reserve
is 02 per cent. Tho law only requires
IS per cent. Tho increase of deposits
is over $855000 within sixty days and
the Increase of cash holdings 8113000.
The report is as folio wt;
Loans ant discount !1 mw.Mt 06
Orerdratta . 00
Expense and taaes paid 41 017 74
Ileal estate at present casti mar-
ei Taiar anu jnrnuurc ami nx
S8M7! H
81.687 13
30.749 SI
i item at
Warrants and bonds
Other retoarces.
Cash and sight exchange
ie.W9.17 61
1 MMK70
. 1 JKO.U6 38
Capital stock
Sui pins and pronts
Increase In deposit since .lull &.
I7 I 386000 04
Increase In cash holdings H0 co
Decrease In loans . im(K eo
Ileserre on hand . St per cent
Hesrrve required. 15 per cent
Outline Markets
Cotton baled
Seed cotton
Cotton Med . . .
Wheat soft
Wheat hard
I 601 60
. T 70
.. 70ft 71
.. 5eai
Case ot Payne Doing Heard in United
States Court.
Washington Oct 14. Io tho mat-
ter of the suit pending before tho su
premo court of tho United States ot
Payno vs. Robertson Foster Schncll
and others members ot the first Guth-
rie townBlto board Messrs. Capp and
Luckctt appearing for Payne tho sollc-itor-goucral
and It. T. Uaincr appear
ing for townBlto trustees a motion
was made by Mr. Luskott to have tlio
caso set at a date whon tho Hon. John
W. Daniel could bo present to roprc-
sont tho appellant. Chief Justico Ful
ler granted tho motion llto case can
now bo sot at any timo that can bo
agreed upon by tho parties at interest
according to rule 30. The court will
bo asked to set the caso in January at
which time tho Hon. John W. Daniel
will be present to argue tho case.
Colorado I Hriiiem Co KitMo Su?ur Ilpei4
DKXvrii Col. Oct 11. Plans -on-toiiiplnilng
th investment of fi-ou
KMMMHK) to Sl.OOO.iKHl by EiiNtern cap-
italists in sugar tuctorlo mid refin-
eries have been consummated here
tiuil nu agreement has been nigned by
100 farmers pledging themselves to
the cultivation of 1000 acres of ntigar
lieeta for the purpose of supplying the
material to these factories and ri'tin-
orles with which to carry on tho in-
dustry. A (irent (Irnlui.
The greatest military engineer of
any ago win Sebastian I.upreatie Vati-
uan bom in 163 and who died In 1707
To Vatihan la dtiu tho credit of uluiost
all the fortresses which to the present
dny protect the frontiers nnd tho ana-
coasts of France. During his career
as a military engineer he reconstruct-
ed on new linos over 300 old fortreiwss
and built thirty-throw new. He carried
on ilfty-threo aleges being nuecessful
in nearly every one and took part in
140 battles
Wllllnm Danlul. I'rahlbltlonlst Demi.
JlALTliioitE Md. Oct 14. William
Daniel one of tho louder ot the Pro-
hibitionist party In the United States
and Its oandidnte for tlio vice presi-
dency in 1194 died suddenly this
morning at his home in Mount Wash-
ington a suburb of Baltimore.
Poisoned by Ivy
Was in a Dreadful Condition
Happened to Read About a Similar
Cnso-Followod tho othor Man's
Examplo and Was Cured.
The following nuUleut is given by
Charles Morris treueral Jobber 52 Isling-
ton Avenue North Cambridge Mass.;
"Several years ago I became iKiUumed
by ivy. I tried many medicine tendiug
& large sum ol uioneyVithout obtaining
a partlclu of good. My children wore
also ttfUictud with the same disease. We
were all constant HUtferero with an awful
Itching sensation and it deemed as if I
should tear :.).vi'W to piece. I picked
up a xiper In u bU-U I found printed a
testimonial from a man in Vermont who
had been similarly alliictedaud bad taken
Hood'sSaraaparllla withbenetlt. 1 bought
a bottle which we took and it did
rvio and My Childron
so much good I purchased another supply.
We continued taking Hood's Sarsaparilla
until we uaod live bottles and I can
safoly say that neither myself nor children
havo any signs of the jioUon. It has en-
tirely left us and wo aru perfectly cured.
Wo give tso whole credit to Hood's Bans-
parilla. Ilofore reporting to this medicine
I vtaa roduevd lu weight but now I
weigh 176 iKHiudd. Hood's Saraaparllla
has not only done much good but has
been the means of saving me a great deal
ot money. I would not bo without it
in my house and I heartily recommend
it to all who oro atllleted I havo writ-
ten this statement for publication ot iny
own will as I want others to know what
Hood's Sarsaparilla
lias douo for us." Cuaules Morku
Hood's Pills MfofflSltSSaaiZ
Tim fnlliitilr TliiMtloclftn (he dnt
lloinr of I'rnmlitent Amrlmn
W umhnoton Oct n Archbishop
John .T. Koano. who ! now on a visit
to the United Stal.n from Homo won
the guest of honor at n banquet at tho
Slioreliam hotel last night Over 100
persons participated nnd the gather-
ing included innny prominent in tho
national and loeul government tho
Kouinn Catholie church nnd prlvato in-
dividual of the nntional capital
whore the archbishop has lived so
inanv year
The banquet ball wns elaborately
decorated the Amerlonn colors pre-
dominating: tho papal colors yellow
and whit being conspicuously dis
played while ferns rmot nnd orchids
uere scattered niton t tho room Es-
Ma or James (1 llerret who prestdod
occupied n eat at the head of the
table On his rifrllt was Cardinal Gib-
bons and on his left Archbishop
Keane Toasts were responded to as
follows: VZZX
"Leo XIII." Cardinal tilbbons: "The
I'nlted Sates"'Attorney (lonural Mc-
ICcnna; "The American CitUen" Hon.
Webster Davis assistant seoratnry of
the interior: "The City of Washing-
ton." President John W. lloss of the
hoard of district commissioners
Letter of regiot wore read from
Secretaries Sherman Wilson and Al-
ger; Assistant Postmaster General
Heath General Greeley Iliahop Hurst
and President Whitman of the Co-
lumbia university. Secretary Sher
man s letter not only expressed re-
grets but added u high tribute to
Arc . "ishop Keane
A. na; those present in addition to
those mentioned vtero Secretary of
the Navy Long Postmaster General
Gary Secretary llllss Secretary Gage
Justice White of tho Supreme court;
Munstgnor Martlnelll tho upostolio
delegate: Archbishop Chappelle As-
sistant Secretary Hynu Assistant Sea-
retary Crider Commissioner of Pen
slons Evans Hon. Patrick Egan Kov.
Dr. County rector of the Catholic
university; Mr. John Ilrlsbeu Walker
ltcv. James 12. Hnnkln Hon. llichard
C Kerens Senator Koaoh Hon. I). I.
Murphy nnd Uenornl Vincent.
To (Jure lionstlpntloii Forever.
Take CuixwroW Candy Catlmrtlc. 10a or SSo.
It O. C. C. fall to cure drumil&M refund mnnev
Will I'rolmlily IVilrruto.
Pkoiiia. 111. Oct 14. Tho federa-
tion mottor wns considered Informally
yostordny by tho rcprese.i atives of
the rnllroad brotherhoods In the ab-
veiico of Ornnd Chief Arthur of tho
Kngitipori' brotherhood. He arrived
later and tho federation conference
at on co ndjournod until to-dny. Final
action In tho federation mutter will
be taken to-dny nnd the Heutlmetit so
fur developed Is overwhelmingly in its
Yencriietiin Umpire.
Washixoio.v Oct 14. Tho interna-
tional conrt of arbitration which Is to
pass on the. llrltish-Vunziiela boundary
has been completed by tho selection of
M. Muurlous. n distinguished Itussinn
jurist na umpire and nrraiigouients
nro being Hindu for the inmoinbling of
tlio court at Paris during the Into
(uinnior or fall of nojet year.
A Cnrnlvnl of llnrKlory.
Lkavunwoiiih Kan. Oot. 14. llurg-
lnrs hod a carnival of their own in
Luavan worth Inst night As ninny as
olght robberlos wore roportod to tho
pollco tho most important being tlio
thoft from W. A. Klrkham's jewelry
storo of 31.0D0 worth ot diamonds.
Mnrohlnir Ntrlker Arretted.
PllTSHl'Ito To. Oot 14. Tho doputy
sli o rill's nt tho Do A r mitt coal mines
madu tv raid on tho strikors nt Sandy
oroek this morning nnd arrested fif-
teen men including tlio mombors ot
tho brass baud who wore marching
upon the public rond and rofiuk-d to
Hnuitor linker- ('h celt for Unuip ultra Its
Tovi:ka Kan. Oct 14. Unllod
States Senator Ilaker unlocked his
strong box tills wook nod sont tho
Hepubllcun slato committee S300 to be
uised in pushing tho fall campaign.
To fate Constipation Forever.
Take tttsearetii C'uikIv Catlmrtlc 10c or 36c.
If O. C U. fall to cure. Urum-lsu refund money.
Tort Worth Tex- and Return
On October 14 15 and It! tho Santa
Fo routo will Bell round-trip tickets to
Fort Worth at ono faro for round trip.
Final roturn limit Novomber 3 Con-
tinuous passago in each direction.
A. J. CoiutiNS Agent.
F. B. Lillie & Co.'s
Drus Hook nnd News Depot)
Victor IIIock Cor. Harrison anil First
List of School Books.
MeUuQy s Rev Eclectic Speller
MctJudy'" ltcv Krleulc first Header
t .IT
. .30
- .72
I U0
Mctiulf) k ltcv Eclectic IM Header
McOutfy'H Uev Eclectic Id Header
MeUuQy Her Eclectic Stli Header
McUuffy a Ki-v Eclectic Mb Header
Ray'v New Primary Arithmetic
Hay u New Intellectual Arithmetic .
Kay New Elvineiitarv Arithmetic
Ky' New 1'ractli al Arlthmetlc
Hay'v New lllnlier ArltbiautU
Ray's New Elementary Algebra
Milne Elemcuts of Arithmetic
Milne k Standard Arithmetic
Mllue's High brbool Algebra
Kay' Plane and feolld (Jeomelry
White i Element ol tieotnetry
Louv'k New Language part I
Long h New language ExercUet. iwrt II
Harvey Kcv Elementary Urawmar
Harvey He EoglUh Grammar
llarueb elementary geogranliy
Uarnei complete geography
Eclectic geography
llarnek' primary Cf !s history
llrue brief I' S. history .. .
llarnei' brief geueral history
Child' health primer
Youug People phralology
Steel a hygienic phyalology
Tounaenu' l s civil government
llryaut & Stratum' (J. s. book-keeping
Steel'i. popular pbyalia ..
Uray't revised lesaona In botany . .
hpencerian cony books per dosen
Steele a cbeinlury
Steele's astronomy
Holder s zoology ..
Dana's geolutiiat atory briefly told 1
Quackenbos rhetoric
llarkneas' easy Iatin method
arkneas' easv Iitln method l.'JO
Webster's primary dictionary 18
Webster's O S dictionary .
Webster's II S dictionary .19
Webster's academic dictionary . I.W
Natural music primer . .30
Natural music reader No I . .39
Natural music reader. Na 8 . . . .
Natural music reauer. No. S . .36
Natural music reader. No. I . .34
Natural music reader. No 6 .to
Marines Latin grammar 1 U
ItarkneM' Oaar . . IN
With each purchase of tt.00 worth at one
time will be glvon a free card to the Outhrle
Circulating HUrarj'. goov' for two months.
We take subscriptions for any paper or per-
iodical publUhtd and can obtain for you
any book puDIUhed on short notice. We
clt your patreuage. Your friends
Onnla l'e Itoulo UalifornmLlraited
lleglnniug Uctobor s). tho Santa Ke
routo will rcsutuo Its semi-wcokly Cal-
Ifornlr Limited train for the spaon of
Eoulpment will eonblst of nuporb
vsBtlbnlod Puiliiiau palaco sleepers
buffet atnoking cars and through din-
ing cars managed by Mr. Fred Harvoy.
Most luxurious Rervico via any lino ahd
tho quickest time.
Another express trAin carrying pal-
aco and tourist sleepers leaves DAILY
for California
Inquiro of local agent A. T. A S. F.
State Gazetteer
Business Directory.
Compiled and Published by
Containing an alphabetical list of every
town village anu namiei in uiiaoomi
Not one however small or remote will be
omitted Under each also alphabetically
arranged will appear the name of every
business man or arm All the names will
appear again classified according to occupa-
tion. The i nbllcallon ni also contain of-
ficial directories statistical tables and other
features that will make It an Invaluable
book of reference to every merchant manu
facturcr professional man md shipper In
the territory
published In the Dally
uct.Der3 lBsr.
Notice for Fnblicntlon.
Landolllcoat Guthrie O. T. Octobor
2 1897
Notlco Is heroby glvon that the follow-
ing named Bottler has filed notice of his
Intention to make Una! proof In support
of his claim and that said proof will bo
made before tho register and receiver at
Uuthrie O. T on November 8 1897 viz:
William 11 . liowman for lots 3 4 and s
hf nw qr sec 2 twp i." n r 3 w.
Ho names tho following wltnosscs to
provo his continuous rcsidonco upon and
cultivation of said land viz.:
Charles M. Corn. Oscar Hightmlro Al-
fred K. Sttickcr and Pntcr L. Martin all
of Seward O. T.
42dl A. N. J. Citooic ltcglstor.
First published In tho Dally Leader
Oct. 10 18B7.
Notico for Publication.
Land oflico at Guthrie O. T Oct. 9
Notlco Is heroby glvon that tho follow-
ing named sottlc has tiled notlco of hlsln-
tentlon to make llnal proof In support of
his claim and that said proof will bo
mado boforo tho reglstor and receiver U.
S. land oflico at Guthrio O. T. on Nov-
ember 10 1697. vis;
Samuel A. llurroiishs for the soar of
fee 31 tp 17 r .' oast
no names mo following witnesses to
prove his continuous rosldonco upon and
cultivation of said land viz:
Frank llarrott Patrick H Sekipport
CI a v burn Gearhart and William L. Hoys-
.Irtn nil nt P.ii.1rlna f '1
uu.' .... VI A u. .....-- v.. ...
4209 A N. J.CIIOOK Kogistor.
First Published In tho Dally Leader
October 3 1897.
Notice for Publication.
Land oflico at Guthrie O.T. Octobor
2 1897.
Notlco Is heroby given that tho follow-
ing named sottlor has tiled notlco of his
Intention to mako llnal proof In support
of his claim nnd that said proof will bo
mado beforo tho register and receiver at
Guthrio O. T. on November 8 1097 vlx:
John Willis for tho o hf so qr sec 34
twp 10 n r2 w.
Ho nam os tho following witnesses to
provo his continuous resldonce upon and
cultivation of said land viz:
Jonn M Norrls John Mahouny -William
II. Morris and Calvin M. Hamsoy
all of Guthrio O. T.
4205 A. N. J. Cnoou ItCBlstor.
First published In Tho Dally Loader Oc-
tobor 3 1SU7.
'otico for Publication.
Land Office at Quthrlo O. T October
2 1807.
Notlco Is lioroby glvon that tho following
named settlor? havo filed notice of tholr
Intontion to mako llnal proof In support
of their claim and that said proof will bo
made beforo reglstor and receiver United
Statos land office at Outhrlo 0. T. on
November . 18117. vlr:
Lavluia Alliiutt and Francis K Swayzo
sisters and holrs-at-law of Mary A.
Mitchell deceased for tlio so qr of nw
qr of soc R twp 17 r 3 w.
They iiiimo tint following wltnosHOS to
provo tholr contlnuous'.roslJuuco upon and
cultivation of said land viz:
Jamos Myors Frank F. Uieon Oeorgo
Oglo and Jacob Illovlus all of Crescent
Cltv. O. T.
42C0 A. N. J. Ckook Keglstor.
First published In the Dally Leader
Soptombor 34. 1697.
Notice i'or Publication.
Land otllco at Kingfisher O. T. Sep-
tember 22 1897.
Notice Is hereby given that tho following-named
sottlor lias filed notlco of his
Intontion to make llnal proof In support
of his claim and that said proof will bo
made boforo tho roglstor and receiver of
United Statos land oiilco at Kingfisher
O. T. on October 27 1897 viz:
George W. Knowles (No am) Guthrio.
O. T. for tho s hf of no qr and lots 1 and
2 of sec 3 twp 16 n r 4 w I . M.
Ho namos tho following witnesses to
provo his continuous rosldonco upon and
cultivation of said lanJ viz:
Nelson H. Mallatt of Guthrio O. T.;
John W. Wright George Dryo and Lester
D. lltiUo of Crescent. O. T.
K. G. Si'iLMA.V Itoglstor.-
Flrst published In Guthrio Dally Leader
Soptombor 31 1697.
Notico for Publication.
Land Oflico at Guthrie O. T. Soptom-
bor 83. 1897.
Notico Is hereby glvon that the follow-lug-namod
sottler has tiled notlco of his
Intontion to mako final proof In support
of his claim and that said proof will bo
mado boforo tho icglator and rocotver
United States laud otllco at Guthrie 0.
T. on October 29 1897 viz:
Honry l'. Cook for the aw qr sec 20 twp
15 rS w.
lie namos tho following wltnossos to
provo his continuous resldonce upon and
cultivation of said Inud. viz:
Henry Hower of Waterloo. O. T.;
Tllghman I. Slling of Guthrio O. T.;
John 1 Donaldson of Watorloo O. T.
and William Shtolds of Soward. O. T.
455 A. N. J. Ouooir. Ueslster.
First published In the Dally Leader.
Sopt. 17 1B97.
Notlco for Publication.
Land office at Guthrio Ok. Sopt. 10
Notlco Is hereby given that the follow-
named sottler has filed notice ot his Inten-
tion to mako final proof in support of his
claim and that said proof will bo made
before tho register aud receiver United
Statos land office at Quthrlo Ok. on
Octobor 23. 1897 viz:
Montgomery N. Remington for lot 3
and 4 and south hf u . qr sec 5 tp 17 r 2
IIo names the following witnesses to
provo his continuous residence upon and
cultivation ot said land viz:
Nathaniel Qooch James II Hooch
Thomas 3 Smith and James A. Farqu-
harson all ot Guthrie O. T
4248 A. N.J. Crook. Register.
Texas State Fair And Dallas Kxpomtton
Dallas Tex .October 10 to 31.
For tho abovo occasion tho Santa Fc
routo will sell tlckots at one faro for
the round trip. Tickets on sale Oc
tober 14 15 ami in final roturn L'mlt
November 'i Continuous passage In
each direction. A J. ColiKI.NH
PoihI'b Steam Lnuntlry nntl
Dyo Works phono 10R.
published In Dally
Leader Ono
OOr 7 1HU7.
Notice Tor i'liblicntlon.
Land oCUce at Guthrie O. T. O .'to-
ber 4 1897.
Notlco Is heroby glvon that tho follow-
ing named eottler has filed notlco of his
Intention to make final proof In support
or ins claim anu mat said proof will bo
made beforo the register and rccolver at
of his claim and that said proof
Guthrie Okla on November 0 1807 vli
Thomas Lambe. for lots 3 and 4. north
of Deep Fork and lots a and 0 south of
Deep Fork all of nw qrsec. 19. tplrl
Ho names tho following wttnascs to
provo his continuous rosldonco upon and
cultivation of said land viz:
John Hebei of Ingram O. T. ; John
Collo of Ingram O. T. ; Joshua Lacoy of
Seavada O. T. and James M. Wilson of
Ingram O. T.
420? A. N. J. Cnooit Ileglster.
First published In the Dally Leader Sopt.
19. 1397.
Notico for Publication.
Land office at Qnthrle O. T Sept. IS
Notlco Is heroby gWen that tho follow-
Ins namod sottlor has filed notlco of his
Intention to mako final proof in support
of his claim and that said proof will be
mado beforo tho roKistef and receiver ot
the United SUes land otdco at Guthrie
O. T. on Oct. 28 1897 vlr:
Horace C. Macy for tho o hf n w qr
sec 21 tpis r2 w.
Ho names the following witnesses to
provo his continuous rosldonco upon and
cultivation of. said land viz:
H W Kathbone Henry A norwlg T 1
Slling and C L Clark all of Guthrie O T.
434? A. N. J. Ckook Register.
First published In the Dally Lender Sep-
tember 28 1897.
Notico for Publication.
Land oOlco at Guthrio Oklahoma Sep-
tember 27. 1897.
Notlco Is hereby given that tho follow-
ing named sottler has filed notico ot his
Intention to mako final proof In support
ot his claim and that ?atd proof will be
mado boforo tho realstcr and receiver
United Statos land olJIco at Guthrio. Ok-
lahoma on November 8 1897 viz:
WIlberH. Hicks for tho so qr of sec
14 tp ir r 0 o.
Ho names tho following witnesses to
provo his continuous rosldonco upon nnd
cultivation of said land viz:
James J. Shumato David KnlKht.
Peter Knight Thomas Egnow nil of
Stroud O. T.
42118 A. N. J CnooK Register.
First published In tlio Dally Lcador Oc-
tober 2. Ii07.
Notlco for Publication.
Land office at Guthrio Oklahoma Oc-
tobor 1 1S97.
Notlco Is heroby glvon that tho follow-
In? namod Bottler has filed notlco of bis
Intontion to mako Una' proof In support
ot his claim and that said proof will bo
mado boforo the register and recolver of
United Statos land oiilco at Outhrlo Okla.
on November 0 lb07 via;
Lnurcns S. Morgan for tho lots 17
and 3 and w hf of s o qr of ec 21 twp 14
Ho namos tho following wltnosscs to
provo his continuous rosldonco upon and
cultivation of said land viz:
John A. Ullzzard Unrton B. Blizzard'
Cornelius C. Phillips and Patrick lion-
ucssoy all of Uarnoltvlllo O. T.
42G2 A N J. CnooK. ltcglstor.
IFIrst published In iho Dally Loador
Octobor 2 18rJ7.
Notlco Tor Publication.
iand oflico at Guthrie Okla. Octobor
1 1607.
Notlco Is lioroby glvon that tho following-named
settlor has filed notlco of hts
intontion to mnko llnal proof In support
of his claim and that said proof will bu
madn boforo tho reglstor and receiver U.
S. land oiilco at Guthrio Okla. on No-
vombor 0. 1E97. viz:
Chnrlos E Whlto for lot 2 and sw qr of
no or of sec 4 twp 1 1 r 2 o.
lie namos the following witnesses to
provo his continuous rosldmco upon and
cultivation of said laud viz:
John A Carpenter Lewis K. Martin"
.Tames II. Oeorgo and Oeorgo K. Carpon-
ter. all of Ingram O T.
4203 A. N. J. Cnooit. Itoglstor.
First published In tho Dally Leader Sop-
tombor 21. Ih97.
Notico i'or Publication
Land office at Guthrie. O. T.. Septem
ber 23 1807.
Notlco Is horoby glvon that tho follow-
ing named sottler has tiled notlco of his
Intention to mako llnal proof In support
ot his claim and that said proof will bo
mado boforo tho reglstor aud recolver
Uultod States land olbce at Guthrio O. T.
on Octobor 29 1897 viz:
Rzoklal Faublon for tho so qr of aw qr
sec 22 twp 15 r 3. w.
He names tho following wltnossos to
provo his continuous rosldonco upon and
cultivation of said land viz:
Oeorgo W. Jeffries. William IT. Chrlstlo
Dowwllton Jodrlesand Jamos W. Jeffries
all of Seward. L. T.
42.W A N J CnooK Register.
Kansas City
St. Louis
St. Josonb
0 in aba
aud Donvor.
This Is The
Daily Trains
Fast Timo
Superior Service.
General Passenger gent
St. Louis Mo.
will present a certificate entitling the bearer to any one of
the following complete courses viz: Business Shorthand
Typewriting Penmanship or Telegraph in
The party to be voted for shall be a worthy young man or
lady between the age of 12 to 25 years. Each $5 purchase will
entitle the party to one vote. Contest opens August 1 1897
closes Jan. 1 1898.
n. h: sturgis;
Solicitor for
Complete Cotton Ginning Outfits.
From wagon to bale set up ready for work
including boiler and engine. Gold medal
awarded at Worlds Pair and Dallas State
Correspondence Solicited. P. 0. Box 235 Gntlirio 0. T.
S KtmiMfltAit1 $!
(4k . .
& r. rssfc. ty
WYLKU1T SHAMANS & DUNEUICT 32;' Broadway New York.
Kansas City JIo. lionso. 105 "West Ninth Street.
The Mistletoe
105 West Harrison
Caters to the Best Trade Only. Best Goods
in Stock all the Time.
"Frisco Line"
St. Louis A; San Praucisco Hall-
way. The iopular tttrougn car route irom Ar-
kansas City ami Wlater to all points In Mis-
souri. Arkansas Kansas. Oklahoma Indian
Territory Texas Colorado Wyoming Utah
New and Old Mexico Ariaona Idaho Mon-
tana Nevada California Washington and
The Frisco Line is also the most direct
route to St Louis and all points east. Hie-
gant I'ullman Palace sleepers recllnlug
chair cars (scat free) and coaches on an
through trains.
The Frisco Is always first to get out of old
ruts and lmproic Its faculties for handling
passengers and freight.
The finest sleeping cars In the wprid.
Another advance Is the Introduction of
Express Co.
To do the erpress business of this company.
The above express company covers lines
from lhe Atlantic to the Gulf and none
stands higher than Wells-I'arga
Vor time-tables maps rat?s and full par-
ticulars addren nearest agent of the Frisco
Line or the following:
a V. YOAKUM CJea'l Mangr.
St. Louis. Ma
0. T. NICHOLSON O. 1 A..
St. Louis Mo
WM HODLK. T. P. & V. A..
South McAlester I T.
SkM vW4
First impressions may not tc enough to clearly
show the difference between a first second or
third-class typewriter. But the length of time a
continues to do its work tells
the story.
Good worlr easily done;
continuous service and lots
of it always.
More than ever from the
! SIX !?.d.cJ l
Famous Noonday Train
via UIg Ilouto.
St. Louis
Niagra Falls
Now York
Virginia Points.
Flnost and fastest regular train be-
tween Mississippi river and Eastern sea-
shore. No tunnel at St.Lonlsj no ferry
transfer at New York.
W P. DEPPE. Ass't O. P. A. 8t CouSi
E. O. McCOEMIOK P T. U Cincinnati
M. E. INQALLS Preildent.

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