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1 . mBBOXSmXX3ijQuKiuiMmmnimiau
mlm IVV - L i A
and rub and wear them out using an
inferior scup use Clairette.
takes the yellow out of clothes and whitens and
softens them. Not injurious because it's pure.
Will pay you to think to ask for "Clairette."
Sold everywhere. Made only by
I'eMiinal 1'ulnla and Mattera Trnndilrlnj;
In ul About the CUT.
X rays tonight.
J. V. Shartel Is in St. Louis.
Thta 1b tho l&at day to resistor.
Eeglstor today or yon can't vote.
Tom Doyle spent Sunday in I'erry.
O. 11. Clapp of Cross la in tho city.
Deputy John Smith is over from
Pouaeman Walls of Alva Is in the
Judge PrichaU died last week at
John Wilbbn is here from Pittsburg
J. 0. Tousley returned from HI Reno
Mrs. Mac Morris is visiting her sis-
ters at HI Reno.
Wanted Two girls at steam laun-
dry. Apply Tuesday.
Charley Urowor has returned from a
society vttit to Kingfisher.
Hank Hawkins aud T. 11. Mitchell
arc here from tho Osago nation.
Col. J. W. Johnson of Oklahoma
City spent Sunday In the city.
Ex-Qov. Seay of Kingfisher will
leave for Washington tomorrow.
J. R. Wlsby of Pawnee and (1. H.
Mouber of I'erry are in the city.
Miss Funnle Ray of Mulhall is vis-
iting hor father City Assessor Ray.
Everybody invited to dross in cos-
tume at tho cliarautor aooiul April 2.
Tho Outhriu
association bad
a sale of
and Loan
inouoy Ul
A Eastern oil company will put ilowi
bIx teat wells in tho Ohlclcasaw couulrj
at once.
Frank Sproot foil on u circular saw
at Oage had ono lug cut off and blud
to death.
Dr. Mayer's otllce will bo at St. Louis.
Do not fall to consult him before his de-
parture from Quthrlo.
A soldier named Qorden from Fort
Reno is in jail at Round I'ond on a
charge of counterfeiting.
Queen Elizabeth Cinderella Poca-
hontas Queen Victoria William Ponn
and many others will appear at the
character social April 3.
In the little grave yard at Paul's Val
ley thero arc Interred 32 men "who met
death at the end of a six shooter
or Winchester.--Paul's Valley Enter-
prise. Registration yesterday was as fol-
lows: First ward 131; Second ward
tAl; Third ward 174; Fourth ward
1U0; Bast Fifth ward 18; West Fifth
ward 117.
W. B. Hodges has resigned his posi-
tion as oasblor of the Capitol National
bank at Guthrie and will accept a sim-
ilar position iu the Fame. and Mer-
chants bank hore on May 1. Still-
wator Sautinol.
Hurt Ray assistant city assessor and
Miss liohslo Forrlor were joined In
wedlock Sunday at the homo of the
bride's parents near Mulhall. itoth
ure worthy young people. Tho
Leader joins their many friends In ten-
dering congratulations
l'onoa Courier: Deputy Charles Jen-
nings eaptured a carload of cattle
which had been shipped to White
Eagle. They had been purchased by
(1. V. Miller and wore in his pastures
when captured. The thieves Rob
Itoggs Yeager and Sptdler cowmen
were also captured. The cattle bo-
loiged to liatntnond a Tnxas dealer.
Highest Honors World's Fair
Qold Medal Midwinter Fair.
A Pure Graf Crca- el T-rtar rewttr.
but the fault of the
soap tliat your hus-i
band's shirts are not!
white. Don't scrub i
F. M. Hurst spent Sunday In Win-
Held with his mother.
Treat of joir life at tho Presbyter-
ian church tonight. The ' X rays."
Captain S. Will js. will leave today
for Washington U look after his mar-
Bhalshlp boom
Tho bones of your hand and body
can be plainly Hen tonight at tho
Presbyterian church.
Mrs. Robert Martin and daughter
Mrs. llioohs loft last evening for East
Liverpool U. to reside
A father-in-law and a son in law en-
joyed a scrap last night. Fractured
skull for son. lioth in jail.
Leslie Hush has received a letter
from Delegate Callahan which sayti he
is pushing free homes vigorously.
I) 11. Uoode candidate for mayor
came from Franklin county Virginia
not from Franklin county Tennessee
Representative Tom Willis of King-
fisher county who has been spending
sovoral days in the city rctnrncd to
Lacoy yesterday.
Judgo Dalo Clerk Pitts Stenogra-
pher Do Lay and Crier Will Taylor left
yesterday for Lincoln county. Attor-
neys Hoffman and Stone wont over
The Contra' church (colored) organ-
ized a Sunday school Sunday with
twenty-four members. Rev. Nightin-
gale presided and George I). Johnson
was secretary.
John I). Putcell ex-county treasurer
of Washita county died March SI at
Cloud Chief aged 54 years. He had
been aisocKted with Washita county
since the opening
M Golden candidate for the Sao
auu Fox Indian agency will leavo to-
day for Washington to got bis commis-
oion. Golden wants to begin work
without unnecessary delay.
Major R. R. Poo and family left Sun-
day lor Uinton Ark. to reside. As
special agent of tho general land olllco
Major Poo did good work. He is a
clever gentleman and his family an
interesting one. They leave many
warm friends in Guthrie.
Judge Koalon has sentenced pris-
oners as follows at Tecumeeb: U. C.
Ellis manslaughter four years In tho
penitentiary; William A. Iiryant man-
slaughter two years In tho peniten-
tiary; William Dougbltt Thomas
Doughitt Hilly Sundy W. C. Clawson
and Charles Compton each ono year
and ono day for horse and cattle
The Presbytorlan Sabbath School
at Its annual meeting held Thursday
evening elected the following officers
to servo for the comlnK year: J. F.
Saunders superintendent; E U.
StevenB assistant superintendent; Miss
Lillian Hunter socretary; Samuel
Smith treasurer; Albert Long librar-
ian; R. F. Smith chorister; Miss Jessio
McPherson organist and Miss Anna
Hutchinson assistant secretary.
Arrangements havo been made for a
debate betweon the Normal and the
University and will tako place in the
Normal building in Edmond on
May 19. Subject 'That Feudalism
Resulted m More Harm Mian Good"
Uulveriiy ulllrmatlvi ; no mal nega-
tive. The representative from the
Hnlv reily will b Mr. Normal Pool
ond Mr John Heltley Tho Normal
will bo represented by Mr. John Adams
aud Mr. Parrel
Another I'o.tomce Looted.
Deputy U. S. Marshall Geo. Mouser
passed through town last Monday on
his road to Pauneo from tho Osage and
Cherokee rountriM where hi nas been
serving snb'-ui iik on witm-oses who
arc to appear before tho ot art now in
session at Pawnee. Mr. Mouser said
that tho posloftlce and store at Austin
on the Cherokee and Oeage line was
robbed on the night of tho 17th. All
the money and valuables that wore
available were taken. The thelves
were tracked to the Creek country
whero it is probable that they will be
apprehended. Wackburn Globe.
Illll Hacklier Wltlidr. r It.
A Cleveland Ohio dispatch says:
William P Hackuey Eq formerly
of Wiatleld Kas came very near get
ting In trouble with Judge Lemon. The
court appeared to waut to rush a aaie
in which Haoknuy was oiur.erncd.
"You can't railroad this case" shouted
Hackney at the court.
The judge looked at Uackney a mo-
ment aud then observed: "You will
either change that remark or with-
draw It."
Colonel Hacknoy withdrew the re-
mark as the cheapest way to keep out
of Jail.
Prof. Timing la Here Ready to Oper
ate on tho Poplo.
At the Presbyterian church to-
night Prof. Timing will give an exhi-
bition of the latest marvels In the
scientific world Testa's cathode ray
Prof Tliwlny has his X ray apparatus
together with photographic jinara-
phernalla In' position arid on lost
evening gave a private entertainment
to newspaper men ltoth the Crook
and Islen tubes wore u-cd and the re-
sults achieved were astonishing The
bones of the hand could le plainly
seen and a coin placed deep between
tho pages of a heavy book showed
nicely. During the examination of
bones in tho hand and arm a number
of people who were operated upon
found frautures which they did lira
know existed.
The Y ray Is tho greatest BcIeutiGc
discovery of this era and tho people of
Guthrio will ruins a treat by falling
to 6eo the first apparatus ever in the
city. Those persons who have cracked
bodies they dislike to have exposed are
warned to keep several yards away
from the machine.
Very Fooluti Vciudc Mmi.
Special to The Dally Leader.
WoonwAiiu Ok. March 2U. A youni;
man named Cannonght attempted sui-
cide because of disappointment In love
at UIgglns Friday night. A young
ladv refused him and he told her his
dead body would be found on tho do-
pot platform. Lator a shot wan heard
and no was lounu tnero uaaiy wounneu
and will probably die.
lr. King' w Dlncovery for Cmnump-
tlo This Is the best medicine in tho
world for all forms of Coughs and
Colds for Consumption. Every bottle
is guaranteed. It will cure and not
disappoint. It has no equal lor whoop-
ing cough asthma hay fever pneu-
monia broncnltlo la grippe cold in
the head and for consumption. It is
safe for all ages pleasant to take and
above all a sure cure. It is always
well to take Dr King's New Life Pill
in connection with Dr. King's Now
DIscovory oh they regulate and tone
tho stomach and bowels. We guar-
antee perfect satisfaction or return
money. Free trial bottles at O. R.
Renfro's'drug store. Regular size 50
cents and SI 00.
A Warning
l of approaching trouble '
Is often given through a Blight '
i hacking cough which if negloo- !
f ted may lead 'to evils that a few
drops of Orloff's Russian Grippe
E Cough and Cold Cure would havo
J surley averted. You will be do-
lighted with its prompt action
L and Ur effects are permanent.
It has no equal.
From n l'h)rlclaii.
OriAWA. Kan . March 20 1897.
It Is not often that a physician
will recommend a proprietary
medicine but OrlotT's Russian
Grippe Cougli and Cold Cure is
audi an exception that I will say
that I havo used it for two years
with astonishing favorable re-
sults and no failure.
Dit Ihaiaii Pii.k.
loo dohks rim au oknts. 1
Sold by Seatontan Drue Co.
If our fit Denier III llnneit Itemeille J
Menilie ra l)vr SI Yenta of Arc Can Oet
Washington Maroh. 29. Delegate
Callahan of Oklahoma introduced a
bill In the house today to ouable tho
citizen's bands of .Pottawatomie In-
dians to obtains patents to their lands
The bill provides that all members of
tho bands over 21 yoai. of age shall be
allowed to patent tholr lauds without
government restrictions upon making
application to the se:rctary of the In
terior All of tho members of tho
tribe who prefer to have thoir lands
remain In trust can have this disposi
tion made.
He also introduced a bill to enable
persons in Oklahoma who failed to se
cure 160 acres of land in their home
stead entries to extend their filings to
cover that amount.
M. Uorn &. Co. makes pants for 83.50
at Ukla hotel. 2710
tV. -&
The Difference in Shoes.
Some dealers will sell
Shoes -which are very
near the style but not
quite so. They chaige
as much for them as we
do for our shoes which
are absolutely in the
very latest style v ill
fit perfectly and wear
you longer than any
other shoes you have
We are purfecth' sat
tstied with the shoes we
sell aud we are very
particular. "We are cer
tain that you will be
pleased with gur foot
wear Try a air for
it will be a pleasure to
you to wear them and
we will guarantee satisfaction.
!The Welcome Grocery.
r ' 1
Agreement ou Cloning liuura.
We the undersigned dry goods
millinery clothing boots and shoos
merchants of Guthrie do hereby agree
to close our respective places of busi-
ness from the 3th day of April 1807
until the 1st day of September 1807
at 6:30 o'clock p. in. except Saturday:
Dsvd Hetsch
Ramsay Brothers
H. L. Cohen
W. F. Coleman Rush
V. R. Thwlng & Co .
Hendelbach Dros Fair
Klsenschmldt & Woskel
I. R. Lovy Heo Hive
Ca6e & Moore Cyclone
Fred Meyer
Randall & Oliver
Mrs. A. P. Saunders
O. M Sbarum
.1. M. Waller &. Iiro.
37 15 Star Hazar.
You etui save a good denl by
having jour oyos examined aud
proper glasses fitted This is
your last opportunity aud you
should avail yourself of It. Call
on Dr. Mayer before ho leaves
the city.
See Smith the bill distributor.
They are so littlo you hardly know
you are taking them. They cause no
griping yet they act quickly and most
thoroughly. Such are the famous lit-
tlo piMa known as DeWltt's Little
Early Risers. Sm&ll.ln size great in
rerulu. O. R. Renfro 201 Oklahoma
Notice to Korp Up Domestic fowl.
To whom it may concern;
You are hereby notltlod that by or-
dinance No 7 It is unlawful for any
person to allow any chlckenB ducks
turkoys or any other domestic fowl to
run at large within the corpofate
limits of the city between the first day
of March and tho lirst day of October
each year. Any person violating the
provisions of r-ald ordinance are sub-
ject to a lino of live dollars for each
day such nuisance Is permitted. I am
directed by the city authorities to see
that this ordinance is strictly enforced
W. U. Uaxtkk
3617 City Marshal
Many political speakers clergymen
siogen and others who use the volco
excessively rely upon one Minute
Cough Cure to prevent huskiness and
laryngitis. Its value as a preventative
is only equaled by iU power to afford
instantaneous relief Kagle Drug Store
100 Harrlsou avenue.
Dr. Mayer will leave Guthrie
on or about April 15th for his
new location Eighth aud Olivo
streets. St. Louis Mo. Those
who wish t have their eyes
fitted with proper glasses would
do well to call without further
U't Comfortable Use
Journeys Ions; or short comfort-.hi-
tiL Brovldad vour tickets road
Saturday April 3 8.30 a. m.
Yourself and lady are cordially invited to at-
tend the opening of our
Grand Easter Sale.
"The Cuclone
Warren Case
Masters of
For full program watch
event of the season.
For trade A three-room house for a I
small tract of land near Guthrio Ad- '
dress "X" caro Leader. 19tf '
Dr. Mayer tho specialist for
eye ear noso and throat will
leove Guthrie on or about April
15th. Consult him at once.
The undersigned announces hlmsulf ns
an independent candidate for the olllco of
street commissioner subject to ho deci-
sion of the legal voters of tho city of
Uuthrlo at the April election Having
served the cliy moro tuan l trnnths in
this capacity I am able to giv u d ser-
vice. Al.EXANDKH 0. 11 EH TEH.
You can yet ct tho bouollt
for special treatment of the
eyo ear noso and throat if you
will consult Dr. Mayer at once.
ur Mayer will leave uuturl on or
about April IStb tor his now I '.itlon
Eighth and Ollvo streets Su Louis
Mo. Those who wish to havo their
eyes fitted with proper glasses would
do well to call without further delay.
Notice to All Wmitlng Hharie Treta.
Furrow Bros of the Capital City
Green House will have a car load next
week of whlto olin and soft maple
trees on sale. 2"l(5
M. Horn & Co. will make your sum
mer suit for 813.30 at Okla hotel. 27t0
The U. S. Gov't Reports
show Royal Baking Powder
superior to all others
Mlllloery Opening.
The Guthrie Millinery Ilazaar will
have on display trimmed hats and
bonnetf of their own designs and pat-
terns. March SU 3)1 and 31 Monday
Tuesday and Wednesday.
2610 Mas A. P Saundkhb.
Have your eyes examined and spec-
tacles fitted at very reduced rates bo
fore Dr. Mayer leaves tho elty.
Stuart McKay will make you a loan
on your farm. Low ratinj long time.
105 South First street 17 tf.
lleit Teeth and li;at Kubber on Kaitb
Everything guaranteed to be strictly drat
class and warranted
S6.00 PER SET.
(Either upper or lower
Qold nlllnes. tl W and ur. Sliver lUold and
rutins Alloy) Cement ami Outta Percba
Oiling W cents and up. Extracting cenu.
linage worn at correaponuinKiv low price
Ai appears above wc warrant (with a war
rant that la worth lust what it aavs. tio.l all
our work to be atrlctlr Orat-cUsa. We tin
not use cheap jou teem nut tne very ueat
that are made In the United States (aud that
mcana In the world) aa wil' aa the very beat
rubber and give you exactly the same thing
(or M-Oo that we charged lit 00 for a couple
of years ago. Wc bare been practicing
dcnlUtry for more than IT years and have
received our education mine teai colleges
in the land and from the beat teachera. have
all the modern methods and appliance
(aome or which are not in any omer omce in
the Territory) and wlU do jou better work
for leas money and gtvo better satlaf action
than any other omceln Oklahoma.
Southwcat cor- Oklahoma Ave. and Hrat H
L. C. Moore
rI he Leader." The
Will Leave Guthrie
On or About April 15th
!3E3E5 o DC A. Xjp X Si TC"
Sclontlffically Adjustod ?
Money and Danger.
M-H Ml 1 li - l - 4 - - H - - - fr'r -
-124 Oklahoma
Over Bee
puMlsbed In the Otithrte Dally
i.eauur ;ian- u in;.
Not ce lor l'ulil lent Ion.
Laud onico ut (luthriti O. T. Mirth
15 IB07.
Notice la hereby ulven that the follow-
named settler haa tiled notice of liU in-
tention to make dual proof In rut pm of
hla claim and that said proof will li
made buforo tho retfUUr and receiver V.
S. land olllco at Outhrle O T. on May
a 18U7 vU
.larof B. Carlln for the n w qr of sue
20 tp IS raw
lie name tbn following witnesses to
prove his touMnuous ronldenco upon ami
cultivation of said laud viz:
Evert E Craig Charles II Cook Warren
ECralit William M. Taylor of Uuthrlo.
iQK A. J. J. CBO'.iy Hugliiter.
- H'i"i - l""l"H"H - - H"l"l"l"l"l"H - t
Ave. near First Street
Hive Store.
J o'pJm!831
First published In the Outline Daily
Leader March 10. 1877.
Notico for Publication.
Land otllce at Uuthrlo O. T. March
IS 1M)7.
Notice Is horeby given that tho follow
named settler has Bled notice of her in-
tention to inuke Dual proof In support of
her claim and that said proof will ho
made before tho register and receiver at
Outhrle. O. T.. on April 2S 1677 viz-
Amy H Mear for Iota 8 and U -n- 8
aud lots 2 and 3 and w ur of n a .r of
.tie 7 In tp 17 n of r 1 o.
She names tho following witnesses to
prove hnr continuous reslduuce upon -nd
cultivation of said land viz:
James M. Gibson. Thomas J Ltls
James P. Martin Oliver Mears of Laiig-
stbn. O. T.
7 A. N. J. Cbook HegUttr

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