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The Guthrie Daily Leader. (Guthrie, Okla.), Vol. 10, No. 83, Ed. 1, Sunday, September 5, 1897 Page: 1 of 4

This newspaper is part of the collection entitled: Oklahoma Digital Newspaper Program and was provided to The Gateway to Oklahoma History by the Oklahoma Historical Society.

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lJv wwI-'JIk
Official Organ of Oklahoma Domocracy Offlco of Publication Harrison Avenue
i i.-Hivxn "c-t
.. -Mr.- .7
Everything In Our Line
HarrlRon Avo.
The privileges I offer makes my money the easiest and cheapest
in the territory. Call on
j ."g
ifrtcV A S x
more than passing consideration.
Men of particular tastes will do well to
investigate our claims that the additional
satisfaction they get
really money in their
WILLIS The Tailor
105 Oklahoma Ave. Guthrie.
Mar . ... . . .. t. t. .i...i t. .. --t---t.i.ii..frfTTT-M
1 Pabst Brewing Co's
Blue Ridbon
Pabst Malt Extract
i The Best Tonic
i Pabst Ice Plant.
Chemically pure distilled -water better than mineral
water. The only healthy drinking water In hot
weather Sold at the iactory at hve cents per gallon.
Bring your jug along.
Te.:.?.hoT 52. PAUL-JUNDT Mgr. i;
It7l t ta. t 9. !... m 9 .9 t- . tttt ! ifr.-t .t. I f LU Vr-Tlir!. 1 t .It li Jixfi I-ititt ill iti.lQH
J. W. MoNEAL Puksidknt
Capital - - - $5oooo
Surplus ... - loooo
B0rd ot Directors Isoaddltlon to BidW OScersi
Jiau StfttlOB Morse tfptd Robert Martin J R Cottinghtm
W. J. HOR8FALL Cahlr.
- -r -
- a - "exv-t-
and at Lowest Prices.
Our Style
Is Exclusive
And worth
from our clothes
Celebrated Milwaukee Beer
Is The Finest In The Land
- dopplebhaeu
Not Intoxicating.
For Convalescents Ladies and Children.
Beats anything else in the summer lime.
Slity-I'lre Cent i n Ton to lie I'nlil
Until J.iiumrjr 1 Operator I'loilcd
to Slm-t With tlio Miner llefnr
llmt lime lu I'll thn Mining-
Itate for Nejt Year-
Late StrlkH et.
Coi.VJlBl'S. Ohio. Sent 4. The unJ
of the great minors strike is lu sight.
Yesterday nftornoou tlio national ex-
ecutive iioanl of the lnlted Mine
Worker agreed to rccoiunionil to tlio
miners a proposition from the Pitts-
burg oporators for a strnight price of
05 cents a ton. to continue In foroo
until tho end of the year.
A delegate convention of all miners
who have suspended work hut been
called to meet in Columbus Septem-
ber s at 10 a. in. to act upon the rec-
ommendation. President Kntchford and the other
members of tho board say thore Is not
the slightest doubt that the miner
will approve the recommendation.
The proposition does not Involve
arbitration mid in effect provldos for
an Immediate settlement of tho strike.
President Katchford said thut thero
were special reasons for the board re
commending the proposition. In the
first place It concedes the miners a
material advance. Had a Ofl-eent rate
liceu secured ho was confident it
could not have been maintained for
more than seventy day. The propo-
st Hon dons away with till the uncer-
tainties of arbitration and will bring
the strike to a speedy termination.
As soon as the miners ratify the pro-
position work will be resumed In all
tho minus.
In the second place the proposition
provides for a revival of tho joint con-
ferences for the adjustment of prices.
The operators arc pledged to meet
with tlio miners prior to the termina-
tion of tho agreement and dctcrmlnsi
the rate of mining for tho next year.
lloth the members of the minors' ex-
ecutive board mid the operators' com-
mittee nre pleased over tho outcome
of the conference anil feel that public
Fontimcnt will sustain their action.
Yesterday morning the operators'
committee renewed its first proposi-
tion for a il cent rate ponding arbi-
tration. This was again rejected by
the minors' board. Then tho opera-
tors' committee got together and sub-
mitted a now proposition forustralght
price of OS cents and after a long dis-
cussion It was accepted by the miners'
board subject to tho approval of the
miners at large.
II Armltt Snjra 111. Miller. Mint I. Its Up
to tlio Contract. Now In Force.
Pittsiiuho Pa. Sept. 4 W. P. Da
Armltt president at the. Xiuv York
and Cleveland Gas Coal company. inld
to-day: ''Even If the groat bituminou
coal strike is settled lu every state
and district involved and all the
strikers return to work pending arbi-
tration on it new price tho miners of
the New York and Cleveland (las Coal
company will still have to light it out
with tho company and return to work
to carry out tho contract legally
signed and accepted by tho work-
men." In the last groat strike Do Armltf.'s
employes were iuducod to join tho
strikers and it was three months aftor
tho strike was settled before thoy re-
turned to work at tho same prtco they
were receiving when they quit
Do Armltt figures thai the strike has
so far cost tho miners S3 000000. He
based this upon tho supposition that
100000 men are out aud that thoy
averaged 610 per week. His men have
also forfeited 815000 in wages to ilia
company by breaking their contracts.
Dl.u.trou. Kiplodnn In Co. I Sbrt
Twelve lloillet Itccover.!.
At II o'clock last evening a terrible ox-
plosion of coal dust occurred lu tho
old Sunshine mine owned by the
Colorado Fuel and Iron company
twelve miles from Glen wood.
Twelve bodies have been recovered
and so great Is the excitement that It
cannot Ira learned whether thero nre
any more in the mine or not Rescu-
ing parties are still exploring the
nilno and great crowds surround the
llullrr of no Irritation I'lant
Illona tip
With Fatal Ueult.
Topeka Kan. Sept -I. A message
was received here from Toronto Kan.
stating that a boiler exploded near
there yesterday afternoon killing ll.
V. Carlisle the engineer two children
of A. II- Cox and seriously if not fa-
tuity wounding Mr. Cox himself.
Mrs. Ilopptr Wants Divorce.
Nkw Yohk Sept i According
Hopper formerly Bdna Wallace who
bad been living apart from tho
comedian for some time has had di-
vorce papers drawn up. and will soon
have thoin filed
Maciy Young Tarka Arra.tad.
Constantinople Sept . Since
Tuesday of tho present week about
300 Turks have been arresUd for sup-
posed connection with the committee
of the young' Turk party.
Tn Men IIIoit Open i:iti Safe on
(loU I'muncir Train.
Df.xvkh i"ol.. Sept. 4 News has
just boon received hore that Gulf pas-
engor train No 1 was held up and
robbed at Twin Mountain last night
at 11:30 by two masked men. Tho
two men got on tho blind baggage nt
Folsom and when nearlng Twin
mountain they climbed over tho ten-
der of tho engine and covering
the engineer and firemen with
revolvers ordered them to slop
when tliev reached the road crossing.
At Twin mountain two men were sta-
tioned at tlio road crossing with four
horses aud as soon an the train slopped
they began to shoot their revolvers to
Intimidate the passengers Two men
entered the oppress etir and blew open
the safe it Is not known how much
was secured but It Is estimated hi
from $5000 to Slft.000.
Mlnioiirl Official. Open Vtur on Urn I'lre
fo.iirtiur-e t'niultlnt-.
.InprKiisos Citv Ma. Sept 4. Pour
suits were institt.tml In the Suproino
court to-day. for the purpose of dis-
rupting tho Missouri Insurance trust.
The suits ure all lu the nature of quo
warranto proceedings and are lu this
First Against Mnnnger W. I) Pet-
ter of the Kansas City trust anil all
of the agents who form tho Kansas
City combination.
Second Against the foreign Insur-
ance companies lu the Kansas City
Third Against the home companies
in the Kansas City trust.
Fourth Against tlio companies
forming the State trust.
Treasurer Clmrnlrjr of the I'rf.liytrrlun
llnnril nn lilnlidiler.
Ciiicaoo Sept. 4. Warrants charg-
ing embo.zlomcnt have been Issued
for tho arrest of Charles M. Charuley
for fifteen years tho treasurer of tho
Presbyterian board for aid for colleges
and noadeinles He has not. been
The American Surety caused tho
warrants to be Issued and alleges that
Mr. Charuley has confessed to a short-
ago of S.10000 tho trust funds con-
tributed for educational Institutions
having been used for speculating on
thu Hoard of Trade.
Two Knty Wrrrkt.
Mt'AKoniiH I. T. Sept. -I. Two
wrecks occurred on the Missouri Kan-
sas .t Texas railway to-day one at
Gibson a small stntiuii nliio miles
north of here caused by a misplaced
switch resulting in n head-end col-
llsion in which
both engines woro
Engineer Torrut
Thu other occurred
ami was caused by
demolished nod
slightly injured
near Rttfaula I. T.
a defective rail.
An unknown tramp
was killed in the
latter wreck and
seven curs of merchandise were
ditched The wrecking train is now
at the scene of tho Eufitulo wreck.
Healer Krhrixter Weil..
Nkwcahti.k lud.. Sept !. August
Schrudor. commonly called the dlvlnu
lieiilc.r nud Miss Daisy Tottiu Doug-
las of Sioux City Iowa woro mar rind
hore yesterday afternoon. The cere-
mony was performed at i:.10 in the
opera house lu tho presence of a thou-
sand people who hud gathered on u
few minutes notice it being dcoidud
at tlio last moment to hold n public
wedding aud the mautigur of thu
opera houso ollercd tho usu of tho
t?olornln (Inino Warden Mnrtlrrnil.
Dknvkii Col. Sept 4. W. II. Wil-
cox tloputy stale game warden has
been miirdorcd while in tho discharge
of duty His body wus found In thu
vicinity of Steamboat Springs with it
bullet In his head. He had started
out for tho purpose of arresting a
party of eleven mon who had beau on-
camped In Williams' basin all summer
and had been illegally slaughtering
game for hides.
A Campaign of Injunction.
Dkh MoiNtc Iowa Sept 4 -The
Democratic state central committee
scoured yesterday a temporary Injunc-
tion restraining the secretary of state
from putting the tlokut of the bolting
Populists on tho odlolnl ballot Tho
boiling Populist ticket was filed with
the secretary ton minute before.
A Would-n L'loir Wtilppail. Mo. Sept 4 J. D. Muek-
ey a farm hand aged 10 uttempted to
elope yesterday with the 15-yuar-old
daughter of Mowen Campbell a
wealthy farmer but Cum phot 1 mot
Muckcy and whipped him soundly
with a cowhide. Campbell wus ar-
rested for assault and flood 833.
Coiigreoiunn to Hawaii.
Sas Fiuwcisco Sept. i. Congress-
man Joseph G. Cannon of Illinois H.
C Loudcuslagor of New Jcrsoy and J
A Tnwnoy of Minnesota propose to
visit the Huwallan Islands to acquire
information on matters that are likely
lo bo considered nt the coming session
of Congress.
New Tarklih Mlolitar.
CossTANTixorXE. Sopt . Illffaat
Key until recently councillor of tho
Turkish embassy In London has been
appointed Turkish minister at Wash
ington in iuccestcu to Mastapba
Tauhsln llcy.
A Crar Man Kllla III Ulatar.
Mexico Ma sept 4. Near New
Harmony. Pike county Albert Jones
shot and killed his sister aged If
because she had talked about him
He Is reported to be crazy and Is
confined in thn Trey jU.
He I. I'lcurltic on tn Arenn nt Met-
Ico Mu. ArrmiKf menta Uuiler Way
to Urine tlio McUnj-Creeilen
C. t'lirlit WIT There llrerdeM
I.nw MaUea Till. Tot-
St. I.outs Sopt 4. From Informa-
tion gained from a (porting man of this
city who declines to htivo bin name
made public. II seems possible and al-
together probable that tho noxt big
ovents in the fistic arena will bo pulled
off lu Missouri. It Is learned that ar-
rangements are being innde to bring
tho McCov-Creedon light as well as
any othet .'ontosts between champions
that may be arranged lu the future
to III' state is mad" pos. .bio the i.foresuul
Informant asserts by the notion rf
Judgu Wlthrow of thn St. i.o- 's cir-
cuit court yesterday lu deciding that
the breeders' law recently enacted by
thu Missouri legislature. Is constitu-
tional. The law In question ossontlitlly pro-
vides protection to tho legitimate raco
tracks of tho stale and also legalises
"contests of strength and onduvanco
between men and beasts."
On this clause It is said tho sport-
ing fraternity hope to bo nblo to hold
pugilistic contests in Missouri unmo-
lested. It is Muted that tlio porsous having
tho matter In charge and one of them
is no other than Dan Stuart of Texas
who managed the Fltzhlmmons-Cor-bolt
fight at Carson City Nov. are
contemplating the erection of tin arena
at Mexico Mo This little city which
Is 100 miles west of St l.uuls has u
population of sevoral thousand people.
It Is on tho Chlengo A Alton and Wa-
hash railroads which have connec-
tions with all the principal cities of
the country thereby affording quick
and easy transportation from all
I. lint Month Wi tho Iliule.t AuKUat
liver Knoivn.
Nkw Yoiik Sept 4. llrndstreot'.s
"Previous activity In all linos of
trade is maintained. There is a hot
ter lone to demand of jobbor and the
volume of business lu wool leather
clothing hats groceries iintl light
hardware hits Increased. Thore is a
hotter request for woolen nud cotton
goods jowelry and rubbor goods and
for boots nnd shoes. Somo wholesale
merchants at Western centum roport
tho lnrgest volume of August trade on
record. Lust week's general and un-
precedented expansion of prices for
staples is continued wool cotton and
Woolen fabrics hides leather svltlto
pine lumber sashes and doors Iron
and steel bars billets and rods wire
nails barbed wire mid Southern
foundry Iron wheat corn lard mid
sugar linvlug ndvunood ami higher
prices being rxpected for boots and
shoes Lower prices are refolded for
cotton wheat llour and rollee while
those for iKits pork print cloths pe-
troleum and coal are unchanged.
"Failure lu August woro lu number
not only 17 per cent less than lu Au-
gust 1800 but in amount of liabili-
ties 70. H per uont. smaller. .Inly and
August show a lower average of lia-
bilities per failure than hns ovor been
lino. u lu any year."
Letter Tlirr.-itanltifr Aami.lnatloii L'auaca
Alarm In Colitmhoa
Cot inuiua. Ohio Kept J. -It devel-
ops that extraordinary prnonullon
yesterday were taken to take care of
the president on uoeuiiut of the muyur
having received u nolo unsigned toll-
ing him to Ins on guard against u pro-
posed assassination of MuKinley be
cause ot tho npooiuliuent of Mr.
Tho letter warning the mayor
against a plat to asaalnato "boouuse
ho npoolntod Powdorly is regarded
by the mayor and direator of public
safely ua u lioux. They both stale
that It was never considered seriously.
General Alger deelarod thu publica-
tion of the letter was an outrage.
Han. Slan lila. In Jail.
Ci.kvm.axp Ohio Sopt 4. Oeorgo
Godnmn who owns a big cattle ranelt
at St Mary's. Kan. was found dying
the result of a stroke of paralysis. In
a cell nt tho Central police station this
morning. Last evening liu alighted at
thu Union depot lie staggorcd ap-
peared stupefied nnd could barely
talk and n pollaetnan arrested him
for intoxleatlnn. He Is now at Huron
Stroet hospital tho doctors of which
say he can not llvu many hours.
Another Infouotlon.
Wiif-ki.imo W. Va. Sept 4 An-
othor injunction was served this morn-
ing on J. W. Hen. James Wood and
seventy-three others named and an
unlimited nmnlier of unnamed people
prohibiting them from holding meet-
ings or marching near the property of
the Worthlngtou Coal and Coke com-
pany. Tins Injunction was issued by
Judge J. II. Hugan of the Marlon
county circuit court Among those
named Is the Kov. Vf. II. Wiley. Meth.
odlnt who has been holding religious
rrlce lu the ttrlker' camps.
Judge Wnlcott Makes & Kecord for
Judicial Work
AitmioitK I. T. Sept. 4. Judge WaU
cott has disposed of tho following bus-
inesi since March 25: Felony cases 101
about seventy-five of which resulted
in conviction. This head covers only
offenses that are punishable by labor
In too penitentiary; fltty-s'x misde
meanor cases punlshablo by fine or scntonce or both: liinotv-lhrce
civil suite. This will givo some Idea of
how tho mills of justice grind in this
district. It is not alone tho amount
of work but tho thoroughness of it
that recommends tho Judge and his
services are having n wholcsomo effect
on a certain reckless clement.
Kasler to Heaeh Heaven Thnn
Frosty Klondike.
Ki. Ok Sopt 1. Tho post-
master at this place has rccalvcd the
following letter ot advice from mi
Alaskan postmaster. Us meaning
cannot bo mistaken
Ciiilkat AlaBka Aug. IS 1S97
William Redder Ktq Kl Uono Ok
Sir: lu reply to your communication
which cstnu to hand today tho be I
advlco I can give you Is "to stay
hero you are." It's much easier to
go to heaven than to Klondike.
Youth truly
Sot. Hil'lNSKV Postmaster.
Nn Milp-t mint Hi'lininr
New Vonu Sopt Articles have
boon (lied with County Chirk Purroy
for the Incorporation of thu Florida
Traus-Poiilustilnr Ship Canal company.
The otipltnl s S7r. 000000. Tho pro-
jectors have In mind the building of a
ship canal and railroad to connect the
Atlantic with tho Gulf Tho now ca-
nal will be of Nlifllclent capacity for
the passage of seagoing vessels.
Arctic Kiploreri Krtiiru After lhrco
M Inter.' Abienrr.
LoNtiov.Sept 4. The llrltlsh steam-
er Windward huving on board the
Jackson- HnrUworth expedition which
has spout threo winters near Cape
Flora Prima Joscllund arrived hore
yostoiday from Fran. Josulland with
Jncksou and his collonguoK. All tho
members of tho expedition are In good
heal tli.
They roport having explored Franz
Josollaml thoroughly with tho excep-
tion of some odd corners.
llcforc the Windward sailed tho
quarters of tho expedition at Klmwooii
wore fastened up but Mr Jackson
left thore a quantity of supollos lu
on so thu place should be visited by
Prof. Andrea or other explorers.
Trance Wnnla lleclproeltjr.
Wasiiinotox Sept. 4. The French
ambassador M. Pateiiutre. culled on
Soerutary Sherman yesterday relative
to the propusud reciprocity treaty be-
tween the I 'nlted Stutes and France.
The subject was discussed In a gen-
eral way but owing to the iuiHirt-
aneo of thu questions Involved It is
not expected that final results will be
readied until tho return of the Presi-
dent who tnkes a personal interest lu
these reciprocity negotiations.
llliolem In thn nrthirt.
Taciima Wash. Sopt. 4. Word has
boeu rccolvod by Mrs John W. 1 1 re toll -tel
from her husband at Saiitlou II.
C that thu people ttro fleeing for their
lives from the town on auoouut of
cholera. Sainton is situated oh a nar-
row gulch leading to Hoar luko about
l.'.o miles to tho oust and north of
HoMduml. No estimate of the number
of deaths has boon received.
Uhluaso Conferanro Call.
St. Louih Mo. Sept. '. Pursuant
to the notion of the recent lalKir confer-
ence hold in this city a cull for a con-
vention of all labor and reform organ -i
zutlons to moot In Chicago on Ktj-
tember 17 noxt was Issued yesterday.
r"re ('olunico
Umaiia Neb. Kept 4. Kx-Cougros-muu
C. A. Towne and W. J. Hryau
addressed an eiitliusluslie auilienee
Iter last night
llenter'a Chief In lla Du.tnil.
Dr.xvKii Col. 8ept 4. 'lt flr and
pollen lKMir.1 to-day demanded the
resignation of Chief of Polie O'llrlen
on the ground thut he does not "poe-
sftk the judgment or discretion requi-
site to successfully manage the police
New York Vettmakera Strike
Nkw Yohk Sept 4. Vestmakere to
the number of 50t0 went on a strlk
to-duy for higher wages.
Kama. (Jltr tlralo ami I.l.a HtooW.
Hard Wheat Na 3. bV4e; No. 8. attic;
N. 4. Blc rejected 76c
heft Wkeal-Xo. 2. 93ies No. 3. 8e. Na 4
e68c releclsd SOttac-
Spring When- S; Hu S. Tec;
rejected. 73c
Ml U Crn -. i S7Ke; Na t 3Tc.
Nu l. c: no Grade. 30&3SK. Whit
Cora-Ko. '2 ; Na 8. 'ife. Kit 4 'tkc
Uia-VIUed-Me. J Uc. K S 17c.
No 4 lac N I waltc c Na X
l8V'r Ka 4 !7Vt
llye- N 3. 4Bc No. 3 4c. Na 4. 44c
Ursa-Weak 44c la 100-lb sack prairie. J6.J6 No. I. 14 If&i.
Na 14. 3 No 3. ISa30. rhole
timothr. it so. No. J. la twas. civr
railed. 037
aCallle (IfcelpU. 7.079. calves. US. hlp
lied. 7.691 taltle. 7 -al.ev lso4c tnieves
Mere t4dv lo shade klcber ethers
aleadjr Sio. tere and feeder (teaar ta 10c
Hoj .Ilwclpts. 0.3S4 eblpped 489. The
market was U&lOc lower
Sheep-Reielpti. 1.8(9: eblpii-d. 379
The market was utroae to t0 hlgiier
rouowmirare repreeeotaiive sales
1 uztlb 60
6 00
8 nLlbi.7U.
.4 70
S So
037 VI b SS
'bilk . 79
174 Ut.ta.U4
4 S6
h at. so. 10s
Royal makes the food pure
wholciomc and d.llclou.;
Absolutely Puro
Opening ot Wichita Country
Special to tho Daily Leader.
Washikqton I) c Sept. 4 Thero
seems to bo no prospect for the early
opening of tho Wichita reservation or
that of tho Kiowa or Comanche. It
will bo remembered that treaties wero
entered Into with tho Indiana for tho
opening of theso reservations during
tho dosing days of tho last administra-
tion. When Secretary llllss assumed
control of the interior dopartmont tho
protests of tho Indians wcro bo Btrong
and vigorous that the secretary or-
dered a discontinuance ot all opera-
tions looking toward tho allotment of
the lauds. As soon as tho secretary
returns a full hearing 's to bo given
tho Indians and somo deflulto decision
will bo arrived at Tho Wichita reser-
vation is bounded on tho north by tho
Ouoycuno and Arapahoe country; on
tho caBt by thu Chickasaw and old Ok-
lahoma; on thu south by tho Kiowa
and Comanche reservations; and on tho
west by tho Arapahoo country. It Is
Inhabited by CadoB Wichita Doia-
wares and other small tribes.
Tho Kiowa and Comancho territory
which has been treated for by tho gov-
ernment for homestead settlement Is
directly south of tho Wichita reserva-
tion and tlio Chcycnno and Arap'ihoe
country cast of Grcor county west of
tho Chickasaw Nation and dtrcctly
north of To a as.
lloth of thc6o reservations were
treated for by tho government The
ullotmont of lands in the Wichita
reservation was ordered agents woro
sent thero and tho work was progress-
ing smoothly. When tho present ad-
ministration came Into power all work
was suspended and has remained so
up to the present time. The prob-
abilities arc howovor that Secretary
llllss will take action looking toward
tho opening of tho reservations before
tho first of December.
Siys tho Action of tho Noble County
Republicans Was Proocr
Special tD Daily Lender.
Pkhhv Sept 4. Tho following is &
copy of a loiter from Acting Governor
Jenkins In rtsponBO lo a lottcr of
Judge J J. Knright to him under dalo
of the Sath enclosing a copy ot the
resolutions passed by the Noblo County
Republican Central committee. This
Is what ho says touching tho action of
thu committee:
Tkhiiitokv or Oklahoma.
Sn- va Okfick Gutuhik.
lion. John J. Knrlght
See'y Kep. Central Com.
Porry 0. 1.
My Dear Sir. Yours of tho 28th
containing cony of resolutions ot your
central committee at hand.
I am In hearty svmnathv with the
objot and spirit of tho resolutions and
sln.eroly hopo that It will bo adhered
to. witii nest wishes for party suc-
cess Yours very truly
Wm. M. Jknuins.
To Curo t'oii.tlpatloii Forever.
Tfckel'aacareu i.'sodv CaUiarllo. luc urS&o
If C U. V. fsll u cute druwisu reftiud money.
Farmers Lswsou aud Daracon (Joarrel
With ?atal Hesults.
Correspondence Dally Leader.
Tauhja Sept. On Sept. 1 about
10 a. m. U L. Lawson and ltobert
Dracon who reside upon adjoining
clslms on the J. V. flat in D county
Oklahoma boaame engaged in a quar-
rel. Deracon at the time was cutting
oorn near the line between his claim
and Lawson's. Lawson secured a
double-barrelled snot gun and dn
charged the same twice at Derauon at
about the distance ot tvto rods the
first shot missing Dcracon and the last
shot taking effect on the left side ot
Deraeon's head killing him instantly
Lawson iininedi&tcly camo IntoTa
loga and gave himself up to tbe au
thoritiea. County Attorney U K.
Ulack Coroner Joe liesgles aud Under-
sheriff Dorley immediately went to tbe
scenu of tbe murder and empanelled a
jury aud an Inquest wss held over
the body of the deceased and a verdict
rendered in accordance with the above
Take Laxative llromo Quinine Tablets
All druggUts refund the money It it
falls to cure tic.
Two nicely furnished rooms tor rent
Hathroom In connection. Call at 819 East
Cleveland avenue John Uuenttug

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Niblack, Leslie G. The Guthrie Daily Leader. (Guthrie, Okla.), Vol. 10, No. 83, Ed. 1, Sunday, September 5, 1897, newspaper, September 5, 1897; Guthrie, Oklahoma. ( accessed April 11, 2021), The Gateway to Oklahoma History,; crediting Oklahoma Historical Society.

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