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r 4i
itrrioiAi. oho k o Oklahoma urmoukauy.
orriiiH or f uiiliuatium uaiihihom atbkub.
VOL. 9.
v - Jiy
Is going to reduce his largo Drug Stock and will
give his customers 20 per cent discount on all goods
in his store for the next 80 days. I have just re-
ceived 1000 ounces of-Quinine and must sell it and
will close it out at 80c per ounce.
Quinine per oz 80c
Laxative Pig Syrup 50c; now 40c
One Minute Cough Cure 50c; now 40c
One Minute Cough Cure 25c; now 20c
Horse and Cattle Pood 3 lb package -10c
Horse and Cattle Pood 25c; now 20c
White Pine Expectrant 25c; now 20c
.Fine Soap 15c per bar; now per box 25c
iPine all rag "White Envelopes per package 5c
.Carbolic Salve 25c; now per box 20c
' I - Jltf MUa HI ' "ii
Phono 12. EDWARD NICHOLS Prop. 1
Is Also Passed Likewise ths Meas-
ure Locating ft Colored Normal
and Agricultural College at
Lnngston Lively Day In
the House -- Onlendar
Not Reourred To.
The first
vls ' Cashlor.
E. 1ULLINGSLEY President
AssUt Cashier
'Capital fully paid $50000.00
; Surplus 10000.00
A. U. Hriwor Capitalist Utlca N. Y. Geo. E. Illlllngsloy. Guthrie O T
W. E. llodge. Uuthrlo. Juo. F.Stone Uuthrlo.
Ohas. K. Hllllngsloy Guthrie
A. J. SEAY Viok-Piiksidknt
CSoital. - - - $5oooo
Ourplus -
Hoard of Directors lucaddltlou to Hank OMcorss
James Htratton Horace Spood Hobort Martin J. It.
W. J. HORSFALL Caahlor
Danderine Barber Shop
The Best Plrre hi tlie City to Get
' First-Class Shavo. Hair Cut
216 W. Harrison.
' tiflHiiiiii& rrf
MHuracUres all kinds or Vehicles. PjUbUhp TrlwwiHg ah
Kfipnirlug promptly tteMtle4 te.
S 2 Swtk Biylitt Strut a
The house hud a lively day of It yes-
terday putting In tho entire day under
suspension of tho rules and never onco
recurring to tho calender. A normal
school was located at Alva and the col-
ored normal and agricultural college
at Laugston. The council substitute
for tho Willis fee and salary bill was
agreed upon and passed a new city
election bill was put through in short
order and various other moasuros noted
upon. Tlie house convenes ut 0 o'clock
tli In morning and a lively session is as-
sured today
III lletnll.
thing was the report of
tho conference commit-
tee on house bill MS a
minority in favor of
compelling county onin-
mlssloners to oiUl oleo-
lions before rebuilding
court bouses with In
surance monoy a majority in favor of
allowing the commissioners to use tho
monoy and rebuild A motion to adopt
tho minority roport was lost by u vote
of i0 to 8; and onn to adopt tho majori
ty report also failed and a further
oontureuco was ashed.
Uoubo bill 240 relating to care of tho
insane deaf and dumb and blind was
taken up amended and pasted.
Council bill 17 rolullng to amend
ment of tho codo of civil procedure.
was called up and passed.
Ilousu bill 151 as amonded by the
senate was considered and action on
tho amendments postponed until af tor-
noon. TouBley introduced house bill 201
relating to tho Oklahoma historical
socloty. Road sooond time and re-
ferred to committee on appropriations.
Council bill 72 rotating to return of
jurors by oleotlou olUaers pawed.
The speaker signed house bills 51
120 202 183 and 110
The 7000 acres of Groer county school
lands which tho commissioners are
empowered to sell are in Moekley and
Cochran counties Instead of Hardeman
as stated in yesterday morning's
Tho special committee on houso bill
151 Hubmitted a majority report In
favor ot concurring in the senate
amoudmontu locating tho colored nor
mal school at Langston.
May introduced a resolution continu-
ing tho chief clerk d assistant and
chief enrolling cleric and assistant in
service 20 days after adjournment
under direction of tho secretary of tho
Doylo brought up tho question of
tho postponement of the penitentiary
bills declaring that two exactly simi
lar motions hud been entertained which
was contrary to the rulea. The records
showed a difference in the motions
and tho npoaker held that they had
been rightfully entertained and car-
ried. Doyle appealed from the deci-
sion ot the chair but later withdrew
tho appeal
l.kiifliin Uxtalhe I'liita
IIouso bill 151 establishing a terrl
torlal normal and agricultural univer
sity was takou up and the senate
amendments eoueurred In. This given
three white and two colored regents
and locates the Mhool at Langston.
Council bill 101 elmplyfylng county
records was amended to make war-
rants payable In order of registration
and passed.
The committee on house bill 108
creating the county of llryan submit-
ted a majority report agaiabt and tnln-
oilty for.
The speaker signed eouneil bills 06
171 183 and 48.
House bills 4W and Sut were made
spuclal orders for 10 a. m. today.
fee und HitUrr ikmf er nee.
Tho houso eontidered tbe fee and
salary bill for an hour and refused to
concur and asked for a conference
llsrry Lytton Willie Hbaneoo od
Wilton wore appointed on theeuniei-
enee Gomralttoe.
Tbe bouse concurred Is the kutiaU
amendment to Cherry's general irriga-
tion act.
House bill 181 waa called up and the
bouse ooneurred in tbu coun-iis
The Alvn Noril.
Council bill 5 was nMed up by
Willis. This Is tho bill logatlng a nor
mal school at Alva and precipitated a
hot light.
Graves approved the bill vigorously
and Vlckers poko for IS minutes in
behalf of tbe measure presenting
clearly tlia claims of Alra for the loca-
tion of an institution of learning and
urging tbnt the people of the strip
and of western Oklahoma be given
A message was received from tho
governor stating that bo had signed
council bill 49.
Olson spoke against tho bill declar-
ing it had a polbjy to divide tho
educational fund and make all the In-
stitutions weak.
Doyle spoke for the bill and urged
upon tho house the necessity of the
territory doing justice to the people of
western Oklahoma by not shutting
them off from the ndvunUgus ot a
higher education.
The speaker signed homo bills tot
197 S4 and and council bill KB
Gault spoke against the Alva bill
and said tho great cry of thn strip poo-
nle about their paying so much to tho
t Trltorial funds was buncombe as tho
public lands -vore a gift to the ontlro
torritory from tho geuoral govommont
and never in any way belonged to tho
strip peoplo.
VioUwra closed the dobatu in behalf
of Alvu and tho strip.
A motion to oonsldor the bill en-
grossed 'and pasted to third roading
prevallod by tho following voto:
Ayes Harnos Ohorry Hogan May
Doylo Georgo Mourluuand Itoso St.
Clair Sullivan Vickcrs Willis Chris-
tian Kills Shannon Wilson.
Nays Allen Gravos Olson Gault
Stovull Toualoy.
Houso adjournod until 7:3a
The speaker signed council bill 17.
The Alva normal school bill was put
on ilnal passage and wont through by
the following vote:
Ayes llarnofl Cherry Doylo Hogan
George Mouriquand Jtoaa Shannon
Viekers. Willis Christian May Wil-
son St. Clair.
NayB Uerry Graves Lytton Olnon
Toutley Forgnson Gault Bills Sto-
vull. The conference committee on tho feo
and salary bill recommended concur-
ring in tbe council substitute. Tlio
voto on tho adoption of the report
stood 10 to 8 as follows:
Ayee Allen Kerry Cherry Chris-
tian Ferguson Gault Lytton Mouri
quand lloee CMsou St. Olalr Shannon
Htovall Wilson Tousloy. May
Nays I James. Doylo Kills Gooigo
Hogan Sullivan. Graves WHIIh.
Thus pasiod tho foe and salary bill
and it will go to the governor today.
The houso at this juneturu got in a
tauglo as to which of tho numerous
salary bills they Had really pussed and
after fifteen minute' talk docldod to
tauo the vote over again whioh was
done Ellis changing from nay to ayo
this time.
House bill SOS to oorreot errors In
the oily election tiill passed Saturday
evening was oulled up and an at-
tompt made to railroad it through
three readings but on second reading
objection was raised and It was re-
ferred io theeommittue on municipal
corporations but two minutes later
was recalled and parsed over tho pro-
test of Itarnos In behalf of Guthrlo
where the bill will outall considerable
uxpuuso uy forcing a olty election this
Council bill 138 was road twice and
referred to tho oommltteo of the
The speaker signed council bills 100
and 78.
llarnes moved to reject council bill
lit relating to oleotionB. Nobody else
suomod to know what was in tho bill
but the motion was voted down only
7 voting for It.
Adjourned until 9:30 a. m.
Sortntor Henry Jonnston Makes a
Strong Fight for tho Measure
tint Lost However He
Won Hla School Text Ulll.
Governor Votoos the
Gold Contract Ulll.
Uoll call
Why Dr. Simmorib' Cough Syrup is
the cheapest. It Is the only cough
remedy giving 50 doses for 90 cunts.
Money lfc refunded if not beneiltted or
Butiefted. Try It. Ask your druggist
for a sample bottle.
V jii.r I'Lh.
A flxh of extraordinary appearance
has drifted ashore at Lunuastluc
Shetland. The bead and neck had sons
resemblance to those of a horse and
along the hark extended a cartilagi
nous growth very like a horse's mane.
The body dwindled to tbe tblckneaa of
one inch at the extreme tip of the tall
The length of tbe animal was 6 feet
3 luchea. It is relieved to b a Hpec-I-ueu
of the lllpuox Ampus specimen
of which two or three inches long are
not unknown on the cant ciiant of Scot-
land. So fur as Ih known il-re m no
rerun! of OIK' of Uiia u- hdtltiK In en
found tx-iuir
I I. - I kl ! I'1 '"
tr ttiii. n4
jirt'v died by
. ff.iln .Up purify
i'UIIJilv '
ftlliby bun 1.1 '1 1"' ; ' ''
CtTliltti Ho P. I'- ni"l
tBfUtdlM i fIU(W i" "" "'' "TOM
buUl'rvpCoiiuii J- lluiluMWyMim."lrt
Wednesday witnessed tho bunching
of a vast nuinbor of base hits In tho
council it was a lively day from tho
drop of the gavol. Tho banking bill
was passed; penitentiary and houso
text book bills killed and the bill
authorising a bridge to be built over
tho Soutli Canadian was passed. Ten
bills wore favorably reported. Gov.
Heufrow signed council bill 41) relat
Ing to court stenographers and votood
the gold contract bill
III DelBll.
barely found a quorum
present yesterday morn-
ing. After a short prayer
by Chaplain loues Chlot
Clerk Mackoy attempted
to read tho journal of the
previous day but ho hud not read
more than a dozen words boforo a
motion was made and carried that tho
further roading be dispensed with.
Council bill 201 by Fisher author
izing the purchase of general fund
territorial warrauta with the public
building fund was read a second time
Hefore being roferred to a standing
committee Mr Fisher moved that the
rules be suspended and the bill ad-
vanced to third reading. Carried. Tho
bill was then passed with ull present
voting for.
Hlilxwnlkii In l!iiliiiirimrittol Town..
Council bill ISO us to building ot
sidewalks in unincorporated towns
vrn called up by Fisher for llnal action
and passed tbo council with Gould and
Randolph voting against.
DetiolB called up council bill 78 for
the Incorporation of mutual insurance
companies. Tho bill Is drawn to ou-
oourugo homo lusuranco companies
nnd while somo slight objections to the
bill were made 011 account ef ItH ap-
parent urudonoss in some portions
yet the udvuntagos to bo gained were
admlllod and on lta llnal passugo no
votes were recorded against
Sellout KiiiiiI.
II. S. Johnston called up house blU
170 increasing tho school funds which
had just bcun sent up from the houso.
After being road lis furthor con-
sideration was postponed. Fur a time
it looked as If the bill would be In-
stantly killed but Gould suld that
theru wore good features about the
bill notably that of the b per cent
levy and with the exception of a lot
of Kansas slop which could bu
eliminated tho bill wua ail right arid
tho council allowed him to have his
j IIouso bill 28S protecting culverts
and bridges against damages from
steam engines was taken up and
passed with .lirowu uud I'rubldunt
Johnson voting ugalnst
TiiMiuiiliry Uuuuljr ItruonU
Clark asked as a favor that council
bill 101 be considered which was
granud The bill U entitled "pro-
viding for simplifying the county
reeords uud advancing the price of
Oklahoma securities." The bill paud
tbo council with all present voting
In Uoiunilttna of the Wliula
The bunking bill was again taken
Fisher wanted the section widen
made it a misdemeanor for any person
or association to advertise as banker
or bankers sir lull on out. Lost.
Tuo pruvtslou in the bill governing
tbe liquidation of banks was amended
so that a bank may go Into voluntary
liquidation by payiug olf Its depos-
itors in full.
Tbe provision In the bill that at no
time shall any bank hold real eaiate
whleh will aggregate In value more
than 33 per cent of its pnul up
capital wax raised to M per aunt.
Tbe provision In tbo bill that eueb
director in a bank and every officer
thereof shall be person ally liable and
individually responsible without
benefit of exemption laws tor all eou-
traots debts obligation- und engage-
ments of the bank to the full txUut
was striekeu out.
The committee arose tt tblc point
and a reeesa had until 1:15 for tbe
purpose of filling empty space.
The eouueii rueo)vrd ittolf Into earn-
mltteo of tbe whole with tbe firm res-
olution to finally dispose ot tho volum
lunus and troublesome banking bill.
That teetton was stricken out which
made it compulsory fur banks to pro-
vide seaU to authenticate its acts
which seal.bball contain the name of
tbo corporation tbo namo of the city
or town the words "corporate seal"
and Gkluhoina torritory.
The requirement that the board ot
directors shall moot on the first Mon-
day 111 oaeh quarter to consider matters
pertaining to tho different banks was
amonded to read so that the directors
must meet ou tho first Mondays in
January and Juno.
Not NerrmiMrr to Tout
Tho provision in the bill that on the
first day of oach mouth each bauk
shall post and keep posted in an acces-
sible and conspicuous plaee a state-
ment In plain print showing the con-
dition of tho bauk was atrUeti out.
A requirement however wag substi-
tuted requiring each depositor to be
notified by mall every ninety days as
to tho exact conditions ot such bank.
11. S. Johrtalou moved to strike out
the provision in tho bill making the
bank examiner llablo on his bond
should he knowingly report the con-
dition of any bank wrongly. Adopted.
After another minor auieudmetit or
two tho committee favorably recom-
mended the bill for passage.
Hleclloii Ulll Uorrmitril.
President Johnson stated that he
discovered that council bill 1 1 tho
olty election bill whioh had beou
passed by both house and was thou
In the hands of the govornor was de
fective by roason of the fact that tho
bill had failed to provldo for tho
olllces of olty treasurer and one moai-
borof tho school boani. Ho then In-
troduced a bill covering this point
which was numbered eounoll bill 305
and advanced by successive stagos
under suspension of the rules and
pssseu uio council without a vole
IrrlKAtlou Ulll.
Hannor called up house bill 188 the
irrigation bill which enacts tho Texas
taw on irrigation and tho bill was
read a third time and passed tho coun-
cil with no votes against.
Gould wanted house bill IS. for the
redemption of real property from
forced sales considered and ho was
allowed to have Ills way about it. Tho
bill was road und President Johnston
said that ho was in favor of a period of
redemption but thought that existing
conditions should bo considered and
that six mouths from rendition of
judgment which would practically
amount to two yoarn time as it was
Absolutely Puro
I 'elf bralnl fur In. rreal leavening Mr uRita
and hejlthfulnrM. AurrH ihr to) .iKatti'
alum and all furonot adulteration lomtnon
to tbe cheap tranu movai bakihu mwdiii
Ilrlilee Ovur (Mnadlitu.
House bill 210 authorising the build
Ing of a bridge over the South Canadi-
an river was read a first second and
third time and passed the council wit'
no opposition.
Garrison asked as a last favor from
the council that it would choke mon
o polio galore by Immediately taking
under consideration bouse bill 17 the
uniform text book bill. Tho council
was perfectly willing aud tho bill waa
taken up and read.
At the conclusion ot the reading
of the bill Marum called for
tho reading of eounoll bill 10 on
the saiue subject which waa granted
aud tlieVtH read.
"ilouo mil Killed.
Johnston then moved that council
bill 10 whioh had j-ist boon road be
substituted for the nouse bill and thai
all aftor tho enacting olause be
stricken out In the houao bill.
Learned objected to this and do-
mauds for roll oall were numerously
made from both sides.
Uoll oall found Ilrnwn Clark. Gar
rlson Hauner Learned aud President
Johnson voting against the subrtl
Hon the rest for and Johnston's
motion wan declared carried
.loliiiftton'ii I'atltloii.
11. S Johnston thou oilored amend
menta which would prevent any
change ot text books as far as possible
and presonted two petitions numer-
ous! v sinned from Noble county in sup-
port of his stirring urralgumont of tho
Willis bill it author and the methods
employed in passing the bill.
Garrison had been a mombor of
usually six mouths or moro from filing sohool boards for ovor twonty
of suit to rendition of Judgment
Gould hoped lie would not bo alono
In trying to get tho same privileges for
Okluhoma as oldor states enjoyed. He
thought It was no injustice to the
hook nosed sheoney us his security was
not changed but It only gave the aiort-
gugor a breathing spell until the
whirlwind of prosperity promised
undor the MclClnloy administration
might turn this way.
Toor Mnti Allcht Nhvb Hla Home.
DollolB thought that if thls'blil be-
came a law It might bo the moans of
some pour man saving his homo for hla
wife and children and ho was there-
fore going to support it.
inslier liked the bill and eould not
see that it was going to drive out eupl-
tal for the reason that gunnrally tho
mun who loaned the monoy did not bid
the land In us a usual thing but he got
his monoy ana an outsider got tho laud
aud nobody would be hurt bv redemp-
tion. Garrison was going to voto for tho
measure because It had merit bad
beon tried In Kansas uud had not beou
found wanting.
Learned supported the bill aud
thought tho peoplo of this territory
knew what wai wanted and they were
asking for this measure.
Marmn la explaining bis vote
against the bill said be had seen a
similar law enaeted and that It had
been detrimental to the el ass which
wore asking for this law.
A vote being hud on the final pas-
sage of the bill found Marttm and
President Johnson voting against
I'realilaiitHlKii .More llllla.
President Johnson signed tbe follow-
ing bills whieli were then sunt to the
Couneli bill 18 as to raising revenue
Council bill 48 relutlug to cities of
the first el ass
Couneil bill 183 as to rc-locaiing tbe
sebool bouse In district 31 in Graut
Council bill 171 aa to building later-
als to sewers la oities of tbe first elaas
House bill 51 relating to schools.
House bill 130 providing a label law
for the territory ef Oklahoma.
House bill lie for buildidg couit
houses and Jails.
hUibstltute for bouse bill 1st regula
ling Ira Ole in intoxicating liquor.
House bill 90S as to mauaer of re-
moving territorial otHeers from ofllee.
IIumm Itofuaoa to (taeeur oh Uurl Hill
The buute notified the sou nail that
it refused Ut concur In the council
amend went that money for burned
eourt bouses be used in rebuilding tVe
same in house bill 14& and the chair
appointed as a new eonferenee rum
mlttee Deltoie. John. ion and Clark-
The bouse also notified the council
that It bad passed eouneil bill 7'A as to
Jurors aud eouneil bill 103 with
amendments. Tbe amendment con
slated of a provision that warrants be
paid In order of registration instead 'it
Issuance. A motion to eonaur was iiit
by a voto of 8 to 5. and a conforenco
rommlttee consisting of lirowu
Learned and Gould appointed.
years and even now vas a mem-
ber of u school board of a city ot tho
first el ass and related bis experiences
with tho American Hook company
The question was simply one of price
and If uniform toxt books were adopted
tho price would be less than one half
of what they would bo If purchased
tho other v-ay. lie was also sorry to
say that the last Republican assembly
was nearer the sohool children on this
subject that this assembly which had
been elected on a reform platform.
iMalier'n I'etltloii.
FUhir did not doubt the honosty ot
the gentleman from Graut (Uarrison)
hope I that he would couoedo the same
for 1 he other members and presented
a petition from sohool officers and bus
Iness men of his county unking that no
change be made in the present text
books which they now had and did
not doubt hut that the American Hook
company was a baa combination as
wore the other book companies.
Gould thought almost any of tho
text books were good enough and
was not ready to discard tho old booka
now in use unless some better reason
was given him than hud been up to tbe
prorent time and thought the change
of toxt books was simply a book deal
En re and simple notwithstanding his
aid-headed friend from Kansas to the
Tlio Hdui Ilefuautt. 4
A message was reeelved from tbe
house to the effect that the house bad
refused to concur In the council
am. riimunts to the fee and salary bill
and President Johnson appointed us a
eonferenee oommlttee Deitols llanuer
and Learned.
AHHlltor I.hw.
The governor notified tbe cnunoiL
that be had signed eounoll bill 4u re
latlng to eourt stenographers.
AlMillnhliiic lull UuutnteU Killed.
The governor also notified the coun-
cil thai be bad vetoed t-ouueii bill 11
prescribing the manner f payment of
debt for tbe ieuon that be did nut
believe this SftMjiu'jly po-JSessed the
power to leklsla e upon tbe subict
congress in bis judgment baviog ex
elusive jurisdiction to legislate 10.
reference to our currency In support
of his poeitlou he vued tbe United
blttlea statute n tbul p'dnt and atsu
a late decbdou of tiiv United Htatea
supreme eourt holding tbat any act
prohibiting gold contract 'a in viola
tion of i lie constitution
Uu motion ot I'eltom tbu council
took a rucese until 7pm
Under suspemloi of the rules tbe
banking bill was placed on its third
readiug aud passed the eouneil witti
uo voles against.
Prefiideut Johnson signed couik 1
oi'l '.)' which bad just been sent up
from the houie relating to elections
kkol 1 Hook Ulll
The school text book Ull was agam
brought ou to tbe lignt and Marum
used bis inrluenee in favor ot peace
and moderation
Learned was n t going to say much
but there had teen o tniich said as to
the origin of tbe bill and the reasons
therefor that he wauled to say that
laws ef different states bad been con
idered br houso committee appointed
for tbat purpose and that tbe Indiana
law had filially been selected and 'bat
Willis bad Limply read that law word
for woru and bad it put into type
Tbat was where the bill eame from
and he submitted whether lopeka.
Chicago or auy other plaee bad any
hand In it. Also that it was not com
puUory to ehange the tei books un
less it waa agreeable under the pro
vlston ot the house bill and he defied
anyone to show to tbe contrary
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