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8 f&6&f Soea
8V.-.N . " . .1 : !
a fit!-!
ROld housekeepers will t 11 m
glass. You knuw it I teak. .li--
w ltd
Washing Pov'der
makes liiuilh clem in war u water or cold.
f Delightful to i. I rU"-. r m1h tin or wood or paint.
?. Saves vour hutl vrvs mr time ouv strength your
temper. Sol.l i ervwhere. M:uli- mil by
. Clilcngiit SI. I..nls f I .: ItoMmt. IMi'lml. Iihta.
UQ&J&X&Xf' - . -tXSO ...- 'JW vy AjUOijOOWOOCWOOJ
First published n tho Daily Leader Vet).
19 1897.
Notice for Publication.
Lund olllcu at Outhrlo 0. T. Febmary
18. 1B97.
Kotlcj Is hereby Kiven that tho lullow-
lng namoj settlor tuts lllcd notice ot his
Intention to mako llnal proof In support
of his claim and that uld proof will bo
made before tho rouNU r and rocolvor at
Onthrlo O. T on March 9. 1897 viz:
Carml 1). Millard for tho n o qr of sec
24. tp 17 r 3 w
Ho namos tho following wltixvxos to
provo his coiiiiuiioiis rol(fenco upon and
cultivation of mild land viz;
lamw II. Spoor. Thomas NorrU Allen
NorrN William Uitaoii all of Outhrlo
O T.
401 1 A.N.J. Cuook Register.
Klrst published In Daly Leader March
9. 1897.
Notice Tor Publication.
Land olllcn at Outhrlo O.T. March 8
Notice Is hereby alvon that tho follow-
tun named settler has tiled notice of his
Intention to mako dual proof In support
of his claim and that said proof will bo
made before tho roirtster ana receiver At
Outhrlo O. T. onAprll 14 1897 vl?-
Jacob A. Kaublon for tho nwty nw H
tec. 21 tp 15 of r 3 w.
Ho names the followInK wltnoMi'i to
provo his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land viz:
pHliinlol Maiier Julius W. JnlTrles
tt-lferson Cohen. Dewwilton Jollrlo
all of Seward O T.
4(08 A. N. J. Cuook Henlster.
First I'ubllshed In tho Outhrlo Dally
Leader March A 1897.
Notico for Publication.
Land Ofllco at Outhrlo O. T. March 4
Notice Is hereby kIvcii that the following-named
settler uas tiled notice of his
Intention to mako final proof In support
ot his claim and that said proof will bo
madu before tho reglstor and recolvor at
Outhrlo. O. T. on April 10. 1897 viz:
Fr. d Truskoy for tho lots 3 4 and o hf
of s w qr sec 31 tp 10. u r 3 w.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said uuid viz:
"Garret II. lteiry John Ilerg Charles W
Tlalsch all of Seward Ok.; Herbert L.
Whlto of Outhrle Ok.
4033 A N J Cuook Register.
First published In tho Dally Leader
March 23. 1897.
Notico for Publication.
Land ofllco at Kingfisher Ok. M ar. 20
Notico Is horoby given that tho follow-
named settlor has filed notico of his Inten-
tion to mako llnal proof In support of his
cla'm and that said proof will bo made
before the rcgis'er and receiver at Klng-
lisher. Ok on April 20. 1897 viz:
Thomas Campion II. U No. 1148 for
tho s w qr fcoc 27 two 17. r 4 w.
Ho names the following witnesses to
provo his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of. said land viz:
Jamos Hossler. Cornellous Itlloy Oeo.
W. Knowles Nolson Mallott all of Cres-
cent Ok. .
E. O Iteglstor.
First published in Tho Dally Leader
March 10. 1897.
Notico for Publication.
Land Ofllco at Outhrlo O. T. Mirch
Ift. 1897.
Notico Is hereby glvon tllat tho follow-
ing named sottler has died notico of his
Intention to mako ilnal proof Id support of
his claim and that said proof will bo
mado boforo tho register and rccelvor
of tho United States land ofllco at
Outhrlo Oklahoma Territory on April
23 1897 viz
Martin I'osllek for the n o qr of sec
33 tp 10 n r!w.
If. ..nt... .a Itin f.11ntl.ln r ..(...namta In
provo lilt continuous rosluenco upon and'
cultivation of said land viz:
Charlie Schmidt. II Irani Taylor John
P. Kosoort. John Wicks ol Outhrle.
O. T.
4055 A. N. J.CnooK. Iteglstor.
Rafutat to lie Met With n IllorltBiU of
l'ort.-More Troop. Nrritnl to ltrinjr.
Order Out of Anarchy 111 the
l.Umt of Cret (oiidlllou.
tn tt Interior salil to
II Terrible.
First published In the Dally Leader
March 17 1897
Notice for Publication.
Land Otllco at Outhrlo.O T March 10
Notico Is hereby glvon that the follow-
ing named sottler has died notico of his
intention to mako dual proof In support of
Ills claim and that said proof will bo
mado before register and rocolvor at
Outhrle on April 22 1897 viz:
Joseph Merenno heir-at-law of Hubert
Leveque. for n qr sec 11 tp 14 r 2 w
Ho names tho following witnesses to
prove his continuous resldenco upon and
cultivation of said land viz:
Stephen D Lalfoon. Arthur F. Laf
foon James T. Wise Francis Fontenler
all of Kdmond. O. 'I'.
40.-.S A N J Cuook Reglstor
First published In the Dally Leader
March 9. 1897.
Notico for Publication.
Land Off co at Outhrle O. T.. March 8
Notice Is hereby glvon that tho follow-
ing named ottler has died notice of his In-
tention to make final proof In support of
his claim and thatsald proof will be mado
before tho register and receiver at Outh-
rle. O. T.. on April 14 1&97 viz:
Dowwilton Jelfrlo for the so qr so
17. twp 15 r 3 w
Ho names tho following witnesses to
prove his contlnuniiH residence upon aud
cultivation of said land viz:
Daniel Ma her. James M. Jeffries Ji.cob
A. Faublin Jeilerson Cohee all of So-
ward O T.
4039 A. N. J. Cuook. Register.
Athexs March 29. The Crown
Prince Constantlne lia arrived al
Volo. During the passage of (lie canal
Egrlpos Prince Ooorjre went on board
and bade his brother rt touching adteu.
The ministers of the powers held a
conference to-day and it is stated
drew up the tonus of a collective note
to the Ureek government requesting
that the Greek troops be recalled from
the frontier. It is understood that a
similar note will be presented to tho
porte and that if either power refuses
Us principal ports will lie blockaded.
A meeting of the Cretan delegates
will bo hold shortly at Athens to draft
a roply to tho admirals' proclamation
of autonomy.
London March 29. The Daily
Mail's correspondent says that Admiral
Canavero commanding the Interna-
tional fleet In Cretan waters has wired
to tho Italian rrornriiim.iit tn uml (in.
mediately a largo land force which is
Imperatively necessary to cope with
the Cretan Insurgents Adiuirrl Cana-
vero It is understood asserts that con-
ditions In the Interior Of the Island are
so terrible as the result of famine and
hardship that even the lepers are
leaving the lazar house; the Inhabit-
ants are panlo stricken and the dead
He by the roadside uuburled.
A dispateli from Vienna saya that
owing to the keen uuxiuty fell at SU
Petersburg as to what may occur in
the near future ut Constantinople or
In tho vicinity the our has ordered
the concentration of lioo.ouo troops in
the four governments of South Russia
nnenlen'a Arnica Halve.
Tho Rest Salvo in the world for
Oats Hrulses Sores Ulcers Salt Rheum
Favor Sores Totter Chapped Hands
Chilblains Corns and all Skin Krup
tions and postively cures Piles or no
pay required. His guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction or money r6fundod
Price 25 cents per box. For Sale Hy
a R. RifNnio. Outhrlo
If you want lco croaru go to Al. Ru-
senhaker'tt. 2U16
ItHK W'AllttKl.
Wanted good clean cotton rags at
tho Leador otllco.
Wanted-An Idea 5S
ProtMt your Mmm thny may bring you wraith.
Write JOHN WEDIiEKDUUN CO.. Tatrnt Attor.
nayt. Wanhlnitton l C for their 1.8U0 prlie offer
ana new Ht at mi thuutanil lnreullugj wantfd.
Daily Lkaiikk aud Kausas City
D lly Times ono week for 15 cents.
Leave orders at Leader office This
Includes tho big SMndav Times
First published In the Dali reader Feb.
24 1897.
Notice for Publication.
Land ofllco at Outhrlo O. T February
83. 1897.
Notice Is hereby glvon that tho fol-
lowing named sottler has tiled notico of
his Intention to mako final proof In sup-
port of his claun and that said proof
will bo mado boforo tho reglstor and re-
ceiver at Outhrle O. T. on March 31
1897 viz:
John Hal) for lots 1 and 2 and e hf of
n w qr of sec 19 tp 10 n of r 3 w.
Ho names tho following witnesses to
prove his continuous resldenco upon
and cultivation of. said land viz:
Avery A. Humphry William Pearson
Lowls P. Nelson Frank O. Foxworthy
all of Outhrlo O. T
4023. A N J. Cuooic. Roglstor
For Salo.
Oood threo room bouse on corner
.ot good stable storm cave all fenced
close in for sale cheap. Part cash and
balance on monthly Installments; also
ono good lot on North First street
Address "H" care Leader lltf.
For first-class paper hanging carl on
L Chrisen III north First street
The U. S. Gov't Reports
show Royal Baking Powder
superior to all others.
See Stuart McKay for long tlmo
farm loans 105 south First street lflml
Kailroud Timo Tabic.
Atchliou Topek A Mantu V.
6:35 a. m.
4:68 p.m.
S:4Sa. m.
6:08 p.m.
7:00 a.m.
Arrive i Arrive
Kan. City Chicago.
6:60p. in IB. 43a. m
0:60 a.m. no 30p.m.
Local FrelgSt.
Local Freight.
SOOTH SOUTHIAST and southwest.
12:2& p. m.
10:68 p. in.
12:15 p. m.
12:35 p. m.
11:08 p. m.
i:wp. 31.
Ft. Worth
Qalv 's'n
9:15 p. m'U.25 a.m.
8:10 a. m
i.ocai rreignt.
A J. Cork I us Agent.
Choctaw IlkUhiimn & tlulf It. It Co.
Leave Oklahoma City 8 40 am
Arrive South McAlester I 30 pin
Arrive Fort Smith 12 55 pm
Arrive Bt Louis . 7 28 pm
Leave Oklahoma City for west H 35 am
Leave Oklahoma Cltv for west 3:60 pm
Make close connections at Kl lleno for
points on the Hock Island north aud south
J V HOLUKN.Tramc Manager
South McAlester. I T
Agent Oklahoma City
A Butchery of Prices.
Owing to change in our business we announce that on
We will begin and on March 31 at 6 p. m we will
close what is going to prove to be the Greatest Slaughter
Sale of Dry Goods. Clothing Shoes Hats and Furnish-
ing Goods ever carried in Guthrie. All the goods are
now contained in the
Everything Goes. Not a dollar's worth reserved. You have
use for us to get these grand bargains. We have use for you to
get first New York cost out of them. Who gets the big end?
Remember these goods are of the character carried in first-class
Dry Goods Stores not hackneyed auction or bankrupt stuff. Our
New Spring Goods go in just the same. Run your eye over the
Price Ticket Stacks and see if we don't mean business.
' ' Of 5&
Only makes us more active in getting what the people want and in selling our goods
In order to fully realize the extent of our grand preparations for the spring and
summer trade. You most visit our store and see for yourselves.
Has taken place to prudent buyers. Our counters and shelves are filled with stacks
of springs brightest productions. Every department radiantly reflects the inpouring
tide of style beauty and dependability.
T ATI7 Dill .AH re ruunS everywhere. It's price and quality that tells the tale and
JJllW JL iHjlJb ls w tncSe we intend to pack our house. We are going to sell
wiiinmww thc gods- Spend a few moments in reading the following prices:
To many the most facinatlng spot in our store is the OUR HOSIERY DEPARTMENT
WflQh TlrPQQ finflfk SPfttinn Was never so complete 100 dozen Missus' Heavy Ribbed Past
HdMl UlCbb UUUUb aeOUUU. Blac nose CJ t(J 8J A rare bargaln at 5c a pair. Ladies'
The diversities of effect design coloring weave and Pul1 Seamless Past Black Hose good weight; three
and linish will surprise and satisfy. First-class quali- pairs tor 2jc
1 ties at low cost are the business bringers to this store. . . . n ... . If .
" The grand display wnl consist of Dentelle Btamine. ClOtlllllg FllMlSlling UOOllS atlQ MS
Grenadine Brode Tissue Urode Lappet Mulls French
Organdies Lattice Mulls Manhattan Organdies and We are showing all the new things in Men's Giahing
a'l the Novelties in Homespun Linens Dimities Sat. consisting of all the new Scotch Mixtures Fancy Cas
teens. This will be your opportunity to select the choice simeres Black Worsteds. A good suit from $2.48 to $1B
styles for 1H97 Men's Colored Laundricd Shirts 18c 59c and 09c. All
i the Latest Styles in Hats 25c to fl.00.
Grand Display of Novelty Silks rr rr
In this line we surpass all former efforts 500 yds. oi OllOCS OliOOS.
amUtw ?lK! V1 29f n tt G !e;auVful Pn!ntt ur Shoe Department is a marvel. All the Latest
SVk olrn Pa"ens (5 yds- aU dinerent designs 50c a Novelties in Tans Chocolate Ox-blood and Black in
yd. or ifr.. W a pattern. Meufli Wonien.a anil Children's sizes at remarkable low
------------------------ --------------- prices.
Ladies' Separate Skirts
In endless varieties in Brocaded Mohair Scotch Mix- CarOetS Mattill6S CUFtainS EtC.
tiires and Brocaded Silk from $2.50 to $12.50 All the r ' '
latest novelties in Ladies' Shirt Waist 49c 59c 75c and On our second lloor we are showing a beautiful line
98c. We are sole agents for the famous CZARINA KID of these goods. During our Grand Spring Opening Sale
GLOVES every pair warranted all the New Shades we will sell all our Double Extra Super two Ply all
Ox-blood Pearl Green Tans. Modes Drabs etc. We Wool Carpet; former price 75c at 00c a yd. and lower
have the most complete line of grades reduced in proportion. 75 Rolls Straw Matting
at 10c 12c 15c 20c 25c 80c and H5c a yd. Full Line of
' " " Lace Curtains all new 1897 Patterns 40c 60c 75c $1.00
Vve have the most complete line of lUH up to $5.00 a pair. Good Pelt Window Shades
Laces Embroideries and Trimmings Spring Roller complete i2ic. Good cfoth Window
Ever shown in the city. Shades 5c 40c and 50c.
The Reliable Outfitters of the Territory.
12E20 OlsilIxoxaaLicL iLyen'ae.
MM-H-M-W -P----------- ---------
We Boast of The
We Offer Never More Woithy
Than Now-
We Give Bargains
That have no precedent. Listen to the facts all you economically inclined people.
It's because we sell the greatest value that we sell the greatest quantity; and it is
because we buy in large quantities that we c in undersell all other stores. Just
glance over our stock and see if we do not
On every item Why is it that we are the leading exponent in High-class
Merchandise? Because our assortments are bigger and fresher. Because our
Prices are Lower. Because we protect our patrons by the guarantee: "The Best
for the Least Money."
----Hl ry
Oklahoma Ave. and First Street.

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